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  • “Dusk Till Dawn” is as epic as it needed to be, considering the two powerhouses attached to it. The cut, which seems to be more in-line with the music Sia has been producing for years, as opposed to Zayn (though it somehow still fits him like a perfectly tailored suit), features powerful vocals, high notes left and right and a vocal hook that is somehow impossible to sing along to, while still being memorable. This is, in simple terms, a big pop song, and while it’s slightly surprising that it came from a man who kicked off his career in a manufactured boy band, it’s wonderful to hear something this grandiose arrive before 2017 ended. “Dusk Till Dawn” isn’t necessarily club fare, but it provides something that has been missing from the pop landscape for some time, and hopefully the masses can appreciate what’s been created here.

- Forbes


“That tensile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?”

“I did.”

okay i’ve watched that scene in civil war where tony tries to convince steve to sign the accords a ton of times and there are just some things i need to point out as far as tony’s character goes because it’s a really good scene (look i love analyzing character behavior so)

  • this is the most obvious thing: tony’s nervous as hell. he keeps fidgeting and walking around the room throughout the entire scene because he knows that steve could make or break the situation and he really, really wants to avoid conflict and just get everything over with. he knows that, if steve refuses, the avengers could start to be torn apart, and his guilt over the charles spencer thing (and other things that weren’t entirely his fault???) will just continue to get worse
  • steve asks about pepper and you can tell that tony gets visibly more nervous–he starts stuttering, looking in the distance–because he doesn’t really like to think about what happened and he’s trying to think of a way to phrase it 
  • he says “we’re taking a break” because saying we’re “split up” is too much. remember im3??? when tony said that pepper was the one thing he can’t live without?? yeah. the thought of something he can’t live without ending is hard for him to comprehend, hence why he stuttered and thought very carefully about what to say. he doesn’t want to have a break down 
  • once again, pepper was the one thing he couldn’t live without. how this man conceals emotions (though through difficulty) i have no idea. he’s been doing it since im1 y’all
  • anyway, when he’s explaining why pepper left him, he talks about ultron and says “my fault”, right? when he does, he inhales and stops talking for a second, looking around nervously. he is on the verge of crying because of the guilt i don’t care what anybody says
  • tony stark, the man who flew through a wormhole, who stopped manufacturing weapons because they were getting in the wrong hands, who just funded a bunch of student’s projects, who has been working tirelessly to help his own mental health and that of others, feels guilty constantly. because no matter what he does right, the people who he calls friends find things to fault him–and him alone–on.
  • and then steve mentions how he knew howard stark, which is obviously a touchy subject, and tony relives the idea that his father always put captain america before him. even now, however many years since his father’s death, tony still feels like he lives in the shadow of steve rogers (which doesn’t really help the situation because everyone on that team seems to treat tony’s opinions like they don’t matter??? besides rhodey maybe??? and nat sometimes)
  • and that’s kind of what triggers tony to be more or less angry and annoyed. “sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth” and all that
  • but he doesn’t want to see cap gone. you see, tony gets annoyed with steve rogers sometimes (a lot of times, even), but he still thinks of him as an honest to god friend. he doesn’t want the accords to split them apart–that’s the last thing he wants to do, but guilt, as it usually does, starts to overrun his mind
  • the guilt tony stark puts upon himself is almost like a routine, a ritual. when something bad happens, everyone–even people on his own team–find a way to put all the blame on him. at this point, he just assumes that everything is his fault and he’s responsible for all of the avengers’ actions, hence why he believes the accords are so important in the first place.
  • tony stark thinks that the avengers are just his responsibility and that he should be held accountable for every little thing that happens
  • that’s like??? really messed up??
  • when steve grabs a pen and says that it’s possible, you can see how much more relaxed tony gets, how his eyes light up. because maybe, just maybe, the avengers won’t cause any more problems and he won’t have to be guilty anymore and he won’t be a problem anymore
  • once again, this is the mindset tony stark has gotten into. that he’s a problem.
  • so he explains how he’ll make things work out, how he’ll help steve’s friend, how he’ll keep everyone safe. he’s thought about this long and hard beforehand. 
  • tony stark wants to keep the avengers safe because he knows to be cautious over the government after what happened with hydra and everything two years before
  • but when he mentions wanda, steve changes his mind. says that, no matter what good he thinks will come from tony, he always makes a mistake along the road. tells tony how keeping wanda in one place is ridiculous
  • and, when they argue over this, that little smirk that pops up on tony’s lips–when he tries to explain that there are worse ways of keeping someone confined–that’s because he knows that no one ever seems to realize what he’s doing. he’s not confining wanda just for the heck of it–it’s because he wants to keep her safe
  • that’s all tony stark has ever wanted to do, but no one seems to believe him.
  • tony knows that there are people who want to put wanda maximoff in prison, who want to lock her up, even though she’s only a teenager. and he realizes that what she did wasn’t intended, that she wasn’t at fault, and that the best way to keep her safe is to keep her in one spot until the situation calms down
  • she messed with his mind and the minds of his friends just a year before, mind you. and yet, he forgave her
  • steve doesn’t realize what tony’s trying to do. he doesn’t realize how much tony cares for her–for all of them–and how he will do nearly anything to keep the people he loves safe. 
  • in im3, he was in a similar situation. he built dozens of suits because he wanted to protect pepper and didn’t want to go far from home because he wanted to protect pepper and–when the mandarin attacked his house–he called her and apologized for putting her in harms way
  • the thing that tony stark consistently feels (besides guilt) is a need to protect the people he holds close to his heart. 
  • but the other avengers often fail to realize that.
  • so when steve is saying that wanda is just a kid, telling him that what he’s doing is wrong, tony breaks for a second and yells.
  • “give me a break!”
  • steve doesn’t realize tony’s intentions. he doesn’t realize the immense guilt and anxiety that comes from tony’s inner demons. he doesn’t realize how tony constantly, constantly feels that he won’t be able to save the people he loves unless he goes to extensive measures. none of them do.
  • all tony wants is for them to understand.
  • so when tony regains his calmness and says that he’s trying to save them from something worse, he means it. because–if the avengers aren’t put in check, if wanda isn’t protected–then maybe he won’t be able to save any of them next time.
  • and when steve walks out of the room, tony is close to tears again.
  • no one ever seems to understand.

