this makes me want to set myself on fire

the best parts of the raven boys (featuring me crying)

- adam and ronan literally dragging each other on moving dollys behind the bmw like what nerds

- “if it had a social security number, ronan had fought with it”

- noah told them like 400 times that he was dead why was this news

- ronan being so extra about picking fights with declan. school? sure. monmouth? hell yea. nino’s parking lot? let’s fuckin go!!!

- the first thing blue ever sees ronan do is run into the light hanging above the booth at nino’s #clumsygay™

- ronan’s number on the nino’s bathroom stall door (honestly what the fuck)

- president cell phone

- gansey describing his friends as “the sulky one” and “the smudgy one”

- take a shot every time blue or adam call gansey condescending 

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anon said : Can you do bts reacting to you “flexing your muscles around them” during sex😏 like would they get rougher ooorrrrrrrr 

Namjoon: The second he felt you clench around him, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. His thrusts became sloppier and more profanities slipped past his lips as he tried not to cum right then and there.

“Shit baby. Warn me next time.”

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Seokjin: He groaned loudly as you clenched your walls around him. He could tell you’d done it on purpose too. He thrust faster, his hand coming to clench your hip, his fingers digging into the sensitive skin. You knew you’d be bruised the next day.

“If you wanted it rough, all you had to do was tell me baby.”

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Yoongi: He stilled the second you clenched your walls around him. You whined, bucking your hips to gain some kind of friction, any kind at all, but his hand pushed your hips into the bed sheets. His fingers dug into your hip bones before wandering down to brush against the inside of your thigh, drawing small circles on the sensitive skin. He would spend the rest of the night teasing you.

“You need to use your words baby. Tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

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Hoseok: He whined the second he felt your walls clench around him and his hips snapped up suddenly, making you groan loudly. His pace became quicker and his thrusts became sloppier. Breathy moans slipped past his lips along with your name as he climaxed, doing his best to help you climax as well.

“You can’t just pull shit like that Y/N.”

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(this gif makes me want to set myself on fire)

Taehyung: He groaned loudly when you clenched your walls around him, looking down to see you smirking. He’d had a feeling that you’d done it on purpose, but your smirk proved it. He was determined to wipe that smirk right off of your face. He suddenly stilled before quickly snapping his hips up the second he heard you whine. The smirk fell right off your face- much to his delight- and was replaced with a look of pure pleasure.

Tell me when you want to play games baby.”

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Jimin: He almost climaxed the second you clenched around him. He’d take it as a hint and flip you over so that you were riding him, his hands gripping your hips tightly, his own hips snapping up occasionally just to hear you moan.

“Use your words next time princess.”

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Jungkook: He’d blush hard, embarrassed that he’d almost cummed the second you’d clenched around his length. He’d simply quicken his pace, leaning down to kiss you deeply to hide his blush. To “redeem” himself, he’d make you cum first, drawing out your orgasm until your legs were shaking.

“You can’t- you can’t just do that Y/N.” 

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i used to think she was the moon, a gentle glow that illuminated the darkness around her. she made it easier to see the path stretching before me. i stumbled less in her light, and found myself looking up at her in awe. i was small before her, cheeks lit by her radiance. 

but now i know, she is the sun. the moon reflects light, but she glows all on her own. every inch of me is warm under her rays, and i swear her smile could set the earth alight. she makes plants grow, birds sing when they see her, and yet she’ll burn you if you try and hurt her. she’s magical, radiant, and just out of reach. i want to hold her no matter how much fire burns under her skin. 

yixing not promoting with the boys literally makes me want to set myself on fire but its really important to support exo’s comeback regardless!! obviously yixing needs to finish up his china schedules and in order to respect that we need to show a lot of love this comeback and tell him that we will wait for him 😞

Snapchat Mishaps { The End }

 ~ This is it babes! I hope you love it , xoxoxoxoxo ~

Warnings : swearing, S M U T ! kinda nsfw gifs ;) .

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  Walking out of buckys room is harder than you thought it’d be. All you want to do is turn back, throw your self in his arms and sleep there . But that’s just not how the cards played out this time .

