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The Five Times You Encounter Dean Winchester

Word Count: 2,914

Warnings: Drinking. 

A/N: I missed writing Dean, so this happened :) Hope y’all enjoy! Let me know ^^ 

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Five Years Old
There is a new kid in your kindergarten class. He’s quiet, has freckles all about his tiny face, and wide green eyes. He stands next to the teacher as she introduces him to everyone and you smile widely when you realize that the only open seat in the classroom is the one next to you.

A new friend and you’re thrumming with excitement as he takes his seat next to you.

“Dean!” you exclaim, making him jump.

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Why do you think straight people are terrible? I mean, I'm bisexual too, fighting hate with hate is very rarely the right way to go.

ah yes. my hate for straight people. my hate that gets them killed in clubs and murdered in alleys for being straight. my hate that prevents them from marrying the ones they love because theyre straight. my hate that prevents them from getting and keeping jobs because theyre straight. my hate that prevents them from using their respective bathrooms. ah yes. that awful hate i have. poor them. ? do u see how ridiculous this sounds. man no one gets more sensitive than straights when a queer makes a damn joke at their expense cause its not like we have persecution for who we are but w/e call it hate if it helps u sleep.

i should have written this goddamn show
  • it’d be on hbo so swearing and topless people,,,, the anti game of thrones
  • confirmed gay merlin + morgana
  • bisexual gwaine + arthur
  • at some point gaius has a bong on his table and no one says anything about it
  • uther married morgana off to some nobleman and they’re best friends!! they love each other in a super platonic way and high five a lot and he helps with the nightmares and they just love each other okay
  • he’s also a knight in arthur’s inner circle
  • a little of gwen and merlin talking about boys
  • servants can read/write, but it’s at least explained
  • eric the stable boy™ (merlins ex boyfriend, season 2)
  • also merlin taught morgana magic and she’s not evil; she works closely with her brother as an advisor and a knight
  • there are dogs
  • a lot of platonic hugs and “i love you’s”
  • a different antagonist
  • gwaine kisses merlin at sometime like its normal (they’ve been seeing each other)
  • leon marries some awesome noblewoman sometime during season 3 and arthur is the best man and everyone loves her
  • ancient rome gets at least a mention
  • leon and his wife get pregnant
  • lowkey percival and gwaine are together
  • arthur and gwen talk after lancelot is in camelot for good and decide they don’t work
  • “wine and cheese club” they get drunk and talk about their problems; basically just gwaine and percival giving relationship advice to merlin and whomever
  • gwaine knows™
  • morgana blushes and smiles at cute girls
  • merlin has the mouth of a sailor
  • roman catholic church
  • mithian gets married and he’s a perfect gentleman who loves her and she’s so happy, (they stay in camelot for a few episodes)
  • sometime during season 4 they do monty python and the holy grail
  • sometime also during season 4, they’re in the woods and arthur is split from the group for some reason and bandits attack and he watches the whole thing and sees merlin using magic; he’s not angry, just hurt
  • arthur gives merlin ygraine’s ring + merlin is seen with it around his neck
  • “i bet you’d look cute grasping at the sheets of my bed” “no matter how many times you ask im not making your bed asshole”
  • arthur and gwen still get married and are best friends; although arthur is with merlin and gwen is with lance
  • gwen and lance have triplets!! and the triplets have four parents: the king, the queen, first knight and the king’s servant
  • sometimes merlin falls asleep in front of the fire and arthur has to carry him to bed
  • colin morgan in skinny jeans
  • ban on magic repealed
  • arthur suggests appointing merlin as court sorcerer and royal consort but merlin just smiles and says all he wants to be is his servant
  • epilogue where arthur/merlin and morgana and gwen/lance + all their kids!!! are having a picnic

The Playboy Murder

Beautiful Dorothy Hoogstratten (better known by her stage name Dorothy Stratten) was a shy, awkward teenager when she met Paul Snider, a money hungry hustler who immediately saw the potential for fame in the buxom blonde. Dorothy had struggled with self-esteem issues her entire life, and despite her ethereal looks she did not consider herself worthy enough of a mans attention until Paul Snider came along.

The two fell in love and got married in June 1978, and soon after the wedding Snider persuaded Stratten to pose for nude photos, which he secretly sent off to Playboy magazine. Just a few months later the pair moved to Los Angeles, where Dorothy became a finalist in the Playboy Bunny Hunt competition. She met Hugh Hefner and worked as a dancer in his Playboy Club, and Snider encouraged her to audition for movie roles. To help her get roles, Snider bullied Dorothy into dying her hair peroxide blonde, and forced her to undertake a gruelling diet and exercise regimen. Dorothy’s hard work paid off when she featured as Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month” for August 1979, and she was also voted “Playmate of the year 1980”.

In 1980 Dorothy starred in her first (and only) movie, ‘Galaxina’, where she plays a beautiful robot. At the movie’s first screening, Hugh Hefner pulled Dorothy aside and warned her to keep away from Snider. “He’s a hustler and a pimp. He’s just using you” Hefner reportedly said. Dorothy made the fatal mistake of telling her husband about this remark, and Snider grew even more jealous and paranoid over his beautiful young wife.

Snider began beating Dorothy, flying into rages about the affairs he believed Dorothy must be having. He prohibited her from leaving the house without him, took away her car keys, and would stand next to Dorothy when she talked on the phone. Her friends desperately tried to seek help for her, but Stratten would always blame herself for his behaviour and make excuses for the bruises that were showing up on her body with increasing regularity.

In April 1980 Dorothy fell in love with Peter Bogdanovich, the director of the new film she had scored a lead role in. Snider hired a private detective to spy on her, and when he discovered his wife’s affair he reportedly threatened to kill Dorothy and “ruin that pretty face”. Dorothy and Peter moved in together at his mansion in Beverley Hills, and by August Dorothy had filed for divorce.

On August 14, 1980, Snider rang Dorothy and asked to meet her at his house to talk about an amicable divorce. Dorothy enthusiastically agreed and withdrew $1000 to give to Snider.

What happened next is unclear. Dorothy arrived at Snider’s house around noon, and at some point during the night Snider beat Dorothy and tied her into an elaborate BDSM harness. He violently raped and sodomized her, before shooting her in the face at point-blank range with a 12-gauge shotgun. Snider raped her dead body again, aimed the gun at his head, and committed suicide.

The landlord of the house discovered the two nude bodies the next day. Dorothy was only 20 years old, and Hugh Hefner wrote this about her in an article:

“Dorothy took my breath away. She had this beautiful inner quality about her that was so charming, so innocent, and it touched everything in the room”

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Does Shiro and Keith still flirt when they text each other after years of being married????

