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hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land
                                             to fight the hordes and sing, and cry

tbh when people say Tidus is annoying it makes me so sad because… like.. HE IS. HE REALLY IS, kjhaudihaw. he is sUCH an attention whore and sometimes he never shuts up and he’s always bragging about dumb stuff akjhduiwadh

but like… it’s sad. because he never got any attention as a kid. his dad criticized everything he did, and his mom just plain never gave him the time of day. nothing he ever did was good enough. and auron, for all of the positive influence he had on tidus (which was a lot), is not by nature a very warm person, so he was certainly not going to fulfill his need for emotional support, haha. sure, his mom and dad and even auron all loved him in their own ways, but he was just a kid: what kid understands that when his dad is telling him to stop crying, what he’s really telling him is that he knows he can be stronger? no, he just wanted love and affection and, as far as he could understand at that age, he never got it

so he’s been pretty much sTARVED for attention and recognition his whole life. he got none of it at home, where he should have, so he learned from a young age to take it by force if he had to, by being loud and obnoxious and making sure that all eyes are on him and that everyone KNOWS when he’s good at something. the only affection he really knows and is used to is that of fans, which is shallow and conditional ‘love’, at best.

so, yes. he’s annoying. he’s annoying because deep down there’s still a kid who was never once told good job, never had his stories listened to or his dreams supported, or any of the things that a innocent child deserves to have. as much as he pretends to be confident, he’s really not… his self sesteem is pretty damn messed up, actually, akjhdwuaidh


You have a good laugh.


Madara : There’s no moment I had with Izuna that I never treasured.

I miss him dearly and I want to be by his side forever.

Izuna : Nii-san didn’t like it when we made him break up with his Senju boy though.



I feel so sad everytime I remember Madara can’t get over Izuna’s death.

PS. Sorry If the drawings are a little sloppy. I’m not exactly in the best shape now hahaha but I really wanted to answer.)

blanket-fictions  asked:

celeste, maiden of the new night sky, have you any headcanons feat. baby sauce as presented in your current icon?

  • when toddler!shisui saw baby sasuke, he exclaimed: ‘that baby looks like something not even god could salvage. uncle fugaku, this one really looks like you tho’
  • when the uchiha clan witnessed baby sasu, the wheels for the coup starting spinning bc obviously his looks must have been a horrible cursed jutsu placed by the village elders 
  • sasuke obviously oblivious that he was not initially a cute baby, showed sakura his baby pic and she didn’t stop laughing for a week. it was in this moment he realized what some of the uchiha women meant when they said ‘you had the face only a mother could love’
  • fugaku briefly considered using rogaine on baby sasu
  • baby sasu would let out shrieks of terror every time he saw his reflection, bc he would become very terrified at what he saw
  • shisui actually developed his ‘body flicker technique’ after running into baby sasu a second time bc he was afraid he would ‘catch the ugly’

his hair looks like a really shitty toupee 

Title: Nightmares of the Dead
Ship: Pietro Maximoff x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Twincest? Not so much a warning, but yea.
AN: For the anon whom requested the prompt “Wanda has a nightmare about Pietro dying and he comforts her”. And ohmygosh your prompt tho. YOUR PROMPT. ;A; I love it. It’s awesome. I’ve been wanting to write a fic like this, so yea. :) Again with the grammatical and spelling errors, I am sorry. Hope you like anyway! :D Enjoy! (Fic under the cut).

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where to begin with you… i remember that you caught my eye instantly during the no more dream era and it started from there, even though i wasn’t an army until this april, you still managed to catch my eye. i feel like you’re one of the most talented people i can call my bias and you never cease to amaze me. happy birthday, my little jeon jungkook ♥

p.s. you’re also the first person i stan that is younger than me, thanks for making me your noona uhuhuhu. ;_____;