this man is an amazing human being

So today was THE DAY!!! Went to CollectiveCon and met the absolutely AMAZING Graham McTavish!!! He is the nicest, sweetest, and sexiest man EVER!!!! These are just a few of the pics from today! May be more when I come down from the Graham McHotty high that I am on right now!!!! I am just…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMG DO YOU SEE WHO I AM STANDING NEXT AND TOUCHING?!?!?!?!?!? LOL! But, seriously, he really is just an awesome, warm, funny, kind, talented human being and I cannot wait to see him again!!!


❤️ H A P P Y X I U M I N D A Y ❤️🌸

Minnie turns 27 today! I can’t believe how fast time flies.
Minseok is in all honesty one of the most beautiful human beings ever, and by that I don’t mean appearance, i mean potential, personality. I got to be in the fandom for only two years but that didn’t stop me from quickly loving everything about Minseok. He has such passion and dedication for whatever he does and he’s the most selfless person ever, and tbh every single thing about him is pure beautiful. I got to witness the glory of him acting and singing and dancing and performing his heart out and that experience was as breathtaking as it could get but most importantly, i got to witness how he started breaking out of his shell and started opening up little by little and honestly guys, Kim Minseok is a legend and it really is a honor to have someone like him to look up to 😌🙌

Fucking Rick Riordan, man

Magnus Chase: the Hammer of Thor was fucking amazing??? Rick is basically educating the youth on so many topics/issues going on right now: a transgender & gender fluid child of Loki (as his/her mom), some LGBT+ kids being shunned out of their houses and forced to be homeless, racial prejudice in the police system, potential hardships a deaf person could face in a deaf-shaming world, cultural appropriation, human trafficking. Not to mention the hostilities he destroys (like the arranged marriage between Samirah and Amir being the cutest thing, and Sam taking flight lessons). AND PRETTY CLEAR IMPLICATIONS OF SWORD SEX????

I just love how Rick is just like, “fuck the system I’ll put all this shit in a children’s book.” he’s passed caring about what the public might think now that he’s on his bajillionth book. my idol

I don’t understand why people hate/dislike Kim Namjoon???? Like…I really don’t the man is adorable,charming,intelligent,a nerd,dresses well,writes/composes music that is beautiful af,takes aesthetically pleasing photos and shares his thoughts and views on things,is a big fanboy of Ryan,is a hardworking/down to earth man,loves his members very much,doesn’t take shit from anyone,supports the LGBTQ+ community,is just an amazing human being overall..and yet people just hate on him for the negativity and stuff he has done in the past and honestly the past doesn’t define how he is now and y'all shouldn’t focus on the past and the stuff he has said/done,instead focus on the present instead.Also he is still growing as a person and is learning from his mistakes.
Cuz he does not deserve all this negativity and hate,let alone death threats etc.
He is just an overall amazing human being and anyone who says he isn’t can fight me.
Kim Namjoon is a precious human being and deserves more attention just as much as the others do.
Also any hate or hate asks if you decide to be stupid and do that it will be deleted and you will be blocked.Also vote for BTS for MAMA and thank you that’s the least you can do and shine some positivity in your bitter soul


-I’m not the man you thought I was, I’m not that guy. I never could be. (The Lying detective, 2017)

-John! You are amazing! You are fantastic! --The Bravest, the kindest, the wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing.(The Sign of Three, 2014)

also literally all the complaints people had about the movie are so irrelevant

  • emma was fantastic as belle
  • her dress is beautiful
  • ewan was a perfect lumiere and “be our guest” was so well done
  • lefou being gay was hardly a big deal at all, honestly the only noticeable thing was when he danced with a man at the end, if you’re close-minded, you wouldn’t notice his pining for gaston - it’s very lowkey
  • the new songs are great? honestly “days in the sun” might be better than “human again” and “evermore” is equally as good as “if i can’t love her”
  • the beast did look very cgi at times but why wouldn’t he? he is mostly cgi??? but his expressions were fantastic, dan is an amazing face actor, and the combination of that with the cgi on top of it made for a very sweet beast
What's Our Next Step?

