this makes me giggle omg

curlyhorns replied to your photoset “I mean I could draw on my comic like I should OR I could spend my…”

I keep thinking about a gust of wind hitting the one guy’s earrings and making wind chime noises. It makes me giggle. (also gosh these are lovely)

Omg, that’s so cute and I love it!! No idea why I didn’t think of this before but hope you don’t mind if I borrow this idea. Also, I feel like it would be a beautiful way to destroy important stealth checks. x’)

clearly I must tell our DM about this to make it canon in game


Like Magnus is one of the consultant/helper people and Izzy comes in for a dress and brings Jace and Alec and Clary (bc she’s Simon’s bestwoman) and probably her mother and Magnus gets assigned to her. And the two of them squeal over the dresses he brings her together and just shake their heads in disgust at a few and basically become best friends

And Magnus keeps noticing how silent her supposed brother is being through the whole thing and also he’s really fucking hot omg and then she comes out in the dress and Alec just starts crying because she’s beautiful and that’s his perfect baby sister there and Magnus just thinks “wow he’s so sweet and perfect and omg i think I just fell in love”

and that’s the story of how they ended up on Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids arguing over what to put Izzy and Clary and Jace and Simon in bc no, Magnus, we are not doing rainbow glitter.


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“Neither have I,” he admitted, scanning the scene around them. He barely had to try to identify most of the guests–various senators, old friends of his family and such. All very rowdy and very intoxicated. “It’s very interesting what people will do, when they think they are anonymous.”

She smiled a bit at that. Rey was glad she wasn’t the only one who was completely new to this. It was bad enough that she felt so out of place wearing a gown. It wasn’t the sort of thing she was used to and it made her feel a little uncomfortable. “Have to come to just observe then?” 

The Twilight Saga Challenge:

5 quotes- Alice Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 6, p.150

“It wasn’t so bad, except for the fact that I was being held against my will. Esme brought Italian food - the good stuff, all the way from Port Angeles - and Alice was prepared with my favorite movies. Even Rosalie was there, quietly in the background. Alice did insist on the pedicure, and I wondered if she was working from a list - maybe something she’d compiled from watching bad sitcoms. 
She grinned. “This hostage stuff is fun.”