[The Voltron FamilyKeith was at work, having his lunch break. He stayed in his office and he took out his packed lunch from his bag. He had Korean bbq chicken and he knew the rest of his family was eating the same thing. Suddenly, his phone vibrated indicating he received a message. He opened it only to see it was Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane 12:05PM
How’s the chicken, my love? ;)

Keith Kogane 12:06PM
I wouldn’t know since I was just about to taste it when SOMEONE texted me.

Takashi Shirogane 12:07PM
Oho! C'mon cmon! Take a bite! And let Chef Takashi know!!

Keith rolled his eyes fondly and actually did as he was told. He chewed and he nodded to himself, very much liking what he was eating.

Keith Kogane 12:09PM
Not bad, Chef Takashi. Master Chef Keith is very much pleased. Very good! A+++++ Hotels can now hire you for luncheons and all that.

Takashi Shirogane 12:10PM
Awww, stop it you. I’m blushing.  (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)っ

Keith Kogane 12:12PM
Awww, baby boy using a kaomoji.

Takashi Shirogane 12:14PM
No, Keith. YOU’RE the baby boy!! So cute so handsome so squishy so adorable so soft like a baby boy. Have you seen how kissable your cheeks are?! Baby boy Keith.

Keith laughed so hard as turned his swivel chair around. Shiro was being an idiot and so was he. Good god, they were married for 10 years now and they were still flirting thru texts like a bunch of college students.

Keith Kogane 12:15PM
Am I really?

Takashi Shirogane 12:16PM
Yeah, of course. Send me a dick pic.

Keith Kogane 12:17PM
Ok. Gimme a sec.  

Takashi Shirogane 12:18PM

Keith Kogane 12:21PM
Yeah, hang on. I’m sending it now. Make sure you’re alone though, baby.

Takashi Shirogane 12:22PM
I am.  

Keith Kogane 12:23PM

Takashi Shirogane 12:24PM
Hmmmmmm that is one fine Dick. I’d let this man carry me bridal style.

Keith Kogane 12:26PM
You feel me bro. YOU FEEL ME.

Takashi Shirogane 12:28PM
I always feel you Keith! HOW DARE YOU! jhdfskjfhksjdf I cannot believe you sent me this offensive photo! YOU ARE SUCH A NERD!

Keith Kogane 12:29PM
HAHAHA! You love me anyway. ;)  

Takashi Shirogane 12:30PM
I do. Very much so. And I miss you, babe. :(

Keith Kogane 12:31PM
Awwww, I miss you, too.  (ꈍヮꈍ)˘ε˘ C)

Takashi Shirogane 12:32PM
B A B Y  B O Y.   ಥ╭╮ಥ
I’m screenshotting this because you used a kaomoji to kiss me.

Keith laughed so hard as he took another bite and he didn’t know that his assistants outside heard him laugh so loud.

Assistant #1: *peeks inside* *chuckles* He’s doing it again.
Assistant #2: *is newly hired* What? *peeks too*
Assistant #1: Sometimes you’d hear Mr. Shirogane laugh so hard during lunch while holding his phone. He’s basically texting his husband.
Assistant #2: *blinks* A husband? Our boss is married to a guy?
Assistant #1: *smiles* Yeah! He’s a neurosurgeon. Oh right, you prolly haven’t met him yet. He sometimes visits the office to take out Mr. Shirogane on a lunch date. They’re such a beautiful married couple. *excited* I should show you a photo! There’s one on Facebook!  *opens incognito*
Assistant #2: *sees the photo* Holy shit. He’s gorgeous. I mean, so is our boss. Like I legit had to stutter during my interview but like… *whistles* I can understand why this guy married our boss and vice versa.
Assistant #1: *grins* I know! Perhaps if you’re lucky you can see him in person tomorrow around lunch. Doctor Shirogane is such a nice man. Their kids might visit sometimes too so I need to orient you on what they look like so you don’t ignore them when they request for their Daddy.
Assistant #2: How many kids do they have?
Assistant #1: Three! Hunk, Lance and Pidge. Energetic adorable kids. *coos* *shows photos* You might see one of them in their club clothes since they will most likely come from practice. You need to make sure Mr. Shirogane’s schedule is free whenever any of his kids have a game—
Assistant #2: *stops listening as he sees Keith come out of the office to go somewhere*
Keith: *on the phone* I’ll pick up Pidge after her soccer practice. *chuckles* I love you, too, Takashi. Now will you please hung up, my daughter is on the other line. *changes line* Hey, sweetheart. Your Daddy Shiro can’t pick you up later so I will. How about we have a father-daughter date?
Assistant #2: *smiles so widely*

BAD GIRL: Chapter 1

SUMMARY: The much anticipated Tony Stark Sugar Daddy fanfic

Part 1/?

WARNINGS: Strong language

NOTE: My blog isn’t mainly marvel but I couldn’t pass the opportunity to write some Tony Stark. I love him too much. Also, this is the first part of a Tony Stark Sugar Daddy series called Bad Girl.

TAGS: @fearthedietcoke @fangirlf @nightowlss @stcrtrek @jaegers-and-kaijus @selenakaulitz @crocodilerocker @queenirisxx @melizzzabeth @time2pound @alexa040004 @angelicaxhouston @trustwillbeourtomb @iamthemaskhewears @live-and-let-bi


“Ladies, it’s time.” Your boss, Joe, grinned as he dragged back the curtains to reveal you and the other dancers. Luckily, none of you were getting changed so your pervert of a boss didn’t see much.

“Looking good girls.” He smirked at you especially.

Joe was a thirty-something year old single man with greying red hair and messed up stubble. He was slightly overweight but overall, not that bad looking… if only he stopped being so predatory over you girls. He was kind at times but most of the time, he was too kind.

It was almost midnight when you were ready in your black lingerie with matching black high heels. Your hair was curled up and one of your dancer friends did your smokey eye makeup.

You worked in a Burlesque club called St4rk, owned by Tony Stark himself, but you have never seen him in your two years of working there. You see, your parents died and they weren’t rich so their money didn’t really help. You were forced to drop college and stripping helped you live through another day.

God, if only I had a sugar daddy.” You heard your friends groan.

“A-fucking-men.” You sighed as you and the girls went into your positions behind the curtain on stage. You posed in the front and waited.

Suddenly Show me how to Burlesque by Christina Aguilera began and the curtain zipped open, revealing the sea of rich, influential and famous people. You were the crowd favourite and you actually loved this part of your job. What you didn’t see was Tony Stark watching you intently from afar.

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Mission: Impossible Probably Doesn’t Have This Much Gay Panic

aka that ridiculous super tropey cliched jeremwood gta fic i started ages ago and have now finished as a valentine’s gift for @ryanthepowerbottomguy
rating: m for nonspecific dick mention
content warning for bad humor, deliberately vague heist details, and ryan “you can’t catch me gay thoughts” haywood
on ao3

“It just needs another minute.”