Buckys pov

Did she just- she left . We finally did it , we had mind blowing sex and she just left ? Did she not like it? Pshh there’s no way she didn’t like it, I’m fucking awesome .
Maybe this was only a game to her , but everything else says otherwise . What is her deal ? Ugh. If this is what she wants , then this is how it’ll be . Atleast until I can make her realize just fucking isn’t what I want . I should probably just spit it out and tell her how I feel , but even I know I’m too much a pussy to take that risk. Not until I know for sure how she feels.

The next day

Y/n’s pov
    You spent the rest of yesterday locked in your room , you couldn’t handle seeing bucky again just to have him act like nothing happened . Today you have to leave your room though , you have a meeting and then training . Calling Steve and faking sick crossed your mind, but you’re better than that , you’re better than letting someone affect your life like that .

The entire team was at the meeting , apparently all of you need to be present for some big announcement. You’re the last one to arrive , and the only seat is next to Bucky . For fucks sake . You slide into the seat as Tony begins speaking

“ you all met the fantastic four the other night ,correct?” He received various forms of ‘yes ’ from all of you . As you answer , you feel a hand on your thigh, and you immediately recognize it as buckys cold metal hand . Wtf? His finger slide between your thighs, pushing them slightly apart so he can nestle them between your legs. You shoot him a wide eyed look but he keeps his eyes on Tony , his face 100% emotionless . Why the fuck did I wear a skirt ?How is he staying so calm?!

“ well, me and reed agreed that Incase the situation ever should present itself for us to have to fight together , we should all learn the others techniques and skills. So we can work is harmony instead of having absolute chaos trying to work together on a mission.”

As tony speaks buckys fingers lightly brush over your core , making you squirm at the friction on your underwear against your clit . As the other discuss Tony’s decision, bucky only gets bolder . He’s rubbing rough circles into your covered core, but swiftly dips his fingers underneath your panties . You suck in a harsh breathe when he inserts a finger and starts slowly thrusting , while his palm works against your clit . Holy shiiiit, why is he doing this to me . He picks up the pace, and your hand shoots down to grab onto his to try and still it . It doesn’t work how you want , it only encourages him .

“ the others being here means a lot more risk of injuries , and Helen is still out of the country. Y/n you can handle this though right ? In case hot head accidentally burns someone or Ben ends up tossing someone through a wall? ”

“ uh- ye-yeah tony , I can handle it !” You’re tone is a Barely even , but with your advancing orgasm it’s the closest to calm you can get .

“ perfect ! Anymore questions ?”

When no one spoke up, tony dismisses everyone , you rip buckys hand away from you and storm out of the conference room.

“ y/n wait !” He calls after you . You stop dead in your tracks , making him nearly crash into you. After checking to make sure you’re the only two left in the hall , You whirl around and push him until his back hits the wall

“ what do you think you’re doing !? We were in a meeting Bucky! That was totally-”

“ hot ?” He asks with a grin . Your brows furrow in confusion.what is he playing at ?

“ you know , you’re even cuter when you’re angry doll.” He removes your hands as he steps forward , not stopping until your back is against the other wall. Well fuck .

“ I thought I told you this game was over for me , I don’t want to chase you anymore . I just want you doll.”
The way he’s looking at you is odd, his eyes hold a mix of anger , confusion and sincerity all at once . Maybe he does have feelings for me ? Why wouldn’t he just say it then ?

You don’t get the chance to reply , his lips overtaking yours stops any coherent thought in your mind . The kiss is sweet , filled with passion and it’s making your body tingle . Your hands fist in his shirt , pulling him until he’s flush against you. Why does this feel so right ? Why does it feel … so real ? Does he kiss everyone like this ?

He finally backs away for air , your eyes never leaving each other .

“ the fantastic four have arrived and are waiting with the rest of the team for your arrival . Miss y/n you have been requested to be there also , just as a precaution.” FRIDAY announces .

“ c'mon doll. We’ve got work to do .”

Watching the teams fight each other is giving you anxiety . Every time Johnny uses his powers against someone you have to try not to close your eyes , Someone’s going to catch on fire , his aim is messy. Ben managed not to throw anyone through a wall, and reed & sues powers are addicting to watch . One minute she would be infront of Natasha the next , poof, empty air . So cooool . And reed is so … stretchy .

