this made sense in my head i swear

1D as boys I’ve met in my 6:30 am commute to school

Niall: the one who high fives, fist bumps or somehow else greets almost everyone in the bus because he knows everyone and everyone knows him. often the loudest person in the bus, telling jokes that can sometimes be a bit problematic but most of the time he’s just genuinely sweet.

Harry: the one with half on his hair always in a messy bun (barely kept together with a purple hair band). always gets on the bus last because he lets everyone go first, then ends up squashed against bus door in the overcrowded vehicle. usually falls asleep leaning against the door, in winter leaving an imprint of his face on it.

Liam: the one who kept sitting next to me every day for almost a year. always asks if the seat is free. always tries to make polite small talk. if any elderly person gets on the bus he immediately offers them his seat, even when there are other unoccupied seats. definitely too good for this filthy world.

Louis: the one in the leather jacket who smokes every morning hidden behind the bus stop. looks like the type of guy you don’t want to be friends with but actually is the only one who talks to the awkward boy who was sitting next to me on the bus for almost a year. always blows the smoke away from anybody who’s near him. i accidentally overheard two of his conversations. both times he was talking about his younger sisters.

Fic: A little help (goes a long way) - Scene 3/6

Sorry for the delay—life got a lil crazy this weekend. But I hope you enjoy this (slightly longer) scene! My ode to the broship to end all broships. This one gets a little ~sexier~ (it’s all in Isak’s head, though, saucy little minx that he is), and a little heavier at the end, emotionally. Nothing bad, though! The installment after this one is going to bring the silliness back, in a big way. ;)

A little help (goes a long way): Scene 3

Chapter Summary:

“Even is always so horny for you.”

The fact that Isak doesn’t fall off the bench is pretty fucking amazing, but Jonas isn’t done.

“I swear, it’s like you can see his thirst from space—”

“Why are you—”

“You guys are, like, in a constant state of wanting each other’s dicks—”

“—oh my God—”

“And fuck…I’d give anything to have Eva look at me the way Even looks at you.”

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The Office

AN//: hello dis is 4u. I made it. special thx to my friend @rogueimagination for givin me writing advice and givin me da courage 2 post. plss let me kno what u think !!! much love <3

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3364

Warnings: Swearing

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“I guess what I’m saying is… we should see other people.”

I bit my lip hard and held back tears. A million thoughts ran through my head at once, but nothing seemed to make sense. Weren’t we happy together? I guess not. Because here I am, getting dumped.

What did I do? Why doesn’t he like me anymore? Did he even like me to begin with? There must be another girl. No, he would never cheat.

I lifted the corners of my lips as much as I could without falling apart.

“Yes, I think that would be best too,” I lied. Not wanting to look pathetic by overreacting and breaking down, but also wanting to get the hell out of here as fast as possible.

I turned away but found myself glancing back at him one last time.

“Goodbye Dylan.”

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Dick Grayson/ Nightwing X Reader X Jason Todd/Red Hood- Love Toxin (Part 2)

I am on a roll! Since it’s Spring Break for me, I’m planning on writing at least one fic per day, so I might be able to open my requests soon!! YAY!!

Part 1

You cringed at the smell of over intoxicating plants that littered the streets of Gotham.  Obviously you were dealing with the one and only Poison Ivy, who was currently making plants swing at you.  Dick and Jason were right behind you taking care of all the civilians and plants while you were attempting to deal with Ivy.  It had only been a few weeks since your leg had healed and you could join the family on patrol again, but you still held a grudge against Poison Ivy for making the boys act like lovesick puppies when you still had time to recover from your broken leg.  You still wanted to test out your new taser on Killer Croc for making you go through that.

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My Word is My Bond

Part Three

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Pairings: Jughead x reader, Sabrina x reader (platonic)

Summary: After her confrontation with Jughead, the reader is left heartbroken and confused. Will Jughead ever speak to her again?

Warnings: slight angst

Part One

This is hell. I can’t sleep. I’ve been staring at the ceiling in the dark for hours, hoping I’ll get a call from Jughead. At this point, I’d be grateful if he just sent a text telling me our friendship was over and he didn’t want to see me anymore. At least then I’d know what he’s thinking. My mind keeps replaying the look on his face when I told him, trying to make sense of it. Was it betrayal? Or disgust? It might have been panic. Or a mixture of the three.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

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Thoughts from a Mini Thrones-A-Thon

So I just spent the better part of the last hour torturing myself by watching clip after clip of Sansa Stark being treated horribly in Game of Thrones, starting with Joffrey showing her Ned’s head and ending with The-Scene-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named that happened on a certain wedding night in season 5.  It was awful, but there’s a method to my madness, I swear.  I wanted to get a sense of how Sansa’s troubles have changed her and made her perceive and interact with Jon differently from how she may have done had they been reunited after many years in which nothing bad in particular had happened to her.  

Instead, I found myself focusing on the different ways the various men in Sansa’s life treat her, and I’m not just talking about the differences among rape, creepy groping, and sweet hugs and forehead kisses.  I noticed right away how different Jon’s body language and tone of voice are from those of the other men.  From Joffrey to Petyr to Ramsay, and even Tyrion to some extent, all of them step into her personal space and take charge, leaving her with little to no agency or choice.  Joffrey bullies her and has her beaten; Petyr gropes her and verbally strong-arms her; Ramsay, even before he starts raping her, uses his torture and domination of Theon to show Sansa that he, and not she, is the one in charge; and Tyrion, while he treats Sansa very decently, guides her around within the perimeter of the gilded cage in which his family has imprisoned her.  (Granted, she was very young at the time; had she been older, the dynamic between them may have been quite different.)

Jon, however, is the opposite.  From the moment they meet at Castle Black, he (literally) steps back and lets her have the agency she’s determined to recover.  He even lets her approach him when they first hug!  And during both of their disagreements later in the episode, he argues with her from a distance; he doesn’t touch her or step up in her face, so to speak.  She’s actually the one grabbing his hand at the breakfast table and insisting on taking action, rather than the other way around.  And throughout their journey around the North, he respects her and her boundaries, especially her physical boundaries.  Even when they argue, even when he raises his voice, even when he’s annoyed as heck with her, he never lifts a hand to her (not even to within a foot of her); he never grabs her arm; he never tries to force his own opinions on her “because I’m the man”; and he never pulls a Petyr by trying to gaslight or manipulate her.  The one time, as many other Tumblrs have pointed out, when he initiates physical contact with her, it’s to give her a very gentle, non-threatening kiss on the forehead - i.e., positive physical contact, which she hasn’t had with another man since she lost her father. (Just to be clear, I’m talking about positive physical contact in general, not in a sexual context.)  In short, he treats her with utter kindness, gentleness, and respect.

Which brings me to the last part of my theory.  I haven’t seen all of Season 6 yet, but I’ve watched most or all of Sansa’s scenes in it, and I’ve observed that she acts markedly different with Jon from the way she acts with other men.  She puts a mask on around them that she loses when she’s with Jon.  With other men, she’s the shrewd strategist (i.e., council scene with Davos and Tormund), the brittle, wronged ward (i.e., the Mole Town scene with Petyr Baelish - and notice how she shows almost no emotion when she first rides to the battlefield near Winterfell with Baelish and his army in “Battle of the Bastards”), or the commanding Lady of Winterfell (i.e., the disastrous attempts to get Houses Mormont and Glover to aid House Stark).  But with Jon, she loses the mask.  She lets herself do what I did a very long time ago, when my parents and I had left a destructive cult and the therapist they had me see advised them to give me free rein to express the anger I’d been bottling up for years, so I could get it out of my system.  Well, I let loose (verbally, not physically), and so does Sansa.  She yells at Jon; she questions his judgment; she disagrees with and once or twice even ridicules his decisions - because she feels safe enough to do it.  At some level, she understands that he won’t retaliate with violence or gaslighting or putting her back in her cage, as the other men would have done.  She probably has faith as well in his willingness to forgive her for it because he’s done so once already, back at Castle Black when he told her there was “nothing to forgive.”  Yes, she goes a bit overboard at times, but then so did I in my anger, and once I’d gotten it out of my system I began to stabilize again.  And I think we see signs of Sansa’s stabilizing in “The Winds of Winter.”  I don’t mean that she’s mentally unstable, just that she was suffering from the sort of emotional instability that could be expected of anybody who has gone through what she has.  And, unlike many of those people, she has a gentle, kind, loving person waiting for her on the other side.  When she apologizes to Jon (and it’s a true apology, not one such as the men before him have forced or manipulated out of her) and says he is a true Stark to her, I think she’s showing him true gratitude for sticking with her and being so incredibly kind to her.  I think that she values the gentleness and freedom and safety she gets with him far more than she’d value being named Queen of the North, and that’s why I don’t think she’d betray Jon in a million years.  It’s also why I think she’ll fall in love with him once they find out about his parentage and open herself up voluntarily to the vulnerability of sex and marriage.  I don’t think anything short of what Jon offers could ever make her do that again.

