this makes my heart feel good :3 :3

1. I can’t shut up about you. If someone stopped me in the street and asked what I was thinking about, your name would spill out more easily than any of my anxieties.

2. I swear to God, every time I listen to a good song you’re the first person I want to tell. Every song has you in it. Every song is about you now.

3. Let’s mix each other’s laundry. If I find your shirt and you get my sweater, we can take each other out of our own clothes.

4. When you call me babe, and your voice is still a little sleepy, I swear to fucking god my heart feels it. I feel it behind my eyes, and sometimes even in my fingertips. The love spreads, you know?

5. Let’s stay up till 3 am and make ourselves pasta we can eat out of the pan while we sit on the kitchen counter and talk for hours. We can take pictures of the sunrise through the window while we laugh our six am laugh, because it’s early and we’re a little dizzy with love.

—  Love Thoughts, Pt. 2

your regular reminder: Chalo and Priya are absolutely stunning.

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Selena I cried??? You always get soft compliments but like that comic isn't soft it's heart breaking to think and see keith break down and the facial expressions are each different. . . Idk man I've never legitimately cried for a comic before. I just really love your art work even the gooey ones lovey dovey ones but your powerful artworks are equally good if not more

YOU CRIED………………..that actually makes me so happy to know I could cause such an emotional response w my art hghfjjkdfg I try so hard to make ppl Feel as strongly as possible ;O; THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3

also here’s an epilogue

Miyano Mamoru

“Love Overflowing”
English and Romaji lyrics
Requested by @kurooscoffee​ 
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


My love overflows
And flows out to you
What have I been looking for?
I don’t need anything

As if I’ve fallen in love
You’re such a precious person to me
I’ll give you anything
No matter what it may be, everything

I want to protect you from everything that scares you
I’ll give you a kiss for every bit of joy our meeting has given me

When my love for you overflows
Is the reason I’m crying
Because I’m happy?
Even though I’m happy?

So that your road to hope will somehow be shone upon
I’ll devote a prayer to your shining future

What’s on the other side
Of this love?
This love
Is what saves me

My love overflows
And flows out to you
I’ll give you anything
No matter what it may be, everything


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Noodle’s Lazy 400 Giveaway

Cause I never thought I’d get that much on my personal blog good lord! <3

But the draw date will be later into the month when i’ve settled out to other things i’ve got on my todo list so hopefully no rush on things! <3

But thank you for those who follow me cause goodness me do you give me a reason to draw and be actually active in my internet life. Every note or little heart [even if it’s just 1] makes me feel ‘Yeah!! I can do this!’ Especially when it’s on my comic work gosh you guys are great

I’m not really the kind who cares about reblogs. I just like to make people smile. 

Ah but that’s not why you’re reading! You wanna know about prizes and shit;;;

-I don’t really care if you’re following me or not! I just like smiles and joy! [But no giveaway blogs :( if you have a personal though go for it!]
- You can see the ‘Will and won’t’ draw on my commissions page
Will be drawn in late October/mid Nov depending on college [I COULD DRAW IT AT HALLOWEEN. THAT’D BE A NEAT TIME]
- multiple winners!

-Like and Reblogs count each as an entry <3 I’ll be random generation for the draw.


2 Main prize like so; [Individual links] –1– / –2– / –3

And then 3 Small prizes like so! [Cause they’re sketchyer and usually just waist up instead of thigh/knee] Individual links! –1– / –2– / –3

But yeah! Thank you for reading this far! I’ll repeat; Draw time about End of October or Mid November depending on College! 
Likes and Reblogs count as an entry each!

Thank you again! I hope your night goes amazingly!!!


