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Okay…so ever since I saw Spider-Man Homecoming something has been on my mind, and it is purely just me looking into things that aren’t really there, but I just have to share. 

So do you guys remember when Tony said- “everyone said I was crazy to recruit a fourteen year old kid,” and Peter quickly corrected- “I’m fifteen,” yeah, remember that? Well that little interaction stuck in my head. 

So we don’t have a canon birthday for Peter Parker, but most of us head-canon that it is August 10th because that is when the first Spider-Man comic was published in the sixties. 

Well, obviously Spider-Man Homecoming was set around the time of Midtown High-School’s Homecoming Dance, which are usually scheduled as a way to welcome the kids back to school, so most likely in September perhaps October at the latest. 

Which would mean Peter has only been fifteen for two, maybe three months.

If you watch the first scene where Peter is introduced in Civil War he mentions having his powers for six months, and in Homecoming when it shows Peter back on the subway it is set three months after Civil War (or at least I’m pretty sure it said three I’ve only seen the movie twice) putting Peter at having his powers for nine months

So if Peter’s only been fifteen for two months…but has had his powers for nine…dose that mean he was bitten by the spider as a fourteen-year-old? 

And even if Peter waited a bit before making his spider costume and going out to fight crime with his new found abilities (which I doubt he did, because in a world of superheroes y’know that this was his dream) he still would have been fourteen when he started. 

Which brings me back to Tony calling Peter fourteen. 

We know that Tony was watching and monitoring Peter’s activity as Spider-Man for a few months before he brought Peter to Germany (maybe even from the beginning) so at that time Peter would have been fourteen. 

So when Tony said- “Everyone said I was crazy to recruit a fourteen year old kid,” I don’t really think it was a slip up, I think he was referring to the fact that at the time Peter was fourteen.

So yeah, this has been my very round about way of saying- GuYS I’M FreAkINg OuT bECAusE wHAt iF?!?! WhAT IF pEtER sTArTEd oUt as A sMaLl FoUrTeEn YeaR OLd FreShMeN!?!? 


25/01 | Happy birthday, Minato! ♥♥

Sorry for being so inactive this weekend, I was on a “training camp” for work which has been a little exhausting. I will also have some lifeguard training in the future this summer so I wont be able to post daily like before. Thank you for understanding

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What would happen if the paladin + Allura and Coran see a half-Human/Galra in the blades of marmora?

interesting prompt……. i like 

Shiro would, first of all, be quite confused. The only half-Human, half-Galra they knew was Keith. Was it even possible that there could be another one? He may ask a few questions, try to learn a little more about this person because he’s genuinely confused and wants to know about it all, including their heritage and why they’re in the Blade.

Keith is a mix between excited that there’s another half-blood like him and some sort of melancholic feeling. He can’t really explain why he feels so sad all of a sudden, but it’s quickly replaced by the fact that there is another half-Galran child right in front of him. Now, he acts like he normally does, keeping himself a little closed, but he does ask a few questions. Wants to know about their involvement in the Blade of Marmora and how they came to be apart of it.

Hunk “wow Keith. It’s like you’ve got a sibling now” Garrett, tbh. He says something along the lines of that to Keith when they find out about the other half-Human, half-Galra child. Laughs at his reaction, but gets just a little bashful when they’re actually around. Lets Keith, Pidge, and Shiro do all the questioning about things because he’s too busy thinking about “what if Keith and this person are related lmao

Lance, as always, probably thinks it to be a little cool at first. He cracks jokes about it, mostly directed in Keith’s direction (”Hah, looks like you’re not so special anymore, Keith” earned him a stomp on the foot from aforementioned Paladin). Stands back with Hunk and talks about conspiracy theories involving this new half-breed while the other 3 ask questions.

Pidge, being Pidge, is ever-inquisitive. They want to ask a lot of questions and, as such, asks them. They throw them out in rapid fire, so much so that Shiro has to place a hand on their shoulder to prompt them to slow down. They slow down and repeats some of their questions at a pace the rebel can understand and answer. Really just wants to know why they’re in the Blade, how they got there, and which Galran is their parent.