Sorry, way too long ramble.

TL;DR Sansa has suffered unbelievable cruelty, manipulation, and other forms of mistreatment throughout Game of Thrones at the hands of men who take away her agency and violate her boundaries.  Jon treats her with kindness and love and never infringes on her agency.  She won’t betray him.  She will eventually fall in love with and even voluntarily marry him. 

Bruises- Pt. 2 (A Peter Pevensie Fanfiction)

(A/N) Here is the second chapter! Warning: Although there is no graphic description, there is definitely heavily implied rape and abuse (from an antagonist). 

Also, these gifs belong to @omginutilidades who is an awesome gif maker!

If you’d like to read the first chapter, here it is. 

Tagging @imaginesandoneshotsandothershit upon request. :) Thank for the encouragement!

I hope it’s okay! Here we go!

The day was a quiet enough one.

The head cook, Mrs. Dolie, had taken a liking to me, and she would sometimes steal me away to run errands for her. Getting out and about was a rare specialty for us maids, so I always jumped at the opportunity.

That particular day, she needed some extra flour, yeast, and produce, so she sent me to the market. Normally, such baking necessities were delivered directly to the castle, but when last minute run-outs happened, trips to the market were in due.

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Mister, mister.

I have reached over 1600 followers and I cannot thank you enough for giving me, this blog and my works (as well as your written requests!) a chance! So thank you! Here’s a quick little present for you, sweets!

Just some businessman!au I quickly whipped up for Jason! Will I ever get to writing this business AU I keep wanting to explore? Stay tuned to Tea’s inner battle. This was supposed to be some attempt at writing angst and for a second there, I was going to stop writing at one point but it became like this instead.

Jason stares at you, feeling as if he had been hit on the head with a blunt object - he might as well have been. Something similar to terror coiled to life in his belly. “You have this talent of taking me by surprise, Y/N. Could you run me by what you have just said?”

“I am in love with you, Jason Peter Todd.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”

“It just happened, alright.”

Jason shakes his head. “No, things like this don’t just happen, Y/N. I am incapable of loving - you have an aversion to commitment! That was why we agreed to this arrangement between us.” Jason says harshly. 

“How is it my fault when you are the one stirring up emotions I did not even freaking know I possessed, Jason?” You are starting to feel dismayed. Perhaps telling him about your feelings had not been a good idea. You should have kept it to yourself. 

Jason looks at you in silence, running his fingers through his hair. “I doubt I can ever love you as you should be loved, Y/N. Being in love and all that. That’s just not me and you deserve so much more than that." 

Jason might as well just shoot you multiple times with his guns. At least the pain will heal even though you will get scars. This is a whole different thing entirely. You are not even sure if you will be able to heal from this pain.

"Maybe I love you enough for the both of us, Jason." 

To Jason, love is a concept that is often tossed around casually and now that you said it to him? His throat feels as though a stone had lodged itself halfway down and that terror in his gut has yet to go away. You let out a sigh as you look away from Jason. Perhaps this is too much to dump on him in one night. Maybe you should just head back to your own place for the night. 

Jason did not even make any move as you begin to pack your overnight bag. You slowly pad over to him and when he has yet to give you any sign or even say anything, you simply press your lips to his temple and walk out of the room, your heart breaking with every step you take away from Jason. 

By the time Jason comes out of his self-induced stupor, he realizes that the bedroom is empty and he panics slightly but that died down the moment he spots your belongings still lying about in the bedroom. He is about to get some food when his phone rang and Tim’s name appears on the caller ID. He frowns, wondering why Tim would call him this late. Is there a problem with the company?

"Timbers, what’s up?”

Tim curses and Jason is slightly affronted. Tim rarely ever curse. “There was an accident.”

Jason stands stiffly as if he had been turned to stone. “Where? Who?”

“Y/N’s at the hospital now, I’m sending you the name." 

Jason did not even wait for Tim to finish talking because the moment he heard that you were in the hospital, it seems as if the blood in his veins froze. He races outside, got in his Maserati and breaks every speed limit in Gotham to get to the hospital you are in. 

Nothing had happened to you. You are safe. You had to be. Jason keeps telling himself. What if he had left it too late to tell you? 

Jason had probably been in love with you for weeks – if not months - already! He had been too blind to his own feelings, called it lust and even fooled himself in to thinking he was incapable of loving someone. What a joke.

Jason stares in horror when he reaches the hospital. There are several ambulances, some paramedics are still carrying people down from the ambulances. There are stretchers by the door, occupied by elders, little kids, covered in blood, crying out in pain. He blanches, feeling simultaneous pity for the injured and relief because none of them are you. 

Though he doubts his nightmare is ever going to end until he finds you. 

His heart is thudding in his chest and his hands are ice-cold now.

But before Jason could even ask the receptionist about you, you walked out with a bandage on your head and Jason is as white a ghost, racing towards you.

"Jason!” You are surprise to see him here, wondering briefly how in the world had he known you were here. “What are you doing here?”

Jason reaches out to touch your head but stops himself. “You have a bandage on your head.”

You wince and nod your head. “There was an accident earlier, involving the bus I was on and several other cars. I’m alright. It’ll leave a scar I suppose but it’s okay." 

You are once again surprised when Jason put his arms around you. Relief washing over him. When Tim had told him you were in the hospital, he had thought of the worst. But now that you are in his arms, the nightmare is over. You are alive and safe. That is all that matters.

Jason tightens his embrace, not yet ready to let you go. "I have something to tell you, Y/N.”

Your brows furrow. “Can it wait? I just want to go back to my place and sleep. It has been a very exhausting day." 

"No.” Jason pulls away to smile at you and your heart races. Jason looks really good whenever he smiles. “I think I finally came to my senses - shocked the hell out of me too with it. When Tim called me, I swear to fucking God, I was so afraid something had happened to you.”

You notice that Jason’s voice is unsteady. “Yeah, I hit my head and have to get it stitched but it is alright.”

Jason shakes his head, giving you a cracked laugh. “Here I am, trying to bare my heart and soul to you and you’re not even paying attention, Y/N.”

You made a tiny gasp, stilling in his arms, staring at him as if he had just lost his mind. “You’re joking, aren’t you? You told me earlier you were incapable of loving - ”

“See what I mean? You haven’t been paying attention to what I have been saying, Y/N.”

“I think I must have a concussion or I am in a dream. This is cruel.”

Jason shakes his head at you before he leans down to kiss your parted lips with all his newfound love, pulling you to him. He doesn’t care if this will end up being in the newspaper tomorrow, he doesn’t care about anything but you. 

“I love you, Y/N. When I thought I was about to lose you forever, it hit me right in the face. I don’t ever want to live through the last half-hour.”

The smile you give him is so bright and lovely. “I love you too, Jason.”

Jason leans down to kiss you, pulling you closer, happy to know that he is holding his whole world in his arms. Happy to know that he is home. 


Tim stares at his phone, frowning. “Jason hung up on me." 

Dick looks at his younger brother. "Why?”

Tim looks away from his phone, looking at the computer where you had been registered. “The bus Y/N was in had a collision with a few other cars and you know how I like to keep track of everyone right? Her signal pinged at the nearest hospital so I told Jason.”

Dick chuckles, nodding his head in understanding. “Jason’s probably going to call you later." 

Tim frowns but nods his head regardless. If Dick says so, Tim is just going to hold on to his words. 

I Was So Scared (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Warnings: angst, fluff, alcohol mention

A/N: Yooo, I’m in a hella Evan mood today. And before you ask, yes, I’ve “totally” been to soooo many parties before, yup, I’m the partier. Literally, all I did was write what I think goes down. I don’t actually know. I’m more or less Evan in this situation, don’t judge me okay? I’m pretty sure this is gender neutral. I try to make these fics enjoyable for everyone y’know? Sorry if this is shitty, it’s kinda late. Requests are open B. 


Oh boy, you really did it this time. You did a real bad. You hadn’t meant to make him feel like that, but all it took was for one wrong sentence and it all turned to shit. You had to fix this. 

It all started when Jared invited you and Evan to his house for one of his grand end of the year parties. These parties were always huge. Literally the entire school showed up to these things. You could’ve sworn that kids from other high schools were at it last year.

“Evan, (Y/N), you guys coming to my party this year?”

Evan swallowed thickly,

“Uh, I-I don’t know. I’m not really a… party person.”

You were always the life of the party. You loved to dance and just let loose every now and then and just forget all of your worries. You immediately turned to him,

“Aww, come on, it’ll be fun. It’s not a party if you’re not there, Evan.”

Jared scoffed,

“(Y/N), you are the first and only person who will ever say that.”

