this makes sense in a way

She’s gotta do what makes her happy, and tbh it’s starting to seem like leaving SM and having the freedom to create what she wants to create and having more support is the only way she’s going to get there.

I want f(x) to stay together forever, but the reality is that no groups last forever. I suspected she wasn’t happy for months now, and it’s all making sense.

SM just isn’t the place for her anymore. She deserves better, and while I do hope she can reach some kind of compromise or agreement with them, I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t.

Just continue to support her during this time. That’s pretty much all we can do while we wait.

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theres soo much going on today and louis still hasnt performed yet

Yeah, all this stuff doesn’t happen on the same day by coincidence.  The boys are all supposed to be under different teams and yet still with the coordination.

Harry we kind of expected in a way because they already started the fire about his single release yesterday and since it’s so soon, it makes sense for the promo to start.

Liam we expected as well because we knew they would be announcing it relatively soon and they were just waiting for an opportune moment.

Louis’ event was planned for awhile and it’s not like he can move the festival’s date at will.  That’s one thing that’s kind of concrete.

I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on with Zayn’s timing on this most recent single release.  We were told Harry would be releasing in April or May back at the start of the year.  I’m not sure we ever had anything concrete about Zayn’s second album until the last couple days.

I mean, it’s March 25th.  This day will live in infamy in 1D fandom history.  The fact that they keep using this day only reinforces how artificial all of the timing is on this stuff.  It’s planned, not accidental.  After this is all over, I would appeal to the boys to post something nice every March 25th, just to try to reclaim it as a not so stress-inducing day.

Ok no. I didn’t particularly care because the anime isn’t canon but guys that letter wasn’t for Sakura’s birthday. That is WAY overreaching. It is far, far more likely that he gave his letter to Sakura for her to offer THEIR congratulations to Naruto. You know, like couples do.

No one sends “congrats” for someone’s birthday. Plus there wasn’t anyone else who wished her a happy birthday either. It makes no sense. The congrats was meant for Naruto, but Sasuke wanted it to come from the both of them, hence why he sent her to relay the message instead of sending it straight to Naruto.

Idek why I even bothered to write this when it’s just SP filler anyway. It just bothered me to see so many of you overreaching.

Let me try my very best figure out what Arc-V is trying to say

Yuya’s main principles are “smiles” and “entertainment.”

Both of these are challenged with the heavy concept of becoming young soldiers and the idea that people outside of the Standard dimension and that others in general have different life experiences and different ideas of “entertainment.” Whether it’s up to Yuya to challenge that or not is something he has to seriously consider throughout the series.

That could be argued to be a connection to the other conflict happening within Yuya which is his identity crisis. Who is he, Zarc or Yuya? (And also, is he a fighter or an entertainer?) 

Arc-V seems to be trying to say that it might be necessary to be both, but to never forget who you really are. To smile through adversity and help others smile in turn is a way to not lose yourself. It doesn’t do any good to put on fake smiles either, like Yuya had done in the beginning of the series, and like Zarc had done in order to please the crowd. 

“Just smile” might be sort of the wrong way to put it then, I think, because maybe what Arc-V is really trying to get across is “happiness is something you need to work for sometimes but you’ll achieve your true self when you’re truly happy and vice versa” [”…and happiness can and should be spread, even if only for brief moments”]

Thoughts on SQ hug from a multi shippers POV

I’ve had a day or so to be happy, sad, up, down and all over the place and I have finally reached a standing point I think. 

My first reaction was to be very happy for Swen and also rather shocked if I’m honest that after so many years it finally happened. But then I saw everyones disappointment and heartbreak and I was confused, after so many years it finally happened but then I watched the actual Sneak Peek and I was rather… upset myself.

It was so short, and the way it was filmed just briefly focusing on Emma, no real body shot just a quick 3 second hug. If we think back to so many other ships first hug it is always longer and just…more? If that makes sense. It felt rushed. 

I personally am not against it being because of the proposal and that may hinge solely because I am a multi shipper, but I acknowledge SQ’rs have a right to feel upset over the circumstances, personally I think it was a natural progression to their relationship at this point to hug over a happy moment for Emma. 

HOWEVER and it is a pretty massive however, why now? after so long?? was this their first on-screen hug?? this particular moment??

What would have been a better “first” moment, Morgan, you might ask?

After Emma found out about what happened to Daniel and Regina was in tears maybe? I guess not though.

Or when Regina had to say goodbye to her son, a moment and feeling Emma knows very well how hard it is to do, and yet no hug.

After Emma saves Regina and then asks for it in return? A scene where idk she hugged her entire fam except for Regina? 

After this long and heartbreaking scene where Emma tells Regina she believes in her. Nope not then either.

There are so many times it could have happened for the first time and I can’t understand why this was the one chosen…

*sigh* I’d love to know everyone else’s thoughts!

