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Aggressive Love

Concept: Patton just has a lot of love to give and the others have been busy. FLUFF!!!!

Pairings: Platonic LAMP?

When it comes to working on a new video Patton knows to not expect the others home until it is completely finished. Roman is usually the first to show up to help write the script and then the last to leave because he wants to make sure that editing is done exactly right. Logan was usually the next side to appear to help speed this process along, without Logan forcing Princey to stay on topic it would take one whole week to do just the script. That was a problem with Roman since he is creativity, once he got going he just had so many ideas that he would skip from one idea to next, never really fleshing any of them out. Logan wrote down everything he said in order to possibly have ideas for later. Once one idea was decided on, Roman would still have bursts of creativity that would cause him to stray, this usually elicited a groan from the logical side before having to reign Roman in. Virgil, on the other hand, would come and go, he was there during the script writing process to give his thoughts on how the idea isn’t original or how the fans expect more. You can bet that he was there during the editing process forcing Thomas to save every three minutes or preferably less and making sure that each transition was meticulous and seamless.

Patton was usually there for the script writing and obviously the filming, but the editing was boring, they would go for an hour without speaking. He didn’t want to be a distraction but he also hated having to tone it down so the other could focus, that’s usually when he would take his leave. He would go cook or bake so that the others’ didn’t lose their strength. Patton knew that if he didn’t deliver the food, no one would eat, they would lose track of time or their need for perfection would cause them to postpone their own needs. He hated when they got like that since they were all part of Thomas they definitely all felt the need to put out their best work and for it to be done in a timely manner for the fans. Patton didn’t understand the logic behind that, if the other and Thomas refused to take care of themselves then they probably weren’t functioning at their best. So, Patton would deliver food to the others and usually get a few mumbles of “I’m not hungry” or “There isn’t time to eat” usually followed by someone’s stomach rumbling, he’d just roll his eyes and tell them to eat please.  After someone’s stomach growled that was the end of the discussion, then some mumbled “Thank you Pat” were said and he took his leave again.

Patton truly did hate being in the mindspace alone but this what was best he would eagerly wait for the others to come back, usually one at a time. It had been probably five hours since Patton had delivered food when Logan came back first much to his surprise. Now Patton knew the logical side was tired and not overly fond of surprises let alone surprise human contact but he couldn’t help himself. Logan walked through the doorway into the commons and was met with, “I missed you, Lo!” Logan was trapped in possibly the tightest hug ever given, “I missed you too Pat, but I do require oxygen.” Patton giggled and loosened his grip slightly, “I hate when you are all gone for long periods of time.” Logan squirmed slightly uncomfortable with the affection but figured there was no use, “I suppose it does take a lot out of you, hmm? You are by far the most outgoing and require other people to talk to or even have company with.” Patton nodded and felt Logan squirm again, “Accept my aggressive love,” he said as he squeezed harder. Logan laughed and then coughed due to the tight grip, “Pat, I know you missed me but can I go to bed, please? I’m exhausted and optimal hours of sleep will be required if we must continue working like this?” Patton reluctantly let Logan out of the bear hug, “Good night, Lo.” With that, the logical side returned to his room for some much-needed sleep.

Patton continued to wait up for Roman and Virgil there was no way he could go to sleep without them coming back. Around one in the morning Roman appeared, Patton dropped the pencil he was holding and tackled the fanciful side to the ground, “Roman I’ve missed you!” Roman chuckled, “No really Pat, I would’ve never known. Now may I get up?” Patton shook his head, “Nu-huh, if Logan put up with it for longer then you must too.” Roman laughed at the thought of Logan being in this position, “Fine, but I will amend this. I am a Prince, prince’s do not lay on the floor.” With that Roman flipped Patton over and now Patton was laying on the floor a giggling mess, Roman leaned his head down and rested it on the fatherly figure’s chest, he knew he would have to ask to leave again because Patton could stay like this forever, not that Roman was opposed. After a few minutes of this, Roman looked at Patton and said, “Well Padre, I must bid you farewell. If a Prince must slay then he has got to get beauty rest.” Roman gave Patton an innocent peck on the cheek and removed himself from their pile, offering Patton a hand to get up off the floor, then he left for his room.

