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I wanted a break from studying, so I whipped up this quick fic that I couldn’t get out of my head. NOTE: Sorry if the characters are OOC and the grammar is bad. I wrote it very quickly. Also, Al= Allura. Enjoy!

   Lana sat behind the counter at Voltron Café viciously flipping through her Engineering Math notes. It was around 1PM so an upside was that the cafe wasn’t as busy as it usually is in the morning hours, but the downside is that she has exactly 24 hours to learn three chapters worth of math so that she has a sliver of hope to pass one of Ms. Iversons notorious exams. Lana pressed her face into her textbook and groaned into it.

“Engineering?” a voice chirped above her. 

“No. It’s actually witchcraft mixed in with an ancient alien language. But, I mean, I guess you could call it Engineering.” Lana replied. 

“Yup, that sounds like one of Iversons tests.” Hunk laughed beside her, putting away freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the baked goods display. Hunk hovered over her best friends shoulder, reading the problem she was working on. Lana quickly stole one of Hunks cookies. “Lana, all of your work is right. All you have left is to take the derivative and plug in the x.” Hunk mused. Lana quickly did as Hunk instructed her to, and, sure enough, she got the right answer.

Lana looked up at Hunk with her best puppy dog eyes, “Hunk. Bffl. My bestie for life. My sun and stars. The best human being I’ve ever known.”

“I can’t Lana, I have a chem test tomorrow that I have to study for.” Hunk pouted, fiddling with the burnt orange ribbon she always tied her thick black locks in.

Lana smiled, “It’s cool, dude. But don’t think I’m not gonna be texting you problems that I really don’t get.”

Hunk beamed, “Deal. But I know this other girl who’s in Iversons class this semester. She comes into the cafe at around this time, maybe you two can study together.” Lana knew exactly who Hunk was referring to. Dark hair, sparkling eyes, always wearing some form of leather.

“Why do I have a feeling that this girl always comes in on a red motorcycle, sits right behind me in math, and is the bane of my existence?” Lana frowned.

Hunk shrugged, escaping back into the kitchens, “I dunno about all of that, but I do know you made out with her for a good thirty seconds on New Years before dipping out.” she winked. Lana turned a brilliant scarlet, just as the door chimed.

“Welcome to Voltron Cafe!” Lana called out, already scooping whipped cream into a cup. The drink was already finished by the time the customer made it to the counter. Lana turned, hot drink in hand, to face none other than Kat Kogane.

“Whipped cream with a three shots of hot coffee for Kat?” Lana asked in her best customer service voice. Kats eyes widened at how fast Lana made her order. She didn’t even get a chance to watch the cute barista make her drink from afar.

“Y-you- You remembered my order?” Kat stammered out.

Lana shrugged, punching numbers in on the cash register, “It’s not that complicated. And don’t worry, I tried not to make it as foamy.” Kat internally winced at the mention of foam and her awful attempt in looking cool in front of her crush.

“You’re never going to let that go, huh?” Kat frowned as Lana counted out her change.

“Tell you what, Kitty Cat,” Lana smirked, handing Kat her change. “Help me learn the last two chapters for Iversons math test from hell, and i’ll let it go. Shoot, i’ll put every bad interaction we’ve ever had behind me.”

“How generous of you.” Kat deadpanned, taking a sip of her perfectly made vienna coffee.

“I know, i’m just a wonderful human being. So will you do it or not?” Lana sighed, cocking a hip to the side.

“Throw in a couple of those chocolate chip cookies and you have a deal.” Kat smirked back.  Lana threw two cookies into a bag and practically jumped over the counter with her spiral and textbook. “Deal.” Lana will deal with Al’s lecture later, right now, she needed help.

       After a long study session, Lana and Hunk cleaned and closed up the shop together. It was company policy that workers should throw out any leftover baked goods, so that fresh ones can be made in the mornings. That never did sit well with Lana. Hunk was an artist in the kitchen and her food tasted like it too. She wasn’t about to throw that art away, with only racoons to savor it! So she packed up her besties leftover treats in a box and closed the shop. Lana bid Hunk goodnight, and walked to her blue Prius. There was a cherry red motorcycle parked right next to her car. Lana couldn’t help the smile that stretched across her face.