Donald Trump is the president-elect. This is the last thing many of us wanted or imagined, and the world is shaking in its boots. Where do we go from here? Here’s where we begin:

-Recognize that what Hillary Clinton did for women in politics was amazing. She has solidified her place in history as the first major party female nominee for president. Remember that she was a person, a person with real ideas and love in her heart for the American people.

-Recognize that Donald Trump is #notyourpresident. A man who does not care for or respect you does not deserve your respect in return. It does not matter that he will hold the highest office in the land (barring impeachment). He is just a man, just another human being, with real weaknesses. We shall continue to expose those weaknesses and his black heart for the whole world to see. You do not owe him anything. He does not represent you.

-Appreciate everything the Obama administration has done. Hell, write him and Joe a thank-you card. The man who forced him to release his long form birth certificate has now been elected into office, and that is a sucker punch to Barack Obama and his legacy. He deserved better than this. Get everything done in the next couple months that you can that may be harder to do after January 20th, such as getting an IUD and help from Planned Parenthood, or get your physical while you’re still covered.

-Realize that the electoral college? Is bullshit. It no longer works. If we had gone off popular vote, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton would be our president, because that’s who the majority of Americans voted for. Protest the hell out of the electoral college.

-Support your community. Whether you’re LGBT, Muslim, a woman (cis or trans), Mexican, or any other minority that Trump and the Republicans have disgraced. We’re stronger together, and if we work together, nothing can stop us.


-Keep fighting for what’s right. Fight for the plans and ideas Clinton and the Democrats were running to support.

-Remember that you have a voice. You have rights. The Constitution secures many of them for you, and the most freeing ones come in that first amendment: religion, speech, press, protest. You’re going to need all of them to overcome the challenge of living under a president that wants to take that away from you.

-Support the press. They kinda fucked up covering Trump. They gave him the upper hand with all this air time, treating him like he wasn’t a threat. Because he really is now. But, now they have the chance to make it right by really digging up some serious dirt on him and making his life in office a living hell.

-This is a revolution. And what made the past beautiful was that people got off their asses in order to make their voices heard about issues they cared about. They gathered. They marched. And they didn’t keep quiet. Am I suggesting we protest Trump (or Pence’s) inauguration? Am I suggesting we march on Washington to show our unity? Do you need to stop talking about your displeasure on social media and actually physically get out there and get shit done? Yeah, you do. Let’s get together.

-Women and minorites have a long way to go. It feels as if the last victory women got was 96 years ago when we got the vote. We still haven’t broken the highest glass ceiling. But we will. We absolutely will. So we need to get together and make sure we all get the justice we deserve and lead EVERYONE forward. We need to educate people on equality. Not condescend to them.

Hard times are ahead, pals. But we can do this. We can make Donald Trump wish he was never born, let alone that he won the presidency. And I’m serious when I say that if you’d like to organize something, from a web page to a publication to protest in some form, message me.

We can do this. Because we’re stronger together.

Tupac Shakur with Chi Modu

Over the years, people have always said that my images of Tupac let them see a side of him beyond the Thug Life image, more about the human being. Before he was loved by the world, he was a young man trying to make his way in a society that is extremely cruel to the less fortunate. He made it his mission to speak for those in his community who needed to hear “keep your head up!” As I travel the globe, I’m amazed at how many people have told me that Tupac saved their lives. His words and passion inspired a generation, and these pictures that we created together help to keep that inspiration alive.

It’s always sad when people die young, but if you leave behind the kind of legacy that Tupac did, you never actually die. You remain forever in the hearts and minds of people for generations to come. I knew that about him when we first spent time together in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1994. We both knew the importance of images and we set out to do a thorough job, not knowing what the future would hold. He died two years after that meeting in Atlanta, but his words and these images are all part of his lasting legacy.