You rolled your eyes at him and and turned back to Evan. You gave him your best puppy dog eyes knowing he couldn’t resist. He glanced down at his feet and sighed.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

You beamed at him and clapped him on the shoulder. You weren’t super close to Evan until this year, but you never really knew how deep his anxiety was… until this party.


You arrive at Jared’s door with Evan by your side who was nervously shifting from one foot to the other. You could already feel the music blaring in your ears. You take one look at Evan and smile.

“Hey, I’m really glad you came here with me tonight. I know this isn’t really your scene, but I just want you to have some fun, you know?”

He awkwardly smiled back at you and bit his lip. He trusted you a lot and he just hoped you wouldn’t leave him to fend for himself. He watched you knock on the door and he could feel his anxiety coming up in his throat. He tried to hide it when the door swung open and a very drunk Jared was behind it.

“Heyyy, you fuckersss actually made it holy ssshit.”

You laughed at how he could barely stand on his two feet. You would definitely have to take a picture later. Jared stepped aside to let you and Evan walk in. Just then you felt Jared tug on your arm.

“You know, i-if you get bored of Hansen, you know where t-to find meeee.”

You rolled your eyes at him. 

“Jared, go to bed, you’re drunk.”

“Workin on it.”

You watched as he stumbled into the crowd of drunk teens who were either dancing half naked or playing beer pong. Yup, seems like a regular party. Now all that was needed was someone throwing a dresser out of the window from upstairs. Or maybe some idiot will light a firecracker and burn down half the bushes in front of the house. 

Evan swallowed nervously and you just tugged on his wrist. You dragged him over to the booze and poured yourself a drink. Evan felt very out of place and scared. What if you drank too much and passed out? What could he possibly do without getting you or him in trouble? 

“(Y/N), m-maybe we could go somewhere else? Like maybe the park or something that’s less… um, crowded?”

Evan tried to give you hints that he wasn’t feeling okay. In fact, his anxiety was through the roof, but he didn’t want to disappoint you. But you were in your party zone, you didn’t know that he was basically melting down in front of you. You just shrugged and took another sip of your beer.

“Evan, we just got here. Grab a beer and try to enjoy the party. C’mon.”

You poured him a cup and handed it to him. He looked at the cup in confusion. He slowly grabbed it from you and took a shaky sip. He immediately spit it back in. That was a taste he never wanted to taste again. You just laughed at him and he nervously chuckled.

You walked outside where kids were swimming and playing beer pong. You walked over to Zoe and Alana who had just gotten beaten by two boys in the game. Zoe glanced at you with wide eyes.

“You got Evan to come?”

Evan just stood there, awkwardly trying to catch his breath. You chuckled.

“Hell yeah I did. He’s already had two drinks since we got here.”

Zoe and Alana smiled at you both. Evan wasn’t really sure why you lied like that. He tried to focus on the skyline in the distance. His breaths are now pants and he just feels like running away at this point.

You tugged Evan back into the house. There was now a boy doing a kegstand in the middle of the living room. Jared was cheering on whoever the boy was. You pushed your way to the front. You watched in awe as the guy was just chugging the alcohol. You even cheered with everyone else.

Evan didn’t get it. He had no idea why this was so fun to everyone. Getting drunk never was appealing to him. You tapped on Jared’s shoulder.

“I’m doing that next.”

“Holy sshit are you serious?”

You nodded enthusiastically. Once the boy shifted himself onto the floor and threw his hands up in the air in victory, you stepped up to the stand. Two guys stood on the sides to help you. You placed your hands on both sides of the barrel. The two boys held your legs up and you heard everyone around you cheer for you. 

Evan stood there in confusion. You were into this too?

You finished and everyone cheered and congratulated you. Jared pushed Evan forward.

“You up, Hansen?”

“N-no! I’m not doing that!”

“Don’t be a pussy, dude. Just do it.”

Evan scoffed at him and made a beeline for the door. He had had enough “fun” for one night. He sat on the porch and called Connor in hopes that he would get a ride from him. Evan couldn’t tell if he was more mad or upset. He just knew he wanted to go home and forget everything about this night.

Connor eventually answered Evan’s texts and Evan was on his way home. The car was silent. Connor didn’t want to pry. He knew Evan was not happy, but he left him alone for the time being.


You opened your eyes and tried to recognize where you were. This definitely wasn’t your room or house. You glanced around you and saw Jared sleeping next to you.

Wait. You and Jared didn’t..did you?

You held up the covers. Relief washed over you when you saw that you still had your clothes on. Had he carried you up here? 

You swung your legs out from underneath the covers and walked out of Jared’s house. You had a killer hangover and now you had to drive home. Good thing your parents were gone. You sat in the car and couldn’t help the feeling that you were forgetting someone… rather someone. 


You didn’t see him in Jared’s house. You texted him.

To: Evan

Hey, did you get a ride this morning?

He didn’t answer. That’s weird. He usually responded within at least 5 minutes when you texted him. You hoped for the best and drove home.

You got a text from Connor when you entered your room. You sat a glass of water and some Advil on your bedside table. You laid down and looked at the text.

From: Connor

What did you do to Hansen last night?

From: Me

I didn’t do anything. I just took him to a party. Did you take him home last night?

From: Connor

Yeah and he was scared out of his mind.

From: Me

Scared? Why?

From: Connor

Probably because you dragged him to one of Kleinman’s parties. Did you really think he’d have fun there? He was shaking in his seat when I picked him up.

From: Me

Shit, I had no idea…

From: Connor

You better fix this

He was right. You swallowed the pill and glass of water and raced to Evan’s house. You needed to make sure he was alright. How could you do this to him? You were so adamant about him having a good time that you didn’t even see the signs. The nervous breathing, the wanting to go somewhere else, the not making eye contact with anyone… it was so obvious. 

You turned the engine off and ran to his front door. You knocked on it and waited patiently. No answer.

You walked up the side of his house and tapped on his bedroom window. Evan opened it and stared at you. You climbed in and put on a fake smile.

“Hey, you never answered me.”

“(Y/N), I’m not in the mood to hangout right now, okay?”

“Look, I know I was a shitty friend last night, but just hear me out, please!”

Evan began walking away. Your voice stopped him in his tracks.

“Do you hate me?”

Evan looked down at the floor and started to sniffle. You sighed.

“Shit, I’m sorry, Evan. I didn’t mean to ignore your feelings. I had no idea that you really didn’t like parties or just being around that many people. But of course I was too caught up in my own fun that I could force you to have fun, too. I’m really sorry Evan.”

When he didn’t answer, you turned and headed for the window.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. I was just so scared…”

You looked back at him. He wasn’t making eye contact with you, but he was facing you. You walked over to him and pulled him in for a hug. He buried his head into your shoulder. You both just sank down to the floor and sat there.

You rubbed his back as he cried.

“I shouldn’t have agreed to going to Jared’s party.”

Evan lifted his head and rubbing his nose.

“I was scared that you were going to leave me.”

“Leave you? For who?”

“Everyone at the party was more your speed and I’m not. I don’t like crowds and parties like you do. It would’ve made sense for you to leave me behind.”

“Evan, you’re my friend and I don’t leave my friends behind. I’m sorry for hurting you and I swear that next time, we can just stay here, order pizza, and watch movies until we fall asleep. Or we can go to that park you mentioned.”

Evan chuckled and hugged you again.

“Thank you, (Y/N).”

“Anytime, Ev. Hey, I think I saw a neat ice cream shop down the road from here. Let’s go.”

You, once again, dragged Evan by his arm, but this time, he gladly followed you.

A Lifetime of Dean

A mini drabble series 

Summary: The reader is Bobby’s daughter, making her a part of the Winchester’s lives from the very beginning. Watch this love story unfold with each age. What this series does is document little moments throughout Dean and the Reader’s lives.

Warnings: Some swearing here and there. Fluff.

Disclaimer: I tried really hard to get the timelines to line up, I really did. Please forgive me if I messed up some facts. If any mistakes really bug you that much, go ahead and consider this an AU then. Also, I’m aware that there is quite a gap in ages with the last few chapters - It made sense in my head to spread it out like that.

This series will be posted once a day at 12 PM (CST) starting on January 27, 2017 until February 3, 2017. If you want to be tagged, let me know!

The links to each part are below the cut. Happy Reading!

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Quasi and Erik.

Erik watched in amusement as Quasimodo lumbered over to one of the large stone archways of the bell tower, his eyes full of love. It was an expression he was well accustomed to when he caught a reflection of himself gazing at Christine and he wondered who had captured Quasi’s attention. 

“So many times out there I have watched a happy pair of lovers walking in the night.” He mumbled, his speech a little deficient from the way his mouth had twisted at birth. Erik raised his eyebrow but did not say anything. He would not expect anything else from a man who was so fixated on the world below him, especially when it came to couples walking hand in hand. He continued, “They had a kind of glow around them…It almost looked like heaven’s light.” 