It breaks my heart that Guillermo del Toro has officially announced that there will never, ever be a Hellboy 3.  This wasn’t his choice, its because the studio axed the series after the first two movies made more on DVD than in theatres and now DVD is going away as a format.  To me, all that means is that Hellboy 3 would be a good candidate for a Netflix original but instead they decided to reboot.  Rebooting actually makes this hurt worse instead of feeling better.  Creatively unnecessary reboots are almost never as good as the original or even good, period.  And if the reboot happens too soon, it buries the legacy of the original, like they’re trying to make people forget.  And surprise, surprise, the new Hellboy reboot is going to be a “darker, more gruesome” horror movie so I guess that means no humor or humanity or warmth from the characters.  Maybe they can replace Guillermo’s beautiful and creative practical effects with garbage CGI and crank out a new shitty sequel every year at Halloween, just like they do with every terrible horror franchise.  Also, some nobody is replacing the magnificent Ron Perlman.  I’m so disgusted.  RIP Hellboy movies.

i don't wanna fight too hard, too long, too much anymore

a day during the malec breakup from magnus’s point of view

thanks to @softshumjr for helping me out with this

You have a new voicemail, click here to listen.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

He pressed 2.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

Message deleted.

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℃-ute’s Top 5 Best Songs (English Translation)


(1) Jump - All of the fans smiles appear, so let’s sing to the end!!

(2) Massara Blue Jeans - A song that we suffered a bit through due to pressure. I was afraid of failing and this nervousness even appeared in my dreams.

(3) Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi - A song from Tsunku specifically for Budoukan. As this “light” appears before my eyes; thank you for such an amazing song.

(4) Wakkyanai (Z) - Actually, this was the first track I recorded. The first time I had a recording. I was impressed as everybody practiced hard for the first original song for ℃-ute. 

(5) Sakura Chirari - Here it is, our major debut song! I have strong memories of performing this at many various places. Actually, it was originally “Yuki ga Chirari.” 


(1) Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko - I like cute songs, so this one has the best feeling to it. 

(2) Kanashiki Heaven - I hardly sing in this one, LOL. But I can focus all my power on dancing!! 

(3) Massara Blue Jeans - This song is essential since it was our first song. 

(4) Iron Heart - I love the feeling it gives off when everybody is singing. 

(5) Jinsei wa STEP! - The song, dance, outfits, and the ℃-ute of today all make this GOOD! 


(1) Namida no Iro - I get nervous when singing in falsetto, but this song is my favorite. This includes “Juliet Juliet.” 

(2) Wakkyanai (Z) - When I sing this song, it makes me nostalgic for when I was a child. I naturally smile once the introduction starts. 

(3) SHOCK! - This is a song that can’t be removed from my past. So, I would like to cherish it even more from now.

(4) Kanashiki Heaven - A powerful battle song that can be embarrassing no matter how you put it. I sang it at festivals and various places.

(5) Iron Heart - Everyone is free to join this song. So we can all be a part of a ℃-ute performance. 


(1) Jinsei wa STEP! - A song that shows some great points. Like ℃-ute’s teamwork. 

(2) Bokura no Kagayaki - I always get courage and energy when I hear everybody cheer “Chisato!” 

(3) Kanashiki Heaven - A song where I thought that I won’t lose to Airi. We both worked hard together!

(4) Final Squall - It seems like the end has come!

(5) To Tomorrow - It’s truly Tsunku!  It conveys a message of “Thank for everything you’ve done.” 


(1) Gamusha LIFE - A song with lyrics that are purely about ℃-ute. When I sing it, I cry.

(2) Iron Heart - The setup for the stage is fun. It’s a relaxing song. 

(3) EVERYDAY YEAH! Kataomoi - It’s the first main song that filled me with happy memories. 

(4) JUMP - It reminds me of “Megu.” It’s an important song. The second half is pretty intense, but it always makes me smile. 

(5) SHINES - Despite the fact that I sang this as a child, I feel good with the lyrics. You can become energized from this song. 

*I apologize for any mistakes in my translations*

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I love all of your writings, especially Heart Valley Daycare and A Willing Demon's Decent!~ I can't wait for your updated from those fanfic. I hearty like the way you right and the way you make me laugh throughout the story you create, specifically Heart Valley Daycare! \(*A*)/ (/♡_♡)/ I wish the best of luck in your writings and keep up the good work!~ <3 <3 <3

Awwwwww! Thank you so much sweet Anon! I’m so happy to get kind messages in my askbox about my work such as this! Makes me feel so much better, since I have so much work to do this month as well as the next. 

