this man is one of the most amazing people i have ever met


#wentworthmiller. The most courageous and fearless person I have ever met. A man that shuns adulation and the glare of celebrity a private man who  has zero interest in affirmation of any kind. He doesnt need it he knows who he is where he’s going. He stands true to himself regardless of the consequences. His integrity is unmatched his desire to follow his own path his way is truly inspiring I haven’t seen anything quite like it. I’ve learnt so much from my bro. People ask us constantly whats the reason behind our on screen chemistry. It’s impossible to articulate but what I do know is, there is zero #ego between us never has been. We care for one another deeply; yes like brothers and simply want the best for one another. He is like a brother to me a dear friend that I would do anything for as he would me. Love ya mate. Thanks for this crazy fucked up amazing journey we are experiencing together. #legend- Dominic Purcell


On October 8, 2016 I married the most amazing man God could ever create for me. It’s so wonderful to see all the plans He has, and how He orchestrates them so beautifully. Sadly, To this day I still have people ask me “what I see in a white man”. “Why him? He’s white”. Why him?! Because he’s the most loving, patient, caring, Godfearing, strong, humble man I have ever met. Because he loves me unconditionally. Because he is my best friend and support. Sadly, we still live in a world where instead of seeing the love we have for one another people see the color of our skin. I’ll just let them continue to hate, meanwhile we will continue to love, and one day bring some pretty beautiful mixed babies into the world. ❤


dominicpurcell #wentworthmiller. The most courageous and fearless person I have ever met. A man that shuns adulation and the glare of celebrity a private man who has zero interest in affirmation of any kind. He doesnt need it he knows who he is where he’s going. He stands true to himself regardless of the consequences. His integrity is unmatched his desire to follow his own path his way is truly inspiring I haven’t seen anything quite like it. I’ve learnt so much from my bro. People ask us constantly whats the reason behind our on screen chemistry. It’s impossible to articulate but what I do know is, there is zero #ego between us never has been. We care for one another deeply; yes like brothers and simply want the best for one another. He is like a brother to me a dear friend that I would do anything for as he would me. Love ya mate. Thanks for this crazy fucked up amazing journey we are experiencing together. #legend.

R: Sure, okay.

R: To be honest, I’m kind of liking these cheerful asks. Makes me feel better.

R: Phew okay, here we go, there’s a lot of amis.

R: I’ll start with Joly. My favorite thing about him is his caring nature, I think. Sure, he can party with Bossuet and I like forever, but as soon as someone’s had too much or get hurts, he takes amazing care of you. He’s gonna make a great doctor.

R: My favorite thing about Bossuet is his never ending optimism. I swear, that man could fall down a cliff and break ten bones and find some way to make it positive.

R: Jehan has this insane creativity. He’s the kind of person that could make a poem out of paint drying or grass growing or something.

R: Feuilly is one of the single most determined people I’ve ever met. If I’m ever feeling like I have too much work to do, I just remember that Feuilly is working three jobs and does art commissions on the side. It’s insane.

R: Bahorel is one of those people that looks like he could kill you but actually just spent two hours rescuing a litter of kittens from a tree or something. That juxtaposition is my favorite thing about him.

R: My favorite thing about Combeferre would have to be how thoughtful he is. Within that, he’s really witty and always has a comeback at hand. Boy can be real salty, that’s for sure…which is honestly incredibly admirable.

R: *snorts* this is so dumb but my favorite thing about Courfeyrac is this little thing that can’t really be described. Courfeyrac has like this light inside him that makes everyone feel warm. He’s like a pillar. Hah, I could never have that, so I really admire him for it.

R: My favorite thing about Marius, who is one of us thank you, is the fact that he’s a human puppy dog. He just feels everything so intensely, and he’s so genuine. That’s my favorite thing about Marius.

R: And finally Enjolras. I think we all know it’s going to be hard for me to pick a favorite thing about that fucker, but… I think I’ll have to go with his passion. It makes him glow from the inside out, it’s amazing to see. Sure, sometimes it’s a little infuriating when he uses that passion to yell at me, but it’s still my favorite thing about him.

R: …wait maybe it’s his ass.

R: No, I’m just fucking with you, it’s definitely his passion.

It’s been a while since the last follower milestone wooo

Thank you guys!! We’ve made it to 1500+!! You’re all so incredible

There’s not gonna be too much to this post since I still have other drawings to be working on. SO INSTEAD I’m gonna do a bunch of shout outs to most of amazing people/friends I’ve met in the community!