“Hey.” she called out to the other girl, handing Kat the box that was in her hand. Kat cautiously looked at the box and looked at Lana. “It’s not filled with snakes or anything.” Lana rolled her eyes.

“Are you allowed to be giving me this?” Kat asked in a hushed voice.

   Lana laughed, “You don’t have to whisper. They’re cupcakes, not cocaine. But, yeah. It’s company policy that we through out all unsold baked goods. But I usually just take them home, or hand them out to other poor starving college students like myself.” Kat only nodded her head, unsure of what to say. “This was more of a thank you, for agreeing to teach me math. And giving me a sliver of hope for Iversons test tomorrow.” Lana blabbered. Kat turned to put the box of treats on her motorcycle and pulled out a pen from her pocket. Kat grabbed Lanas hand and scribbled her number onto her palm. Kat silently prayed to whatever God was listening to her that her hands weren’t sweaty. It was Lanas turn to look at the palm of her hand, then Kat, then back to her hand.

“It’s my number,” Kat explained quickly, “in case you have any more questions.” Lana stared at Kat with wide blue eyes, and they narrowed immediately. Kats face burned in embarrassment. Did Lana know that she had a massive crush on her? That Kat was dying to give the pretty brunette with crystal blue eyes her number? Shiro always told her she was a shit liar, but Kat thought she had a pretty solid alibi!  

“Oh hell no.” Lana finally spoke. A part of Kat died inside. “I will not let you beat me in the flirting department! That was smooth as hell Kitty Kat, but i’ll woo your socks off. Just you watch!” Lana called, walking to the drivers side of her car. Kat let out a breath, and chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah lover girl. How about you focus on aceing our math test tomorrow?” Kat called, mounting her bike. Lana rolled down her passenger side window to wink at Kat before bidding her goodnight. Kat couldn’t help the stupid grin that was stretched across her face the entire ride home.


((V: I AM LITERALLY SCREAMING RIGHT NOW OKAY, THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! ASDFHUJIARLEKWDSFHUGIJRKLFDMS!!! I seriously was not expecting this when i logged in today!! Dude!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 

Lana is SO ON POINT!!! Like, i couldn’t even portray her better than this!!! And it’s so funny omg, I already wanna doodle this omg I love it so much!!! Everyone is so great and aahh this is perfect!!! Thank you for this!!!!!

Y: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa THIS IS TOO CUTE OH GOSHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you for this this was just so cute and honestly made my entire day! I was screaming at Kat this whole time when you mentioned her fuck up like “GOD KAT WHAT IS YOUR DEAL???” 

This is absolutely beautiful and super cute! I loved the way you portrayed Kat as this bumbling awkwardly in love idiot! Like that’s what I’ve been trying to get her to come across as this whole time and you’ve done it so well! SO MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE OMG THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you so much for this this was just so wonderful! Thank you for putting up with us and our shenanigans and inconsistent updates (mostly me sorry about that yo school kicking my ass im sorry) 

We promise to update much more in the future!!!!))

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! Okay, since the br thing was a flop (lmao) I decided to just do a follow forever thing. This’ll include all the blogs I follow, with my mutuals bolded, my favourite blogs italicized, and my favourite mutuals will be italicized and bolded. If I forgot anyone, just shoot me a message or an ask and I’ll make sure to add you immediately :)

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Coffee Charms

oh, um hi! okay, so being a fanboy in a female-dominate fandom, you can never find readerxidol for males.. i swear.. especially when it’s with a male idol.. if you know of any, could you please recommend me some? or could you even write one? it would honestly make my day! if you do decide to, i heard about your exo thing and i wanted chanyeol but shownu and jackson are a-okay too! thank you ! <3

Note: I know, I know - coffee shop cliche’s are not my strong point but I tried to do it anyway. Thank you for the request! I attempted to use male pronouns for you but I’m used to writing you so it’s not really that obviously male but I tried ok please love it anyway I tried hard! By the way, this request legit nearly made me cry because omg I hate it when people dismiss fan boys and like, they need to be loved too I totally swing both ways so so I understand how frustrating it must be - I’m going to stop ranting now, please, enjoy! 