“ what’re you thinking about princess?” When the hell did Johnny get over here?

“ do you think reed is  stretchy , everywhere?” you wiggle your eyebrows

“ gross he’s married To my sister dude ! I don’t want think about it !” His have scrunches up in disgust and you can’t control the laugh that escapes you . You hear a loud boom and look up to seem bucky flat on his back with Big orange ben standing over him laughing

“ I didn’t mean to knock you that hard Barnes ! Keep your head in the fight though! ” buckys eyes find yours , jealously& anger clear in his expression .

“ so I take it things didn’t go well with terminator the other night? What a shame . You know I’m still free babe .” Johnnys tone is playful , but you can sense he actually means his offer .

“We - uhm - it went well. Just not exactly how I wanted .” You admit shyly

“ anal?” He questions

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You make a fake vomit noise and elbow him “ no you jackass . Gross. I just thought it would be more than sex , ya know? But I was wrong .”

“ by the way he keeps looking over here , I don’t think it’s just sex to him . He looks like he wants to ram me up bens ass . ” at that Johnny raises his hand to wave at bucky, then winks .

“ you’re asking for trouble storm . He probably just doesn’t want to share me .” Makes senses , I don’t want to share him either . Ever . But for entirely different motives

“ I think you two are just misunderstanding-”

“ storm your up against Barnes now !” Tony calls over , oh shit. This is going to be interesting.
Johnny leans over to place a quick kiss to my cheek before skipping over to Bucky on the mats . You watch the two conversing but can’t hear what’s being said .

Buckys POV

Fucking storm . Why the hell did he kiss her cheek? And why does he look so
Fucking giddy to fight me ? Prick .

“ you know , she might be blind but I’m not .” He says quiet enough for only me to hear .

“ what the fuck are you talking about ?”

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“ you’re infatuated with y/n, not in a ’ I just want to fuck your brains out ’ kinda way. Because if it was you wouldn’t look like you’re planning 200 different ways too kill me when I speak to her . If you have feelings for her tell her , because beautiful girls like don’t wait around forever grandpa . ” with that the starting whistle goes off and we begin sparring , maybe Johnny isn’t that bad .  

After training

Y/n’s pov

Thankfully Bucky didn’t kill Johnny , or get set on fire , and no one needed medical attention . Makes my job a hell of a lot easier .

You bolted like a bat out of hell after training , locking myself away in your room before anyone could even try to talk to you . If buckys done with the game, it could mean one of two things : 1.) he has feelings for me . 2.) he just wanted to skip all the foreplay and get right to the fucking . If he does have feelings for me, why wouldn’t he just straight out say it then ? I mean I didn’t exactly voice mine , but … whatever . I think it’s option #2. Just the sex , which I can’t really complain , it was fan fucking tastic. I’d gladly continue that, but will I be able to do that and keep the feelings at bay? Or will it make it worse ?

Your inner battle gets interrupted by rapid knocks on your door . “ doll I know you’re in there .”

 Your heart jumps at buckys voice , but you hesitate before opening your door . I’m a big girl , why am I acting like a scared baby? You open your door, eyes connecting with the familiar pools of blue . You don’t speak, instead you inquisitively raise your eyebrows at him . His mouth falls open and snaps closed a few times , and you can see him struggle to get whatever he needs to say out

 “ bucky what’s wrong ?”

  “ n-nothing’s wrong , I just- uh- ”

You grab his hand and haul him into your room and shut the door behind him.

  “ listen , if you don’t wanna.. ya know , repeat the other night again I get it . It’s not an issue-”

“ NO , that’s not - fuck. I’m done with this entire game y/n , I’m not fooling around anymore.”

 “ yeah , you mentioned that earlier , but what the hell does that mean Barnes ! ” you snap , you’ve had enough of this . When he doesn’t answer right away you let your annoyance take over “ it either you either don’t want to have sex with me, want to have sex with me, or you have fuckif feelings for me! So which one is it because I’m not a damn mind reader and I’m sick of trying to diffuse this situation!” You growl .

  His eyes widen at your words , but a wide smile plays at his lips too. He steps closer, making you take a step back for everyone one he takes , until your back hits your door .

