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I tried to read a rucas meta but then they started undermining maya's feelings like, oh she didnt /really/ mean that, she was mistaking it for /platonic/ feelings, which makesno sense bc if it were platonic there would literally be no feelings at all

There is basically ZERO irrefutable evidence that Maya questions the basic nature of her feelings. Only the intensity of them and what to do about them. Maya has categorically stated at least three times that she likes Lucas, and her confusion in GMNY is centered entirely on what to DO (or not do) about her feelings. Riley, on the other hand, has questioned her feelings for Lucas several times, and was upset that Maya wouldn’t “tell her how she feels.” And she has never actually resolved that question on her own. She went from trying to get Maya to tell her how she feels to letting Farkle tell her how she feels.

And it’s really notable in light of the S&S thing that Farkle says “what you’re THINKING is how you really feel” in GMT3. He’s essentially saying that what she thinks she feels is WHAT she feels, but then the very next episode makes a distinction between what you think you should feel and WHAT YOU FEEL. If there is any evidence at all that either girl is confused about the basic nature of her feelings for Lucas, that evidence is pretty much entirely in the Riley column.

If Maya and Lucas didn’t have genuine romantic feelings for each other, none of this would be happening.