Disclaimer: As always, I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Originally posted by yeolhighness

Chanyeol’s hands work magic on the coffee machine, grinning widely at each customer as though it doesn’t cost him a thing. But while his charm is so avidly captivating and catches the attention of every soul that steps in the cafe, he is never diverted from working his job. His hands hardly stop moving, gracing their way around the counter like it was home.

When you stepped inside for the first time, it was him that took your interest first. You hardly noticed the beautifully laid tables or laced table cloths that look so pure against the sea blue walls, because your eyes were completely on the waiter behind the label of ‘Chanyeol.’

Stepping forward, eyes shy and cheeks rosy you took your turn to order from the man that looked at you so wonderfully.

“Sir, how may I help you?” He leans on the counter with his strong arms, and it’s hard not to think of how it would feel to be trapped between them.

“Uh… coffee, please?” You ask, feeling stupid at your stuttering request.

“Just a plain old coffee?” Chanyeol asked, biting his lip questionably as he tilts his head to the side - resembling a puppy, so cute and charming it’s hard to remember to breathe.

“Yeah.” You confirm, nodding as you stuff your hands in your pockets.

“Nah that won’t do at all.” Chanyeol grinned, “How about I make you something up special? And if you don’t like it you can have your plain coffee instead for free.”

You find yourself nodding, and Chanyeol gets straight to work after sparing a second to wink in your direction graciously as though it was a second nature. You watched him work his way around th kitchen, his fingers pressing buttons and outstretching for creams and milks as though he knew the place better than the back of his hand.

It was while he looked so immersed that you truly realised how enchanting he looked. His strong arms prominent under his black shirt and his slim yet well- build chest outlined underneath his apron. His legs were represented perfectly under his trousers, and his face, his only showing skin was enough to make you quake under your own, jelly legs. His eyes were wide and passionate and his lips pouting in concentration. It was a sight that you could never bore yourself of.

Then, he turned around, and the suddenness of it made you jump. But he grinned, sliding the coffee over the counter in it’s take away insulating cup. Chanyeol rested his elbows against the counter, then put his chin in his palms as he watched you take the first sip.

Nerves coursed your veins, but you drank either way, allowing the hot, creamy liquid to slip down your throat. If heaven was real - this is what it would taste like. You gave Chanyeol the thumbs up, smiling.

“It’s nice.” You told him, somewhat unsure of how to express how you were feeling. It was true that the coffee was amazing, but not as half as amazing as the barista who had made it.

“Does that mean you’ll come and see me more often from now on then?” Chanyeol questioned winked, “If so, then my master plan to pull you worked like a charm. They do say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” He then chuckled, and you did too, until the words slowly sunk in and you found yourself looking at him with questioning eyes and butterfly batting at your ribcage. It was hard to hide the blush on your cheeks, and it made it worse that Chanyeol seemed actively aware of your embarrassment.

“Ah~ so you’re shy.” Chanyeol grinned, “Does that mean I need to ask you out first too?”

You smiled shyly, looking down as Chanyeol watched you, some kind of interest filled in his eyes.

“Alright then Mr Talk A Lot, how about you come here for five and I’ll drive us somewhere nice? Believe it or not, I’m as good as entertaining a date as I am at making coffee.”

“That sounds great” You replied, biting your lip.

Chanyeol pulled the pen from his apron and slid a napkin towards him before scribbling a combination of numbers down, almost ripping the fabric in excitement before sliding the napkin over to you, that charming grin still playing at his lips.

“Just in case you need anything… like a second date if all goes well on this one.”

You nodded, pulling the coffee and the napkin close to you.

“I’ll see you at five?” You asked.

“I’ll see you at five.” Chanyeol confirmed.

