this makes me happy idk why lol

Favorites of 2016

Idk why, but I wanted to make a post of my favorite pieces that I’ve written in 2016 (some self positivity maybe idk lol)

Feel free to let me know your favorites (bc it would make me really happy), either off this list or something I didn’t include from my main writing list 😊

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bluecrysto-blog  asked:

You have such a wonderful touch with color! Where do you get your inspiration for these super fun palettes? Any tips on How to Color Good©?

AHH thank you!!   I’m really bad about using smart correct ART terms for what I do lol so idk how useful any advice I give would be but

Main source of inspiration is just.. I really love colors lol.  Colors make me SO HAPPY and I guess using more = more happy lmao, that’s why most of my stuff is so saturated.

As far as character palettes go, what I do is figure out 3-4 dominant colors that fit the character and then make every other color compliment those colors.  For in-game characters I’ll eyeball the palette straight off the models and then alter each color so they work together a little better.  

In Photoshop I put every color on it’s own separate layer and then mess with the sliders in Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation on each individual color until I like it.  I might find one color I really like and alter the colors around it to compliment it. 

90% of what I do is push those sliders around until I like what I see. \o/  If you do this enough you’ll start to passively learn what colors feel best together and against each other.  I’ve been doing it for yeeears. 

Sometimes even if I like a color it’s good to slide it around anyway to see if I can make a stronger or more interesting palette.

Most of my stuff is very saturated and rainbowy because I LIKE EVERY COLOR and every color can work together if you mess around with it enough lol

(WIPs lol)

Design is important but the colors you use should be part of the story too.  Color should always make you feel something because color speaks!  Sometimes it’s very soft and sometimes it’s very loud, but it’s like the music that goes along with the narration.  It sets the atmosphere of a piece. 

I LOVE using limited palettes too, though.  Limiting my colors to just 3-4 forces me to tell the story more clearly because I can’t rely on colors to make certain things obvious.  Makes me think a lil different because layers and opacity can turn few colors into many.  

I usually only use limited palettes for comic/storytelling stuff, otherwise I make everything rainbow lol COLOR MAKES ME SO HAPPY and I wanna share that happiness!

dean and demon finn go cryptid hunting: 

- more specifically sasquatch hunting bc let’s face it dean is a basic bitch

- finn doesn’t know what the fresh hell is going on and he just kinda rolls with it halfheartedly as dean explains to him with concerning passion just how important the art of staking out is

- finn’s more interested in the gear they brought along, his hand gets swatted away from the nets and crowbars (why do they even have those) several times

- snacks are in order. half their stash is gone by the time they arrive to their destination (a forest in the middle of McFucking Nowhere) courtesy of dean

- they go hiking around and dean is wearing a dumb cap and those weird sunglasses. you know what i’m talking about. 

- finn is dying from the heat but is too stubborn to do anything about it. he only panics once his paint starts to drip off. dean told him not to wear it, but finn insisted

- “how am i supposed to intimidate the large feet properly if the way i look doesn’t reflect the evil inside?” -demon finn 

- “okay whatever u fucken edgelord” -dean

- once it gets dark, things take to the next level. they have a tent set up but dean makes them hide out in a tree for the ~true experience~

- finn’s perched on a branch like some kind of weird hellish bird as dean surveys the area with binoculars

- he’s holding them the wrong way but finn isn’t going to tell him that

- he’s also still wearing his sunglasses

- their fire goes out after half an hour and dean’s Shook. of course he’s not scared of the dark, the noises and shit of the forest just spook him is all

- *twig snaps* the fuck was that? *owl hoots* the fuck was that? *finn breathes* the FUCK was that? -dean

- finn assures dean that he can see in the dark, and there’s nothing to be afraid of other than that huge hairy thing over there.

- the huge what now

- dean, upon making sure finn wasn’t fucking with him and that there is indeed, a huge hairy thing nearby, is Shook x2 and the second finn realizes this is what they’re looking for, he leaps at it.


- finn’s too busy making inhuman noises as he attacks what dean assumes is sasquatch, so dean runs to get it himself.