Allura is low-key kind of suspicious. How and why was there another half-Galran? Really just wants answers to the questions Shiro, Pidge, and Keith are asking since they’re the ones who have already voiced the same things she’s thinking about. She’s ready to enlist their help if they’re showing interest in the fight against Zarkon, now matter how wary she may be.

Coran is forever an excitable man. He’s the first one to introduce himself out of Team Voltron, enthusiastically shaking their hand. May or may not take it a step further and is the one to introduce them to the rest of his teammates. (”That’s Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, and Lance. The one acting all quiet is Keith. He’s half-Galran, too, so you’ll get along just great. And that’s Princess Allura!”) He’s totally invested in their backstory and the answers they give to the team’s questions.

Wedding Series - Part 2 (The Wedding)

Part One

You didn’t think planning a wedding would be this stressful. There were so many ins and outs and details, minor and major, that went into your dream wedding. It also didn’t help that you got very little input from Harry. He handed you his checkbook and told you to “Have at it, love.” Between having to pick a date, choose a location and venue, picking a caterer and sending out invitations (and that was honestly just the beginning), you quickly realized that you could not do this all by yourself. So, you did the only logical thing: hire a wedding planner. Jaclyn was an angel, you quickly learned. With little input from Harry, you both decided that a destination wedding in Greece was perfect, Santorini in May to be exact. After long months of testing food and cake, fittings for dresses and suits and hounding people to reply to your invitations, the week of your big day was finally here. You and your family and everyone who was in the wedding flew in a few days early for the rehearsal dinner. You practiced many times, but you already knew that nothing would come close to the feeling of Harry standing at the end of the isle, waiting to make you his wife. After the rehearsal, you all sat down to a lovey dinner. Everyone was laughing and talking amongst themselves, but you were only talking to Harry.

“Are you nervous?” you asked, looking over at him as he took a sip of wine.

He shook his head, “Not really nervous. I’m more excited. I’ve waited for this for so long and now that its finally here, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You did a wonderful job planning this wedding, even with the help of a planner. Everything is beautiful and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the luckiest man in the whole world.”

You smiled at him and kissed his full lips. Everyone at the table let out an “aww” and you rested your head on Harrys shoulder.

“I cant believe these two are finally getting married.” Jeff, Harrys bests man stood up and said. “I feel like they’ve been dating forever!” he said, alluding to the fact that you and Harry had been dating for 6 years. And everyone at the table laughed, as he continued, “but seriously, these two were genuinely made for each other, and there isn’t a more perfect couple out there. Harry and (y/n) make people believe in soulmates and true love again. So here’s to Harry and (y/n) and may they last forever.” Everyone cheered and drank to Jeff’s sweet toast, and you got a little more excited to spend forever with the man you loved most.

The night before the wedding, you were a nervous wreck. You were tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep for the life of you. And of course, you were sleeping in a different bed, in a different room, on a different floor than Harry, in attempt to separate you two because in the words of Gemma, “Its horrid luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. Everyone knows this!”

So before you could even stop yourself, you were grabbing your phone and texting harry.

“Are you awake? I can’t sleep and I need you.”

“What’s wrong love? I’m in room 1205. Come up. Also, dot let Gemma see you. She’ll have our heads.”  

And off you were, grabbing some shoes, your phone, and your own room key, heading up to Harrys room, steering clear of his older sister. Once you got there, Harry immediately opened the door, and you clung to him in a tight hug. His calming voice and reassurance is just what you needed. He closed the door, picking you up carrying and placing you onto the bed. You kicked off your shoes and laid on your side, allowing Harry to spoon you.

“What’s wrong, beautiful? What’s got you so nervous, hum?” harry asked in your hear, kissing the back of your neck.

