this man is the sweetest ever

The First Night Is Always The Hardest

or the one where you’re just really nervous and harry really wants you to let him hold you. tumblr: harryforvogue

It’s not like the whole idea was awkward. Couples cuddles, couples kissed, couples talked about their feelings. It wasn’t rocket science and it definitely wasn’t a new concept. However, nobody really understood how nerve wracking it actually was be when you found yourself in a particular situation, especially if you’re dating the hottest man in the world.

Harry had been at the studio all day, working on his masterpiece of an album. He had promised you the night before that he’d be at your doorstep within a couple hours. The last time you had heard from him was around 11 am and at about 10 pm, you figured he wasn’t coming around.

You hadn’t been dating for long. a little over a month, and now that you think about it, how many times had you actually seen him since he took you on your first date. You were well aware of the conditions you had signed up for when you agreed to be his girlfriend, and it’s not like he was proud of leaving you alone for several days.

In fact, the next time he would see you, however long the duration of his absence was, he always showered you with apologies, and who were you to deny them. They sounded raw and hurtful every time, so you accepted them graciously.

You sadly glanced over your living room. You had set a couple movies on the floor and blankets messily folded for when Harry arrived. You decided to tidy up the place once the clock struck 10:30.

As soon as you tucked the blankets back into their respective homes in the cabinet adjacent to your room, you heard a heavy knock at your door.

Your heart immediately began pounding my your chest, blood rushing to your face and ears and your glided your way to the wooden door, taking a brief moment to collect yourself. Dating Harry also meant looking,,,somewhat acceptable at most times, mainly because of gorgeous Harry’s previous partners were.

You opened the door to reveal a weary boyfriend, sagging against the door frame, looking up at you with sleepy, fatigue engulfed eyes. A lazy smile etched on his red lips as you breathed, “Hey.”

“Hi love. I made it.”

“You didn’t have you,” you gushed, a wave of guilt hitting you as you realize you never told him it was okay to just go home, “it’s really late.”

He nodded and stood upright, nudging his toe against the door you held tightly in your hands, knuckled turning white with strain. “Haven’t seen yeh in…a week right? Yea, a week,” he paused then, glancing around you, peering into your flat, “am I allowed inside?”

Your eyes widened as you feverishly nodded, moving back anything but swiftly, hitting your heel against the shoe rack. Embarrassed, you muttered an, “ow”, to which Harry briefly chuckled.

“Thank you, love,” he said softly, dropping a quick kiss to the top of your head, proceeding to enter your living room.

“Yeah,” you whispered in reply, locking the door, then following his footsteps.

He sat with his legs uncomfortably cross, damn those tight jeans, and hands crossed in his lap. “I really am sorry about being late.”

You shook your head and sat next to him, a smile on your face to reassure him that it was completely fine he had sweat with anxiety and pace with hopefulness for the past couple hours. “I kind of figured you weren’t coming, you know, since you probably have work tomorrow too.”

Damn, how were you supposed to get used to those large, drowsy eyes and bitten lips?

“I do,” Harry sighed, running a hand over his eyes. “Quite early too. Everybody just wants the studio and I have to book it as early as possible.”

Or you could take a couple days off, you thought to yourself but realized that the idea is too selfish. Instead, you nodded and jutted your chin towards your small kitchen. “Do you want some tea?”

Harry took a moment to ponder before shaking his head, turning towards you. He looked so sleepy and gone, your heart physically hurt. “Tomorrow maybe.”

He didn’t let you reply as he took your face between his palms and pressed himself closer to you. Your eyes closed before his did. Harry connected your lips together, softly and slightly hesitant, as if he were still wary about your limits. He didn’t know you exceptionally well, although he intended to in the near future, so his hands were always a little shaky, a little slow when it came to touching you. His delicious scent engulfed your senses and suddenly, you were putty in his hands.

You imagined how you guys looked in your head. The lights in your flat were dimmed, a single candle lit in the corner of the room right by the large television, Harry’s eyes scrunched closed, yours fluttering constantly, lips locked in a kiss.

Harry’s thumbs ran across your cheekbones gingerly as if you were going to break, as if he would even let that happen. He released your lips, only drawing you closer for another kiss; a low hum of approval emitted from deep within his chest. He tasted faintly of spearmint.

As quick as Harry’s warmth filled your body, it left as he opened his eyes and pressed a final kiss right below your lips, a breathless laugh falling from his own redder mouth. Your eyes were glazed as you opened them. “Missed you,” the words tumbled from you before you could stop them.

Harry’s shoulders sagged as he wrapped his strong arms around your waist, a sad expression on his face, connecting his forehead with yours. “I know, love. I’m here right now. I’m staying.”

You stayed like that for a while, your head on his chest, his hand rubbing your back slowly.

It was anything but relaxing. Your heart only beat faster than ever and you quickly had to pull away before he could comment on it. “You sure you don’t want tea? It’ll wake you up. Your flat a bit far from here.”

Harry’s face contorted into hesitation again as he opened his mouth. “Actually,” he began, “I was goin’ ask yeh if it’s alright for me the crash here?”

He vigilantly watched you.

An entire night with Harry alone sounded appealing but what if he tried to make conversation with you and realized how boring you were? It was a miracle he even asked you to be his girlfriend, and you were well aware with the fact that his relationships usually didn’t last longer than a couple weeks.

