this makes it look really dramatic

im so emotionally unstable these days?? like im always a baby but it’s so intense and so sudden the smallest things make me feel like kms and thats so dramatic lmao but its really true, the tiniest most insignificant thing can knock me to the ground?? and im always sensitive but this is really bad even for me. i can even look at what happens and think ‘this is not reasonable at all’ but the feeling is still there and it makes everything so disorienting


I just got hit by this realization.

Eugene is telling this as a bedtime story to their kids.

Like, all I could imagine is this adorable little brown haired kid with green eyes sitting in bed watching as he makes this really dramatic face, and begins

“This is the story of how I died!”

and they look a little scared, so he quickly goes

“Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel and it starts with the sun.”

And they both look at Rapunzel real quick because, hey, Mom’s in the story, great!

And by the end they’re both teasing each other and making sappy faces and the kid’s giggling and half asleep and

“There you go, kiddo. That’s the story of how we met. Sweet dreams, sunshine. Tomorrow night we’re gonna tell you the story of how your Aunt Elsa froze her entire fucking country because of her emotional issues.”



eurovision alignments
  • Lawful ballad: Typically kind of boring, but qualifies because you can't NOT vote for it or else you'll look like a jerk. Probably about love. Or peace.
  • Neutral ballad: Trying to be a power ballad but the singer just isn't that good. Maybe about love, but not in a guilt-trippy kind of way. Sounds better in studio.
  • Chaotic ballad: Strong, overly dramatic power ballad. Either the best thing you've ever heard or just way too extra. There is no in between.
  • Lawful schlager: Upbeat and really generic, like it's trying to make sure it qualifies. Probably written by someone from Sweden.
  • Neutral schlager: Passes for a normal pop song, at least mostly. Incredibly radio-friendly. Gets a lot of jury votes.
  • Chaotic schlager: Not quite a joke entry, but could be mistaken for one if you squint. Lots of glitter and exposed skin. Why people think Eurovision is gay.
  • Lawful crazy: The staging and outfits and pretty much everything looks like a fever dream, but the entry still resembles a song. 10/10 would dance to while drunk.
  • Neutral crazy: Any entry that just screams, "hey, we REALLY don't feel like hosting next year." Almost never qualifies. Just as planned.
  • Chaotic crazy: Looks and sounds like a shitpost, because they put serious effort into making sure it looks and sounds like a shitpost. Gets a fuckton of televotes.
To Anyone who is worried or confused about The Six Thatchers

I am pretty sure Mary (and the people she’s working for) are doing all of this. Someone in the “M” gang definitely helped Ajay escape right at that moment. The woman on the bus was planted there to give John her number to compel John to cheat. So he would feel guilty when she kept calling him perfect and kind and so much better than her. And Then Vivian was told by the “M” squad to “shoot” Sherlock so she could jump in front of him and look like a hero as well as making them “even” for her shooting Sherlock. And then she gave her dramatic cliche speech about how all she wanted was a life as Mary Morstan so Sherlock would feel guilty even though he did nothing really wrong (except talking to much). Her goal was to make them both feel like shit and for John to take his anger out on Sherlock (to burn his heart). AND ON TOP OF THIS SHES NOT EVEN DEAD. We were supposed to catch on to the fact that, “It’s not like the movies. There’s no dramatic spurt of blood and you go flying backwards” but that’s EXACTLY what happened to Mary. And then the “Miss me?” Video (I knew that would get your attention (BOI)) Sherlock is probably walking in to the final trap with the case of “Save John Watson”. Because the “M” squad know he will do anything to save John and now he feels guilty for letting John down and breaking his vow by letting “Mary” “die”. ALSO can we talk about how Sherlock is going to therapy because his world is “crashing down around” him and he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions anymore especially with John mad and avoiding him and he seems to be using hypnotherapy to try to make him self less cocky and full of himself because he thinks that’s what John wants!?!?! Like wth man this episode was so much. THEY NEED TO COMMUNICATE.

On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 

Zodiac Files: How A Sagittarius Gets What They Want

Sometimes a Sagittarius can be looked at as a pushover (yes, really) because they let a lot of things slide. Truth is, they don’t care about insignificant things. Life goes on. Ironically, one of this Fire signs best tactics to getting what they want is by simply killing with kindness. Fake smiles and all, they’ll do it if necessary. Sometimes it’s the best remedy. On a more dramatic scale of tactics, they are very good at distancing themselves to make the other person see they’re f*ck ing up.

