this mah sketch


Today’s prompt was moon and stars and I’m such a sap I’m such a sap



since tomorrow’ll be my last summer vacation 

gotta share some hot, wet looking RFA members for ya’ll  ♥♥♥

Jaehee’s mine tho

“We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be
I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat”

I couldn’t be happier rn even if I wanted to, these eps are amaziiing

i was wondering

who would win in a fight

maka with a giant scythe, can transform soul and fly, detect where you are, she fought Asura

lizzy with two swords, she fought a demon, and she’s a normal human so that’s pretty badass

anna can invoke demons and spirits, read your mind and she kicked God in his private parts