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Planets in their opposite houses

Sun in the 11th: who am i, really? why do I express my individuality in groups? why do i love people, but at the same time drive them away? how are some people so sure of who they are? 

Moon in the 10th: do i give enough time to myself? why does everyone tell me to relax? why do i feel so much pressure? what is privacy? should i visit home?

Mercury in the 9th: why are we here? how can i learn more? was that offensive? why is everyone else so shallow? what’s the next flight i can get on? 

Mercury in the 12th: can i trust myself? should i say that? can i be alone? did anyone else feel that? do i daydream too much? what else is out there? wait, what?

Venus in the 1st: why do i care so much? why does everyone come to me? am i genuine? isn’t this beautiful?

Venus in the 8th: why is everyone so superficial? why is everyone i like bad for me? did that make me sound creepy? is this too intense? who am i anymore? 

Mars in the 7th: do i love them or hate them? do we fight too much? why can’t i let go? is it too soon to be in love? 

Peter: I was just trying to be like you

Tony: I wanted you to be better.

Karen, faintly from the mask in peters hand: *big time rush voice* UH UH u-uH ohhHHHH

bts reacts: you sleep in his hoodie

anon asked:  can i request bts reactions to you sleeping in their hoodie because it smells like them? Thanks xx

note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so if i use a specific pronoun, let me know so i can change it! :) also, none of these gifs belong to me, all credit to their original ownerssss

yoongi:  i just imagine him coming home one night because he’d stayed late, walking with light footsteps and softly closing doors as he passes through them, as if not to wake you up, and then  he just sees you asleep, loosely tucked under thin sheets and wearing his hoodie, and he would just pause, hand lingering on the door frame and a fond smile on his face.

hoseok:  “y'know, sometimes i wonder why you even take so long to pick out pyjamas to wear my clothes to bed everyday.” he’d tease.

“yours is more comfortable than anything people sell anywhere- probably because of the millions of times it’s been through a softener, washer and drier cycle.” he’d laugh a little at that, turning over to face you.

“honestly, you can keep it. you wear it more than i do.”

namjoon: "i was thinking about something the other day.“

"when are you not thinking about something?” he’d give you a look out of the corner of his eye that just read, ‘good point.’

“i’d just realised why we only have to do half the amount of laundry that everyone else does- it’s because you literally own no pajamas.” he’d gesture to the oversized hoodie that hung loosely as you lay next to each other. “i have no problem with it- no problem with any aspect of it at all. just thought i’d let you know.”

seokjin: "so what you’re telling me is, when it’s other people’s clothes, it makes them a million times more comfortable?“

"i mean, not just anyone. but yours are.” with your head resting on his chest, you’d feel the rise and fall of every chuckle; every breath.

does it work reversed? maybe i should try wearing your clothes to sleep?”

“with those shoulders… not a chance.”

jungkook:  “hey ___, have you seen my- oh, never mind.” he’d sleepily walk into the room, rubbing at tired eyes and sitting next to you. you didn’t lift your eyes from the tattered novel in your hands, only yawned a little. 

“you can’t blame me- it smells nice.” you shrugged, not a trace of guilt there at all.

“___, it smells of me.”

“exactly. gotta love the smell of stale perspiration.” he’d game slightly and you’d laugh, nudging him gently to let him know that t was a joke. “i’m kidding, i’m kidding. you smell great, don’t you worry.”

jimin:  i just imagine him being all cute and blushy about it, with soft brushes at your arm every now and again, and little whispers telling you how much he liked seeing you in it met with gentle eye smiles, with evenings ending in intertwined hands, falling asleep on sofas and the synchronized sound of tired breathing.

taehyung: "y'know, i was wondering where that’d gone.“ he’d laugh softly, the sound tainted by the dodgy webcam quality and internet speed. "you really miss me that much?”

“what, did you expect me not to miss you? you’re making me sound like a bad person, you know. of course i miss you.”

“you miss me that much?”

“yes, tae. of course i do.” his face would visibly light up a bit, a smile upturning the corners of his lips as he gently whispered, just quiet enough for you to hear, ‘that’s good to know.’

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*4/5 paladins arguing about the sound laser guns make*

Shiro: okay, enough with the bad sound effects…

Me: oh shiro my man look at you go. The boss. The leader. The father of all this chil-

Shiro: …besides it’s more like blam blaM BLAM

[I'm On Fire] - Part 1

Jeffrey x Reader

[Shoutout to @theartofimagining13 for inspiring this prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: okay I’m definitely scared to post LOL but I saw a lot of people wanted this prompt written so I thought I’d give it a go! This is a AU!Jeffrey, and I hope I do this prompt justice especially since so many people got pumped for it. ENJOY 💕also just a shoutout to my awesome betas for giving me the confidence to post this piece! Xoxo if you have ideas how want this to go send me some.

