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It wouldn't make sense that Harry would stay with Sony if they're the ones behind still making Louis be a fake dad because that's still going on so does that mean maybe Sony isn't the one behind babygate

Sony is/was the most powerful player over One Direction and Louis (they’re a wayyyyyy bigger dog than Modest and they’re bigger than Simon/Syco, more so now than ever since they bought out so much of Syco), so I think the idea that they don’t have a hand in babygate is pretty ridiculous. Sony also could have stepped in to better promote MITAM and to stop Simon’s really obvious smear campaign against One Direction (and especially Louis) in the months leading up to the hiatus and they didn’t, I’m assuming because they knew One Direction would not be re-signing with any Sony label as a band, so that definitely puts Sony on my shitlist as well.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t struggle to understand why Harry would want to sign with Columbia/Sony because I don’t really get it at all - and this isn’t just a Larry thing because I think Sony fucked Harry over too because of how they handled things with One Direction when the clock started ticking on their contracts. However, I also know that there’s a lot we don’t know about how literally ANY of this went down - One Direction’s decision not to re-sign, how things were with Sony/Syco/Columbia behind the scenes, babygate (how it started, why it’s still going on, and how it’s going to end), Harry’s decision to sign some type of deal with Columbia and Sony, the details of that deal, and so on. And we also don’t know how the mess Louis is dealing with is going to be cleaned up and what label he’ll want to pursue future projects under (though I’m guessing it won’t be a Sony label considering they’ve napped through the entirety of JHO promo). We don’t know what was brought to the table in negotiations and what deals with the devil any of these boys have had to make to get even part of what they wanted because I think it’s clear that there were limitations on them (and there still seem to be, at least when it comes to Louis).

None of us wanted Louis to put out music under Syco and none of us expected him to considering the abuse they’ve hurled on him over the years, but JHO was distributed through them, so Louis clearly had to make a deal with the devil as well. And I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who pretends Harry and Louis were on an equal playing field with anything because I don’t think they are. I think Louis has been at an disadvantage for YEARS and for whatever reason, especially in 2015, Sony and Syco really had it out for him significantly more than any of the other boys, but I do think the example with JHO shows that the boys sometimes do things that aren’t ideal from our perspective and that probably aren’t ideal from their perspective either, and we don’t know the probably very complicated reasons for it and likely never will.

So I’m just trying (very very hard) to put my reservations and bitterness toward Sony aside and I’m just waiting to see what happens going forward.

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Jackson speaks both lol in Hong Kong Cantonese is the main dialect but in the majority of China Mandarin is becoming the largest language so if you ever wanna visit china its better to learn Mandarin since Cantonese is fading out a little

ahh i see wow thank you !! & yea they used to teach Mandarin at a class a school where i lived used to offer rather than Cantonese which makes sense bc its the dialect they use most widely throughout China, thanks for the info !! <3

Any of my older, more spiritually mature/knowledgeable followers wanna give me some input on a dilemma I’ve been having?
Here’s the deal: I think there’s something wrong with me? I’ve made jokes and stuff about having crushes who never notice me but that’s not true, because I’ve never actually had a crush??? Ever??? Most Christian girls (or any girls and even guys) dream about their future spouse, their children, wedding day, etc. but those thoughts never even crossed my mind until like last year? And even now, it’s not looking forward to those things, it’s like I feel like I’m supposed to feel jealous of friends in relationships or I feel like parents and friends are pressuring me to want to be married and have children or whatever, but I can’t/don’t feel that way at all. I know some people God intends to be single, but I’ve always associated that with missionary work and I’ve literally never once felt at all called to be a missionary so idk even what my question is. Just looking for input I guess??

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In that flashback with Quinn, I wonder if he, at the time, was the youngest one in the group, so that's why they gave him some "lovin'". Like he's their little brother who is always taking the abuse.👦🏻

No way to know for sure, but that’s the feeling I get. And it would make sense that most guys would be a little older, even if just as experienced, since Dar revealed in S5 that Quinn was the youngest ever recruited. Did you also notice how McClendon glanced at Quinn when he said those with hot dates would have to cancel? Quinn was probably coming home after a hookup, hence the teasing from his “brothers”.


lol it’s a mess I’m honestly also confused but basically after the other crap first a white person told me I should have made the post about Hermione being black or Jewish instead. (Way later got more or less an apology for this)

then in another thread on that post ppl started to go on about how Hermione, one of the most commonly hc-ed as black characters ever, is evil and demonic and “basically Taylor Swift” and how dare I call her kind and say she has a strong sense of justice in a lighthearted positivity post. Which in itself would have made me Uncomfortable enough. But part of their evidence for this is how she tried to get house elves to “unionize” and only on “her terms”. Which I mean