Finally, around three in the morning Virgil came home. Patton knew this one had to be more graceful and less overwhelming so as to not cause the anxious trait any more anxiety than average. Patton was sitting on the couch, when he saw Virgil attempt to slink by, “Hey Virge, do you want to come sit with me?” The anxious trait looked taken aback to see anyone up at this time but he went over and sat next to Patton. Patton turned his entire body so he was facing Virgil, the darker persona squirming under the undivided attention, “Virgil may I hold your hand?” Virgil nodded, he knew that for Patton and himself that human contact was key. Patton intertwined his fingers with Virgil and gently squeezed. Patton was content but craved more contact, “Virgil would you like to lean your head against my shoulder.” He hated that he sounded like Logan, asking about everything before doing it. Virgil shrugged but, slid his head over so that his head was resting where Patton’s heart was, it was soothing to hear something so steady and unchanging. Patton looked down at his dark strange son, “I missed you, Virge,” it was barely above a whisper. Virgil squeezed the hand that was still intertwined and replied, “I missed you too dad.” After a few minutes Patton noticed that the other’s breathing had become different, sure enough, Virgil had fallen asleep. Patton weighed his options he could stay there like this until he woke up or take Virgil back to his own room. He didn’t want to enter Virgil’s room without his consent so he settled for sitting there content. It was not often he got to snuggle with anyone.

Logan, Roman, and Virgil would probably never admit it but their favorite part about doing these videos was coming back home to Patton. They all appreciated what he did for them so much that they might as well return the favor with physical contact, even if it was slightly out of character for Logan and Virgil. This was important for Patton, and they wanted him to realize how valued he was. While it was weird the first time, now that this was a common occurrence after any video, the others had come to love it. They wouldn’t trade this fluff ball for anything in the world.

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Since I have to use *shudder* traditional media for a week, I decided to try making a Flowey. I would clean this up and stuff but I also don’t have a scanner for a week so

(If anyone knows a good Android app for photo editing right on your phone please send me one. This is alright but I could use some brightness adjustments)

Coming Back

I know a few of you have seen my surprise post of one of Evy’s episode covers. I honestly didn’t know how to post that I am coming back online. I didn’t know what the response would be, if it would be negative or angry, which I would fully deserve given how I left you all. So I wanted to test the waters and the response I got just from that was overwhelming and gave me the courage to swallow my shame at how I went so silent and write to you all about why it happened.

This is going to be a long note, be prepared: 

A lot’s happened since the last time I posted and I’m sorry it’s been so long. I really cannot apologize enough for pretty much dropping off the face of the earth :( I am deeply sorry if I scared anyone or worried you all. A lot of little things had sort of mashed together all at once and it got too overwhelming to keep updating and posting. I was having a lot of trouble finding balance in my life outside of fanfiction and I needed time to really reevaluate and reassess some choices and things I was doing to get to a better place.

It’s no excuse for not at least giving you fair warning, I know. I honestly felt I had to stay away from tumblr and the internet in general for a long time because I knew that if I went on and saw even one person’s concern or hopes that I’d come back soon, I’d end up coming back and trying to post before I was ready. I knew that I’d force myself to keep going and it would just burn me out faster and make it that much harder to get back in after. I was afraid I’d start to feel like I was only doing fanfiction for other people and not because it was a story I loved and wanted to get out there, that it was a passion I had. I didn’t want that to fizzle out or get crushed under a possible resentment. Because I love fanfiction and I love my readers and I would never want that to happen. I always feel like I’m disappointing people if I can’t continue the way I was, even if I realistically and logically know that things happen and come up beyond our control and most would rather me be healthy and well and posting sporadically instead of pushing myself to update every single day. I knew that I’d push myself to get right back on the way I was going even though I was aware it wasn’t working and was starting to really affect my real life :(

I’m not 100% ready to get back to posting fanfiction, to be honest, right now things are almost twice as stressful as when I stopped coming on tumblr/ 

When I went silent, my job was just entering summer and I was not at all prepared for how busy and exhausting that would be, on top of that also being me working towards my Master’s. 