I’m happy you’ve enjoyed reading Heart Valley Daycare, with all the fix-it bakudeku drama sexual tension/kid-fic, as well as my darkest origin story villain deku with bakudeku angst and pain. lol Like the two different direction fics, which is honestly cool, since you liked them both. More Heart Valley Daycare to come soon, but oh my goodness…I have so much on my plate this month and I’m behind on everything -cries- butttttt-

I shall not give up any of my in-progress fics, like Heart Valley Daycare! Thank you again for the love and your kind words about my writing, for that is always an uphill struggle. <3 -Unoutan


astro  cha eunwoo.

asked by @leoskitty
send me a group and i’ll make a gifset of the member i find most attractive!

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I just want to let you know that you make such a difference for people who go through a lot of negativity. Even if I'm not actively on your page daily, I almost always see a positive post from you on my dash and it warms my heart that you do this for not only yourself, but people who also need it BC SOMETIMES I'VE HAD A SHITTY DAY AND THEN I SEE YOUR MESSAGE AND THEN I FEEL A LITTLE BETTER ON THE INSIDE THANK YOU DEAR <3 AND I HOPE YOU'RE SAFE AND DOING OKAY RIGHT NOW I'M SENDING YOU MY LOVE





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Psst~ Tag 5 mutuals and say something kind about them! Let's spread kindness :)

Hello, I am Here for the kindess spreading let’s gooooo

@theinevitablesense honestly parker, you’re one of the most brilliant people I know and if I decided to write out everything I feel about you this would be forever so know that you’re so intelligent and so beautiful inside and out and getting to spend the day with you was one of the most fantastic things ever and you’re so talented and so passionate and I know you’re going to do something so great that leaves us all breathless and honestly just existing with you has been a blessing and I’m so much better off for knowing you

@walkerbaby hello this is probably not expected but I’ve messaged you more than once with random life inquiries and you’ve listened and have been so very helpful and kind and I appreciate it a lot and of course your writing is incredible and I love your stories and they’re the ones that I can always come back to and re-read and enjoy them over and over again

@thellamaduo you’re so great and amazing and beautiful and stunning and wonderful in so many ways and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to consider you a friend and honestly where would I be without our discussions about characterization and you telling me how actual editing should go and the fantastic posts and links you send me and sometimes life sucks but you’re always so Good and Shining Bright and you mean the world to me so thank you

@thalia-the-guitar oh ciara i love you so much and honestly you’re such a bright part of my life and i know that life can be so stressful and I want nothing more than to wrap you up and squeeze you tight and then feed you like a five course meal while you laugh at my ridiculousness and we’ve grown so close over the stupidest shit and it’s an that you’ve allowed me into your life enough to choose me to talk about those things to and I love your messages and I love hearing you plot fics and you’re so talented and so incredible and I’m in awe of you almost constantly and you’re gonna do so many great things

@exadorlion hello mari you’re great and we’ve always had such good conversations and I know it’s really lame of me to say but like you’re just brilliant and talented and when you send me things or tag me in things it makes my heart go fuzzy and I hope you feel that same fuzziness sometimes because it’s a good feeling and you deserve the entire world and I would like nothing more than to be able to give it to you and you’re just great so thank you for being a part of my life and making this world less bad

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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hey I just wanted to say that this episod of Gotham make me think of yours and alex's gobblepot and I really enjoyd It!!!! Espically how oz gripped into Jim at the end! I love it. I'm sorry for oswald though... Can jim and little ivy cuddle him in the fic when they'll get together? They need love and U two are so good with Gobblepot it make mY heart ache <3 -Sweeneytodd QUAK

SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY. Things are piling up but it feels great C:

Right?????? Even Jimmy’s face is such an annoyance he’s so done X’D
I’m pretty sure they will eventually! Alex and I are piling up with new start on other fics so maybe we’ll try getting everything in order again before finishing chapter 3.

