this made my week tbh

and that was the last time anna took gabriel with her to the library to ‘study’


13.2.17// so this is the bujo spread i made for last week! tbh it’s honesty one of my favourites so far. i loved the colour scheme and the layout, i was very happy with how it turned out! i was kind of busy this week, but everything has turned out okay ✨

also, i have some photos of school notes and my colour coded periodic table, is anyone interested in seeing those?

how was everyone else’s week?

Billie Piper appreciation weekDay Five (March 17): Best on-screen romantic partner

I couldn’t decide between nine and Ethan. I didn’t pick ten, because even though he’s the Doctor, nine was so much more romantic, if you catch what I mean. I have split versions of the drawing, the ethan/brona one, and the nine/rose one, but they look better when combined into a full picture.

Happy monster brothers are always good

dinnerxx  asked:

wait wait wait, u wrote that???? it's one of my fave ritchie!adlock fics ever!!! that one and Ah! rammenta o bella Irene <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much!!!!! (ノ♥ヮ♥)ノ*:・゚✧ I am publishing this because I want to keep this message 5ever.

It means the world to me that you like it, because your blog is such #goals, top quality, 12/10 would recommend and I’m a huge fan of your Sherlock + tumblr posts edits!!!!!!

I’ve been considering doing a revised version of Glowingly (and posting it separately) correcting all the odd grammar, the words I got the meaning of wrong, editing some things here and there. That fic was a bit of an exercise on learning English, so there are many things I cringe at, reading it now.

I still get the odd review here and there, and lovely people like you saying they like it, which I’m just so amazed?? and flattered and bashful about??? Doesn’t quite register in my brain lol. So do you think, if I ever did a revised, probably shorter, rewrite that people would be interested in that?

And you also read Ah! Rammenta??? Thank youuu 😘 I have a finished chapter I haven’t published yet because I think it will be the last one, and I don’t quite want to close the door on that fic yet. Anyway, just letting you know there is more coming on that one.


thanks @y-annah for the inspo!, here’s my paladinsona

Name: Zera

Age: 16

Species: Velsei

Home planet: Soliseoria

Solar system: Galabros

Weapons: electric knuckle busters (likes to call them their “buster babies”) and two knives

Abilities: sleight of hand, sucking up to people, laughing, “hand-to-hand” combat (haha)

Personality: very nice very passionate person, gets overexcited and sometimes way too aggressive, likes to dab with all four arms

Backstory: their home planet is actually allies with Zarkon and his army but the Galra like to overstep their boundaries being racist/speciest fucks oppressing the people and all that so they were like Fuk It Im Outta Here™ and became a space pirate before encountering and joining Voltron



twd positivity project week one: how I started watching

To the surprise of many, I was actually very stubborn about watching TWD. My family and friends were all watching and obsessing over it when the beginning of season 3 was airing. They all kept pushing me to watch too but I just wouldn’t give in. Especially since it was a zombie show. I kept saying “I don’t like stuff like that” …which I didn’t actually hate zombie stuff, I just hated getting scared and I assumed the show was all about being scary. Then one day I went to visit my grandparent’s. When I walked in, they’d paused the TV and I just knew they were watching TWD. I rolled my eyes…then looked at the screen to see that it said “Chupacabra” …which had me thinking, wtf even is this show? My grandparents told me they HAD to finish this episode so I was gonna have to go in the other room. My grandma then offered to let me log in to their Netflix on my laptop and watch the pilot in the meantime. I finally gave in… And as I was watching I wasn’t quite hooked but it kept me interested. Then at the very end of the episode, when Glenn went over that walkie talkie with the iconic “hey dumbass” line…and the pan out shot of the herd of walkers with that song playing… I was a goner. I couldn’t believe how good it was. The comedic effect in the midst of such a terrifying situation. I loved it. I walked out of the room to my grandparents like… dammit, I’ve gotta continue. My life hasn’t been the same since.

they-told-me-be-seen-not-heard  asked:

Tbh the only thing that makes my day better is reading steveandviolet or Bucky and FUBAR. Like... those stories really make me be able to smile most days.

Omg this means SO much to me and I’m sure that @yawpkatsi will agree. Messages like this make me keep writing when I want to pull my hair out and I feel like everything I write is awful. Sometimes writing or being apart of fandom is the only thing that keeps me going (and it was consistently my reason to wake up for a long time last year) so it’s so unbelievably wonderful to be able to help someone else get through their days. Thank you!! Xoxo