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Why don't you like Gotham?

they destroyed most of the villain’s backstories and took away everything that made them them, some of the characters are written in the worst fucking way possible and act in ways no real human would logically act (like alfred)

i would say it might as well be an AU written by some teenager but i’ve seen much better similarly set AU’s written by teenagers on the internet

what canonically gay characters they do have they’re written as predatory/overbearing/creepy, the direction of the villains makes no sense to me unless we DO write it off as an AU where they change just about everything about the characters… like for example, how edward nygma suddenly isn’t just a guy who was abused and developed OCD and NPD because of it, nah, he’s got an evil alternate personality called the Riddler who kills people and laughs maniacally and does suicide squad joker esque voiceovers and shit 

scarecrow isn’t the ‘original scarecrow’, he’s just a teenager who’s getting forced to take fear toxin by his dad, the original scarecrow which is just… horrible, considering that’s like the opposite of his VERY INTERESTING and VERY HORRIFIC actual backstory that ACTUALLY is more than just awkward ugly worthless torture porn of some kid who doesn’t ever come back onto the show 

they destroyed the only logical motives that have existed for YEARS for the villains and warped them into something i wouldn’t even recognize as anything other than knockoff OCs if they didn’t share the same names as the characters

nothing separates it from any show like supernatural and any other CW/FOX show… to put it bluntly it’s just like a heterosexual and bland rendition of what feels like someone who knows the bare minimum of any DC character based on a 1-page profile would write

Jungkook is one of the kindest boys in the world… like, the way he shows his kindness is in such a subtle way that if your not paying attention, it’s easy to miss…. its easy to write him off as a just a goofball or a meathead but hes so much more than just his prince-like appearance or his stellar sense of humor …He’s so heartwarming and kind and he makes me so happy I would die for him one million times in every dimension

hey… you know that story i was writing? well as you probably guessed, it’s on a hiatus. Wait, don’t freak out, i will continue it at some point. I don’t think I could ever completely cancel it because i’ve grown a liiitle too attached to Amara sdjassddf. But besides the fact that the teleporter isn’t working, the main reason I haven’t been updating it was because i’m not 100% sure on where i want the plot to go. Like there are a lot of different directions i want to take the plot and im not sure which way to go? If that makes sense? Anyway, to make up for the lack of updates, have this edit i made a month ago of toddler Amara and her mom!

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Who do you think is throwing up the restriction then? I thought in the beginning that perhaps Steve's team put the limitations in so as to drive traffic through their client's channels. But that seems like a stretch now. Louis's team could have found a way around any restrictions about JHO to directly promote a festival appearance leading up to it. So I wonder if it is Syco enacting these restrictions? Certainly don't impose these on their other artist's collaborations.

Oh, yeah, I most certainly think it’s Syco. They’re the only ones that make any sense at all.

Modest isn’t his management, so they wouldn’t have any lingering control. Ultra would only benefit from more social media promo. Sony wants to make money and wouldn’t likely try and stop cheap marketing from happening, especially since Ultra is theirs. Simon Jones has ZERO control over this sort of thing.

Then there’s Syco. They are not a full Sony label, Syco is a partnership led by Simon Cowell. So while Sony owns 75% of it, it’s unknown how much control they retain if Simon is still the head of it.  That said, you’d THINK they’d step in and stop this nonsense (and a lot of other nonsense), but maybe that’s not how their contracts with Simon are written. Maybe he has ultimate control as long as the company is making money. IDK.

Who knows what the details are, but there’s really not anyone other than Syco that could impose those kinds of restrictions.

Antoine, light of my life, makes my heart sing

- Montparnasse’s child by blood, but everyone insists he has Jehan’s eyes. Large, round, so dark they’re almost black. Jehan knows he can’t really have their eyes, not like that, but the resemblance is uncanny.
- He has always been the best dressed of all the Amis children because his father is a tailor (now). His fashion sense falls squarely in the middle of both his parents; he’s a fan of patterns and bright colors, but he matches them way better than Jehan does. Parnasse lets him pick fabrics for anything he’s going to wear.
- All the Amis are some form of relative for him. He knows they aren’t blood family, but he also couldn’t care less about blood. 
- Also one of the oldest among their children, just behind two of Marius/Cosette/Eponine’s kids.
- He’s so sweet, angelic even. A social little thing, though he tends to be a bit shy about adults and blushes a lot.
- Jehan is the one he usually goes to for emotional things. Not because he doesn’t think he can talk to Montparnasse, but because Jehan has always been incredible with emotions. They know when he’s feeling off before he says anything most of the time. They don’t want him to deal with any of the confusing, awful stuff that usually goes hand-in-hand with school.
- Very tactile. He loves hugs and cuddling and leans on people a lot when he’s comfortable with them.
- Jehan taught him flower meanings and Italian while Montparnasse taught him how to defend himself. He has used the former far more than the latter.
- He grows up to be both soft and passionate, handsome and sweet and kind. He reads a lot and seems aloof and mysterious, has no idea how to flirt or tell if someone else is flirting, stores facts in his head for any occasion. Stylish and Romantic, tenaciously loyal, completely and totally and unapologetically himself.
- His parents couldn’t be prouder.

