this man is always in the hearts of all madridistas



,, I’m at my house, in the place where I wan to be. I feel the support of my teammates and the confidence of the coach and the club. I’m here since 10 years and every morning when I wake up as a Real Madrid player is a huge prize. Coming to training everyday and the possibility of wearing this white shirt is something incredibly. Nobody can doubt my Madridismo.”

I just wantd to say a few words about my favourite player, who is unfortunately still one of the most underrated footballers. That’s something I can’t understand and I truly hope that this man, with ,,6″ on his back will show all the world that he is worth to be rememberd by everyone. I remember faces of my friends or just people asking me about football : ,,Who’s your favourite footballer?” ,,Nacho” - I said with a pride, even knowing that they don’t have any clue about him. They ask : ,,And who is Nacho?” Who? A man with a white heart, that is pure example of Madridista, who has been underrated for years and has never said any bad word. A man who is always patient and kind to his fans and never stops fighting. Nacho Fernandez, this who never gives up. Many years more here, in your house, a place you love, many fans and people who will appreciate your hard work and devotion, many minutes and many more golazos. Continue growing as you’re becoming one of the best! Feliz Cumpleańos Kaiser!!!!