Obrigada @rkaoril minha gata gaúcha ;) And thank you my loves @fuzzywuzzylittletail @mattnyc816 @chernwei5784 @nekomimiranger for the tag ^-^

Gender: Female 

Star Sign: I don’t believe in signs ;)… but in case, it’s scorpio

Height: 1,68m/ 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: I don’t know XD

Hogwarts House: Uh I don’t know much about Harry Potter (But if I was at Hogwarts I would spend the whole day in the Library XD)

Favorite Color: Violet, light blue, light pink and red

Favorite Animal: BUNNIES and foxes XD

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 or 6 hours 

Cat or Dog Person: Both ^-^

Favorite Fictional Characters: Judy and Nick (obviously), JACK SAVAGE, Toothless, Ariel, Belle, Elsa, Moana, Anna, Rapunzel, Tiana, Hiccup, Aslan aaand … ALL DISNEY CHARACTERS!! XD

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Dream Trip: Ahhhhh so many… uhmm France, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Polynesia, Germany etc etc… I love meeting new places and new cultures :D

Dream Job: Animator or character designer of Disney! Or a scientist (biology or astronomy)

When was this Blog made: I made this blog in July 2016, but I started to use it only in September.

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What Made You Decide To Create This Blog? I created it to see all the fanarts and fanfics of Zootopia, especially from @aoimotion and @rem289, but I never imagined that I would join in the fandom and meet such amazing friends, artists and writers :D

I tag @cloudyloudy @andyourteeth @alexland @rainydayarts @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps @frithislord @fourthdimension99 @emgmusic1 @nami-things @mama-sally

sarcasticfallenangel  asked:

Omg hi darling! Okay so first of all I just wanted to say I love your art so much, it's frigging beautiful!(I'm also Pan and Mexican-American) And now for the request, could you possibly draw the babe Michael in a 80's/90's outfit? I just imagine him wearing something from those years and can't get it out of my head. I'm rambling now, love your blog!♡

Thank you so much for the message! This made my day =) Anyways here the boy with his outdated clothes

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YOURE AWESOME TOO (sorry that this is a late response i was busy with finals) AND THAT BONUS PUPPY WAS AMAZING. I LOVE DOGGOS SO MUCH AAAAA THANK YOU FRIEN


Originally posted by petcornerblog

And omg I hope your finals went okay??? 💙💙

Before we begin, let’s just take a moment to appreciate Ferid driving around in a convertible like nothing is about to go horribly, horribly wrong.

Okay! So, oh gosh. I’ve had this blog for like 6-7 days now and never, never did I expect to have so many amazing followers so quickly. I mean, I’ve had blogs for like a year and a half that don’t have that many! So thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

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aikomitsune replied to your post “�������� thank you so much for all the love today!!”

awawwawawaw (T▽T) <3 I draw Jacket a bit like yours. (He just has messy hair and not a “good boy haircut” xD) But I must say that you made my day! I never imagined that I could speak to you one day *very shy* <3 SO THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN !!!

Ahha you know, the good boy haircut thing comes from the fact that his sprite looks like he has a sidepart.. It’s just always been how I’ve drawn him and it stuck HSJF

OMG NO THOUGH I’m always here to talk, don’t be shy <3 I mean it’s okay if you are but don’t worry, I don’t bite!! <333 Thank you for being so sweet to me!!!

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May I request were the GOM are in long distance relationship, and they meet up with their female s/o first time? Thank you! Hope your day has been well ^^

hi, omg, i am so terribly sorry with how delayed this post is. i answered this post about a week ago, but i fell asleep on my bed writing it that it deleted everything when i woke up *cries*. i never got around to finishing it because school started again and so it is finally rest day and i have time to answer and i’m so happy for this thanks love! xxx (i made them meet once or twice bc i don’t rlly believe in ‘never-meeting-relationships’ so hope it’s okay!)