“Please tell me you don’t believe in that rubbish anymore, do you?” Erik was quick to quip, removing his mask before placing it on Quasimodo’s work bench. He was the only one Erik felt comfortable around with a bare face, simply because of their entwined past. He wondered over and joined his surrogate brother to look down on the twisting streets of Paris. 

“Master… Still teaches me… Scriptures… Master says… My only friend is God.” Erik merely tutted.

“I see ‘Master’ still has a strong hold over you. You mustn’t believe everything he says, you know.” Quasi gave an awkward, heavy shrug, his hand gripping the sandstone beneath his palm. 

“I know. But…” and he was back on track with his celestial monologue much to Erik’s chagrin, “I knew I’d never know that warm and loving glow….Though I might wish with all my might-”

“Quasi, don’t think like that.” Erik interjected but Quasimodo replied with a laboured grunt.

“Erik, please…No face as hideous as my face was ever meant for heaven’s light.” Erik chuckled, albeit a little darkly and nodded in agreement. His gnarled face was a prominent reminder that God had deemed both of them monsters and he knew from his actions that he’d never go to Heaven. 

“That makes two of us.” They remained silent for a while until Quasimodo’s eyes started to glimmer with excitement and he yanked Erik outside on to the balcony. Erik physically balked and veered away from the edge with the silly thought that someone down there might see him, but he was too far up and hesitantly he joined Quasi by the edge. He was sitting with his head in his hands, gazing down in adoration at a gypsy stand that had been set up in the square.

“But suddenly an angel has smiled at me…And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright!” 

“An angel?” 

“Esmerelda…” Quasi said dreamily, his eyes focused on the tent still.

“A gypsy girl? Really? After all we’ve been through with their type?” Erik asked aghast but Quasi relented.

“She was not like the others. She was kind. She looked at me without hatred. I dare to dream that she might even care for me…”

“That is dangerous thinking, Quasimodo.” His brother fell silent at his words, lost in his own world of imagination. Erik, knowing he wouldn’t get another serious word out of him, wondered back into the bell tower and retrieved his mask, placing it back on and made sure his wig was slick to the touch.

“I have to go now, Quasi. I’ll call by tomorrow, see if you’ve made any sense of your fantasises.” He pulled up the latch of the trapdoor but before he could leave, Quasimodo shouted out to him; “As I ring these bells tonight, my cold dark tower will seem so bright, Erik! That must be Heaven’s light, I swear it!” Shaking his head in worry, he spoke quietly to the gargoyles that he knew his brother spoke to as if they were his friends. 

“Please keep an eye on him, speak some sense to him. Make sure he doesn’t get hurt.” With parting whispers of promises that tingled in Erik’s ear, he left his brother daydreaming in the sun whilst he returned to his own cavern of darkness, eager to escape the world his brother so dearly loved. 

Have always loved the idea of Quasi and Erik knowing each other in some way. So, decided to turn the lyrics of ‘Heaven’s Light’ from Hunchback into a little story, with Erik trying to bring his brother back down to earth. It didn’t seem to work though….

So like. If I recall correctly, it was highly implied that Alfred was the one who “wrote” the Death Gate Cycle in-universe. Which is like, perfect fodder for headcanons, because it raises all sorts of questions like:

– Did Haplo give Alfred his journals to write the books? Did Alfred have to ask? Was it “Hey Haplo I want to write a book about us can I use your journals” or was it “Hey Alfred you should totally read my journals and use them for your book”?  What about everyone else? Balthazar had some journals, they probably would have found Xar’s, Haplo was able to hold onto Grundle’s… not sure where Alfred would have gotten the Pryan stuff after Death’s Gate closed? And I’m sure there are other pieces of the story I’m forgetting.
– Who named them? Because I feel like Alfred wouldn’t have named Serpent Mage after himself, you know? Which means someone else had to suggest that title, probably. Haplo? Marit???
– Who wants to bet Alfred had the TIME OF HIS LIFE writing tsundere!Haplo? Like writing all about how much his dog liked everyone (especially Alfred) and every one of Haplo’s inner monologues. Like I just feel like that would be really entertaining to write in retrospect, like when you read the first couple books and you’re like “lmao honey you got a big storm coming”
– It’s either that or they were based on REAL THINGS HAPLO WROTE IN HIS JOURNALS, which is possibly even better, Alfred randomly getting up from his research to track down Haplo: “What do you mean, you looked at the runes on your hands and thought about the color of my eyes?????? that’s not real??? you were pretty punch drunk, right????” Haplo, who forgot about that part, actually looks flustered for once. Marit dies laughing.
– I guess a third (probably most likely?) option is that Alfred had to get Haplo to tell everything from his point of view, since realistically he probably didn’t write much about, like, his ~feelings~ in his journal (based on the tiny bits we see of his first person POV?) Which also leads to fun things like “And then Marit told me there were tons of Rues in the Labyrinth and I got pissed off that you’d never told me your real name.” “Wait. What did that have to do with knowing my name??” “…It made sense in my head?”
– There is no way everyone remembered all of Zifnab’s references that they didn’t understand, which means Alfred almost definitely had to get Zifnab to retell his parts of the story?
– I hope Marit and Alfred went off on Haplo for making out with Alake that one time. (”I also tried to set an entire world at war with itself, is this really what we’re going to focus on?” “She was sixteen, Haplo!” “I wasn’t thinking clearly! Anyway, you hardly have room to talk!” “If you bring up Xar right now I swear to God–”)
– Poor Alfred’s descriptions of himself, get this man some self-esteem, please.
– Alfred writing the scene where Haplo dies and he tries to think of what to say, also the scene where the three of them are talking and he thinks about how he would rip himself apart if it meant the two of them could be happy, like those bits are already FEELS enough but Alfred writing them (and Marit and Haplo READING them) is pure evil

BTS as Demigods (Percy Jackson)
  • Jin/Seokjin: Son of Aphrodite (goddess of love), cheesy pick up lines, charmspeak, can't leave his cabin without makeup, constantly commenting on Yoongi's 'bad fashion sense,'mindblowingly handsome. "I'm worldwide handsome."
  • Suga/Yoongi: Son of Aries (god of war), temperamental, will challenge you to a duel if threatened, competitive, great in combat. "I swear to god, Jin, if you make one more joke, I'll have your head hanging above my bunk."
  • J-Hope/Hoseok: Son of Iris (goddess of the rainbow), smiley, tries to make everyone happy, artsy, can manipulate light/rainbows. "Guys!! Look at this rainbow I made it's so pretty!"
  • Rap Monster/Namjoon: Son of Athena (goddess of wisdom), finds joy in talking about battle strategy, he writes about his knowledge of weaponry and battle, has grey eyes, finds intelligence sexy. "My IQ is taller than you, Jimin."
  • Jimin: Son of Persephone (goddess of spring), loves picking flowers, nicknamed 'wildflower' by Jin, loves anything with floral print, gets personally offended when someone dislikes flowers, happy-go-lucky, a softie. "Jin! I picked some lilies for you! They reminded me of your personality."
  • V/Taehyung: Son of Hermes (god of thieves), very mischievous, talks Jimin and Hoseok into doing pranks with him, always tries pranking Namjoon, but fails, is always trying for laughs, pouts when he doesn't get what he wants. "Just give me the satisfaction of pranking you, Joonie. You're so difficult."
  • Jungkook: Son of Zeus (god of the sky), very serious, silly when with taehyung (which is often), small rivalry with Yoongi after an incident with spilt ramen, loves to zap Jin with little lightning bolts when he does his makeup. "I swear I didn't mean to spill ramen on Yoongi!It was an accident, and now he hates my guts!"
No Promises - Monster Woo [Part 3]

Young Woo and yourself continued on with each other for a couple weeks. While you still went on dates and he walked you home almost everyday, he only allowed himself to enter your home on the weekends, claiming that he didn’t want to tire you for work the next day. While he was sweet, once that clock struck 2 am, he would excuse himself to go home, not trusting himself to sleep next to you all night without fulfilling all of those fantasies he had of what he could do to you.

Thursday nights you always found yourself at his studio, watching all of the practices. Woo often taught classes throughout the week and of course found time to practice, but Thursdays were his day to really go hard. His crew was normally there and practicing for upcoming performances and you had to admit you absolutely loved watching it.

About two hours into the practice, Woo noticed that you were not grading papers or preparing your lesson as you normally would.

“Baby, what’s up?” He slid down the mirror to take a seat next to you. He was wearing a tank top that was loose, allowing for glimpses of his toned body.

“Nothing, oppa. I just don’t have to work tomorrow. You know, spring break starts so I’m all free, all week.” You hinted, bumping your shoulder with his. “So I was wondering if after this we could go back to my place, you know, if you want?”

Young Woo smiled at you. “You like me that much?” He joked. To be honest not being with you every night was torture on him. All he wanted to do was wake up next to you or kiss you while he was buried deep inside. But you were a sweet angel and he had a dark side.