“ well doll, I can definitely tell you The first option is out. I can’t wait until I’m between those beautiful thighs again .” His hands land on your thighs , squeezing them as he continues , “ I’ve never had someone feel as good as you sweetheart . The way your pussy clenched around my dick, was absolutely intoxicating . And the way your lips feel against mine , -” his lips brush over yours gently making your breath hitch . 

 So it is just Sex for him . Your heart falls at the thought . His fingers gently tilt your face up towards his, he must of seen tour face fall from his words

  “You know what makes sex with you so perfect ? The fact that it isn’t emotionless, the fact that my heart leaps out of my chest at even the smallest touch , the tiniest hint of a smile or your beautiful laugh, sends waves of warmth through me . It makes me crave to see your lips curve into that dazzling smile, andto hear your addicting laughter. Everything about you is - breath taking y/n. You made it absolutely impossible not to fall in- ” he pauses quickly “ not to have feelings for you .” Whoa- what just - did he -

He has one hand cradling your cheek, the other gripping your hip. I need to answer him , but I- Did you ever get so frightened, that you couldn’t even scream ? Couldn’t even make a sound , the fear just over takes your entire system? Welll apparently shock and pure fucking happiness has that effect too. His eyes are filled with uncertainty and fear now, you watch as his eyes trail over your face , taking in your deer-in-headlights expression at his confession. He steps back, his hands leaving your body . 

No no NO . You launch yourself at him before he can take another step , and thank fucking god your bed was close enough to catch the two of you as you topple backwards . You land on top of him , straddling his hips as he looks up at you with confusion .

“ I- you- I thought- ” you stumble through your words , still not fully comprehending buckys confession.

“ doll you don’t have to say anything , I don’t want you make you feel like you have to recipro-”

  “ do you ever shut up?” You chuckle , a bright smile dawns on your face , the words you’ve been searching for finally come out ,“ you are an insufferable asswipe Bucky Barnes . ” his face drops , and as he goes to speak you stop him “ I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell has been going on in that mind of yours ; whether you just wanted me as a reliable fuck , or if you actually cared about me like I care about you, I’ve been going fucking nuts! ” You laugh at yourself , the tension finally leaving your body .

  “ then why’d you leave ?” Things shift, Buckys face showing just how your exit affected him the other morning .

“ I may of been a little harsh-”

“ harsh?!? I asked you to stay and you said'fuck no’! That’s a little more than harsh-”

  “ I didn’t want to get hurt ! I thought- seeing in your arms , waking up next to you , those are intimate things for me- bucky if this would of been just sex to and I would of stayed that night I would of been wrecked . I couldn’t risk-”

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  He sits up , with you still on his lap, and cups your face with both his hands ,

  “ hey , breathe . I get it , I feel the same way, that’s why I asked you to stay, it was my of kinda trying to get you to realize I wanted more than just sex , y/n I WANT to fall asleep with you, and wake up with your crazy morning hair and bad-”

“ If you say bad breath I swear to God Barnes.” He chuckles , then pulls your lips to his in a quick , sweet kiss.

  “ you know , i never thought falling in love would be this -”

“ you love me? ” you question with a smirk. Jackpot. His cheeks turned bright red , and he tries to hide his face in your neck but you don’t let him.

“ no way, you’re not hiding from this Buck. I think we’ve had enough communication issues to last a life time . Do you love me ?” He shyly nods, barely meeting your gaze. “ you know ,it would of been really awkward if you didn’t . Because I sure as hell love you Bucky Barnes .” There is no doubt in your words, your tone full love and confidence . His face brightens at your words, and his lips crash into yours, pulling a shocked yelp from you . He smiles into the kiss, while you giggle against his lips. As the kiss heats up, your body moves against his , your hips moving on their own accord as they grind down onto his hardening lap . 

 The more intense the kiss gets , the faster your hips move , you pull apart to gasp as his hips push up into yours . Bucky takes the chance to suck your bottom lip into his mouth , a moan pouring from you at the feeling.