It didn’t get better or calmer. Managers, instead of returning us to normal, sane hours, began to put almost everyone on longer shifts and more days a week than we signed up for to compensate for a few of my coworkers leaving. 

By the time more people were hired, it was the holiday season and I was praying for a swift death (not literally, but working retail during those months is a nightmare that sucks your soul out of you). 

I got to a point where I really thought things were calming down. The holidays passed, I’d gotten my Masters, I was looking for a calmer, more structured job…and our Manager quit. 

I got promoted, which was nice. I get benefits now, I make $.75 more an hour which is something. But that meant full time hours. Where I work, we have a manager and then three leads, sort of like assistant managers. 

Our manager quit, so it fell to me and two others to basically manage everything ourselves. Then one of the other leads transferred to another store. Now it is just me and one other person responsible for EVERYTHING. On top of that, neither of us were formally trained, because our manager quit before we were promoted to leads. We basically have no idea what we’re doing and we’ve been without a manager for 5 months now (when other stores got one within a week of their manager leaving).

I got a second job. I’m now a professor! (Proffy would be so proud!) I only teach two classes as an adjunct, but it means a lot more stress and less time than I had just being a lead, which I still am. 

My brother got married and a lot of the stress I felt was in the engagement period, because they were just miserable together, nearly called it off 3 different times, and just made the entire family tired and sick to our stomachs for months on end. He didn’t even make it 5 months before filing for a divorce. HE was a MAJOR cause of a lot of my stress the last year. He and his “wife” causing drama around each turn and it’s exhausting after a while.

My brother, when he’s miserable, is mean and loud and just upsetting to be around and, because I’m the quiet one, I’m the one he would usually lash out against. I’m in therapy now because of how he acts towards me and our family, in therapy for dealing with social anxiety which got worse over the last year, and with trying to work on things that cause me fear and are out of my control, as well as trying to work on self-esteem issues and sorting through how my family, in how they act/talk/treat me, has likely messed me up a little more than I thought. It was a very overwhelming year.

And, of course, right around the time my brother and his now-ex-wife “separated,” it was summer again at my work and even more stressful and busy and exhausting :(

I’m not posting this to excuse going silent on all of you. It was not a good thing to do and I should have posted at least a note about it. 

I honestly didn’t think it would last this long. I kept thinking “It’s ok, I’ll feel better and more driven tomorrow” and before I knew it, a week had gone by, then a month, and now here we are :( I really am so sorry it’s taken me this long.

Another big part of it was that, to me, I write and edit and post fanfiction when I’m not feeling happy. I do it to make myself happy, to have that one thing that makes me smile and gives me something to look forward to.

At the beginning of my job, once my social anxiety simmered down and I got to know my coworkers and engage with them more, I loved being there. I was happy. I liked going to work and that became my thing that I looked forward to. My need to be on fanfiction constantly started to go down a little. I still had a lot of my stories prewritten, but the drive to actually edit as much as I want to and to really keep going started to dwindle. 

The stress is back. Without a manager and so much of that sort of duty falling onto just me and one person, I am beyond stressed. I’m not very happy at work right now. It seems like every week another person is leaving, which makes us understaffed and more stressed. Anyone we hire new can’t be fully or effectively trained without a manager and with only 2 leads who struggle to make sure the actual seasoned employees aren’t messing up now that there’s no one there to enforce consequences. Now I’m looking to fanfiction again to help get my mind off things and really make it that thing that calms me down and distracts me. It’s probably not a good thing that I have to feel stressed and upset and anxious and a mess of other negative emotions to really feel that kick to write, but that just seems to be how it works with me :/

Again, I’m not posting this as an excuse, there is no excuse for going silent like that. I just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been going on with me and why it took me a while to get back to it all.


It may still be a while, whether that’s a few weeks or even a month or two, before you’ll see the actual stories being updated again. 

