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I just wanna let you know that I LOVE you and your blog. Your gifsets breathe air into my lungs, your tags make me laugh like a mute seal, and your overall presence leaves a wide smile on my face. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you for being such an amazing part of the aos fandom and I hope you have a great day :)

buddy, thank you so much for this message. I swear, you anons always seem to know when I’m in the fandom grumps/thinking abt stopping, with messages like this bringing me much cheer. :-) 


A series of smiles that I refuse to have stolen from me
Growing up, family always told me that I had my mother’s smile. Bright, wide and cheerful.

I was proud to share her smile.

A few days ago I learned that my mother does not accept her daughter being gay despite what she told me when I came out to her weeks ago.

It’s been kind of hard to smile since then, but I still do, thanks to my girlfriend and supportive friends and family.

I am in the process of reclaiming my happiness.

The smile in these pictures are not my mother’s, but my own. And I make this promise to myself to remember that my happiness must come first.

I will smile so wide that my gums will peek out from under my lips. I will smile so much that my slight overbite will have no choice but to allow my lower teeth to come out. I will smile so wide that my face can’t take it, creating lines of joy because I deserve it.

These smiles are mine. Not my mother’s.

Favorite Kaisoo moments : (Personal choice )

@stvnylnt  Here is the post I promised you :) The moments are a personal choice so some other shippes might not see them as important or evident but I consider ‘top’ moments. 

10) Just looking at you makes me happy 

The genuine instant happiness that spreads across Kyungsoo’s face from just looking at Jongin is so beautiful and so precious.  Jongin wasn’t doing anything to make him laugh, no funny face and as you can see, he wasn’t talking ( telling a joke or smthg) YET Kyungsoo smiles so widely when their eyes meet.  Just look at how happy he becomes when Jongin turns to him. Would you smile like that at someone you don’t genuinely like ? Also if you’ve noticed, Kyungsoo was intensely staring at Jongin even before he turned towards him. This moment is so precious.

9) I can’t keep my hands off of you 

This moment is just legendary. Look at how naturally Jongin holds Kyungsoo’s hand into his, caressed it and keep their hands intertwined for while, all while casually talking to the person next to him.  This moment is among the most suspicious Kaisoo moments I have ever seen. Friends just don’t do this. This such a couple thing, touching you for no reason just to feel you and be close to you. Look at how Kyungsoo instantly glances up straight to the camera, he looks a bit nervous to me, like he was worried or something which makes what’s going on even more credible. 

8) You are all I see

Similar moment 

The two moments are gold. Jongin seems to be always unable to keep his eyes of Kyungsoo, even when there is no reason for him to stare. I noticed how sometimes in group interviews, Jongin will often be looking in Kyungsoo’s general direction, he would glance at whosoever talking and then back to Ks ( mostly unconsciously) and  so on. In the second picture, it looks like suddenly during a live performance, Jongin decided to glance back ( which is something he rarely does, we all know how serious he is about delivering a perfect dance) and caught Kyungsoo’s eyes and the two remained looking at each other for few more seconds.  It feels to me like looking at each other, in some, reassure/calms Kaisoo, specially during performances. This is not the only time they’ve done it.

7)  You got me under your spell 

This moment is one of the most iconic and telling moments of all the KD history. Jongin just looks plain mesmerised by Kyungsoo. Let’s be honest here, if you caught your straight male friend gazing at a girl this same exact way , would you even doubt for a second that he has some sort of crush on her ? I think that answers why this is on the list. 

6) Suddenly shy 

This moment is one that I add to my list of the most suspicious and credible Kaisoo moments. Just look at how timid and shy Jongin is suddenly behaving once he realizes Kyungsoo is behind him. His whole demeanor is off  (nervous, stiff and curling towards himself). In the second gif, he subtly throws a quick glance at Kyungsoo and once he find the other already looking at him, he instantly looks away, like he didn’t want to get caught looking but couldn’t help himself. What you conclude from this is up to you but I say, someone has a crush. 

5) I am here for you

Such beautiful caring moments. Kyungsoo never hesitates to step in and help. He is there whenever Jongin needs him. I love how giving and attentive he is to Jongin’s needs/health. He truly cares for him and that shows. and it goes both ways : 

(Jongin stops to bring the chair closer for Kyungsoo)

4) Goofing around

I truly love this small moment. It’s not often that we get to see Kyungsoo all playful and goofy but look at how at ease he is biting into Jongin’s hat and teasing him. A great indication of a intimate healthy bond is the ability to let go, loosen up around each other and goof around. Just look at how happy they look. 

