this man is my prince uwu


>> search: corazon <<

donquixote rosinante
>> trafalgar law <<

{ prince of dressrosa, the third corazon, instigator of the dressrosa resistance. aided by two saboteurs (see: penguin; shachi) and an ex-donquixote agent who tended the local bar; records show the agent denied her involvement and claims she ‘was very drunk and accidentally followed the man in the bear mask, please take me back, i don’t want to be unemployed in this economy’. after suffering heavy losses to king doflamingo with unprecedented civilian casualties, trafalgar law fled dressrosa.

current whereabouts: unknown; believed to be seeking refuge with the revolutionary army. }

>> end transmission <<

i wanted to try something new and espionagey!! i love au’s wayyy to much lololol