this man and his snacks

part 2 of 3rd grade teacher nursey?? yes?? ok

(part one)

  • calls all of his kiddos “little bro” regardless of gender. the occasional “little dude” or “little man”
  • the first time he wears a short sleeve dress shirt to school all the kids are obsessed with his tattoo
    • “mr n has a forever drawing on his arm :000″
  • hes the ultimate kid whisperer. anything these kids throw at him? hes got it covered
    • kids are fighting about who gets the 64 pack of crayons. jeremy got them yesterday and now he wants them again?? theres like 4 other kids who want to use them jeremy dont be a dick
    • nursey’s like “can i give you guys a special project? i need a big drawing to put up on the wall. but you all have to help and you all need to use the crayons”
    • jeremy, immediately distributing the crayons and getting a big ass piece of paper: ok mr n!!!!!!

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Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 5)

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Part 4

Harry ended the call as soon as he heard the word boyfriend. He was beyond confused at this point. As far as he knew you were single and you sure as hell acted single. Harry didn’t know how to approach this, but he knew he would have to ask you about it soon because he wasn’t about to become the other man. 

He grabbed the glasses and snacks before heading back into his room. You were sitting up in his bed wearing his shirt, but had it fully unbuttoned. 

“Took you long enough,” you laughed. “Did they come back yet?” 

“No, they’re not back yet,” he said sitting down on the bed. 

You were on your knees behind him and wrapped your arms around his shoulder. You were trailing kisses along his neck as he sat there. He put his hand on your arm and turned his head towards. 

“Earlier you asked me if you were just going to be a fling for me,” he said. “What about me? Am I a fling to you?” 

You looked at him confused. “What do you mean? I told you I wanted this to go beyond here,” you said. 

“Then who’s Max?” He asked. 

You leaned away from him. “How do you know about him?” 

“So, it’s true?” Harry said standing up. “You’ve got a fucking boyfriend? And you fucked me! You lead me the fuck on talking about all this romantic bullshit while you were worried I was the one using you, but it was you using me this whole fucking time?”

“Woah, Woah, Woah,” you said. “Max is not my boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. Other than whatever this is, I’m single. I wasn’t leading you on and I’m not using you.” 

“So, you’re telling me that this guy has called you multiple times in the last fucking hour and that he desperately wants you to call him back and told me he was your boyfriend when he’ s not?” Harry said. 

You sighed. “Yes,” you said. “Max and I’s relationship is complicated.” 

“He’s your ex then?” Harry asked. “You really gotta give me some fucking details, love, because I’m losing my shit over this.” 

“Okay, I’ll tell you, but calm the fuck down first before you make a hole in the floor,” you said. 

He sighed stopping what he was doing and crossing his arms to look at you. 

“Max and I are friends, just friends, but recently he’s been trying to become more than friends with me,” you said. “I don’t like him in that way and I’ve told him that, but that still hasn’t kept him from acting very possessive towards me Anytime he sees me talking to a guy, he gets jealous. I told him to stop and that if he didn’t I couldn’t be around him anymore. Before I came out here, I was out with some friends and this guy was asking me to take a picture of him and his girlfriend and Max fucking lost it. He went up to the guy and punched him in the face. After that, I told him to leave me alone and that while I’m gone he needed to change or else we’re done as friends.” 

“And I guess when he heard you answer my phone, he wanted to make it seem like he and I were together and for you to stay away,” you said. 

“Did he ever hurt you?” He asked quickly. 

You shook your head. “No, he never laid a hand on me.” 

He nodded and sat down on the bed again. 

“So, you believe me?” you whispered. 

“I have no reason not to believe you,” he said. “The only thing I care about is whether you had a boyfriend or not and if you’re playing me. As long as neither is true, then I believe it.” 

“I promise you,” you whispered. “I’d never be the type of person who cheats on people and I would never string you along just to hurt you,” you added placing your forehead against yours. 

“I’m sorry I got so upset before I let you explain things,” he said. 

“Well, I can see why you do though, I’m sure if some girl told me that she was your girlfriend, I’d be a little freaked out too,” you giggled. 

“I can tell you right now, I only have one girlfriend,” he said looking in your eyes. 

“Uh, excuse me?” You asked. 

“You, you dork,” he laughed. 

“Really?” you blushed. 

“Well, I mean yeah, as long as you want to be that is,” he said. 

“Of course I want to be,” you smiled. 

“Good, now come here before they get back,” he smirked pulling you onto his lap. 


It had been a few days since you and Harry made it official. You two kept it professional during business hours, which only made all the hours after that much hotter. You two made up for all the lack of kissing and touching as much as you could before you were back into business mode. 

Most everyone in the house kept their mouths shut about you and Harry, however, you made the mistake of wearing a tank top that revealed a few love bites along the cleavage of your chest. No one teased you about it, but you caught the snickers and smirks towards Harry. 

You were in the studio filming again while Harry was finishing recording the songs. Tomorrow you’d all be back in to film a choir who would be coming in to put some vocals on a few of the songs. Ever since that night, Max had kept calling you and sending you texts on your phone. A few of them were quite upsetting and possessive that they freaked you out. 

You didn’t show them to Harry though because you didn’t want him to think it was a bigger deal than it really was. You’ve known Max for ages and he wasn’t always like that. Plus, he had never hurt you before, so you weren’t too worried about anything happening. 

Once Harry finished in the studio, you all headed out for dinner. You sat next to Harry at the table and he kissed your head. 

“You two are just so cute,” Jeff smirked. 

“Fuck off, mate,” Harry laughed. 

“But it’s true,” Mitch smirked. 

“I think I like it better when you’re quiet,” he laughed. 

“Don’t be mean,” you scolded. 

“Hey, whose side are you on exactly?” He asked. 

“Theirs,” you said. 

“What? Over your own boyfriend, Y/N?” He gasped.

“Yes,” you said. “They were simply being nice and complimenting us on our relationship, yet you’re the one who told them to fuck off and to shut up, so you’re the mean one here.” 

“Oh, we’ll see who the mean one really is tonight, baby,” he smirked into your ear. 

“Can’t wait,” you smirked. 

“And we’re eating,” Mitch said. 

You giggled and took a sip of your drink. 

After dinner, while everyone got dropped off at the house, you and Harry decided on going for a walk down the beach. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you two walked down the shore. 

“I know we have at least another week or so here, but uh, maybe we should start talking about how we’re going to be together once we leave,” you said. 

“Well, I’m going back to London,” he said. “And I have some things coming up there that I want to put in the documentary…” 

“Is that you’re way of making sure I’m leaving with you?” you giggled. “By hiring me to follow you.” 

“Don’t say it like that,” he laughed. “It sounds like I’m buying a hooker.” 

You laughed. “I’ll have to look at my schedule. I don’t think I have anything booked right after this because I wasn’t sure how long I’d be here.

“Good thing, I never gave you end date,” he joked. 

You shook your head with a laugh. 

“I’ve uh, I’ve meaning to ask you, have you called Max back?” He asked. 

“No, I haven’t,” you said. “But he has still been contacting me.” 

“Really?” He asked. 

“Yeah, he’s not exactly happy, from what I’ve gathered in his messages,” you said. 

“Can I see or hear them?” He asked. 

You sighed pulling your phone out of your pocket and getting his texts up. You gave the phone to Harry and he quickly started to read them and scroll through them. 

“That piece of shit,” he said. “Why didn’t you tell me he was sending you these?” 

“Because it’s not that big of a deal,” you shrugged. 

“You don’t think him saying that you belong to him and no one else is a big deal?” He asked. “That’s a huge fucking deal.” 

“He’s just upset,” you said. 

“If you were in a relationship with this guy, all of these things would be red flags, he said. “I think you need to talk to him and tell him that you don’t want to talk to him anymore and he shouldn’t contact you for a while.” 

“I already did that, before I got here,” you said. 

“Well, then maybe he needs to hear from me,” he said. “I don’t like him talking to you like that.” 

You sighed. “I don’t know if that would just make things worse,” you said. 

“Things aren’t great right now,” he said. “You’re my girlfriend, Y/N, and I don’t want some jealous, unstable guy, talking to you.” 

You sighed. “Okay, we can call him tonight.” 

Harry nodded and kissed your head. 


You were laying on Harry’s bed in his shirt, while he was messing around on the guitar. You were debating on how to handle the Max situation because even though you were sure that Max wouldn’t do anything too extreme, you had to admit that you didn’t feel comfortable with how he was being towards you. 

Something you felt for a really long time. You looked back at Harry, who was writing something down. 

“Whatcha writing about?” You asked. 

“Oh, you know just the beautiful view I’ve got here in Jamaica,” he smirked. 

“Are you poetic or actually talking about the beach view outside?” you laughed. 