1) makes it sound like house elves are not slaves. Like she was trying to do something about their enslavement, not simply trying to get them to form a “union” when they are literally not employed but enslaved

2) yeah she went about it badly but she was a young teen and

3) she was literally the only human character I can think of who was actually outraged that wizards and witches keep slaves? Yet this somehow makes her evil? wtf. like by this logic almost no hp characters can be called kind and also not so many characters from other media lol what

4) me saying that as a black woman I really don’t want trivialization of and jokes about slavery on my post and also really don’t care for this “Hermione is demonic and a white woman” shit got ignored and laughed off

Yeah this is my attempt at summing up this mess but honestly as I said I’m kinda confused as well like I can not believe any of this happened and that so many ppl went along with it

Anyway black aro-spec Hermione is the best

Joys that Harry Potter Movie Only Fans will never know:

-How amazing Oliver Wood actually is OMG

-Dudley Dursley’s character development


-Minerva McGonagall, Quidditch Fanatic

-Luna Lovegood, Quidditch Commentator



-Sirius and Crookshanks: Ultimate Bromance

-“Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry!”



-Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood Platonicship OMG

-Remus showing off Baby Photos

-Percy coming to his senses and finally making a joke

-“‘Probably trying to get rid of a Wrackspurt,’ said Harry, who recognized the symptoms.”


-Amnesiac Gilderoy Lockhart

-Dobby’s ever growing mismatched sock collection


-Most of Tonks’s actual character

-Bill and Fleur’s actual relationship



-Hermione’s growing political awareness and activism

-The entire school (-slytherins) standing to defend Harry from Pansy Parkinson

-100+ pages of backstory, 10x the character depth and development

Pains that Harry Potter Movie Only Fans will never know:

-“He was tiny in death”

-Molly Weasley’s boggart

-Meeting Neville’s parents

-Re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban and realizing that the nice man who helped Harry with his homework and gave him free sundaes dies in the sixth book.

-“He had no memory of being hugged like this, as though by a mother”

-Remus feeling so ashamed of being a werewolf that he thinks his family is better off without him

-Regulus Black’s full story

-Harry having to drag Percy away from Fred’s body

-Molly Weasley giving Harry a family heirloom for his 17th birthday

-Dean Thomas never knew his father, because he was a wizard and was killed by Death Eaters

-Peter Pettigrew didn’t even have the chance to redeem himself

-Frank Bryce was a war veteran who was blamed by his entire town for Voldemort’s crimes, and then Voldemort murdered him

-Harry not saying goodbye to Ron, Hermione, or Ginny, because he knows he won’t be strong enough to go through with it if he does

-“ ‘Does it hurt?’
The childish question had fallen from Harry’s lips before he could stop it.
‘Dying? Not at all,’ said Sirius. ‘Quicker and easier than falling asleep.’ ”

-The full story of Ariana and the Dumbledore family

-Winky’s entire existence, and all she suffers

-Andromeda Tonks losing her entire family

The scream was the more terrible because he had never expected or dreamed that Professor McGonagall could make such a sound.”

-100+ pages of backstory, 10x the character depth and development, over half of it leading to more pain and despair


The Most Beautiful Boy in the World Pt. 1 (Read Right to Left)

I decided I wanted to create a little comic series based on this post. So, featuring Oikawa’s terrible fashion sense, here’s part one to something that I might make into a little series? Who knows~ ♡

