this makes me absolutely livid

These boys have worked so freaking hard and still do. THE LEAST you can do is respect their fucking work(and I’m sorry about the language,but this actually pisses me off). What this hacker did was spit on BTS’s faces and degrade their work. I have no words. I-I can’t explain how absolutely livid this makes me.

I’m gonna put a disclaimer here that I’m pretty pro-self diagnosis and I think it’s a useful tool when a professional dx isn’t really possible

But can we please fucking talking about the elephant in the room that is young teenagers pretending to have 8 different personality disorders in order to gain Oppression Points on tumblr

I have seen so many people, usually under sixteen, say that they have BPD while having no grasp on what BPD actually is. And I’m fucking tired of nonborderlines ONLY talking about BPD in relation to being emotionally needy/having an “fp”, and thinking that feeling insecure about their relationships makes them borderline. There aren’t very many things in this world that make me absolutely livid but that’s one of them

Stolen monkeys: four found but baby missing

Four monkeys stolen from a zoo in a “planned and pre-meditated” break-in have been found.

Blackpool Zoo in Lancashire said two female cotton-top tamarins and two male emperor tamarins had been recovered in Yorkshire. However a baby tamarin which was also taken had not been found.

Raiders cut a hole in the perimeter fence of the zoo and removed the locks from two separate monkey enclosures on Tuesday.

They took two female and one baby cotton-top tamarin, which are a critically endangered species, and two male emperor tamarins.

But the zoo said the four recovered monkeys were now safely back at the zoo. (continue reading)

there is A Thing happening at my college right now that I don’t especially want to get into but I just want to say that I am completely over and done with white people thinking that blatant racism is “an opinion” and then saying “everyone is titled to their own opinion” as if I can just ignore that this person thinks that black people and muslims are less. inherently violent. responsible for their own oppression. Like lol I get that you’re white but holy shit that makes me feel so unsafe.

im absolutely livid.
racism is not an opinion.