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Ok weird life update thingy

So,,,,I’ve worked out that I’m a transgender boy. That much was hard to come to terms with.

HOWEVER (this is where it gets weird)

I have a huge fear of change (it took me over 5 months to start using they/she pronouns n I’m still not entirely comfortable with those) so, I will not change my pronouns to use he/him. I maybe, at some point will switch to he/she, or she/he, since they/them doesn’t fit very well with me anymore.

I’ll probably rant more about this if you ask questions.


i joked about making a favorite vines compilation and then people told me i should actually do it and i basically got peer pressured into making this

listen. sometimes it’s going to be so hard you’re going to come home, cry, and question your entire being. you’re going to let yourself down. it’s going to feel absolutely crushing.

and then time will move it all under the carpet. you’re going to drink some water, get more sleep. you’ll pet a dog and laugh at a dumb joke your friend tell you. these small moments will be your saviour. catch them in the palm of your hands and hold them like the most precious thing you own.

just give it some time, my love. give it a little bit more time.

ok we all know how íþróttaálfurinn is an elf, yes? well let me just tell you this, icelandic elves are not like what u see in movies. like no. 1 rule about icelandic elves is don’t fuck with them or they will either make u go insane or steal ur babies. they might do it anyway even if u do nothing. also don’t mess with the rocks or the hills where they live or ur cursed for life. if an elf tells u to do something u better do it bc u’ll get a reward and everything will be good but if u don’t…. hoo boy u gonna regret it

  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ;)<p/><b>Keith:</b> Why would you do that? That makes no sense. Why are you changing the alphabet for two letters??<p/><b>Lance:</b> No, Keith, god, I mean you and me.<p/><b>Keith:</b> ...??? What?? Do you mean our initials? It's L and K, and they're already next to each other.<p/><b>Lance:</b> ...I'm trying so hard here, Keith.<p/></p>

jungkook, Protect Jimin Movement Member™

Okay so I’m reading the guardian article on Ian and Mark. ( (sorry, I’m on mobile)

A few things:

1) they were considering titling the episode backlash? What? This implies that they knew the public would hate it. Their argument that they knew the public wouldn’t like anything they did because Sherlock is popular and that’s what happens to all popular things makes absolutely NO sense. Im sorry, but if this anecdote is true, it adds evidence to the show getting reichenbached.

2) Mark states that series 3 of League of Gentlemen was initially panned but is now seen as a masterpiece. As a LoG nerd, let me say: I wasn’t around when s3 initially aired but I literally can’t imagine it getting bad reviews? I loved it the first time I watched it and loved it more with each rewatch? Certainly there was no drop off in production quality or writing. And I did just a bit of digging and I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that the series got the reviews that Sherlock is getting. Which leads me to:

3) Just gonna put this out there for the tin foil hat squad. The plot of s3 of LoG was that each episode appeared to be a stand alone, but when you get to the last episode you see that every episode’s plot is actually intertwined via a car crash at the very end. So. That’s a thing.

opinions ooo (i couldn’t think of a title and this is long soz)

if you’re sick of seeing me writing massive essays with no capital letters, i’m sorry but i’m back baby. (i’ll put a read more in case you want to ignore me)

i’ve gotten some asks today and i thought instead of answering them separately i’d tie them all into one. it’s a bit of a jumble of thoughts really but i wanted to address them and i tried to remain as positive as i humanly can. I think the biggest one being: ‘do you think the fandom is hypocritical?’ which is a tough one to answer but i can try, so strap yourself in:

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Things about the OiYama 50 First Dates AU because I’ve been thinking about it A Lot:

- Karasuno first years were all roommates at uni before the accident

- Yamaguchi was visiting home for the weekend and got into a car accident with his mother on the way to the store

- He was in a coma for 2 months before waking up. The doctors kept him for monitoring for a few more weeks. After having to explain why he was in the hospital every single day without fail they discovered he had severe damage to his temporal lobe and can’t process any new memories. (He loses all his memory of the day when he sleeps but he can remember everything leading up to the day of the accident)

- His parents take him home and live every day over and over and Yamaguchi is none the wiser, thinking he’s just on break from uni

- This goes on for over a year

- Seijoh third years and Kuroo and Bokuto are all close friends and typical party boys and enjoy sleeping around a lot

- Oikawa has issues with commitment and constantly has one night stands with promised phone calls that never happen

- He sees Yamaguchi in a cafe one day and immediately wants to Tap That

- Suga and Daichi own the cafe and are very aware of Yamaguchi’s situation

- Oikawa comes back every day for a week and Yamaguchi is always there eating his french fries and reading a book (it’s the same book every day but Oikawa just figures the boy must really like that book)

- Finally he gets up the nerve to strike up a conversation with the boy and they get along great and he reacts well to his flirtatious advances

- He asks Yamaguchi if he wants to go back to his place with a wink and Yamaguchi is just like ???? No? And he gets indignant and offended because he doesn’t put out on the first date

- And Oikawa is just like, well can I take you out again then? Because damn if this boy isn’t intriguing and hot

- Yamaguchi eventually agrees to meet Oikawa at the cafe again the next day at the same time

- When Oikawa shows up the next day and sits by Yamaguchi asking jokingly if he was ready to sleep with him yet, Yamaguchi looks at him terrified before shakily asking him to leave or he’ll call the cops