3)  The infamous Eskimo kiss

This moment is beyond beautiful. It’s the most heartwarming display of affection that Kaisoo has ever expressed towards one another. It speaks of a great level of intimacy and trust. I love how they naturally turn towards each other and rub noses. So adorable <3

2) The golden moment : ‘My Jagi’

It would be a crime not to include this moment in the list. I don’t think I need to explain myself.  It can’t get any clearer than this.

1)  I need you closer  ( my personal favorite)

And here it is, my personal favorite. I know there are better and more intimate moments than this one but I just love it. It sums up their entire relationship. Look at how Jongin’s hands casually encircled Kyungsoo’s waist in front of the whole world and somehow kyungsoo doesn’t show a single sight of protest or discomfort. They look so natural together, so right. The chemistry between them is just pouring off the picture. I showed this picture to a non-kpop fan friend and she told me :” I never knew there was a famous gay couple in Korea. What’s their names ?”.  Kaisoo can’t get more couple-y than this. 

That’s about it :) choosing was so hard because every Kaisoo moment is a precious moment but I had to settle on certain ones so I hope I answered your ask. 

Credits : all the gifs and pics used belong to their respective owners. Thank you. 

  • *Person A and person B are at their house playing darts*
  • Person A: I bet you I can smoke you in this round.
  • Person B: *Who sucks badly at darts* Oh yea? Bring it on!
  • *After the ten rounds, the game was over*
  • Person A: *Counting the points, smirking at the end results, walking to Person B* So guess who smoked who in darts?
  • Person B: *Smiling widely with pride* Of course it was me! *Puffs their chest out*
  • Person A: *Shows Person B the score* Umm, yea. Guess again.
  • Person B: *Taking the notepad, and looks at it, then starts to scribble in it*
  • Person A: *Looks at Person B* What are you doing?
  • Person B: Of course you did the math wrong! *Shows person A the notepad, and the names were scribbled out, and we're switched to make it look like person B won* So of course I won!
  • Person A: *Chuckling* Of course you did, love.

I’ve struggled with a lot of pain, anxiety, depression, and self harm in my lifetime. I’ve left scars on my body I cannot remove. This pose was very intimate and very special to me. I’ve never been more happy with a photo than I am with this one…OKAY SO!! I’m standing in line for my photos op and I’m coolin’. I’m calm and collected the entire time and than I’m next in line. And my HEART DROOPED. I started feeling lightheaded and watery eyed and I tried to save myself but it was too late, Jensen turned to me with his arms open wide, he smile. I nervously walk up to him and he can totally tell I’m struggling so he makes conversation.

Jensen: hey! How are you? Is this your first convention?
Me: yyyyeessss
Jensen: are you enjoying yourself?
Me: ahhh yyyyeessss
Jensen: *laughs* I’m glad! Is there a pose you wanna do?
Me: ahhhhh yyyyeessss

So we do the pose and as soon as I break away I lock eyes with him and just lose it. I break down crying in front of EVERYONE and I’m SO EMBARRASSED. Jensen just throws his arms around me and pulls me into his chest. So I’m sobbing into Jensen’s shirt and then I realize “oh shit, people need their photos!” So I start pulling away and Jensen just pulls me tighter. I’m like “OKAY GOOD I CAN STAY HERE IM GOOD WITH THAT” I’m in his arms for about a good 45 seconds. I pull away again and wipe my face a little, trying to collect myself. Jensen smiles at me ever so sweetly and wraps his arm around me once more, he says “I’m so proud of you, you’re so important and you’re gonna be alright. I love you.” I said “I love you so much. Thank you.” He smiled SO WARMLY, and before I walked away he rubbed my back a little and it made me melt… I’m finally walking out of the photo op and immediately volunteers are like “are you okay? Do you wanna sit down?!” I’m saying “no, no I’m okay!” One girl wraps their arm around me, another hands me a bottle of water, (😂) as soon as I’m about to leave I hear someone say l “hey! Wait up!” I turn around to see an individual who stood about 2 people behind me in the photo op line running up to me, they hug me tight and say “I know what it’s like to be alone, and it’s okay…would you like to hang out with us for a while?” And with that I made two new friends! I come to found out from them that in the middle of me breaking down in Jensen’s arms, the security and staff was trying to move me along to hurry up the line and Jensen shoved them off. He WAVED THEM AWAY SO HE COULD HUG ME, and that is something I will never fucking forget. That is the reason I hold Jensen so close to my heart. I couldn’t ask for a better first convention.
Thank you Supernatural family, truly

P.S. Jensen smelt like Irish Spring male body wash and musk, of course. #blamethemusk

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Wet Dream - Jeremy Gilbert Smut

“I’m not getting in.” I crossed my arms, looking away from a half naked Jeremy. It was almost a half hour past midnight and I would’ve fallen back asleep comfortably in my sweat and pathetic attempt at peace had he not knocked on my door and persuaded me to come downstairs and JUMP A FENCE to swim in the pool. I’m not some kind of saint but who wouldn’t rather be sleeping?