When I met him on location in Atlanta in ’94 he was quite cooperative and a really nice guy. It was a shoot for The Source magazine, and he arrived early. Tupac was the ultimate professional, and he respected my time and my skills. The public might not know that about him. They think he was just this crazy guy who had no real limits, but he completely understood who he was, and if he understood what you brought to the table, he was easy to deal with. In fact, we got along great. I think a lot of people want to buy into the ‘thug life’ image and the younger side of him, because he was still a young man. Let’s be clear, you kind of forget the ages of these folks. To be so prolific and so young, and have so much power — it’s hard to imagine

Even with all the childishness — which I believe was age appropriate in a lot of ways—when you throw power and money in there, even with all that, he had a lot of care and love for his community and for the less fortunate. He always spoke on behalf of black people who were struggling.

Even though he wrote songs that many would consider typical hip-hop party music, he also included a lot of black empowerment in his lyrics — “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” “Dear Mama” — which I believe is why women liked him. They loved him because he was real and he cared. We knew the silly side of him too, but who isn’t silly at the age of twenty five? So that never surprised me when he did the zany stuff. He was young and full of power in a world that’s biased against blacks, so what do you expect?

Normally when I would see Tupac, I would always think of him being on blast — excited and moving at a hundred miles an hour. But when I first met him he wasn’t really like that. It’s funny how everyone always thinks about Tupac and the ladies, but I never really saw him chasing women that much. He was much more focused on his mission. I think that’s what made him stand out so much from his peers. Because while everybody was partying, this man was trying to make sure he created his legacy. And so here we are decades later talking about the man as if he’s still around. I don’t think you can take lightly the fact that this is two decades later and we’re still talking about this man.

After we finished his first Source cover shoot in Atlanta, we went back to his home in Stone Mountain, GA to hang out. He called me aside and showed me his entire gun collection in his bedroom—all his AKs, banana clips, Glocks, everything. Then he moved a picture on the wall in his bedroom, revealing a bullet hole. This was from when he fired a shot in his bedroom because he was on probation and prohibited from going to the firing range. We all laughed afterwards.

We would’ve all been in our 40s together, but he never got to his 40s, he didn’t even see his 30s with us. So that’s quite a body of work and experience that he put in during his short time on this Earth.

He was one of the few stars who could cross over without compromising his roots. Tupac wasn’t going to compromise, that wasn’t him, but Versace still wanted to use him for their campaign. It’s funny when I see rappers trying to do that sort of thing. I think when you start to move in those commercial circles they make you change yourself to fit. You lose your authenticity, but Tupac wouldn’t allow that of himself. He took the streets with him wherever he went.

The portrait shots of Tupac, like the one that’s on the cover of the book, were actually done with a 4x5 camera, which is a view camera. It’s the camera where you put the curtain over your head to focus. It’s large format. It sits on a tripod, and you put the film in, come out from behind the camera, you click it, then you switch the film. Kind of like the old style cameras. At that session in Atlanta, I photographed Tupac with my 4x5 with no assistant. It was just me and his people. When you shoot using a 4x5 you’re really very close to the subject. I was no more than three or four feet from him. I’m there but the gap between us is the camera, even though I’m right there with them. When you’re that close to someone frame after frame, that’s really how they get to know you. You’re almost breathing on each other, and I’m telling him, ‘Lift your head, bring your eyes down.’ I’m giving him instructions so he can look better.

Once you spend hours with someone like that, you know them forever. I’m looking at every pore on your face. I’m on your team. In doing that first photo shoot in 4x5, I think that’s what made Tupac so comfortable with me because I was looking in his eyes, he was looking in mine at the same time, and real recognizes real. Once we got to that place we were cool. He gave me pictures he didn’t give anybody else and he said, ‘These are for you, Chi.’

Everybody knows the Thug Life Tupac, and we know that well. But they don’t know the Tupac in the quiet moments. Like that picture of him tying his bandana over his head, the profile shot. That’s an outtake. He was fixing his bandana with a cigarette in his mouth but he was relaxed enough around me where I could just photograph him.

As a result you see a picture of a much more gentle Tupac. For me gentle and soft are not the same thing. Tupac was gentle but you wouldn’t dare step to him. He was prepared to take it where it needed to go. He wasn’t afraid. That’s who he was to me, and we got along from the first time we met. We were cool, so I got access to him that no one else could get.