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So this is a daft question but I'm genuinely confused, according to mr and mrs vegans facts and rules, why are you not fat haha? you smoothie and blend like hell, eat avo, go for it on the tofu etc so you're living proof that what they say doesn't make sense??

Anyone can say anything to suit their agenda! Here’s what I answered another question with regarding the whole fruit thing.

Firstly, there are many ways to eat vegan.. what’s best is eating the way that makes you feel nourished and thriving! If you feel good from smoothies or nicecream then have it!

Everyone needs to find what works for them!!!

According to above, I should be very fat right now and so should all the other people that have smoothies daily. I think it’s very easy to say things a certain way to make it suit your diet. Wslf is a weight loss focused diet..

Eat starches (complex carbs that release energy slowly), feel full for longer period of time and in turn eat less calories.


Fruits which digest/convert to energy faster meaning it doesn’t keep you satiated for a long period of time.. resulting in eating more and more to stay full.(It’s quite equal for me, they both fill me up the same but everyone is different)

The main focus is what is satiating. Smoothies, it’s easy to pack in a large amount of calories and quickly gulp it down. Drinking a smoothie vs thick smoothie bowl would be quite different and also with smoothie bowls having toppings so you are chewing..


And finally, maybe it was just because the soup was hot, and warmer foods may be more satiating. So, how do we figure out if the solution to the soup mystery was time, thought, or temperature? If only this study had a third group. They had a solid-eating group, and a liquid-drinking group. If only they had a liquid-eating group too. They did. They also offered the fruit smoothie in a bowl, cold, to be eaten with a spoon—very unsoup-like. So if it was thought or temperature, the fullness rating would be down by the liquid drinking—the smoothie. But if it was just the slowed eating rate that made soup as filling as solid food, then the number would be up closer to the solid-eating group. And it was exactly as high, meaning the only real reason smoothies aren’t as filling is because we gulp them down. But if we sip them slowly over time, they can be just as filling as if we ate the fruits and veggies solid.




Berries help control blood sugar so well they can counter the effects of sugar water even when they’re puréed in a blender. Add blended berries in addition to the sugar water, and you don’t get the hypoglycemic dip; you don’t get that burst of fat in the blood. Drinking blended berries isn’t just neutral, but improves blood sugar control. Again, thought to be due to special phytonutrients that may slow sugar uptake into the bloodstream. Indeed, six weeks of blueberry smoothie consumption may actually improve whole body insulin sensitivity.


Only industrial, not fruit fructose intake was associated with declining liver function. Same thing with high blood pressure. Fructose from added sugars was associated with hypertension; fructose from natural fruits is not. If you compare the effects of a diet restricting fructose from both added sugars and fruit to one just restricting fructose from added sugars, the diet that kept the fruit did better. People lost more weight with the extra fruit present than if all fructose was restricted.


Smoothies and juices are different, juicing removes all the fibre whereas in a smoothie the fibre is still there.

“While it’s true that fructose is the main sugar in fruit, fruit contains only a small amount of fructose, since the fructose is diluted by the high water and fibre content of the fruit. Also, the fiber naturally found in whole fruits helps slow the absorption of fructose into the bloodstream, so you’re not getting a concentrated hit of fructose at one time. And, unlike SWEETENERS that are high in fructose (like agave, which can be up to 90% fructose), fruit is NOT a source of empty calories — fruit offers up many beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So you’re definitely not just eating pure sugar”

“The American Heart Association recommends you limit fructose intake to 50 grams to 100 grams daily to lower triglycerides. A medium banana contains 5.7 grams of fructose. You could eat eight bananas without reaching the AHA minimum fructose minimum and 17 bananas without exceeding the maximum. The AHA recommends bananas as a good fruit to eat on a triglyceride-lowering diet. It also recommends peaches, grapefruit and cantaloupe”

All aside, eat what makes you feel good. Starches are amazing, fruit is amazing.. PLANTS ARE AMAZING. That’s why I have always recommended to eat a variety of whole foods that make you thrive because only you can judge what it is that makes you feel that way.

I have a lot of criticisms about this episode on the basis of writing- some of these criticisms span into overarching qualms I have over the lazy writing devices they’ve put into work this entire arc, which has made all of season four suffer in narrative quality. Others just don’t make sense to me in this single episode- what exactly, for example, was so shocking about this episode? and why all the build up and reluctance in terms of a specific potential reveal just to give us a non-answer? why the last scene, which didn’t follow the beat structure of this episode in the way it should’ve?

