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ellesanimalhaven's Guide to Dirt Paths!

Hello lovelies! :D I just want to say that by making this I, in no way, feel as though I am all-knowing about dirt paths. I have been asked so many questions about my town of Kokoro, that I feel it necessary to make a big post describing all things about dirt paths (that I feel comfortable talking about). Please enjoy and feel free to correct me on any information you read below (everything will be tagged as dirt path so if any new information comes up it will show up there).

On to the guide! c: (And I’m sorry if it’s a little dry sounding, I wanted to be as clear as possible haha)

*To mention: I use the term ‘dirt path town’ to describe towns with dirt paths*

TL;DR: (use ctrl+F to find these titles)

  • What are dirt paths
  • Why should I do them
  • How to plan, start, create
  • How to maintain
  • Common questions

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mademart12  asked:

Do you know of manga with babies or small children. And the main character has to take care of the baby.Thank you so much!!! Guah babies are cute!

Haha, babies are indeed cute! Though I’m so nervous when approaching them because they are so delicate, and I feel like they’re afraid of me when I have my glasses on. xD Idk why.

Some series I know with children/babies are:

✎.. means it’s a series recommended by someone other than myself. I linked the pencil to the blog of whoever recommended it!

IkeSen Nobunaga Oda Voice Clips Transcription and Translation

Note: I apologize for any misinterpretation of voice clip or translation or both. Please do advice me ^^

Nobunaga Oda
Masamune Date
Yukimura Sanada
Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Shingen Takeda
Kenshin Uesugi
Mitsuhide Akechi
Mitsunari Ishida
Sasuke Sarutobi

#01: Castle Decoration


`Kono heya wa nagai shitaku naru. Kisama ga iru toki wa toku ni na’

I want stay long in this room, especially when you are in here (too).


`Kon'ya wa koko o nedoko ni suru to kimeta. Motenase’

I decided to sleep here tonight. Entertain me.

#02: +4/+4 Love Points Choices


`Kisama wa yahari, tebanashi gatai on'na da. Kongo mo ore no soba de tsukaeru ga ī’

As I thought, such a difficult woman to let go, aren’t you? From now on too, it’s better for you to be useful by being by my side.

OR I’d like it/want it/prefer it for you to be useful by being by my side.

#03: Grace Checkpoints Passed

「よくやった! 其れでこそ天下人の俺に 相応しい女だ。」

`Yoku yatta! Sorede koso tengabito no ore ni fusawashī on'na da.

Well done/Great job! As expected from the woman worthy of person who would rule the world.

#04: Normal Avatar Passed


`Mekashikomu no wa īga, ore no tame dake ni shite oke.’

Dressing yourself up is fine/okay, but do it only for my sake.

#05: Letter


`Ore ga tezukara sumi o kaku no wa, kisama dakeda, kokoro shiro.’

You are the only person that makes me write a letter in person, as a substitute of my heart.


`Yonde oke. Soshite ore no omoi yo, kisama no mune fukaku ni kizame.’

Read it. And then, carve it deeply into your heart of my feelings.

Rurouni Kenshin week

Day 2 - Friendship or Family

Mechanical pencil sketch of my favorite anime couple comforting their offspring~

Conveniently it was also a Father’s Day somewhere around the globe yesterday so also, happy Father’s Day, Kenshin!

anonymous asked:

Hello dear Elle! I need some advice! How do you go around making clean paths in your town but not having all the open spaces be too boxy? In Kokoro your paths are very straight and clean but the landscaping still looks "alive" and not like is just boxing in the open spaces and lining the paths. I'm sorry if this is poorly formulated but I hope you can understand and help me!

Hello anon! No worries I totally understand what you’re asking, as this was something I worked hard at with Kokoro (and Chimney too!) to make sure it was still very natural looking!! 