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How do you make pins? I been wanting to make pins for so long but idk how to even start its so confusing please help me ;_; no one wants to tell me how to make my own pins. I have my own designs and everything

Okay! This is a very long post and I’ll try to get you as much info as I can. I’ve found that the pin making community is very closed off with providing help to new creators since there’s been such an increase in people making pins. So I completely get that you’ve been having issues finding out how to start.

If you already have designs in mind the best thing to do is have them digitized if you haven’t already. The best option is to have a vector file where each of the enamel colours is on a separate layer with no overlapping of the colours or metal areas. This isn’t necessary since a lot of pin manufacturers can digitize your design from a drawing but having them do it can lead to issues and a lot of back and forth changes because they have to trace the image you give them. It’s a lot easier if you can give them a file that they don’t have to do anything with a can use right off the bat to make a mold.

Here’s a pin that I just got made recently that I’ll use as an example through this. The full design in the top left but you can see that each enamel colour can be pulled off separately and leave a solid background that shows the metal of the pin with no overlapping parts.

Also fyi I use Adobe Illustrator to do my designs.

Long post is long. So you’ll have to keep reading :)

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“Dusk Till Dawn” is as epic as it needed to be, considering the two powerhouses attached to it. The cut, which seems to be more in-line with the music Sia has been producing for years, as opposed to Zayn (though it somehow still fits him like a perfectly tailored suit), features powerful vocals, high notes left and right and a vocal hook that is somehow impossible to sing along to, while still being memorable. This is, in simple terms, a big pop song, and while it’s slightly surprising that it came from a man who kicked off his career in a manufactured boy band, it’s wonderful to hear something this grandiose arrive before 2017 ended. “Dusk Till Dawn” isn’t necessarily club fare, but it provides something that has been missing from the pop landscape for some time, and hopefully the masses can appreciate what’s been created here.

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jazz composer yuuri and super extra classical composer viktor's first meeting. see i can do it on anon too

(yuuri’s playing this // victor plays this)

Victor has no idea who the beautiful boy is, but he’s definitely fucking up Chopin, in the worst possible way there is to fuck up Chopin.

He sits onstage in a suit two sizes too big for him, bathing in the shitty dim stage lights of this poet’s café, and the piano is a Fazioli, of all contraptions.

And yet.

This is the most beautiful thing he has ever experienced, Victor thinks. Never mind the travesty that has been made out of the étude. Chopin’s emotional tribute to the Polish uprising against Russia, reduced to the musical imagery of a late-night bebop. Victor would be pissed if he wasn’t so damn turned on.

