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Les Mis/Fairy Tales Aesthetic: Enjolras and Cosette: Witch Hunters

We learned a couple of things while we were trapped in that house. One, never walk in to a house made of candy. And two, if you’re gonna kill a witch, set her ass on fire.

“When a person truly deals in witchraft they cannot hide it. A nasty rot sets in - it shows in their teeth, their skin and their eyes.This man is not a witch, just a drunken fool.” In which Cosette and her brother are famed witch exterminators for hire, Enjolras’ first meeting with Grantaire could’ve gone better, Marius is happy to just be helping out his heroes and Thenardier needs to die already.

Based off the film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, it’s so underrated go check it out~

blizzard? in light of our current vp, I truly need you to do good with the gay characters. I need this. there are people in america that will need this. today a man was elected to power that would rather we be dead than who we are. im begging you to show these kinds of people wrong.

if the world could always use more heros, this is an excellent opportunity to be one.

I DO NOT even care that Killian will tell Emma he is the person that killed Charmings father.

Want to know why? Because Emma was so willing to show Killian that she would say yes to a marriage proposal that she truly believes that Killian has changed from the man she met in the Enchanted Forest. Killian is no longer a man that kills because of his anger and Captain Hook persona. Killian has proven time and time again through words and actions that he is a changed man. Killian has proven that he is HERO.

Will Emma be hurt? Yes

Will Emma need a moment? Yes

Will Emma forgive Killian and continue with he plans to marry him? HELL YES

There is no doubt that she will listen to what Killian has to say about him killing Charmings father and how we went to tell her but couldn’t the moment he saw her face light up and finding the ring and knowing he would propose. EMMA WILL FORGIVE.

Plus this is Once Upon a Time I think you have to kill a family member or injure your soon to be spouse in order to marry then. I’m starting to think it’s a OUAT law.

I wonder how often Genos, Bang, or any of the other characters who know Saitama’s true capabilities lie awake at night with the realization that if Saitama wanted to take over the world literally no one could stop him.

Am I Still Your Hero?

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Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2,074

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request a scenario where Peter and the reader are childhood friends and the friend walks in on Spider-Man and she starts freaking out that Peter’s in trouble? And can Peter troll her into confessing how she truly feels for her childhood friend?? Sorry if that made like no sense.

A/N: After writing this I realized the anon could have been asking that the reader doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man but I had already read it as she has always known, so sorry if I misunderstood. I hope you still like this fic <3 I absolutely loved the childhood idea and hope I could do it some justice. I don’t know if he really trolled her lol because I couldn’t think of something clever, but I hope you still like their conversation in this. :) Loved your request! Thank you!! <3

“I see a dragon! What do you see (Y/N)?!” Your best friend Peter asks you excitedly as the two of you lay on the summer grass looking up at the big fluffy clouds.

“I see a unicorn. Right there!” You say as you point to the cloud next to Peter’s dragon. There is a slight breeze and it feels good with the hot summer sun beating down. Even with all the clouds, you can still feel the sun’s warmth on a beautifully perfect day like this. Nearby, you and your best friend’s favorite climbing tree stands tall, branches scraping the clouds. You’d probably attack it after looking up at the clouds for a few moments. At seven and eight years old, you and Peter spent your days running around in the field, climbing trees, staring at clouds, and looking for little critters in and out of the river. Every day was always full of adventure.

“Race you to grandmother Willow!” Peter yelled suddenly as he rushed up. You were right behind him as you two ran to the grand tree you loved so dear. Peter had named it grandmother Willow after the tree in one of your favorite movies, Pocahontas. Peter had beat you to the tree like he always had.

“One of these days I’m going to beat you, Parker!” You tell him while using his nickname trying to catch your breath.

“I’m a superhero, (Y/N)! And superheroes always got to come in first place so they can save people.” Peter exclaims as he pushes his glasses up.

“You’ll always be my hero Peter.” Smiling to Peter, he gives you a smile back as the two of you start climbing the tree.

Although all of your days weren’t spent living in the outdoors, Peter and you always managed to have fun.

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Translation for all you English speakers~

Permission was granted for reproduction by the original artist. Editing and redistribution without permission is forbidden.

This picture is after the battle with Zant in the twilight realm. I want from the bottom of my heart for Link and Midna to say things like this as true companions. By Midna’s side the whole way, Link grew from a young man from the countryside to a hero of light, and from there I dream of him becoming Midna’s partner and prince (though he would be a rugged prince…)

I think Link was the one who lifted the curse on Midna’s heart.