“ bucky please .” That’s all it took for him to flip you over and shed the clothes from both of you . The second his shirts off , your hands move to trace the lines of muscle across his chest . How is his body so fucking perfect ? He moves your hands above your head , releasing them so his can roam your bare body . His lips are kissing and sucking down your neck, and you know he’s leaving bruises as he goes . His mouth finally makes it down to your chest , and He pays equal attention to each of your boobs . His mouth sucking and nipping at one , while his hand rolls and tugs at the other nipple . You’re pretty sure you can come undone just from the feeling . You feel a fresh wave of wetness between your thighs , and you rub them together to try and get any friction you can . His hand grabs onto your thigh, sliding between them to part them.

  “ don’t even try it doll , be patient .” He warns , you groan and toss your head back .

  “ bucky please , I -oh!” As you speak he plunges two finger into your slick heat . “ you what doll?” He smugly asks. “God, I love the noises you make, did I make you this wet for y/n? ” cocky bastard

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 His fingers speed up, the wet smacking noises of his fingers fucking into your pussy adding to the pleasure . You whimper , nodding you head in response to his question . Speaking was not an option right now, coherent thoughts aren’t even possible for you. You roll your hips down on his fingers as he curls them right against the sensitive spot in you.

  “ bucky!” His entire body moves down , and his mouth suctions right onto your clit as he finger fucks you. You whimper as your release closes in, right as your on the verge of cuming , his mouth and fingers are gone .

“ you fucking-” His lips cut you off with a rough kiss, his tongue tangling with yours right away . You both moan into it, and you glide your hand down your body until his hard cock was in your grasp . He groans into your mouth as you start to pump him slowly . You guide him to your entrance, letting him take over when his tip rubs against your dripping pussy . He pushes in slowly , swearing under his breath when he finally bottoms out. He gives you a minute to adjust before pulling back and thrusting roughly back in . You know you both aren’t going to last long , you’re both too wound up. You wind your finger through his hair, tugging him down for a kiss as he pounds into you . His pace is relentless , both of you chasing your releases . As you get closer his hips slow down , instead of smacking into yours , now they are slowing bumping together . You whimper his name , and he flips the two of you . He has you sitting in his lap , your chest pressing against his as you behind lifting yourself up . 

You drop back down onto him , your pace equally as slow as his were . You realize it went from fucking to … well making love . Your hands are on his neck , holding him to you as you passionately kiss him , moaning into his mouth as you ride him .

  “ I love you.” You say , your lips hovering over his as your pace begins to pick up a little

  “ I love you too doll.” His hands grip your waist a little tighter , allowing him to thrust up into you . You throw your head back at the feeling of him meeting your thrusts and it isn’t long before moans are pouring through the room as both of your orgasms rip through the two of you . You stay on his lap, his softening dick still in you as you blissfully ride out hot highs. With one last slow kiss, you lift yourself off him and roll to lay beside him. Both of you are on your back , still trying to even your breathing . The only sound in the room is breathing , but it isn’t an awkward silence , but a welcomed one .

   A few minutes pass before bucky turns to you , a goofy smile stretching across his lips , “ Stay?” He asks , you turn , mirroring his dorky smile .

“ fuck yes .”

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Two months before the plane tickets you come back, or I come back—depends on which perspective. I’ve written couple of poetry ever since. All without an ending. All saying the same thing. All rushing me to put end to this. You used to be my ocean but now you’re a boy without any intention to destroy. I left the heartbreak island and named my boat: to love and not remind myself why I shouldn’t. The poets in me would never be satisfied by letting go but here I am.

We say, “I hope you moved on” and for once we meant it. I saw the city from the highway. I drove past high school and did not flinch. I put on your playlist and did not cry. I saw a flashback of what may have happened and it didn’t felt like bathing on acid. I throw out the matches. I don’t have to set memories on fire anymore. I can now finally allow myself to remember you. I loved you and I stop punishing myself for it.

—  hazyaffection // today is that One Day and I’m wearing a smile I receive from myself
Guests //part1/2

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki being forced to live with you while Thor’s on a mission and someone has to watch him.” by @allthefandomloveandimagines

Word count: 2,640

[Masterlist]       [Part 2/2]

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Killing people is not a solution. It really isn’t. It helps with the problem for a brief moment, but also creates many much more sizeable problems, such as finding a place to dump the body, hiding evidence, getting a believable alibi, answering to the police… It’s a lot of work. It’s not worth it.