Natural Tips:

  • Natural paths: this doesn’t have to be dirt paths like I have, you can do it with clovers or ever just make your paths by lining blank space with flowers like in @prolistening‘s aubade or @sprungit‘s shelter. these types of paths help the town feel natural and maybe a bit more “messy” even if you have the paths perfectly shaped! the great thing about natural paths like I have in kokoro, is when you run them in straight lines and come to corners, they often curve around the corner which makes them look less boxy!
  • Planning areas: this one isn’t for everyone but I think what helps make your town “flow” is instead of making a bunch of areas and then piecing them together with paths, is instead you start at one area and your work your way down to another (as if you’re uncovering a puzzle). I did this with both chimney and kokoro! you can start in multiple places but try to work in some sort of chronological order so that your town becomes one big artwork, rather than pieces you have to piece together later!!
  • Lots of plants!: fill in areas with clovers, flowers, bushes, make sure areas have lots of trees! you’ll notice as you walk around in kokoro I have tons of greenery, I basically went in to areas and tried to fill in as many trees, bushes, that I could! I really like filling in areas, and sometimes adding extra trees or bushes in there makes a really big difference! it makes areas look less boxed in, and much more flow-y with the surrounding trees!
  • Add items on the ground: this might be random, but sometimes adding little gems, fossils, gyroids, etc to areas such as corner paths or even inside your boxed in areas can make a huge difference! also generally, adding these on the ground gives your town a bit more character! you can even save easter eggs, halloween candies, whatever you want! just remember some of these items rot, so you’ll have to add them when your dream goes up

This is what I could think of for now! I hope some of these tips help! It’s really hard to give a set guide to how to make a town or areas flow, so you’ll just have to keep trying until you really like what you’ve made and it works! Just remember, sometimes when in doubt you gotta add more trees, flowers, etc, or items to the ground, to really make an area “pop”. Good luck!!

okay, i’ll say it

I don’t really like Kakashi’s eyes in the animated episode of his face reveal. Fight me.

please dun fight me, i’m really actually timid BUT hear me out…

It just doesn’t …feel right. Maybe the pupil is too big, or the upper and bottom lids are too rounded… I mean, I know there are A LOT of inconsistencies in the animation and Kakashi’s eyes haven’t been an exclusion…

And, I bet the animators tried 110% to draw it like the manga one-shot since the kakashi sub-fandom would rise up in a chorus of pterodactyl screams if the animators butchered it, but it still doesn’t feel right…and it doesn’t even look super close to the manga…(first image kinda got stretched to fit the post, btw)

The cleaned face shot is alright, tho… the .. what I’d call ‘eye I’m used to’ is more there…

Cuz I mean, when I think Kakashi’s eyes, I think,

Ya feel me?

Straighter top and bottom lid lines, that separation between the edges at each side (rather than being a smooth oval), smaller pupil, less/smaller upper lid area…


But, it has been bothering me. And if it weren’t part of the ‘face reveal’ thing I would have been able to chalk it up to yet another inconsistency. But, since it’s part of the significant face-reveal stuff and, as an over-obsessive Kakashi fan, it bothered me! I still adore the episode, but that eye just makes me twitch a lil each time, haha

[/unprompted rant]

[List] Ereri / Riren Doujinshi III

Part 1 | Part 2

So–I know I say this a lot but you know…it bears repeating sometimes. I just really, truly, deeply, profoundly appreciate all of you! I stepped out into this fandom with trepidation because I’d never written about real people before and I was really worried about the reception. I’ve received nothing but warmth and love from that day until now!

My four month anniversary since posting my very first Jump related fic (it was the first chapter of Exam Room 5!) will be on the 14th but I can’t even wait those few days to say this to you all. 


If you don’t want to read the longer love note then just know I LOVE YOU and I am so thankful for you and appreciate each and every one of you with all my heart!

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Voltron season 4

guess who will stay up all night thinking about a goddamn cartoon?