“I don’t know. What if something doesn’t go right? Or what if it rains? Or what if something happens to my dress or your suit? What if you change your mi-“

He didn’t let you finish before he cut you off, “ok that’s enough. Everything is going to be just fine. It won’t rain, we checked the weather and there’s a 0% chance. If something happens to your dress or my suit, we brought back ups. And I most certainly won’t be changing my mind. You’ve been planning this for months. Its going to be fine, and if not, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, get some sleep, you’ll need it. Can’t have you falling asleep at the altar, can we?”

You and Harry laughed as you sank further back into his strong chest. It amazed you that he always knew exactly what to say and you fell asleep with sweet dreams of Harry being your husband in less than 24 hours.

You and Harry were both woken up by a hard pounding on the door.

“Harry! Harry open up!” rang the voice of his sister. Harry ripped the covers off himself to go open the door, only to have his sister burst through the door.

“Harry, where is she? Were already behind schedule and I told you, you couldn’t see her until the wedding!”

“Don’t worry Gem I’m here.” You said grabbing your phone and kissing a sleepy Harry on the lips on your way out, “see you soon, baby.”

“Love you. See you soon”

you looked in the mirror at the finished product of yourself. Your white Vera Wang dress fit you perfectly. Your makeup was natural and looked beautiful, and every strand of your hair was perfectly curled.

“Ready?” your mom popped her head in and asked. You nodded your head and she kissed your cheek. “I’m so happy for you my love. Harry is perfect for you. You are going to be very happy with him, I can feel it.”

You and your mom met your dad and our brides maids at the elevator. When you got down to the closed door, you couldn’t believe that Harry was just a few feet away ready to make you his wife. You inked arms with your father and he kissed you on the head and said,

“You’ll always be my little girl. There is no better man to hand you off to than Harry.”

You smiled and your father pushed open the door. Everyone stood as the music began to play, but as soon as you locked eyes with Harry, you were suddenly the only two people in the room. He looked so good in his tux, and as you got closer and closer to him, you could already see his cheeks flush just a little bit. You’d known him long enough to know that that meant he would by crying soon. You got to the bottom of the stairs of the alter, your father placing your hand in Harrys and he helped you up the stairs.

“You look breathtaking, love” Harry whispered you. And he let his eyes roam your body, but not in a sexual way. It was as if he was taking a mental note of what you looked like on this day, so he should store it away in his mind for the rest of his life.

“You look pretty handsome yourself.”

You went through the motions of a wedding, and exchanged vows. And before you knew it, you heard the priest say,

“Do you, Harry Edward Styles take (y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) to be your lawfully wedded bride?”

“I do.” He replied in a shaky voice, trying not to let the tears fall, as he slipped the shiny band onto your finger.

“And do you (y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) take Harry Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” And you slipped the silver band with a sole diamond in the middle on his slender finger.

“It is my pleasure to now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

You and harry turned closer to each other, and he took a step towards you and pulled you closer to him.

You were kissing him before you could even think. It was a sweet kiss. Lips molding perfectly together and tongues running along lips. He was the first to pull away and pull you in for the tightest hug he’d ever given you. He picked you up off the ground and carried you out, closing the door behind you, so that you were all alone. You were both crying now.


“Yes love?”

“We’re married.”

“We’re married.”

im such a flop i finished this a few days ago but forgot to post it but here it is! part 3 should be up soon 


Someone from the LoveHacks writing team heard my prayers!! BEN AND MARK CHAPTER NEXT WEEK AHAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!!!! It’s probably not going to be shippy but honestly, I just really adore their interaction and hope to see more of it!

Now I can’t stop smiling because I’m so excited! Definitely looking forward to their sweet little man-date!!

BTS as Kingsman (Jimin)

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-Okay um so we all know jimin is a whole ass graceful gazelle when he’s dancing.