“Come on!” He whispered, his teeth chattering as he smiled widely. “It’s perfect.” He lolled his head back as I rubbed my hands over my face.

I felt the dew on the blades of grass under my feet and the mild wind blowing at me. The sky also wasn’t completely dark somehow. It was a dark shade of navy blue with stars and clouds and the occasional airplane making it’s way through, so far away.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Jeremy now. It felt like he was always there even if he just showed up out of the blue three years prior and forced his way into the best friend gap in my heart.

He understood me and I figured I might as well be his slave forever because he helped me so much and my other friends still believed he was a bad person for almost choking me to death that ONE time.

“Helloooo?” Jeremy said, his arms wading in the water, the moons reflection in the ripples.

“What did you say?” I asked, clearing my throat. I could see the beads of water on his shoulders, some of his hair in his eyes.

“I said please like fifteen times.” He said. I sighed, taking off my shirt.

I would be at work the day after, probably with baggy eyes and more caffeine than usual but there would be something more to have in my diary and our memories.

“Oh-hohoho! Now we’re talking.” Jeremy lowered his face further underwater, his nose barely above the surface.

I swam to him, his hand already extended for me. I kicked my legs to stay afloat as our fingers entwined.

“I was having a dream,” he said. Our eyes met and my breath got caught in my throat. “You were in it, it felt so vivid, I woke up and I had to see you.” He said, his lips so close to the water that he blubbered at times.

“Simply riveting.” I put my hand on his freckled shoulder and he smiled, rolling his eyes.

“You’re such a jerk!” He splashed water in my face, swimming away before I could react. I screamed, wiping my face and paddled closer so I could splash him back.

“Come back here, chump!” I giggled as I tried grabbing onto one of his limbs. I finally caught up to him in the shallow part of the pool and he was laughing at me.

Is he a damn Olympian, or what? I swam next to him, letting my pants become regular breaths. I looked at his face again, a drop of water falling off his nose as he glanced back at me.

“What was your dream about, Jeremy?” I grabbed his hand again. The pads of his fingers were pruned and I laughed.

He started to lean in and I almost gasped. Before I knew it our lips were touching and my mouth fell open as his lips traced mine. My hand traveled up out of the water, holding onto his arm.

He shuffled closer to me, pressing me against the concrete side of the pool, his body molding a great match into mine.

“Jer.” I watched the sky hazily with half lidded eyes as he moved warm kisses down the side of my neck.

“I apologize.” He whispered, his face too near and dear for me to catch a breath. “But my dream was about you… just like this.” He started, his hands reaching behind my back so that he could unclasp my bra. His mouth dipped down as his hands traveled to my ass. My eyes fluttered as he lifted me up so that he could envelope one of my nipples in his mouth, pressing his tongue against me.

My eyes flickered awake when I felt his bulge shift against me. I swallowed.

“Was this in your dream?” I whispered, boldly snaking my hand into his boxers and grabbing his dick. He groaned, pulling his mouth away from me. “Do we dare have sex in this very pool?” I asked.

“I don’t see why not.” He replied, his voice deeper. I grabbed onto the wall as he pulled my bottoms away from me, pulling my legs tickilishly towards him, a big geeky smile on his face.

I struggled with his shorts underwater, frowning at the strings tying it together. “What, did you square knot this or something, boy scout?” I pulled at the strings in frustration.

“Relax, sweetheart.” He stifled a laugh, reaching down to do it himself. “I knew your bird brains would catch up soon.” He joked, naked before me then.

He hid his nose in my neck as he held me carefully against the wall, pushing in me, his hand guiding himself in. My breath stopped and I tried looking in between our warm bodies.

“Perfect.” I muttered, my eyes falling closed as I let out a choked moan. It was perfect, although he was quite sizeable in a way that definitely made the experience a little painful.

He let out sighs as he pulled me toward him easily, eyebrows clenched in concentration. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my pants going straight into his ear.

I almost screamed as he hit a sensitive spot. I grasped his shoulders as he continued stroking the spot barely. I frowned, digging my nails in him as an orgasm built inside me.

I couldn’t breath and every few seconds an exasperated gasp would escape me for forgetting how to intake oxygen. I bucked my legs in the water, trying desperately to get off.

My stomach flared up in a frenzy and I melted, letting go and gushing as I let out a long moan in his ear. He grunted on my shoulder, my heaving chest pressed right against his.

I fell limp in his strong arms, my legs weakly wrapping around him.

“You get brownie points for that one, scout.” I muttered, leaning against his shoulder.

