this makes me kinda miss my dad

See, we never went out to eat when I was a kid. So I always had this fascination with chefs and fine dining. My dad actually loves to cook… Of course he taught me to measure by eye. Seasoning to taste, all that stuff.

Kai Parker

So I was making some gifs and I was rewatching the “Table for three” scene at the Grill. And for the first time I actually tried to listen really carefully from the very start. Kai is yapping and yapping and it starts kinda hushed and then it gets louder and louder, so it’s easy to miss what he says at the beginning. I never realised what he actually said there. I can’t believe I never listened to this entire monologue before. I find it very interesting and surprising. It tells us something about Kai and his relationship with his father. And there were some good memories there apparently. And Kai’s whole thing for food came from his father. WOW.

Am I the only one who just noticed that? I kinda feel a little stupid. I think I’m this Kai Parker expert, but I still keep discovering new things about him. *mind blown*

anonymous asked:

Maybe I missed something bc my stream kept cutting out, but Hook being the killer makes no sense to me in the context of what we were told before (that David's dad died in an accident bc he was drunk). How could anyone mistake 3 dead guys w stab wounds as a drunken cart accident? That kinda just screams foul play, no? Like I could see the guards killing Robert & making it look like an accident like George said to do, but there would have been no reason for Hook to have done the same, right?

They didn’t really address that, but you make a good point. I assume that Hook would want to get rid of the other men’s bodies because they were part of the king’s guard, but didn’t feel the need to do so with Robert?