You growled when the doorbell rang again, tearing you away from the pleasant comfort of the long-awaited sleep. You grabbed the gun from under your pillow and rushed to the door. You were an Avenger. You could deal with hiding a body.

“The hell is your probl-…!” you yelled, opening the door.

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Reader x Taehyung

Warning: Smut/ Explicit Language

 (Picture not mine)

This one is pretty long thank you for supporting me ilysm guys 

“Come on stop being a bitch (Y/n) don’t make a big deal about his whole thing.” I quickly ran into the night clubs bathroom I should have known what he was up to but I didn’t want to be right but I was. I quickly took out my phone from my bag and dialed the first number that came to my mind. 

It was three rings before he finally picked up the phone up. 

“Hey steam buns.” He knew I loved those so he picked that as my nickname the day he saw me dig steam buns into my mouth and make a remark “what else can you mouth take?” what an idiot. 

“Taehyung please please help me I’m at the night club I told you about before my suspicions on him were right I’m locked in the bathroom I couldn’t think and he’s banging on the door.” Taehyung didn’t make a sound he only said he’d be on his way. 

It was about 30 minutes before I could hear a loud commotion going on outside the bathroom I was scared to go out before I hear a soft knock.

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Batfam as shit my roommates have said

Dick: “So I’ve decided that since the world apparently hates me, if I’m going to suffer I might as well enjoy it. It’s 11:20 pm in the middle of January, negative 22 degrees outside, and I’m going to walmart to buy ice cream.”

Jason: *some minor inconvenient thing happens* “Well I guess I have no choice but to resort to grand arson.”

Tim: “I’ve been riding horses since I was six, I’m going to be great at this,” *gets on a skateboard and falls promptly .5 seconds later* “Okay, so that’s nothing like riding a horse.”

Damian: *staring forlornly out the window at a group of people building a snowman* “I wonder what’s it like to have friends”

Duke: “They’re all in the kitchen making pig noises and crying. I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who remembered to take their meds this morning.”

Barbara: “There’s this disgusting couple making out on the lawn so I’m going to go set off my car alarm and scare the ever-loving shit out of ‘em. Who wants to join?”

Steph: “You do you, boo. And him too.”

Cass: *someone groans* “For five dollars and a corn chip I will gladly put you out of your misery.” 

Harper: “I have a twelve step fool-proof plan to blackmail him into giving me his car. Unfortunately, step one is finding the motivation to go through with steps two through twelve.”

Kate: “Some guy mentioned my parking job and I flipped him off instead of making a I-can’t-do-anything-straight joke and honestly I’ve never been so disappointed in myself.”

Alfred: “As the only one who has not set off the fire alarm, I am declaring myself the ruler of this kitchen. If you want to use the stove, you have to pay a 25 cent tax, which I will use to buy earplugs for when you fucks inevitably set off the goddamn fire alarm.”

Bruce: “I am the father of this household!” *grabs a thing of bread and slams it on the table* “See I literally put the bread on the table! Except I just noticed this bread went stale five months ago, so yeah, we’re all probably going to die.”

Thor: Ragnarok (!!!)

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I SAW IT. And it was glorious.

(No spoilers in this post btw, just a few general thoughts, but if you want to hear absolutely nothing about the movie, then obviously don’t read further)

As promised, it’s tons of fun. All the stuff you’ve already heard - huge spectacle, awesome soundtrack, lots of laughs, etc. I don’t have that much to add to the reviews already out there, except that I think it completely lives up to the hype. I’ll be seeing it again as soon as possible!

Chris Hemsworth really shines in this incarnation of Thor. I’ve always liked him in the role, obviously, but been a bit ‘meh’ on his dramatic acting as Thor. I figured out today that that was because Thor never should’ve been dramatic. The character veers toward ridiculous when taken seriously. But this Thor, who’s hilarious and never takes himself too seriously? This is the Thor we need and deserve.