@dailysmolnareff I honestly don’t know where you start, man. I’m just so thankful for you just reaching out to me in a very dark part of my life last year, I don’t know how could ever repay you. You are a very dear friend for joining this community with me. i couldn’t do it alone ;__;,

@dailystarplatinum It’s so nice talking to you, even before joining the Daily Discord Hell. You deserve lots more. Just seeing you interact with so many blogs… You are one brave little bean how do you do it.

@dailyjosephjoestar MY DUDE MAN BRO, you’re art is so amazing i love seeing it every time. One day I’ll stand out in front of your house with a tray of different pastas

@dailypolnareff Both of you are so wonderful and gorgeous… I’m love you?? and you’re art is so good??? Blessed artwork

@daily-jotaro Yo, i know you go through a lot of rough shit but you’re still so amazing. It’s so much fun talking to you. You deserve so much better.

@dailykakyoin NEVER THOUGHT I’D HAVE THE GUTS TO TALK TO YOU but dude, you’re are so sweet. I love seeing you’re posts come up on my dash. Plus i just really love how you use your colors. I’m love???

@daily4taro Big Inspiration for this blog. You’re just so chill and entertaining. You have blessed me with your words and incredible art.

@dailyrohan I’ve only just recently started chatting with you but BRO… I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG AND ART AND YES…

@dailyjojoba Oh my fuck you guys do so much for your own blog. You all seem like really sweet people. One day I’ll have the guts to talk to y’all

@notsodaily4taro bby I’m love you’re art and I’m love you. I enjoy your occasional memes and I enjoying talking to ya. Drawpiles are so much fun with you in them tbh. You deserve lots. P.S. I’m going to kinkshame you

@dailyhierophantgreen Just from the first time I ever followed you, you are just so entertaining as the person you are. You’re such a wonderful human being who is ready to fight everyone.

@dailyavdol My Dude.. I enjoy chatting with ya, in group or just one on one. Your personality is wonderful ;0

@daily-caesar You binch. It’s really fun talking with you in chat and voice chat. You always have a different nickname in chat every time i check in I swear. How many memes can fit inside ya…

@dailykillerqueen You are fun and sweet to talk in voice chat. Your art is super cute. I’m adopting Killer Queen as you read this.

@weeklyheavendio aaaa You’re so sweet, man. It’s so adorable having our Dio’s interact. It’s warms my heart so much when they being cute together. Your art is A+++. P.S. The Shadow DIO you did for me is still my phone background i love it so much.

@dailyenricopucci My buddy friend chum pal amigo home slice bread slice- You’re honestly the sweetest person I’ve met in my life. I enjoy your company so much. Us being best friends must be due to gravity….ily

@dailybrandio You smol bean.. I consider you so much as a friend. You deserve so much better. I’m adopting you and we can be Dios together in peace.

@daily-foofighters You are so sweet and I love your art so so much. You are the best one for Foof. I’m just not sure how to start talking to you properly. P.S. I sometimes here good things bout you from Pucci ;0

@daily-giogio My beautiful son… I love your art so much and just your urge to put freckles on everyone.

@petepetesdailybizarrekweet You guys form such a good blog and y’all are so sweet. I’ve barely talk to any of y’all but I love the all the art.

@badlydrawnjotarocean You and you’re fucking thirst for everything on the face of the planet. I always keep an eye on the tags you post on those reblogs.

@dailyokuyasuandpup @badlydrawnnijimurabrothers SORRY I DON’T COMEINTO VOICE CHAT AT OFTEN I STILL LOVE YOU!! You both are sweet to talk to in voice. Also, both of y’all and your art is 10/10. Keep working at that ;0

@bddddio @dailyndoul @weeklykars @daily-goldexperiencerequiem @badlydrawngangstar @badlydrawnkiraqueen @dailypapadio @badlydrawnbrokuyasu @daily-jojoanimals @thenotdailyworld @dailyyoungjolyne @dailysmoljolyne @dailystoneplatinum @dailyspeedyweeds
@dailyhamonpires @dailyrobertspeedwagon @dailychibimikitaka @dio–sama @badlydrawnalternatediego Other amazing and sweet people!

This is still such a big milestone i can’t thank you guys enough for how much it means to me!! I’m sure we’ll reach an even higher number someday, but in the mean time I must get back to drawing more for the Reset AU.

Wow! Never in a million years did I ever think that I would reach 500 followers like I have now! I would never have believed you if you told me that my blog would have been as supported as it is now, and I am more than honoured to be the one who is running it!

