this makes me ship him with harvey


Listen, you gotta let my boy go. Hmm? You kill my partner, I gotta come after you. I don’t wanna do it, but how am I gonna look, you kill my partner, I don’t make a move? All right. But promise me that you’ll keep him under control. I promise. Cool. Put Butch on, please.  

Alright, I’m sick of all of this “Donna doesn’t deserve this promotion” or “Donna’s being annoying and it’s making me not like her” bullshit. We are gonna stop this right here. 

“she was more fun as a secretary, and she should go back to just rocking her role as that.”
ya know what, harvey’s not doing the greatest job as managing partner and was awesome just having his name on the door, should he just back down? No. this season is obviously going to be a lot about him growing in to his role, and rising to the challenge he has chosen to take. Donna should be allowed just the same benefit of the doubt. Who’s to say she can’t go on as COO and still be the remarkably witty character we know and love? Honestly, if the writers would just give her some damn time outside of having to defend her position to everyone and let her be her damn self, maybe we could actually see her being just as awesome as she was before as just a secretary.

“it was so unreasonable; she’s unqualified and doesn’t have a law degree. there’s no way she’d be partner in real life.”
ok umm if you have this thought, then have you been watching suits at all? the whole basis of the show started off on Mike being a fraud and then coming back to PSL after being convicted and then leaving prison. (did we all forget harvey also snuck mike out of prison so that he could see his fiance and remember how much he wants to go home???)  I don’t see Mike being a big deal for anyone else. you really wanna start on being realistic now? as korsch so kindly reminded us a couple of days ago, this is a tvshow. you can throw all the “BUT IN THE US ABA LAWBOOK #34598389457987 PART 2 A ROMAN NUMBERAL V THIS IS ILLEGAL” in the trash. we care about character development and personal growth, not how accurately this show reflects real life. Harvey’s therapist admitted she had fantasies about him, for christ’s sake. Harvey’s ass wasn’t fired on the spot for hiring a fraud who came in with drugs into an interview. 

“she doesn’t know anything, she’s gonna fuck up.”
yeah, and??? we’re all human??? you’re going to tell me that louis litt’s temper tantrums were justified??? all 6 seasons??? the time he punched harvey in the face?? the time he got upset over his cat??? the time he yelled at Stu and tried to get them evicted even though it was completely irrational?? the time he leveraged Mike’s secret to get his name on the door??? 

and don’t even get me started  on how many times she’s prevented all of these *colorful personalities* from fucking up themselves. Louis throwing a fit about Norma? Handled that. Mike and Harvey can’t make up because occasionally their heads are too far up their asses? also handled that. Louis jumping ship to Daniel Hardman? handled it. Scottie wanting to sort out her feelings with Harvey? handled it. Daniel Hardman himself? did we forget that she slapped him?

“she only got it because Harvey has a soft spot for her.”
Where the hell do you think she got that vote of faith from, buying him a bagel and a coffee every morning? No. You can’t ignore the fact that they’ve been a team for more than 12 years. If she wasn’t competent or capable, she would have been fired long ago. instead, we have scenes with Donna telling Harvey that “sometimes we need a little help” or convincing Louis to be rational and not use the tape admitting Harvey’s in therapy against him. where would harvey even be without her? probably in some jail cell with cameron dennis back in season 1 when he didn’t have the heart turn on his superior. 

“she’s so annoying now, totally ruining suits for me”

truth of the fact is, yeah, maybe it’s a far stretch, but it is nothing out of ordinary in the suits world, nor is it deserving of all this criticism. PSL is an empty shell, everyone left, she has spent a large part of her entire time being everyone’s emotional punching bag and keeping everyone from sawing off each other’s legs, and after 12+ years-

If you were a) a badass secretary who knew everyone and everything, thus making you b) a very valuable asset to the firm and c) had to dictate Louis’s dictaphone at one point on a daily basis at one point in your life, fucking look me in the eye and tell me that you wouldn’t take up this opportunity if it presented itself to you in a heartbeat.

selina and harvey as a couple is an insurmountable amount of power….they control gotham…batman cries himself to sleep every night…but also? selinas cats keep getting hair on his suits and goddamnit selina is that my coin in the litterbox and selina just wants some shiny jewelry and a date night and harvey thinks she has some kind of tricky magic because somehow whenever she asks him to do something his coin lands in her favor and she looks unbearably smug about it every time…”harvey baby come here and try on this suit” “its leather.” “only on one side! the other one is faux fur!” “selina what the fuck”. she loves 2 give him kisses on Both cheeks and harvey pretends it doesnt make him ridiculously happy…theyre in Love

Gotham s3e22 - HeavyDirtySoul

As I watched it, and some random observations here and there.