“We don’t have a minute,” Ryan says. He presses an ear against the door and shuts his eyes, tense, waiting, mapping out a dozen escape routes in his head. “We have maybe thirty seconds. Does that work?”

“Look, the thing—it says it needs fifty-three seconds, okay, do you want me to argue with the computer?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what Gavin does!”

“He—okay, wait, no? He definitely doesn’t just argue with the computer, what the hell, what exactly do you think Gavin does when he’s—” Jeremy cuts himself off, goes still and quiet when heavy footsteps stop in front of the door.

“Alright,” Ryan murmurs, shifting to move into a better position to intercept the guy when he comes through the door. “I’ll try to take him down quietly and maybe we won’t, uh, no, what are you doing,” he says, bewildered, when Jeremy vaults himself over the desk neatly and starts moving in Ryan’s direction.

“I saw this in a movie once,” Jeremy says seriously, and then he’s grabbing Ryan by the lapels of his ill-fitting suit and hauling him down to kiss him.

Fully. On the mouth. With tongue. It’s a little dirty.

Ryan wants to say he plays it cool.

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LGBT movies I recommend!

Brokeback Mountain 

(I really hope you have already seen this tho, its a classic. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger plays two shepherds falling in love in 1960 Wyoming)


(Dutch, two teenage boys fall in love and deals with it) 

Freier Fall 
(German, two police officers, one with a baby on the way, develops feelings for one another. One of my favourite movies of all time) 

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Alternate names for Pete Wentz

a Heathen
P Weezy
Petey Pie
Peter Pan
Peen Ween
mr new booty
he, I Ween
meagan campers boyfriend
Pengis Wengis
Peet Weet
Peezl Weezle
Pee Wee
patrick stumps friend
Pet Wet
Peenger Weenger
Pedro Wendigo
Emo Lord
Whom ?
Pete Going Going There He Wentz
piss boy
That Boy
Short Ass Motherfucker
Chairman of the Stump Club
Peter Lewis Kinkston Wentz iii
creator of bedussy
bone daddy
a literal fucking bat
Peter peter pumpkin eater
myspace fucker
gabe saporta fucker
gabe saporta fuckee
Space Boy ⭐️🚀
assless man peter
the dude who married ashlee simpson
you can call me pete, mr wentz was my father
4 foot tall
a soggy boy is a happy boy
mineral that i need
Baby Daddy
literally 2007
the man who nurtured and raised then abruptly killed the emo subculture

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I wonder if Ryan remembers it's Brendon's birthday. I wonder if he saw any of the posts online. I wonder if he, even for a split second, considered wishing him. I wonder if he thought of all the birthdays that he did get to spend with Brendon. And I wish we could ever get any answers.

I wouldn’t worry about him seeing the posts and stuff because yknow how anti Internet Ry is. But imagine something like this..

Ryan’s alone at home. He’s supposed to meet up with Daniel the Starmaker dude later on. But he’s at home right now and just curled up on the sofa with an old book. And suddenly it occurs to him that it’s April. And. And well. Brendon’s birthday’s in April, right? Ryan scrunches up his eyes as he tries to remember the date. He’s pretty sure it was the second week of April.. but.. 15th? Or was it the 13th?

He shakes his head, it’s not as if it matters anyway. The last time Brendon called him on his birthday was.. was probably like 2011ish.. Doesn’t really matter now, they’re both happy doing their own things, whatever man.

He turns back to his book, but it doesn’t seem that appealing anymore. Strange. The words start to swim before his eyes and he can’t concentrate, dammit. Brendon. That crazy kid, that musical genius, that pushy brat he’s joined the thirties club already. And wow. He’s been married longer than any of Ryan’s relationships have lasted and tomorrow, tomorrow he’ll have kids too and grandkids too and Ryan..

Ryan’s house, for all the random shit he’s filled it with.. the piano Brendon would be better suited to play, the creepy decorative items that remind him about being 16 and emo.. for all the clutter, it still seems empty. And Ryan. Ryan’s not lonely, he likes the silence- he’s a lone wolf, never settle down solitary creature of the night, alright?

But it’s just that, sometimes, well, the house just seems too big. And the rooms are cold.

Dottie noses his palm anxiously. He sets his book down and she leaps into his lap. He buries his face into the soft fur of her floppy ears. Companiable silence is what they’ve got here. It’s enough, but only just.

Dear Diary

Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Aww!! Thank you nonnie! <3 I’m making it kind of like a diary, in Leo’s POV? Sorry it took so long!!

Prompt: “OMG yaaaassss! I love your writing, I can’t resist, I have to send a request!! Can I have some cute angst/fluff with 2014/2016 Leo? Maybe about how he’s feeling himself falling for reader as time passes, and how he’s afraid and self-conscious, but curious and hopeful? And maybe a love confession to go with that? Thank you hun, keep up the great work <3”

Word count: 1439

Warnings: Swearing, a lot of emotions

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

January 23rd

I met a girl today, and she’s quite the character. Her name is [Y/N].

[Y/N]. There’s not much to say about her, other than she looks like she could be a part time model, but I heard from Mikey that she’s a bar tender, although he probably made that up in his head.

January 25th 

We saw her again. She was bringing groceries home, and one of her bags ripped. Of course we went to help. Why was she bringing food back so late at night?

[Y/N] looked a lot different from when we first met her. She didn’t have any make up on, and her hair was pulled back away from her face. She’s got such a beautiful face.

It’s quite contrasting, how someone with such beauty, would actually care for four mutant turtles.

Her eyes were dark. She’d used sunglasses during the day to hide them.

It would be nice to see her again.

January 26th

Mikey brought her to the lair, and they spent the day watching Disney movies. She’d gotten very excited about The Little Mermaid, and so did Mikey.

They danced to ‘Part of Your World’ together, and she’d forced me to get involved. It wasn’t like I was annoyed by it; I just assumed she didn’t want anything to do with me. Mikey was more her speed.

I sat next to her, and I could feel her excitement. It was addictive. I sat with them the rest of the day; just to feel the same level of happiness she did watching animated characters on TV. [Y/N] is going to be a big part of our lives from now on, and I don’t know how I’m going to handle it, but I’m willing to try and learn how to. 

January 30th

[Y/N] came around again, with pizza. It’s admirable that she thinks of us. We have April, but it’s hard to think humans are as nice as the 4 we’ve met. Granted, Vern is a dick sometimes, and Casey is quite frustrating but they’re still our friends. 

And they still care for us on some level, but [Y/N], she could spend her days taking photos for the front of glossy magazines, or coffee dates with human men. Yet she’s here whenever she can be. How did we get so lucky to have these people in our lives? 

February 2nd

Again, this entry is about [Y/N].

She said something funny today, but it got me thinking. She said: “I’d probably only get married for the dress and the attention.”

