this man can speak for me any day

i am honestly surprised anyone remembers me given how sparsely i pop up on tumblr these days, so thank you to @roberttkazinsky for tagging me. :’DD

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  1. i hate, hate, hate tofu.
  2. for a first gen immigrant who can read novels in chinese and comprehend them, my writing level is laughable.
  3. i speak cantonese though.
  4. i am stupidly close to my two sibs.
  5. i work a 8 to 5 desk job where i am on the phones all day. ohhh man, if i could tell that to the me sitting in career studies back in high school, she would not be excited.
  6. nobody hate me but i never read the harry potter books. (i did try but decided to start with the order of the phoenix for some reason, and ended up reading half of the chinese translated version before stopping??)
  7. i physically resemble the quiet nerdy asian girl in the glasses you can find in every class or office.
  8. live actions remake of classic anime/manga is everything to me, i unironically enjoy them. how do i even explain my excitement for the gintama live action movie??? or the FMA one?? i don’t even like JOJO and i am still looking forward to it!!
  9. i have a PRxFDTD!AU that i have been working on since 2014 that i just can’t seem to finish and it is one of my biggest writing regrets. D’:
  10. i don’t know how to use twitter. it’s actually sad at this point.
  11. when i was 2, i ran into a door hinge and hit my head hard enough to need 4 (or was it 7) stitches, i still have the scar. fyi, i ran that hard into the door because naptime was over and my mum said there is apple in the kitchen waiting for me.

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•wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older•


For over two seasons, we have watched Jack Thompson grow from a sexist antagonistic jerk to willing and helpful ally. In fact, it is safe to say that he grew the most out of any character on the show. As a fan, I cheered when he made the right choices and lamented when he stumbled and fell just a bit to his blinding ambition, but ultimately the good man Peggy Carter believed in did come through and help them save the day.

This song, the lyrics, it speaks to me so much of Jack’s character - this young man often so lost and needing a guiding hand, someone who could grow wiser and older.

Here is hoping that Agent Carter will be renewed for Season 3 so that we can see Jack’s journey continue!

And thank you so much to actor Chad Michael Murray for giving Jack such beautiful complexity and depth!


So it’s Transgender Day Of Visibility.

So hi. My name’s Kieren William. Some of you have known me by many names. Luca, Darcy, Mandi, even Amanda, if you’ve been around long enough.

Some of you never knew my birth name until right now.

I am transgender. I do not pass often. My chest makes binding hard. I have very feminine features. I like “girly” things like makeup. I attend a women’s college.

Those things do not make me less trans. They do not make me less of a man.

Visibility is not accessible to everyone. There are people who are forced to stay silent about who they are for fear of attack. Hell, I’m terrified every day of my life. But this is for everyone who can’t speak. I love every single one of you.

If anyone has any questions, I’d be more than happy to have a conversation about it.

Happy TDOV.


Hihi. My body is riddled with a few deep bruises. I hit a jump on Sunday, landed in the back seat of my skis, and took a graceful tumble over one of them.

Wednesday night was so great though. Tree skiing through powder, steeps with freshies, and one turn that would have made my whole night worthwhile even if the rest of the night had been garbage. Fourteen days logged.

Speaking of bruises, though, I got cleated again last night in the soccer season opener. Return of the Zombie Knee.

After the game a man from the other team approached me. “Hey, you were great. If you weren’t playing tonight, our girls would have scored a LOT more. They can usually get around anyone.” Hey, thanks, guy! A friend later told me he said to her, “if she were on our team, you guys wouldn’t have scored any goals and we’d have won by a lot more.” On second thought, let me kick this ball into your face.

I went to Bingo with a couple of friends and a bunch of their friends after the game (still dressed in soccer apparel). Everyone thought I was drunk because I was shamelessly sharing bathroom stories from trips to developing countries and prancing around in shorts while it’s snowing. Sorry, that’s just me.

Dress again. Skiing after work. My knitting misses me.