BTS Reacting to their idol girlfriend being multi-talented [MAKNAE LINE]

Request - Hi! Please, can you do a BTS reaction to their gf being in an idol girl group and the members of this group sing, rap, dance but also play instruments in some performances and in some MVs (like AOA)? P.S. Their gf is a rapper, a dancer and a drummer.            


He’d be watching your MV when you would be dancing and singing with so much passion that he’d literally drown it for a moment before a shot would come where you were drumming with the other members playing other instruments, making your own music. He’d go blank for a while and then that wide smile would appear as he saw how happy you looked as you smiled at the camera.

‘Chagiya,’ He’d call you on the phone, ‘You should teach me how to rap as well as you.’ Getting you so flustered you’d end up cutting the phone.

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Just imagine Tae jamming to Cypher. It’s alright, take your time. You know how crazy he is for Cypher. And if Cypher was a girl, he’d marry her. That Cypher, is you. It would be the stage of MAMA for which you had been absolutely nervous about and had to be on the phone with Taehyung who talked to you for almost three hours just to calm you down and would have even posted a selca of himself on twitter showing aegyo captioning it with loads of good luck wishes.

When your group would begin your performance, he’d immediately jump off his chair and begin dancing and fanboy-ing in front of their table, completely embarrassing the rest of group, except Jungkook of course. They’d be your ultimate jamm-ers

*Raps your part like a pro, if not better than you*


Yoongi would contemplate, before giving a knowing look to Namjoon, ‘Sure, why not.’

Cue Taehyung collapsing or looking shook.

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He’s be looking up at you performing on the stage, that cute bunny smile slowly forming on his lips. All the other members would be secretly looking at Jungkook’s reaction as they would get nostalgic over how in the beginning he would be too shy to even look at girls and now he was having a girlfriend who was an idol, could rap, could dance and could play the drums like she created them. The ideal one.

Jin would sigh as he would see Jungkook’s intent attention all on you performing your rap, ‘Yoongi-ah, wasn’t it just yesterday when he could not even look at a girl and now-’

‘Now, he’s drooling all over one? Yeah, totally.’

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,326

A/N: Anon requested ; “prompt: Y/N gets into an accident, Shawn is performing at Rockin’ Eve in LA and gets to know about Y/N after his performance” idk I kind of really like how this turned out ??


Shawn’s P.O.V.

“Thank you so much, LA! I love you and I’ll see you soon!” I shout, a wide smile on my face as I make my way off the stage. Performing always gives me this exhilarating adrenaline rush where I feel like I’m floating. I hand over my guitar and head over to Geoff who’s standing there with a huge grin. He pats me on the back, almost knocking the wind out of me. “Well done, Mendes, well done.” I hit his shoulder and continue walking to my dressing room. I need to tell Y/N how good I feel right now, I need to see whereabouts she is in this complex. I grab my phone to call her, unable to contain my excitement and wanting so badly to hear her voice and the praise she constantly gives me. I call once and it goes straight to her voicemail. She probably can’t hear her phone considering how loud it is in here. I call again but still no answer. It’s the fourth time I call that worry begins to shower over me. Where could something have gone wrong? Maybe she dropped her phone in the crowd… or… or maybe she left her phone at home… No, she never leaves without her phone. I’m thinking of a million reasons why she isn’t answering my calls, knowing I’m not being dramatic. I don’t know what the right thing to do is. My phone begins to vibrate making my heart and lungs collide. It’s Y/N’s mom. “Hi, Shawn. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Y/N, is she with you right now?” Her mom asks me, her voice sounding steadier than mine. The hope I felt a moment ago is shattered into pieces. “No… I-I haven’t. What time did she leave home to get here?” I ask, my voice rough and shaky. “At least an hour and a half ago. Shawn are you okay?” She asks me as my head spins wildly. “Mrs Y/L/N… it only takes 20 minutes to get here. I think something’s wrong.” I say, my hand starting to shake, my grip on the phone unsteady. “Hold on, Shawn. I can’t hear you properly- actually I’m getting another call, I’ll call you back later.” Before I can respond, she hangs up, leaving me speechless and worried sick. I sit down on the chair beside me, resting my elbows on my knees as I run my hands through my hair. What am I meant to do right now? If she’s not answering me, not only is that not a good sign but it also means I can’t find out what’s going on. She was coming alone so no one else would have been with her that I could call. My phone begins to vibrate again as my breathing becomes shallow. My breath hitches as I see the name on my screen. Oh, thank God she’s alright. “Y/N, hi oh my god, I was worried sick-” I begin but am interrupted by an unfamiliar voice. “Sorry, is this Shawn?” The unfamiliar voice questions. “Yes.” I reply, my voice frail and petite. “Hi, Shawn. My name is Doctor… and I have some unfortunate news… I’m sorry that I was the one to tell you…” I only take in half of what this person is saying as my head threatens to explode and my breathing is too shallow to bear. My vision is blurry due to the amount of adrenaline flooding my body. I can’t even fathom talking to anyone right now, I can’t even call Y/N’s mom to tell her, no words will leave my mouth. I’m trying to concentrate on the road and my speed but my lungs are distracting me and I can only think about Y/N. I park the car in the first spot I find and begin sprinting towards the doors of the hospital. “Which - where? What room? Y/N? Please.” I pant to the receptionist, only wanting to see Y/N. I click the lift button a thousand times before the doors finally open. my foot is tapping against the floor, impatience overcoming me. I squeeze through the opening doors and rush down to her room. Room M117. I halt at the door, looking through the glass window.