-So imagine him KICKING SOME ASS

-Jimin is definietly a field work kind of guy

-Out in the field his codename is Kay (yes, that is one of the actual codenames of a kingsman)

-The other guys like to really mess with him for his codename

-‘I can’t believe you fuckers sent a job application to kay jewlers using my codename and my REAL EMAIL ARE YOU STUPID’

-They literally call him anything except his codename like ‘Okay’ ‘k’ ‘okey’ ‘kk’  ‘

-Jimin does not fuck with all of that

-Insert 5 kingsman groaning on the floor bc jimin just fucked them up in record time

-Okay no really jimin is so flexible and quick on his feet.

-Hes literally in and out when it comes to missions

-You’ll never see him coming bc he’s so quiet. You’ll be dead before you even realize someone is in the room with you

-His favorite weapon is the really fancy dress shoes that have a poisonous knife in the tip that comes out when you tap your feet together

-He doesn’t really carry any other weapons on his person unless instructed to by arthur


-So lee junhyuk is dead and lee somin has caught on that someone is after her so there have been a series of small but serious crimes around town and the kingsman are worried that all these small things are leading up to something big so they have gawain gather some intel and galahad gets into somin’s files meanwhile lancelot, percival, and kay train

-Tristan is off on a v important secret mission

-Gotta keep them abs and muscles in working condition you know

-Speaking of…


-Relatable af

-Anyway arthur approaches the guys and he’s like ‘ which one of you wants to go kidnap Lee Somin’s best friend and interrogate her to see what she knows.

-And jimins like ‘me me me pick me me me me’

-And arthur wants literally ANYONE ELSE bc jimin is a really soft interrogator and he uses unconventional methods. He flirts and does skiniship and it even get to the point where its like ‘ill make you feel good if you tell me what i want’ but it works???? And that Bothers!arthur!a!little!bit!

-But nobody else really wants to do it so arthur reluctantly chooses jimin to do it


-Bc oh my gosh its been forever since he last got to interrogate someone FINALLY


-SO arthur gives jimin a file and its full of like stuff about you.

-Btw thanks to gawain for getting all this info

-So it has your full name

-Your birthday

-Your address

-A picture

-Your usual daily routine

-The names of your pets

-Your grandmothers neighbors bestfriends kids favorite snack (you babysit sometimes, HES A WHOLE BABY)

-You get it right?


-Gawain is thorough

-So its a saturday night and you’re supposed to be at home doing absolutely nothing but chilling in a large t shirt and fuzzy socks with a giant bowl of chips while you watch a movie

-That is what gawain has gathered at least after watching you for a month straight to figure out your patterns and whatnot

-So of course jimin is like ‘easy peasy ill use my dashing good looks and be out of here with the girl in no time’

-Cue jimin pushing a button in the v fancy kingsman vehicle so it seems like its broken down conveniently in front of your home.

-He just kind of unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt and does THE THING™ with his hair

-KNOCK KNOCK GIRL (knock knock knock knock knock on my door)

-Jimin shoves his hands in his pockets and stares at the ground (cause he don’t know he’s beautiful IF ONLY YOU SAW WHAT I COUlD SEE YOU’D UNDERSTAND WHY I WANT YO-…okay thats done) as you open the door and hes REVVING TO GO AT IT

-Lets get my interrogation on girl

-He looks up completely prepared to speak actual human words but he cannot

-Bc here you are F/N L/N

-Beautiful as HECK

-With your shirt covered with what he assumes is

-Baby food

-AND A WHOLE BABY IN YOUR ARMS. HE!! CRYING!!!! Baby cry!!!!! (you got roped into emergency baysitting btw he not your baby but i love baby )


-He was supposed to kidnap you but what he gonna do with this baby

-Why do you even have this baby in the first place it is saturday night. YOUR NIGHT. Not baby night

-You’re a lil confused bc why is this cute boy standing outside your door at 9 pm

-And oh my gosh you’re covered in baby food

-And the baby is still very much crying

-‘Can i help you with something?’

