this man is honestly such a big inspiration to me

Honestly i know its kind of silly but the more i watch game grumps the more of an inspiration Arin Hanson becomes to me. Like as someone who grew up piss poor in Florida with a shitty family who barely graduated highschool this man is just a huge motivator in my life. Not to mention how open he is with the fact that hes not 100% straight and how much he prefers colorful girly things to bland boring things that are normally marketed to men. Like ive struggled for a long time about how much i love pastels and hate sports and have felt awful about my body and here comes this successful dude with an amazing wife in an absolutely loving healthy relationship with heaps of amazing friends and he literally just wants everyone to have a good day. Like. I love this man with everything in my soul and i only hope that one day i too can be as big an inspiration to someone as he is to me and countless other people.

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Alright, so I've been on the fence about asking you this for a while. I know you're a die-hard Clois shipper and, for the most part, don't care for a lot of the changes in the New 52, some out of personal preference, others for well founded reasons. But I need to know... What are your thoughts on the Superman/Wonder woman pairing? Yay or nay? If it's nay, I know it's not because she's 'not Lois'. You usually put more thought into your opinions than that standard 'herd mentality' thought.

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N: Cause you’re my girlfriend, duh. N would nonchalantly explain why he has all those photos and then brush you off like he’s offended you even asked. Depending on your reaction, he’d back hug you and start flipping through the photos making you cringe as he details why each and every photo is in his phone and what happened the day it was taken. “This was two years at that company dinner. Boy, were you looking amazing in that dress. You almost looked better than me.”

Leo: Paws off what’s not yours! Lol, Leo would snatch his phone away from you so quick your head would spin. Although the two of you are dating, he didn’t want you know that he was that kind of boyfriend. The one whose heart swells on a daily basis because he likes to look at beautiful photos of his girlfriend. So, pretend that you didn’t see anything. Not even his rosy embarrassed cheeks. "That’s private research.”

Ken: Honesty is the best policy. Ken would simply fess up to having all those pictures of you and then give you the sweetest reason why. Most likely, he misses you a lot when he’s on tour and it’s easy for him to remember the times the two of you shared based on each photo. He can reminisce and get an energy boost of endorphins from all the happiness. “I even have a folders of my all time favorite photos of you and I together. They’re organized by the seasons. See! This is five years worth of Christmases.“

Ravi: You’re my inspiration. Ravi would simply roll his eyes like "oh man, you caught me”. It wouldn’t be a big deal that you found out, and honestly he’d like that you found his stash because now you might even take more selfies by yourself or with him to give him some more things to look at and be happy about it. “Y'know, writing music is hard sometimes and work in general is just hard. I needed something or someone to get me through it all. And that’s your beautiful face in 16 megapixels.”

HongBin: I don’t know where those come from! Deny. Deny. Deny. HongBin will deny all possible reasons of why you’re plastered all over his phone. Clearly he loves you, but a hot stud like him doesn’t want you to know that. It’ll mess with his street cred. “My theory is that your pictures synced on my phone last time I plugged my phone into your computer.”

Hyuk: Don’t piss me off *kisses*. So, you caught Hyuk red-handed with several pictures of you on his phone? Yeah, well considering the relationship is going well you can just assume he likes you that much to want to show you off to anyone that asks. Although that may be true, he won’t admit that because it would take the fun out of hoarding pictures of you at his own accord. So he’d make up some lousy excuse buying him some time to make another lousy excuse. “No! I have lots of pictures of you just in case something happened and I needed to identify you to the authorities. *Mumbles* Or if I need to blackmail you. Muahahahaha.”

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Since it’s Pride month, and I’ve seen a few tear-jerkingly inspirational coming out posts on my dash, allow me to introduce myself through a coming out post of my own - Phoebe, the raging pansexual.

I know for a fact that people like me are often looked over in the LGBTQIA+ community, either because pansexuality is not entirely easy to understand, or (and this really gets my goat) because people assume that whoever you’re with at the time dictates your sexuality.