Gay Things I Shouldn’t Have Allowed My Mother To Do (but it's too late now)

-Read my 1950s lesbian pulp novels
(“Wait, what’s happening? Why did she die? This is some BULLSHIT!!!”)
-Watch Carol
(“Well, if I were to be with a woman, I would want to be with a woman like Carol. She seems like a very attentive lover. Look at the faces Therese is making!”)
-Watch The L Word
(“Why are they always having sex? Is this what you and your friends do when you disappear into your room for two hours? Is this really how dramatic being a lesbian is?”)

i know the season’s over but there’s something i still want to talk about

i loved this scene in the anime. the entire sequence, plus the fucking fantastic music which is now the most-played piece of audio on my ipod, was so dramatic and intense and it really captured the drive of that last volley. i’m not here to pick faults with this scene. that would be impossible anyway.

but i kinda want to look at the manga version of this particular part, because honestly, no one should miss out on it.

in the anime, it’s oikawa who delivers irihata’s lines, in slightly different words. personally, i prefer the use of “instinct” in the anime, but that’s not the point i want to make. 

because oikawa said it in the anime, i kinda felt like people missed this one aspect. it’s actually his coach, someone who’s likely been involved with volleyball since before oikawa was born, who says that. he says that he likely undervalued oikawa, and is clearly respecting the incredible game sense that oikawa possesses. does that not make you wanna scream about oikawa tooru? it makes me wanna scream about oikawa tooru, because he’s just so good. 

and then there’s what ukai says, which is missed out entirely, and that makes me sad because those lines hit me like a ton of bricks when i read them. oikawa knows exactly where iwaizumi’s hand will be, he knows exactly how long the court is and how high the net is.

that knowledge is ingrained in him.

this volleyball nerd loves his sport so much, has played for so long and put his everything into it, that he fucking instinctively knows that court, like it’s a part of him. 

oikawa tooru is so fucking talented guys. if this doesn’t make you want to cry all over again, i don’t know what to tell you.

I get the feeling that Victor is kind of…emotionally stunted? Like Yuuri makes his big dramatic speech about love and for a minute Victor looks really affected by it, and then they next second he’s waving off any emotion he might have felt and turns it into a joke about Yuuri’s tie instead. I’ve said it before but I suspect that Victor’s life has been kind of lonely at the top, with lots of fans and admirers but few people who care about him as a person, who he can actually connect with. And then there’s Yuuri, who can be so open and trusting and…he doesn’t know what to do with it. He can be all goofy and flirty and over the top most of the time but when Yuuri takes the initiative and gets close, Victor always seems to get a little strange and distant, seems to retreat a bit. He’s not used to all this, I think, going beyond just having fun and playing around to something more. It makes me think of the ‘Love Like You’ song from Steven Universe. Maybe Victor can learn how to love like Yuuri, open and honest and with all that he has.

The Two-Faced Goddess, Grimdark, Lady Luck, the Seer and Guide and Wand-Wielder, the Hero of Light and Rain. 

Frost and Frogs 
Heat and Clockwork 
Wind and Shade
Crypts and Helium

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what are ur top makeup products

  1. glossier skin tint - so nice it just perfects whats already there and makes my skin so dewy
  2. too faced love flush blush in baby love - i was never a blush girl but now i am but only for this blush bc its so nice and makes my cheeks glow and the packaging is so cute its my favorite packaging out of any product i own
  3. innisfree microcara - the wand brush is literally tiny it looks like it would barely do anything but it does everything!!! like its the best mascara i’ve ever tried, and it doesn’t give you really dramatic/spider lashes which i love
  4. glossier haloscope highlighter in quartz - looks so natural, it basically just makes my skin look dewy and wet like i just got out of a pool overlooking the mediterranean !! 
  5. too faced la crème in naked dolly - my mom got me a mini size for christmas but i fell in love w it !! the perfect satin pink 
  6. glossier bow brow - just a great brow gel luv it

when lance and keith get into fights tho, they dont last long but they like to make them more dramatic than they really are. they wont talk to each other for DAYS over the most petty stuff. they do that thing where they make their friends talk to each other for them. 

“HUNK could you PLEASE tell keith that i think he looks nice today. also, that he can eat my entire ass.” 