“Hm, I’m talking about the view of the beautiful, sexy, amazing, woman in my bed right now,” he smirked leaning over you. 

You giggled puckering your lips for a kiss. He pressed his lips against yours and put his hand on your lower back. Just when things started to heat up, your phone started ringing. You groaned picking it up and see Max’s picture.

“It’s Max,” you said. 

“Answer it,” he said. 

You sighed answering it. “Hey, Max,” you said. 

“Finally! I was beginning to think you were kidnapped or something,” he said. 

“Nope, I’ve just been working,” you said. 

“You get a lunch break right and time during the night?” He asked. 

“Yeah, but uh… I’ve been doing other things,” you said. 

“Well, you could have at least responded to a text,” he said. “And what about that guy I talked to too, didn’t he tell you I called.” 

“He did, yes,” you said. “But Max, remember we’re supposed to be taking a break from one another.” 

‘You were serious about that?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I was Max, what you did that night, never should have happened and these texts you’ve been sending…. Max, you need to realize that I’m not yours. I’m your friend and that’s all,” you said. 

“It’s that guy, right? The one who answered your phone? He’s trying to take you away from me,” Max said. 

“The only person taking me away from you is you. You’re pushing me away with how you’re acting. Max, we’ve been friends for years and I do care about you and want you in my life, but I can’t keep doing this when you’re acting this,” you said. 

“Acting like what?” He asked. “Sorry that I fucking love you and just want to be with you. That guy will never be good enough for you and he sure as hell isn’t going to love you like I do.” 

You sighed rubbing your head. “Max, I-I don’t love you. I don’t want to be with you and because I care about you, I think it’ll be better if we just go our separate ways for now.” 

“What are you saying, Y/N?” Max asked. 

“I’m saying that I can’t be your friend, not when you need time to get to me,” you said. “There’s someone out there for you, Max, but I’m not her.” 

“Fine, but you’re going to regret this, Y/N,” he said before ending the call. 

You sighed looking over at Harry. “Why do I feel like shit right now?” 

“Because you’re a good person,” he whispered wrapping his arms around your shoulder. “And like you said, you care about him and he’s been a good friend for ages, so while you know this is the best thing for you and him right now, it still hurts you.” 

You nodded wrapping your arms around him. He smiled laying the two of you back and your legs intertwined with each other. 

“Maybe one day, he’ll move on and you two can be friends again,” he whispered. 

“I hope so,” you whispered. 

Harry pressed a kiss to your lips before pulling the blanket over the both of you. 

“It’s going to be okay, baby,” he whispered. 

“I know,” you said. “Thank you for being here for me.” 

“Of course, I’m your boyfriend. It’s what I do,” he laughed. 

“You enjoy saying that don’t you?” you asked. 

“Saying what? The fact that I’m your boyfriend?” He smirked. 

“Yeah, that,” you giggled. 

“I do,” he nodded. 

“I like hearing it,” you smiled. 

“Good,” he smirked kissing your nose. 

You laughed pulling away a bit “Good night,” you said. 

‘Night, baby,” he whispered before turning off the lights and pulling you closer to him as you both went to sleep. 

Yoongi (M)

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Though he was aware of how close Jungkook and you were- after all the two of you were childhood friends and he was the one who introduced y’all. 
He still wasn’t fond of you two hanging out alone so often, and being so touchy with each other. 

Today was particularly bad; 
As the three of you watched a movie together, he noticed Jungkook’s hand gripping your thigh. He felt that tinge of jealous sting his entire body, the anger he especially felt at your failure to move the younger man’s hand seemed to fuel that anger inside him. He wanted to do something, but for your sake he ignored his feelings. 

Jungkook stood from his spot, “Y/n, let’s go get some snacks!” The younger man exclaimed, reaching his out for you to take it. 
A gleeful smile appeared on your face as you unhesitatingly took it and stood from your spot beside him. “Babe, you want anything?” 

Yoongi shook his head as he irritatingly rubbed his lips with his thumb, then watch the two of you trot off into the kitchen. The sound of your giggles filled the room, “Yah! Oppa, don’t do that I’m ticklish! You’re gonna make me drop the drinks!” 

Oppa? He thought you himself, anger filing him to the brim now. That’s it. 

Standing from his spot on the couch, he marched over to the kitchen to find Jungkook wrapping his arms around your waist as the two of you giggled.  “Babe.” Yoongi sternly called out to you. 
You peered up at him, Jungkook immediately releasing you. “Yeah baby?” 
Without answering you, Yoongi walked over to you- roughly gripping your wrist as he practically dragged you to your shared room. 

Throwing you onto the bed, he crawled on top of you- viciously gripping your jaw, forcing you to look up at him, 

“You’re such a little fucking slut, you know that?” He snarled, releasing his grip on your jaw while simultaneously slapping you. 

His sheer aggression, caused the wetness between your legs to soak the lace fabric of your panties- nearly soaking through your jeans. 
“What are you doing?” You whimpered, biting your lower lip. 

“Apparently, I need to remind you who you belong to kitten.” 

“I’m going to make you scream my name so they all hear you. I want them all know who fucks you so good.” 

“I want all of them, especially your precious Oppa- to know you belong to me. He’ll never have you like I do.” 

He suddenly grabs a fistful of your hair, forcing you to look up at him as he smacks your exposed cheek once more. 

“You’re mine, got that you little fucking whore?” 

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Please make Andrew jealous 🙏

 He stared across the ballroom eyeing the cheerful, happy go lucky witch that always tormented him. The way she walked, the way her red eyes lit up with joy whenever something “fantastic” would happen, but most of all her smile. Her smile was like Medusa’s hair, well in terms of enchantment because Akko’s smile was way beyond those snake hair, it left him frozen in place. 

 The problem in front of eyes, however was that cause behind Akko’s smile. She was laughing at some joke the a guy said. His hand tighten around the glass he held. What did that guy say to make her laugh? More thoughts consumed over the exchange causes him to block out everything in the ballroom. He was a motherfucking Hanbridge, he needed to control himself because he wasn’t acting like one. 

 Andrew suddenly felt a hand lightly pat him on the back. He snapped out of it to see it was Diana. His green eyes stared at her confused over her gesture.

“If looks could kill, then what you’re directing your attention to would have been long gone” Diana said at she stared to where Andrew was looking. He was staring at Akko, the usual. 

“ I wouldn’t have minded that at all.” Andrew said staring off to Akko who kept listening to the guy as she kept eating food from the snack table. Seeing her with another man made his chest ache and it was becoming more painful by the second. Diana noticing his facial expression gave a small teasing smile and proceeded to carry out the conversation.

“ I recommend you don’t, trust me on that. It’s my birthday and if you have enough knowledge you would understand that not making a scene is for the best.” Diana spoke to Andrew and as she turn to head back to another group she quietly whispered to him.

“ Don’t just stand there and pout, Hanbridge. Also take into account how she is feeling.” Taking in what Diana said he payed close attention to Akko who just kept nodding her head as she listen. Something was already off, Akko is normally the one to talk. Not the other way around. Suddenly he saw Akko staring back at him for a real long time as if desperate for him to come. As the guy talking her up and was getting too close to Andrew’s liking. 

Andrew smirked and made his way to the pair. That guy was a fool  getting close to his what is his. People like the fool needed to be put in their place he thought to himself as he fixed his cuffs.

“ Akko what do you say then? I think we learned sufficient information about each other?” the guy’s voice lowered as he began approaching Akko who was just eating cake as she was listening to him. Normally she was the one to talk, but the guy didn’t give her a chance and aside from that what is there to talk to that gentleman which she was doubting as he wasn’t demonstrating any gentleman qualities as he had no clue about personal space. She hoped making eye contact with Andrew was enough to help her. He better, doesn’t he know how hard it was for her not to break out blushing like a strawberry from how red her face got.

The guy was about to place his hand on Akko’s waist, but was stopped by another hand on his wrist. Pain crept on him as the other hand’s hold was strong and menacing. Akko was looking at the floor the whole time panicking, looked up seeing if her savior was the one she tried to communicate with.

“ I believe the lady isn’t interested in you. Why don’t you drink a bit more? Maybe that way you are more interesting.” warned Andrew very dangerously as he forcefully removed the guy’s hand from being near Akko. The guy knowing Andrew’s reputation backed away not before giving Akko a glare which only worried her. Andrew took note of that and grabbed ahold of Akko’s hand.

“He won’t pull anything on you as long as I’m here. Now lady would you care to dance” he then suavely kissed Akko’s hand as he started once more into her enchanting eyes. Earning him a flustered Akko.

“Fine, fine! Let’s go!” she responded as she grabbed his hand rather roughly to pull him into the dance floor. As they were making their way to the dance floor without looking at him Akko decided to tease Andrew back.