But I will say this: 

  • the scenes were brilliantly done, immensely well written, beautifully orchestrated, and i completely understand why Luke would consider that the best writing of the season
  • Madi was a goddess amongst men in this episode. she is absolute proof that the women of this show are fucking amazing and i wanna marry her now, my dudes
  • Flint and Silver looked handsome af during those scenes, fam lmao

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German fan here and honestly I really hope some of the Ducktales team see your doodle comics! partly because it might give them a sense of how integrated Gladstone is in a lot of our childhoods and hearts in a much bigger sense than the Barks comics allow for- not that they are bad I adore his comics, but I fear they may be mistakenly limiting character potential due to loyalty

Oh gosh, thanks man I don’t know if they will/have or what I’d make of it if they did, but I do feel the same way. Carl Barks material is absolutely wonderful and I’ll not say a word against him or his stories, but I do agree that there could be a severe pitfall awaiting writers in not allowing for any evolution or emotional development of characters outside of his works. Having said that we don’t really know yet what the new Ducktales take is going to be on Gander or any of the characters, and while a cautious optimism may be best I don’t want to go anticipating it with a negative attitude. Right now I’m just expecting it to be ‘its own thing’, and whatever happens I’m excited for the new show and hope the team making it are having a good time!

excuses ive heard from people who did not want to watch the get down
  • idk, the plot looks boring –> it’s about ambitious young people who try to find a place in the society they were thrown into and i think anyone can relate to it
  • i watch too many shows! –> bruh, the first part of the season is only 6 episodes. i’m sure you can plan it in you schedule
  • i don’t know about hip hop or disco! –> me neither and it did not stop me from understanding the plot!
  • i don’t like musicals! –> it’s not Les Misérables, there is only like 4 major scenes where the characters sing/rap and it’s not corny in any way - it makes sense and the songs are hella catchy and amazing

so time to wake up y’all! part 2 is dropping on April 7th! just give it a try, i swear you’re gonna love it 


Testing if I still got the good ol’ manga mojo going. So here’s a small Escaflowne sketchdump from the past 24 hours. Featuring 

  • OTP cause withdrawal (poor Van, I think Hitomi MAY be his biggest fear in a sense, haha… I enjoyed this way too much)
  • Miguel whom I wanted to draw for the current @yearlyesca prompt and
  • young!Mahad because I could not stop thinking about how he looked like when he was a teen

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Hey Sasha, I was just thinking... wouldn't it be the biggest troll in the world if the announcement is actually a fragrance dropping on the 7th? Harry's fragrance and scented candle line called "clean"

LOL Actually that would be very Harry. Because, even though it’s been put on ice lately, we know he has a good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. We also know he loves candles, but perfume, not so much. Remember when he disappeared from You & I perfume promo after sassing his way through an interview? Good times. 

This was so extra, I love it! Since he seems to be wet and we’ve seen him emoting underwater in a Dunkirk trailer (acting, bitch!), I want it to be a single from the Dunkirk soundtrack. That’s because I also want him to get a Best Original Song Oscar. Make it so. 

I honestly find it ridiculous how conditioned general audiences are to Marvels way of making movies. I mean it’s not like ensemble movies have been being made for decades, but I guess they needed stand alone films for every character so the audience could care about what happens to them. Does every X-Men character need their own movies to make them good? The Oceans franchise? Fast and furious? Movies like The Hateful Eight and The Magnificent Seven? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? What about Rogue One? Hell even Guardians of the Galaxy made a group film work without solos.

Justice League only has three of its main characters who haven’t had their own movie, half of the team will have already been in at least two movies before JL comes out. And you fucking know that if dc had done individual films first everyone would just be bitching about how they’re copying Marvel.

And honestly having the Justice League early on makes a shit ton more sense business wise because if you look at marvels box office, most of phase 1 and the latest origin films are the ones that make the least amount of money. But, if say Antman had come out after his appearance in Civil War, you can bet that it would have made a considerable amount more money. People would have already seen him in a huge movie that everyone was going to see no matter who was in it. Like it’s such an easy concept, you have a huge group movie, that people will see just because it’s an event film, give characters super cool moments and make them really likeable in the group film and then people are more likely to want to see the character in theatre when their own movie comes out.

Marvel is great at what it does, there is no denying that. But can we stop trying to make everything the same? That’s how superhero fatigue starts. If every single superhero movie that comes out is the exact same tone and format as the others people are going to get bored eventually. At the moment we have such a wide array of styles but people just can’t seem to accept any differences. Why do people constantly need to tear one universe down to prop another one up?