Loki is delicious. I needed more, but that’s inevitable. There is a good amount of him in the film, considering the story and all the other characters he has to share screen time with. I have just the slightest bit of…apprehension at some of the characterization of Loki in this movie, which I’m looking forward to hearing others’ opinions on once more of us have seen it, but overall it was just so fucking great to see him again - and on the flip side, there are other things in here that make me really curious and excited for where they’ll take his character next. He has some really fantastic moments, which I can’t wait to relive again and again giffed all over tumblr (seriously, I’m so excited for the extra boost that the return of Loki will bring to the fandom). And this cannot be stated strongly enough: he looks better than EVER before. So. Goddamn. Hot. The all-black suit made me want to set myself on fire. And don’t even get me started on this hair!!!

I heart Taika. This whole movie has his stamp all over it. Whoever at Marvel made the decision to hand this franchise over to him, bravo. 

A Way to You Again: Part 13

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1215

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! Sorry it took me forever to get this part done. The senior portrait rush is over – so I should have more time to write again, yay!

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Bucky needed to see that he wasn’t the only one with ghosts. Mine still haunted me to the point that they had nearly torn me away from him completely. As I walked to my bedroom his words echoed in my mind, “Ever the optimist – one day that optimism is going to get you killed…” Little did he know how close he was to being right.

We drove through most of the night. We spoke occasionally – small pleasantries or about the towns we passed, but we always lapsed into silence again. As we pulled onto the gravel driveway I sighed with relief. This time it was a different type of relief to see the little cottage. I wasn’t running away – I was really coming home. Home with someone I loved. “This is it,” I said with a yawn as I parked the car. I blinked sleepily at Bucky as I stretched.

“You go ahead – I’ll get the bags,” he responded with a reassuring nod.

I made my way up the uneven path – my limbs feeling abnormally heavy. More than anything I wanted to lay in the feather soft bed that awaited me and sleep for hours. I wearily opened the door and sighed to myself. It was just as I had left it – always waiting for me. I walked in with Bucky following me hesitantly. He stared around the cottage appreciatively as I watched him.

“So I’m beat… I think I’ll get some rest,” he said awkwardly as he motioned towards a hallway that led to the guest room.

“Oh… I honestly didn’t have this planned so I didn’t call ahead. The room is probably a mess – between Steve and Nicole staying there. Would you… like to maybe stay with me?” I asked shyly as I peeked through my lashes at him – a small awkward smile tugging at the corners of my lips. I wasn’t sure why I felt so shy suddenly – maybe it was the way his eyes sought after every bit of me in their tired stare, or maybe it was the way the corner of his lips quirked into a smile he fought to hide when he watched my tired movements.

“Okay sure,” he added softly as he laid the bags down by the front door. I walked awkwardly to the bedroom where I gratefully shucked my pants and quickly snuggled into the down comforter. My exhaustion had certainly not kept me from noticing Bucky standing up a little straighter when welcomed by my bare legs. He in turn shed his shirt and jeans before climbing in beside me. He smiled as he brushed the hair from my face before I quickly fell asleep.

I awoke to the deepening shadows of twilight as I stretched my tired limbs. Panic gripped me for a moment as my hands noted the empty side of the bed. My tired mind immediately went into a free-fall. Had I dreamed it all? Had I been here the entire time without him? A soft knock at the door caused my body to relax.

“Come in,” I yawned as I stretched my tired limbs again. Bucky’s head peaked into the room shyly before he opened the door fully to walk in.

“I thought you might be hungry so I ran up to the diner and ordered some food.” My stomach growled loudly at the thought of food – eliciting a laugh from Bucky. “I will take that as a yes,” he smirked as he turned on his heel and made his way back to the living room. I chuckled to myself as I pushed off the bed and followed him.

He had ordered a ridiculous amount of food – enough to probably last us for days. In fact, I was almost certain that he had ordered one of every burger the diner had. “So are the seven dwarves coming to eat supper too, or?” I asked with a smirk as I plopped down in the empty dining room chair beside him.

“Huh?” he responded in confusion. Sometimes I forgot how different our worlds had been.

“Never mind,” I chuckled as I reached for a burger and fries. I couldn’t remember a time I had been so hungry in my life. While I was contemplating if it was physically possible to unhinge my jaw and devour the burger in one bite I caught Bucky’s glance in the corner of my eye. “What?” I asked as I felt a blush threaten to spread up my neck and to my cheeks.