I don’t know if she was serious, but maybe I can change her mind. I imagine marriage as a loving commitment, and I’d like her to marry someone she truly loves. I mean, I wouldn’t mind marriage, and if I had any chance of getting her. Well, I’d be the luckiest man turtle alive.  

She’d probably marry a man who plays golf and hangs out at a country club with his rich family. He’d probably be able to buy her whatever she wanted, with a 9 to 5 job. He’d be able to properly provide for them. And, I want what’s best for [Y/N], so that sounds pretty great. I just hope I’m invited to the wedding.

February 14th

I got into an argument with her this morning. It was so minuscule and petty, but I had to go and ask her if it was that time of the month and she (as Mikey put it) blew her shit.

I went to her apartment today and she looked terrible. She confessed to me that she doesn’t like arguing. It reminds her of all the bad things in this world; how cruel it could be. Why she was so upset hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt like a piece of shit to say the least.

I learnt of her relative’s passing, and how the funeral was in a week.

I told her I wish I could be there, and she just cried.

I held her, for the first time. Her small arms coiled around my body, her head resting on my chest as the tears poured down her face and puddled between us. It was hard to tell when the crying stopped, or when my heart stopped beating so fast. I don’t think it did for a long while. Whilst I wish I could’ve stayed there and held her for longer, I had to part ways and go on patrol. My duty to serve couldn’t wait.

March 7th

She hadn’t come to the lair since then. Of course I rang, and texted. I even emailed. Nothing. I’ve been to her apartment countless times; she was never there. That, or she just didn’t want to see me. I don’t know where she could be, and I miss her.

I need to see her. I need to let her know how sorry I am, for leaving.

Leo knocked on the window. Once, twice, three times. There wasn’t an answer. Taking matters into his own hands, and after a minute of struggle, he was in your bedroom. His whole body was wet, armor dripping droplets on to the cold floor. It had been raining heavily outside, so much so that there was next to no traffic. For New York City, it was almost deadly silent.

“[Y/N]…” was the first thing that spilt from his lips, running a hand over his soaked face and edging closer to the bed where you were sat with piles of books and paper surrounding you. Looking up, you paused the music on your laptop and took out your headphones.

“Leo… what’re- why’re you here?”

“I-I had to see you. You haven’t- I didn’t know if- I’m so sorry.” He was almost pacing your room, fidgeting as he started into your eyes, trying to pour as much sincerity into his apology, and this time he wasn’t going to drizzle guilt on it either. He had to take responsibility for being a dick. It wasn’t going to be like last time.

“I’m fine, just- homework.” Smiling tightly, you held your textbook up and shuffled further into your pillows behind you. The little action crushed him; you were further away from him now, even if it was a couple of millimeters. Pushing some of the books away, you stood up and turned to face him, flattening out your shirt as you took a deep breath in.

“Leo… you weren’t there for me, on a day I really, really needed you. And being there for someone when they need you, that’s all friendships and relationships are Leonardo.” With tears in your eyes, you shook your head. “That’s all they are.”

“I’m sorry [Y/N]. It was wrong of me to just- leave when you needed me the most. I mean, I could’ve just not gone and left the guys to deal with it all, but for some reason I keep thinking I need to be this strong leader all the time and- but this isn’t about me it’s about you- I’m sorry. I-I appreciate you so much [Y/N] and- what I’m trying to say is that I can’t let you be upset with me because if that happens then I’ll never have the chance to- I don’t know- spend more time with you, I’ll never get to ask you how your day has been, I’ll never be able to drink tea with you again, or make you laugh again or-” Now, Leonardo was unimaginably close to you, but not physically. Emotionally. “And, I need you to know that, I am sorry for not being there and you know I-I would give anything to go back to the moment- the moment we first met. Before anything went wrong. Before I didn’t stay when you needed me the most. I am so sorry for what I’ve done.”

And for the second time, in his lifetime, Leonardo held you, just like he had on Valentine’s Day.

Maid of Honor Wedding AU’s

Some random things I found saved on my computer.  Figured here was a good place to dumb them.

“Hi, yes, I know I’m in a ‘gentlemen’s club’, but my best friend is getting married and one of the groomsmen didn’t show up so I’m willing to pay anyone who’s about 6′4 and weighs 220 lbs, $200 for the night.  There’s an open bar.”

“I noticed that you have a beautiful garden and a lot of petunias.  That happens to be the exact type of flower that the florist decided not to include in the floral arrangements for my friends wedding.  How much do you want for all of yours?”

“My ex is the best man, and you’re the only other groomsman here that’s not already dating someone, please dance with me for just this one dance.  I also promise that while I did threaten to taze the best man into the next century, I had my reasons, and I’m not as he so eloquently put, a ‘ball buster’.”

KARAMEL APPRECIATION WEEK DAY 7: FREE CHOICE.  | 100 things I love about Karamel. 

  1. Heart Eyes.
  2. Super happy giddy smiles.
  3. The Couch
  4. The Eyes Lips Thing
  5. Comets.
  7. Married AF banter.
  8. Hand placements.
  9. Mike Matthews x Kara. Paris City. We work out! Two strapping millennials. LOL.
  10. Drunk!Kara + Drunk!Mon-El
  11. A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton.
  12. Working through their shit like a real couple
  13. Way to blob babe!
  14. Cooking each other breakfast
  15. Not being able to handle loosing the other.
  16. Synchronised badarse training room flips
  17. Giggles and laughter
  18. Club soda
  19. Blanket sharing
  20. Goofus and gallant
  21. Inspiring one another to be better versions of themselves
  22. Chemistry that is on fucking fire
  23. Terrible insulting skills (bad bad science man. /  jerk… guy. / you…you have a rat face!)
  24. “Hi.” “Hi”
  25. Hugs so tight you can see the super-human strength between the two of them
  26. Literally everyone around them knows what’s up, from Eliza Danvers to J’onn to Alex to Winn to Barry to the entire DEO.
  27. “Don’t Go.”
  28. Little subtle touches and closeness
  29. Matching judging faces
  30. Matching cutesy faces
  31. Light teasing and banter.
  32. Supporting one another. Being there in times of need.
  33. Allowing the other to go out and Superhero while they do laundry.
  34. #supersex
  35. Pointing out each others talents and growth
  36. Looks of longing
  37. So. many. beautiful. karamel. kisses.
  38. Kara teaching Mon-El earth terms and earth culture.
  39. “What a gentleman!”
  40. Sacrifice for the other.
  41. John declaring Mon-El as family
  42. Space puppies in love.
  43. # the karamel fam
  44. We found a connection through the kindness in our hearts
  45. Handholding
  46. Forehead kisses
  47. Cuddles
  48. “BACON. And biscuits! And.. is that a poached egg? when did you learn how to poach!”
  49. The deep connection of sharing their lost planets
  50. Dopey grins.
  51. Making out.
  52. “That woman is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
  53. Working through flaws.
  54. Partners.
  55. Sassy pants Kara and Jealous Mon-El.
  56. Heartfelt apologies.
  57. Matching mike and kara disguise glasses.
  58. “Why don’t you tell me what you need? I’ll listen.”
  59. Mon-El gazing at Kara with admiration, at her nobility and strength and morality and selflessness.
  60. When his hands are in her hair. When her hands are in his hair.
  61. Dancing together.
  62. Potstickers.
  63. Crinkle.
  64. “To wake up with me.”
  65. Ice-cream.
  66. Sneaking glances at the other
  67. “You came after me?” “Every time.”
  68. Silly dorky puppies.
  69. Mon-El being proud of Kara. Kara being proud of Mon-El.
  70. Passion and sexual tension.
  72. Mon-El thinking heaven involves waking up to Kara and Eliza.
  73. You’re safety is more important. (Mxyzptlk/Kara. Rhea/Mon-El).
  74. Sunshine smiles.
  75. True loves kiss.
  76. Badass team ups.
  77. Mon-El in a suit + Kara in a dress.
  78. “Pssst! “Did you just Psssst me?”
  79. HOT. DAMN.
  80. The utter relief of being reunited. (2x17).
  81. Synchronised outfits.
  82. Understanding.
  83. Real flaws. Real hurts. Real love.
  84. Being surrounded by supportive people that actually want the best for them, and can see that their relationship is a part of that.
  87. “You’re my kryptonite. Well.. my feelings for you.”
  88. Being vulnerable with each other.
  89. Awkard nervous blabbing.
  90. Confessions.
  91. Declarations of love.
  92. Eye sex.
  93. Holding around the waist + holding around the neck.
  94. ‘Every little thing she does is magic’
  95. The multiple time they have launched themselves into the others arms.
  96. Being gentle + being fierce.
  97. Overcoming differences.
  98. Celebrating differences.
  99. Saving each other.