“Don’t think I didn’t catch you looking at us for the past 15 minutes Andrew. Am I really that bewitching Lord Hanbridge?” She turned to face him as she reached their destination, and she was met with a flustered Andrew trying to say something.


Based loosely on this older post of mine.

When the charm shop went in next door, Jack was wary. But plenty of his tomes still had the residue of charms and spells lingering in the dust between their pages, seeped into their cracked spines, and Jack managed well enough. Still, an entire store devoted to mood charms and luck potions – the idea of it alone made his skin itch.

When a sign went up above the cheerful, red awning declaring the shop “Peachy Keen,” Jack was skeptical. The name indicated to Jack that it was probably some gimmicky chain store, pretending to be quaint and local while really forcing out actual local businesses. But the sign itself looked genuinely hand-painted – it was either a very clever marketing tactic, or Jack was wrong in his assumptions.

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BTS: Witch Brothers

You lived in a town that possessed many stories. Some were ghost related, some were political fantasies, and others were simply pure rumors. And although part of you knew how ridiculous these were, that people just make stories up to help themselves survive, another part of you ate them up. One of those stories involved seven members of your town: seven brothers. The story goes that these seven boys were actually the sons of a witch. Their house was deep in the forest, away from the town, and their behaviors were altogether very strange. However, that is exactly what drew you in. Seven inseparable witch brothers, how beautiful and strange…


One of the youngest, who you always found in the textile shops, fascinated you. Whenever you followed him, you’d find that you were drawn to his cold eyes and long fingers. You watched him circle the interior of the shop, first from the outside until you could no longer stand being a distance away from him. He lured you in. His eyes, whenever they met yours, were blank and empty…almost as if he wasn’t there. Almost as if his body was but a mere vessel. He never reacted to you because in face of these imported fabrics, you were of very little importance, nothing but a small town girl. You followed him around the shop, forming circles as he traced his fingers over the same fabrics again, and again. His hands were large and lovely, and as they skimmed the embroidered cloths, you could see his fingers thrive in the texture of the thick designs. You began to feel dazed, entranced by his spell, which he didn’t need to work hard to capturing you in.


Although not the oldest, this one was the leader (if brothers could have leaders). He made the decisions for the group, or at least you thought he did. You often found him reading in the square. He drove a lot of attention to himself, the women swooning over him and the elders keeping a judging eye on him. But nonetheless he kept alone. Every couple of pages he’d look up and catch you in his gaze. His face remained stern but you could swear upon seeing a slight grin develop in the corner of his lips. He didn’t know you. He had never met you. And yet, he was in total control of you. You always expected him to sit there and you always came to watch, unsure what sort of magic was drawing you near him.


The brightest of the seven could always be found lying in the moors west of town. In looks he most certainly was not the brightest, with his dead eyes and an unsmiling face. However, he liked to lay in the only patch of overgrown wildflowers, which in themselves were mysterious considering that flowers don’t grow in the dead lands of the moors. There was something so wonderful about seeing his milky skin shining under the sun, and his gentle lips curl into smiles of ecstasy as he found peace among the flowers. You watched him intensely, almost expecting him to wake up but completely unsuspecting his deadness upon consciousness. For who could remember the dead among such sprouting life?


The youngest but not one full of fear. This one was evasive. You knew where you could find him, but you  never noticed him get there. If you walked to the treats shop, you would most certainly find the boy gathering his morsels for when he felt peckish. You assumed he felt peckish more often than not, because you came here as often as he, and you were he most oftenly peckish person you knew. You noticed that as he filled his basket, he’d taste certain pieces, eating as he collected his favorites. Watching him eat was a blessing in itself…watching his lips part to welcome a small piece of sweetness, and watching that piece disappear within the darkness of his mouth, was fascinating. How on earth were you to gather your senses when all you could do was stare at a man snack his way through a shop?


The smile on this one could light up stars, and you thrived off that whenever you caught a glimpse of it. He often went to the puppet show in the square, which was the only place you’d ever see that smile. He definitely stood out in the crowd, which was made up of mostly children. There he would be, sitting cross legged on the ground, completely overtaken by the world the puppeteer was creating. It was strange seeing such a grown person smiling among children and puppets, but there he was, uncaring of how strange indeed it was. Part of you started to believe, after getting used to his presence there, that the stories ended in exactly the way he pleased…you had no idea how, but it always seemed that way. However, that wasn’t what lured you in. It was that smile of his that encouraged you to look for him in the crowds. You had never seen anything so contagious in your life. You found yourself smiling whenever he did.


He was the  sweetest of them all. You knew this because out of all seven brothers, he’s the only one who’s spoken to you. If you happened upon his way, he  would acknowledge you with a smile and ask you about your day. His voice never ceased to catch you off guard; it was beautiful. It rang softly between your ears and everything felt at ease. He had captured you in his trance, all by giving a gentle smile and a sweet voice. You often stared at him after listening to his greeting, unaware of time and that it was passing you by. There was some magic in this moment and you never understood what exactly happened when he opened his mouth to speak. All you knew was that his voice entranced you and you were left utterly powerless before him.


The eldest and most mysterious. You never truly knew where to find him, he just somehow appeared everywhere. It was part of the amusement for you, feeling that no matter where you were, he would be there. It was almost a safe kind of feeling. But the most mysetrious of all was the fact that whenever he dissapeared from places, he left small paper hearts behind. You never knew the reason. People suspected that he was a womanizer and flirted with the town’s young bachelorettes. However, you had an inkling, deep down inside, that he was leaving paper hearts for one specific person. Perhaps he was a hopeless romantic who, without love, had no reason to live . Perhaps he had lost someone long ago…someone special to him…someone he could consider a one person army and supporter. The thought always made you sad but nonetheless you enjoyed watching him, unsure what to make of his unlimited and unfiltered love.…

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Shadow People

For today’s Caffeine Challenge #13 (prompts here), I tried to branch out a little with a character a bit different from my usual. This is a little bit horror, too, which is not generally my thing. Warnings for: bullying, physical violence and misgendering.

Leo ran to the side door as soon as the bell rang, shouldering his way through the crush around the lockers and slipping around the corner. The sun—oh thank god—was streaming through the big glass doors as he skidded to a stop and turned to face the white-painted cinderblock wall.

An observer, if such person had existed, would have been interested to see that his shadow was not that of a curly-haired teen. On the wall before him a grey shape stretched and wavered, and baggy jeans became the smooth straight lines of dress slacks. The wrinkled shirtcollar straightened to crisp points, and a hat formed atop the narrow head, wide-brimmed tilted just to one side.

“I’m sorry,” Leo said, clutching his notebooks to his chest. “I know you said not to do this at school, but I saw his truck outside. I think he’s waiting for me.”

The figure on the wall twitched, the shoulders rolled and long-fingered hands splayed wide.

“I know,” Leo said. “I know, but I can’t fight him alone, and if I don’t show up he’ll just go after Jack again, you know he will.” He bit his lip, looking up and down the hall. “I’ve only got a little more time before history, I don’t know what to do.”

More twitching, a ripple traveling up the wall. The hands folded, waved, cupped together like an empty bowl.

The minute bell rang, setting off shrill echoes.

“I’ll do it,” Leo said. “I’ll do anything, you know I’m good for it.”

The figure tipped its hat, then faded, until only Leo’s own outline remained.

He went to class.

He couldn’t concentrate. His leg shook under his desk, his knee jumping up and down like it had a will of its own. He dropped his pencil once, then again, then a third time. The fourth time Frances handed it back to him with a scowl. Leo tried for an apologetic smile, but it didn’t feel right on his face. Too thin, too full of teeth.

He couldn’t take any notes. He worried metal spiral on his notebook instead, flicked the corner of the paper until it turned soft-edged and pieces started coming off. His eyes kept seeking the windows, looking for some sign, but Dallas’ truck would be by the back door, on the other side of the building, and there were too many trees for the Hat Man to get enough contrast for a message.

“Leo,” Mrs. Garner said, “Can you tell me the year President Reagan took office?”

“I…” Leo tried to think. He’d studied this. He’d done the homework. He knew this. But all he could think of was the look of rage on Dallas’ face when Jack yelled back at him, and the shock of the fist in his ribs when Leo had gotten between them.

Half the class was looking at him. Someone sniggered.

If he could get to the hall he could find a good spot and at least check in.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t remember. I think I might be sick.”

Mrs. Garner frowned. “There’s only thirty minutes of school left,” she said. “And if you go to the nurse you’ll lose participation points for today,”

“I know,” he said. “But I really think I might throw up.” He tried to look pathetic and nauseous. It didn’t take much effort. He could feel sweat sliding down his temple.

“Alright,” she said. “Josephine, please escort Leo to the nurse’s office.”

No, no no.

“I can get there myself—” he tried, but she shot him a quelling glance.