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okay but imagine football player!luke running into the stadium with his team and he looks up and sees you cheering and waving in the stands and smiles. and then after the game he’s all sweaty and hot but you don’t let that stop you from hugging him and he tells you “thanks for always supporting me babe” and you smile wide, leaning in to press a kiss to his lips, hearing people whistling and hollering things all around you, making you blush. honestly dating any of the 5sos guys as a sports player would be so cute awe


“Did somebody say,” Cisco popped his head around the corner. “Cookies? As in Y/N’s amazing, fantastic, and phenomenally gooey cookies!?” He rubbed his hands together excitedly. You smiled at him widely, proud that the self proclaimed cookie-expert thought you had ‘amazing, fantastic, and phenomenally gooey,’ cookies.

“Yep! Gonna pick up some more flour on the way home so I can make some-” You pause your sentence as a thought hit you. “You wanna come over and help me?” Cisco’s eyes widened like a kid on Christmas eve.

“Would I?! You don’t even have to ask girl!” Cisco snatched up his jacket, and his keys off the desk. “I’ll drive?” Everyone on the team knew you didn’t own a car, so you’re always thankful when offered a ride (especially one with a vehicle, because god does super-speed hurt your ears).

“Please,” you nodded. Barry, who had been watching the whole ordeal pouted.

“What about me and Cait? You two gonna leave us lonely and cookie-less?” Caitlin lifted her head at the mention of her name. You waggled a finger at them.

“Never said you two were not invited.” You smile at Caitlin. “What do yah say, Doctor Snow. Wanna help us make cookies?” She looked like she was about to refuse, till she caught sight of the boys pleading looks.

“Oh… Alright.”

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Love at First Sight with SHINee

Request: Can u plz do a reaction of Shinee seeing u at a fan meet and they instantly fall in love?


Onew: He’s been eyeing you whenever he had the chance and when you’re finally in front of him, he can’t stop himself from smiling widely. “Y/N, that’s a beautiful name.” He says after you tell him your name. “Please come back to see us.” He holds your hand a little longer than necessary and lets you leave, a little saddened by your departure. 

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Key: “Damn’re prettier than me.” You blush as he signs your album and you go so the next person can come, You look back to see him staring at you and pointing to the album. You look down and it reads: Call me so we can make pretty babies together. xxx-xxx-xxxx -Key

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Jonghyun: “Hi.” Is all you have to say to have him smiling widely. He becomes a nervous wreck as he autographs your CD with hearts all over it. “Thank you for your support, please come back to see me soon. I mean us…” He smiles as you leave and spends the rest of the day thinking of you.

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Minho: When he first sees you, he notices how beautiful your eyes are and he can’t stop staring. When he gets nudged by Key, he realizes he didn’t sing your album yet. “Sorry…your beauty distracted me.” Your cheeks heat up when he hands you your album, “Thank you. See you next time.” You say before leaving.

“I’m sure fate will allow us to see each other sooner than you think.” 

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Taemin: At first he avoids eye contact with you but gains confidence when he sees how shy you are. “You look so pretty!” He exclaims happily, “We appreciate your support.” You smile brightly and he blushes, “I think I just fell in love.” 

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#14 For Finn?

#14- “I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.” (Finn Balor)

From drabble list # 2 here

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           Finn stood in the kitchen, trying his best to finish making a potful of homemade soup for the blizzard heading towards the state. I walked up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist and planting a tender kiss on his cheek. He smiled so wide I could barely see the color of his eyes.

           “Hey, baby. You okay? I thought you were asleep.” Finn turned down the fire on the stove and turned around to face me. His lips grazed mine ever so slightly. I could feel my own lips quiver under the faint touch.

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okay... i'm jumping on the anti in glasses bandwagon and i bring you this... anti not wearing his glasses because he feels it messes up his 'edgelord' look like "dark i can't wear glasses, i'm not a nerd." and dark tries to show him that it won't mess up his look like "anti, wearing glasses does not make you a nerd. see?" and he wears his own and anti can't help but stare because whoops dark looks damn good in them *fingerguns out*

I am living for this. LIVING. The boys in glasses makes me smile so wide oh my gosh.