Truth was, Harry had met you by accident while visiting a close friend. There was quite a long line of friends before your name was listed, however sure enough, you had found Harry at a party. It had been difficult talking to him then, and it was still pretty impossible now. You had told Harry everything he wanted to know about you, (your interests, choice of men, favorite color…etc), as if in a dream. You knew it would take a while for you to get used to having such a beautifully complex human in your life intimately.

“Yeah,” you breathed, “that’s fine.”

He relaxed and and pecked your lips softly. “Thank you, love!”

He stood up and stretched, (you definitely didn’t let your eyes linger at his exposed skin and mouth watering tattoos).

“I’m going to sleep now since I have to get up early. Will my girlfriend be joining me?” He teased, watching you stand up as well. You nodded almost shyly and clumsily circled around him, leading him upstairs.

You pointed at the bathroom and mumbled something about an extra toothbrush being in the cabinet. He thanked you and left you alone after that.

You quickly changed into your night attire, which consisted of sweatpants and a tight tee shirt. It hadn’t occurred to you what Harry would wear to bed until he trudged into your room, a confusion look plastered on his face. “I haven’t got any clothes with me.”

You blinked. “I don’t have anything for you either.”

You saw his jaw clench, a shiver running through your spine. He nodded and retreated back into the bathroom. “I’ll improvise.”

Harry didn’t take long in the bathroom and he wasted no time getting into bed. You stomach growled suddenly, low enough to only be heard by you and you bit your lip wondering if sacrificing your own hunger was really worth providing Harry with a peaceful night. You were already in bed, heavy blankets draped over your shivering body, and far too lazy to get up. You resolved the issue with the decision to eat a fairly large breakfast tomorrow and closed your eyes, back facing Harry.

Silently, you heard his jeans drop to the floor with a clang which almost made you turn around.

“Did you just-”

“I have no other option!” Harry protested, a grin probably growing on his stupid, adorable face.

He climbed into bed then, groaning once he straightened his back, cracking his knuckles, from heaven knows what part of his body, a couple times. He yawned almost inaudibly and finally went still. “Goodnight, beautiful,” he rasped sleepily.

“Goodnight Harry,” you whispered.

The silence didn’t last long. A couple seconds later, the tall boy huffed abruptly and you felt his voice at your ear. “Babe,” he whined lowly.

He forced an arm under your stomach, wrapping his long limb around your waist, thrusting your against his chest, legs holding yours hostage between his, lips at your neck. “Face me,” he pouted.

Who were you to deny him of a perfect night? So, you turned around quickly and let him guide you into a position suitable for both. You rest your head in the crook of his neck, breathing him in. It felt right. The way Harry took your waist, rubbing the clothed skin, and the way Harry’s chest rose and fell with every breath. You felt at home, calm, and above all, happy.

Surprisingly, you realized there was no reason to be worried about being in such close proximity with this beautiful man. There was no reason to be scared.

You found it exceptionally easy to fall asleep that night.


Peter Frampton 💘


Diego is the sweetest man ever omg.

one of my proudest moments as a parent
  • my six year old: do you know who Martin Luther King Jr is?
  • me: no. who is he?
  • son: Martin Luther King Jr was the sweetest man ever. He was brown. Not like us, we're white. And back a long time ago, the brown adults and even the kids (completely appalled), had to do all the work. And when the brown kids got to play on the playground after they were done work, they couldn't play with the white kids.
  • Me: that's not nice.
  • son: no, it isn't. and Martin Luther King said that the brown kids and the white kids should be able to play together bc we should love each other no matter what. As long as we're all good people, we're the same people.
  • me: oh, wow. what happened to him?
  • son, tearing up: he was shooted and killed. He died bc not everyone knew that he was the sweetest man in the world. Some people thought that his good was their bad.
  • Me: what do you think?
  • Son: I really, really hope that one day we get a new sweet boy or girl like him that will make the world even better.
  • Me, speechless by this level of emotion and understanding in a 6 year old: ...
  • Son: ...
  • Son: ... can i have some pudding?

WHO THE FUCK AND WHAT THE FUCK a drunk man threatened leigh and her friends and then he hit her?? he slapped her and it left a fucking mark/cut on her face. she didn’t deserve ANY OF THAT!!! no one does!! i can’t believe he got away with it like he legit ran out of the restaurant before the cops came i can’t believe he got away with physical abuse towards a woman…. like this isn’t just about someone hitting a famous celebrity, but the violation and violence towards women.

this is so gross and im crying so much leigh anne pinnock is the sweetest and kindest person ever. i only hope that she heals well, physically, emotionally, and mentally. she deserve so much love and protection, so please send loving and caring messages to her

Did you know:

  • that I love Hanazawa Teruki
  • that Hanazawa Teruki is my son
  • tha t i lo
  • i loVE hIM
  • I love teru
  • that hanazawa teruki is v talented
  • that he’s a good boy
  • yes even when he burns a man to death
  • I will d i E for him

Do you also realise:

  • that he’s my favourite 
  • that his fashion sense is  👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
  • that he needs love 
  • (preferably mob’s)
  • he looks great as a christmas tree

To summarise: 

  • Hanazawa Teruki is good and amazing and i love him with all my heart
  • he’s the sweetest asshole that had ever roamed this earth
  • he can destroy you
  • he’s still the cutest thing ever
  • u sinners dont deserve him
  • Hanazawa Teruki  👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
Tater HC:

Ok ok so, Ive heard of Russians who immigrate and get a habit of buying a bunch of one thing because they don’t realize it will literally always be available because of capitalism.