“You know the rules, Leo.”

He did. He did. Leo knew all sorts of rules.

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Cinnamon and Sugar - Dick Grayson x Reader

So this is totally a self indulgent fic that I am calling an early birthday gift to myself, and I want to thank @princessnightwing for sending me the apple orchard idea because I loved it so much

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Words: 1082

The crisp October air leaves a chill on your skin that energizes you to the core, and the muffled crunch of leaves beneath your shoes only adds to the excitement.

It’s finally fall.

And you are in the best company you could ever ask for.

Dick had gotten extremely excited to hear about this quaint little apple orchard nestled in the countryside just a couple of hours outside Blüdhaven (one of the side effects of hating paperwork was sharing stories at the local Blüdhaven Police Department coffee pot), and he suggested taking a weekend trip together as a sort of romantic getaway, to which you quickly agreed.

Dick takes your hand as he leads the way toward a rough wooden table with rustic fall decorations set up neatly in front of the orchard’s farmhouse. A gentle older man with a straw hat and a warm smile stands at the table distributing hot cider to guests while a younger woman rushes out to the table carrying a large box of fresh donuts. The smell of warm cinnamon and fried sugar makes you melt, and you lean in closer to Dick as you wait your turn at the table.

The old man smiles when you and Dick stop in front of the table. “What can I get for such a pretty young couple?”

“Can we get two ciders and two donuts, please?” Dick says, and the old man nods before pouring your hot drinks in foam cups before dropping a cinnamon stick in each one.

“Is this cider made with the apples from your orchard?” you ask when you take a sip. It’s not like any cider you’ve ever had before; it tastes crisp and fresh.

“Yes ma’am, it is! My wife and I have worked this orchard for fifty years, and every year we make cider in the hopes that it will warm hearts and bring young folks like you and this young man together, just like it did us.” His eyes light up at the mention of his wife, and it absolutely melts your heart.

“That’s so sweet!” you say, and Dick wraps his free arm around your shoulder and holds you closer to him. “It tastes wonderful! Your hard work has surely paid off!”

“The real payment is seeing the smiles on your faces, young miss. And seeing the way your beau looks at you.” You glance up at a smiling Dick with a blush, and the old man chuckles before handing you both a cinnamon sugar coated donut.

“Thank you,” Dick takes the confections from the old man and takes out his wallet to pay for the snacks when the old man stops him.

“There’s no need for that, young man. Your treats are on the house.” When you and Dick try to object the old man shakes his head. “No, it’s my treat. It warms my heart to see a young couple as in love as you two—reminds me of me and my wife many years ago. I know she’d love to see a young couple like you if she were still with us. Please. It’s our treat.”

The old man’s words touch you in a way you can’t explain, and you and Dick finally give in and thank him once again before leaving the table, free treats in hand.

“The next hayride around the orchard starts in twenty minutes!” the old man’s eyes crinkle when he smiles and waves after you and Dick, and you both wave another thank you at him before continuing on your short walk until it’s time for the hayride.

The donuts taste phenomenal—fried to crisp golden perfection on the outside yet still soft and sweet within, and the cinnamon sugar is beautifully complimented by the warm cider. It’s a comforting combination that warms your soul and makes you so incredibly happy to be here with Dick right now.

Even when you finish your donuts you continue walking around the orchard paths admiring the fiery hues of the trees. The sunlight shines on the trees and makes the leaves appear even brighter than they would normally be, and the warm tones cause Dick’s blue eyes to shine more than usual. You walk for a few minutes talking about everything and nothing, smiling constantly and laughing every now and then.

Everything with Dick feels right.

Dick feels like home.

Eventually you stop next to an old wrought iron archway entrance to the orchard where the next hayride should stop to pick you up. You laugh at something Dick had just said when a gust of wind blows your hair in your face, and you start batting it away so you can see.

Another hand intercepts yours as Dick brushes the last of your stray hairs behind your ear, and you look at him with a smile. He looks at you with a sudden serious, soft gaze, his eyes pulling you down so deep and fast you almost forget to breathe.

You stand there staring at each other for what is probably only a few seconds, but it feels like minutes.

“Y/N. You know I love you, right?” He speaks without breaking eye contact.

You furrow your brow at his sudden question. “Of course, Dick. Why would you think—”

Before you can finish the question Dick grabs your scarf and pulls you quickly but softly toward him until your lips collide. You don’t hesitate to melt into his kiss, and the only thing sweeter than the cinnamon sugar on his lips is his love for you and your love for him.

He places one hand on your waist and one on your cheek to push your hair back, and your hands make their way to his chest. Dick reluctantly pulls away and rests his forehead against yours, staring into your eyes as the sunlight illuminates them.

“I just wanted to make sure.” Dick’s voice is low, and you wrap your arms around his neck when both his hands find your waist. “I love you more than anything in this world, Y/N. I’m afraid I don’t tell you enough.”

“You don’t have to, Dick. I know,” you smile up at him. “And I love you, too. With all my heart.”

He kisses you again, and you can’t help but think that this is perfection, standing here with the man you love while the sun and trees set the hillside aflame with bright reds and yellows, cider in your heart and love in your soul.

sure I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit in my life, but to this day, I think the truly weirdest thing that has ever happened to me was this one time I went to get my bird some food. there was this weird fruit looking things on the wall. I asked the guy what they were, and he told me they were this special bird food they had gotten in, that were all fruit flavored. I asked him if the birds seemed to like them, he said yeah they do. then he paused. he looked me dead in the eyes after pouring some out onto his hand and said, “Humans seem to like them too….” and then without averting his gaze he shoved the food directly into his mouth. I was horrified. was this man really eating bird food? the answer was yes. yes he was. “delicious” he muttered. and then he did what disturbed me most. he turned around and got even more of the fruity food . he was like a starved beast as he shoveled this food into his mouth.  he continued and continued for about 30 seconds. I heard the crunches as he continued to eat. he seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself. he then had the audacity to offer me some as well. I stared at him in horror. Did this man really think I would sink to his.. subhuman level and join him in eating bird food??? I was dumbstruck and quickly refused. I shook my head and said I had to go. I turned and hastily walked out the door. It’s been 4 years since that day. And I’ve never gone back into that store. I actually moved to a different state about 7 months later. I’ve never even gone back to another petsmart since then, because I’m scared. scared that the man will offer me his fruity bird snacks yet again. that thought… still haunts me.

Alone - Part 9

Warnings; Tons of fluff & an extra sweet Bucky! 

Words; 1,435

A/N; I was going to wait until later to post but it was done and I LOVE this chapter *grins evilly* I’m actually squealing posting this because I’m sooooo excited for you all to read this chapter!!! You’ll see what I mean ;) I love hearing all your feedback ♡ 

You awake the next morning to a golden light warming your room. You held your arm up and inspected the light reflecting on your skin, you propped yourself on your elbow to gaze at Bucky who was still asleep. The golden sunlight washing over his features, making him look even more god-like. You run a finger through his hair and down his neck, tracing his body gently, thinking about last night.

It had been the most incredible night, you made love over and over again until you were both spent. He had taken you from the bath after lovingly washing you and had sat you on the bed and brushed out your hair, braiding it like you had taught him years ago for his hair. He laid you down and worshiped your body, whispering sweet nothing’s all night. You had caressed his body and kissed him on every patch of skin, spending extra time on his scars when he had told you that you didn’t have to if you were disgusted. You explained you weren’t, every single part of him was perfect to you, to which he took his metal arm and ran it all over your body causing goosebumps to pop up everywhere. He had grinned and blushed and you stared at him wondering how you had gotten so damn lucky.

You were lost in thought smiling to yourself as you traced along his metal arm. “Morning doll.” His husky voice broke you from your thoughts. “What are you thinkin’ about?”

“Last night.” You blushed.

He pulled you into him and kissed along your jaw before reaching your lips. “It was perfect.”

You nodded. “Perfect.”

You had never been this happy, and you could tell from the look on his face that he felt the same way, everything was finally working out. You had spent years keeping the secret of loving him to yourself, and one other person, that you hadn’t realized that keeping it inside was weighing you down. You felt free.

He rested his forehead against yours and closed his eyes. “I have never been this happy, you’re so perfect (Y/n) and I’m never letting you go.” He opened his eyes, his blue orbs staring into yours.

“You’ll never have to, I’m all yours.” You whispered.

He beamed and flipped you over onto your back pressing kisses down and back up your naked body before coming back to press a hard, loving kiss on your lips.

There was a banging at the door. “Hey lovebirds food is ready!” Steve called.

* * *

After you had all ate and cleaned the kitchen you and Steve followed Bucky through the house. He had said he had another surprise for you.