General Danvers ‘The Heat’ au, from a discussion with @alittlelesspain

Astra as Shannon, the detective, and Alex as Sarah, the FBI Special Agent. Alura as Astra’s despairing Captain. Hank as Alex’s superior officer.

So, Alex and Astra are forced to work together in an attempt to take down the local drug cartel. The plot is pretty much the same, except its gay.

But basically, think of specific scenes.

Astra, the leather jacket wearing, Rosa Diaz aesthetic detective, meeting Alex, with her proper suits and dead straight short hair, and thinking, I am not working with this incredibly attractive incredibly irritating looking woman. Going on the ‘where are the captain’s balls’ rant when Alura explains that they have to work together. Alura sitting there with her head in her hand while Astra prowls around the office looking for her balls, and when its finally over, she stands up, puts her hands on her sister’s shoulders, and says, ‘are you done now? Is it over? Do you feel better?’

Astra grumbles and lets her sister hug her and agrees to work with Alex, but threatens that she might end up destroying those stupid suits.

Alex, in turn, seeing this tall, athletic, beautiful detective with a scowl like thunder, seeing her methods and her attitude, and turning to Hank to say, ‘I can’t work with her’. Hank asks if its because she’s unprofessional or because Alex finds her attractive. Alex turns bright red. ‘Me? Why would you say that?! Maybe you’re attracted to her, hA!’ ‘I am a married gay man, Agent Danvers’.

On their way to stake out a night club, a car beeps, and Alex sees a small, well dressed woman turn in her seat, her fingers splayed in a V over her mouth, her tongue stuck through, and Astra flips her off as she goes past. ‘Who was that?’ Alex asks, thinking that perhaps it was Astra’s girlfriend. Astra grumbles. ‘Our DA, Lucy Lane. And my sister’s girlfriend’. Astra tells Alex that unless she wants to watch Alura freak out in the middle of the precinct because she’s shy and wants to keep things professional in the work space, she should refrain from mentioning her relationship with Lucy. (‘How dARE yOU detectIVE iN-Ze I AM yOUr suPeRIOr ofFICER!!!’ ‘Sister you’ve been going out for two years’ ‘mE slEEP wiTH a LAWYER??’ Alura learnt a lot from her mentor, Captain Holt)

At the club, Astra fits in easily, and takes it upon herself to ‘fix’ Alex’s look so that she fits in. Alex being flustered and irritated in equal measure when Astra takes a knife to her favourite shirt, rips her pants off, insults her spanks and ruffles her hair so that its no longer straight. Foreshadowing.

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Lego Love - Finn Balor One Shot

Thank You for the idea @racheo91

As Finn stood in the aisle at the toy store in Orlando He looked at all of the choices of Legos that were in front of him, He had been there for close to an hour before coming up with his idea, He had been dating (Y/N) for 3 years now and He knew He needed to make her his forever before He got back out on the road, It wasn’t really clear to him just how much she actually meant to him before he got injured, Yes he loved her and He knew he was going to marry her eventually but being home the last 6 months he got an idea of what life would be like after he was finished with wrestling and he was ready to get started on making that a reality..

“Can I help you?” An employee asked coming up to Finn after noticing him staring at the same place for a few minutes
“This is going to sound crazy…” Finn said shyly “but.. I need 20 of those..” He added pointing to the container of legos
“Wow.. Okay.. Something special?” The associate asked
“Proposing to my girlfriend..” he said with a smile
“Woah.. congratulations.. Let me go check the back to see if we have enough..” the associate said walking towards the back

45 minutes and $100 later Finn found himself in his apartment assembling the legos hoping He could pull it off before (Y/N) came home from work.. He finished it and decided to make it even more elaborate and went to the flower shop in a hurry and bought 100 rose pedals and decided to scatter them from the front door to the bedroom and lit candles to make a trail..

He heard the door open and his heart began to race, this was it.. No going back now, He was doing this..
“Finn..” (Y/N) said as she came through the door and saw the roses on the floor, she sat her things down on the couch and began making her way towards the bedroom, when she was him dressed up nicely she automatically knew what was happening and she began to tear up
“Yes..” She said quietly
“I haven’t even said anything yet…” Finn said with a slight smile
“It doesn’t matter..” She said
“I spent the entire afternoon preparing this so I’m saying my speech..” He said causing her to laugh as He grabbed her hands and pulled her close to him as he pulled his creation out from behind him
“I love you, You’re my best friend and I couldn’t have gotten through these past 6 months without you, I can’t wait to see what our lives have in store for us, I see us in a quiet town, in love and raising our children.. and in order for us to do all that theres just one more thing that we need to do, So I believe there’s something you need to answer…” He said and he got down on one knee pulling a black box out of his back pocket “(Y/N) Will You make me the luckiest man alive and marry me?” He asked as the tears fell from her eyes He already knew her answer but it still made his heart stop with how long it was taking her to respond
“Yes..” she said and he smiled as he picked her up off the ground kissing her before placing the ring on her finger
“I love you.. My love.. My life.. My Queen..”