I am bad at expressing myself, so I may sound repetitive throughout this, but either way I am honestly super happy about this, thank you so much to all of you – new and old followers alike. Without you guys I wouldn’t even be in this wonderful fandom, not meeting some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and not writing this beautiful macho man. I cannot express enough gratitude towards you all and your kindness!

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“Trust me guys, it will be worth it”. Words from the man Tom Searle himself as we were briskly walking up what seemed like an endless hill in Stockholm, Sweden to grab a bite of dinner before getting on the ferry to Finland. I didn’t doubt him one bit but my legs wanted me to. We kept following Tom and didn’t question him. We still whinged a bit. He was unstoppable. It was worth it in the end. The food was amazing as was the view but the memory will live on forever. This photo was taken moments after we arrived.
Tom was one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in my life. I’m quite lost for words with the news of his passing. His spirit had a profound impact on every person who came to know him, whether it was through friendship or his art. His determination was unbreakable, his passion for his art unbounded. But his love of life itself was what touched me the most, he was a beautiful soul with a heart so big I don’t know how he held it inside that body of his. He was altruistic when he couldn’t afford to be in any sense of the word, he had a smile on his face when everybody else wore a frown. I’d never met a more unconditionally friendly person in my life. He’ll live on through his art on this earth eternally, and we’ll stay here missing him until the day we pass on too. Love you Tom

Big thanks to @adrianfitty for capturing & sending me this pic.

-Josh Smith (guitarist of Northlane) 


replied to your post

“ages ago @saintapathis tagged me in a rec-songs-for-moods meme and….”

You have the most amazing taste in music of any person on this hellhole of a website. Granted that’s because its is strikingly similar to mine. Did you parents also blast 60s and 70s folk and rock and obscure British folk at full volume on roadtrips like mine did?

nah man, off the top of my head – @tasseomancer, @ghoulnextdoor, @glitzandshadows, @thelightofthingshopedfor, @cryptoglyph, @riskovbeingfree, @oldsampeabody – all cool people who drag a lot of delightfully strange music out of the depths and have introduced me to SO MUCH. I AM MERELY A SCAVENGER. (meredith @tasseomancer has the single greatest one-woman collection of b-sides and obscure tracks of any human i’ve ever met.) plus @gaslampsglow‘s running list of “weird shit i heard on the radio today”.

but yes. when my dad drove me to new york, we played old steeleye span and dylan cassettes in our rickety van all the way there and it’s his fault i care about the strawbs and yes and gentle giant &ct!

All For You

This is for @cliffwoes and @cliffovevo‘s best friend!5sos blurb night. :)

One of your favorite parts about having a best friend who was in a famous band was being able to watch all of his shows from the front while you cheered him on. You loved seeing how happy Michael was whenever he took the stage. He always ran and jumped around with a gigantic smile on his face. He once told you before that performing was his favorite thing to do because no matter how bad his life may be, all of that disappears when he steps out onto the stage and sees thousands of people there cheering him and the others on.

The most amazing part was seeing the lonely boy you met more than a decade ago who only ever talked to you, grow into a confident man who commanded an entire arena of people. You loved watching Michael grow confident in himself and who he was more than anything.

During the end of Castaway, Michael danced his way over to where you were in front of the stage. You stared up at him playing his guitar; fingers moving quickly over the fret board and lost in concentration. As you watched him you softly smiled, thinking back on all the years you two have spent together. At some point you had fallen in love with this boy, but that was one thing you could never get yourself to bring up to him, no matter how much you wanted to.

Eventually the boys finished playing Castaway. After Michael glanced up at the crowd, his looked down at you, giving you a tender smile. Before he turned to walk away, he gave you a quick wink and started walking back over to his microphone, scratching the back of his neck.

Considering you know Michael for the majority of your life, you automatically knew something was up. That was one of his nervous habits – Michael was never nervous on stage.

“Hey guys,” Michael spoke into the microphone, sending a glance over to you. “So before we play Jet Black Heart today, I wanted to do something different. Something special. So most of you know (y/n)? My best friend in the entire world outside of the rest of the band. Well tonight I want to dedicate a song I wrote for (y/n) a couple years ago. I’ve never said before that this song was for (y/n), but I’m telling you now that this was all for you,” he finished, locking eyes with you.

Before you knew it, the lights turned blue and a familiar tune started being played. Michael stepped up to the mic and started singing an all too familiar song; one you always wished was for you.

“Throwing rocks at your window at midnight…”

The longer the song went on, the more tears started to accumulate in your eyes. By the time he sang the last “Wrapped around your finger,” tears were freely falling down your face.