So imagine sweet baby Tater, with money and no adult supervision at a freaking Super Target. He ends up buying a dozen mugs even though he’s one man and only came to buy one. He also gets spoons for some reason and several bags of dried beans that are not on his meal plan? He buys charcoal because he might want a grill and wants to make sure he has charcoal.

When he starts dating Kent, Kent has to sit him and his hoarder self down like, “Tater, sweetie, we can buy this stuff any time you don’t need to get it randomly because you might need it later.” And like it annoys Kent a little but he thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever.

anonymous asked:

Good story here! I have some nasty ADHD, and about once or twice a year I get a serious case of mind fog. I get light-headed and can't focus enough to do anything that isn't a ritualistic habit. Bossman started seeing the symptoms before I did and sent me home with double portioned lunch despite not working long enough for free lunch. Sweetest man I've ever met.

You Didn’t See That Coming?

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Imagine: You are Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend, and Sebastian and you are the goofiest couple ever. Always throwing pick up lines at each other, pranking each other, etc.

A/n: Can’t stay off tumblr, because I love it yet hate it so goddamn much, so I’m probably gonna get an onslaught of imagines and oneshots out to help y’all calm down. Hope this gets your mind off the you-know-what

Genre: Romance, Humor, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff, cheesy pick-up lines, just fluff all around. You get a fluff, and you get a fluff! You all get a fluff!

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Sebastian Stan was the most adorable and sweetest man you had ever met in your whole life. One of the funniest, might you add. He was always so happy, always had a smile on his face, and was always cracking jokes with everyone to lighten up their day. His eyes always reminded you of that night you and him spent on the beach in Harbour Island in the Bahamas. 

In short, Sebastian Stan was the one man you adored and loved unconditionally. However, you two weren’t a normal couple. You were the most goofiest couple anybody would ever see. As Chris Evans, a good friend of Sebastian and your partner-in-crime, had said. 

“You two are one of those couples that you just gotta always ask ‘how the fuck did this happen?’”

It’s true that you and Sebastian were an unexpected match, but everyone had to agree that they should have seen it coming. You and Sebastian had met during the filming of The Bronze, as you had gotten a minor role of playing a competitor in the Olympics that Coach Tucker was training. You two had hit it off almost immediately. 

Sebastian always says when an interviewer asks about you that he was drawn to your quirky demeanor, the witty comments you would jab at him, and the way that you smiled at his corny jokes. You always say that you were drawn to his ‘Gloriously awesome muscles and those Thighs of Betrayal’. In the end, you two were like magnets and metal.

You never really thought about dating, but with Sebastian? It was on your mind 24/7. He was just so sweet and kind and funny and never seemed to leave your mind. You really didn’t want to let him slip between your fingers like sand, and Sebastian, thankfully, felt the same way. 

So, you had asked him out to dinner, quite boldly and bravely. You still chuckle at the memory of Sebastian’s shocked face, the thermos in his hand dropping and coffee spilling everywhere.

“Let’s make that a coffee date instead,” you remember saying. Sebastian couldn’t agree more with you. At least, you thought he couldn’t. If he didn’t, you two wouldn’t be dating, right?

Currently, you and Sebastian were sitting at a picnic table, side by side, in a park that resided in his hometown of Constanța, Romania. Families walked around, children played, and dogs ran about the park, creating a lovely scene for most. 

You were sipping on some tea as Sebastian sipped water, both as you two kept elbowing each other. Sebastian then pinched your side, making you squeal, and you both laughed.


“What? You were totally asking for it.”

You pouted at him, but in the end, you both still laughed. Then, a brilliant idea flew into your head. You seductively pressed your side into his, asking while batting your eyes at him, a smirk on your lips.

“Hey, sexy. Can I get your number?”

Sebastian laughed a bit and shot right back, making sure to push his left side into yours.

“Depends, doamnă drăguță, can I get yours?”
(Pretty lady)

Being the quick minded and witty person you were, you fired right back at him, the smirk growing on your lips as his eyes widened just slightly.

“Depends, what are you gonna do to get it?”

You face went red as Sebastian said, catching you completely off guard, a sly smirk adorning his lips.

“I can do you, if you want.”

It was a quiet moment as you both stared at each other, him looking at you with a sultry look, and you with wide eyes and a red face.  Then, you both bust out laughing, your head falling onto the table. Sebastian snickered a bit and said.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that, you dork.”

“I admit, I didn’t see it coming, you jackass.”

You both chuckled a bit before going back to sipping your drinks, your knees and feet kicking and bumping each other, enjoying the sunny day as glances continued to be exchange. You had to admit it: you and Sebastian were pretty goofy, but in the end of it all, you wouldn’t have him any other way.