It doesn’t. Not one bit.

I’m with a straight man, and honestly, I’ll always be with the big dope. I am engaged to a straight man, to the only person I have ever been in a relationship with, the only person I’ve ever had sex with. 

Does that make me straight? 

No. No it does not. Not at all.

I am still pansexual, even if I’m never with anyone of any other gender or sexuality. I am still pansexual, even if I’m married to this knob for the rest of my life. I am still pansexual because my attraction to people is regardless of biological gender, gender identity, or sexuality. Literally everyone is hot. All ya’ll slay me.

Does that make me greedy?

Does finding more than one person attractive make straight people greedy? Or gay people? No.

Does that mean I’m more likely to be unfaithful to my husband?


I know there are a lot of you who can’t make posts like this on any website for a variety of reasons, and I am very fortunate to have come to the conclusion as early as I did that my sexuality is not some big plot twist, or red flag I have to wave, or something I have to warn other people about when we start to get close.

My name is Phoebe. I’m a fanfic writer and I’m pansexual. I’m an international politics student with a specialisation in gender politics and I’m pansexual. I’m a medieval reenactor, I play video games, I’m writing my own novel, I run my own small business, I’ve never missed a year of Eurovision since I was born - even if I was only a small potato propped up on the sofa cushions with mum - I’m getting married and graduating and travelling to New York to visit my best friend and I’m pansexual.

See? For me it isn’t something that needs to be hidden away, or something that needs to be shouted, it’s part of who I am, in amongst a medley of other things that make me me. 

And I know I’ve been blessed with a family who accept that, even if I casually have to remind them every now and again. Their confusion is an opportunity for me to educate them, and I’ve been very lucky that they’ve been so receptive to that education. 

So for those of you who don’t feel safe enough to come out, or for those of who who don’t feel confident enough yet, or for those of you who know they absolutely can’t, I’ll say this - 

Being queer might be a huge part of who you are, but it isn’t all you are, and it certainly shouldn’t determine your worth in your own eyes. You are everything else that makes you you, and you just happen to have a little extra something special thrown in there too.

- Phoebe x

congrats on the milestone, shamrock shake!

here we are: 7 million and strong as ever!

here, the accomplishment isn’t really reaching a certain number. it’s the fact that you’ve managed to draw in such a spectacular bunch of individuals. it’s that (and maybe i’m stealing this from an earlier post) we’ve all managed, for the most part, to keep that small-channel sense of community and camaraderie through millions and millions worth of growth. it’s that the person who’s number 6,754,876 and found us 3 days ago, is just as welcomed and important as 23,560 who’s been here for 2 years.

it’s that, while maybe the commentary style has evolved as you’ve figured out what you’re doing, you’re still recognizable as the same man i found throwing mr. dismount off a giant cliff last spring.

the small channel feel has a lot to do with how big of a presence you have in your community. you’re one of us. that’s honestly my favorite part of being here. you’re afraid of losing the human element in the channel, what’s made it stand out and drawn so many people in (what inspired me to make my own connections here, if i’m honest). there’s nothing to be afraid of; once we start feeling like you’ve left us behind, when you stop talking to us directly, and i understand that with the growth it’s harder and harder, but the effort alone is showing us you’re the same. i don’t think that was grammatically correct but it gets the point across.

the accomplishment in the milestone is gathering a group of welcoming, friendly people who believe in each other as much as they believe in you and the channel as an entity. willing to answer questions, responding to cries for help, sharing in triumphs and in sorrows. to have inadvertently founded a place where we could make a family.

i guess, though i’m writing like i’m addressing jack personally, this is really a post for everyone. the accomplishment is on all of us, too. we’ve managed to keep ourselves humble and welcoming, we’ve spread it around, shared it because we enjoy it and we believe in it so much. you all are a huge part of what’s made this ride so fun, and worthwhile and made me want to get myself in here, be a real part of it, something i’ve never done with any other group.