- Oikawa is stunned before Daichi is grabbing him and dragging him out of the cafe

- Suga angrily explains everything to Oikawa and warns him to stay away from Yamaguchi

- Cue Oikawa coming back again every now and then and starting random conversations with Yamaguchi, much to Suga and Daichi’s annoyance

- At first Oikawa only does it because it annoys Suga and Daichi and he can flirt with Yamaguchi all day with no strings attached

- But oh no Oikawa catches feelings and that is not good because Yamaguchi will never know who he is

- He attempts though and eventually Suga and Daichi see he’s serious and help him out

- Through videos and journals he explains every day about Yamaguchi’s accident and they start a very shaky relationship that Yamaguchi has to be told about every single day

- Lots of angst and bittersweetness ensue of course

God someone kick me so I actually write this instead of just thinking about it and making myself angry

“You Never Walk Alone” Theory

OK LISTEN UP PEOPLE so i was talking with one of my friends about who died and what not and i think we have it:

in the “spring day” mv jimin is seen with shoes, which later on are tied up to a tree. for those who dont know when someone dies people hang that person’s shoes up on a tree, power line, or something up high because when the person’s spirit returns, it finds it’s shoes so it can “walk high” (basically going to heaven).

so my friend suggested that all of the bangtan members died before jin (this can also be supported by the i need u  mv with all of the member’s deaths). it’s also evident in this run photo shoot that:

jin is the only one wearing shoes, while the other’s are barefoot.

- the members have just died and their spirits are yet to find their shoes

ive also gathered from the wings photo shoot:

jin is the only one barefoot, while the others all have footwear on.

- jin has just died and the member’s spirits have found their shoes

why did jin die? i dont know the actual reason and i cant guarantee you about this but:

according to my friend “a european thing is a kiss on the lips is meant to be more of a loving thing” of course he loves his friends and if they’re all dead he’ll obviously miss them? as we can see in the blood, sweat and tears mv once jin kisses the statue it shows jimin and v (in this case they may be representing the other members aswell)  having similarities to the statue

if jin misses his friends he’d probably want to “join them” right? which may explain his death 

after jin died, the members hung up his shoes so he too can walk high with them - “you never walk alone”

alright so my friend just brought up another theory: 

so there’s this kdrama called “come back, ahjussi” which i haven’t seen myself but according to my friend:

when they die they wake up at a train station that takes them to either heaven or hell and there’s all dead people in it”

they’re all on the train together.

Melodramatic, But It Turns Me On

summary: teenage!phan are at a sleepover and begin to have a bit of fun with the sex dices they’d found earlier that evening. 

warnings: smut (kinda)

words: 5.3k


I was gonna write more of illaks but apparently a weird 1am idea took priority and now . idk what this is laugHs oops

Im so tired I cant even think straight im sorry if the majority of this makes 0 sense I need 2 have a nap

This is probably the closest yall will ever get to me attempting smut lol appreciate it while u can x x

(if u don’t know what a ‘sex dice’ is click here)


Phil’s always felt weirdly privileged to share Dan’s bed whenever he sleeps over.

It’s not like it’s anything he’s a stranger to – quite the opposite really, but out of everyone, Phil’s the only one Dan will actually let in his bed on account of the fact he can actually have a decent night’s sleep without Phil taking all the duvet or accidentally rolling over and pushing him off the bed. That’s Kyle’s trick – explaining why he’s down there whilst his marginally less irritating best friend is up here under his duvet, sharing his mattress. It’s nice sleeping with the knowledge he won’t wake up either freezing cold or on the floor.

Phil’s used to them being the last ones awake – having been friends with a bunch of total fucking lightweights for the best part of three years, it’s become the norm for the rest of them to be down there, asleep. They’re wrapped up in empty sleeping bags and spare duvets whilst the only two who can actually handle their drink are lying side-by-side, a cut above the sea of empty bottles and shot glasses littering Dan’s floor. They’d passed out about half an hour ago, leaving the two slightly tipsy teenagers still giggling over what had been a contribution to the night’s entertainment along with the heated games of ‘never have I ever’ and one too many Malibu shots.

“Does this not feel weird to you?” Dan’s eyebrow quirks in Phil’s direction as he holds the two small wooden cubes in his hand. “I feel-… it feels- I don’t know- gross, kind-of,” he huffs out a chuckle.

“Why would-…” he squints in the darkness, “-… lick-… elbow-… feel weird to me?” he replies, a threat of sarcasm in his tone.

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  • Yugeom: Bambam, you never listen to me
  • Bambam: *Whips*
  • Yugeom: I'm breaking up with you
  • Bambam: Nae nae's
  • Yugeomm: *leaves*
  • *Later*
  • Jackson: Bro why are you dabbing like that?
  • Bambam: *dabs 17 times in 2 seconds*
  • Bambam: Maybe if I do it enough times it'll make it hurt less

omgjustinoluransi  asked:

in the wtnv au is there still a literal five-headed dragon running for mayor? and if so who is it?

Oh HELL yeah… 

idk about mayor but Providence Mcfalconer is definitely running for something. (or, maybe we’re running from him. debatable…)

@ whoever first made silena w a hijab bless you have a good day

Poor aphrodite kids having to wear the garish orange shirts, I like to think they work the system pretty well though. also this is my first time drawing a hijab, so please tell me if I did something incorrectly, thank you!