“Now you really look like an old man, Dark~”
“… Anti, you prick. I’m going to-”
“But you’re pretty good-lookin’ for an old man, I guess.” He shrugs.

And then they start wearing them more often, even when they don’t need to.


“So, how was everyone’s week?” Dan smiled. He was doing his weekly liveshow.

The comments varied from “Good” to “Daddy” and Dan laughed at the response.

Dan kept talking for awhile about politics and Frank Ocean until Dan heard a loud noise.

It was a noise he had heard and loved many times before.


Dans eyes went wide, his cheeks going red.

“That’s the noise our neighbor makes every morning” Dan lied, smiling sarcastically.

“Looks like someone loves me” Dan chuckled, opening his phone to check the message he got.

Philly: daddy i’m hard

Dans eyes went wide, responding to Phils text.

Daddy: Not now, baby. After my live show 😉.

Dan smiled, sending the text and reading the chat, biting his lip.

Then there was another moan.

“I swear to god i need to file a complaint soon aha” Dan awkwardly laughed, checking his phone to see a photo.

The photo was of Phil with 4 fingers up is arse.

Philly: please daddy i need your cock😩

Dan sighed, responding.

Daddy: You’re such little whore, always hungry for daddy’s cock.

Dan read the chat and started talking again about something He and Phil saw earlier this morning.

Philly: can you please end your liveshow and come fuck me? 😊

Daddy: soon, baby boy.

Philly: But daddy im so close.

“Guys, something came up so i need to end the live show early” Dan said, putting his phone back on the desk and facing the camera, telling everyone how much they mean to him before quitting the liveshow.

“Come here” Dan yelled, watching as an almost naked Phil came into the room, wearing Dans shirt, which was too big for him.

“What’s wrong daddy?” Phil innocently smiled.

“Why did you touch yourself without permission?” Dan growled, pinning Phil to the wall.

“Because i did daddy. Looks like you’ll need to punish me daddy” Phil moaned, trying to kiss Dan.

“God baby, you have no idea what you do to me sometimes” Dan said, holding phils arms above his head and kissing his neck.

Phil started to lower himself to the floor until he was face to face with Dans crotch.

Dan pulled his pants down, revealing his member, which always made Phil drool.

“Suck” Dan commanded, pulling Phils head to his dick, pulling his hair at the same time.

“Such a slut, made me end my liveshow just to fuck you.” Dan said, starting to thrust into Phils mouth.

Phil kept going, sometimes going all the way down, sticking all 9 inches in his mouth and holding it. Phil ignored his gag reflex as he bobbed back and fourth, teasing Dans balls.

“Fuck. That’s it, on the bed” Dan growled, pulling Phil off his cock and pushing him on the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees” Dan commanded, watching Phils hole clench around nothing.

“How many spanks?” Dan asked, rubbing Phils ass.

“4-40” Phil moaned.

“Such a slut, all you wanted was to be punished” Dan said, starting to spank Phil. Hard.

“Oh daddy, please fuck me” Phil whimpered, they were only at 37.

“Soon baby” Dan smirked, jerking himself off at the sight.

“Alright do you just want me to go ahead” Dan said softly. He would never hurt Phil intentionally.

“Yes” Phil groaned, trying to grind against Dan.

As Dan pushed in, Phil let out a whorish moan.

“Fuck, such a whore for daddy aren’t you?” Dan groaned, fucking into Phil roughly while pinching Phils nipples.

“Y-yeah-fuck- i’m daddy’s whore” Phil whimpered.

“More!! Daddy!!” Phils whines, feeling Dan tease him with slow, hard thrusts

“Alright, slut” Dan said, fucking into Phil fast and hard.

“Ahhh” Phil whined as Dan hit his prostate.

“Daddy.. i’m so close.. i need you to come on me” Phil whimpered, clenching around Dans dick.

Dan mumbled an approval, fucking into Phil faster, making Phil come with a cry.

“Fuck, come here” Dan said, pulling out and jerking himself off over Phils face.

“Daddy, please cum on my face, i will eat it all up” Phil smiled innocently.

“Fuck, I’m cumming” Dan said, his load landing onto Phils face and into his open mouth.

“Fuck that was good” Phil moaned, getting his finger to wipe the cum off his face and licking it.

“Phil.. my liveshow is apparently still on” Dan chuckled.