college boyfriend!minhyuk

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • man have ya’ll ever met a human puppy cause this!! ^^^ is it
  • for the boyfriend!minhyuk request~
  • literally everything screams boyfriend to me about minhyuk
  • try and tell me he wouldn’t be the sweetest thing since peach cobbler (i sound so texan when i say that)
  • okay, okay, okay, so minhyuk, this angel is an RA
  • at first his friends were kind of like??? RA? minhyuk?
  • it’s not that minhyuk is bad with people it’s just,,, most people think he’s bad with,,, rules,,, and the enforcement of them
  • minhyuk is extremely friendly all the time, but sometimes he sees students blatantly breaking some rules
  • usually a short scolding will at least get them to keep their shit to themselves, so he doesn’t obsess over the small things
  • like he’s such a sweetie pie and most people think that they can do whatever they want and walk all over him
  • and most people do tbh!!!! they don’t care about the curfew or how many times they lose their key or anything
  • most students in the building think “oh lol i ain’t gotta worry, the RA is lee minhyuk. what’s the worst he can do? pout???”
  • which, btw, is what minhyuk initially does
  • but one guy whose really been pushing it for the last month comes in wayyyyyy past curfew all smug and minhyuk is literally like “!! excuse me, i’m gonna have to write you up for that”
  • and the guy laughs and pats minhyuk’s shoulder all patronizingly like “hehe whatever bro i wasn’t that late, just let it slide”
  • and then the guy tries to walk off
  • and minhyuk grabs the kid by the back of his hoodie and reels him back in
  • the guy is about to protest but minhyuk smiles this huge smile
  • not like his usual… like it’s actually pretty unsettling
  • “i said, i’m going to have to write you up. would you like me to mention the situation from last week? i distinctly remember catching you with a bag of something… hm, idk… green? didn’t look legal to me”
  • the guy visibly gulps and starts shaking his head back and forth really fast
  • and minhyuk release the guy finally and puts on his usual charming smile and pats the guy’s back excessively hard, shooting him a wink, “try to make it on time next time, hm?”
  • when the guy mentions this to other residents in the building, those little instances start to reduce to almost none
  • because most people thought that oh!! minhyuk is my friend, if he sees me doing something i shouldn’t he won’t be a hard ass about it right?? he’s never mentioned it before”
  • but minhyuk def keeps a record of wrongs in his building, and he always has some sort of ammo against someone if they get too out of hand
  • which is lowkey scary to his friends but also highkey cool as hell
  • his friend, jooheon, once told minhyuk that he would make a great undercover agent or something with how great he is at keeping things concealed and minhyuk just deadpans “how do you know i’m not one?” and minhyuk is that good that jooheon is actually stunned into silence until minhyuk starts giggling like man i’m just fucking with ya
  • minhyuk just really does his job well, keeps a good rein on all of the more troublesome students living in his building, and is not a force to be reckoned with
  • all wrapped up in a cute little bow of tall and cute 🎀
  • and then you move in
  • you don’t really know too many people on campus and you’re not aware of the notoriety of your RA
  • all you really care about is getting some rest and unwinding
  • you’re so tired from the long drive from your home to your new dorm that when you set the last box outside of your dorm, you drop to the floor in a heap and curl up against the box, telling yourself you’re only going to take a quick nap
  • your eyes shut and suddenly it’s half an hour later and someone is shaking you awake
  • you’re super disoriented at first, having just had the best, restful sleep in days
  • and it gets ripped away from you like that?? rude
  • you’re about to curse out the blurry figure before you when the person comes into view
  • there’s this dark haired beauty kneeling between your legs, one hand on the wall beside your head and the other holding your shoulder
  • he’s wearing the school’s sweatshirt in a blindingly yellow color and his dark ripped skinny jeans stretch and writhe around his long, skinny legs as he crouches this way and that to examine you
  • his tufts of brown hair resemble bedhead but it suits him
  • suits him so well in fact that you’re not even aware you’ve been staring this whole time until he’s like “is the dorm hallway comfier than your new bed?”
  • you don’t realize that you’ve got drool on the side of your mouth or that you look absolutely freakin’ out of it while he laughs at your distant and sleepy expression
  • carefully, he takes the sleeve of his hoodie and wipes your mouth with it, shocking you into sitting up straight
  • you instinctively shove his hand back but he just looks at you super confused like??? i’m?? help you??? chill?
  • “who are you?” you demand, voice groggy from disuse but clear enough for him to hear
  • “your new RA!!” he grins, his shiny teeth glinting in the setting sunlight from the hallway’s window
  • your eyes shoot open and you quickly push him away, scrambling to wipe at your face and eyes in embarrassment
  • of course you’d fall asleep in a hallway and have to be woken up by a cute RA
  • no less while you’re drooling
  • “h-how long have i been out?”
  • he shrugs, shoving his hands into the kangaroo pocket at the front of his hoodie, “dunno. a resident came to get me a few minutes ago, claiming there was a girl passed out in front of her dorm door. you made quite an impression on your new roommate by the way”
  • internally, you’re punching yourself in the face but you manage to steel your expression into one of nonchalant understanding, as if pretending the situation wasn’t as embarrassing as it was would help you
  • “well, you should get inside and take a proper nap. need any help setting up?” he asks suddenly, twisting his torso this way and that with his lip between his teeth
  • and wow, i mean, wow, he’s really cute
  • probably way too cute to be humanly possible
  • you quickly reject his offer, hiking the box off the ground and into your hands with a smile “nah, i’ve got this… uh, thanks for not writing me up on my first day, by the way. i shouldn’t have fallen asleep, but i just-” “happens to the best of us. you seemed pretty tired so i’ll give you a break” he smiles softly, winking at you
  • your eyes shoot wide out of slight shock in reaction to his wink but then you melt into a fit of giggles, turning to go inside your dorm, before the cute RA calls out “I’m minhyuk, by the way!” on his way back down the hall
  • “(y/n)! nice meeting you!” you say, watching him wave and wave and wave, walking backwards until he eventually bumps into the wall at the end of the hallway and has to take a turn, his cheeks lighting up in a warm red before he leaves
  • when you get the door open to your dorm, you see your new roommate splayed on the bed upside down, her phone in hand as she types away without much thought
  • it’s only when you set the box down on the bed that she looks up, and her eyes widen completely
  • “oh my god!! what are you doing here?”
  • you’re like??? i’m your roommate??
  • but then she’s like “you fell asleep in the hallway and the RA caught you. i’m surprised you’re even still here”
  • “why? it was an accident?”
  • she rolls her eyes at you, falling back onto the mattress of her bed with a dramatic sigh, “yeah, but didn’t he write you up? or threaten you? or your family? don’t tell me he threatened your family”
