this makes me absolutely livid

These boys have worked so freaking hard and still do. THE LEAST you can do is respect their fucking work(and I’m sorry about the language,but this actually pisses me off). What this hacker did was spit on BTS’s faces and degrade their work. I have no words. I-I can’t explain how absolutely livid this makes me.

What British People Say And What They Actually Mean

When British people say one thing, they often really mean the exact opposite! Any Brit will recognize themselves in this list.

1. ‘I might join you later’ — Translation: I’m not leaving the house today unless it’s on fire.

2. ‘Excuse me, sorry, is anyone sitting here?’ — Translation: You have 3 seconds to move your bag before I get really annoyed.

3. ‘Not to worry.’ — Translation: I will never forget this!

4. Saying ‘Sorry’ as a way of introducing yourself.

5. ‘It’s a bit wet out there.’ — Translation: You’re going to need a snorkel because it’s absolutely pissing it down out there!

6. Ending an email with ‘Thanks’. — Translation: I’m perilously close to losing my temper!

7. ‘Right then, I really should start to think about possibly making a move.’ — Translation: Bye!

8. ‘It’s fine.’ — Translation: It really couldn’t get any worse, but it probably will do…

9. ‘Perfect.’ — Translation: Well that’s ruined then!

10. ‘A bit of a pickle.’ — Translation: A catastrophically bad situation with potentially fatal consequences.

11: ‘Not too bad, actually.’ — Translation: I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been.

12. ‘Honestly, it doesn’t matter.’ — Translation: Nothing has ever mattered more than this.

13. ‘You’ve caught the sun.’ — Translation: You look like you’ve been swimming in a volcano.

14. ‘That’s certainly one way of looking at it.’ — Translation: That’s certainly the wrong way of looking at it.

15. Saying ‘I have the 5p if it helps.’ and never knowing if it ever does help.

16. ‘If you say so.’ — Translation: I’m afraid that what you’re saying is the height of idiocy.

17. ‘With all due respect…’ — Translation: You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

18. Saying ‘You’re welcome’ as quietly as possible to people that don’t say thank you, but using it as a form of punishment.

19. Meanings of ‘I beg your pardon’ — Translation: a) I didn’t hear you; b) I apologise; c) What you’re saying is making me absolutely livid!

20. ‘It could be worse.’ — Translation: It couldn’t possibly be any worse.

21. ‘Each to their own.’ — Translation: You’re wrong, but never mind.

22. ‘Pop around anytime.’ — Translation: Please stay away from my house.

23. ‘I’m just popping out for lunch, does anyone else want anything?’ — Translation: I’m getting my own lunch now, please don’t ask me to get you anything!

24. Saying: ‘I might get some cash out, actually’, despite approaching the cash machine and being 100% certain of getting some cash out.

25. ‘No, no, honestly it was my fault.’ — Translation: It was absolutely your fault and we both know it!

26. ‘No, yeah, that’s very interesting!’ — Translation: You are boring me to death!

27. ‘No harm done.’ — Translation: You have ruined everything!

28. ‘Just whenever you get a minute…’ — Translation: Now!

29. ‘I’m sure it’ll be fine.’ — Translation: I fully expect the situation to deteriorate rapidly!

30. ‘Sorry, I think you might have dropped something…’ — Translation: You have definitely dropped that specific item!

Stolen monkeys: four found but baby missing

Four monkeys stolen from a zoo in a “planned and pre-meditated” break-in have been found.

Blackpool Zoo in Lancashire said two female cotton-top tamarins and two male emperor tamarins had been recovered in Yorkshire. However a baby tamarin which was also taken had not been found.

Raiders cut a hole in the perimeter fence of the zoo and removed the locks from two separate monkey enclosures on Tuesday.

They took two female and one baby cotton-top tamarin, which are a critically endangered species, and two male emperor tamarins.

But the zoo said the four recovered monkeys were now safely back at the zoo. (continue reading)

ritmo-colombiano  asked:

I'm just really conflicted because seasons 5-7 were so bad and yet, I liked the personality (at the beginning, not at the end) of 11 but the plot lines for almost every episode sucked and there were tons of plot holes and I just feel bad for Matt Smith because his doctor had the potential to be so good and yet his season were actually painful to watch

and I HATE how the doctor has become. I hate that he doesn’t really care anymore. It was different with ten because when he stopped caring about people and all those rules that he used to follow, that’s when we had that whole “the time lord victorious is wrong” speech and that was just beautiful and perfect and it made him realize that he needed to change that. it made him realize that the path he was headed down was a bad one, but 11 didn’t seem to ever really care :( (stupid moffat)

I feel you, on all accounts.  It took me a long time to watch season five, because I totally admit that I was in some SERIOUS denial about Ten regenerating, and was the worst sort of fan, flatly refusing to watch any new who for a couple of years.  When I finally DID make it to The Eleventh Hour, there were issues, but on the whole, I was pleasantly surprised, because he had a new face, but he still seemed like the Doctor, all the authority and charisma and commanding presence.  The rest of season five was…underwhelming, had some developing problems, and ended in a really stupid finale, but even that I was more or less willing to give a pass on; new showrunner, still coming to grips with it, alright.

Then season six happened.

Everything about it was a mess, and frankly, pretty disgusting.  The way River is treated by the narrative is appalling, the Doctor lost any glimmer of what he’d been before, and the mystical pregnancy trope was handled in the worst way possible, and was the start of Amy being downgraded to basically a walking womb.  And season seven managed, inexplicably, to be even worse, with the disaster of a premier that had no logic to it and a divorce plot that was completely absurd, making Rory seem even more crippled in his relationship and Amy more selfish.  Their death was ludicrous, and followed up by yet another shiny impossible companion that had the depth of a paper towel, because that’s apparently the only type of person the Doctor is interested in anymore.