“Well at least that know how much of a slut you are”

you guys know what really gets me and makes me happy? when mark smiles that smile you know that smile that is so wide that his whole face scrunches up, his shoulders hunch up and he starts playing with his hands/sleeves as he smiles? like his smile is so wide that his whole body actually smiles along with him and he becomes a small ball of happiness

so i was rewatching gm the real world and i see this and it makes me so emotional bc during riley’s speech he looks so in love and on the verge of tears bc *she* was on the verge of tears and here he’s like the living, breathing form of heart eyes and his smile is so wide bc look at riley and he can’t resist her and her absolute cuteness like riarkle is beautiful guys riarkle is so beautiful and i’m crying at 1 in the morning bc of how adorable they are and i just love them so much

What doesn’t kill me
Still makes me limp
Makes me lick wounds
Snarl snark growl behind my smiling eyes

What doesn’t kill me
Still makes me scream
Wide-mouthed silent, lumped
I’m not worth it to anybody

So take your perfidious optimism!
I hope it makes you feel better
I want more than words
How about bullets
In those guns we apparently need
Line up the assholes
If it doesn’t kill them

It means you need to shoot again


Trick or Treat, Dollface.

You sat down in your cubicle already dreading the day and it hadn’t even really begun yet. You loved Halloween but of course you had to work. No one could dress up, no candy, no party. Nothing. That’s how strict your boss was. It was ridiculous. You had been looking for a new job but to no avail. You started typing and clicking away already waiting for five o'clock to come. Around two in the afternoon you felt a slight breeze before you heard a paper flutter and be slammed against your desk making you jump. You looked quickly to see your best friend staring at you with wide eyes and a big smile. You looked in your boss’s office around the corner to find his chair empty. “What do you want, you luney?” “You love me.” “Not if you get me fired.” “He just left, don’t worry.” “So, what DO you want?” You sassed. She slid the orange paper over to you for you to read. It was a advertisement for a Halloween event at Arkham Asylum. “What is this?” You asked looking back up at her. “The other nurses and I thought that, since we got off early on Halloween, we should volunteer as zombies for this. We’re trying to raise more funds to help the maintain the new expansion to the asylum. And since the old one is gonna get torn down we thought ‘why not use it’?” “Aren’t they tearing it down for a reason?” “Well yeah, it’s structurally sound and everything. Perfectly safe. It’s just old and building a separate wing is what they wanted.” “And what about the patients?” “The patients are fine. They’re on the complete opposite side of the hospital.” She looked at you knowing she got you. You didn’t have an argument. Granted you didn’t want to give one. Walking down the abandoned hall of an Asylum sounded terrifying. And you loved the idea. “Come on. You could dress up if you wanna.” “Alright, alright, I’ll be there.” “Yayyyy!” Your friend giggled with excitement and then left quickly noticing your boss coming down the hall. You shook your head and chuckled at the nutcase you had for a best friend and continued your work. You finished getting ready back at your apartment and checked yourself in the mirror. You picked out a cute mini skirt and a nice top. You did your makeup rather casual but still very cute. You didn’t go out too much so u liked dressing up a bit for pretty much any occasion. You grabbed your purse and keys and walked out the door. You walked through the main entrance trying to look for your friend. You texted her saying you had arrived. She replied about doing her makeup and meeting you after. You bought your ticket and waited in line. You felt a little awkward about going alone. But it just made it more terrifying which in turn made you smile bigger. You were giddy at the thought of innocent jump scares. The feeling right after was the best. Anything scary was appealing to you. It just made you smile like an idiot. Sometimes you wondered if maybe you were crazy for thinking it. Your turn in line came up next, you were given a small printed map to follow as the hall was strategically blocked off in certain areas for the full affect. You walked through the beginning slowly waiting for the first scare. You stepped around a knocked over hospital bed and over fake books. They did a wonderful job decorating, you thought to yourself. It really felt abandoned. The curtains fluttered lightly in some of the rooms letting the cool autumn breeze to make your hair stand up and send a shiver through your spine. You loved it. You smiled like you belonged in this asylum. Your grin felt so big and it felt so wrong to be in love with fright. No matter how small. The jump scares got you a couple times and when you expected more you found nothing. It was silent. Too silent. Your cheeks hurt from grinning so hard. It felt almost ominous. You let out a nervous chuckle as you sucked in the breeze letting it burn your nostrils. But there was something else there. Amongst the dirt and smell of dry leaves was the scent of something sweet. Like candy. “Such a pretty smile.” You heard a whisper. You turned around to where you thought you heard it. A silver smile beamed at you. You smiled back at it. This guy is good. You were shaking in your boots and you loved it. You smiled back at him, daringly. “You think so?” You hissed playfully. “Oh I do, doll.” You stifled an excited giggle. This was well worth the trip to the asylum. Never have you been anywhere where the frightening was taken so seriously. It was almost admirable. “You probably say that to all the girls that come