  • “he just said that i should get some rest, is all. why would an RA threaten me over something like that”
  • she gives you this wide-eyed look that literally borders on crazy, “i’ve heard things. people say he’s the warden from hell”
  • you literally have to ask if she’s talking about the same person that you’re thinking of; the tall cutie with the sunny yellow sweatshirt similar to his disposition
  • but this girl is deadass convinced that minhyuk is secretly evil and that you probably weren’t really let off the hook after all
  • you try not to let her words get to you, but deep down you feel something so unsettling about the whole thing
  • not even toward minhyuk!!! you just feel like there’s more to the equation than your given variables
  • but you brush it off and actually introduce yourselves to each other and as you settle in for the first night, your mind is swimming with all the things you have headed for you tomorrow, though all of that takes a backseat to the mysterious RA that your roommate had warned you of
  • for the next few weeks, you see minhyuk in passing often
  • he’s always seen greeting students and asking about their lives in detail, like he’s pretty much best friends with everyone in the building
  • he’s just so open and friendly and excitable and it’s crazy to think your roommate is so convinced he’s a “warden from hell”
  • minhyuk even takes the time out to sit down and talk with you when he sees you at lunch, or asks if living there is any fun or if you have any concerns
  • he seems to really care about the residents and their wellbeing
  • in fact, had your roommate never said anything, you probably would’ve never assumed that there was anything particularly different about minhyuk
  • but you happen to be around one night when something goes wrong
  • you had trailed into the building after a few exhausting hours of studying in the library and you were fully prepared to sink into bed to rest and just forget the day
  • when you walk out onto your floor, you can instantly hear loud thumping music coming from somewhere and you internally groan, knowing it would probably be a long night, but you hold hope that minhyuk would diffuse whatever party was being held soon so you could actually fall asleep
  • however, when you round the corner to where the music is coming from (even worse, it’s coming from the hall your dorm is in), you see minhyuk being shoved against the wall by a group of guys, all looking too drunk out of their minds to realize the severity of physically threatening their RA
  • you throw caution to the wind and run in front of the guys, catching their surprise, which you use to your advantage
  • “are you guys insane? do you want to get kicked off campus because of this? possibly even expelled?”
  • then one of the guys is like “he was being a fucking killjoy, as usual”
  • “it’s his job. it’s damn near eleven at night and i don’t know about you guys, but other residents in this building have exams all next week. if he doesn’t shut it down, someone else will, and not as nicely” you defend, the tiredness from your day weighing in on you as you glare at the boys
  • most of them look irritated still, but when they realize you have a point, they grumble and back off, walking back into their dorm to settle down their party
  • when the door shuts, you look over to minhyuk
  • his back is leaned against the wall, his eyes shut with a heavy sigh, “thank you” he mumbles
  • “of course, they looked like they were gonna beat the shit out of you for doing your job!” you shove his shoulder a little, frowning at his complete lack of emotion
  • but minhyuk just shrugs, forcing a smile, “i’ve caught them doing shit like this a bunch of times, this is nothing new. no matter what i do, i look like the bad guy to them”
  • your roommate’s words resurface in your mind again, and you decide that you won’t leave tonight until minhyuk explains himself, so you take him by the wrist and start dragging him with you toward the lounge, his eyes narrowing when you lead him into the elevator
  • he’s about to ask what this is all about when you nudge him with your arm, “i’m gonna buy us some snacks, and then you’re gonna tell me why people call you the warden from hell”
  • and it’s really strange to him bc like?? you’re the first person to ever really want to hear him out about why he does what he does on his job?
  • like he kind of expects people to misinterpret what kind of person he is by word of mouth from the assholes who intentionally make his job harder
  • and if anyone sees him getting pushed around or talked down to they usually assume that it’s his fault and he’s just being a hard ass
  • but you buy him his favorite snacks and you sit down with him in the lounge and just allow him to let it all out, and he doesn’t realize how good it is to talk to someone and be heard
  • i mean his friends do it for him too, but even they sometimes think that minhyuk is just too enthusiastic about the job and can sometimes go overboard
  • but you understand him in a different way, and he’s thankful for that
  • “i’ve always been the class clown and the guy that was always super nice and did everything everybody expected of him, so when i got offered the job, i was excited. most people did what they were supposed to do, and if anyone even slightly slipped up, i let it slide. then, i guess, people got the wrong idea and assumed that they could walk all over me. so i stopped being so lenient and i stood up for myself, but as you can see, that doesn’t always go as planned”
  • as minhyuk tells you, you notice he doesn’t look you in the eye once, his hands fiddling with his green tea or fixing and re-fixing his fringe
  • “i never really found the middle ground, you know? where i could be nice, friendly, lovable minhyuk and where i could stop people from taking advantage of that. i don’t know… how do you find that balance?” he asks
  • “well… first of all, not everyone is going to like you. know that much is true, especially in your position. there are going to be days when no one likes you, and if you don’t like that, you should probably quit but… that’s life, minhyuk. you can’t quit life. you’re always going to find that bunch of assholes that take you for granted and push you to your limits. you just need that one person in your corner who will pick you back up when you get pushed down”
  • “do you have someone like that?” minhyuk tilts his head to the side, eyes wide and curious as you giggle “yeah, my best friend. do you have best friends?”
  • “i have six. they’re all insane” he says, but his words are betrayed by the wide smile on his face, full of fond and warmness, and you smile with him
  • minhyuk and you end up talking for a little longer, about his friends and how minhyuk’s doing in his classes while juggling his job
  • then, suddenly, something comes to mind
  • “ah, minhyuk? when you didn’t write me up for sleeping in the hallway… why did you do that?”
  • minhyuk blinks at you like it’s obvious, “because you seemed like a nice person who had a tough day. and because i thought you were really pretty, but i can’t really admit that because i’m supposed to be objective on my job”
  • you kinda freeze when he says this, the hand that was clutching your candy bar suddenly closing in and crushing the snack in between your fingers, but minhyuk doesn’t even look
  • he just… smirks
  • the lil shit
  • “we should head to bed soon, can’t very well write myself up, can i?”
  • he ends up walking you back up to your dorm and you’re happy to notice that the party from before has since died and cleaned out, so you can finally get some rest