He opened a door to reveal what looked to be a game room, there was a pool table and foosball along one wall, board games stacked along another. In the middle of the room there was a large leather sectional, it front of that was a large screen, movies stacked on either side, game consoles in the middle and a projector hanging from the ceiling. There was a bar and a cart full of candy and snacks.

“Man this is awesome!” Steve exclaimed. His eyes lit up as he took in the room.

Bucky smiled, clearly proud of himself. “I searched on the internet on this thing called Pinterest to find ideas. It was very helpful, I spent hours on it!”

You chuckled under your breath. “What else are you hiding in this place?”

“The last surprise is the best, I promise.” He winked at you. “There’s also a fire pit out back I figured we could have a fire tonight, roast marshmallows.”

“How long were you expecting to be here? It’s got everything.” You made your way over to the board games, there had to be at least one hundred if not more.

You glanced back at him and his cheeks flushed. “I wanted it to be a getaway for you- us. I had it customized and stocked with everything I thought you might want. I wanted you to have something that was yours, where you could be you without worrying about anything else.”

He walked up to you and brushed your hair out of your eyes and kissing the top of your head. Now it was your turn to blush. You knew Bucky was sweet, he had always done amazing things for you even when you didn’t think you needed or deserved them, but this was more than that. This was incredibly sweet and your heart felt like it could leap out of your chest, tears welled in your eyes as you stared at this amazing man who was now all yours. You wrapped your arms tightly around his waist, he hugged you back, both of you standing happily together until Steve interrupted you.

“Okay so who’s ass am I kicking first?” You glanced over to him where he was holding a controller and wiggling his eyebrows.

“You wish Rogers.” You smirked.

* * *

You spent the whole day playing video games, beating Bucky at foosball, eating candy until your stomach hurt and playing board games. You were just finishing off a movie, cuddled into Bucky and your feet resting on Steve’s lap.

If this is what complete isolation was like then you could do this forever. You thought happily.

When the movie ended the sun was starting to set. “Marshmallow time!” Bucky cheered.

You laughed at how excited he was over marshmallows and followed him to the fire pit outside.

Steve brought out a bag of marshmallows and lit the fire. You all sat on chairs with metal prongs, holding your marshmallows over the flames. Bucky was grinning at you from across the fire, he was so distracted that he hadn’t noticed his marshmallow had caught on fire until you started hysterically laughing.

He blew out the fire and grabbed a new marshmallow and started over grunting in frustration. You had roasted yours to perfect golden perfection, you blew on it to cool it off before grabbing the sticky ball and putting it into your mouth. You moaned and closed your eyes in pleasure as the sweetness hit your taste buds. When you were done you opened your eyes back up to be met with four staring at you.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You asked alarmed.

Steve looked at the ground and adjusted his pants.

Bucky grinned wildly at you. “That was really hot doll.”

“Me eating a marshmallow?” You asked confused.

Steve cleaned his throat. “The moaning part.”

You’re cheeks heated up. “Sorry, I didn’t even mean to. It was really good.” You smiled sheepishly.

“We wouldn’t know, we burnt ours again.” Bucky grimaced as they both held up their sticks to reveal blackened masses on the end of them.

“Here let me do it.” You reached for their sticks and secured marshmallows on the ends. They sat silently as you toasted them perfectly. You handed them back and waited for their reactions.

They both moaned lightly, to which you grinned at. “See? Told you!”

They both chuckled at your reaction. The sun had set over the trees and it was getting darker, the outdoor lights lit up the large backyard. Behind Bucky’s head there was a small light. You gasped and they both tensed, ready for combat.

“A firefly!” You squealed and pointed behind him to where a small bug was flying.

They looked at each other and groaned. “Doll don’t do that! You scared us!” Steve ran his hand through his hair.

“Sorry, I’ve just never seen one! Can we catch it?” You asked excitedly.

“Absolutely! Anything for my baby.” Bucky got up and pecked you on the cheek.

The three of you got up and started chasing the bugs around the yard. Giggling as you bumped into Bucky who was going after the same bug as you. Steve would huff loudly every time he just nearly missed a bug. You couldn’t stop the grin that spread across your face while watching the two tough super soldiers running around trying to catch fireflies for you. Just then a light flew past your eyes, you reached your hands out and clasped them around it.

“Ah! I got one!” You exclaimed.

They both ran over to your side as you slowly cracked open your hands to reveal a tiny glowing bug. The three of you stood there grinning like children at this small bug, so distracted by it that you didn’t notice the three burly men watching you from the edge of the treeline only a few yards away.

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A/N: So I have never written anything before that did not consist of college papers so go easy on me. I’m super open to constructive criticism and ideas. Thank you SO MUCH @metalarmproblems and @marvelous-imagining for helping me edit and giving me courage to post this.

Summery: A bad day that just gets worse. Will you finally snap or can someone make it all better? 

Avengers X Reader, Slight Bucky X Reader

It was just another day, or it was supposed to be, but some things just don’t don’t work out the way you want them to. It all started with a call from your boss, they were laying you off not only didn’t they have the decency to do it to your face and in person, you had to come grab your stuff with an escort can’t just do it on your own, what kind of criminal do they take you for!

Well that blows most of you plans for the day. Might as well have a self pity day with a side of what the heck are you going to do now. But upon further inspection of the fridge and pantry bingeing on food is a no go for not even some celery or peanut butter. Well wallowing will have to wait until a quick grocery run is made. So that’s strike 2 for the day. 

Now shoes, shoes are good when you want to go out, but they always disappear when you were in a hurry. Your favorite show was going to come on in an hour and you wanted to be back before it started. It was rare that you got to see it on TV. Mostly you ended up online from some shady website to stream it. Finally your on your way, it’s a beautiful day despite the start. The sun was shining, the birds chirping, you can’t help but appreciate this feeling of being outside and not stuck inside while the rest of the world enjoys it.

Making your way through the market you loaded up. All the usuals went into the cart but a couple of of your splurge items went in, might as well live large for once before you ended up broke. With everything bagged and precariously perched in your arms you started on the way home. You were so focused on not dropping anything you didn’t notice that people were pointing up and shouting. That was until you were struck in the crosswalk by what appeared to be some sort of man in a red spandex suit. Everything went flying at that point.

“Ugh, Man look where you’re walking!” You groaned while pushing him off you. 

He didnt go far because the man snacked his arm around your neck dragging you to form a shield from his advisories who were quickly approaching him from all angles. 

“Sir let the woman go, she has nothing to do with this. This is between you and us.” The man you swore looked a little like Captain America. No it was him definetley him.

Oh and there was Hawkeye pointing an arrow straight ay you, well at super villian but still you were beyween the 2 so at you. Just your luck, now a super villain to handle along with the rest of this really day. This might just be strike 3. 

This is unfortunate for the guy holding you, you see all the groceries you just bought spilled across the sidewalk ice cream melting and cookies smashes in the packaging. All your hard earned money there on the ground. You will never get to indulge in the goodness of the food. Then you realized that you were going to miss your show. Something snapped, it was almost audible to the man as he felt you still within his hold.  That was it no more, some trumped up 2 bit red suit wearing “super villain” was not going to make your day any worse. 

“Let go” you whisper.

“What?” He almost seems surprised that you are completely clear and not a sobbing mess in his arms. 

“I said let go,” louder this time perfectly heard by everyone. 

You grab his arm from around your neck and twisting slightly throwing him over your shoulder. He lands on the ground with an obnoxious thump. You kept ahold of his arm and kicked him a couple times before you began to lecture him on his ways. 

“You arrogant tomato, how dare you come here and disturb everyone’s day. Did you never learn manners? You have destroyed my food look at it!” You point at the mess on the ground. “I’ve just lost my job that was the first piece of goodness I’ve had all day and now you’ve ruined it. You going to pay for that?”

You continue to berate the man while the Avengers watched in awe. They had spent the last hour chasing this man after him robbing a major company of some very valuable chemicals, risking the whole of New York if released. To say he put up a fight was an understatement. But here you were with him pinned to the ground merely with your tone and a vicious look in your eye.

“Did she really just call that man a tomato?” Sam said snickering. 

“Steve this has your name written all over it I vote you go and handle this” Tony proclaimed. 

“You know, I’ve never been good at talking to women, and I don’t think this situation will help that one bit.” He was shaking his head and backing up from where he watched all this play out. 

None of them wanted to interfere fearing that you would snap at them as well. Even Natasha was stunned by how this civilian was handling the situation. Not daring to move noticing a very paused of woman when she sees one. 

You were now shaking the man on the ground, your eyes filled with tears because this day just kept getting worse and worse. Nothing more could happen to make it worse. As soon as you thought that, you paused your speech to glance at the sky making sure there wasn’t a cloud that could magically start raining on you. That’s when you caught movement out of the corner of your eye. 

