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“Hey sugarmuffin,” Rob’s voice sounded through the auditorium and you stopped answering the fan question mid sentence. Your face turned bright red as you saw Rob running through back of the room waving his hands at you, before disappearing through the side door.

You had known Rob for years but it hadn’t been until he had come back on the show, you had started dating. It was all still very new and exciting. You still turned into a giggling mess around him at times and you knew Rob loved making you blush, hence the silly nickname in public.

“Sugarmuffin?” Misha’s laughter tore you from your little trance and you instantly send your co-star and evil glare.

“You are just jealous you’re not dating God.” You winked at Misha, smiling proudly as the crowd began whistling and clapping.

“Careful Sugarmuffin it is my father you are talking about,” Misha retorted in his Castiel voice, making you laugh along with the fans.

“Well I guess that makes me your stepmom then, so you better behave or I will send you into time out,” You raised your eyebrow grinning at Misha, who instantly hung his head, much to the amusement of the crowd.  

Okay I am not doing Rob blurbs but @oriona75 is too cute to say no too!

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(Feeling This) oh I love that idea of him walking down with canes and his mom's help. For this scene I see Pete start to leave the alter and go to Trick to help also...he's not thinking just reacting off of instinct. Trick lifts one of the canes and smacks Pete real good so he just puts his hands up embarrassed as he realized what he did and just scurries back to the alter to wait for Trick. This makes the audience laugh a little cos even on their wedding Trick is smacking Pete for something lol

he’s very bossy and stubborn no matter what, and pete just wants to help. he’s always like that, like when they have the kids and he’s trying to hold a baby AND wheel the chair and pete’s like “let me hold her” and patrick just holds her really tight and continues determinedly rolling the chair (he saves up for an electric chair pretty soon after that)

Ringo Starr and Dhani Harrison, Concert for Bangladesh Revisted Gala, Burbank, California, 19 October 2005

Photo: L. Cohen/WireImage for EF/PR

“Dhani doesn’t play drums because of me. Because I was here once, when he was a baby, and I used to always give lessons to kids, you know, cos kids love to make that noise. Anyway, Dhani comes in, I said, ‘Dhani, come on, play the drums, [mimes drumming] look at the…‘ and he ran out the room screaming [laughs].” - Ringo Starr, Concert for George backstage interviews

* * *

“I probably did run out screaming… But I had this little mini Pearl kit. And it used to have it set up in the hall [at Friar Park], and so they’d all sit around playing their acoustics, and I don’t know if you remember, but I’d sit there and drum. And apparently I could keep time - I can’t remember any of this - and apparently I was a good drummer… until Ringo came along and frightened it out of me.” - Dhani Harrison, Concert for George backstage interviews