They need love indeed~ We’re happy you think so, and stay tune for more of our stuff! Q U A C K

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I, like our beloved Viktor, am not good at helping people in emotional distress… Soo have pictures of my dog! She’s pretty cute, I hope she brightens your day 😄😊 (submitted by the wonderful @gothandtired)

LOOK AT THE FURBABY!!!! This is definitely making me smile!! She is such a sweetheart! Seung-gil would love her ;) ;) @magical-mistral look at the adorable doggo! 

Thank you for thinking of me, sweet friend!! <3 <3 <3 <3

I was tagged in a thing by @boldlygoingnovvhere!! TY for the tag!! <3

Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them

Relationship status: Currently in a relationship with my darling girlfriend! She is the absolute best and I have no idea how she likes me back??!! I am always 11/10 happy to ramble about how goddamn cute she is. I’m probably sickening.

Favourite colour: Blue or green.

Lipstick or chapstick: I love dark lipsticks, but I wear lipsalve/chapstick far more often. Recently got a strawberry chapstick and it makes my heart happy tbh

Last Song: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Eurythmics I think?)

Last Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove (I was feeling like something fun and chill. Its. Such a good movie to just sit back and enjoy!)

Top 3 Shows: Star Trek (all!! the!! Trek!!), Sense8, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Top 3 ships: all variations of McSpirk, Korrasami, Nomanita

I tag @flamingbluepanda, @spones-in-my-bones, @depressedleonardmccoy, @jimkirks-rippedshirts @deforestkelleys, @faarev-sevik, @spockiosexual, @nerdqueenenterprise and @greenjimkirk! Also anyone else who wants to have a go, just say I tagged you <3

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Hello! I'm a huge fan of your blog and I was wondering who you bias and ship in svt? I hope you have a wonderful day and happy holidays :)

heyyyyy boo ~

Total Jeongcheol trash ;) Like boi. My all-time OTPs go Hunhan, Jeongcheol, TaeTen

Like they’re so cute, wtf!!!! Like, honey, Jeonghan is such a beautiful devil, and Seungcheol is an adorable puppy/low-key daddy material…they’re basically made for each other <3 ohmagad they’re so flawless ;-;

^^ They would make such good parents, like honestly just looking at the two of them together makes me fanboy all over the place.

And, personality-wise, I feel like they genuinely balance each other out. Like, Seungcheol’s such a loving leader-type figure, and Jeonghan’s a sadistic sassy Queen ~ Literally Mom and Dad of SVT <3 <3 <3 

Meanie couple’s pretty cute too tho ;)

I also high-key ship chinaline XD they’re such babies

Junhao’s always gonna have a special place in my heart XD I think it’s because they communicate so well with one another, and their closeness really shows :P 

Thanks for the ask anonnie <3 Happy new year honiii xxxx 

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I literally love this blog so so so so much and I feel like if I actually knew you and wasn't painfully socially awkward we would be really good friends.

<3 <3 <3 honey i’ll always be here for whenever you’re ready to slide into my DM’s, and can i just say, the fact that you feel like we would be really good friends makes my heart feel so so warm and fuzzy

Send me short/long anonymous messages saying what you think of me.

excuse my crappy banner…….rip

honestly, I don’t even know where to start… this blog over a course of almost 6 months has gained more love than I have ever anticipated, and I would just like to thank all the friends I’ve met on here for supporting me and being so kind. There’s a reason why tumblr’s my safe haven, and that reason is you guys. I love you all and thank you for brightening my dash and my life even, thank you for wonderful experiences and thank you for existing <3 to everyone who’s been supportive and loving, thank you, thank you. it means the world to me and I will return that love a million times more. ah, it seems only yesterday that I had made my first follow forever…. bless you all, thank you for being amazing ♡

italics = mutuals
bold = words for you under the cut! too many people to be thankful for aha :”)
(networks not included)

# - F

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