- he comes back with a flashlight and a net (what’s that gonna do dumbass) only to find finn squaring off with a wolf 

- “you can’t just fucking start swinging at a dog that’s animal abuse” -dean 

- finn never got the memo on what sasquatch was exactly, which, in retrospect, was dean’ fault

- “should’ve gone looking for nessie instead maybe then you’d know what the fuck you’re doing”

- “i’m fooking irish ya dope” 

- they decide to call it a night, both pissedt as fuck (dean bc he’s a failure of a cryptid hunter, and finn bc that wolf was actually beating him in the fight)

- they decide to drive back home the next morning, and dean’s a pissbaby for a bit, until they pass up a donut shop 

- dean’s a simple man, donuts will change his mood guaranteed 10 times out of 10

- finn can’t go down into the shop for obvious reasons (demonic paint, scratches from fighting a fucking wolf) but they get some from the drive through and keep going

- even demon finn still refuses to eat donuts for Healthy Reasons, but he decides to make an exception to make dean feel better (joke’s on him, dean felt better the second he had access to food)

- finn eats a jelly-filled one to feel validated (it’s as close to ~blood~ as he can get) and dean decides they don’t need to go cryptid hunting when he’s already got a good ass cryptid right here 

Muggle AU:

Where ex-con (just from being in the wrong place at the wrong time) Draco Malfoy is desperately looking for a job fresh out of prison and answers an ad looking for full-time help for a wheelchair bound patient and Draco jumps at the chance thinking it’ll be some sweet old octogenarian he’d have to care for and atleast he’d have a roof over his head and regular meals but then he goes to the given address, this enormous old house and in there there’s this ruggedly handsome, green eyed man around his own age, an ex-deputy commissioner who retired due to a spinal injury that left him unable to walk and Draco just!!!

But he takes the job because he  recalls him to be the same cop who’d argued in Draco’s favour when he’d been arrested and had ensured he’d gotten into minimum security with a reduced sentence. 

And Harry’s just the most ill-tempered, grumpy, crotchety idiot Draco’s ever seen but somehow Harry can’t bring himself to fire Draco like he’d fired so many others because not only does Draco take really good care of him but for some reason the blond seems to be the only one not scared to stand up to him, and pretty soon they’re like an old married couple bickering every hour of the day, and Draco wheels him to the park every evening and they sit there reading or sometimes just being there together. And Harry’s friends learn to expect Draco to be present wherever Harry is and Draco finally knows what it feels like to be part of an actual family. And when Harry angrily fires his physiotherapist after an unsuccessful session Draco takes it upon himself to help Harry walk again and after months of patience on both their parts there’s actually enough improvement for hope.

So one day they have a particularly nasty fight and Draco actually packs his bags and makes to leave and Harry wheels out of his room in a panic looking for him and Draco’s at the front door almost about to leave when he hears Harry calling out to him and there’s an enormous crash of some sort and Draco turns and watches in horror as the wheelchair bounces down the stairs but when he looks again Harry’s still at the top clutching onto the railing, standing on buckling legs yelling at Draco to get his head out of his arse and come back. And then Draco simply flies up the stairs to him and he can barely see through his tears and then they’re both crying and laughing and kissing and Harry asks Draco to promise never to leave and Draco is only too happy to oblige and then they get married and adopt four kids and twelve dogs omg

soweloblog  asked:

Ok. First time asking, long time reader. How about some headcannons where Asahi, Ushijima and Kuroo see a pretty girl and want to ask for her number? I know Asahi and Toshi would NEVER do it. Maybe their teams are there to push them?