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who should you fight: writers edition

f. scott fitzgerald; who wins: you

  • there’s going to be two hits: you hitting him and him hitting the floor. please fight this man. he deserves it. he’ll be too drunk to fight back. knock some sense into him.

ernest hemingway; who wins: no one

  • he’ll come at you with brute force, and he won’t feel your punches being entirely numbed by liquor. you’ll both fight it out for some minutes before both falling back and arguing who won. even if you definitely did win, he’ll say he won anyway. it’s not worth it. don’t fight hemingway. he’s a prick.

oscar wilde; who wins: him

  • you won’t necessarily fight physically. you’ll stand there dumbfounded as he rips you apart with poetic sass. you might be able to turn the fight around and grab the upper hand by appealing to his narcissism, but honestly, it’s not worth it. he’ll destroy you with his wit.

edgar allan poe; who wins: no one

  • why would you want to fight this poor man? he’s so sad and miserable. leave him alone. maybe punch him once for marrying his 13 year old cousin. he does kind of deserve a black eye for that. that’s pretty creepy. but don’t pick a fight, just let him wallow in his melancholy.

chuck palahniuk; who wins: him

  • it’s not a good idea to fight the man who created fight club. he’ll beat you to a pulp without the slightest emotion and you’ll have to listen to him drone on about consumerism coming from a man who’s made a lot of money off selling products. you’ll wish he’d let you slip into unconsciousness, but he knows how to beat you without killing you.

jack kerouac; who wins: you

  • please beat the pretentiousness out of him. he won’t fight back but will instead give you a spiel about being in love with life and how you wouldn’t be fighting him if you just looked up at the stars more often. you’ll easily defeat him.
Masterlist (Oneshots and twoshots)


Juice takes care of you after a long day at work

Juice admits to you that he can’t be alone

You’re a member of the MC and might have a not so secret crush on Juice

You try to seduce Juice and he finally gives in but the guys catch you **Sexual content*** 

Juice has the flu an you take care of him

Juice comes to stay with you and Tig for a couple days, then comes onto you

You tell Juice that you’re pregnant

Juice is your friend with benefits and he finds out your ex is harassing you

You’re Jax’s sister and a member and the club finds out you’re with Juice

You’re Jax’s sister and sneaking around with Juice but you end up pregnant

Juice cheats on you and tries to make it up to you

You’re Opie’s sister and Juice gets protective of you after he dies

You ask Happy to be your maid of honor when you marry juice

You meet Juice for the first time when you come home from college

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped  

Juice doesn’t like the things he hears Sack saying about you.

You find the bruises on Juice’s neck after he attempts suicide **Trigger warning**

Juice gets rough with you for the first time. **Sexual content**

You give Juice some TLC while he’s driving **Sexual content**

You find yourself at a club party that you really don’t want to be at. The kid with the shaved head is nice though. 

Juice imagine based off of the song Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots  

You and Juice have a hate/sex relationship **Sexual content**

You’re Juice's plus size girlfriend and you meet the club for the first time

You’re Juice’s ex and after years apart, you get brought together again. 

You’re in bed ready to go to sleep but Juice is horny. You’re not in the mood. He knows just how to fix that **Sexual content**

Juice wants you to be his Old Lady but he’s not sure how to ask. Gemma comes to the rescue. 

You play hard to get with Juice because you think he’s too nice. He proves you wrong.

Your one night stand with Juice doesn’t quite go as expected

You’re a drug trafficker and partner of the club. That doesn’t mean you can’t go on a date though. 

Your dad Chibs walks in on you spending quality time with Juice **Sexual content*

Juice comes onto you while your boyfriend Kozik is passed out

Juice is your new friend and you look after him

You’re Juice’s girl and baby momma, and you find out about his suicide attempt **Trigger warning**

The Hills (Full fanfic)

You’re a physical therapist and give Juice a little more than just his everyday massage **Sexual content**

It’s hard to keep your relationship with Happy a secret when your cousin is Happy Lowman

Imagine based off of Marilyn by G-eazy **warning for cheating**


Jax cheats on you

Jax gets jealous of you working with a male coworker

Jax asks you to be his Old Lady

Jax forgets your anniversary

The guys make fun of you for driving a street bike. You make Jax eat his words. 

You’re Jax’s sister and are sneaking around with Juice but you end up pregnant

You spend Christmas with Jax in your new house

Tara comes back to Charming but Jax’s loyalty lies with you.

You’re Tig’s daughter and you get caught with Jax 

You’re Jax sister and Tig’s Old Lady and Tig doesn’t want you to go on the run

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped

You spend your birthday with Jax

You’re Jax’s sister and get protective of him when Tara comes back to Charming 

You’re Chibs’s Scottish niece and catch Jax’s attention while visiting

You go after Jax when you find out your boyfriend Juice was killed

You haven’t said I love you back to Jax and he isn’t happy. **Sexual content**

You try to get your old man and brother in the Christmas spirit.

You go off to the cabin with Jax to relax and spend some quality time

Imagine based off of Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold 

Jax has a Croweater in his lap at a party. That’s not flying with you **Sexual content**

Jax thinks seeing you fight is sexy **Sexual content**

Your boyfriend Jax finds out that the Mayans kidnapped and hurt you.

After years of being Jax’s friend despite your parents wishes, you wake up next to him naked one morning. 

Jax and the club come to your rscue when a guy gets too pushy at a club party

Jax has to deliver the news of Opie’s death to you after they get out and you don’t see your man with them.  

Jax imagine based off of the song Humming by Turnover

Jax announces his feelings for you after years of being your friend

Jax finds your sex toy and uses it on you **Sexual content**

Jax meets your mom’s douchebag boyfriend for the first time

Jax is your best friend and doesn’t like Tig’s interest in you

You and Jax keep arguing and you’ve got just the thing to shut him up

You get into a fight with Jax and find out that he lied about where he slept that night 

After leaving Charming due to Opie’s infidelity, you find a new you and also find Jax in a new light 

Threesome with Jax and Opie **Sexual content**


Chibs is being a little bossy and you get a bit of an attitude. He likes it though

Chibs forgets your anniversary

You’re Chibs’ new girlfriend and Tig tests your loyalty

Chibs proved himself to your father, who’s a mob boss

Things go a little south at your wedding to marry Chibs

First big SAMCRO party with your new man Chibs

You kill someone to save Chibs and he comforts you when you breakdown

Chibs dumps you to protect you but gets jealous when you go to a club party with a new guy

Being Hispanic and dating Chibs on the down low but the club finds out

Dating Chibs but being much younger than him and getting teased about it

Staying by Chibs’ side when he gets hurt in the van explosion in season 2

You’re Tara’s baby sister and seeing Chibs behind her back

Chibs teaches you how to shoot.