“lance, keith is sitting, like, two feet away.”

and keith is just like, “shiro, please tell lance that his eyes look beautiful in this lighting, also that i was right and he was wrong.”

Introduction to Nekoma:

Okay so these guys are Nekoma. They specialize heavily in defense. Though none are geniuses like Kageyama, they are a well rounded team and have great teamship (is that a word?). Don’t let the kanji fool you. They DO represent cats. Nyan~

Kuroo Tetsurou. Captain. Major science nerd. Hot piece of trash. Really bad bedhead. Bros with Captain Owl(Bokuto). Makes his team chant “We are the body’s blood-flow smoothly and circulate oxygen so the brain functions normally.” Totally in love with his childhood friend/precious setter Kozume Kenma *points at Kenma* I mean who looks at someone platonically like that. He calls Kenma their brains, backbone and heart. Is really smart but can be an idiot. Made sure Kenma didn’t quit volleyball. Expert Kenma Reader ™. “Oya Oya Oya?”

Kozume Kenma. Precious precious child that needs to be protected. Socially Awkward cutie. Gamer geek. Probably plays Dramatical Murder. In Love with his childhood friend/captain Kuroo Tetsurou. Dyed his hair blonde cuz Taketora Yamamoto, their ace, told him he’d stand out with long dark hair. Has never failed anything because Kuroo tutors him do they actually study *coughs*. Good friends with Sunshine Child Hinata. Analytical as hell. Number 1 Cat Bae.

 Taketora Yamamoto. Basically Tokyo’s version of Tanaka with a mohawk. Cannot-Talk-To-Girls and is actually a softie. A very good ace if you look past his idiocy. BFFs with Tanaka. Crushes on Kiyoko as well. Forms Kiyoko Protection Squad with Ryuu and Yuu. Has cute sister named Akane.

Yaku Morisuke. MY BEAUTIFUL LIBERO CAT MOM. Adorable to the max. Extremely high-caliber libero. Short, but don’t tell him that. The mom. The MOM ™. Once cried tears of joy over Kenma making friends. Smacks Tora and Lev into place when needed. He’s so cool when receiving. He isn’t paid enough to deal with this crap. Can be very dorky when he wants to be. Nishinoya idolizes him alot. Posed seductively in a trash pile once.

Lev Haiba. Tol Idiotic Russian Lampost  ™. Comes in later. Thinks he’s the ace (note the word thinks.) Pisses off Yaku, Kenma, Tora and Kuroo more often than needed. Can be a real sweetheart (mostly in the manga though, he’s pretty annoying in the anime). Learning, but learning quick! Probably has a crush on Kenma. Swings like a Whip. Has a very pretty sister named Alisa.

Kai Nobuyuki. Other Mom. Coolest Senpai ever. He’s so nice it’s to a fault. Apparently kinda scary when playing poker. The poor guy was stuck in the middle when 1st year Kuroo and Yaku were still bickering. Peacemaker dude.

Inuoka Sou. Literal Angel. Dog in Cat Team. He’s so enthusiastic and sweet it hurts that Lev took his spot as a regular. But he’s so sweet he ain’t even salty ‘bout it, just vows to work harder and is literally the only one who bothered to encourage Lev to be a regular, even though it was HIS spot getting taken. As quick as Hinata and gets along with him just as well. Gets along with KENMA, that’s how sweet he is.

Shibyama Yuuki. Cinnamon Roll. Yaku’s apprentice. Really shy but really cute when he gets comfortable with a person. Asahi scared the heck outta him when they first met. Can actually get along with Lev. Yaku believes in him alot. Must be protected.

Fukunaga Shouhei. He’s so cute seriously. It’s a running gag that he never says a word so his speech bubbles are literally just blank bubbles.Gets along with Kenma as well, probably because they’re both kinda awkward. It’s canon he’s actually really funny and makes jokes in his head but doesn’t tell anyone and laughs to himself instead. Tora tells him to “Talk more, c’mon”. Really Precious.

