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BSD rarepair week - Day 2:  Hanahaki//Dreams//“However, there are some people in this world that you can just never forget.” -Kunikida Doppo, River Mist and Other Stories

There’s a boy whose mouth spills red petals. Every night, he visits Dazai’s dream to ask him for help with this peculiar illness.

Dazai knows how to cure him of his plight, but he doesn’t want to. However, no matter how hard he tries to forget the boy, he can’t - and neither can he ever bring himself to refuse.

(AU by my friend, who somehow managed to squeeze in all three prompts into one idea…how???)


look who’s having so much fun waving the huge crownstick

Sebastian always helps getting Ciel into his clothes as well as putting on all of his delicate accessories. Sometimes, Ciel, being the sweet little prince he is, would ask Sebastian to let him place the king’s accessory on him, which Sebastian always comply. Except, Ciel is very shy and gets nervous easily so every time he tries putting Sebastian’s decoration on, his hands would tremble a little because he wants to make it perfect. Sebastian, sensing the boy’s tentative actions, would smile, lean down and hold onto Ciel’s hand to guide him to place the accessory onto his head. Sebastian would then thank Ciel for helping him dress and Ciel would feel so proud of himself and wear a big big cute smile on his face.

Honestly, I want to hope that Kallus survives, but after that stunt they pulled with Maul, I really don’t know if the writers will keep him.

It seems that going into depth with a character and giving them actual thought out redemption arcs—especially when they’re possible, and would make sense—is just too much for the writers to handle.

Like Maul, Kallus has potential, actual depth, and an interesting internal conflict that needs to be fleshed out. But the writers are so lazy that I doubt they’ll take that path. Killing him would just be easier.

I feel an almost, like…proprietary sense of happiness and satisfaction about aP? (Edit: I should say, not in the sense that I feel like I own it. More like I’m…a little bit responsible? That feels weird to say too though.) It’s silly, I don’t help in its creation in any way other than backing on Patreon, but…I do back them on Patreon. My money helps make aP happen. TBH that’s right up there with my monthly ACLU donation in terms of “best possible uses of what disposable income I have.”

And I like to think I did some good when the fandom was smaller and the show was less well known, helping get the word out about it, so that now they are more popular and have gone from 12 patrons and under $100 in funding to 263(!) and over $900(!!).

And to have such a good season, with such a well-done ending, especially when time travel stories are so hard to do well…


Like @estherroberts says: thanks for being awesome and making an awesome show, every last one of y’all.

I hate my hyper empathy so much sometimes.
Like my datemate will be talking shit about themself or feel bad, or I’ll see a negative post on their tumblr. And I just. It honestly ruins my whole day and then I’m in a terrible mood and my thoughts automatically go to, ‘oh I might as well die since I can’t help them and it’s probably all my fault anyway.’ Like it doesn’t make any sense, it’s irrational, and then I make my datemate feel worse probably when I overreact and get so worried and like emotional kind of. Idk I don’t understand any of it.

Hook’n’Hood & Swan Queen

I keep seeing Hook & Hood being referred to as ‘beards’ and 'gay panic’, but I feel this keeps us from trying to make sense of their roles within the story in regards to Emma & Regina.

Emma and Regina have finally - sort of - come to the point where they always wanted to be. Emma finally found her parents, she’s not alone anymore. Regina is free from Leopold, from Cora’s and Rumple’s manipulations and from the cage of her own mind. They are both trying to figure out who they are in this new reality. They are reverting back to their late teens and trying to relive them, to figure out who they would have been if their lives wouldn’t have been as severely disrupted as they were.

Emma is trying to be the princess she thinks she would have been had she grown up with her parents in the Enchanted Forest. She convinces herself to be the trusting person Snow and Charming would have shown her to be. Suddenly she wears frillier outfits and acts more girly. Hook wears his pirate outfit until right before their first date. She has seen and experienced him in the world she was supposed to grow up in. Even with the wardrobe change, his walk and talk remain old world. In that sense he represents the kind of man she could have been with had she never come to our world.

The date with Hook was very clearly about having that first ball / prom night with her parents. They couldn’t have made that more obvious if they wanted to.