Bucky had finally gotten up the courage to approached you. He moved slowly hunched slightly to make himself smaller. His hands were open in front of him almost to show you that he was not there to hurt or scare you. You watched him inch closer to you, maintaining eye contact the whole time. They were the prettiest blues you had ever seen and for a moment you forgot about your day and everything that happened just by staring into them. 

The tomato, on the other hand thought this was a good time to try to make a get away. He was turning on his hands and knees when the group shouted “Stop” all at once but before they could even move you had spun around and planted a foot in the middle of his back. 

“I’m sorry who said you could move. I’m not even close to being done with you. I’m not evEn CLOSE!” You begin to shout as you dig your foot further into his back. “DON’T move again, you hear?!“ 

He nodded his head as hard as he could "Yes ma'am,” falling still. 

“Um, excuse me,” you hear behind you. You rotate a little, foot still firmly rooted. “ I…. we can take him from hear, if… if you want that is, I mean your doing a great job, but we … I can take him off your hands if you like?” Bucky is a stuttering mess trying not to anger you further while still trying to get his job done. 

“Oh,” you look down at the man your pinning. You start to feel the blood rush to your face as you take in all the people, including most of the Avengers standing wide eyed at you.  You’re pretty sure your face is as red as this villains spandex suit. “Sure, go for it. I just, I was upset because, you know it’s been a really rough day.” You finally manage to get out, now just as completely flustered as Bucky was a moment before. 

The other Avengers swoop in locking their guy up tight and hauling toward a group of SUVs now blocking off most of the street. They shuffle away giving you looks of awe still and slowly creeping around just in case. 

“That’s alright, doll, we all have our bad days.” He winks at you as he watches the vehicles pull away.  Turning back towards you he notices you staring at your pile of wasted food and tears forming in your eyes. “Hey, whoa what’s wrong? Are you hurt did he hurt you?” He starts to panic, scanning you up and down searching for signs of injuries. Finding none he shoots his eyes back to your face. 

“No,” you blubber. “Just I lost all my groceries and now I have to go get more but I have no money because I have no job to get more. That was all I had.”

Bucky blinks a couple times taking you in before a grin slides on to his face pulling your face to look at him, “Hey I happen to know a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist that just might be able to help you out with that on. Come on let’s go see.” He grabs your hand leading you to the final car that holds just a few of the Avengers.

Well maybe today won’t be so bad after all. 

unoriginaltrashy  asked:

Perhaps a mer!junkrat and human!reader whom found junkrat and eventually befriended him?

Similar to something @hawkevalentine requested so I put them together

Fourth of July, you smiled as you reminisced on all of the good memories you had from the holiday. You were spending this day on the boardwalk with friends, as you usually did. This time felt different though, you felt a need to go to the boardwalk, and when you got there you felt like you had to sit at the edge of the dock; separated from the rest of the festivities around you. Glancing at the hotdog you had in your hand, currently untouched and still in the flimsy cardboard tray it was served in. The thought of eating seemed unappealing to you right now so you set it to the side and looked out at the ocean. The lights that were reflected from the fair behind you lit up the ocean, making it look as if the festivities were underwater.

“You gonna eat that?” you heard, turning your head to the source of the sound you were shocked to see a man with ragged hair peeking out from the water. It scared you so much you nearly fell off the boardwalk, but you did let out a scream. The loud noise frightened the man and he immediately sunk back into the water.
“Wait!” you called out, wanting answers as to what exactly the man was doing and why he wanted your hotdog. The top half of his head resurfaced, before the rest slowly followed behind. “Are you hungry? Do you want this?” you asked grabbing the hot dog and presenting it to the man. He eagerly nodded his head, eyes following the snack. “Alright you can have it, but first you have to answer a couple questions,” you said, he looked reluctant, but nonetheless agreed. “Who are you?” you asked
“Jamison, most people call me Junkrat” came the reply, barely above a whisper, but Australian accent noticeable.
“Alright, what are you doing in the ocean?” this question seemed to confuse him.
“Whaddya mean what am I doing here? This is where I live” he said, but even he sounded unsure of his reply. After a few more seconds of silence he added, “I’m a mer,” before submerging back into the water only to jump out a few seconds later, and you saw his tail; it was by no means grand and was slightly ugly, unlike what you had imagined a mer’s tail to look like. You were shocked, but still handed him the hot dog, he deserved it after all. He stuffed the food into his face all at once before sinking back into the ocean.

 Once you finally comprehended what had just happened you were mad at yourself for letting him go. You sprung to your feet and ran over to the nearest hot dog stand and grabbed an armful of them before returning to your spot. “Junkrat! Junkrat!” you called out multiple times, trying to find him again but to no avail. You had all but given up when the fireworks started and decided to just sit back and enjoy the show.

“What is that?” the familiar voice returned, you turned to look at the ocean and saw the man from before.
“Fireworks,” you said, still enjoying the spectacle but also excited the odd creature had returned.
“I want some,” was all he said, you giggled before grabbing one of the hot dogs you had bought and extended it towards him. He greedily took it, but this time when he as finished he didn’t return to the ocean.
“Hey, can you stay here for a minute? I got something for you,” you said, remembering the firecrackers and sparklers your friend had insisted on bringing.

 You were honestly surprised when you returned and saw the mer still waiting by the boardwalk. “Here,” you said handing him a sparkler. You put all the other stuff in your arms down before reaching out to light the sparkler. Junkrat’s eyes widened in excitement when the sparks started flaring, and you couldn’t help but laugh at his almost childlike attraction to them.So for the rest of the night you set off your own fireworks and fed the strange man hot dogs. It was easily your best Fourth of July yet.


  • you met in high school 
  • you know that guy that’s always carrying an instrument with them everywhere 
  • yeah that’s Jaehwan with his guitar, but he actually hasn’t been in a music class since 1st year 
  • claims ‘they didn’t appreciate his creative genius' 
  •  really he passed with a B and felt some type of way because he gave A+ effort 
  • Catch him the courtyard at lunch having a mini concert sometimes Sewoon is there with him. 
  •  And you, out of the kindness of your heart, are on the sidelines cheering him on and being his personal camera man 
  • just kidding, he pays you in snacks and foods in exchange for some quality camera work so he can post it on YouTube 
  • anyways but you and Jaehwan have always had classes together 
  • so you were casual in-school-only friends 
  • until one day you decided to ask him to teach you guitar 
  • you received one for a birthday a while back and you’ve just never used it because you don’t know how until you remember you have someone who might be able to teach you 
  • and Jaehwan, will never admit it, but he loves to be praised and to show off his skills so he agrees to teach you 
  • so you exchange numbers and plan a date and time to meet 
  • you end up meeting at your house 
  • when the lesson begins, apparently your guitar is ‘horrendously out of tune' 
  • so you spend the first 15 minutes learning how to tune it properly 
  • now Jaehwan isn’t.. the best teacher 
  • he’s just very straight forward, it’s either you get or you don’t and if you don’t get it…..he literally has no idea how else to explain it to you cause it makes sense to him why don’t you understand??? 
  • ‘maybe this just isn’t your thing' 
  • you mumbling 'maybe I should have asked sewoon..’  
  • 'what did you say?' 
  • ’ I SAID….. show me one more time' 
  • so you continue to practice the chords he showed you for about an half an hour until you feel finger tips going numb 
  • you just set your guitar down sighing 'I need a break, I’m gonna make some ramen. Do you want some?' 
  • looks up from his guitar 'sure if it’s not too much trouble' 
  • and as you two eat you realize you have a lot more in common then you originally thought 'oh god I hated that teacher, I forgot you were in the same class as me then' 
  • 'Oh I loved that movie too!! We should have a movie night one day' 
  • Eventually, he has to leave but you agree to meet up again the next week and after that it sudden became a ritual to meet up ever once or twice a week out of school
  • you both just enjoy each other’s company and can talk about the most random things for hours 
  • he’d always bring his guitar when you two hang out but after a while you kind of stop bringing yours (because you’ve secretly been getting real lessons from Sewoon, shhhhh)  and if you’re over his house you just end up watching Netflix or playing video games 
  • probably calls or texts you in the middle of the night to ask your opinion on song lyrics 
  • 'hey I wrote these lyrics can you read them over for me' 
  • 'Jaehwan it’s 2 in the god damn morning
  •  ’….and you’re awake and replying to me so I don’t see the problem' 
  • you: (눈_눈) but no matter what you always help him when he asks 
  • 'well this line doesn’t really make sense' 
  •  ’yOU DOnt MAKE SeNSe’ 
  • easily offended when it comes to his work 
  • but still values your input so he’ll here you out 
  • when he calls, he’ll sing some songs he’s been working on and it’s nice cause his voice is like honey and sometimes you might… accidentally fall asleep 
  • 'So y/n what did you think about that?… y/n? Did you fall asleep? This wasn’t a goD DAMN LuLLABY!! Wake UP you jERK!
  • you wake up next morning with messages saying how he’s never gonna ask for your help again. Dramatic 
  • but he’ll call again later that week cause your the only one who won’t curse him out for calling so late at night 
  • (low key thinks it’s cute that you fall asleep to his voice, won’t admit it though) 
  • somehow always knows when you’re not happy 
  • willing to give you your space and not push you if you don’t want to talk but won’t let it drag on 
  • will barge into you home with your favorite snacks and sit with you until you’re ready to talk about it
  • sometimes he’ll just strum his guitar to combat the silence or he’ll let you lay your head in his lap to comfort you  
  • acts like he doesn’t care most of the time but actually really loves all his friends and just wants to see them all living well and happy (( Tsundere af))
  • always feels like he needs to prove himself.. even when he doesn't 
  • 'Hey y/n, you know Sewoon is my best friend and all… ' 
  • 'Wait I thought I was you’re best friend' 
  • *ignores you* ’..but I’m a better guitar player than he is, right? Like be honest here I won’t tell" 
  •  'What? No, you’re both equally talented' 
  • 'But I’m older so I’m better' 
  • 'Jaehwan age has nothing to do with talent' 
  • 'Why can’t you just support me y/n' 
  •  Or 
  •  'Hey y/n what you laughing at over there?’ -
  • 'Oh Seongwoo just sent me this meme, he’s so funny' 
  • 'I’m funny too' 
  •  'Yeah funny looking' 
  •  'Rude. No y/n, listen, I’m funny too.’ Proceeds to tell you jokes that he probably heard from Jisung or Seongwoo 
  • 'Why are you like this????' 
  • Just a kid who wants to be the best in everything he does And wants to hear he’s doing well every once in while 
  • when he laughs, it’s probably you’re favorite thing. Even if what he’s laughing at isn’t even that funny, you can’t help laughing with him because his laugh is just so ridiculously loud and funny 
  • though sometimes in public you have to tell him to calm it down a bit 'Jaehwan relax, you’re gonna make some kid cry' 
  • 'Stop being dramatic, I’m not that loud’ but then you point at a little girl holding her ears closed and on the verge of tears 
  • and Jaehwan starts pushing you out the store 'We gotta go immediately' 
  • he’s one of those friends you’ve probably thought about being in a romantic relationship with because you two just click 
  • but then you look over on the couch where he’s sitting, eating crumbs off his shirt and those thoughts immediately leave your head 
  • a platonic soulmate 
  • someone you know, no matter where you go in life or what paths you take, they’ll always be there for you
Nick and Judy’s...

