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Last week of waiting. *Excited AF* Nothing can spoil my mood. Time for some LOVE-HATE, ANGRY SEX & SHUT UP KISSES. Can’t wait for the tags to blow up & for the fanfic avalanche.

All hail to NAPKIN! Long sail thee!


Deep Rooted ~ NapKin AU

Imagine they were enemies turned lovers in high school - a romance of young hearts that ends bitterly. And then they were fated to meet again; circumstances - not so different.

***I wanted to do this ever since I was reintroduced to the fact that Dylan Sprayberry played young Clark Kent in Man of Steel.


A Marriage of Convenience ~ Wedding Day (NapKin AU)

N: “You mustn’t be indulging in the exuberance of this day. It is but a pretentious affair. Rather, you ought to be praying that I do not kill you tomorrow.”

I: “And you ought to be praying that I do not kill you tonight." 

***Enemies bound in wedlock. Friction igniting sparks and all. Are we ready for the AUs yet? Anyone can pick this up for a drabble or a fanfic ‘cause I’m too lazy & busy to write it myself for now atleast (may be later I’d try my hand at it). If you do, give me the whole sheBANG!