  • as soon as he turns the corner to go to bed himself, you slink against the door to your dorm and heave a loud, wistful sigh, your mind replaying the scene of minhyuk smiling at you, cheeks bright and calling you pretty, his raspy voice letting your name roll off his tongue in an undeniably attractive way
  • your hands are still sticky from squishing your candy bar, and all you can think of is the rush and jolt of something you haven’t felt in a while coursing through you once more
  • your cheeks start to burn as you look down at your hands, contemplating if what you were feeling was actually what you were feeling
  • then you hear a soft whistle from the other end of the hallway, and when you look up, minhyuk is there, eyes glittering with mischief “you have two minutes before curfew”
  • you quickly scramble up and grab your doorknob, shooting a squeaky and hurried goodnight his way before slipping into your dorm none too gracefully, the look of playfulness on minhyuk’s face teasing you well until you finally get to bed
  • and well, after that, you become subject to some… suspicion
  • minhyuk doesn’t change how he greets you by much, at least in your eyes, but to everyone else there seems to be a hidden meaning behind it
  • your friends notice that minhyuk is a bit more touchy when with you, or that he might look over at you and instantly smile when he sees you
  • it’s small, barely noticeable things that he does and you think that he’s just being a friend, but your friends beg to differ
  • “did you see the way he looked at you? like the universe is in your eyes?” “he’s totally gonna ask you out” “what’s his sign again? i think you guys are compatible”
  • minhyuk’s lips could turn up like 0.000000004332992 degrees and they’ll be like !!!! see!!!!! obviously you two are hooking up!!!
  • and it’s not that you don’t like it!! it’s just that omg your friends are so embarrassing
  • it’s gotten to the point that if you’re with friends and you see minhyuk, you have to run in the opposite direction because you just know they’re going to find a way to push you two together and you will not have it. over your dead, embarrassed body
  • your friends are always like!!! ohHHH LEE MINHYUK??? THE RA??? THE CUTE ONE THAT YOU-
  • your friends nearly get whiplash with how hard you yank them around the corner
  • and minhyuk startles at the sound of his name and sees you naruto running with your friends being dragged along, watching with a tiny amused smile before he moves onto his next class, not really thinking too much of it
  • for a while, this works for you. as long as he caught you when you were alone, you’d be safe
  • but your friends are nothing compared to his friends
  • one just so happens to be good friends with yours :))
  • you’ve only seen him hang around your group a few times, and your friends referred to him as the supermodel in training, but you knew him by the name shin hoseok
  • you knew he was on a dance team for your school, along with a few other guys that all looked way too beautiful to all go to your school at once
  • hoseok was quite the looker himself but you would Not Admit that to his face
  • but anywho!! your friends are talking when the subject of minhyuk comes up bc hoseok knows him and they’ve been buds for a few years
  • well, one friend spills to him that they think minhyuk is into you, so hoseok is immediately like 
  • blackmail 😈
  • he offers to investigate for them and asks for a few subtle facts about you as well
  • hoseok starts out pretty timid, doing stuff like spelling out the first few letters of your name to see if minhyuk would perk up, or describing your figure to minhyuk when talking about some new girl he’s on
  • hoseok would be describing exactly how you look and minhyuk would perk up and his eyebrows would start to furrow and his mouth would turn into a lil pout
  • and then hoseok would be like “oh!!! yeah, i remember her name. she went to middle school with us” and minhyuk’s shoulders would fall and he’d let out a tiny breath and mumble that he’s listening and hoseok will be like jackpot :))
  • then hoseok will be sitting with minhyuk in the quad eating lunch and hoseok will point somewhere vaguely and scream “(y/n)???!!?”
  • and minhyuk whips around so fast it’s not even funny
  • then hoseok scratches his head when minhyuk glares at him and tries to play all sheepish
  • he, of course, relays all of this to your friends, who have also been secretly investigating you too
  • in the end, it’s pretty clear that you guys are cute, you guys are single, and you guys are checking each other out… so…. why aren’t y’all dating
  • hoseok decides to split up to find minhyuk and your friends split up to find you, both with one mission: get one (1) of you to confess before the other does
  • your friends go to you, 100% expecting a fight or something so they’re prepared to like restrain you and everything until they actually get to you
  • you’re sitting at your desk, neck deep in a psychology research paper and about three empty plastic cups drained of iced coffee to the side and without looking up you’re just like “yeh i like him, so what?”
  • “then why are you always running away from him when he comes around?” “i’m running away because of you guys, not him. you’re like a group of over-excited soccer moms when i get around a guy i like”
  • and your friends are like oh ok yeah that makes sense
  • but also!! they got a confession!
  • they then tell you that they have intel from an insider (which you end up making them spill that it’s hoseok) that minhyuk likes you back, and if you confessed to him first then they’d win the bet- i mean, y’all would finally be together :))))
  • they continue to ramble for what feels like an hour, listing off all the good reasons why you should do it, and maybe it’s because you’re super spent from writing your paper or maybe because you can hear minhyuk’s loud voice through the walls, but you end up jumping up and going to the front door, your friends trailing along like little ducklings
  • as soon as you spot minhyuk, your breath stifles in your throat, but you force yourself to exhale and inhale, exhale and inhale
  • bc if minhyuk didn’t make it weird, it’d be fine right?
  • he’s currently waving goodbye to one of the dorm residents when he sees you, and his expression lightens up immediately
  • he even jogs halfway to get to you, looking all the more excited to speak to you now that you weren’t running away from him again
  • “hey! i haven’t been able to really speak to you in a while-” “minhyuk, i like you”
  • minhyuk.jpg
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  • the boy is so shocked that he doesn’t even move for what feels like an eternity
  • your hands are sweating at your sides and you try your best to discreetly wipe them off on your jeans, hoping that he wouldn’t notice how nervous you actually were behind your steely facade
  • you’re about to crack a joke that this is the quietest you’ve ever seen the boy when he takes a step back, whispering a soft “…no” and disappears down the hall
  • you’re not really sure how long you stand there, but when your friends get their hands on you, you realize that the throbbing in your chest is no longer from a fast beating heart, but from a rather cracked one
  • you want to ask him why “no”, why he couldn’t consider you, why he had run off so quickly
  • you want to be mad at your friends for lying to you to get you to confess, and you want to slink back into your bed and hide away for a while, at least to recover from such a harsh rejection
  • but your friends are furious