Translation by yours truly

FFXV Second Play Through Thoughts

So I am doing a second play through (Just finished Chapter 7) of FFXV (of course as a new game + because who doesn’t enjoy slaughtering beasts and demons at a level 80 when they are level 10?) and there are so many things I am noticing that I did not notice the first time:



- First play through I never truly appreciated how beautiful of a man Ignis really is in this game.


- I feel like Ignis had to be aware to some degree that the reason the wedding was being held in Altissia was because Regis felt something might go down.  I can’t fully believe that Ignis didn’t have some inkling on what was to come.


- It became very apparent to me how ok Lunafreya and Noct were about marrying each other.  I mean they weren’t ok with the circumstances, but the fact that it would be to each other they seemed totally fine with.


- Ignis’s back flips during battle are everything.


- I can’t not believe that the boys didn’t give Prompto shit for taking a ‘self defense’ training class with Cor prior to departing on the trip.


- Cor clearly cares about the well being of Prompto.


- I get Xenia Warrior Princess vibes from Monica.  I wish we got more screen time from her.


- If I was Gladio I would have been way more angry that Iris didn’t call me first before Noct.


- Ardyn is still the personification of stranger danger.


- The first time around I missed that Sania was at Hammerhead and Gladio was talking with her.  I could only imagine what they were talking about lol.


- I feel like Takka lived for some in depth conversations about recipes with Ignis.


- Prompto clearly had it bad for Cindy, I mean pick that man’s jaw up off the floor bad for her.  His feelings for Aranea and Iris were more casual “hey those girls are cute…” sort of thing.


- Noctis was a cocky little shit in Chapter 2.


- I still think the guys are idiots for taking Ardyn up on his ‘offers’.


- Did Carbuncle always photo bomb my photos or did that come from an update?  Because it’s god damn cute.


- Base Busting is still as funny as it was when I did my first play through and Prompto really needs to start a side business doing this.


- The little details are still amazing the second time around.


- Apparently Iris can ride Chocobos and I never knew and her Chocobo in my game was hot pink and it was everything.


- Iris should have just come along for the whole journey, she is queen.


- Talcott talking about his late grandfather still breaks my fucking heart.


- Replaying the game makes me think that the girl Gladio meets during the ten years of darkness is someone who works at the power plant in Lestallum.  I think the big guy has a thing for built women.


- I haven’t watched Kingsglaive but is Loqi and Caliglio in that movie?  They just seem so random in this game to me.


- I feel like Dustin is the ninja assassin in the crownsguard and you can’t convince me otherwise.


- I love Prompto, don’t get me wrong, but my god sometimes he can be such a whiny bitch. It makes me wonder how on earth Ignis put up with that on their journey.  Like I just envision Ignis yelling at him in the Regalia saying “he should have went when they were at the last rest stop and that he needs to hold it” since he will not pull over just so he can go pee and then Noct making some comment about going off the side and Ignis getting more mad lol.


- How many books did Gladio bring on this trip?  So far I have seen a total of 3 different books.


- I get the Ignis/Aranea shippers…I 100% get it now and I am on board.  I just want them to out sass each other and end up making out.


- I also am 100% in Gladnis hell on second play through.


- And I am still on the Noct/Iris train.  I am really loving Iris more playing the second time.


- I need more Cor in my life, thank the six he is in Gladio’s DLC.


- Cid reminds me of a guy that has seen some shit in his life time and will never let you forget that fact.


- I really need to know what the Reggie/Cid fallout was.


- Even on second play through I still needed to give Prompto Chocobos over Gladio needing to make sure his sister was ok in Lestallum.  He just needs to ride those Chocobos all day!


- I used to think I had a bad coffee addiction, until I was introduced to Mr. Ignis Scientia who quite literally gets cravings during battles and at inappropriate times.  Like, Iggy seriously get your shit together.


- This game had some very under used strong female characters and I am very upset they were not used to their fullest.


- Aranea needs a spin off game.


- When Aranea is talking with Prompto about MT’s being demons my heart just broke and I cried a thousand tears.  I am still unclear as to if he really knew he was an MT at that point (I mean I know he knows he was from Niffelheim) but the fact that he might have just made that conversation even harder to hear.


- Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Cindy either swings both ways or is into the ladies based on the fact that she coaxed Holly with a dinner?  Just something about the way Holly talked about it made me get that vibe.  Maybe it’s not so much that she is married to her job as it is that she plays for the other team.  Or maybe Holly is really into her?  I am ok with either.


- Dino is just a gigolo trying to make that dolla.


- Ardyn is still stranger danger 101.


- The Titan battle is hands down the best battle of the whole game.


- Also I don’t know how I missed the Fallgrove tomb being robbed and having no weapon in it the first play through I did.


- Gladio is way too casual about his scars when he rejoins the group.  I would have never let him just brush it off like that.  I mean the man’s chest looks like he just had open heart surgery.


- Also how could Noctis not know the hunter in the power plant was Gladio…it was painfully obvious even when you had the sound on mute.


- I definitely yelled at my TV screen “Fuck you Holly I am getting these demons even if I melt to death in this power plant” when she came over the radio telling me to abort the mission.


- I still overwhelmingly really love this game.


I will post again when I play through the rest of the game.  But I can not wait for the Gladio DLC at the end of the month.  Cor and him are looking so fine in that trailer.  Also anyone else getting the vibes that Cor is really immortal from that?  If he is I called it months ago lol.

dude tho just?? even though not canon i can imagine sombra growing up with the tales of gabriel reyes, war hero. having his posters on her walls, being partily inspired by his work, and then?? meeting this man, who she knows was, once upon a time, gabriel reyes, now, just, this – thing. wanting to know what happened, what caused him to be this way. what caused the downfall of overwatch to begin with, who was truly behind it, and the explosion at the swiss headquarters. and gabriel, reaper, in his own way, trying to protect her, dissuade her from going too far down that rabbit hole because look what happened to him. look what happened when he probably asked too many questions, was probably accused of being paranoid and jealous even though he knew there was more to the story than just him being overlooked. that something was wrong with overwatch. look what happened to him, and what ultimately might happen to her if talon finds out she’s not completely on their side.

Productive, Fun Marvel Things You Can Do Instead of Being Mad About White Iron Fist

I know a lot of you are pissed and/or disappointed about Marvel casting a white Iron Fist. Instead of being mad, I am going to recommend Marvel stuff that does truly represent Asian heroes, and they exist in the amazing and diverse world of comics.

The Totally Awesome Hulk

Amadeus Cho is Korean American and he is now the Hulk. After a mysterious accident putting Bruce Banner out of commision, Amadeus, one of the smartest people in the world, took it upon himself to be good old jolly green, except this time, he has his anger under control. This kid brings a sense of fun to being a huge, green monster and his series subverts all Asian stereotypes to give a legacy hero his own unique identity.

You can buy his series here


Cindy Moon was once bitten by a radioactive spider and after years in solitude, she became her own spider-hero, naming herself Silk. Her story is all about becoming accustomed to a world that has outgrown her and changed to an astonishing degree. She also looks for the family she was estranged from due to her powers. Any person with anxiety and just plain awkwardness can immediately relate to her.

You can buy her series here and here

The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu/Master of Kung-Fu

Do you want to see a true Asian martial arts master? Well then Shang-Chi is the man for you. The guy is a bit of a drunk and a loser but his resolve and skill are top of the line, and he will need all of his wisdom and strength to overthrow the evil government run by his father. This is the true Marvel kung-fu epic Netflix should be adapting. When he is not fighting his father’s authority, he works as a detective, taking on the most unusual cases and fighting the biggest of enemies.

You can buy his series here, here, and here

Iron Spider in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon 

In the animated world, Amadeus Cho is still the lovable genius we know from the comics, except this time he is a Spider-Man. Using an Iron Spider suit he improved upon from a useless Tony Stark design, Cho becomes a master of flight and a genius engineer. He is a true hero and protector of New York City.

You can see him on Ultimate Spiderman vs. The Sinister Six and Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors on Disney XD 

Blindspot in Daredevil

Samuel Chung is an illegal Chinese immigrant that hides a fierce intellect and need for justice. Using what little money he has from an dingy apartment he shares with his sister, he builds himself a suit and a code of honor to protect his home and family in Chinatown as the vigilante Blindspot, eventually becoming the apprentice of the legendary hero Daredevil.

He can also turn invisible how cool is that?