“I kind of already told Trees I would go out with him. He’s feeling neglected. But I swear to you, tomorrow 5 pm, my ass will be knocking on your door.”

You couldn’t argue with that. Friends were important and you had been stealing a lot of the “Woo and Tres” time recently. So you leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush from the public skinship. A couple of the guys chuckled after seeing this, but after the look Woo sent them, you doubted that any of them would try to tease him.

You went home shortly after and made dinner. With Netflix on in the background you went about cleaning the place and finally binge watched until you phone notified you.

It was close to 3 am now so seeing Young Woo’s name pop up brought a big smile. You opened the text which was a drunk video of Tres singing and Woo next to him laughing his assistant off. Clearly they were enjoying their night.

Woo - I miss you
You - you seem to be having fun
Woo - suju
Woo - soju
Woo - yummy
You - it’s yummy until the morning
Woo - don’t remind me. just kiss me. Noooow.
You - oh my god. you’re drunk oppa
Woo - yes I am. Drunk in love~

You actually laughed. Never would you have thought that Monster Young Woo would have the drunk habit of doing aeygo. It’s hard enough to imagine a sober Woo pulling off cute acts but drunk? You would have guess he’d be mean or grumpy but never cute.

Your phone lit up and you noticed that it was a video chat from Woo. Answering you looked at his tired expression, noticing the way he smiled when your face appeared.

“You should be sleeping, angel,” he slurred at you.

“I can’t sleep with you texting me, silly,” you pointed out with a huge smile on your face.

Young Woo gave a pout, making the butterflies in your tummy return. He then showed you a finger heart, making you giggle at the polar opposite man on the screen before you.

“Baby, I promised to drive…but then. Then there were shots and Tres and shots and funny thing is now I think I’m drunk. But I’m really close, swear.” The phone moved to show a red faced and drunk Tres. You noticed that they seemed to have left the bar and we’re walking in the street now.

“Oppa, where are you?” The concern was and apparently enough to make Woo show back up in the screen. He smiled wide.

“We decided to go home. But my feet didn’t ask my head and my shoes don’t have GPs. So no we are walking,” he stated as if it made andrepparentre the sense in the world.

“Noona!” You heard Tres yell while he shoved his face closer to Woo to appear on the call too.

“Tres oppa, you do know that I’m a solid five years younger than you, right?” You joked.

Tres thought it over and seemed to figure it out. “Sim!” He yelled, referring to you being a teacher in a cute way.

“Yes, Oppa. But where are you two going?” Keeping them on point was proving to be a challange.

“My head wanted to go home. And Tres wanted to go to the studio. And my other know, that one you reaaaaly like wanted to go see you. So my feet are just going.” He nodded. In the background you noticed what looked to be the building across the street.

“Oppa, are you here?” You got up to look out the window where sure enough you found two stumbling men outside on the street. “Don’t move. I’ll come get you.”

You shoved your feet in your tennis shoes and headed out to get the duo. You got outside and we’re greater with Tres trying to do a body roll and Woo demonstrating the proper technique.

“If you do it like that all the girls while be screaming and jumping. You won’t be able to go anywhere without -” Woo noticed how Tres was shaking his head and nodding in your direction. Woo turned around to see you standing with your hands crossed over your chest.

“Really, Kim Young Woo? That’s your trick, huh,” you acted mad but the way he shoved hind hands in his pockets, leaning back on his heels and looking down.

“Angel. Babe. It worked with you didn’t it?” He smiled up at you and you just rolled your eyes.

“Come on boys, let’s go inside.” You lead the way but felt Woo’s hand slide into yours. Leading them to your apartment you closed the door behind you.

“Goodnight’ Tres. We’ll be in the bedroom. Don’t bother us, okay?” Young Woo practically yelled as he tried to drag you to the bed.

Pulling back on his arm, making him stop his progression.

“Oh no, Woo. You are four stops past drunk and so is Tres. We aren’t doing anything while your like this especially not with him singing on the couch. You two get to share my bed. I’m the only one sleeping on that couch.”

He stared at you with his mouth slightly agape. “You being bossy is pretty sexy.”

Woo gave you a tequila scented kiss and drug Tres to your bedroom while you got the blankets ready for the couch. While giving up your bed wasn’t the most ideal night in your eyes, there was no way those boys weren’t going to be severely hung over tomorrow morning, making the place closest to your bathroom the safest place.

“Goodnight, Oppa. Just know that this doesn’t excuse you from tomorrow night.” You yelled down the hall.

[To be continued]

Best friends, huh? Pt. 3

Jimin X Reader

Fluff | Angst 

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     As soon as I was done with my phone call. I went back inside my apartment to face Jimin after that embarrasing ordeal. “Jiminie?” I couldn’t stop biting my bottom lip, hoping it would ease my nervousness after realizing I had almost kissed my best friend. “Yes?” Jimin’s voice echoed from inside the bathroom. “I-I’m sorry about that..” I said with a tone of nervousness. “About what, Y/N?” Jimin asked me while walking out of the bathroom with a towel in hand to dry his now damp hair. -I guess he didn’t realize I was going to kiss him.- I thought. “Nothing Jiminie, are you ready to go to the store?” I asked with a wide grin drawn across my face. “Did you mean that kiss that almost happened?” I stood there stunned by his question. –Shit, he noticed.- Jimin’s smile now more prominent then ever before, a smile so wide his white teeth were almost blinding to me. “Y-yeah… That.” I responded while putting my head down. -Fuck, I’m embarrassed.– “Don’t worry about it babe, I mean, I was half naked in front of you, who could blame you?” Jimin giggled. I immediately ran towards him to playfully slap him.

After about another 15 mins Jimin and me were ready to head out to the store. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we were walking down the hallway and again, I felt my stomach tighten up. Jimin has been my best friend for almost 10 years, why am I just now getting this nervous around him. I’ve always had a small crush on him, but I’ve never felt this way before. I lightly shook my head hoping it would erase the thoughts of what almost happened less then 1 hour ago. To no avail, I still kept replaying that moment in my head. As we approached the car, Jimin opened my door letting me into the passenger side of the vehicle and closing the door as soon as I got in. He rushed to the drivers side and jumped in. “Jiminie, can I play some music?” “Ofcourse , Y/N, could you play some Big Bang?” Jimin immediately asked. “Your wish is my command.” As I put on Big Bang’s Bad Boy, Jimin nudged my shoulder inviting me to sing along with him. Jimin has such an amazing voice. I swear, there’s nothing he can’t do. I happily obliged and started singing along. Once we arrived to the store, I received a text from Hoseok.

Hoseok : Hey babe, just reminding you I’ll be there @6pm. I can’t wait to see you.

-Fuck, should I tell Jimin? It’s already 345pm.- I thought to myself. “Jiminie, I need to tell you something and promise me you won’t get mad.” “Does it have to do with Hoseok?” My face immediately turning into a frown.  –He knows me to well.- “Yes..” “I figured. What does he want now?” Jimin’s face turning a light red shade, revealing his anger. “Well, he’s taking me out tonight to the movies at 6 . “ Jimin who was now looking me straight in the eyes hastly responsed. “And you agreed to go?” My face faltering once again. “Yes..” I said in a low tone. “I swear, if he hurts you again, I’ll be dealing with him, got that?” I nodded my head and whispered “yes “ in response. I could sense the anger in Jimin’s tone and I could see it in his face. He has always been protective of me and always made sure I thought about my decisions carefully. But he never pressured me when it came to my love life. He figured as long as I was happy, that’s all that matters. “You know, I really hate that guy. Who cheats on someone once, asks for a second chance, and does it again? Especially when it’s done to an amazing person like you..” Jimin’s words cut through my heart like a blade slicing my skin. “You’re to good for him, Y/N.” Jimin took my chin and pulled my head up to where my eyes met his. “ I love you, that will never change. You’re my best friend and if this asshole is who makes you happy, so be it.” Jimin’s tone sounded reassuring but I could tell there was a part of him that wasn’t confident in what he was saying.

After Jimin and I came back from the store we made sure to put everything away and hugged one another goodbye. “I can’t believe it’s already 5pm, I have to hurry up and get ready.” I rushed into my room, swiping my closet door to the left nearly ripping the door out of place. “What should I wear? Something red, black, or green? Ah this is it!” I pulled out a emerald green jumper and some black heels. I decided to curl my hair and put a touch of makeup on. I put on a bracelet Jimin gave me when I was 16 for my birthday and matched it with some black and green earrings. I double checked myself in the mirror before spraying myself with some of Hoseok’s favorite perfume. With 5 mins to spare I heard a knock on the door. –He’s early!- I opened the door and saw Hoseok standing there with flowers and damn, he looked good, His hair was up in a black snap back, he was wearing a long black sleeve sweater, light blue jeans with rips in the knees ,matched with black vans, and boy did he smell good. “Hey baby!” Hoseok greeted me with a hug almost immediately. “I brought you some flowers beautiful, an extra apology for being such an ass.” I smiled at Hoseok and rushed to put the flowers into a vase. I grabbed my purse and my phone and we headed out for the evening.