Sorry, it’s been a while! Life and motivations are hectic af lol

I’m trying to focus on the headcanons in my pile to move things along faster so that I can make some room for the Omegaverse AU :P


~Admin Kay


  • Karasuno had decided to meet up at the mall for some “team bonding” (aka shopping)
  • After an hour or so of impulse buys (“Tsukki! You already have a fuckton of dinosaur stuff we need to GO”) they decide to stop by the food court for a break.
  • It’s at that point, while waiting in line to order with Suga and Daichi, that Asahi spots you, arguably the cutest girl in the whole mall, making you way over to the restaurant next to them.
  • Asahi’s first instinct is to turn around and run walk until he’s out of the mall, but his two tormentors friends already have his wrists in deadly grips
  • “Where do you think you’re going?” “Asahi, that girl is cute! You should get her number!” Daichi’s and Suga’s voices are half encouraging and half terrifying (I’ll let you guess which)
  • Honestly, it’s kinda sad how hard Asahi is shaking, whether that’s from fear, anxiety, or he’s struggling to get away, at this point the ace looks less like an ace and more like a scared puppy.
  • Before he can struggle out of their grips, though, he’s already thrust forward so hard that he almost tackles you (poor girl)
  • After a moment of unadulterated fear and fervent apologies (both from Asahi), he miraculously strikes up a conversation with you about your interests. Apparently, you two have a lot in common.
  • Swallowing his fear, he musters up the courage to ask you for your number. Face flushing, you write it on his hand and remind him to text you later
  • Asahi walks back to the traitors, and what do you know, Suga and Daichi’s faces are smug af. We all know that on the inside they’re proud parents.


  • It’s an all intensive summer camp for the Shiratorizawa volleybaes, and the coach had the team run with Ushijima down his usual route (extremely difficult in and of itself)
  • All of the boys were halfway dying already (with the exception of Ushijima), so they decided to take a short break in your neighborhood’s park to chill in the shade and drink water.
  • Meanwhile, you were reading a book on a nearby bench (let’s be real tho, you were also checking out that ushi-booty).
  • While you were staring glancing not paying attention to Ushijima at all, a certain intuitive blocker happened to notice your (not) staring.
  • “Oi, I think that girl over there likes you.” Tendou nudged Ushijima and nodded towards you, “She’s cute~. Why don’t you get her number~?”
  • Ushijima turned his attention your way, meeting your stare with a piercing gaze (scaring you partially out of your skin) and got up to walk towards the bench you’re sitting at.
  • Shiratorizawa is sh00k “he’s…not actually going to do it is he?”
  • The team watched as Ushijima politely greeted you and sat down on the bench. In a feat they never thought they’d ever see in their lifetimes, Ushijima managed to actually converse with you and was his smile always this adorable???
  • The team’s collective jaw dropped when they see you take out a spare bookmark, write something on it, and hand it to Ushijima. In a move that practically gave every person in the park an aneurysm, Ushijima said something again and gently kissed your hand in a sweet, albeit traditional, gesture. (Rip Reader, I’d be ded™ after that)
  • When Ushijima jogged back to the team, they asked him how/what/why did he do that? His answer was simple “She had a great taste in literature”
  • Shiratorizawa is STILL SH00K

(I always like to headcanon Ushijima as a classic guy who likes literature..idk why but like…it makes me really happy. So this was also kinda self-indulgent lol ~Kay)


  • After a long day of practice, Kenma dragged Kuroo to the local game store to try to grab a new game that he’d heard about. Of course this means that Kuroo had to help him look (it’s time for hell). He didn’t really know why, Kenma usually preferred getting his games online.
  • Apparently this was a very popular game because there weren’t any left, at least for Kenma’s console.
  • What seemed like hours of searching and scanning for some kind of sign (of that game), Kuroo finally spots it!
  • As soon as Kuroo closed his hand around the accursed game, he feels a tug of resistance from the bottom half of it. He looked down, to find you holding on to the other half, a stubborn pout painted across your features. Who is this cute, angry lady-child? he thought.
  • You were prepared to throw down for this game, he could see it in your eyes, but Kuroo looked like he was waiting for an opportunity like this (…besides, he can’t afford to have his ass handed to him over a video game, best friend or not)
  • He used his superior height to tug the game out of your grip, and leaned down to whisper “I’ll let you have this game…if you give me your number.”
  • To be quite honest, you weren’t expecting a fight over a game to “end” so civilly…heck, you didn’t even expect to be hit on when you walked out of the house this evening. Eh what the heck, he’s cute as hell, and he was willing to give you the game. It was a win-win situation.
  • “Alright fine, let me see your phone” you quickly typed your name and number into his contacts, embellishing it with a couple of cute emojis, and motioned for the game.
  • The deal was done. He handed you your prize, with a charming smile and a quick wink “My name’s Kuroo, I’ll text you later! If I live after this…”
  • After paying for the game, you could hear Kenma’s enraged screeches from the other side of the store. You decided not to hang around too long for the aftermath.