After the heartbreak, I promised to never be that girl again.
I fulfilled the cliche-
I cut my hair short.
Something to mark a new beginning.
I got a tattoo with no real significance.
Most things in life don’t make sense anyways.
I moved further away from my parents and it was more than a metaphor.
I’ve learned that life is harder without the people who love you and returned to sleep in the bed that held me far longer than you ever did.
I don’t miss you anymore.
You still act weird around me, sit in the corner of a room and pretend that I do not exist.
Some days it feels as if I don’t.
There is no one here to love me like I deserve to be loved.
My voice is still not loud enough to be heard over all the background noise.
My friends are fixated on superficial things.
A love that doesn’t last.
A party last weekend where they fooled themselves into thinking alcohol tastes better when you are hurting and fell asleep on the couch of a stranger.
This is a measurement of how much ache we fail to acknowledge.
How many things we kick underneath our doormats just to prove that there is a way to keep moving forward.
If there is a way to keep moving forward,
for me, it has never looked like this.
things about the types that don't get mentioned enough
  • estj: will go out of their way to make sure you are supported emotionally as well as physically
  • istj: has some of the best and funniest sarcasm you will ever hear
  • esfj: has a deep-rooted sense of adventure and embraces new experiences
  • isfj: will constantly surprise you with how creative and resourceful they are
  • estp: will never back down from defending what they believe is right
  • istp: care deeply about everyone's well-being, even if they mask it behind a guise of nonchalance
  • esfp: has laser focus on the things and people they deem most important to them
  • isfp: are unflinchingly loyal and devoted to the people they care about
  • entj: has some of the best and most well-timed humor you'll ever hear
  • intj: embrace their creative side as well as their logical side
  • entp: are always (ALWAYS) ready to cheer their loved ones up with a well-timed joke
  • intp: have an incredibly strong internal idea of right and wrong about the topics that matter most to them
  • enfj: are unafraid to stand up when they know what everyone needs (even if it means forgoing the coddling)
  • infj: are intellects at heart and crave the pursuit of knowledge
  • enfp: will stay up until three am discussing about the complex mysteries of the universe with you
  • infp: are as sharply analytical as they are emotionally aware and empathetic
Christmas Asks
  • Candy Cane: Sweetest gift anyone has ever gotten you?
  • Caroling: Favorite song to sing in the shower?
  • Christmas: What is your favorite part about the holiday season?
  • Coal: Meanest trick/prank you ever pulled in someone?
  • Decorations: How would you describe your sense of style?
  • Eggnog: Who do you turn to in your time of need?
  • Elf: Are you considered dependable?
  • Feliz Navidad: Can you speak more than one language?
  • Frosty The Snowman: Who was your childhood hero?
  • Gingerbread House: Describe your dream home and where it would be?
  • Jingle Bells: What song would you hate to get stuck in your head?
  • Jolly: What makes you the happiest?
  • Mistletoe: Describe the best kiss of your life so far?
  • North Pole: Would you rather be hot or cold?
  • Nutcracker: Your most painful injury?
  • Ornaments: On a scale of 1-10, how creative would you rate yourself?
  • Poinsettia: What flower has the best scent?
  • Presents: Do you like being spoiled?
  • Reindeer: What animal would you associate yourself with most?
  • Santa Claus: Who do you look up to most?
  • Snowflake: Do you consider yourself to be unique?
  • Stockings: Do you have any unusual traditions?
  • Sugarplum: What satisfies your sweet tooth most?
  • Tinsel: What is one accessory you can't live without?
  • Winter: Name 3 people you would cuddle up with in front of a fire?
  • Yuletide: The top 3 things in your life that make you the most happy?
Send a symbol for a headcanon about my muse!
  • 😀: When does your muse smile the most?
  • 😬: Has your muse ever had braces?
  • 😁: Does your muse feign happiness a lot?
  • 😂: What makes your muse cry in joy?
  • 😃: What does your muse's smile look like?
  • 😄: Does your muse laugh over their mistakes?
  • 😅: What does your muse do when they goof up?
  • 😆: Who or what makes your muse laugh the most?
  • 😇: Is your muse as pure as an angel?
  • 😉: Is your muse flirty?
  • 😊: What makes your muse blush?
  • 🙂: Can your muse keep a poker face?
  • 🙃: What confuses your muse the most?
  • 😋: What's your muse's sense of humor like?
  • 😌: When does your muse feel most at peace?
  • 😍: What is your muse like when in love?
  • 😘: How does your muse show affection?
  • 😜: Is your muse a commedian?
  • 😎: Is your muse full of themselves?
  • 😏: Is your muse a good liar?
  • 😑: Is your muse able to keep their temper under control? 😒: What does your muse find disgusting?
  • 🤔: What perplexes your muse?
  • 😳: What embarrasses your muse?
  • 😡: What happens when your muse is furious?
  • 😱: What mortifies your muse?
  • 😨: What does your muse do if something is shockingly disgusting?
  • 👚: What does your muse's casual clothes consist of?
  • 👖: Pants or shorts?
  • 👔: What does your muses's formal attire consist of?
  • 👙: What does your muse's bathing suit look like?
  • 👞: Does your muse like to wear shoes? If so, what kind?
  • 👓: Does your muse wear glasses? If so, what for?
  • 💍: Would your muse ever propose to someone?
pros and cons of the houses

gryffindor pros: really fun, will fight anyone for their friends, nice sense of humor
gryffindor cons: would probably jump off a building on a dare, doesn’t ever know when to stop, wants to fight Everyone for no reason

ravenclaw pros: witty af, has really good ideas, highkey accepting of everyone
ravenclaw cons: morbid sense of humor, no one can ever really follow their train of thought, is a Walking Conundrum

slytherin pros: natural born leaders, “street smart” af, could probably do anything if they really wanted to
slytherin cons: might murder you for saying something bad about someone they care about, dripping in sarcasm, cries a lot

hufflepuff pros: will stand by you through anything, gives really good hugs, most likely the Cutest
hufflepuff cons: way too self-sacrificing, don’t make them mad bc u will 100% regret it, probably has too many plants and/or pets

Anyway, at this point johnlock is canon.