Previously on Gotham.

We don’t get one because it was like two minutes ago.

As always, long post will be long - monstrously long.  There are likely to be rambling digressions. Gobblepot may appear (although I welcome all shippers and non-shippers alike :)).  There will be naked favouritism and naked not-favouritism.  Broader comments at the end on plotlines and parallels and general direction.

GCPD is deserted as a TV tells us that the city is in lockdown.  Jim is watching while twitchily fighting the virus.  He receives another phone call from Lee.

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I’m sick & miserable and my brain’s fuzzy so this is gonna be random & will probably not follow any particular order but i still needed to do this cause ranting is my form of therapy

●i am weirdly proud of butch…like really proud

● tabitha your brother was a dick & you left him for dead why the fuck do you care if oswald killed him

●ed you beautiful genius you!!

● the urge to bundle up & whisk oswald away to coddle & protect him is becoming harder to fight with each episode

● i don’t ship nygmobblepot (thanks to batman forever & that 1 dcu comic where ed’s married to harvey d.’s female counterpart making me a ‘till death do us apart’ twiddler shipper) but BUT couldn’t ed have let oswald stay & eat spicy mustard sandwiches in a corner of his apartment or something while he worked on his ‘jim gordon doomsday plans’ ??? I mean i know he was busy & oswald was being…kittenish…but still he could have at least given him some non feathery clothes…something warm maybe…

● 31!? 31!!?? I thought people were supposed to atleast get a semblance of a grip on their lives once they reached their 30s….but then again as this episode progresses we see jim gordon’s life going on a terrifying downward spiral as he looses all his shit so this theory of mine is proven wrong & any hope i had of getting a grip once i hit 30 is lost…beautiful…

● ivy my creepy af flower child

● selina is going to need therapy by the end of brucie’s stay with her “bruce…bruce stop…what the fuck bruce…no..No..bruce you are not supposed to….SIT THE FUCK DOWN BRUCE….for the love of….BRUCE NO…they are BATS bruce they HAVE rabies…no…just no fuck you…”

● also bruce has become so batlike that during his next conversation with jim i expect him to just disappear half way through & to leave jim there just standing & gaping at nothing

● also are we SURE that oswald is 31 & not 3??? because dear god that bath scene! It made all my mother hen feathers ruffle up!!

● where do i have to apply to get a friend like harvey!?!?

● also barbie =)

● maybe it’s the shipper in me but something inside me was soothed when jim said he didn’t think oswald was the anonymous tip

● maybe it’s the shipper in me but something inside me was very happily ignited when bruce used 'clown’ as an insult ( my headcanon…though it maybe actual canon…is that after joker bruce uses the word 'clown’ even if as an insult only when refering to the joker even if the person he’s talking to doesn’t get the reference)

● poor lee =( i kinda want her to be with alfred (since i kinda shipped them before gotham & gotham s2e3 made me consider the ship again)

● while oswald’s dad seems nice i am ready to fight to death with the rest of his family….they seem shifty af and hasn’t our baby gone through enough shit already!?!?

● i want badass oswald back…but not before jim meets kittenish oswald if nothing more than to prove to jim that oswald was right about arkham ( but if fic writers want to take that in another direction who am i to object ;) )

● also…@ jim..karma biyatch….that been said my poor conflicted baby D;

And last of all


a mix for screwed up, dysfunctional ships

maps - yeah yeah yeahs // you really got a hold on me - she & him // wicked games - james vincent mcmorrow // take me to church - hozier // bedroom hymns - florence + the machine // you’re so dark - arctic monkeys // weirdo - the vaccines // to bring you my love - pj harvey // aneurysm - nirvana // ultraviolence - lana del rey // send me down - haim // tainted love - hannah peel // heavy in your arms - florence + the machine // heart shaped box - lana del rey // crazy in love (fifty shades of grey version) - beyonce