this maknae's ruining my bias list

Jaebum telling me how he actually ruined my bias list


The most accurate Twitter bio ever.😫

Got7 Info

@girl-by-the-lake I saw your asks in my email, but when I logged in and went to my inbox, they weren’t there! But I did see them, and I will list some things about them.

First off, BamBam is my bias. I freakin’ love him!

Evil Maknae (which every group has)

Youngjae English

Real Got7 (on netflix in some countries, if you don’t have netflix or it’s not in your country, jypentertainment has the videos with eng subs!)



“Are there actually moose in Canada?”

“How you know I’m not big?”


Mark’s ramen hair

“I’m from China.” “Are you sure?”


Basically look any of these up and your life will be blessed (and ruined)!

~Admin Unnie

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^^my bias groups colliding!!

jiminatemykookie  asked:

Can you do a bts and ikon reaction to you sneaking into their bed at night cuz you were scared XD

Rap Monster

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Namjoon would be like wtf at first, but once he realizes the situation he would ask you what was up, taking you in his arms groggily as you explained, chuckling as to how wimpy you are, scared of the dark like that.


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This man would be so annoyed, for real though. He’d probably just try and ignore you for a bit, but instinct would kick in and he would roll over, asking you what happened because deep down, even the sleep king gets worried


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Jungkook is such a heavy sleeper I’m not even sure if he would wake up. He probably would have just sensed your presence and rolled over, wrapping his arms around you in his sleep and giving you some cuddles


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Seokjin has such a kind heart and he would sit up, running his hand through his hair while inviting you to the extra spot next to him. He’d listen to you rant on your fear of the closet or the dark. Hearing this he would tell you that you were protected now, in his arms and nothing could get to you.


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Jiwon would open his eyes and chuckle, the sight of you crawling into his bed at 2 in the morning would make him so amused. This boy would make a joke out of it to lighten the atmosphere and to cheer you up a bit more, commenting on how you were such a scaredy cat.


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Donghyuk is such a cutie omf. He would take you in his arms, cracking a small joke so you can be a bit more comfortable before quietly explaining that you were okay and he was always there for you. Okay seriously though he would probably scientifically explain why nothing could be under your bed without the supernatural being cracking their head open on the wooden frame.


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Junhoe would be so annoyed lmao. Without opening his eyes he could have heard you walking into his room and he would just ask you, why? why now I’m trying to sleep. But unlike Suga, he would open up to it a bit more and sigh, finally giving in and taking you in his arms and burying his face into your hair. help me this man ruins my bias list asdfghjkl


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Our maknae would silently look over his shoulder only to see you there, and immediately roll over and wrap his arms around your body to let you know that nothing is wrong and that you don’t have to be afraid, before planting a kiss on your forehead.