can yall stop telling people that the love they have for idols (or any celebrity really) isn’t real or like that someone is only loving a false image or whatever like seriously what do you gain by telling someone that what’s making them happy and what’s making their heart warm isn’t real? especially if a person isn’t hurting anyone else like idk why people feel the need to be this asshole savior or whatever the fuck y'all think y'all are… this person is bringing ME happiness. this person is making ME smile. this person is making MY days brighter and yall really just so evil and bitter you cant stand to see a bitch happy?

I don’t know why but I just want to say a big thank you to everyone supporting joji like he works so hard he deserves nothing but the hype he’s getting. I personally struggle with emotions and stuff and I’m not good with all this being a fan and hyping up stuff imo (lol I’m so morbid idk how else to explain it kms) but I’m so thankful all of his fans support him so wholeheartedly it makes me so so happy joji is a lucky boy mates

July 9th

Recently I’ve been summer studying for the AP European History class that I’m going to take this coming sophomore year. Reading through this textbook and taking notes on all this stuff really excites me- all of this is so interesting and you can really see how periods like the Renaissance really shaped how our world turned out to be. It’s so interesting to me! I can’t deny that I’m intimidated by the class though… I’m just praying that I get a good teacher LOL

(I say it’s interesting, and it is, but it’s really hard to stay focused and sit for an hour or two and just study during summer break)

Speaking of AP Euro, I’m going to a 4.5 hour long seminar Monday and Tuesday on how to write the essay question during the test. Just… pray for me lol. 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer break and taking it to relax and learn new things! 

♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ : just being with you - elijah who

this song is really pretty and it makes me nostalgic of the time when people actually wanted to FaceTime me hhhhh how sad lol why am i like this

- chi ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

P.S.- Happy birthday to my little sisters and a happy anniversary to ARMYs receiving their fan name :)

So I hit 4k followers, I’m so grateful that anyone follows me let alone 4k people so thank you all! Since this is another milestone for me I thought I’d do a little follow forever to show my appreciation to some of my faves on here and to shoutout some amazing blogs that keep my dash oh so lovely. ^.^ (mutuals are all bolded):

special mentions to my all time faves:

  • @rootsameens: One of my favorite people EVER. I don’t know what I’d do without this one. We talk everyday and I kid you not, every. single. day. If we don’t talk, something is wrong. I’ve never connected with someone so fast and easily like it still blows me. Anyways, Kelly > everyone. Facts only.
  • @evocatiio: Oh my gosh, where do I start with Sarah??? Probably my other half tbh, what don’t we agree on? We’re such dumbasses always talking to each other through tags and then get right on twitter and talk there too like…. we’re special lmfao. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, my fave always. Shaw Elitists till we die!!1

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Hmmm didn’t plan to make a part 2 comic😅 BUT I just need a little BITty of Poth♡😄 And i’m happy😀 Gosh, I Love this ship♡♡♡ Credits and Disclaimers:
Palette & fell!Palette @angexci
Goth & fell!Goth @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
L!Goth @bunabelldraws
sailor!werewolf!Palette, Cc!Palette, Gloom, Pibbidi, NaJ & LJH @blogthegreatrouge

Comic art & plant by Me @butterflypea

Fanfic Writer's Appreciation Day

I started this before work and had to wait 8 hours before continuing and Tumblr deleted half my fucking work because I kept doing new drafts every time I stopped to think about someone else to spew great things about so trying to remember all of who I tagged and what I said is failing me and I’m SO PISSED RN


So many of you have tagged me and I’m like, blessedt. I am inconsistent, perpetually distracted, and extra when it comes to when and what I’ll write and I wish I was better for y'all all the time, but my muse and life is what it is. Thank you for appreciating me.