Kuroko Tetsuya: He stood at the entrance of the gates connected to your plane, externally composed, but internally worrying and fidgeting about. He held Nigou in his practice bag, shushing sporadically when he made a shuffling noise or a whine. He hasn’t met you in over six months, the last time being the Winter cup where your school had come to compete. You were the coach’s daughter and manager of the team, and the two of you had bumped into each other outside the stadium after Seirin won against your school. Instead of anger, or discomfort, you had gone up to him, thanked him for a great game and wished to play again together. He fell for your quiet grace, and exchanged emails and phone numbers, developing a closer relationship.

The intercom called out your plane number, and notified the enitre building of the exact time you and the rest of the passengers would be out. He readjusted the straps of his bag, the weight getting heavier and heavier each minute.

“Kuroko-kun!” Your voice reached out and was heard above the crowded people all rejoicing at being with their loved ones or being back home again. Kuroko put his bag down, stretching his arms out in time for you to jump into his arms, holding onto his neck as tightly as possible. He breathed onto your neck, smiling at your obvious excitement patting your hair down.

“Hello, ____-san, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you, a lot.”

Originally posted by maryjosez

Kise Ryouta: He tapped his foot up and down, anxiously waiting for your arrival. He had just come straight from his shoot, blond hair wind blown, with correction make up, and whatnot. He held a bouquet of flowers, although very uncommon in Japan, he had wanted to make you feel loved, since the two of you had been lacking it several days now. You were busy with your own school, and your own job, and the additional fact that you lived in a different country put a damper to his plans, and so endless texting, calling, and facetiming were the norm for the both of you. His blue phone rang, signaling either a message from you, or his manager. It was the latter, which greatly disappointed him, eyes downcast, he picked up the phone,

“I know, I know, we’re on a tight schedule, but I cant miss this day, y'know that mane-cchi san!”

“I understand, Kise-kun, but the producer really needs you here, asap. The next filming is soon and if you don’t make it by 3:00, you’re in big trouble! We’re both in big trouble!”

“She has to be coming out now! Just give us five more minutes! I pro-” He was abruptly cut off by a tapping on his shoulder.

“Hi, Ryouta-kun!” There you were, adorned in comfy clothes, in all your glory, standing before him. He missed his chance to be the first one to go to you, being caught up with his manager. He enveloped you in a hug, letting out a squeal.

“Ah! ____-cchi! I’ve missed you so much!”

Originally posted by abigayle12000

Midorima Shintaro: He pushed up his glasses, sighing at the delay of your plane. It had already been thirty minutes since he got there, and the lucky item for the day was getting heavier and heavier on his back: a big backpack full of mineral rocks. He met you once at a school event, where they took in international students for a month, and was assigned in a group project together. He expected language barriers, of course, but you was a fluent speaker, being of Japanese descent. He disliked you at first, being a bit loud and certainly unappreciative of his lucky items. He was able to get to know you through Takao, when he invited you to practice,and watched you shoot some hoops.

He hasn’t seen you in months now, the last time being the day you had to leave the school, and the day he confessed to you. There was more urging on your part, but he succeeded nonetheless. He noticed you looking around, and pushing up his glasses once more, he quietly walked over to you, a bit of relief and embarrassment glazing over his cheek.

“_____.” Your eyes lit up, hands clasping his forearms, and movng in to hug and kiss your cheek.

“Shintaro, long time no see! It’s been too long; I missed you!” His cheeks were ablaze, though he tentatively set his arms around your waist.

“I-I have missed you, too, nanodayo.”

Originally posted by mrspprincess

Aomine Daiki: He was already running late because of the ‘power nap’ he tried to take which turned into a three hour sleep, only awake since Satsuki was there to remind him with 47 messages your plane would be arriving soon. Still in a basketball jersey and sweat pants, he checked his phone every minute, watching for your message. Sighing angrily, he raced up the stairs of the airport, eyes swimming around, searching for your familiar face.