You can read his origin here

And you can read his exploits with Daredevil here

Nico Minoru in A-Force

Nico Minoru is a magic user. Once a member of the Runaways, she is now a full-fledged Avenger working in the all-female A-Force team. She fights alongside great heroines like Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Medusa, and her good friend Singularity. She is hero not to be messed with and she deserves everyone’s respect.

You can buy Runaways here

You can buy A-Force here and here

I understand why you want to be mad, but instead of being mad about movie and TV studios, we NEED to find places where change and representation is happening and there is no better place for that than in comics. Nothing is hopeless, we just need to look beyond our comfort zones.

All of these series are amazing and they need to be read.

Please read about these heroes, buy their series, and support them. 

If you already know about them, spread this post like wildfire and introduce these characters to people who need or want to see heroes that represent them.

Show Marvel that THIS is what we want both in their comics, TV shows, and movies.


5/04 He is an informant. This is not to exaggerate - he is but one man. Setting aside the fact of whether or not you should truly call being an informant an occupation, he certainly has the power to obtain a great deal of information. He is by no means anything like a hero, nor can it be said that he is a villain. Nor is he nothing. He is only true. He is eternally obedient only to his own desire’s. Humans. He is determined to continue loving the good and the bad of the masses that are included in this world. He simply just loves humans. Because even if the result of his love causes his humans to become broken, the informant can still love these broken humans equally. 


Jared Leto has taught me so much and changed my life in so many ways. He has inspired me to be a better person, to be whoever I want to be and told me that anything is possible. This man is a truly incredible and talented individual who I look up to so, so much and who inspires me every day of my life.

I know everyone and their mother’s made this post already but look, i’ve been watching overblown shonen anime for YEARS and I don’t think i’ve ever seen a character like Reigen Arataka. 

I know that shonen is supposed to be shonen! I know it’s not meant to be taken entirely seriously! But like, seeing a normal twenty-something adult step in and say “guys, you’re dealing with kids. STOP HARASSING THE KIDS. I’m an adult, I’m the guardian now!” the way Reigen did? Seeing this dude point out these villains as middle schoolers who never truly grew up? SEEING REIGEN TELL MOB, THIS SHONEN HERO THAT YES, IT’S OKAY TO BACK OFF WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN’T HANDLE SOMETHING? 

I know Reigen is a greasy con man but he’s an adult. He knows he’s an adult and he knows that he’s the one with the responsibility to look out for Mob’s wellbeing. The relationship between him and Mob is truly just one of the most wonderful, realistic, wholesome things I’ve ever seen within this genre of “I’ll never give up, even if my guts are bleeding out!!” I almost cried my goddamn eyes out at the unbelievably powerful scene where he grabs Mob’s face in his hands and tells him that its okay. And I think it’s something that’s really indicative of ONE’s character creation, that with that one little twist on the genre standard, something so powerful and real–like, really really real–was made to exist.

Oliver Queen

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The man on everyone’s mind after last night. 

Maybe I’ve just watched too many torture scenes but I wasn’t that disturbed by last night’s episode. No, I did not enjoy watching Oliver being tortured. I knew Oliver considered himself a monster when Season 1 started and I knew at some point we were going to see this in Season 5.

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So while I found the skinning scene ewww, ick and disturbing - it really only went on for me more impressed with Oliver Queen then EVER BEFORE. Oliver Queen is a good man, now. He became that good man with the help of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.

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The fact he overcame being a monster to be the man he is today makes him not only hero but a truly wonderful person.

Originally posted by arrowsource

And this is all that matters for me. I’ve read the posts that the show went too far - and I agree. They did. I think they chose to do this to shock, to show just how far Oliver has come on his journey. Was it necessary for me to see? No.

Does/Did Oliver enjoy killing? I honestly don’t know if he did. I know he doesn’t now and that truly is enough for me.

I’m very sorry so many of my Tumblr friends are sad. But I think at the end of the day we all agree Oliver Queen is a good man, who is made better through OTA and Olicity.

Mic down.

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haihaijae: posting this on insta too bc why not :’) // i finally FINALLY met darren criss in person, and i’m still in shock. if you’ve known me for a while you’d know i’ve been a fan of this boy for 7* long years and i can truly say the wait has been worth it. from seeing him on youtube in AVPM to glee to his tour (STILL WAITING ON THAT SOLO ALBUM) to broadway and now to the pantages, it’s been quite the journey and i’m so so proud. i love this man, and it’s quite evident in the video lol so enjoy me crying a lot and @darrencriss being the sweetest :’) ❤️ thank you for being my hero // #darrencriss #hedwigandtheangryinch #MYBBY

diaper dragon - cs future fic

Summary: Killian and David had a mission ahead of them - one that would make or break them. It was a mission that would steel their destinies as heroes. It would solidify their bravery and pure intents, forever.
Killian is left alone with his newborn for the first time, and he calls upon the only man he truly trusts. Chaos ensues.