As I mentioned before, I’m teaching two classes on top of another full-time job and one of those classes is an intensive 7-week course that starts in about a week. So, at the very least, don’t expect fanfiction to resume till that point is over. I have a feeling that class will kill me before then lol.

It’s going to take me a little while to get into a pattern and routine, to work out how much time grading papers will take and how to balance it with my fulltime job. It’s going to take me some time to refresh my stories and make sure I’m not getting one plot or character confused with another. And it will take time for me to understand how much I can handle doing in a certain day or week and couple that with writing and editing again.

I’m going to start small. 

First I’m going to focus on tumblr and sorting through my inbox. I want to try and answer at least a few messages a day until my inbox is empty again. So that may take…quite a while now that I look at the box lol. 

Then I’m going to really look at my stories, how much I have left of the ones currently in progress, how much time it would take to complete which ones, and try to work out some sort of updating schedule and let you all know what’s coming.

I’ll be more present on tumblr now, but it may still be a while before the stories on are updated. 

The more unhappy I am, the more ideas I have for stories (seriously, just this morning I had an idea for a Flash story, and I haven’t really followed it much) and I’m really trying to not get too ahead of myself.

I didn’t want to come back before I was sure I could deliver. So I’m not going to make promises I’m not sure I can keep.

I know that I WILL be updating stories again, but I can’t promise a specific date. I know that I WILL be on tumblr more and answering questions (oldest to newest), that I can promise.

It may be slow going, but I’ll get there. I just have to work on managing my time and building myself up again. I don’t want to use all my spare time writing fanfiction, end up editing stories at 3 in the morning, and getting 3 hours of sleep before two jobs. I did that in the past, it’s not good for me. I need to find a way to pull a Tim Gunn and make it all work ;)

I wanted to take a second to thank you all for being so patient and understanding. I know I went silent and it was not cool at all, and I’ve only just glimpsed my inbox and seen the overwhelming number of asks throughout the year, even up to a few days ago, asking if I was ok and hoping things were ok on my end. You have no idea what that means to me. To have been gone so long and still have people checking in over a year later, guys, I almost started to cry. 

When I started writing, I never thought that anyone would like it. I would have been content if just one person thought a story was ok. To look at it now and see that my work has had such an impact as to elicit concern like that after over a year of silence? I have never been more touched and humbled. 

I love all of you so much and I really am so sorry for not being around more. I’m working my way back up and, little by little, I know I’ll get back to posting the stories again. 

You’ve stuck with me this long, just hold out a little longer and I’ll do my best to deliver some good twists, new perspectives, and (hopefully) awesome OCs :’)

To end on another positive note…another reason I’ve been offline is…

I’m working on converting one of my OCs (a Doctor Who one) and their story into an original novel/series and it’s taken a lot of my concentration the last few months. So, who knows, maybe we’ll see something of that one day too.

Thank you all again for being so patient with me and so concerned. I’m back on tumblr for now and I’m hoping to get back on fanfiction soon too :’)

Really Need Some Help

My girlfriend and I have been without a permanent residence for a few months now and are also both out of work. We’re both actively looking, but in the meantime, her unemployment benefits and my freelance writing are all we’ve got to get by. I’ve been writing a ton and doing random editing gigs for folks here and there as well.

So, we had a temporary lodging situation lined up this past week that didn’t work out how we planned, leaving us back to square one without a place to stay. Chanel’s had a couple of interviews this week and I’ve got some new day job prospects but right now we’re just trying to get enough together to make it through the next few days until her next unemployment check comes in.

Any amount someone can spare or reblog this would be a huge help to us and greatly appreciated.$domgriffin

Happy Birthday Dan

Since I lost the thing that I was going to post today, I wrote this instead. I hope you enjoy it! 

Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 796
Summary: Phil makes a video for Dan’s birthday, in which he tells Dan all the things that he can’t tell him to his face
Disclaimer: These characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them. This is a work of fiction and should be viewed as such.