The fact that all the companions had their choice to travel taken from them, while still being treated as disposable despite having lives that revolve around the Doctor makes me absolutely livid.  People claim that Martha and Rose and Donna had lives that revolved around the Doctor because they actually traveled with him full time; no, nuh uh, that’s not it.  They existed before him, SEPARATE from him, and continued to exist after him.  The fact that they chose to travel with him full time does not mean that they have no life outside of him, that just means that traveling is what they chose for their lives for that time.  Even Rose, with her romance and intent to stay with him, had wants and needs and desires APART from him, and an entire life before he showed up.  Not so with the Moffat era companions; even Amy, the only one that has even the slightest chance of being seen as having a choice, gets completely undermined when it’s revealed that River’s her daughter…she was always going to travel with the Doctor, she had to, because the Doctor met River before he even met Amy.  The Doctor met two of Clara’s shadows or whatever before he met the actual girl, so again, no choice.  River’s only choice is to NOT travel with the Doctor, and everything about that reads more as Moffat not wanting to have her around all the time and risk the Doctor becoming domestic–notice that he’s the ONLY one who wrote her, ever.

Nevermind that I have no idea why any of them even LIKED him, much less trusted him and chose to be around him when he deigned them worthy of his presence.

Add to that that he never loses, there’s no check for him.  He’s basically become superman, and the only thing he can’t do is what he hasn’t tried to do, because reasons.  Everyone lives, every time, and he’s a god, with no negative consequences to deal with.  The only negative is that he’s just too awesome, so awesome that he’s the most important person in the universe, so everybody wants to take him out all the time, and we’re just supposed to ignore the fact that that’s basically the opposite of the message that the show sent for decades beforehand.

As for Matt Smith…eh, he’s not entirely guiltless; some of the more questionable things, like forced kissing and the “hey, I’ve forgotten all about human conventions!” was his bag.  But I still blame Moffat more, because he should have put a stop to it and didn’t.  I do think he’s a good actor–I just don’t think he was a good Doctor.

On the plus side, my expectations for Twelve are incredibly low.  Basically, I just want to not hate someone who everyone on the show inexplicably thinks hung the moon.

there is A Thing happening at my college right now that I don’t especially want to get into but I just want to say that I am completely over and done with white people thinking that blatant racism is “an opinion” and then saying “everyone is titled to their own opinion” as if I can just ignore that this person thinks that black people and muslims are less. inherently violent. responsible for their own oppression. Like lol I get that you’re white but holy shit that makes me feel so unsafe.

im absolutely livid.
racism is not an opinion.

anonymous asked:

Sam, I am not sure how to handle this situation. I am a new adjunct professor trying to get hired full time. I teach chem, bio and physics. I don't look like my colleagues. I am young (32), and dare I say attractive. I also work as a belly dancer when I am not teaching, but I keep that completely separate. I recently had a male student accuse me of being a stripper in a student evaluation. (I'm not). He said that I was "not a real teacher" (Nevermind my two doctorates). (1/2)

He was clearly upset about my class being difficult and lashing out, but the lack of respect that was clearly due to misogyny worries me. This isn’t the first time male students have disrespected me, and aside from making be absolutely livid, it worries me because the dept might lose faith in me. I am clearly qualified, but none of that matters if I don’t have respect from my students. I don’t know what to do aside from being professional in the classroom. How do I handle this situation?

I’m not gonna lie, Anon, my very first instinctive response was to snort and go “Like schools listen to students.” :D Sorry, that’s not helpful to you, though. 

Seriously, I’m sorry that guy was a douchebag and there is no doubt in my mind that he is attacking you as a woman because he has no ability to attack you as a teacher. Remember that: if someone goes after your body or your behavior it’s because they can’t find a way to attack your actual accomplishments.  

But your concerns, as a woman with doctorates in a male-dominated field and a teacher who needs to keep authority in her classes, are absolutely 100% valid. And I’m afraid this will probably not be the last time a dude who’s still pissed some girl at a party the night before wouldn’t fuck him lashes out at you because you dare to own your body and have authority over him at the same time. 

I think you have two concerns here: one, that your bosses might buy into this bullshit, and two, that you won’t be able to keep authority in the classroom.

For the first, I would suggest talking to someone with seniority in the department, hopefully someone who you feel might be understanding and sympathetic, and explaining your worries. There’s no reason not to go to the people in charge and say look, I got this poor assessment from someone and I think it’s really inappropriate but I need to know that you’re on the same page, I need to know you get this and support me anyway, or I need to know exactly how you think I can address this kind of thing. (If they say you should stop belly dancing or wear less revealing clothing or be more masculine or whatnot, they can go fuck themselves, obviously, and you should probably be looking for a job somewhere not filled with rampaging dickheads.) 

I would hope that they will say “You’re a new teacher and I know you’re nervous about this, but this happens and we know to ignore this kind of comment in terms of your performance. Don’t let them rattle you, the school is behind you.” If they don’t, be….wary. 

For the second, I haven’t got much help, I’m afraid. One of the reasons I didn’t go into academia is that teaching students terrifies me, and I’d been in enough totally uncontrolled high school classes to know that I didn’t have what it took to hold authority over a roomful of people. 

But if your actual classroom teaching sessions are orderly, if you feel like you have good control over the group as a whole, then this isn’t something that should shake you – you are already keeping authority in the classroom, and these boys are lashing out in their assessment surveys because they know it’s the only place they can get away with it. 

I am sorry you have to go through this. It’s a fucked up part of our culture and I’m sorry that the boy who said that will never be punished for it. I hope you keep teaching and that the school backs you up, because you’re not meant to be in this alone. Good luck.