Author’s note: This is an absolutely ridiculous piece of writing that I needed on a random Sunday night to make myself laugh, and I am weirdly and stupidly proud of it. Do not take this as Killian and David being true to their characters. In order for this idiocy to take place, they had to act out of themselves. Enjoy!

“Don’t panic. You can do this.”  

It was the day Emma returned to work after birthing their daughter – the first of many where she would be unavailable and Killian would be accountable for their child’s safety.  

Emma had always been there to assist her husband in caring for the new member of the Jones family, continuously present to bathe, clean and feed her. But now, he was alone in this perilous mission.

Well, almost alone.  

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How Supergirl Is Getting Superman Right - IGN
We examine just how the CW's new Superman captures what the character is really about.

After a whole season of never truly showing Superman on screen, Supergirl aired its Season 2 premiere with actor Tyler Hoechlin in the role of the Man of Steel.

The brief introduction to his character was packed with Clark Kent-isms that we’ve long missed on screen: a smiling, earnest, dorky man who uses phrases like “lickity split” while talking to Daily Planet boss Perry White. After sensing danger, he immediately runs down an alley, rips open his shirt to reveal the signature S-shield, and launches up, up and away to help Supergirl save the day.

Hoechlin’s Superman isn’t just a hero, but a humble person who exudes hope and optimism. When he arrives at the DEO, the agents who couldn’t have cared less about Supergirl suddenly gather around to applaud his efforts and catch a glimpse of the big guy. Rather than walk past them like someone who sees himself as a god, Superman approaches the agents with a smile, shakes their hands, and thanks them with utter gratitude for their help protecting the planet.

This Superman is always thinking of others. When he sees Alex Danvers, he offers to help her find her father with heartfelt sincerity. After saving the shuttle with Supergirl, he stops to say hello to the civilians who happened to be riding by on their bikes. After saving a family from being gunned down by John Corben’s drones, he gives them a wink before rocketing back into the air to save the next citizen in need. The guy is your impossibly nice big brother, your most dependable best friend, and your biggest role model all in one.

The CW didn’t hold back giving us every aspect of this new Superman all in one episode. He makes full use of his powers – ice breath, heat vision, X-ray vision, super strength, and flight. There’s brief mentions of Lois Lane, just enough to let us know they’re together and going strong. He also dons the ol’ spectacles to do some investigating into the crash, taking Kara along with him under his Clark Kent guise. We see him put his journalistic skills to good use, questioning Lena Luthor about her involvement with the shuttle. He approached her with utmost respect, but he also wasn’t afraid to turn the heat up in pursuit of the truth, Anderson Cooper style. There’s some steel under that Kansas wheat, indeed.

Most importantly, the showmakers balanced the presence of Superman with Supergirl. This is still her show, and they didn’t forget that. Supergirl was the first to get to the shuttle, and she took the brunt of the weight as she held it up from the nose as Superman tried to slow it down from the back. When the building started to collapse, she had Superman hold it up while she figured out how to fix it and repaired the broken support beam. And when Corben’s drones attacked, Superman cleaned up the city as Supergirl put herself in between the drones and their target, taking a rocket to the face in the process. While the narrative did play up the fact that Supergirl is living in Superman’s shadow and showed us how she deals with that, never was the Girl of Steel shown to be any less the hero.

What we got last night was a return of the classic Superman. It’s kind of funny that getting an accurate interpretation of a character is a big deal, but it’s actually been decades since we’ve last seen the classic Superman on screen (1993’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, to be exact). Superman was overly sad throughout Superman Returns. Smallville had its merits but the show was built around his journey as Clark Kent, so we never saw him as Superman until the final shot. Superman in DC’s animated features is modeled after the subdued New 52 version. And Henry Cavill’s brooding, conflicted Superman abandoned everything fun, inspiring, and colorful about the character. This new take on Superman is a return to form, a much-desired palate cleanser after so many errant versions.

Finally, Superman is a Big Blue Boy Scout again.