Tags: 18+, daddy kink, lots of smut next chapter ;)

gif by @mypapawinchester


“…Now I can tell by your faces that you’re all ready to get the hell out of here. I know, I know…it’s a Friday…and being indoors is the last thing you guys want. But before you leave, I just want to discuss your recent papers. I must say I was fairly disappointed in most of them…”

Professor Lincoln paced back and forth in front of the lecture hall, his piercing blue eyes staring down his students. “When discussing historic analysis, I don’t expect you to just give me the facts. I want more depth in these essays…make connections to our world today, and to previous things that have already happened. I know from our in-class discussions you are smarter than what you sound like on paper. With that in mind, I will now formally dismiss the class. Please, think about what I’ve said, and enjoy your weekend!”

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my mom’s doctor came in looking like this which is fine, but then she started talking about how uggs were on sale for $69 and when my mom explained how the stint on her broken foot was hurting this bitch started complaining about her four pairs of louis vuitton red bottoms were SOOO uncomfortable and she has $4000 just lying around in her closet like bitch!!! we can’t even make our house payment and you’re bragging about this shit are you fucking kidding me

The Words of Whispering Touches

@themissinghippogriff requested: “Ok so Ive had this in my head a while but Sirius x puff reader. A bit of smut like just imagine his tattooed hands like holding down her hips ( she doesnt have any tattoos) and like fluffy cuddles afterwards. Reader is rather quiet during the session.”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: Smut

A/n: I think I may have discovered my true weakness…. Soft!Sirius. P.S. I know the gif is of Harry Styles I couldn’t find a better one RIP

Sirius was often straight to the point in his sexual endeavours; rough and fast, with no time spared to appreciate the body he was falling into bed with. But with the times he had changed, and the more he started to feel comfortable with the title ‘boyfriend’ looming over his head, the more he allowed himself to slow down. To take in the borderline ethereal sight that was your nakedness, splayed out amongst the pillows just for him. So perfectly positioned that it was hard to imagine you had not been strategically placed by the gods themselves.

“Darling,” he purred, walking towards you, “I thought you said you were out with friends today.”

You shrugged, letting your head tilt upwards with a grand display of the supple flesh of your neck, almost enticing Sirius to bite down. “I believed it was due time to give you a nice surprise.” You cocked your head to the side, not bothering to spare him the hungry flick of your eyes down his body. “I can just get dressed again if you like-“

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Spoilers: It was leaked that Rey is a Random by press who saw a screening. They're not related. A girl who saw the film spoiled the green milk days before the Visual Dictionary leak and low and behold, there's a weird alien that produces green milk. She also said there'd be a scene where Rey sees Kylo shirtless applying bacta to his wound. She described the relationships as: Rose into Finn, Finn into Rey, and Rey and Kylo intrigued by eachother. There's romance in this so who else could it be?

ok but like. do u have proof that isnt some person just saying its gonna happen or

I’ve Waited My Whole Life (1)

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 3495

A/N: So I was going to wait a little longer to post this but I promised you two fics this week so I am going to give you two. This will probably only have two or three parts, so it’s not going to be super long, but I’m excited for you to read it. I am also almost done with the next part of Never Forget You, so there’s that to look forward to too. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy! (P.S. I’m just going to tag the people on my marvel series lists, so let me know if you don’t want to)

Warnings: Lots of fluff, a little bit of angst, fighting, violence

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith

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November 1943


The numbers never changed. In the twenty-six years and eight months that I had been alive, the numbers never changed. I thought that something was wrong for a long time, but as I got older I just kind of gave up. Especially when I entered the war.

But here I was, strapped down to table, a POW, a victim to Zola’s experiments, and all I could think about were these dumb numbers on my arm.

Where ever I was, something was happening. There was a lot of noise coming from outside but I couldn’t really concentrate on anything. I tried calling out to someone but I didn’t really have the strength to make it any louder than a murmur.

Then Zola came back into the room, grabbing whatever he could off his desk before he ran out again. I was asking him to let me go, but I don’t think he heard me.

At that point I just expected that this was it, you know, the place sounded like it was under fire and I was strapped down to a table somewhere in a building far away from the other POWs. Not to mention that everyone probably thought we were dead. But boy was I wrong.