-Jimin snaps out of it and GETS IT TOGETHER BOY

-‘Yeah, actually my car kind of broke down in front of your house and my phone is dead. I was wondering if i could maybe make a call’

-What he really wanted to say was put the baby away and let me kidnap you

-‘Your car broke down??? That’s a 2017 Range Rover. How does it just break down?’ you’re bouncing the baby on your hip and jimin is like umm standing there

-‘Oh my god, is that a V6 supercharged or a V8 supercharged? Theses things cost like $80,000 minimum dude.’ you step out of your house and begin heading towards the car meanwhile jimin is SO confused but he follows you anyway bc this is kind of what he had planned (not really?) but minus the baby you know.

-‘I would pay you to let me under the hood of this car or under this car in general but not in a creepy like oops you ran me over and now im under your car kind of way’ jimin is kinda like i’d like to see you UNDER ME, get it?


-BINGO. Jimin has an idea.

-‘No need to pay me. If you think you can help me in any way i’ll take it. I’ll pop the hood for you.’

-‘I haven’t been in my dads shop in quite a while but i’ll take a look to see if anything is obviously wrong’

-Jimin runs to the drivers side and pulls the little thing to open the hood you know the thing and he props the hood open using the other thing you know the other thing

-‘Here, i’ll take the little guy off your hands so you can get a better look’

-Jimin is surprised by how FREAKING FAST YOU HAND THIS BABY OVER babysitter of the year everyone

-You’re like leaning in to get a better view of this engine and stuff



-This is it this is what he was going for

-Jimin sets his watch onto the stun feature and BLAM you’re out.

-But now he’s got this baby????? Oh well







-Insert nonchalant shrug

-‘I made it here didnt i?’

-At this point you’re coming to and you can tell you’re not at home anymore

-And the chair youre sitting on is COLD AS HECK

-And your arms are???? Tied???? Behind you???




-Here comes the guy from earlier, babyless, and also FUCK THIS GUY


-‘Woah woah. Keep your fantasies to yourself babe’

-This guy sits across from you in a much more comfortable looking chair


-Hes got this smug look on his face and you want to smacK HIM

-‘Okay dollface, listen here. I have something you want’

-Jimin holds up a tablet with the live feed of sleeping baby Donghan

-‘Are you implying you want to father my children? I don’t want kids right now.’

-Jimin wants to facepalm bc are you dumb but also he has to stay serious

-‘I’m talking about him. The kid.’

-‘Oh…oh yeah. Okay’

-‘All you have to do is tell me everything you know about Lee Somin.’

-‘ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. You kidnapped me so that i could tell you about my boring best friend? Are you like in love with her is that what this is about?’

-Jimin is major confused..?????

-‘Lee Somin. Works at the seoul library on weekdays. Volunteers at the animal foundation weekends. Never wants to hang out with me because she’s too busy. Blah blah she’s so boring. She’s my bestfriend but i have to admit you can do a little better’

-!!!!!!!!!!!!What the fuck!!!!!!!!!

-Jimin looks at you with the most confused face ever

-‘What? Is it something i said?’

-‘Are you stupid?’


-‘Lee Somin is a drug cartel leader’

-‘Are you out of your mind?’


-‘Umm her dad just died and shes having a bit of a hard time and maybe she’s tried some drugs but for you to think shes a drug cartel leader is like saying I’m an expert in quantum physics. ITS OUTRAGEOUS’

-‘I have proof.’

-‘…bet you don’t’

-‘I DO’

-He tosses a large manila folder onto the table and you stare at him with the most unsatisfied look on your face

-‘Well…look at it’


-‘oh….OH right. Sorry’

-He begins turning pages and reading things out loud along with picture proof and even a few videos that he plays on his ipad and your mind is EVERYWHERE




-She’s responsible for countless deaths and kidnapping and drug smuggling oh my gosh last time you met up you, a broke young adult, paid for her meal because she didnt have any cash on heR LYING BITCH

-Its at this point jimin realizes you really had no idea and that this whole thing was a bust

-‘Galahad. Get the serum in here. We’re wiping her memory. She doesn’t need to remember this. What a shame. I was just starting to like you.’