This is what adult Emma Swan dresses like for a date:

This is princess Emma making up for lost time with her parents.

Note that in the last picture her face is falling after she’s kissed Hook at the end of the date. She looks confused and conflicted and puts on a smile and plays the part only after she notices her parents stayed up for her.

Regina meanwhile, it seems, is exploring what life would have been like if she could have run off with Daniel. The concept of one True Love was important to her at the time when Cora killed Daniel. As she mentally puts herself back into that state, this fairy dust approved Robin Hood is her only option. I’ll have to rewatch it, but I think even the pitch of Regina’s voice shifts as she is with Robin. She acts like the teen she didn’t really get to be. The very jaded former evil Queen reverts so far back into naivety as to give her heart to Robin for protection. Something only young Regina would have done. After Marian comes back, Robin and Regina are forced to sneak around. They make love in a vault, Snow has to point out her bra is showing. It’s both reminiscent of teenagers experimenting and of the hidden life she would have led with Daniel. In fact, had she run away with him, thereby insulting the King, her life with Daniel as a fugitive would very much have been like a life with Robin in the forest.

The outfit she wears here, one that ties her to Robin, is the closest she’s ever come to wearing something that also feels like her riding outfit.

They are both exploring the women they didn’t get to be. They are taking back the lives they didn’t get to live. It almost doesn’t matter who these men are personality-wise, because part of these relationships is created in the women’s minds. They both need to go through this, to grow and to learn they can’t erase their pasts. Maybe they’ll even learn they got a head start on the lessons they would learn anyway. Part of them seems to be constantly aware of this relationship not being completely right. They both haven’t actually completely reciprocated and Regina calls it ‘the closest to happy’. Which is not exactly happy.

I do think there is genuine care and attraction between these characters, but the way they are presented to me, they don’t seem like the people Emma & Regina will stay with. They are there for growth and learning and they are meaningful in their own way.

I don’t believe they are results of gay panic, or that they are just the love interests that happen to stick, exactly because of the Swan Queen parallels. We have all noticed the Regina-Hook (dark, villain) and Emma-Robin (light, thief) parallels and the fact that the boyfriends’ names are only one letter apart doesn’t seem like a complete coincidence. Which brings it all back to Swan Queen. Pretty sure I don’t need to repeat why Emma and Regina are right for each other, they do a great job of that themselves in canon. If you need reminders, go drown yourself at sacredbookofswen or ethan-8 ‘s page.

There is one other reason we need Hook’n’Hood to make Swan Queen happen. We are conditioned to believe in the importance of the number three in Fairy Tales. Especially in the West, but also in other cultures. Their respective second relationships just can’t be the final ones, it has got to be the third one. Which is also the reason why the relationships with Lily and Maleficent will only ever be subtextual, otherwise Hook’n’Hood would be bumped up to number three.

And we can’t have that, can we?

Wow, I’m so organised I actually haven’t posted the Regine pic here - thanks for your messages! Here is Regine in all her glorious glory. I love her so much.
After being super ambitious with Win’s picture, I kind of want to paint her again.

The Dizziness of Freedom

For @teilo, as part @todaydreambelieversfic 2016 Gift Exchange. With deep and abiding (and endless, seriously) thanks to @boroniaserrulata for all of her help tidying up all of my grammatical oversights and for highlighting the parts that didn’t make logical narrative sense, and to @quirkyquantumqueen, also for her help narrative clarity. They’ve made this story better, and I hope I’ve done their work justice here.
Prompt: Badboy and jealous/possessive: either Kurt or Blaine can be the badboy, jealous/possessive one. Would like to see this set when they are out of college.
Featuring Kurt with some type of attitude, the armour of a badboy, and a streak of not being remotely embarrassed to pursue what he wants. And man, he wants Blaine…
The usual warnings for my shit apply - there are themes of depression, anxiety, and recovery. Finn’s passing has a half a sentence mention, as does Burt’s health scare. There’s a passing reference to Blaine’s first Sadie Hawkins dance and the events thereof. There’s also reference to the events of the 601 flashback, re. Blaine’s initial break up. The boy who breaks his heart isn’t Kurt though. Also, medication and therapy, but in passing and not in focus. I have crammed a lot into my words!
To some extent, this is a meet-cute, and, what’s more, it’s on the AO3 here! (There’s also 7.1k of it, so buckle in.)