through here.” You teased looking around for the silver smile again. “The others never smiled like you do…” You heard the voice rumble. You found the smile in another room by a window under the moonlight now. A brilliant green lit up your eyes as the chiseled silhouette faced you. “The others cowered in fear or cried or screamed…such annoying brats!” His growl echoed through the hall. It made you jump a little. “But you, puddin” A low chuckle rumbled in his throat. “Your smile, is so…evil.” You laughed out loud now. You enjoyed fear but you’ve never hurt a fly. You’ve never tried to hurt anyone on purpose. You didn’t see yourself as evil. You weren’t all good, no, you weren’t evil. “What’s so funny?” The silhouette asked tilting his head letting pieces of his green hair fall to the side. “I’m not evil. I haven’t ever hurt anyone on purpose.” “No one tries to hurt anyone on purpose at first…and then you realize no one cares if they hurt you….not even the ones who you thought loved you….” The silhouette spoke in a low whisper now as if talking to himself. Then his neck twitched and his head jolted back. The moonlight from the window cast over his pale face. A small “J” under his left eye. Where have you see that tattoo before? He looked at you once more, his face lost to the darkness again. But he grinned. His silver teeth gleamed. “Ohhh, but you sweetheart, you’re evil. That devil smile you wear….it’s not ‘normal’.” You grinned the grin he called you crazy for and then started giggling. “You’re suppose to be scaring me not flattering me.” You hissed flirtaciously. He began chuckling as he drew closer to you. His steps echoed down the corridor until they ceased and he was standing right in front of you looking down into your eyes. You looked back up at him. No words exchanged, just each other’s hot breath on each other’s skin skin. You saw his eyes flick to gaze at your lips then quickly back up. You knew what that meant. “You can if you want to.” You whispered. “What’s the harm in a kiss?” You slowly stood on your toes bringing your face closer to his. “I know I can.” He said smirking as if you had challenged him. His hand reached around you to grab your ass cheek firmly while the other held the back of your neck as his kissed you passionately. You moaned in surprise and it just made him go harder. You melted into his kiss, putting your arms around his neck and pulling him down toward you. You begin giggling playfully against his lips. He pulls away and looks at you slightly confused but still has his wide red smile on his face. You quickly push him away and run down the hall hoping he’d chase you. You were there to be scared anyway. You heard his chuckle rumble in his throat as it echoed through the hall. “The little mouse wishes to be chased?” He asked rhetorically. You giggled silently running this way and that way. Dodging obstacles and making your footsteps as silent as you could. “Here mousy mousy mousy.” You smiled at him calling for you but you continued on and when you felt you were out of sight you hid yourself. You turned around and peeked out from you hiding spot. He was standing at the end of the hall. You ducked down quickly and peeked again. Nothing. “Boo.” You heard a sudden whisper behind you. You gasped, startled, and sprinted away holding in your excited squeals. You saw a double door with light shining through the windows. You bursted through to see armored men with guns staring at you quickly training their guns on you. Your smile quickly disappeared. You looked around to find dead bodies littering the floor. Real dead bodies. You started to feel your breath get heavier as you begin to panic. Before you can say anything a hand clasped around your throat and a cold metal pistol pressed into your right temple. You were really scared this time. You saw the green hair over your shoulder as your captor rested you head on your shoulder smiling at the armed men, taunting them. His face was clear now. The joker. The little “J” under his eye that looked so familiar. You saw it on the news when they announced that he’d been caught and put in the asylum. You kissed him! “Try anything and she dies.” He said dropping his smile into a serious frown as he glared at the men. You both backed up behind the doors again into the dark hall, the joker asking you to shut the doors seeing as his hands were occupied. He continued holding you that way until you both had rounded a corner and were out of sight. The Joker spun you to face him and picked you up and kissed you hard. “You’re a wonderful actress, doll.” He said as he pulled away. “I’m sorry this couldn’t last longer but I don’t want that pretty face of yours to get hurt. I wanna see it later.” He flirted and winked at you. You looked at him confused until he grabbed your throat and kissed you hard. You grabbed onto his wrist trying to pull it away so you could breath. You felt yourself get dizzy and your eyelids fluttered until you fell unconscious. You woke up on a stretcher in an ambulance right outside the asylum your friend waiting patiently beside you disguised as a zombie. “What happened?” you asked hoarsely. Your friend looked up and dove at you kissing all over your face like a mother to her child. “Oh my god!! I’m so sorry Y/N!” She said then began muttering and slurring her words through her tears as you gripped your hand tight. You couldn’t understand her but you knew she was worried. You hugged her tight until her sobs subsided. “Let’s go home.” You said rather exhausted. Your friend nods and walks you to your car. You sit in your car for a few minutes to collect yourself and make sure you have everything. You pulled a small candy out of you pocket with a tag tied to it and messy scribbled handwriting. “Trick or Treat, Dollface.” Happy Halloween ;)

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