And there you have it!

the signs confessing their love
  • Aries: just comes right out and says it, probably while they're cuddling or fooling around with you
  • Taurus: whispers it in your ear at some random moment
  • Gemini: says it between giggles and shy looks, or when they're sad
  • Cancer: tries to get a good buildup to it, will say it only at a very special, private moment
  • Leo: makes the moment very dramatic and steamy, may make a long speech about how much they care about you
  • Virgo: never really says it, just assumes you know they love you. shows more through their actions than their words.
  • Libra: says it when you're mad at them or when you're sad... basically when you need to hear it the most
  • Scorpio: like Virgo, doesn't really say it... except when they know you need to hear it.
  • Sagittarius: says it in the heat of the moment, may laugh nervously or make an awkward joke
  • Capricorn: they tell you in some weird roundabout way and get frustrated if you don't get it
  • Aquarius: doesn't verbalize their love, but makes sure you know in other ways
  • Pisces: always says the three words too quickly. it's nearly always bittersweet and heartfelt.
Tokiya and Otoya’s parallels: phone callings

I thought a lot about Tokiya and Otoya after the newest ep and I realized something….
In this ep Tokiya was the person Otoya chose to call to say his decision. and to be honest it is not the first time they chose the other one to call. It is really like they always chose each other to say something important and it it os so significant that their important talks are always dramatically finished which makes their worries even bigger. And really it is like by all series they look for the way to connect. They trust each other so much so they always choose each other…

season 1

In season 1 when Tokiya was struggling with his demons it was Otoya who was trying to reach him… 

But he was calling and calling (all this calls are from Otoya ;)) but he never could reach Tokiya. 

Finally Tokiya found out Otoya was calling so he called back… to explain everything where he is and what happened… 

Otoya baby was soooo worried for Tokiya… 

But before Tokiya can explain anything his battery is dead making boys lost connection again… 

leaving Otoya so confused and worried ….

And Tokiya so frustrated he couldn’t explain everything… 

season 4

When Otoya gone missing… he decided to call to someone… and this person is… Tokiya of course. :D 

Tokiya is soooooooo emotional, because he was so so so worried for OToya… 

Otoya says him such painful things, so Tokiya wants to help of course but… Otoya ended call before Tokiya could say anything… And when he call back he can’t reach Otoya…. which makes him suffer so much…. 

see?! ajhajkahh hey care so much for each other, really please let them connect finally and reach each other and be happily ever after ahh. Their bond is so amazing. my heart. 

Iona Mahariel, the Hero of Ferelden (◡‿◡✿)
I’ve had this lying around for awhile, and I finally decided to finish it.. I love Iona so much and I want to draw them so much more agh 

a lot of alternative versions of this piece under the cut! ▼

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Good Morning Texts (Chocobros)

In case the title’s vague, this is the bros sending a good morning text to their s/o

Words can be hard for anyone, but Noctis has a spectacularly difficult time with them. And rather than embarrass himself he usually doesn’t send his s/o anything, despite how much he may want to. He’s also hates waking up early. And that really doesn’t help. When he does finally wake up, it’s not morning anymore. So he just looks up romantic poetry and copy/pastes it because he’s so unsure here. His s/o is always mildly amused that somewhere in the afternoon they occasionally receive unnecessarily dramatic love confessions from him.

Our sunshine child also struggles with morning texts. Prompto however, tries anyway. It may sound unlikely but he’s a bit of a perfectionist. So if he’s going to do this, he’s going to make sure his s/o feels every ounce of affection and fondness he feels for them. His s/o is likely to send him one first. And the poor guy just loses it. Because he’s so touched and now he has to make sure his message matches up. Which is funny because odds are his s/o just send a short: “Good morning and have a great day<3″. He’ll probably let the pressure get to him and just send: “nice morning” with a smiley face. After sending it though he’ll probably feel like he’s a nerd.

He doesn’t see this as a particularly difficult task. Mainly because he wants to make sure his s/o is awake and doesn’t plan on sleeping in. He’ll go with something simple and even throw in a smiley face sometimes. Ignis personally really likes sending good morning texts. He gets to check on his s/o and help them start off their day early. It’s a win-win situation for someone who can be as parental as him. And his s/o does sometimes find it annoying because Ignis himself wakes up around 6:30am, but at the same time they know it comes from a loving place.

He usually spends the night with his s/o. So there’s really no need for him too. But on the occasion he’s at home, he’ll probably send a plain old regular “good morning” and just for the sake of tripping up his s/o throw something dirty in at the end. It could be a joke, it could be “plans” for later, or it could be something that’s already happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). His s/o’s reaction really depends on their personality, but they do certainly see through his game.

Edited Noctis and Prompto’s. I think they’re more in character now.

