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*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

All right, I don’t usually do this but I’ve been reading some really harsh  comments lately and I’m about to go bonkers if I don’t say anything. As per usual, it’s just me thinking outloud and sharing my opinion - feel free to ignore if this offends you as I’m not trying to upset anyone, but I have to admit I’m baffled.

It’s not even about shipping at this point. How very dare you to be so quick to judge a person that you don’t even know? I know I’m a Sam apologist and roll your eyes at me if you must, but I, for one, like to see the best in people. It makes my life easier and brighter. Do you even realise how ridiculous the situation is? It has gotten to the point where he cannot even launch his charity - his CHARITY, for the love of God - without being criticised for choosing this picture (of one of the most famous mountain of the Alps). So what, now everything he does must have a secret meaning? Couln’t he be happy to be there, and happy about the MPC launch and want to share it? He can’t live a normal life, can he.

Some of you have been fortunate enough to meet him and said how kind he is. In fact, I have never ever heard anything bad about him. Everyone who knows him has said how genuine, generous, kind, thoughtful, funny, and passionate he is. He must have flaws to be sure, but his qualities seem to overweight those flaws since we never heard about them.                                                    I’m convinced he’s a good man. But if you want to keep believing he is such a terrible person - and still claim to be his fan, by all means, continue. Question: are you just as harsh and judgemental with yourself? With your friends?

I saw a drawing by @hvit-ravn (I love their art so much and the way they draw human anatomy is astounding to me. Plus, their art of Kíliel is what inspired me to draw them more often. *throws self into the garbage*) and immediately, I had the idea to do Kíliel. And what’s better than family feels? Almost nothing. So here, have (a very pregnant) Tauriel (again) and Kíli with their babes, Eliel and Gilion. I always imagined Eliel being the spit and image of Tauriel, and Gilion the same way with Kíli. The personalities, though… that’s a different story ;)

I just want to say thank you to those who have said such nice comments about my art! I love all y’all. I’ve been getting messages and it’s just making my life a little brighter. I don’t normally do this, but if anyone has any requests, send them to me! I could always use the ideas!

Also, I might be writing a fic about Kíliel, including them having a little family. But I’m on the fence about it. Thoughts?

I’ve made so many amazing friends on tumblr in 2016 and it’s been so fun getting to know everyone. I decided to make an updated follow forever for the new year! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great time with friends and family! 

my ride or die mutuals that I love and text a lot and appreciate the friendship of a whole whole lot, thank you all for making my life brighter in 2016: 

@jimmygibbler @carpbrina @americasinger @elevenor @mayahart @zay-babineaux @georgesfeeny @greg-serrano @iknowplaces13

everyone else that I still love a whole whole lot and are precious and amazing and deserve the world:

@bellamys @bmgmw @corey-fogelmanis @coreyfogel @cowboyandshortstack @evamohns @farklesmenorah @farxleminkus @girlmeetstheory @hollyjollyhart @jacksonavery @jasperslen @jollytothecore @kacie-ville @l-friar @lucasdanes @lucayae @lucayagifs @lucayahcanons @martinskki @mayahartt @mayapenelopeharts @michael5sos @miloventimglias @missybradfords @moesha @pappyjoes @phillipiasoo @pllsphere @plslucaya @plutomatthews @rebelhart @regianeesteves @rorygil @sabhart @sabrinacarpentrs @sabrinacarpentr @sabs-carpenter @thebaywindows @thecliquesix @theowldetective @unbroken-hart @w-byers @yara-shahidi @somanydepressedteens @veronicalodgcs @roguesabrina

and ofc my girl @sabrinacarpenter bc she is the reason october 23rd 2016 was the best day of my life and the reason I met so many of these amazing people, i’m so proud of you sis!

To all my followers and everyone on this post: I love you all so much! Thank you for all the times you guys have made me feel better this year by just talking with me or making funny posts or whatever you did this year that made my year brighter (bc i promise each and every one of you has made me smile at least once this year), I appreciate it and I hope you guys stay through 2017 too! Here’s to a great new year!

@therealjacksepticeye Congrats on 13 Million Subscribers!!!

| YouTube | Jacksepticeye | 13 Million Subs Milestone |

Omg, It’s already my third Jacksepticeye’s Milestone FanArt, but not third time experiencing it! I can’t believe how fast channel and the community is growing… I’M SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY! I’M LATE I KNOW BUT I JUST MANAGED TO COME BACK FROM UNIVERSITY
Also I was gonna do more than this simple animation bu unfortunately I was too busy to prepare ;; Beware Jack! 13 likes to bring along certain beings~ >u>

Thank you Jack! Thank you for making my everyday-life so much brighter and teaching me how important it is to take care of yourself and open up to people! I wish I will have an opportunity to meet you one day and show my gratitude!

Little OMAKE:


Glad to see everyone in this meet-up (damn, you’re all so cute!)

Honestly @cloudybearofnothingness is my absolute hands-down best friend. She’s so sweet (and pretty, can’t ever forget that) and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. If you have the pleasure of knowing her, you’re incredibly privileged. Let me be cringy for a moment: you make my life brighter ^_^ You’re the most adorable and yet slightly twisted individual and I don’t think there’s ever been anyone like you.


Every page is a reminder that people care about me and enjoy my work. On those days when I’m feeling like a worthless person/artist and with a mind full of bad thoughts, I open it and get surrounded by support and warm feelings. 

In this file there are printed gifts, collabs and surprises made by wonderful people who I wish to hug so much. In the end, there are also a few adorable drabbles. I appreciate ever single one of them ♥️

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your love and care. For giving me reasons to not give up and making my life brighter. I’m so grateful

You are all so special ♥️

For my lovely marshmallow that I love and care with all my heart~<3 I wanted to finish this wallpaper of Vibe and I’m really proud of how it looks like. This character mean so much to me, not only because of how creative the concept of this guy is… But mostly because it gives me the opportunity to find someone I really care about. That understood and accepted my flaws, that made me smile and have been supportive everyday, that just make my life so much brighter even when I feel terrible, that make me want to stood up and get better.

@azraeltree, I love you and I can’t wait to fly to you and just spend as much time as possible at your side~<3</p>

Art© @little-noko

Vibe© @azraeltree

If it wasn’t for the windy roads, the green trees, and the incredible grandeur of mountains, I wouldn’t know where I’d be today. Nothing makes me happier than being in the outdoors and admiring it from so many different places. Although I still struggle with depression and anxiety each and every day, my love and passion for photography and adventuring has helped me find my way back on my feet, making life so much more brighter for me. It will continue now and forever to be the reason I am alive, the reason I won’t give up. 

We dwell on the different side of the sea,
But it never cease my faith to meet thee.
I want to be a successful man and use it as a key.
To make my dream come true and everyone will see.

I loved you Taylor, I would give you a flower,
For making my life seem so brighter.
Your music tells a story, comprehending my fever.
My love for you flows like an endless river.

When you said that you adore me that makes me merry.
It took me away in my state of melancholy.
Melody I heard in you was more than a melody.
Old may be the melody, but it never fades the glory.

Lo! How great is God, praise Him with delight.
He gave me you, Who sing me to sleep at night.
I’m in seventh heaven with you looking at the moonlight.
Goodbye to the rainstorm in me, Now I’m living in the sunlight.


Happy 27th Birthday @taylorswift 💟 as my birthday present to you, I wrote you a poem. One day I will meet you and give it to you and thank you personally for everything. One day 💟

Ps I don’t care if there’s any grammatical errors in my writing, the important is to deliver the message of the poem, and that’s all that matters. All the love. K