“Oh it’s nothing,” he shrugged with a small smile before returning to his food.

After dinner was over Bucky insisted that he would clean the kitchen – even though, as I pointed out through my many protests, I was the one that knew where everything was. As he busied himself in the kitchen I made my way outside to start a fire. One of my favorite things as a child had been to sit around a cozy fire on the beach as the sun set. There had always been something magical about it – and I had always dreamed about the day that the person next to me would be the man that I loved. I smiled to myself as I set to work on my task.

Bucky found me sitting in front of the fire when he came outside to join me. I was entranced with its flames as I watched them dance upwards into the pastel sky. I jumped slightly as the blanket he had brought me wrapped around my shoulders.

“Sorry,” he chuckled softly as he sat beside me. “I noticed it had gotten cooler – I wanted to make sure you were warm,” he added with a soft smile which I returned earnestly. I returned my gaze to the fire as we lapsed into silence. I was completely lost in thought when Bucky finally spoke again. “It’s beautiful here,” he whispered quietly as his hand brushed against mine.

“Yes it is,” I responded as I smiled softly at him. “This is the one place I’ve always been able to find comfort. The one place that I have left that is full of memories of my family,” I whispered sadly as I turned to look at him. “How much did Fury tell you before I joined the Avengers?”

Bucky seemed taken aback by the sudden change in topic. He shrugged as he thought to himself. “It seemed pretty basic overall. You started working for S.H.I.E.L.D. right out of high school after being highly recruited by several top administrators in the program, Fury and Coulson included. You were a rising star in S.H.I.E.L.D. before it fell. Didn’t have a family – which come to find out was a bit of a lie, but I never fully trust Nick when he tells me the backstories of other people,” he explained.

“I…” I began awkwardly. I wasn’t certain where to begin, but I knew if Bucky was willing to show his most vulnerable side to me then it was time that I did the same for him.

“Y/N – you don’t have to,” he began as he squeezed my hand affectionately.

“Bucky – if you love me – there is something you should know,” I whispered as I prepared to recount things that I had hoped I would never speak of again.

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a series of unfollows is making me question whether i should…

a) ignore it and keep posting whatever i want, get unfollowed even more
b) give in, make a sideblog and ignore how toxic the vol/tron fandom is

Throughout my life, love was never my thing. I was surrounded by countless couples and seeing them together made me envious. I saw them and I wanted it. I wanted what they shared, how they loved, how happy they were, all of it. I longed to have someone to hold and cherish and so I tried giving love a shot, but the bullet came firing back at me. After it happened multiple times, I began to resent love and relationships. If love decided I wasn’t worth its time, then what was the point of trying? I convinced myself that I was meant to be alone so I built walls to make sure I would never have to go through that pain ever again. My mind was set on a loveless life but when I met you it was like an earthquake struck in my head. Every wall that had been built started to crumble and alarms began to blare in my head. I never thought a day like this would come. I was so sure that I’d never want anything to do with love but when I’m with you, it’s all I want. You make me feel like I’m on a drop tower rapidly plummeting down; like I’m in a whole other universe; like I’m living in a fantasy. There so many different emotions I feel when I’m with you and I am in awe. It’s hard to explain what I’m thinking and feeling because I’ve suppressed these emotions for the longest time. I want to be with you and to learn everything about you from your favourite colour, to your greatest fear, to your most embarrassing memory, to all the little things that other people fail to notice, but I’m not sure how. These walls of mine were meant to keep people out and as much as I want them to be demolished, I’m terrified of doing so. I’m scared of getting hurt but everyday, I’m getting closer to risking it all for you. I know that I can be distant and sometimes it may look like I could care less but I’m trying my very hardest to make that all change. I think I’m finally ready and if it had to be anybody in this world, I would choose to take a leap of faith with you.
—  Letters you’ll never receive #5 // S.T.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Killian so much lmao

Because he’s one half of the NOTP that makes me want to set myself on fire. 

Because he’s a very poorly written character that spouts self-righteous, hypocritical bullshit that also makes me want to set myself on fire.  

Because–HELLO????? GUY’S AN ASSHOLE. He makes me want to set myself on fire.

Because he destroyed Season 2 Hook, and I liked that guy. 

Get me the fucking matches.