FUCKIN HOLT REUNION. Also Matt’s got a fuckin crack on the head and I LOVE IT

Well shit. We all accurately predicted Lotor’s zuko plot development and his parentage

But yoh know, after all this time, this lion switching thing still makes me feel frustrated. Like there’s something completely wrong with the paladins not being in their OG lions.

(Obviously someone cant move on from season one…)

I cant say im totally all in with shiro back in black and lance forever removed from blue. I just think there’s something AWFULLY wrong with displacing the OG series’ main character from being a paladin.

I dont know guys but there’s definitely no way keith’s going to be a blade for the rest of series. I can FEEL it in my bones. I love allura so much, her blue paladin arc is really giving me the feels, but i just miss having her back in the ship and acting as commander

Not to mention it completely broke my heart seeing the team reject keith. He tried to be the black paladin (in his own set of principles) and got shut away before he could even make a full shot. He thinks he’s shit and the team just colletively agreed on that and readily tossed him out of the paladin circle

I dont know man my heart is broken ok EVERYONE WERE SNAKES TO KEITH

Well…i have to say, that was the shortest 6 episodes of my life. I dont think i will be able to hold out for season 5. Every season never fails to make me hold on to my cheetos

Rn we still have many things to think about:

-Fuckin Lotor i mean what the hell are you planning man

- that shady ass operation kuron

-keith as a blade forever??? Wow sounds legit mate

-lotor’s bad girlies’ i mean…his ex generals’ plan (my kokoro is still broke)


-k e i ths m o th err!!!

-something else happened in honerva and zarkon’s story arc (yeah thats right. Our angsty ‘lotor died as a kid and honerva got obsessed with quintessence in order to sustain him’ theory)

Feel free to add

the cool thing about expression memes is that i don’t feel like i have to draw anything but the character’s head with about zero guilt and that goes perfectly with my current attitude where i feel like i rather forget how to draw the two things i know than drawing anything bellow the shoulders unless there are boobs,, then i can put i lil more effort

the downside of drawing expressions and of this sad meme in particular is that i gotta feel the thing in bloth my kokoro and in my face muscles so it makes a bit sad at times and it also makes me worry about getting wrinkles lol i stop feeling sad tho when i realize i must look like a fucking fool


I don’t think I can last long in Albert’s route. It’s… too cheesy, fluffy, sappy, angsty, whatever it is… and it makes me giddy and embarrassed at the same time. Albert is sooooo my type. I like the tsundere, hard to get, easy-to-fluster guys. I dunno what’s the point of this post. I just wanna rant and procrastinate in finishing tonight’s chapter. I feel like a high schooler with all the doki doki and my kokoro feels. (/ω\)

But mostly I’m just embarrassed tho. Σ(///□///)

EDIT: Albert just said he loves MC, and I can’t look him in the eye. The words he says are too sappy, I’m getting second-hand embarrassment. o(*・ロ・*)o

Really kawaii ichiban icons ~ (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ Show the world how sugoi your senpai is! (◕‿◕) Uwaaaa, my ichiban is so kakkoiiiii! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)  He makes my kokoro go dokidoki!

Feel free to use these, although I doubt anyone would want to. Also, no offense meant??? Both by description and using such faces haha. I just love it when they are just a bunch of dorks.


BoJack’s Theme (Full Length)hahaha i love this show…i make me feel broken  sad… is bad to me hahaha because i love to feel sad and happy …ughhh somebody kill me

So we love reading tags (especially me haha) and we came upon this lovely set by @priestleydonut 

And so I wanted to say thanks for one! Like Lance is really a relatable character and I just can’t with him ??? So like I feel ya.

Also all these are not HCs they are all actual conversations between us mods (Mod Lance and Keith) and our roommates who are basically Hunk and Pidge. ^^

PS: I’m Pan af ;D

It’s official, today is the day Tv Tropes has become my favorite website EVER OF ALL EVERS (I TRUST IT WITH MY LIFE TBH)

Why, you may ask.