here’s to the old friends, the new friends, the future friends (since we’re 7 million strong and growing (10 jse points to who gets that reference though maybe that’s unfair, did we export that)). i love you all, and i’m ready for whatever the future holds for us


How the time flies––it sometimes feels like it was just yesterday that I discovered you during your 1 million milestone, and now look at you. This last million was chock-full of––honestly crazy––ups and downs, but it’s so awe-inspiring to see you still be the same guy with the same big damn heart that we’ve all come to know and love after it all. I wish you everlasting fulfillment for the journey ahead and beyond.

(Also, try to stay well for a little longer this time, because Jesus man, do you make me worry sometimes.)

– Cara

Its honestly really hard for me to open up with people but tonight i feel really open.Anywho lets get this off and started well my friendship got deep with jason last summer at warped tour this guy honestly picked me up when i was hitting rock bottom and if it weren’t for this guys words of inspiration i’d probably be dead,and everyday of my life i thank him so much but with that said i honestly dont see him as a front man of a band i see him as my big brother and friend what honestly gets to me is that everytime we see each other he hugs me whispers in my ear if im doing okay and that really means alot to me because all this time i thought i was in this alone but im not i have my role model by my side and im speechless because everytime i see him i greet him with goodies because he deserves everything in the world but i cant even go on without getting emotional but thank you jason thank you so much for helping me see life in a different way thank you so much your my boy…


So two days ago I saw on Powell’s Instagram that Chris Colfer would be signing his new book at one of their locations. Most of you don’t know that Chris and I went to high school together and sat next to each other during our sophomore English class. I knew I had to go say hi. I’ll admit that I haven’t watched Glee and I haven’t read his books, but I’ve watched his career grow for a long time and I can tell you all honestly, this young man deserves all the success he had seen. He has loyal devoted fans and overhearing their conversations about the way he’s inspired them is so touching. While waiting to see Chris, I was interviewed by a journalist covering the story and I told her I knew Chris from when we were teenagers. She asked me things like “do you think he’ll remember you?” And “has he changed at all?” I told her that he hasn’t changed too much from what I can tell. In our classroom, he was always a big personality. It makes sense he’s famous. But he has changed in that now he inspired thousands of kids to stand up for what’s right; to stand up for themselves. I can personally assure all his fans, this is a man you can follow. He’s worked so hard to get where he is now. And he did recognize me :)

Congratulations on everything, Chris. You truly deserve every bit of your success.

The Rock helps inspire Pittsburgh man battling cancer
[November 10th, 2015]

Honestly, just when you think you couldn’t be more amazed by The Rock, he posts this story on Instagram:

Yesterday a buddy of mine @shawnperine sent me a story to read about an amazing man named #MattKlutka. Matt has terminal cancer and told he only has a few weeks left. He told me Matt was a big fan of mine and a phone call would mean the world to him. I emailed my bud back with simply, “Are you kidding me? I’ll call him in 15 minutes!” As it turned out it was a call I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Matt couldn’t have been more upbeat and positive. We talked about our favorite movies, our passion for hard core workouts (he still trains hard and pushes himself DAILY), told a dirty joke or two and talked about our pride of being fathers (he has an 11yr old son Cebran and says “I couldn’t ask for a better kid!”). As we wrapped up the call I told him how proud I was of him and how much just hearing his voice has inspired me. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart and said with vigor and determination, “I just gotta keep pushing”. I hung up the phone a grateful man and knew how blessed I was to hear his voice.

Thank you Matt for the inspiration and reminding all of us that time is indeed our greatest currency. To use it as best we can, to have as much fun as we can and to love as strongly as we can, because we never know when our time will be up.

Stay strong brother. And keep pushing. DJ
MattKlutka #CebranKlutka #KeepPushing

The Rock: Real-life awesome dude. Hundred percent icon.