  • “that asshole told us minhyuk liked you! i swear, we weren’t lying to you” one of them says to you, rubbing your back to comfort you, while another is clenching her fists, looking like she’s ready to fight
  • and then, she’s bolting around the corner after minhyuk
  • when you realize what she intends to do, you immediately break away from your friends to catch her, hoping to keep the damage of minhyuk’s rejection to a minimal
  • cause it’s not like minhyuk was obligated to like you in the first place right? if he didn’t feel anything for you, it wasn’t his fault
  • you catch sight of your friend when you turn the corner, but almost as quickly, you see minhyuk… and… hoseok?
  • hoseok looks absolutely furious, and minhyuk looks completely distressed to say the least
  • your friend freezes and backs up with you, the both of you tuning your ears in to hear exactly what was going on
  • “…what do you mean you said no? i literally told her friends you liked her!”
  • you quietly prepare yourself for what minhyuk might say next, maybe something about how he was only nice to you because he felt bad for you or something that would put you into even more of a rut-
  • “i do like her! but i’ve been planning my confession for like two weeks now and i nearly had everything set and then she just comes up to me and confesses and what am i supposed to say?? i panicked! i was going to take her hiking and set out a picnic at the top of a cliff and we’d watch the sunset together and i even asked my mom how i should confess but she was no help cause the last time she confessed to someone was way back in the 1800′s and-” “minhyuk-” “-i know turning her down probably wasn’t the best idea in response to her saying what i’ve wanted her to say since i fell for her but i told you i panicked! you know i start hiccuping when i panic! it’d be worse if she had seen me go into a hiccuping fit, how would i recover from that? i’d probably hiccup so much i’d accidentally swallow a fly and choke and then die and oh my god how would she even sleep after the guy she confessed to died right in front of her? i’d be a ghost haunting this school for the rest of my damned afterlife because i choked on a fly in front of the girl i-”
  • “you like me too?” you whisper, catching the boys’ attention
  • minhyuk’s face is suddenly beet red, and his eyes nearly blow out of their sockets when he sees you
  • he’s all fumbling legs and clumsy steps as he attempts to run over to you, looking so completely apologetic and torn up that he can’t even look you in the eye
  • “i do, i’m just an idiot who panicked! i’m sorry if i hurt you, i really truly didn’t mean to” he says, voice strained with worry
  • you were going to watch his face, check for sincerity, but you believed the little monologue he’d given a few moments before had been all the sincerity you needed
  • “can this panicky idiot make up for it with that picnic date he called his mom about?” you ask, a small smile growing on your face
  • minhyuk lets out a rough exhale of air, looking so relieved that you weren’t turned off by his mistake, so much so that he tugs you into a hug, catching you completely off guard as he squeezes around your torso, muttering a plethora of apologies, no matter how many times you tell him it’s alright
  • but minhyuk finally does end up taking you on that picnic date, only it’s a little more impromptu
  • and minhyuk didn’t get to make those dumplings you always go crazy about :((( he made extra sure to get the exact recipe for you too
  • but you’re fine with your chips and boba teas and you just sit out in the cool air, drinking in the sky and talking about anything and everything
  • he shyly reaches for your hand at some point, and you hold it back, looking over at him ignoring your gaze, biting his lip to fight the crazy smile that takes over his face
  • now, dating minhyuk is easy
  • first of all, he is The Cutest
  • even though he’s a bit older, he’s used to having younger friends, so he tends to be loweky like a dad
  • he’ll always ask if you need help with any homework, and if you want a study buddy
  • if you’re studying particularly hard one week, you’ll leave the door unlocked and he’ll come in, leave your favorite snacks on the desk, kiss your temple and tell you he’s rooting for you before leaving
  • and even though you might be too busy to really say much back, it always leaves a warm feeling in your heart to know he cares so much
  • he sometimes abuses his power as RA to be a good boyfriend
  • he’ll claim he’s just making some early morning rounds but really he’s running to your dorm and banging on it really hard bc he just knows you slept in again for your one early morning class
  • or he’ll let you know when that annoying guy from down the hall that always asks for your notes is lurking outside your dorm door, and try to get the guy to go away so you can get back before the guy sees
  • on his nights off, you two will grab lots of unhealthy food and chill in his dorm room, watching anime or playing video games
  • you always make him clean up his room before you come and even though he complains, he does it
  • bc the one time you came over and he didn’t clean you tripped on what you thought was a dead rat and nearly got a concussion
  • he shoves everything under the bed but you don’t need to know that
  • there was an attempt
  • since people know you and minhyuk are dating (i mean the boy practically flaunts it tbh), they sometimes try to sucker up to you so that you can get minhyuk to let them off on some things 
  • or they’ll try to get you to berate minhyuk if they think he seems like a tyrant that day
  • but you’re able to see through it all and you know when minhyuk needs to be kept in check and when he can afford to be a bit lenient
  • and if anyone tries to give him shit, they have to go through you
  • minhyuk may be a peacemaker but you certainly are not
  • you once threatened a basketball player within an inch of his life if he ever tried to put his hands on minhyuk bc the guy couldn’t keep his loud music down for once
  • it was a sight to see, this gigantic 6 foot basketball player cowering at the sight of you, minhyuk’s soft lover
  • he always gets 😍😍😍 whenever you get violent :D
  • minhyuk is KING of kisses okay
  • he will kiss you everywhere, in every place, at any time, with zero embarrassment
  • like boy will grab you by the waist while you’re eating lunch and place a big kiss on your cheek, or if you’re being particularly distracting that day he’ll lead you off to a random janitor’s closet and this is pg-13 you nasties
  • nvm that ok some details,,,,
  • minhyuk is definitely voical
  • as a kisser or… other :)
  • he’s always groaning, growling, hissing, whining
  • his whines are pretty delicious when you leave hickies on his neck
  • his lips get wet and his pants blow your hair out of your face and his fingers grip and squeeze at your hips and he bucks into you like he’s going to burst
  • but anywho!
  • minhyuk can get jealous but he doesn’t really like to
  • like he’ll get pouty and a lil :((( at best
  • sometimes, if he notices someone is being really touchy on you and you’re not cool with it he might :)) have a word :) with them :)))
  • if you don’t have a word :) with them first lmao
  • but he knows his boundaries, and he knows what is and isn’t right when it comes to dating you
  • he tries his very best to be the best supportive and loving bf you could ask for, and he works super hard so that he never lets you down
  • bc you make him proud, and you make him want to be the best he can be
  • bc when he looks at you, he sees a future
  • and he doesn’t know what kind of future or what it really entails but he knows that he wants it, whatever it is, with you