 Phil switched on the camera and sat back on the bed, looking into the dark lens. He took a few deep breaths before speaking. “Hi Dan. So, it’s your birthday! Twenty-three years old, wow. You’re the same age as I was when we first met now.” Phil laughed, letting out a shaky breath as he relaxed slightly. “So, I’m making this video because there are some things that I feel I need to say, that I don’t say often enough. Or, well, ever really.” Phil paused, rubbing the back of his neck. “I could say it to you in real life. I mean, you’re only in the next room.” He laughed again, nervously. “But I’m not good at saying these things, and you’re not good at listening to them, so I’ll do it like this.” Another deep breath, eyes focussed on the camera.

“The first time we met you were just this shy eighteen year old, who didn’t really have a clue what he was doing. And I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you, Dan.” A small smile, pulling at the corner of his lips. “You’ve come so far since then, become more talented and so much more confident. Your popularity has gone way up, and it’s absolutely brilliant. You’re absolutely brilliant.” Phil could feel the blush creeping onto his cheeks, but he kept going. “When we got the radio show I was so happy, but I couldn’t have done it without you. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am now. And I know that goes both ways, and I know that we both already know it, but I think that sometimes it just needs to be said, you know?”

He paused, glancing down at his feet before looking back up to the camera. “We do so much together now, what with the radio and the fact that neither of us ever go outside,” he laughed. “But I just wanted you to know that I’m not bored of it, I’m not bored of you, and I can’t imagine that I ever will be.”

Nearly done. Just a few more lines and then he can turn the camera off. “You’re more than just a co-worker to me, more than just a flatmate. You are honestly the best friend that I have ever had, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” A shy grin, tongue poking out of the side of his mouth. “Happy birthday Dan. Here’s to another great year.”

Phil flashed one last smile to the camera before standing up and ending the recording. He plugged the camera into his laptop quickly, transferring the files. Without editing, he saved and picked up the laptop, walking out of his room.

Entering the lounge, Phil dumped the laptop onto a surprised Dan’s lap. He looked at the screen and then groaned, looking back up at Phil. “Really, you want me to look through your video now? It’s my birthday and you’re going to make me work?” His tone was light, quite obviously joking, but Phil could tell that he would rather not do this right now. “You’re not even uploading until next week Phil, can you not wait until tomorrow for me to check it?”

“Just watch it.”

Dan groaned dramatically, pulling on the headphones that Phil passed him. He turned his attention to the screen as Phil retreated to the other side of the room, pulling his phone out of his pocket but not taking his eyes off Dan.

He watched as Dan pressed play, saw his look of surprise as the video started. He looked up at Phil, confusion written on his face, but Phil just smiled. Dan watched the video and Phil watched Dan, studying every expression carefully.

Eventually Dan pulled the headphones off, sliding the laptop off his legs and standing up. He walked quickly over to where Phil was standing and wrapping his arms around him tightly. Phil returned the hug happily, leaning his head on Dan’s shoulder. While Dan wasn’t opposed to contact like this, it wasn’t something that the two of them did often. At the beginning of their friendship they would hug pretty much every time they saw each other, almost as a reminder that the other was really there. They were so familiar with each other now that it just wasn’t needed. Not that Phil was complaining as Dan pulled him even closer.

“You know that I feel the same, right? You’re my best friend too.” Dan said quietly, still not releasing his grip on Phil.
“I know.“ Phil replied. "But it’s nice to be told, you know?”

They stayed pressed together for a little while longer until Phil pulled back, Dan stepping backwards too. “Takeaway?” Phil asked, smiling.

“Chinese sounds good.” 

Hetalia Fandom Hub June Interview: @inspirationalhetalia

For our first interview, I’m talking to @inspirationalhetalia, an edit maker and quote enthusiast!

Hi! Can you quickly introduce yourself for everyone?

I’m @inspirationalhetalia, but thankfully that’s not the name on my birth certificate. I’m CC. I have a name, it’s so surprising, I know. I’m 19 so a college sophomore and I cry as I write this, how am I 19 and still liking Hetalia. My blog’s actual purpose is putting Hetalia quotes on top of pretty pictures which is the dumbest idea ever but listen. On the side I do edits and graphics, which I know is what most people follow me for, ha. 