You’re the SAMCRO princess and you find Chibs crying. 

Chibs finds out you have an eating disorder **Trigger warning**

You’re Chibs new girlfriend and you attend your first club party

You’re Gemma and Clay’s daughter but you’re also with Chibs. Trying not to get caught at a party is hard.

Being SAMCRO’s princess and having a crush on Chibs is hard when he won’t pay attention to you. You make sure to turn that around. 

You and your Old Man Chibs babysit Jax’s kids for the day

Chis tries to surprise you with an anniversary meal but it doesn’t go as planned

Chibs teaches you how to fix a motorcycle

You and Chibs burn dinner

You’re Chibs’ younger Old Lady and you meet Fiona in Belfast. She doesn’t like you at all and you have to take a walk when Chibs pisses you off as well.**Sexual content** 

Abel is grown now and trying to get into the club after coming back to Charming. Chibs is still president though and is still holding his promise to keep the boys out of the life.

You’re Tara’s baby sister and seeing Chibs behind her back


Threesome with Tig and Kozik

First time with Tig (mini imagine)

You’re Tig’s daughter and you come back from college to see him

You’re Tig’s daughter and you get caught with Jax

You’re Jax sister and Tig’s Old Lady and Tig doesn’t want you to go on the run

You find out you’re pregnant with Tig’s baby and leave town

You go to Gemma for advice on your relationship with Tig

You reminisce with Tig on your relationship

You’re Clay’s daughter and he finds out you’ve been messing around with Tig

You’re Chibs’ new girlfriend and Tig tests your loyalty

You comfort Tig when he admits he hates himself

Tig and Venus want you to carry their baby

You convince Tig to let Kozik patch SAMCRO ** Sexual content**

You get wasted on your 21st birthday and hook up with Tig **Sexual content** 

  Tig teaches you how to ride a motorcycle

You’re Tig’s daughter and messing around with Happy behind his back

Momma Gemma catches you hooking up with Tiggy

You get shot and have a confession for your husband Tig

Imagine based off the song Oh darling What Have I Done by The White Buffalo

Tig’s ex wife comes to the clubhouse. You’re not happy.  

Tig finds out that you’ve been faking it in bed **Sexual content**

Dawn is dead and its up to you to comfort your Old Man

Tig’s dog is sick and you’re the only on that can help. Gemma is Gemma. 

Your daughter from your previous relationship calls Tig daddy for the first time

You and Tig put on music to get in the mood in the bedroom but a certain wrestler ruins it. **Sexual content**

You’re Tig’s pregnant Old Lady but you’re bigger than expected. Turns out its twins.

You’re Tig’s daughter and love Kozik. Tig tries to protect you and forbids it.

You have a threesome with Tig and Kozik **Sexual content**  

You’re Tig’s daughter and you tell the club that you have brain cancer

You have a threesome with Tig and Juice **Sexual content**

You surprise Tig in the bedroom after his shower wearing only his cut


You wake up Happy with some TLC **Sexual Content*

Happy dumps you then gets jealous when he sees you with another man

Happy refuses to leave your side while you’re in the hospital

Happy Takes you home to meet his family for Christmas

You spend your first Christmas with Happy

You ask Happy to be your maid of honor when you marry juice

You’re Happy’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped

You get hit in the head and can’t remember your old man, Happy

You’re Hap’s kid and got him wrapped around your finger

Happy refuses to have sex with you because you’re pregnant ***Sexual content***

Happy brings a pitbull home

You visit your uncle Happy and accidentally hook up with one of his brothers ***Sexual Content***

You’re Tig’s daughter and messing around with Happy behind his back

Imagine based off Judas by Lady Gaga

Everyone wants to know why Happy’s girl always wears flower crowns

Hap comes home covered in blood and you’re asking too many questions. ***Sexual content**

Happy teaches you how to ride a motorcycle.

You and Hap adopt a baby together.

Hap can love. He’s just a little rusty at getting it out. You trying to leave during a lockdown gets him using his words.

You’re Hap’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped. You ain’t no wimp though **Violence**

Imagine based off of Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days

You’re Hap’s Old Lady and he goes with you to your monthly check up for your baby

You and happy are cuddling in bed after sex and he asks you to get his crow


Threesome with Tig and Kozik

You try to seduce Kozik. It works

You’ve got a thing for Kozik, but he doesn’t seem to be catching on

You’re Marcus Alvarez’s daughter, also unknowingly dating a Son, Kozik

Kozik doesn’t appreciate the prospect hitting on you. Like, at all. **Sexual content**

You get your first tattoo, Kozik’s crow, but you hate needles

Kozik imagine based off of Haunted by Beyonce 

You leave Charming after Kozik cheats on you

You’re Tig’s daughter and love Kozik. Tig tries to protect you and forbids it.

You have a threesome with Tig and Kozik **Sexual content**

You’re Koziks plus size girlfriend and feeling a little down at a club party.**Sexual content** 

You’re Gem and Clay’s daughter. You’re also heart broken and angry over your Old Man Koziks death.

You and Kozik’s nightly routine


Your relationship with Opie suffers because of the club

Your best friend Opie drops a bomb during karaoke

You’re a member of the MC and Opie’s Old Lady

You and Opie confess your feelings at a club party

You’re Opie’s teenage daughter and dealing with your mothers death

Imagine based off Ed Sheeran’s Photograph 

Opie gets picked up and put inside before you get the chance to tell him you’re pregnant. He figures it out when he  sees you for the first time, obviously with child.

Opie isn’t happy that you walked out on him. Now you’re back and he wants answers

You’re Opie’s sister who he’s lost contact with. Your family is reunited

You try to play hard to get with Opie but he’d the one that gets you**some sexual content**

Half Sack

Sack is nervous about the club meeting you.


Tig and Venus want you to be their surrogate mother

You have a girls day with Venus and Donna after a rough day.

Venus helps you get ready for your date


Jax is originally the one that leaves Charming. Tara is shocked when he’s back, and at her front door.

You’re Jax’s sister, Tig’s Old Lady. Decorating the clubhouse for Christmas

You’re Gem and Clay’s daughter. You’re also heart broken and angry over your Old Man Koziks death.

You’re Gemma and Clay’s daughter, who just so happens to be 4 months secretly pregnant.

You help out the club but they end up having too much fun with it.

The club comforts you after you and your friend get kidnapped and she dies.

***TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM*** The club finds out about your self harm

Gemma finds out she’s pregnant with Clay’s baby

The clubs finds out that you’re dating a Mayan

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s fiancé and in the MC when you find out Gemma & Clay’s roles in Johns death

Stress from school is getting to you and Mama Gemma is there for you

What happens when you’re JT’s daughter and you overhear what Gem and Clay did 

David Hale has always had a crush on you but Tig and the club make sure he knows that’s as far as it will go 

Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fic - Chapter One

The new Peaky Blinders Fan Fiction featuring the volatile baker we know and love, Alfie Solomons.    I like the slow burn when writing folks - so if you’re looking for sex on the desk in the first chapter, I got nothing for you.  Yet ;)

Chapter One: The Man With The Beard

 The sounds of a lively jazz quartet spilled out from the dimly lit club windows and into the crowded evening streets of London.  The stained glass casting sparkling shadows upon the pavement that had been carefully swept free of the normal London dirt and grime.    Here and there, people dressed in attire that ranged from evening garb, to meagerly thin peasant coverings, milled about or were scurrying to their destination.  No one wished to linger on the city streets as the night rolled in.   With the music was heard the tapping sound of a cane that changed it’s staccato beat mid stride to accompany the beat; suggesting it’s user perhaps did not have as much need of the apparatus as he implied.   

Elegantly garbed men brushed past with their equally adorned ladies on their arms, as the doors swung wide to admit them into the glitzy establishment beyond.   Perhaps they would not be so rude with their mumbled halfhearted apologies, if they knew to whom they hastily spoke.  The man who was abruptly pushed cursed aloud as another rushed past, bumping him off stride.  A deft move of his wrist and the gentleman soon found himself kissing the hard cold London pavement.   A solid oomph whooshed from his prone form.  From his low station, the man raised himself halfway to sitting, and shaking his head turned to see a man wearing a top hat; arms crossed and brow furrowed.  The  offending cane held tight in his hand.  

 “What the devil are you about man?!   Do you know…”   but before the man could finish, he was rapped once upon the head, and with a bellowed “yeah, fuck off eh,” the man stepped passed without a glance backward.   Quickly he gained his feet intent on pursuing him, but one of the elegantly garbed door man stepped forward quickly and with a hand on his shoulder, halted him.

“I wouldn’t if I were yew.   Do ya even know who he is?”

 “I don’t rightly care who he thinks he is.  The man requires a serious lesson in manners and gentlemanly decorum!”   And with that he continued past the beefy doorman and on into the brightly light expanse of Eden Club.

“Suit yerself,” the doorman mumbled as he stepped forward to assist a lady from her vehicle.

 Inside the music was near deafening, though the groups and couples that sat around small tables, or crowded into side booths didn’t seem to mind.   A few danced on the polished marble dance floor.   As it was still fairly early in the evening, the place was not filled to capacity.  Tuxedo garbed waiters rushed about the place, but still managed to look almost as haughty as the clientele.   A few scantily clad lovely ladies added to the overall expensive and somewhat gaudy decor.    It was through this noisy, chaotic mess that Alfie Solomons and several of his lackeys made their gradual way to the side office of the club’s owner Darby Sabini.   

Out of the corner of his eye, a flash of silk caught and held his attention.   Alfie glanced towards the young female server that easily balanced a tray of drinks in her small hands as she navigated the crowd.  She was dressed in that new style that was becoming all the rage inside the clubs, but had not taken to the fashionable crowds beyond just yet.  Though the bodice was low cut, it was not overtly revealing, and the style suited her slender, yet curvy frame.  Her long, dark, wavy hair was caught back in a sparking head band, which accentuated the exotic lilt to her eyes.  Alfie took in the full lips that parted into an easy smile as she arrived at the table and greeted the customers, handing each one their drink with a nod in return.   Then she turned with grace upon the impossibly high heels and headed towards another table.   Silently he thought to himself; she looked as good going, as she had coming.   He paused briefly to watch the long straight curve of her back and the swish of her skirts, thinking perhaps it might be nice to dally around after his business with Sabini was finished.  He didn’t normally publicly socialize with business partners, or in such places, but as his eyes continued to follow the young woman, he thought she was definitely worth some extra time.  And any risks.  

 It was just at that moment the man from the streets caught up to Alfie and grabbed him by the lapels of his long overcoat.  He pushed a ruddy face that now held beads of sweat, into Alfie’s own surprised face and proceeded to unleash a string of curses upon him.

 Four men immediately appeared at Alfie’s side, two of his own and two of Sabini’s, that had witnessed the man rushing towards Alfie, his face flushed red in anger.  They pushed the gentleman backwards and held tight, while casting nervous backward glances at Alfie.   His top hat had been knocked askew in the shuffle, and Alfie slowly bent to retrieve it.   As he righted it upon his head once more, his head dipped down to glare at the man beneath furrowed brows.  His men and the bouncers immediately held their breath and awaited the forthcoming explosion of rage.   Alife folded his arms across his chest and slowly began to walk towards the man who had assaulted him.  Again.   And inside the four heads of his protectors a silent chant of “oh shit oh shit oh shit” began.  But their outward faces remained stoically silent, though paled considerably.   When Alfie was within reach of the man, he dared tried to speak again, though Alfie had not uttered one word.

 The blow came so fast none of them were really sure he had even hit the man.  The next thing they knew he was just sprawled out upon the painted tiles.    Blood already spilling from his nose.  

 “I said, Fuck off yeah.”   And with that he turned around in disgust and proceeded towards his destination as though he had merely swatted some annoying insect from his path.  The music never stopped playing.   As he glanced up, he noted that Sabini had already exited his office, having seen the altercation through the small window, and was coming towards him hand outstretched.

 “What the hell Alfie?  Ya come to my club and start trouble?  I thought we were friends.”  

 Alfie grunted and shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah well, he weren’t my friend now were he.”

 Sabini glanced down with a frown at the still out cold man and with a nod towards his men who had intervened, turned back to Alfie with a hand on his shoulder.   “Then fuck him, right?”

 “That’s what I told him.”  Alfie gave a rare chuckle and together the two men entered the office to discuss business, while Sabini’s men dragged the unconscious gentleman towards a back door to the club.   All the customers wisely kept their gaze focused on the Jazz band playing upon the stage.

 Before Alfie entered the office, he glanced one more time towards where he had last seen the beautiful young woman.   Perhaps he could make inquiries to Sabini after they talked. As his gaze quickly scanned the interior, it finally came to rest on a darkened corner.   Even from this far across the room he could guess her eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel.  Illuminated as though the only star in a dark sky, from where she stood leaning against one of the pillars, her face caught in the soft glow of the wall sconce behind her shoulder.   Her gaze hovered just past him, not really resting on him, as though the light from the suddenly opened office door had briefly caught her attention.   Alfie froze in place, hoping to catch her eye, but alas a waiter appeared at her elbow and whispered something in her ear, and just like that – she turned on her heels and was gone.   Alfie was not even aware of the heavy sigh that escaped him as he crossed the threshold and greeted his somewhat not always old friend.


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