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  • Yoongi: What is this smell?
  • Taehyung: My love for you
  • Yoongi: It smells bad and rotten
  • Taehyung: Then it must be your love for me
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: Stop making me sound like a bad person, you just farted


I don’t get the Josephine hype, never did back then. I do see a lot of hypersexualization of her and some stuff that would make someone sound bad. The over-glamorization of Josie really drove me up the wall that I never romance her, ever. She’s nice and all but she is too diplomatic and flat that I don’t see her as interesting other than a Disney princess with little and quickly forgotten climax in her story… I prefer characters with more personality and depth like Isabela over her.            

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but as an aromantic person, I wish my romantic friends understood the emotional labor it takes for me to lend an ear to their dating woes and to provide sound romantic relationship advice when I have no solid basis for understanding said relationships in the first place. 

I tend to approach dating advice from a humanistic point of view, rather than a romantic one. That is, I’m more concerned with relationship outcomes and the physical and emotional impact of relationships than the romantic value and excitement of a relationship. That’s mostly because I am aromantic. 

I appreciate that people think of me when they’re in need, but at the same time nothing makes me want to tune out more than issues related to romance. It takes tremendous effort for me to stay engaged in a conversation involving the needs of romantic people, which might make me sound like a bad person.

At the same time, I don’t think romantic people really consider the impact this has on aromantic people. I cannot speak for every aromantic person. However, we all have our own boundaries and needs. For aromantics, that could mean that discussing romance is an exhausting activity with little to no pay off. 

I do care about the well-being and safety of my friends, but I don’t often care about their romantic pursuits. I am genuinely happy for them finding fulfilling relationships, but I am not emotionally invested in the details of their romances. I do want to support my friend, but not at the expense of my own well-being. 

The most difficult part comes down to giving relationship advice to friends whose partners or potentially partners present aromantic behavior. I want to gently remind them that not everyone experiences romantic feelings the same way that they do, but then amatonormativity rears its ugly head from said friends.  

The amount of times I’ve heard a friend describe a partner or potential partner as emotionally constipated is distressing, along with friends describing said persons as a potentially abusive because they wont open up to them or engage in romantic behavior … all the while ignoring their own impact on others…

All of this being said, I think it’s okay as an aromantic person – or any person really – to step back and say that you’re not comfortable or you’re not the right person to talk to about romance. It’s not your job to empathize with romantic feelings for your friends’ sakes when you can’t feel it in the first place. 


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Request:  Can you write for kian where you live in the house with them and the roommates make fun of you guys cause you are so in love

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1,406

Kian Lawley x Reader

Hope you guys enjoy!

“It looks bad when a girl sleeps over at her boyfriend’s house. You know that right?” My mom was pushing my fallen hairs back behind my ear, trying to sucker me into not moving to L.A. to be with my boyfriend of 2 years. 

“Mom, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. You’ve met Kian. He’s sweet, charming, and he wouldn’t do anything to harm me.”

“You don’t understand how bad it makes you sound! You barely know the kid! You live over on the other side of the United States and you expect me to let you fly across the country to go live with a boy you’ve only been dating for barely a year?”

“Two, two years mom.”

“Whatever (Y/n), you do what you want to do but if you fly there, don’t expect to have a place to live when you come back.”

“Fine, I won’t.”

I sighed, I was too busy thinking about how my mom basically disowned me. I looked over an saw Kian fast asleep, mouth slightly open, and light snores coming from his mouth. I’ve been living with him for about three months now and everything has been great.

I leaned over and left a kiss on his cheek and tossed the covers off me and stood up, standing on my tiptoes and letting out a big yawn.

“Baby.” Kian already had the covers wrapped around him and god how he looked amazing with his hair sprawled out everywhere.

“Yes?” I grabbed my hair and put it into a high ponytail and walked into the bathroom an looked at Kian through the mirror.

“What’re we going to do today?” He moved over on my side of the bed so he could see me better.

“I really don’t know,” I splashed my face with water, “I mean, we could just have a lazy day.” I patted my face dry, earning a big sigh from Kian. “What?” 

“You’re so beautiful.”

I blushed and opened his bedroom door, earning a sad look from Kian but I was hungry and I know that when he comes downstairs he’ll want food. 

“Hey (y/n)!”

I looked over an saw Harrison and Corey sprawled out on the couch.

“What’re you two doing here this early?” I grabbed a water from the fridge and leaned against the wall.

“We’re actually waiting for Jc. He said he wanted to go get breakfast this morning.”

I furrowed my eyebrows together. Why wouldn’t they invite Kian? Kian deserves to hang with his friends as well. I’m not trying to hold him back.

“Why wasn’t Kian invited?” I glared over at Corey knowing that he knew why.

“I mean -”

“Guys you ready?”

Jc was at the bottom of the stairs with his eyes wide open looking at me. 

“No, you guys aren’t ready. Why didn’t you invite Kian with y’all to go get something to eat this morning?”