How long have you been in the fandom and how did you get into it?

I’ve been in the fandom since December 2010. Actually, how I learned about Hetalia is… probably not how most people did. So at that point in time, the website I frequented most was Cracked. And I was reading an older article. ‘9 Beloved characters Made Horrifying by Japan.’ And then I got to the second spot, awarded to Hetalia. But god I was actually kind of intrigued? So I checked it out. And I liked it. Here I am now. I actually took like a year-ish long hiatus in 2011 I think (the years blend together) but I came back. My strange addiction.

Did you check out anything else on that list? Could there be an alternate dimension where you didn’t end up a Hetalia fan?

I HAVE ACTUALLY. Hellsing is on there. Well I just saw a bit of the anime. And the top entry was Jesus. Never found the manga but god it looks so terribly fun. You know, I never had a Naruto phase. So alternate me who never liked Hetalia probably liked Naruto. I think I got the better deal.

What is your favourite thing about the fandom?

I think my favorite thing about the fandom are the creators. The ones who translate, who write, who make art. A lot of Hetalia is fandom-driven because Hima lives in the Twilight Zone or something. And that keeps it active and alive, which I’m thankful for. 

What do you enjoy most about making edits?

God, can there even be a favorite thing about making edits… every day when I open up GIMP I get to urge to punch it and then myself. That’s a joke. Mostly. I have a love-hate relationship with making edits. Since you asked about what I like about it, I’ll talk about the positive right now. When I actually have an idea, it’s so fulfilling to have what I had in mind come to pixelly life. But of course, I’m nothing without feedback. So I stalk tags like they’re zebras and I’m a hyena that hasn’t eaten in a week. And when I see someone has said something nice about what I made, it makes me really happy (yes, I see what y’all write on everything I make). Not just in the tags though; also when people tell me directly. I actually keep a folder of all the nice things people say to me to cheer me up and keep me motivated. 

That folder sounds so cute! Maybe you can rummage through it and tell us what the nicest thing someone’s said to you has been?

Ohhh my god. Okay. Um. I’m looking through it but I don’t think I can pick like THE nicest thing. They’re all varied, from people saying they like what I do, to people just thanking me because what I do makes them happy, to people actually thinking I’m neat. Jesus I can’t pick. They all matter to me.

What usually gives you ideas for your edits?

I find inspiration (ba dum tsh) all over. Sometimes from seeing graphics for other fandoms. Sometimes in the real world, like seeing actual graphic design makes me go ‘Hey that gives me an idea.’ The layout of some websites sometimes set off a spark. Advertisements, too, especially when they use animation; I’m always looking for new animations. And TV shows and other anime, too. Okay so to sum up, in everything. I’ve done edits inspired by the opening to The West Wing, the opening to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the bags from Sephora, a painting in our bathroom, a bottle of soap, and a mousse bottle, to name a few.

Is there anyone in the fandom you look up to?

There’s some people I think are great and knowing they’re around makes me go like America in that one Beautiful World episode where he eats blowfish and doesn’t die and makes a victory pose.

Thank you very much to @inspirationalhetalia for being our interviewee! Please show this creator your love!

anonymous asked:

why do the models have the same outfit in all their commentary? like did they just watch all the footage and comment on them in one sitting

Reality show secret: they make contestants wear the same outfit every time they do interviews/confessionals on camera so that they can edit their sentences together however they want without it being obvious that the clips are from different times. That’s how they can show a clip of Mamé saying “Thank you, Jesus!” right after talking about how Lacey kind of messed up at the photo shoot, even though “Thank you, Jesus!” was probably Mamé celebrating something else entirely weeks before.


Side note: I’m going on a desert retreat for the weekend so you guys are all going to know who wins this show way before I do. Sorry for the bad timing - it’s not just the finale but Tyra’s birthday! no less - but I promise I’ll be back.