New roommate! Judy’s cousin Jack Savage! Yay!

I actually like the idea of Jack staying with Nick and Judy since he already has to protect Nick and his pregnancy and be Judy’s temporary partner while Nick is at home. He sleeps on the couch, which he fine with, since Nick and Judy already have the other 2 rooms.

Haha I can picture it now with Jack being woken up almost every night from Nick having cravings in the middle of night and rummaging through the kitchen. But don’t worry Nick and Jack are friends ^^ even though Nick can be a little moody and cranky towards him at times, Jack never takes it personally and usually ignores it and forgives Nick. They grow very close as the months go by.

Jack: Nick. Go to bed. It’s 3 am!

Nick: Shut up. You don’t tell me what to do.

Jack: I’m telling Judy.

Nick: Go on and tell. I ain’t scared.

Jack: Judyyyy!!

Nick: Alright, man…dang! *quickly heads back to his room along with some of his snacks*

I have some sketches of Jack, Judy, and Nick that I’m finishing up. Now Jack has joined the goofballs! And he’s becoming one of them! XD 

Crash into Me (Ch.6)

(Juice x OC Janna)

Special thanks to my girls @juiceboxxortiz & @chaosmieu for the incredible support on this!!

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

The next weeks they would get up and go to work where Janna continued to work well with everyone. Juice kept up with Gemma’s paperwork and Janna would work on Juice’s bike. At the end of each day Janna and Juice would go home and where they would continue to fall harder and harder for one another each day.

Everyone began to notice the two growing closer and closer. “Hey man” Jax came into the shop. “So you and Janna?”

Juice chuckled at his friends utter lack of tact. “Yeah me and Janna.” He smiled.

“So things are going good?”

“I guess man. We haven’t really talked about it.”

“Bro it’s been what? Almost 2 months now?”

“Yeah.. don’t say nothin but my foots fine, been fine for 2 weeks. I just…”

“You don’t want her to go.” Jax finished for him. Juice nodded Jax wanted to help ‘Shit what would Chibs say?’ Their Scottish brother with all the answers was gone on a run to meet with the Irish and Jax was lost… or was he. “Hold up.” And he ran out of the office. Returning a few moments later with the only other man that had any advice worth listening to.

“What the shit boy?” Bobby grumbled.

“Tell him.” Jax said to a very thrown off Juice. “Go ahead.” He prompted.

Jax gave up and filled Bobby in on what was happening. Bobby siged and looked over at their youngest member. “You gotta tell her Juice. And I don’t just mean that you want her to stay. You gotta give it all to her. How you feel that you want her to stay. And not just that.”

“What do you mean?” He had a feeling he knew but he needed to hear it.

“The club boy. You’ve gotta give it to her straight. You can’t promise sunshine and rainbows but you can promise honesty. This life.. it’s all or it’s nothing.”

Juice shook his head knowing full well that Bobby was right. Hell, Bobby was always right.

Janna had just finished stripping Juice’s bike for paint when she felt a presence behind her. Turing around she saw a man with tattoos from the top of his head all the way to his knuckles. “May I help you?”

“You Janna?” At her nod he flipped the tooth pick in his mouth and stepped forward. “Happy” He introduced himself.

“Oh my God! Hi! Yes! Perfect timing I just finished stripping the bike. Did you need a picture? I found some at the house.” Janna rambled on in a flurry sending the Tacoma killers eyebrows to what would’ve been a hair line if he had hair.

Tig was leaned against his bike giggling like an idiot when Bobby and Jax stepped out of the office where they had left Juice with some serious thinking to do. “Do we even wanna know?” Bobby asked knowing a happy Tig usually mean something unpleasant was happening. Tig just kept laughing and pointed.

Following his finger Jax and Bobby saw that in this case at least, his laughter was brought on by just one person’s misfortune. That person was Happy. “Oh man this is too good.”

They watched on betting how long it would take for Happy’s resolve to break and him to snap at the adorable bubble that was a bouncing Janna chatting his head off.

After thirty minutes of still nothing the guys figured Happy was just tougher than he looked in the patience department and gave up all hope of Janna’s bubble being popped when  they saw Happy nod and Janna squeal with delight giving him a peck on the cheek and skipping off in search of Juice.

“What the hell?” Tig looked to Bobby Jax and the prospect who had walked up.

“Maybe he likes her?” Half-Sack butted in.

“Shut up prospect. Don’t you have shit to clean up?” Tig grumbled.

That night Janna woke up to cold sheets. Sitting up she saw Juice’s crutches still by the bed. She decided to investigate and made her way down the hall where she heard humming. Peeking around the corner she saw Juice walking not limping but walking just fine around the kitchen humming along as he made himself a midnight snack. Slipping away she went quietly back to bed a small smile playing at her lips as she thought of only one reason he’d still be faking injuries.

The next morning Juice came hopping down the hall to the kitchen for breakfast. Janna rolled her eyes at his over exaggeration. “If you’re hungry there’s an omelette on the stove.” She smiled at him.

“Uuhh thanks.” He said using the crutches still Janna laughed watching him try to carry his plate and maintain his “limp”. “What’s so funny?”

“You.” She stated “try just walking.”

“I can’t” He shot back.

“Oh we’re still playing this game. I see.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hmm? Nothing babe.” Janna faked innocence.

Juice sighed dropping his chin to his chest and dropping the crutches and walking over to her. “Oh my God Babe!!! It’s a miracle you can walk!!!”

“Ok ok how long have you known?” He gave in.

“I suspected it for a while if mean the actual bruise has nearly faded and there is no way that you still need the crutches when you’ve been getting up on your own. But I went with it not completely sure. However you ruined it for yourself lastnight.” Juice raised his eyebrows smirking at her break down. “Last night I woke suddenly, and so so cold.” She said sadly for dramatic effect. “Reaching out for my lover slash personal space heater I quickly realized I was alone.” Janna faked wiping away a worried tear. Juice just chuckled. “Suddenly I heard a strange noise from the kitchen. Thinking the worst I bravely made my way down the hall. Expecting the blood of my Puerto Rican boy toy strewn all over the kitchen I braced myself to face a malicious intruder. Only instead I found my bronzed bone machine dancing around the kitchen humming, fixing himself a midnight snack.”