Jc shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen. “I mean, you two always do everything together and we just assumed that you two would cook something this morning and eat here. Nothing bad towards Kian at all.” Jc patted my back and walked over to Corey and Harrison.

I was about to say something until Kian walked down rubbing his eyes. I breathed out and walked into the kitchen. 

“What’s up baby?” Kian mumbled leaning against the wall.

“Your friends.” 

I slammed the pan down on the counter and grabbed the pancake mix from the cabinet. Kian chuckled at me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into his warm body.

“Baby, it’s perfectly fine. I’d rather be with you than be with those boys and get into trouble.” Kian placed a kiss on the top of my head, making me smile. 

“I don’t want them to think that I’m going to keep you all to myself. Please, go eat with them.” He sighed and placed another kiss on my head.

He yelled to the boys that he was going and I continued making my food. 

“You know, it’s pretty funny how in love you and Kian are.” I let out laugh and looked over at Harrison.

“Yeah, I love him very much.” I flipped the pancake and got a plate out from the cabinet and groaned. “You guys never have dishes cleaned. Guess that’s what I’m gonna have to do when you guys are out.” Harrison let out a big laugh and gave me a quick hug. 

“We couldn’t do it without you.” I laughed, quickly washing a plate and placing it down beside the stove, tossing it onto the plate.

Harrison continued to talk to me until Kian walked in, wrapping his arms around my waist, leaving little kisses on the top of my head.


“Fuck off Harrison!” Kian flicked some pancake mix onto Harrison making him groan.

“Kian! This is my only clean shirt!”

I laughed, putting my last pancake on my plate. I literally feel like a mom with these boys because ever since I came, I’ve come to realize that they hardly know how to wash clothes or do anything to be exact.

“Shouldn’t have said that!”

“I can’t help you! Ever since she moved here you’ve been more lovey dovey around us! We know you love her but keep it pg kids.”

“Harrison! That wasn’t even bad!” I screamed laughing at him.

“Oh well.” 

“Come on Kian, let go of her man, you’ll get to cuddle her when you come back.”Jc peered around the corner rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, let go of her man!”Corey yelled from the living room. “I’m hungry!”

Kian rolled his eyes, pulling me into him and leaving a kiss on my lips, making me smile into the kiss.

“See you later, babygirl.”

“Aw,” Harrison mumbled, “he called her babygirl.”

“Fuck off!” Kian glared over at the boys then looked back at me, leaving another kiss on my lips before walking away with Harrison.

“Bye baby, I love you!” I yelled getting the syrup from the fridge.

“Love you baby!”

I finished folding the rest of Harrison’s clothes because I felt bad for him. I trudged up the stairs balancing the basket against my hip. I opened up Corey’s room and tossed the basket in there, gagging from the terrible smell coming from that boys room. 

So far, I’ve cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the living room, made mine and Kian’s bed, done 5 loads of laundry and the house still felt nasty to me. I groaned and fell back onto the couch, turning the tv on.

I threw the nearest blanket on me and laid down on the couch. Right when I got comfortable, the front door slung open and the boys piled in.

“Hey (y/n), it smells amazing in here!” Harrison yelled falling down onto the other couch.

“I did a load of your laundry Harrison.” I mumbled scooting over so Kian could lay down beside me. 

“Are you serious?” He got up and walked over to me, leaving a kiss on my head. “Thank you so much, you’re literally the best.” 

“I put them in Corey’s room, by the way.” Harrison thanked me again and jogged up the stairs.

“You’re so sweet to us baby.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around Kian. I miss this boy every time he leaves me. I left small kisses up and down his neck, smirking at the goosebumps rising on his neck.

All the boys were in the living room now, talking about their new video ideas and what they wanted to do tonight. I continued playing with Kian’s hair and he continued to play with my fingers. He loved playing with my fingers, he always made a comment about his hands being way more massive than mine. It made me smile every time he brought my hand up to his mouth to kiss it.

“Okay, we’ll just talk about this stuff when (y/n) is asleep. You two are all over each other.” Jc threw a pillow at us making Kian laugh.

“I can’t help that my girl is smoking hot and I want to be near her 24/7.”

“Fuck off with this cute ass relationship!” Corey yelled.

I just laughed and elbowed Kian to get up. I threw the blanket off me and trudged upstairs,  I was actually tired and wanted a nap.

I crawled over onto Kian’s side of the bed and cuddled up to his pillow and smiled when I heard the door open. I felt the bed shift, smiling when lips came in contact with my cheek.

“Sleep good babygirl, I’ll be up here later.”

“Love you baby.” I mumbled.

“Love you.” Kian threw the cover on me and walked out.

I smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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