As he finished those words he looked over at you, face looking hopeful. You wiped your eyes and smiled at the boy, causing Michael to smile back turning around to finish the rest of the show.

Eventually the show finished and you found your way backstage. As you walked around trying to find Michael and the others, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around your waist, causing you to gasp.

“I’ll take the fact that you’re still here as a good sign,” Michael whispered into your ear, causing goosebumps to rise on your skin. You let out a breathy laugh and turned around in his arms, quickly connecting your lips to Michael’s. As you laced your arms around his neck, he tugged you closer, closing the distance between your bodies. The rest of the world seemed to disappear in that moment – the only thing that mattered was you and Michael. His soft lips molding with yours was a feeling you never wanted to end.

As you two broke away from each other, a tiny smile formed on your face.

“I’ve always dreamed that you wrote that song about me,” you confessed, tangling your fingers into the short hairs on his neck. Michael softened his grip around your waist and placed a gentle kiss on top of your forehead.

“And I’ve always dreamed that you’d like me back. Guess both of our dreams get to come true.”


Alan Rickman is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with. He is also, one of the loyalest and most supportive people I’ve ever met in the film industry. He was so encouraging of me both on set and in the years post-Potter. I’m pretty sure he came and saw everything I ever did on stage both in London and New York. He didn’t have to do that. I know other people who’ve been friends with him for much much longer than I have and they all say “if you call Alan, it doesn’t matter where in the world he is or how busy he is with what he’s doing, he’ll get back to you within a day”.

People create perceptions of actors based on the parts they played so it might surprise some people to learn that contrary to some of the sterner(or downright scary) characters he played, Alan was extremely kind, generous, self-deprecating and funny. And certain things obviously became even funnier when delivered in his unmistakable double-bass.

As an actor he was one of the first of the adults on Potter to treat me like a peer rather than a child. Working with him at such a formative age was incredibly important and I will carry the lessons he taught me for the rest of my life and career. Film sets and theatre stages are all far poorer for the loss of this great actor and man. - Daniel Radcliffe.

What I love about the Kylux fandom
  • The generosity and kindness
  • The insane amount of talent of each and every artist. It’s like someone managed to gather the best artists in just one fandom
  • The mind-blowing fics (seriously, have you read the KBB fics? They’re an absolute delight)
  • How open are the people from the popular blogs
  • Laughing about ourselves (but never “of” each other)
  • The feedback, man. So much feedback and nice tags
  • No kink-shaming 
  • The amazing AU’s
  • The passion
  • The support
  • The fic/art trades
  • The collaborations
  • The multiculturalism
  • The memes
  • The spontaneity
  • The friendship
  • The sense of community

I know I may not be an enormous addition to the fandom, but I’ve been here almost since the beginning and I can confidently say the Kylux fandom is one of the best I’ve ever been in, if not the best. I honestly thought we were going to be a rarepair at most, and I’ve seen this fandom grow so much that it’d be ridiculous to let it all go to waste for a couple of jerks.

Shout-out to all the amazing people I’ve met here and to the ones I’ve yet to meet. Keep spreading the love, kyluxers!

i don’t even know where to start, hobbitcon is simply the most amazing experience ever!!!!

everyone is so incredibly nice (including the actors oh my god!!!!) and i have already met so many amazing people.
it really is like one big family and it’s so cool to be a part of that :)

the panels are so amazing, i’m just laughing all the time and the actors are just so nice and funny. i even worked up the courage to ask luke a question!!! (SERIOUSLY THO THAT MAN!!!!!!)

i’m completely exhausted and tired from running around all day and the party last night, which was honestly the best party i’ve ever seen. my favorite thing was probably graham mctavish covered in glow sticks.

day 1 at hobbitcon was already the best day of my life and it’s just getting better!!

i hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as i am :)


How can I convey the sorrow that she brings to share with you all the passing of our friend and brother, and Chris Holly. Chris worked for us, as a guitar tech for only a short time, but quickly became one of my best friends in the world. As one of the most sincere and passionate people I have ever met, it is not difficult to understand why he so touched the hearts and minds of many and while I don’t feel I am even qualified to share this news with you, we think it was better before the Internet possess its history in honor of this amazing man in the most appropriate way I know, so let’s just say that Chris was one of the best and always will be sorely missed. Chris went in his sleep last night after arriving in Los Angeles, it’s just that the information we currently have, and we ask that everyone respected his family and friends. We lost a musician, friend and brother present. We love you Chris. © andybvb