Juice was nearly in tears trying to keep from laughing at her outrageous names for him. “You know what the worst part is?”

“What’s that babe?” He couldn’t wait to hear this.

“You don’t even make me a snack while you were in here.” She faked hurt.

“Oh baby I am so sorry. Please tell me how I could ever make it up to you??” He played along.

“Well.. now that you mention it there is one thing but I don’t think you’d be up for it.”

“No babe tell me. Anything you want name it and I’ll make it happen.”


“Anything.” He promised. That was a mistake because a slow smirk started to spread over Janna’s face.

“Well I have always had a fantasy about being a rich lady with a hot pool boy named Miguel.”

“Looks like I’m gonna have to get us a pool the huh?” He smiled finishing his omelette.

Pulling into work without the crutches and Juice driving the truck. Everyone cheered their friend. “Well looks like you’re back on your feet.” Gemma smiled giving Juice a hug. Completely ignoring Janna in the process. “Does this mean you’re back to work too?”

“Yep I’m good to go.”

“Actually Ma we need Juice. You good to ride man?” Jax cut in.

“Yeah but I don’t have my bike fixed yet.”

“Actually…” Janna said with a smirk, and took off running to the garage.

“You didn’t?” Juice followed her into the garage over to the table. Pulling back the tarp Janna revealed Juice’s fully restored bike. “You did!! Holy shit babe this is amazing!”

As the guys helped get the bike down Gemma watched the group suspiciously. “This looks great. But I need Juice, we have a legitimate business we gotta keep up with here.”

“Ow bout Janna keep fillin in? She’s been doing great so far.” Chibs cut in.

“I really don’t mind Gemma. I’ve…”

“I don’t know.” Gemma cut her off “I haven’t been here and how do I know shes actually any good and not just some hot piece for you all to stare at?”

Janna clenched her fists and took a deep breath.   “Ma she’s really is good it’ll be fine.” Jax assured her. “Juice you’re with Chibs. Ope, you’re with me.“  With that the guys made their way to their bikes. Spotting Tig Jax motioned him closer. “Hey do me a favor?”

“Sure man” Tig said wiping his mouth of the candy bar he’d been snacking on.

“Keep an eye on those two.” He indicated to Janna and Gemma.

“No problem.” He assured him.

A few hours and three cars later Janna was underneath an old Carola working the rusty oil plug loose when Gemma came in the garage. “Tiggy I need you to check the breaks on the Buick. I don’t think it was done right they’re still squealing.”

“No no Janna just did that one.” He complained having done this same thing to the Accord Janna had done earlier and finding nothing wrong.

“That’s why I want you to look at it she probably didn’t do it right.”

“FUCK!!” Tig and Gemma turned to see Janna rolling out from under the Carola, blood pouring from over her eye.

Gemma just looked to Tig with raised eyebrows as if to say ‘See? Incompetent’. 

“Ya know? What is your problem?” Janna asked ignoring the blood dripping down from her eye to her neck and down her chest.

“My problem DARLIN” Gemma said sarcastically. “Is little tarts coming in on my boys and using them.”

“USING HIM?!?” Janna yelled

“Yeah USING him. You come in here from off the streets, spread your legs and now your living with him??”

“I didn’t ask to live with him. I caused the accident so I decided to be a decent human being and help him in any way I could.”

“Well he’s all better now?? You can go.” Gemma crossed her arms over her chest.

“That’s not your decision to make. That’s Juice’s and mine and so far he hasn’t asked me to leave…”

“Well that’s because he’s blinded by easy pussy” Gemma cut her off. “He can’t see you for what you really are..”

“Oh and I suppose you think you do?” Janna cut her back off “Let me guess you think I’m just some stupid whore using Juice for what money??” At Gemmas nod of ‘you said it not me’ Janna growled. “You know what you need to pull your tit out of his mouth and let him be the grown ass man that he is and make his own fucking decision.”

Gemma saw red and grabbed a wrench off the table taking a step towards Janna.

“WHOA WHOA WHOA” Tig grabbed Gemma around the waist pulling her back.

“Let her go!” Janna demanded picking up her own wrench. “I ain’t scared of shit. You wanna do this like some back ally street brawl?? Let’s go bitch!!”

“What the hell is this?” Jax came running up with Opie on his heels.

“Jesus” Opie said pulling the wrench out of Janna’s hand and looking at her eye.

“Shit!” Jax said seeing the blood “Ma you didnt..”

Gemma’s eyes went wide at the accusation and she thew her wrench down storming off to the office slamming the door in her wake.

Just then Juice and Chibs pulled up and Janna groaned. Walking in Juice immediately ran to Janna. “Jesus Christ baby what happend?”

“Gemma hit her in the head with a wrench.” Jax supplied.

“No no no” Tig stopped them “Gemma never hit her.”

“He’s right” Janna backed him up. “I did this on my own.” At their confused looks she explained. “Gemma came out while I was under the car and said somethings and … I don’t know.. I got frustrated and yanked on the socket wrench. It slipped.” She ended sheepishly.

“You hit your own face with a socket wrench?” Juice asked her a smirk playing on her lips.

“Keep up the jokes and we’ll see who’s laughing in the end..” She smirked back and leaned in “Miguel.”

The guys were instantly uncomfortable with their flirtatious attitude in the wake of screaming and blood.

“Come on love.” Chibs jumped in. “Let’s patch you up.”

Once Chibs had Janna patched up Juice insisted on driving Janna home on his bike. “But my truck?” She was nervous about riding the bike.

“We’ll get it tonight.” At her quizzical look he siged. “SAMCRO party tonight. You’re prolly gonna have to drive me home anyway.” He smiled holing up the helmet to her. Janna relented and took the helmet.

“Oh my God that wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought.” She giggled as the pulled up. Juice couldn’t help but join in the infectious smiling.

Watching her smiling in the sunshine shaking her hair out huge grin decorating her face. Juice once again found himself thinking she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever had the privilege of seeing.

“Come here.” He said pulling her in for a heated kiss. At Janna’s moan Juice squeezed her a bit tighter to himself, and let his hands roam.

At the clearing of a throat they jumped apart. “Sorry Mr and Mrs Martin.” Janna giggled as Juice pulled her away from the prying eyes of the elderly couple across the street.

Pulling her into the house Juice backed her up against the door. Feeling his lips trail down her neck and his large warm hands spread over her stomach under her shirt Janna was lost in the feel of him. Suddenly like a freight train rushing through her mind a mocking voice brought her back to reality. ‘He’s blinded by easy pussy’ Gemma’s voice mocked. Echoing through her memory.

Janna froze. “Babe you ok?” Juice asked sensing her tension.

“Hmm yeah.” She assured him giving a small peck of a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Are you hungry?” She attempted distraction moving around him and into the kitchen. “We should probably eat and then get ready if we’re going tonight.”

Juice followed her curiously “What’s wrong Janna?”

“Nothing.” She sapped

“Bullshit” He called her out.

“What does it matter?” She huffed “I’m leaving anyway.”

“What?!” He was starting to get pissed. “Why the hell would you leave.”

“Look it’s been fun Juice but we knew this was temporary. I help you get better and then … ”

“And then what Janna? You just gonna leave? Seriously?” They stared at eachother unsure of what to say. “I want you to stay.”

“You don’t know what you want Juice.” She wanted to cry. “You’re just blinded by easy pussy.” Janna mumbled ashamed of what she felt was the truth.

“That’s not you…” he started but Janna cut him off.

“How would you know? Huh? We barely know each other it’s been what? A.. a… a month?”

“Two months.” He corrected. “It’s been two months of you and me 24 fucking 7. And you don’t live with and work with and spend every God damn second of every God damn day  with someone and not get to know them enough to know when their words aren’t their own. If any thing you sound like Ge….” he stopped she sounded like Gemma. “What was it you and Gemma were fighting about.”

“Forget it Juice.” She brushed him off.


Tears were slowly starting to fall down her cheeks. But he couldn’t stop the fear of her leaving him manifesting its self into anger. “I HAVE BEEN FAKING BEING MORE HURT THAN I AM FOR THE PAST 3 WEEKS BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT YOU GONE! JESUS CHRIST JANNA I LOVE YOU!”

Janna froze looking into his eyes. ‘Shit!’ He mentally kicked himself. This was not how this was supposed to happen. He ran a frustrated hand down his face and stormed up to her. Grabbing her face he planted a hard kiss to her mouth. ‘Just one more for the road.’ He thought looking into those mesmerizing eyes trying to remember them as best he could before he never saw them again.

Janna looked into his deep dark eyes full of hurt as his jaw ticked wishing it had words to make her stay while his thumbs brushed away tears from her eyes. Then he was gone.

The next thing she realized was the sound of his bike leaving down the road.