Well, I’ll let you know I was minding my own business you know, checking the tropes for a certain anime called Free! (you might have heard of it) and while I was doing that, I got on the Ho Yay section of this series to see if there had been any updates on a folder named Makoto/Haruka since the translated version of the movie came out and…this happened:


Originally posted by gif-database

Originally posted by makesgoodchoices

So basically I got all stupid and giddy and decided to check the characters page because why shouldn’t I? And I was telling myself, don’t get exicted or anything like that go take a break or something, you probably hallucinated it BUT


Okay, at this point I was basically hyperventilating and as if that just was not enough for the heart, I found out a page describing the tropes in the movie was created and I litERALLY LOST IT CAUSE

Originally posted by artlstheweapon

(I know this was probably pretty stupid but it makes me feel so happy to see my OTP being recognized by people aside from me and in one of my favorite websites that I spend a lot of time checking nonetheless lol)

I’m not perfect. I will fuck up. I will hurt someone’s feelings. I will make mistakes. What I will do is that I will always try to accept and respect you for who you are. I’m might fuck up, for that I’m sorry that I don’t think before I say something. I’m sorry that I let my guard down and hurt you. I’m sorry that I forget that we are all human and we all have feelings. I am not perfect. Just like everyone else.
—  Kokoro Thoughts

I have seen many fans in the fandom h/c Lance as latino, which is great!

Yet as latina myself I’d like to maybe give authors who write this specific h/c into their stories a little advice: 

You do not need to make Lance say some random spanish word every time he speaks (more specifically, at the end of every sentence.) 

Sometimes it almost feels like they are trying to prove he’s latino during every single sentence and that’s not how latinxs speak. Some latinxs don’t even know a word in spanish, doesn’t make them any less latinx.

Is almost like reading a Pitbull song. For me, reading Lance go “I’m ready to go get wasted, mis amigos!” is basically like reading “Lance thought Keith looked very kawaii and wished with all his kokoro he would soon fall in love with him.“ 

It’s a bit…yeah. I think just mentioning he’s latino is enough, even adding in the description about Lance speaking on the phone with his mom in spanish is good, say that he really likes certain latin food for breakfast also works (but not always tacos and burritos, there are other countries besides Mexico and other latin dishes as well).

Oh! and  dirty talk in spanish? Horrible, 99% of latinxs hate it because it sounds horribly tacky, is nothing like dirty talking in english, believe me. It’s a nightmare. I wouldn’t recommend Lance dirty talking anybody in spanish during sex. 

And, also, Lance’s parents wouldn’t always be ranging homophobics from South America. Many Latin countries approved gay marriage WAAAAAY before the US did.


New episode image set! Lots of group shots! POWERFUL CHIKAYOU! Good Yoshiko moments! OG crew! Support Squad! LOTS OF GOOD YO HOLY SHIT SHE’S ON FIRE THIS EPISODE YUP.

Tbh the speech at the end actually got me to tear up??? I’m so glad they took a different route to µ’s in the end - in fact it makes me feel like the stakes are higher than ever. At least in µ’s case they already managed to save the school, if Aqours fails now Ura Girls will forever fade into obscurity.

OFC Sora mo Kokoro mo gave me massive feels too - probably one of the better Aqours songs in my books, the vocals are gutwrenchingly emotive and you can really tell the seiyuu’s effort in the song!

I’m really loving Aqours, in a way that’s totally different to how I love µ’s - maybe because I joined the fandom after µ’s was already done and Aqours was just starting up, but I feel a real investment in these girls…

lol a bit of a wall of text, but on a final note, look at the last image: I’m assuming that this is the whole school of Ura Girls. As sad as it is, I can see why it’s getting merged. There’s clearly a decline in numbers as they go down in years, and even in total numbers they’re painfully few. Maybe it’s for the best, rather than allow Ura Girls to keep existing at a bare minimum. I’m sure the students will benefit from better funding and a larger scale as well.

I’m in tears ㅠㅠ