-Some other dude walks in with a LARGE SYRINGE

-He approaches you and you try to wiggle free of you restraints to no avail bc they’re tight and suddenly youre out again

-Jimin does what he has to do and he gets you and baby donghan back to your place and that’s that. He doesn’t plan on having anymore contact with you. At least not until Somin is out of the picture maybe. But they still have gawain watch you just in case

-LIKE 3 weeks later everyone is chilling and whatnot and suddenly an URGENT EMERGENCY IMMEDIATE NOW TRANSMISSION IS COMING THROUGH FROM GAWAIN

-‘GUYS, 3 vehicles have just pulled up to Y/N’s place. Looks like it could be Somin and she doesn’t look happy’

-Arthur of course sends kay out immediatELY. Lancelot and percival are close behind

-One minute youre getting home from work and eating your dinner and not worrying about anything and the next THERE IS YOUR BFF WITH v intimidating men around her

-‘Umm Somin who are these guys? What are you wearing?’

-‘Don’t act innocent. I know they got to you too. It’s sad really. You were the only person i considered my friend.’

-‘I am your friend! Somin are you okay?’

-‘DROP THE ACT Y/N. I know that you know what I do. Now I have to get rid of you…’SUDDENLY THERE’S A GUN POINTED TO YOUR HEAD WHAT THE FUCK

-‘W-wait. Somin what’s going on with you? Why are you doing this?’ THERE ARE TEARS IN YOUR EYES

-Many tear

-Somin is ready to pull the trigger and you shut your eyes and cover your ears bc you’re like going to die now



-This man has just kicked the gun out of Somin’s hand.


-Master of stealth and graceful as a gazelle.

-Nobody noticed him get into the house and prepare himself for that.

-He also manages to knick Somin’s finger with the blade on the tip of his shoe but not enough to kill her with the poison. DARN IT


-Youre still crying bc any normal person would bc guns are scARY

-Jimin was gonna hold back for a little longer but he saw the gun and he saw how scared you were and he coudnt take it anymore.

-He had to get you out of that v dangerous situation

-You were a good person

-You did not deserve that

-As a highly trained kingsman he still had a hard time dealing with guns so he couldnt imagine how terrifying it must have been for you

-Instead of going after somin he stays with you and just hugs you bc you need that

-Lancelot and percival can take care of the bad guys fleeing

-But right now you just latch onto this guy bc he saved your life

-You thought that was your best friend btu she TRIED TO KILL YOU

-This guy just rubs your back soothingly and you just relax and breathe and listen to his heart beat??? Its calming and steady.

-‘Its okay. You’re safe now. They won’t come back. Not while I’m around’

-‘How long will you be around?’


-‘As long as you want me around’

A/N: This one ends a lil fluffy and abruptly but thats just how it came out of my head and i also clearly do not edit these so enjoy.

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To this day, I also am a crying disaster for Fox and the hound. You're not alone!

I got them back for their mockery hahaha–when they graduated i made them a slideshow thing of pictures and stuff we’d taken over the years and at the end I clipped in the sound bite where they’re like “YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND COPPER – YOU’RE MINE TOO TODD – AND WE’LL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS FOREVER RIGHT?”

mini vacay || cassie + iann

[TXT] sooooo I saw those flyers for stonefruit. Now everything makes sense.

[TXT] I knew you couldn’t just be a handyman/errand man forever. But seriously that’s exciting.

[TXT] and also seriously do I get a comped room to leave an honest review 😆


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No matter what the profession, no matter how old they are. A Man, forever is a boy. They keep playing games, they excited for soccer, they fallin love with their job like kid love candy, they bought action figure, they having fun for playing plastic sword with their kids, they kiss their mom like a baby, they spoiled with their wife like a little cat.
—  Yeah, actually kind of cute.