While in the car I decided to speak up. “What movie are we going to see?” I asked. “I thought we’d see that new action movie with Jisoon Lee.” “Ah, I’ve been wanting to see that!” A moment of silence filled the car. “Y/N, thank you for agreeing to do this. I know I’ve messed up a lot in the past but I realized my wrongs and I want to make up for them.” I grabbed Hoseok’s hand. “Hobi…” I said with a sympathetic tone. “It’s fine, let’s just enjoy the night please.” He grabbed my hand and didn’t let go till we got to the theatre. After the movie Hoseok asked me if I was hungry. We agreed on getting Pizza, our favorite. I always enjoyed spending time with Hoseok, he always made me laugh. Whether he was cracking a joke or making a funny facial expression, I always enjoyed myself and never left without laughing. However, even thought I was with Hoseok, I couldn’t keep my mind off of my best friend. I felt my phone vibrate and when I reached for it, I realized I had a text from Jimin. -Talk about speaking of.-

Jimin : How’s the date going?

Me : It’s going good actually. 

Jimin : Good. Would you come to this party with me tonight, after your date? I don’t really feel like going alone and girls will leave me alone if they think I’m with someone. 

Me : Sure.

Jimin : What time will you be home? 

Me : I think we’re leaving around 9pm. Meet me at 930pm. 

I put my phone away and after a few more slices of pizza and talking about work and life, me and Hoseok decided it was time to go. Hoseok grabbed my hand and led me to the car where we listened to music and joked with eachother all the way back to my place. He walked me to the front of my apartment complex and gave me a tight hug, with a kiss on the cheek. “ I really had a good time tonight, Y/N.” “Me too Hobi.” “I’ll text you. Have a goodnight beautiful.” “Goodnight Hobi.” On my way back to my apartment I met with Jimin who was standing at my door. “The party starts at 10pm, you sure you still want to go with me, I don’t want to force you.” “Jiminie, I’d love to go. Plus, a few drinks might make me feel good right now.” I smiled at him and let out a giggle. After 10 mins I decided to change into something more comfortable. Jimin instantly approved of my outfit choice. I was wearing a loose blue top, black tights, and some boots. Re sprayed myself and Jimin and I headed out to the party. 

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Part 4 Coming Soon 

A Christmas Miracle

WestAllen Secret Santa gift from Lauren ( @backtothestart02 ) for @sophisticatedloserchick :

You are an inspiration and such a sweet, talented fic writer and westallen fan. Your blog is marvelous and so are you. I was absolutely thrilled to find out you were chosen for me in this westallen secret santa exchange. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and that you enjoy my present for you! It is the best I could manage coming close to the specific fic prompt you requested. ;)

Barry felt her leave the bed for the third time that night. He kept his eyes shut until he’d heard the bathroom door open and close behind her, only then allowing himself to snatch a glimpse of the time.

5:34 a.m.

He suppressed a groan. It was almost morning. Christmas morning. There was no way they’d end up at Joe’s house today for their annual Christmas celebration. They likely wouldn’t get to do any of Iris’s other cherished traditions from childhood that they’d revived ever since they became a couple.

Making gingerbread houses. Baking cookies with reindeer and snowmen faces. Crossing the state line to find the closest indoor snow park in the country where they could partake in skiing and ice-skating – Barry failed at both due to his long, clumsy legs – and sledding, which Barry wanted to do because it made Iris’s smile brighter than almost anything else. They would try making fancy ice sculptures but it would always end up being too cold, so they’d  gone to the hot chocolate booth that was always busy to make up for it.

They’d sit inside the large, usually half-empty, lifelike-looking igloo and make up stories of what Santa would do the other 364 days if he were real, and whether any of the reindeer or elves escaped the North Pole.

After a long day of this, they’d return home to Central City and go on a horse-drawn carriage ride and marvel at the Christmas lights decorating all the buildings downtown.

One year as children they hadn’t been able to do any of these things. It had been a dreadful holiday that Barry had somehow managed to salvage in Iris’s eyes.

He shut his eyes when, after more bouts of vomiting and groaning from inside, he heard Iris open the door. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to try to help her any way he could. The first time he’d gone with her and held back her hair, dabbed her forehead and neck with a wet washcloth, and asked her if she needed anything. The second time he’d done similar things, but she’d started to cry. “It’s almost Christmas,” she’d said. “I can’t be sick on Christmas.”

Before crawling back into bed and attempting sleep again, Iris made Barry swear not to come after her if she got up again.

“If I want to make it to dinner at Dad’s, I need to face my sickness head-on and defeat it. I can’t do that with you standing there reminded me I’m sick.”

So, as much as it had killed him, Barry hadn’t moved a muscle that third time.

But when she got back in bed now, he sensed her shiver and turned towards her, hesitantly opening his eyes. When she didn’t argue, he pulled her close and wrapped the blankets more snugly around them.

“You’ll get sick,” she whined, finally admitting that three bouts of nausea and vomiting couldn’t be brushed off as inconsequential.

He kissed her forehead and ignored the bad breath that circulated between them with their faces so close.

“Nah,” he said, “I heal fast.”

He worried a little that flues might not work the way physical injuries did, because he’d be no good at saving her Christmas this time if he was sick too.

For the time being he ignored it and prayed that she would be able to relax enough to sleep through what was left of the night.

At 7:35 a.m., Iris sank into a hot bath, a freshly washed vomit bucket at her side on the tiled floor and told Barry to go call her dad. They weren’t coming for Christmas.

Thirteen year-old Barry Allen flung back the covers of his bed when the chirping bird at his window simply wouldn’t let him sleep a moment longer. He didn’t mind it today, though. It was Christmas Day and he had one more surprise in store for Iris. She’d forced him to exchange gifts with her two days earlier, but with Christmas being her favorite holiday, he wanted to give her something on the actual day.

“Iris?” he whispered, stopping at her door as he tiptoed down the hallway.

It was half past six, so he figured Joe was still asleep. He didn’t like to be woken up early on holidays if by some miracle he didn’t have to go in to work. This year he’d deliberately taken off, which made both kids very happy.

When there was no response and no bright-eyed Iris West suddenly flinging her bedroom door open to greet him, Barry decided she was either still asleep – unlikely – or that she was downstairs putting the final touches to the Christmas decorations and deciding which breakfast meal she would make for her boys.

Abandoning his post, Barry quietly made his way downstairs and searched for Iris in the living room. He didn’t see her anywhere, but he did hear a deep voice coming from the kitchen.

“She’s not down here, Barry.”

Startled, Barry jumped before joining Joe in the kitchen.

“Is she still sleeping?” he asked, taking a seat at the table.

Joe shook his head and sighed.

“Afraid not, Bear. Our girl is sick.”

“Sick?” Joe asked, disbelief coloring his voice. “On Christmas?”

Barry nodded for a while before he realized Joe couldn’t see him.

“Been throwing up all night.”

“Oh, man.”

Joe sounded genuinely disappointed, and Barry knew he was. Iris being sick on Christmas didn’t just ruin her holiday. It ruined theirs.

“Are you going to call a doctor?”

Barry shrugged and then mentally scolded himself for his continued physical gestures.

“I don’t think we need to. Seems like the flu to me.”

“The flu on Christmas…” he trailed off. “That hasn’t happened since—”

“I know.”

Joe paused. “She probably wouldn’t like Wally and I coming over, huh?”

Barry blinked. “She’d be horrified.”

“Cisco and Caitlin then—”

Bad idea.”

“Can we skype later at least? I’d hate to miss seeing my baby girl on Christmas.”

“I’ll see if I can talk her into it, but—” Barry paused when he heard more vomiting coming from the bathroom.

“I’m fine!” Iris called out with a scratchy voice and grumbled curse that followed.

“Go,” he heard Joe say faintly, his ear farther away from the phone than before.

He was half-debating ending the call or finishing the conversation, but his mind was heavily focused on Iris and whether she’d managed to puke into the bucket or on the floor or in the water. He cringed at the latter. It would be a mess to clean up and she would be miserable.

“What?” Barry asked when he realized Joe was speaking through the phone again.

“Go be with your wife, Bear. I’ll check in again later.”

Barry sighed. “Right. Talk to you later.”

“Tell her we love her.”

“Will do.”

The connection dropped.

“Sick?” Young Barry asked, his jaw dropping wide open. “Iris can’t be sick on Christmas. It’s against the rules!”

Joe rubbed his creased forehead and decided not to ask what rules Barry was referring to. He didn’t like his daughter sick any day, but he agreed Christmas was definitely the worst.

“She’s trying to sleep, Bear,” he said, lowering his voice and hoping the boy would do the same.

Barry relented and sunk back into his seat.