The Girls /// The Nifs

a few lance headcanons

these gt kinda heavy, whoops (tw for anxiety just to be safe)

  • lance usually doesn’t use his humor to cover up insecurities he’s genuinely just a funny guy
  • but then again…sometimes he does
  • he literally has no clue about how to talk about things that legit bother him. 
  • keith drinks the last bit of juice? he’ll pull out the dramatics and oh-woe-is-me’s for a solid 30 mins
  • but ask him if he’s okay even if he’s not? nah. he’ll make a joke about how “i’m fine! in more ways than one *wink*” and avoid talking about it
  • he actually really does love himself a lot and thinks he looks great and knows he’s got certain skills but that doesn’t seem to connect in his brain sometimes and he has genuine bouts of sudden intense insecurity
  • he tends to squash these down instead of riding them out or talking to someone about it, which just makes it worse tbh but hey who’s complaining not him he’s fine
  • he’s self-centered when it comes to small, surface level things, sure. he’ll steal pidge’s headphones or block your view of a tv screen or eat the last snack or demand your attention in some way, shape, or form
  • but he also is probably the most likely of the team to not hesitate to put himself in legitimate harm’s way to help someone (we see him do this for coran, keith, shiro, and hunk)
  • selfish but also selfless you feel
  • he’s very much an extrovert and probably was used to talking to or associating with a lot of people in different groups and would get his Attention Bar filled throughout the day in tiny bits and pieces but now he’s got like 6 people and 4 mice to talk to so of course he turned it up a few notches and needs a Lot of attention sometimes.
  • he’s used to his family and hunk being accustomed to how he is and his sense of humor and his inflated ego (which is actually kinda fragile: see point number 6) and humoring him, but now suddenly almost no one is and it’s Not Good for him
  • but he doesn’t talk about it goddamit lance (see points 3-5)
  • he’s actually not THAT bad of a pilot. really. was he originally fighter class? no. but the only reason he performs so badly at times is cause he’s overcompensating.
  • he likes to prove he’s good (or even better, the best) and so he ends up putting extra (read: too much) pressure on himself and it affects his performance
  • he really just wants someone, anyone, to see how hard he’s trying cause he really is. i promise you if shiro did that proud but silent shoulder touch thing he does to keith to lance just one time he’d be on cloud nine he could die happy
  • like of course he’s not just doing this for the glory and that certainly isnt his main motivation by a long shot, but he’s someone who thrives when people acknowledge him. he doesn’t need to be drowning in praise or anything, but a little sprinkle here and there certainly doesn’t hurt

all in all lance is really complex and multifaceted he’s not all insecurity but he’s not all confidence. he’s not all fake smiles, but he’s not all funny one-liners either. he’s not 

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what settings do you use for your magic wand and fill tools? i keep getting those white lines along the border whenever i try to use them to color in lineart

I can only speak for SAI, but! I don’t use the fill tool, only the magic wand, and what I do to prevent the white lines around the edges is– well, a couple things. One is that I make sure to have the ‘color difference’ setting turned up somewhat high, so that the selection ignores the light fuzzy grey pixels of the lines. (I use much crisper lineart than in this example, but I chose something a little sketchy/blurrier to make it a bit more obvious)

Right away there’s a pretty huge difference. This would be much less dramatic by using crisper lines (I recommend the pencil tool for that; SAI’s lineart tool has no line weight and looks horrible and is really only good for stuff that needs precision… or if you have very shaky hands).

But then comes your best friend, Increment:

What this tool will do is increment your selection by a single pixel. Because I use crisp lines I tend to only use it once or twice to bleed under my lineart slightly, but I used it a bit more with my example just to emphasize what it does:

As you can see, all the white spots left have been filled in!

So three things: crisp and clean lineart, up your color difference, and get friendly with your increment tool. Hope this helps!

new things & stuff

hey so first off,  i had a lot of fun doing the pixel challenges lately, i made some stuff i really liked & it kind of gave me time to think about new things & ideas

for a while now I’ve been feeling like i want to make some changes, and now i feel like it’s about the right time for me. i’m not exactly sure what i’ll be changing yet, but probably just experimenting a little with my art, a change in how my blog looks and maybe even …a URL change *dramatic piano keys*.. Put an end the ‘can you make *Insert random fandom thing* transparent for me xxxx thanks’ kind of asks haha, so yeah heads up on that

but i basically just want to refresh this blog & make some cool stuff & enjoy it more you know  ~

good times (ahead)   👌🗿🍷