John and Rosie move into 221b and it’s like “wait only two bedrooms oh nooooo what shall we ever do? 👀” And Sherlock is a gentleman and offers John his bed and he will of course sleep on the couch and John says “don’t be ridiculous” and so it only makes sense for them to share a bed PLATONICALLY of course.

But then one night, after a few weeks of this arrangement, John is like “is this normal? I mean…do friends do this sort of thing?” And Sherlock says “I doubt it. But then, when have we ever been normal?” And looks over to John with a soft smile and John looks back and they both burst into giggles just like that first night.

And John closes the distance between them like it’s the most natural thing in the world, because it IS. Because it’s real and it fits and Sherlock makes a sound like he’s broken and the two of them kiss and kiss and kiss, like they’ve got all the time in the world. Because they do, now. They have that time.

And eventually Rosie cries on the baby monitor and John breaks the kiss to get her and Sherlock says “I’ll come with” and the two of them share sweet sipping kisses while tending to the baby and John says “You’re going to kill me! I’m trying to be a proper parent here,” and Sherlock shrugs and says “Rosie needs to get used to seeing us this way anyway” and John is like “Oi! I don’t really want our little girl to watch us make out.”

And Sherlock freezes and his eyes fill and he says “Our little girl?” And John realizes and his heart breaks a little and he and Rosie go into Sherlock’s arms and both clutch at him and John says “of course, yes, OURS” and if his voice wavers a little with unshed tears, Sherlock doesn’t mention it.

They hold each other like that until their daughter is sleeping soundly once more and they put her back in her crib and when they make love, it’s at the same unhurried pace that they kissed. Because they have the time now. They have forever.

BPD Ask Meme

Don’t reblog if you’re neurotypical 

  1. Self-dx or Professional dx?
  2. How often to you split? Who do you split on?
  3. Do you have an FP? If so, who are they?
  4. What do you think caused your BPD?
  5. What do you do to have a sense of identity?
  6. Do you have any other mental illnesses/disorders?
  7. Do you have traits of other personality disorders?
  8. Do you have IDs or are you kin with anything?
  9. Are you LGBT? Has your BPD affected this in any way?
  10. What is your most prominent symptom?
  11. When did you first start having symptoms?
  12. When did you realize/learn that you have BPD?
  13. Do you ever split on yourself?
  14. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve split on?
  15. Do you get jealous often? What makes you jealous?
  16. Are you a discouraged, impulsive, petulant, or self-destructive borderline?
  17. What emotion do you hate the most and why?
  18. What happens when you imprint on someone?
  19. What do you do when a relationship ends?
  20. How self-aware are you on a scale of 1-10?
  21. Are you a quiet borderline?
  22. What do you think of your physical self?
  23. Do you have a lot of mood swings that aren’t caused by anything specific?
  24. Have you ever had a flashback?
  25. How often do you dissociate? What are your usual symptoms?
  26. Do you see a therapist?
  27. Are you on any medications?
  28. Do you ever have “episodes”? What are they like?
  29. Do you ever have hallucinations? If so, what are they?

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I never thought it was possible for me to love her more than I did yesterday or the day before or even today. But with every day that passes I find something new about her that makes me fall in love all over again even harder than the previous time. I never truly understood love but fuck once I saw her I swear everything finally made sense.
—  she is the most beautiful thing I will ever love (January 3rd 4:02pm)

commission for @kimbiablue
and their fanfic Coming Back As We Are

description: "It’s always you, Sherlock Holmes,“ John says with the softest chuckle, mirroring a declaration made striding up a reception aisle. "I met Mary because you were dead, and I suppose it makes sense that I’d replace the most dangerous person I’d ever known with someone just the same. Although it merits a mention that you’re wonderful and thrilling in so many ways that she isn’t.”

In which Sherlock warns John of Mary’s duplicitous nature before the wedding and John marries her anyway so they can figure her out, but along the way unexpected feelings and actions make it that much more complicated.

Can i just take a minute to talk about how much I love the NCT fandom?
Because yall are some of the sweetest most loving people i have ever encountered in fans. Not ONCE have i been made feel bad for being an “older” fan (22). Especially when NCT Dream came out.
I never see people fighting over biases, (which I find dumb in the first place) instead I see people happy others are loving their bias too.
Even though I’ve been a fan since the beginning during The 7th Sense, I’ve never had anyone make me feel less of a fan since I didnt know about them during rookie days.
We’ve had some stumbles as a fandom along the way, but generally, everyone I’ve met or seen has been nothing but nice. Way nicer than any other group of fans I’ve been apart of. I’ve never felt more at home in a group of fans. Thank you all for being a great NCT family!