this makes me happy


And how will [David Duchovny] celebrate the big day?

“Shooting the X-Files,” he chuckles.

He and co-star Gillian Anderson are reprising their iconic roles as former FBI special agents Fox and Scully, and are currently shooting the six-episode reboot in Vancouver. “It’ll be a familiar birthday for me because we were always shooting around that time (the original series aired from 1993 to 2002). Gillian’s birthday is the 9th August so we always celebrated our birthdays right after the other.”, July 2015

It has been an interesting journey playing [Callie Torres] to say the least. Recently, my husband was asked rather loudly by a self-proclaimed ‘fan’: 

“What’s it like being married to a woman who plays a… [uses disapproving voice] lesbian?”

All pointed, like being a lesbian is this awful, horrible thing. Well, thank goodness my husband is intelligent and evolved, because he handeled clarifying the truth to this person and hopefully they received it.

Later, when my husband told me this story, we chuckled at first because obviously this person is not a fan of the show. Doctor Torres is bisexual, hello. Couldn’t even get that part right.

But clarifying that was not as important as the most dangerous part of the exchange. And you know what? We were frustrated. No, we were pissed. Implying that there’s something wrong with playing a lesbian, this person who represents so many folks who speak like this, may never know how offensive, disrespectful and hurtful their tone could be to someone overhearing this exchange who is a lesbian, or a part of the LGBTQ community for that matter.

—  Sara Ramirez at HRC accepting the Ally for Equality award