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A New Family herbal or a history and description of all of the British and Foreign Plants which are useful to man either as food, Medicine, Farming purposes or in the arts and manufactures compiled from the works of Hill, Woodville, Don, Culpepper, and other botanists by Richard Brook

undated in original cloth binding with gilt detailing and title - c1850

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Is it okay to ask you what your opinion is on the whole "you can't love someone if you don't love yourself?" Is that true? Because if it is, then I'm scared I might not ever find someone. (P.S I love your blog and wish nothing but happiness upon you and your loved)

I believe love is the most beautiful thing humans experience. True love is a form of magic and feeling understood and heard by someone else is a sensation that has yet to be manufactured by man. Regarding self-love, it’s a lifelong process. Some days you will look into the mirror and not like what you see and other days you may see nothing but the beauty you possess. You have the ability to love. It is inside you. It’s part of being human; to love others. And though loving others is infinitely easier than loving yourself, don’t let the days where you can’t quite see your worth bar you from loving others.

👿 Devil’s Kiss Vigor Potion 💋

inspired by bioshock infinite, a potion that allows the drinker to cast a fire elemental on someone else (particularly a spurned lover)

A civilized man has power over fire. A refined man handles fire with finesse: DEVIL’S KISS."―Fink Manufacturing advertisement

👿  gather: water, cinnamon or cinnamon stick, honey, and ceylon tea. 

💋  heat the water, and steep cinnamon for 8-10 minutes. 

👿   strain cinnamon from tea.

💋   steep ceylon tea briefly.

👿  stir the tea clockwise to increase the intensity of the effects. 

💋  stir the tea counterclockwise to decrease them. 

👿  to protect yourself from the effects, smear your bottom lip with honey before you drink. 

💋  to make the tea less effective, add milk to the drink. 


Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff have in common many life-changing events, most notably the creation of Ultron. However, they react to these occurrences in completely different ways. Here’s a quick analysis of their actions and reactions after the events they have in common :

1)      Getting hit by a Stark Industries mortar shell:

TONY: Has his chest filled with shrapnel. Is tortured by terrorists by means of invasive surgery without anesthesia, followed by waterboarding. Sulks for five minutes. Talks for another five minutes to Yinsen and that’s all he needs to convince himself to fight back. Rises from the ashes. Becomes Iron Man. IMMEDIATELY shuts down weapon manufacturing upon his return home. Ultimately kills Obadiah Stane, who was probably the one who sold the bomb that killed Wanda’s parents to the people who fired it.

WANDA: Loses her parents. Becomes homeless. Becomes a rage-fueled rebel. Vows revenge on the man who owns the factory that built the shell that destroyed her house, but not on the people who fired said shell. Joins HYDRA, a secret Nazi death cult. Lets HYDRA experiment on her to be able to fight Iron Man. Is finally presented with the chance to kill Tony but instead messes with his mind, making him create Ultron. Joins Ultron when HYDRA is defeated.

2)      Parents death:

TONY: Thinks it was an accident. Mourns only his mother, because his father was always a dick to him. Tries to cope, but fails. Becomes a party guy and ginormous asshole as a defense mechanism… until Afghanistan happens. Always tries to make his father proud despite their strained relationship. Meets the man Howard would never shut up about during his childhood, who immediately dislikes him. Is willing to put their differences aside for the greater good on more than one occasion. Finds out in the worst way possible his parents’ death wasn’t an accident. Understandably loses his shit. Tries to avenge them by killing ONE MAN, who… well, is clearly their assassin, despite Rogers yelling “It wasn’t him, Tony!” (It was, brainwashed or not. There’s video proof of that). Also finds out that Cap knew the truth and never told him. Is beaten to a pulp by a supersoldier. Receives a letter from said supersoldier which deserves a place in the Guinness World record as the worst apology ever conceived in the history of mankind. Is still willing to help his former “friend” by subtly telling Ross to fuck off.

WANDA: Is scarred for life by the event (fine, I would be too, but wait before you judge). Grows to hate Tony Stark. Vows revenge (see above). Plans her revenge on the wrong man for something like fifteen years. Grows to hate the other Avengers by association. Decides she not only wants Tony Stark dead, but also all the people he holds dear. Forces Tony to create Ultron instead of killing him. Joins Ultron, whose crimes and other horrible actions she is totally FINE WITH as long as she gets to see the Avengers burn. Understands the errors of her ways upon finding out Ultron’s plan involves Armageddon (big shocker, even Loki or Red Skull would have jumped ship at that point). Decides to join Captain America, but not before warning him that Stark is the real bad guy in all of this… despite her actions being the primary cause for the whole mess.