“What are we gonna do?”

“Well, there’s some cereal in the cupboard. Why don’t you help yourself to that while I call a doctor?”

“A doctor?” Barry blinked. “Why?”

“I need to know what Iris is sick with,” Joe said, sounding as confused as Barry.

“What are her symptoms?” Barry demanded.

Joe just stared for a few moments. “Uh…” He cleared his throat. “As far as I can tell she’s a little clammy, some chills, a low-grade fever, and vomiting.” He paused when he realized he’d just relayed his daughter’s symptoms with the vocabulary he’d use to talk to a medically licensed doctor.

“Sounds like a flu to me, don’t you think?”


“You probably don’t need to call a doctor for that.”

“I’d like to be sure, Barry.”

“They’ll make you bring her in. You know how Iris hates hospitals.”

He did know. Iris had to be in the hospital overnight a year ago when she broke her hand defending Barry from a bully. She didn’t regret punching the bully square in the nose, but she did vow to never wind up in the hospital for that long again. It smelled and there were old people who stared blankly at everyone who passed them in the hall. Plus the food was bad and there was no good TV.

“It would be a clinic, not the hospital.”

“If you can get an appointment,” Barry pointed out. “Otherwise you’ll have to take her to the ER. That’ll be crowded. Iris would be miserable.”

“It won’t be crowded on Christmas.”

“Do you really want to bet Iris’s happiness on that?”

Joe’s eyes narrowed.

“You have a plan.”

Barry grinned.

“What is it?”

Barry knocked lightly on the door and walked into the bathroom.

“How are you doing, hon—” He stopped when he spotted a naked Iris dumping her vomit bucket into the toilet, two cotton balls stuck in her nostrils to alleviate the smell.

Barry covered his own nose.

“Maybe you should let me do that,” he suggested. He went over to her, but she quickly finished emptying the bucket and flushed the toilet.

When she turned around she tried to smile despite her nausea, but the light didn’t reach her eyes. Barry wrapped his arm around her shoulders and ushered her towards the open doorway.

“C’mon, try to get some more sleep.”

“I don’t wanna sleep,” she complained, her face pushing into his chest as they came to stand beside their bed.

“What do you wanna do?”

She sighed, aggravated. “I want to have Christmas.”

He braced himself. “What would you like to do for Christmas?”

“Well…” she trailed off, thinking. “I can’t eat anything or I throw up. I can’t walk around that much or I get nauseous and lightheaded. I feel hot and cold, so I’m always putting stuff on and taking things off. I probably shouldn’t go out. Eggnog and hot chocolate probably aren’t good ideas either. I haven’t been able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time. I don’t want all day Christmas to be a battle between my stomach and my exhaustion.”

“So that leaves…?” Barry let the question hang.

“That leaves Christmas,” Iris beamed, for real this time. “Seventeen years ago.”

“Iris?” Barry whispered, tentatively opening her bedroom door. There was no sound, so he ventured further. “Iris?” he tried again.

Slight movement could be seen from Iris’s bed across the room. It was followed by a moan and a yawn and a pained groan.

“Barry?” she managed. “Is that you?”

Her lifeless voice made Barry hurt inside.

“It’s Christmas,” he told her, wondering belatedly if that was the best choice.

“I’m sick on Christmas,” he heard her say numbly. “What did I do to get sick on Christmas?”

Barry inched towards her and then stopped, remembering Joe’s order to not get too close lest he catch whatever flu she had.

“I have a present for you,” he said, and she turned around.

He placed the little box at the end of her bed and then backed away. Iris sat up slowly and then reached for it. Curiosity got the best of her and she opened it.

“You already got me something, Barry. Those multicolored glow-in-the-dark stars I can put on my wall and the sparkly—” She stopped, her eyes wide, and looked up at him.

“Look on the back,” he said, avoiding her eyes as the blush crept up his neck. “Take out what’s inside.”

It took her a moment to get over the shock of the monumental gift he’d given her, but she followed his instruction and found a handwritten ticket inside for ‘A Christmas Carol.’ She frowned.

“I can’t go out, Barry. I’m sick.”

He grinned, confidence back.

“Which is why we are bringing the play to you.”

Her brows furrowed. “We?”

“Are you sure this is a good idea, Barry?” Wally asked, eyeing his brother-in-law dubiously. “Jesse and I, and you, can’t get sick, but the other…” He glanced at Joe, Cisco, Caitlin, and both Harrison Wells who were currently eyeing each other down – one gleeful and the other mistrusting. “The other players can.”

Barry shrugged as if it was nothing.

“She’ll be across the room, Wally.”

Wally looked doubtful.

“It’s Iris,” he said, staring him down. “And it’s Christmas. This is all she wants.”

Wally shook his head. “I will never get why she wants this so much, but alright. Let’s put on a show.”

Barry failed at hiding his grin. He sped-dressed everyone in their costumes and then carried Iris down the stairs at normal speed so she wouldn’t get nauseous. He dimmed the lights and cherished the anticipatory smile on Iris’s face. When everybody was in their appropriate place in the shadows, he gave her a nod and she straightened as best as she could, announcing the opening lines of Charles’ Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

“Marley was dead, to begin with,” Iris began, inserting genuine emotion in her voice that could now be barely perceived as scratchy. “There is no doubt whatever about that.” Her eyes traveled across the room to each of them. “The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Scrooge signed it. And Scrooge’s name was good upon ‘Change for anything he chose to put his hand to. Old Marley was as dead as a doornail.”

“I can’t believe you performed that whole play all by yourself, Barry,” Iris said afterwards, feeling well enough to keep some Seven Up down.

“Your dad helped too,” he insisted.

Iris rolled her eyes. “He read the opening lines, which is something I could’ve done just as easily.”

“We didn’t know if you might be getting a sore throat,” he explained.

“I have the flu, Barry, not a cold.”

“Your voice is scratchy,” he pointed out.

She frowned. “Only a little.”

Across the room Joe was watching them like a hawk. He clearly disapproved of Barry sitting so close to his very sick daughter, but since she was feeling in better spirits, he made no move to separate them.

“Did you…” Color started to spread up to Barry’s cheeks again. “Like it?”

Iris grinned. “Best one-man play I ever saw.”

Barry blushed further and couldn’t meet her eyes. The compliment both embarrassed and excited him, even if her assurance probably didn’t mean much at all.

“Seriously, Barry.” She touched his hand. Joe flinched. “I really liked it.”

Barry looked up at her, his eyes glued to hers. “Really?”

She nodded. “Mmhmm.”

“Does it make up for being sick on Christmas?”

He didn’t know how to take the ambiguous expression on her face. He decided to go with the negative.

“You can tell me if it sucked, Iris.” He took a deep breath. “I can take it.”

Without thinking, Iris took his face in her hands, pulled him to her and kissed him on the cheek.

Joe stepped forward to separate them then, but the glowing look on Barry’s face made him stop. Barry was dazzled, rendered speechless, and probably wouldn’t mind at all if he was also sick with the flu in a matter of hours.

It took Joe back to the first days he’d stayed in their house. He’d been Iris’s shadow then, more so than now. He’d hung on to every word she said and nearly had a panic attack at any mention of being separated from her for more than a few minutes, except at bed time. Joe wasn’t unaware of the times Iris snuck into Barry’s bedroom when he started to cry in his sleep. She always got there before he did, so eventually he just let her.

“It was a great play,” she insisted. “I just liked your other present better.”

“My other…? You mean the one from the other day that I—”

She shook her head and pulled out the gift he’d given her just an hour before from beneath the blanket on her lap. She looked down at it in awe and then back at him with tears in her eyes.

“Are you sure you want to give it to me, Barry? I know it means a lot to you.”

He nodded. “I’m sure. You help me every year when I miss my mom on Christmas. I know you miss yours too.”

Iris looked down at the snow globe he’d given to her and shook it slow curving lines. When the snow settled, she could clearly see a picture of her mother from years ago, holding a six month-old Iris in her arms. Her father leaned over both of them, a proud smile on his face as he rested a hand on his wife’s shoulder.

The picture brought tears to Iris’s eyes, because she’d often wondered if pictures of her mom even existed. Barry was sure they did somewhere and one day when no one else was home, he went digging until he found a full photo album of Francine, Joe and Iris West from years ago when their family was whole. Joe had been shocked when he presented it to him. Barry could tell he was resistant to the idea of giving Iris that picture for Christmas, though he didn’t know why. Maybe it would open a conversation he wasn’t ready for. Or maybe Barry overanalyzed anything that had to do with Iris West.

The snow globe left Iris speechless though because it had been one of the few mementos of Barry’s mother that he kept close by and didn’t want tucked away. It was something that reminded him to never stop believing that his dad was innocent and his mom was still with him in some way.

The picture in that globe used to be of Barry and Nora Allen on a warm day in early autumn after he’d just started kindergarten. He’d been thrilled to see his mother after a long grueling day without any messy crafts or new ideas beyond letters and numbers.