Tupac wanted me to shoot his album Me Against the World, he told me to get in touch with the art director in New York. By the time I went there to meet, they had already given the assignment to someone else. What’s funny is I had already taken what would later become the most iconic imagery of Tupac. So when you look at the more famous portraits of Tupac like him tying his bandanna and the Rolling Stone cover, I had already created those pictures before I went to meet the art director to discuss the album. No one knew at the time that the photos I took of him would be the images people remember and not the ones they used on the album. In a way you end up getting your justice if you wait long enough

When I set out to take these photographs I knew they were important. I wanted to make sure the images stayed within the community. I wanted to make sure the person who created them was from the community. Historically that never really happens. Most of the visuals of the greats are owned and controlled by other people. That’s tricky because then they can put their interpretation on it. But when you look at my photographs, I’m there with them. I’m one of them even though I’m an observer. I was close enough to live it and I had the skills to document and record it.

I had four sessions with him, and since we were close he let me in close. It’s friends hanging out with friends and there just happened to be a camera present. You can see the closeness and the warmth because I didn’t really look at my subjects as just celebrities. I saw them as young black guys like me. It allowed me to get closer and it allowed them to be comfortable and just be who they were. I offered no judgment. I was just there to document and make people look good.

Even though I was the creator of these images, I’ve always felt more like the caretaker of them, because he was the world’s Tupac, not just my photo subject. He burned bright when he was here and his flame continues to glow. Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless, Tupac. Rest in peace, brother.

Excerpted from Tupac Shakur: Uncategorized by Chi Modu, a 200-page hardcover book featuring over 100 powerful images of Tupac Shakur.

Hello, I am loving this blog, May I ask for the boy’s reactions to being first time father’s if it’s alright

Yes yes yes! I was hoping for an ask like this! Thank you!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He is so amazed that you two could create something so beautiful.
  • Humans are such incredible creatures.
  • You’re created life! He’s so proud of you!
  • You two have begun a legacy. It is absolutely beautiful.
  • …Or at least, that’s what he thinks until he is up at three in the morning because it won’t stop crying.
  • Luckily, the man knows exactly what to do with a baby!
  • He takes wonderful care of the baby, and soon it is back to sleep.
  • He proudly admits that he did plenty of research while he was waiting for the baby to be born.
  • This baby is in safe hands.

Rantarou Amami

  • The nervous but prepared dad. 
  • There was a set due date, of course, and you distinctly remember waking up at 12:01 AM because Amami couldn’t wait a second longer to get you to the hospital! He was so excited!
  • He brings books for you, snacks for you, phone chargers, laptop charges, a laptop, and anything else you could possibly need to make your entire hospital experience more comfortable.
  • Luckily, the baby does in fact come out that day!
  • You tell him to wait outside.
  • He does not want to!
  • He holds your hand tightly, and you squeeze the hell out of his hand.
  • He wants to see the baby though!
  • So he walks over and-
  • Amami has now passed out.
  • Back at home, he is a clingy parent.
  • He loves the baby! 
  • So cute! So soft!
  • He is more than willing to let you relax while he does the work, he’s so proud of you, and he loves spending time with the baby! 
  • Constantly holding the baby.
  • He was not holding the baby five seconds ago! You only looked away for five seconds! When did he go get that baby?!
  • Amami go put that back!

Ouma Kokichi

  • He wants to teach it a SWEAR.
  • He wants to teach the baby how to say FUCK.
  • You tell him no. He is extremely disappointed.
  • But he still teaches the baby a whole lot!
  • He holds its little hands and makes it stand up for a little bit every day so it can be tall when it grows up…unlike some…
  • The baby learns everything fast because Ouma is constantly teaching it!
  • He loves the baby so much. 
  • He won’t hold it though.
  • What if he drops it?! What if it breaks?!
  • No, holding the baby is your job…
  • But he gets to play with it!
  • But you have to change diapers.
  • But he gets to play! With! The! Baby!!!
  • Yay!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Even more scared to hold the baby than Ouma!
  • He will DEFINITELY drop it. He promises. No baby holding for Saihara.
  • But!
  • That does not stop you from holding the baby RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE.
  • It grabs his nose and he just melts.
  • He will only hold it if you are there and he is sitting down.
  • Secretly tries to teach it lots of things to impress you.
  • You have to remind him that the baby is NOT allowed to watch crime shows! No crime shows for the baby!
  • He cannot name the baby Baskerville! No! Bad Saihara!
  • Eventually he falls asleep with the baby on his chest and that is absolutely adorable. You have to take the baby though. It needs to go to bed.
  • And he wakes up THE SECOND IT IS MOVED.
  • Just to be safe.