I love all of the fanfic creators for daring to love a thing so much that they put their blood, sweat, tears, hopes and dream into a liturgy that encompasses the very best of their appreciation, and often goes unnoticed or is taken advantage of. Please continue to be great, share your heart with the world, and take joy and pride in your work.

You know I’ll be here forever mentioning people that I’m half loathe to do because I don’t want anyone I don’t mention feeling like they matter less or that I don’t care, because I honestly do. But if I stop to think about all the fanfic authors I’ve come to know and love I’ll freak out and never actually make this post at all, and I’d feel worse off for it. Nobody was obligated at all to show me any love on this day, and I’m blessed that you did and I shower you with love in return.

But the day is also about leaving at least one personalized thanks to a fanfic writer for being awesome and writing things for free that certainly deserve all the money ever, and I don’t wanna make a generalized cop out post, soooo CUE THE MOST INCOMPLETE LIST OF RANDOM PRAISE FOR A FEW FOLKS

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lifelikesleep  asked:

while theorizing about plot and shipping the babes is fun, i think we're all ignoring something very important. the book/guide canonically says that star has a cat on mewni, a cat she left hundreds of bowls of food for while she was gone. idk why it made me so happy lol

I couldn’t really get if this means that Star did this, or if this is just a generic suggestions for people who are about to be sent to another dimension. But all the other examples were relative to her own experience, so this is probably true as well.

But… Marco is allergic to cats! Now they’re never going to be able to get married!

Or she can make laser kitties. I’m sure that they are anallergic.

anonymous asked:

So I saw you don't really like shipping Lapis with anyone but I've seen Jaspis and Lapidot as well with a couple other shipping art with her from you. I hope I'm sounding rude I'm not trying to off that way ;_; But your ok with drawing her with Peridot,Jasper, Pearl etc?

it is true that ive experimented with lapis ships before and drawn them a couple times, but ultimately ive come to the conclusion that i dont enjoy them and they make me really uncomfortable (for reasons i didnt understand at the time, and after more thought to the matter, do understand now). i feel that everyone should be able to explore ships theyre curious about and come to whatever conclusion feels right to them about any particular ship! 

as for lapis herself… to give you some insight, she reminds me of some really nasty people ive had the misfortune of knowing, so shes very unsettling to me. she’s capable of some really terrifying things and its all conveniently hidden under bows and flowing fabric and a delicate thin physique.

aaaaghgghhgh i know this is probably going to upset some people, but i feel like i at least owe it to you all to be honest about my feelings so you can maybe understand where im coming from a bit better! 

as for the content i draw (ive had a lot of asks like “why dont you ever draw this thing”), please remember i do this all for fun!! i choose to draw things that inspire me and seem interesting or challenging or just strike my fancy! jasper is my very favorite so… thats why shes in the majority of my art LOL. i do enjoy drawing other characters and ships, but most of the time im the happiest drawing her, so thats what i do! 

loona au’s

hyunjin as a time lady (happy 17th birthday sweetie!!)

“this is who i am, right here, right now, all right? all that counts is here and now, and this is me!”


“…I already know why”

Well that was fun to draw! Took me seriously less than 2 hours so i say it’s pretty dang sketchy lol. I thought of this after drawing a happy Starfire for some reason and got all excited to make it so it’s pretty sloppy lmao

Hey guys!! ❤️

Soo the twitter acc was a flop.. butttttttt i really really really want to kinda idk meet u guys and i wanna do hangouts or lives which is why Im trying to do this stuff lol

So this time I’ll ask before I’ll create an account haha
Would you guys want me to make an instagram account where we can keep in touch through posts and insta lives??
I’d be so happy if we could do something like that!!!!
I like all kinds of groups which is why i’m sure we’re all going to have something to talk about ^^

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