Blaine Anderson doesn’t quite know how he would define celebrity if he were asked (and he’s been asked). He does know that he doesn’t like to think of himself as whatever that is. However, due to a windfall television role when he left college, he does have a small level of fame, a loyal following on Twitter, and his own tag on TMZ, the last of which he would delete if he could. Blaine is 27 years old, almost twelve months out of the relationship documented by the TMZ tag, and one thing is absolutely positive: he really isn’t looking for anything the night he meets Kurt Hummel.

It’s been a long, exhausting year for Blaine. The previous May, he’d been happily in love with the man he was sure he was going to spend his forever with. He’d been planning a wedding, choosing flowers and cakes, arranging the seating and colour schemes, and although he’d been quietly aware that his fiancé hadn’t been quite as invested, he’d put it down to the pressure of long work days and too little free time. Weddings are stressful. It made sense that he had let Blaine shoulder the planning. It had been fun, Blaine had found, being able to share small details with his fans on Twitter and Instagram, their excitement the mirror for his own that he’d been lacking a little.

Through June and into July came the persistent rumours about his fiancé that he had ignored and refused to Google, and which became harder to gloss over when his mentions blew up with photographic evidence, and by August he’d moved back to his childhood home, where there was less attention and less pressure to keep smiling when his heart was breaking.

He spent most of August ghosting through his own life. He’d been spending whole days asleep, too tired and emotionally destroyed to even think about waking up for longer than it took to pee, and that went on until Labor Day, when his mom took it upon herself to contact everyone in his phone book who could possibly help. Between them, they’d agreed that perhaps a therapist may be able to help, certainly a doctor, and – when the tears abated and he realised that his tightest jeans were almost a size too big – had agreed that none of those things could hurt him more than he already hurt.

It’s been a long, painful road to recovery. He’s had to adapt to being not in the place he thought he would be. Instead of the husband and the stage career, he’s living in his brother’s apartment in Los Angeles and he’s piecing back together the scattered fragments of his heart whilst he works on a second degree part time, this time in music therapy, all the while maintaining his profile with small screen roles when he can get them. In his spare time, he runs a blog that’s gained a lot of traction, where he talks about his experiences with co-dependency, falling in love with the wrong people, and how he’s learned to live with anxiety and depression.

It’s the blog, not his acting, that has him on the path that will bring him to Kurt.

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Waverly Earp: *basically says she loves Nicole* *but then turns into a demon*


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ok this has to be set in like. Colorado that’s a gay state.
-Saloon owner Geoff: its simple, there’s booze there, it makes sense he’d be in control of the flow of it. When he comes to this settlement, people just kind of… made their own booze and Geoff just had to help these poor people. (Also their moonshine was terrible.)
-Vigilante Jack: he blows (HA) into town fleeing the authorities and somehow just ends up staying in one of the rooms at Geoff’s saloon. Whether or not that is Geoff’s room remains private.
-Gavin “quick hands” Free: listen this boy is an awful trash child in every au, and this is no different. There’s gold out west, and despite the fact that he’s a fucking aristocrat already he wants moooore. Gets a little roughed up and finds out that Geoff has a bit of a reputation for harbouring criminals. Geoff is not aware of this reputation.
-Mogar the Kid: rumour has it he was raised by bears, and he doesn’t do a damned thing to dispel those rumours. A one man bandit ring, he sticks up banks in a streak across the west before sticking up Geoff. Geoff isn’t scared of him because frankly he’s got muscle of his own, and just pours Mogar a shot.
-Sheriff Jeremy: finally the law comes to this town, and its got the criminals that live under Geoff’s roof shaking in their (cowboy) boots. Turns out that ‘the law’ is the tiniest, gayest boy that they’ve ever seen, and its not long till they have something of a crooked cop on their hands. He tries, at first, but after the seventh time Gavin flirts with him while handcuffed he just gives up.
-Ryan 'the bull’/'vagabond’- wandering cattle rancher, and no one can figure out if his nickname of 'the bull'is a reference to his position or his dick. I mean. Some people figure out eventually.

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