Kaito Momota

  • He will DANCE with this baby and PLAY with this baby all the time.
  • But he’s really proud of you for working so hard for the baby!
  • He has so many name ideas!
  • He laughs for a solid two hours at his own joke.
  • The joke??
  • Let’s name the baby Uranus.
  • *cue laugh track*
  • He hops right on the dad joke train. 
  • He needs to teach this baby how to walk, because the second he does, it can start training to be an astronaut.
  • And when it gets older?
  • He has the entire space-themed future of this child planned out.
  • Can he give her a space name??
  • Maybe.


  • How do you baby?????
  • He does a LOT of research.
  • It is DURING this research that he realizes that maybe you two can’t actually make a baby?
  • He can’t do that.
  • So…Adoption?
  • Yes!
  • And when you finally do adopt a baby…
  • He is so careful with the baby, he sometimes underestimates his strength sometimes!
  • He’s so careful, so gentle, and he will NOT touch the baby’s head.
  • That is much too risky!
  • He’s better doing the grunt work, like preparing the formula, changing the diapers, babyproofing the house, and lots and lots and LOTS of research!
  • He’s confident in his knowledge, but…
  • Not so much in his skills.
  • But you’ve never seen anybody calm a crying baby quite as fast. What a talent!
  • Despite all that research, he is CONSTANTLY asking you simple questions.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He can 100% hold that entire baby in one hand. And he does.
  • He loves it so much!
  • He constantly reads to it, even if it doesn’t quite understand yet.
  • Your house is full of children’s books!
  • Bug stories! Yay!
  • He is also all too quick to get the baby used to carefully handling bugs.
  • Almost made a VERY BIG MISTAKE when he forgot about BABY GRIP, but his caterpillar was fine in the end.
  • Shoes??
  • Does the baby really need shoes?? No.
  • He’s such a loving dad, you find it adorable.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’s not that much bigger than the baby…
  • Don’t mention that to him though!
  • He’s super willing to hold the baby.
  • He’s not even high enough up off the ground that anything could happen if he dropped it…
  • Don’t mention that to him either.
  • He knows you must be REALLY tired, and you’ve worked REALLY hard, so how about you just lay down in bed and he’ll take care of you both??
  • Sounds like a plan to him.
  • The busy dad!
  • The stay-at-home dad!
  • The dad on the go!
  • The soccer dad!
  • The dad with the van!
  • This is him. He is the van dad, and goddammit he is going to take this child and all their friends to tennis practice as soon as he figures out how to get a van and how to reach the pedals.
  • On second thought…
  • Maybe not the van dad.

There’s so much I could say about this amazing man, but he’s not super fond of gushing and I don’t want to embarrass him. However I can’t help myself and I have to confess that this beautiful, kind, intelligent, all around extraordinary human has made me the happiest woman ever by being in my life. I truly did not know how much I could love someone before I met him. He makes my little emo heart want to listen to love songs 24/7. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. 

when you make a sarcastic, gay post about being disappointed cora isn’t an fryder romance option and someone turns it into a “fuck you bioware” post

i’m sad too and MAN it would have been cool to tote my asari commando trained girlfriend across the galaxy. it would have been amazing to have the first wlw human squadmate. this applies to liam, too. it would have been fab if scott could have his hot boyfriend by his side.

but like… you guyssss, there are going to be straight people in this game.

this game has gay characters. and straight characters. and bi characters. and pan characters. there are romances for asexual players. there are (apparently) polyamorous options. and there are a lot of romances, from hook-ups to long term relationships, that have yet to be revealed.

i understand we’ve been burned before (insert literally any straight OT romance here) and we are MORE than allowed to be a little sad, but don’t vilify the game/studio as a whole just because two characters orientations are a bit disappointing. i’m confident that this game is going to have something for everyone.