‘I know those things already,’ he’d complained. His mother had only smiled.

The globe had been hard to part with, but for the past two years Iris had given him a home, had been the friend he needed without his mother and father to celebrate Christmas with him. He knew how much Iris wished she knew her mother and how sad she was – even if she didn’t talk about it much – that she had died before she really got to know her.

‘You’re pretty clever for a kid with no parents,’ a bully had spewed at him once.

It had burned then, but he decided it was pretty true right now. He smiled from ear to ear when Iris looked up at him.

“There’s just one thing missing.”

Barry frowned. “What’s that?”

Iris turned and reached for a picture frame on the end table beside the lamp. She carefully slid out the backing and retrieved the little picture inside.

“Since I’ve already used my ticket for the play today, I think I can fill this side with…” She grunted with the effort it took to squeeze in the picture just right. Then she turned it so Barry could see it.

Barry blushed again.

It was a picture of him and Iris from last Christmas, with Iris’s arms around his neck as she grinned into the camera. He wore a slight blush as he smiled just as fiercely, albeit a little awkwardly, sitting right where there were on the couch just now.

“You didn’t have to do that, Iris,” he managed, his breath catching just enough to make him swallow halfway through his sentence.

“I wanted to,” she said. “Now everybody I love will be beside me when I sleep.”

Of his own volition, Barry hugged her tightly and she nuzzled her face into his neck.

“Merry Christmas, Iris,” he mumbled into her hair.

“You’ll get sick,” she said, making no effort to pull away.

“I don’t care.”

An hour later and Iris had yet to vomit again. The play had finished. Everyone had wished her well and left gifts with her at the table. Barry deposited himself on the couch beside her and smiled shamelessly.


“So…” she grinned right back.

“What did you think? As good as the first time?”

She rolled her eyes. “Hardly.”

He frowned.

“No one can quite pull off three spirits and an egotistical Scrooge like you can.”

He smiled warmly and started to lean in. She placed a hand over his lips to stop the descent.

“You might be a metahuman with speedy healing abilities, but it’s never been tested on a flu before. You don’t know if—”

But he silenced her by pulling her hand away and kissing her soundly on her lips. He pressed a quick peck to her cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin before drawing back. His eyes shone lovingly when they locked again with hers, too caught up in her to even taunt her with a smug grin.

“I don’t care.”

Hungry Like The Wolf (Part 2)

Group: EXO
Member(s): Baekhyun
Type: Smut / Wolf!Baekhyun AU (requested)
Warning: Biting

The link for part 1 is here.

I felt warmth on my neck but I wasn’t sure if it was his breath or something like liquid. I felt his tongue lick over the side of my neck, and out of the corner of my eye I could see a dark color on his tongue. He lifted his head and stared down at me with ragged breaths. His eyes looked completely different from earlier. Before, they were a nice brown color and now they were silver. My own eyes went wide as I stared back at him, not sure what to do.

“What are you?”

He licked my blood off his lips as my hand reached up to touch the bite mark at my neck, “I’m whatever you want me to be baby.”

“My name is Baekhyun, by the way,” he spoke slyly, “Y'know just in case you planned on screaming my name any time soon.”

There was a remnant of shock still registering, but somehow I managed to get a grip. I ran my fingertips over the tender bite mark, and then a slow smirk spread over my lips. A flicker of confusion and then surprise lit up his features as I gripped his arms and effortlessly flipped us over. Baekhyun was on his back, his head in the pillows, while I straddled his waist, and my hands held his forearms down onto the mattress with force. He looked up at me with a mix of emotions but I just responded by letting my lips move across his skin.

“What are you?” he asked, his chest heaving with a rush of excitement and panic. My teeth nipped into the skin of his collarbone and he let out a hiss of pain. I lifted my head from the crook of his neck and licked the drops of blood from my lips.

I’m whatever you want me to be baby. Does that answer your question?” I chuckled evilly as my nails grazed over his chest. I felt a slight shiver run down his back as he watched me with hawk-like eyes (or rather wolf-like eyes). My hips moved against his arousal once again, getting ready for a round two that I would make sure to win this time.

Baekhyun’s eyes closed as his head fell back into the pillows. A puppy-like whimper left his lips as I positioned myself on him, sinking lower until he was as deep as he could get. His eyes slowly opened again only they were a silver color, and I knew that mine were starting to look the same. In fact, all of my senses were heightening.

I could make out every ridge in his chest as if he were made of marble. I could hear every shallow breath he took and the sound of the sheets being ruffled underneath us. I could feel the swear glistening off of his body as my nails grazed down his chest and abs, stopping just below his belly button. His hips thrusted up into my movements against him, creating enough friction to have us both breathing a little heavier than normal. I could feel a rumble in his chest as he fought back a growl that came out in a breathless huff as his chest heaved up and down. He was getting close, I could feel it. I decided to have some fun as I leaned down and attached my lips back to his throat and continued to suck and nibble at the tender skin just below his jawline. I let my canines elongate and graze over his jaw and down his neck, stopping at his collarbone. I gave a light nip at the skin and a hiss escaped him as his fingers twitched against my waist. They traveled from my hips to my shoulders where they then tangled into my hair and pulled my lips to his. His lips were feverish and desperate, biting and bruising mine as if I would disappear at any second. Our movements got faster and faster as both of our edges came closer. A growl was muffled between us as one hand grabbed my wrist and the other held my hips in place as he flipped me onto my back. He thrusted back into me roughly, ignoring my whimper as his lips and hands went to my breasts, massaging and marking the skin.

A series of moans and groans were forgotten as I came, my knees pressing into his hips as one hand fisted his hair and the other fisted the sheets. He hissed from the hair being tugged and the feeling of his release. His head fell back as he gave one last, deep thrust, and my head fell back into the pillows as I waited for both of our highs to cool down.

My eyes were closed from the euphoria, but they opened when I heard him let out a soft laugh that didn’t sound at all like it was coming from the man that had just made me cum. His damp cheeks were shiny as he looked up at the window behind the bed and his pearly white smile seemed to be extra bright.

“Look at that, a full moon. I guess it was fate.”

A/N: Sorry, it’s short

anonymous asked:

Can you do one where Harry and Nick play call or delete and it lands on you but you're his ex and he still has feelings for you please and thank you x

Sorry for all the wait ! There’s just a lot of chaos going on in my life and it’s just too much. But still I tried writing and let’s see how this turns out.

“Call or delete Niall’s number?” Nick asked Harry breathing out a chuckle. They both were playing call or delete and now slowly all the numbers were being deleted instead of being called.

“I think I’d go for delete haha because I can get it back again ” Harry laughed sending a wink at nick who was laughing too.

“Haha okay. Now it’s-” Nick stopped in his tracks when he read her name. Nick definitely and clearly knew her. He knew what happened all between her and his friend. He knew I he’ll take her name all the memories will flood back to Harry and he wasn’t ready for his friend to face that yet.

“Who’s it Nick?” Harry said taking his phone from Nick and reading the name on the list. It was (Y/n)’s name. His ex. His ex lover to world but his yet loved person to him.

“I’d like to call her.” Harry said staring at her name in his phone.

“You’re sure ?” Nick said as he took his microphone off or a second so that the world wouldn’t know.

“Yeah. Go on.” Harry said with a smile on his face. Nick nodded his head. He knew how Harry was in terms of y/n. And Harry on the other side didn’t wanted to delete her number. Harry’s heartbeat quickened as the he heard the ringing of y/n’s phone. He was scared. Scared of what to say. The way they both ended didn’t made any sense.

“Hello?” Y/n’s voice echoed the studio.

“He-hey” Harry stammered.

“Harry?” Y/n asked as she clearly recognized his voice.

{Harry’s pov}

“Harry?” Y/n asked. I swear I could feel my heart thump so loud that it could probably boost out. It’s been 4 month since I heard her voice and when I did I felt so alive because her voice was melody to my ears.

“Y/n” I breathed closing my eyes taking in her voice.

“Harry!” She breathed with same contentment and peace as I did. It seemed like she missed my voice and me as much as I did her.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Fine thank you. What about you?”
Y/n asked.

“I-I’m good too.” I said. There was a long pause before I spoke up again.

“I-I miss you y/n” I said and it was true. Talking to her made me realize how much we need each other. She was my other half. She was my world and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I know the words were cheap but were deep for me.

“Harry. I-I miss you too.” Y/n replied. I heard her voice cracking at the end and I here was too with blurry teary eyes.

“Let’s meet and then talk baby.” I said totally forgetting that I lost the right to call her baby long before but I couldn’t help it because calling her ‘baby’ was one of my hobby.

“Okay” she replied softly.

“Bye. I’ll message you later.” I said.

“Okay. Bye.” She hung the line and a soft smile creeped up my face. I was ready. Ready to make her mine again.