3)      Creating Ultron:

TONY: Loses JARVIS, the most constant presence in his life for God knows how many years. Sulks. Nearly has a hysteric attack. Takes the blame from everybody (Thor even gets physical) despite only being a tool in Wanda’s hands. Tries to reason with them and justify his actions. Doesn’t tell anyone of the Scarlet Witch-induced hallucination that was his main motive. Doesn’t EVER blame Wanda, not even once. Goes to work to try and fight off Ultron. Sulks with Fury. Keeps trying to fix a mess that is only partly, and indirectly, his. Finds out JARVIS is still alive. Is willing to sacrifice JARVIS to create Vision in order to eliminate Ultron once and for all. Creates Vision. Is willing to sacrifice himself to stop the meteor city in Sokovia. Feels responsible for all the destruction Ultron caused. Retires from the Avengers, with Captain America being the ONLY ONE to wave him goodbye. Takes the blame for the death of Charles Spencer without uttering a single word. Signs the Accords because he wants to be held accountable.

WANDA: Is, without question or shadow of doubt, the real responsible for Ultron’s existence. Is never blamed by anyone. Immediately joins Ultron because he sees him as the instrument of Tony’s demise. Fights with him in Africa. Storms the U-GIN facility in Seoul with him. Finds out his true intentions. Runs away instead of fighting him. Takes her sweet time before joining Captain America into fighting Ultron (and in the meantime Black Widow is kidnapped). Still thinks Tony is the only one responsible. Tries to stop Tony from building the only thing that can stop Ultron, and that also happens to be her future boyfriend. Joins the Avengers only because otherwise the world would end. Half assedly fights Ultron. Understands she’s at least partly guilty (Boy that took long enough) and crawls in a fetal position until Hawkeye talks her out of it. Is trusted with keeping Ultron away from the meteor’s core. Goes off to destroy Ultron Prime, abandoning the core and allowing another Ultron to activate it (Dammit Wanda, you had ONE JOB!). Formally joins the Avengers without anyone questioning, because “poor girl, she was angry and misguided and she just lost her brother”. Is conflicted when the Accords are presented to her despite wanting Tony to answer for his actions (actually his company’s actions, or more probably Stane’s actions). Ultimately goes for the “fuck accountability” line of thought. Keeps prancing around and basking in her supposed moral high ground despite having caused every major disaster in the Avengers’ lives since Project Insight.

4)      Sokovia Accords:

TONY: Agrees to be held accountable for his mistakes. Immediately signs the Accords. Goes with Ross to Avengers facility to try and reason with the others. Confines Wanda to the facility but tries to make it as comfortable as possible for her, even leaving Vision to keep her company. Tries to be the mediator and the voice of reason. Bends over backwards trying to find a middle ground that Rogers would at least hear out. Convinces Ross to let him try to bring Team Cap in after Barnes goes haywire. Is double-crossed by Romanoff. Almost loses his best friend. Doesn’t frame Romanoff. Admits he was wrong to not listen to Steve as soon as he finds evidence of Barnes’ innocence in the Vienna bombing. Takes all the shit Barton, Lang and Wilson throw at him in stride, being considered the only responsible for their imprisonment in the Raft (Ever heard of something called “preventive detention”, guys? What did you expect, a suite at the Hilton?). Immediately goes against the Accords to try and help his “friend”. Ultimately gets his ass handed to him by said “friend” as a result. Moves on trying to fix Rhodey. Doesn’t frame Team Cap. Doesn’t try to get a rematch when given the chance. Basically tells Ross to go fuck himself.

WANDA: Is unsure she should renounce to her independence despite blowing up a building full of people not a month earlier. Reluctantly accepts being held in the facility… until Barton arrives. Talks with Barton for TEN SECONDS and immediately changes her mind. Wastes Vision. Escapes. Joins team Cap. Fights Team Iron Man no holds barred (“you were pulling your punches”). Gets imprisoned. Scowls at the security cams with a murder face as if they were in the wrong and she was in the right. Gets busted out by Rogers. Is granted asylum in Wakanda. Never pays for her part in the events of Leipzig. Or Lagos. Or Sokovia. Or Seoul. Or Johannesburg.

5)      Blame:

TONY: Is blamed for even existing. Never fights back. Only tries to explain his motivations. Always does all he can to make up for his mistakes.

WANDA: Is never blamed. Never apologizes, EVER, to ANYONE, about ANYTHING. Only apologizes to Vision - after he apologizes first - and only because she has the hots for him. Never does anything to make things right.

Draw your own conclusions.