Fernando Aceves recalls ‘Just a few days before the only David Bowie concert in Mexico City, I received a phone call from the local promoter telling me he had special permission to take a few shots of David at the “Pyramids of Teotihuacan”, the archaeological site 50 km from the capital city in order to send them to the local media to promote the gig.

We had a wonderful and casual time at the Mexican pyramids. He was a very natural man, I would say “A true human being”. He was amazed to be close to the ancient constructions. I was a fly on a wall like my small German camera; the Leica M6’.

Yes hello appreciation post for my wonderful girlfriend. She’s the most amazing human being I’ve ever known. We give each other cheesy presents and go out and explore the world. Thank you for supporting me everyday. I love you endlessly 💛



Humans are competitive beings - the urge to be “the first” is quite often at the back of people’s minds. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay were the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest but that didn’t stop other keen climbers to try and accomplish gaining other Everest titles - for example, there have been numerous attempts to be the oldest, or youngest, to reach the summit. One hopeful was the former Nepalese foreign minister, Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay, who at the age of 82, attempted to be the oldest man to climb to the top of Mount Everest in 2011. He managed to make it to Camp I when he suddenly collapsed and died. Considering the air at Camp I isn’t as thin as higher up the mountain, he was airlifted to the capital of Nepal. He was attempting to break the record of being the oldest person to climb Mount Everest, which was held by a Nepalease climber who was 76-years-old. In 2013, that title was lost to 80-year-old Japanese climber, Yuichiro Miura - this was the third time he summited Mount Everest; the first being when he was 70-years-old and the second at 75-years-old. He also holds the title of being the first person to ski down Mount Everest.

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Didn't know you were a Keanu Reeves fan! I knew I liked you!! The more I learn about him the more I admire him as a human being 😀 And he's great to look at so that's a BONUS!

Keanu Reeves Is life my dear Nonny. He’s such a down to earth baby doll that it hurts to not see him as often as I would like to in the entertainment industry. But maybe that’s why he’s so amazing! Less is more, you know? Also, does that man drink from the fountain of youth, because honestly, 

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The Player


Summary: After many night of being woken up by your neighbor’s poor music skills, you finally decide to take matters into your own hands and teach the man how to play the piano.

Warnings: You should know by now, I swear like a sailor

Word count: 1656

A/N: This is one-shot is a birthday gift for my dear friend @the-silver-iris who is a great writer and an amazing human being. I LOVE YOU IRIS! I hope you had an amazing day today (and many more to come), and I’m lucky to have met someone as special and beautiful as you are. I hope you like this <3

Technically, it’s still the 8th (and, yes I made sure I had your time zone right so you would get this on your actual birthday). So enjoy!

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You don’t know what time it is when you hear yet another thing slam against the walls of the apartment next door.

For over two weeks now, you’ve been living in your new apartment just outside of Brooklyn, and in that short period of time, you’ve had to deal with your annoying, loud neighbor. You’ve seen the guy only one time, as you were moving all your stuff into your apartment, but aside from the permanent scowl on his face, you haven’t seen much of him.

Hearing, however, is another thing. Almost every single day, without fail, there’s the sound of horrible piano music, followed by an eventual thud against the wall. This is something you probably wouldn’t have a problem with, if the guy were doing it at a decent hour, except that is still dark, and you’ve probably had only a couple of hours of sleep, but your nightstand clock shows that it’s barely one in the morning.

Pulling your very tired self from your bed and putting on a pair of slippers, you drag yourself through your apartment and to your neighbor’s front door, where the faint sound of a piano can be heard.

Knock! Knock!

Your hand bangs loudly against the wooden surface, effectively interrupting whoever is playing the piano. Patiently, you wait for the door to be opened, mentally going over your angry rant, but all coherent thoughts flee from your mind the second your neighbor opens his apartment door, the lights from inside his living room spilling out into the hall.

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