other boyfriend!monsta x

college boyfriend!shownu

college boyfriend!hyungwon


@letterbombed was crushed by a man roughly shoving himself to the front during the Sweet Children show at the House of Blues. When the band saw what was happening, they interrupted the song to make sure she was okay. ()

»John Kiffmeyer came over and then Billie Joe had walked over in front of me, and was leaning over and said “Are you good?” and I think my friend said something like “No, she’s hurt”, and he said “Are you good? Are you good?” again. I just remember crying with my head in my hands and my friend saying ‘HANNAH, HANNAH, HE’S TALKING TO YOU’, so I looked up at him and he said "Alright”, and smiled at me and then said “I love you.” And then I cried some more because it was so sweet and I will never in my life forget Billie Joe smiling at me and telling me he loved me. It was just really nice to feel like he cared.«

Victuuri made me realize something about myself

At first I started to watch Yuri!!! on ice because of the beauty of the animation and the backstory looked interesting enough. But now, I watch it because of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship. I want to relate to that relationship so much. I’m not gay nor a man, but the depth of their trust, love and awarness for each other made me ache for something similar. It made me realize I was not in a relationship I was comfortable in. Even with all my willpower, I was just feeling more and more anxious in this relation, even if it was with one of the sweetest and nicest guy I’ve ever known. I just wasn’t comfortable with him. I (kinda) came to terms with my own sexuality because of this anime too, as cliché as it sounds. I know what I want now and I won’t settle for less, even if it means I won’t be with someone for a long time. I love myself too much for that.

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