“You’re late, Daiki.” Foot tapping irritably on the surface of the concrete, arms crossed over your chest, and expression cloudy you stared at your huffing boyfriend. He grinned, scratching the back of his neck, footsteps slowing as he reached over to you. You were still as feisty as he could remember, and he couldn’t help but smirk at when you gave him an earful for being late to their practice game three months ago. Coming from a foreign country to play against one of Japan’s best, you were most excited to see how tough the competition would be for your boys, but first impressions were never your strong point. What started with a roocky start led to something definitely what you weren’t expecting.

“Ah, I fell asleep.” It was your turn to huff out a sigh of indignation.

“It’s been three months and that’s all you say to me?” He languidly stretched his arms towards you, bringing you into a tight grasp, and buried his head into the crook of your neck.

“I’ve missed you so damn much, babe.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his toned waist. Drinking in the sight and feeling of your boyfriend, you let go, kissing him once.

“By the way, Satsuki-chan called. As punishment for being late, we’re going shopping together; all three of us!”

Originally posted by myworld-mysadimperfection

Murasakibara Atsushi: Snacking on his Maiubo, the two feet giant waited impatiently at the restaurant you two promised to meet up at. Since you were aware the purple haired boy wouldn’t be up for waiting at the airport, he might as well wait somewhere he was comfortable at. You raced to the restaurant, already ten minutes late your promised time. Pushing back your hair, your eyes scanned around the room for a tall, hungry purple boy. You spotted him on the table right near the kitchen, lazily talking to someone on the phone. His enormous figure was hunched, chin resting on the white table cover, and eyes half lidded. You gingerly walked over to him, nervousness finally resting in your stomach. You haven’t seen him for so long, it was like you were meeting him for the first time again. He noticed your footsteps, lilac eyes blinking up towards you.

“Aka-chin, I gotta go. _____ -chins finally here.” He promptly hung up, and slowly rose from his chair. Although it had only been ten minutes, every minute seemed like an hour to Murasakibara.

“You’re late, ____-chin.” Your cheeks turn red, as you walk closer towards him.

“Well, I wouldn’t have been late if you agreed to meet up somewhere near the airport.” He shrugged his shoulders, hands itching to touch you and embrace you tightly.

“I like this restaurant. It’s where we met.” You lunged at your boyfriend, burrying your face into his abdomen. Murasakibara could be so sweet without realizing it himself, and you figured you could forgive him for today.

“I missed you, you big giant.” He patted your head, bringing his arms around your figure.

“Me, too, ____-chin. But can we eat first? I’m starving.”  

Originally posted by aetv

Akashi Seijurou: It’s been a few weeks since he was informed you were coming back for another two months. He initially thought to surprise you with him going to your home, but busy scheduling would not allow it, and so Akashi was forced to wait till your summer vacation started in May. Since his started on the end of July, and yours ended early August, he had plenty of time to use to introduce you to Japan and his friends, as well as obtain some time alone with each other. Coming straight from basketball practice, Akashi was still in his school uniform when he arrived at the airport. Practice ran a bit longer than expected, and he would have been late if he returned home to change his appearance. His red locks a bit damp from the shower, he waited patiently for you. You came out, a bit groggy and still jet lagged from the plane, looking for your boyfriend. Red immediately caught your eyes, and you wasted no time in throwing your arms around Akashi’s neck. He caught you by your waist, smiling down at you.

“Hello, _____. I’ve missed you terribly and I apologize for my appearance. We just finished practice.” You smiled, shaking your head in response.

“I don’t care about what you’re wearing Seijurou! I missed you so much; how is everyone? Are they all well?” Caressing your cheek, he answered each question with detail, knowing how much you enjoyed hearing about his friends and teammates. Taking your luggage, the two of you headed out to the elevator, leading to his black car.

“You must be tired, love, I’ll escort you home. We can talk more tomorrow, at this new restaurant that opened near my house. I’ll see you at seven.”

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rizachan  asked:

Hello, um. I was planning to participate at ask-the-vinsmokes's writing contest and I was wondering if you'd mind that I'll add your muse to my story? It's okay if you refuse, I'll respect it hehe.. Good day~

//omfg x"DDDDD but Sanji is an OP char and I am not the only Sanji askblogger out there? And snajey also have their own Sanji so like asking me just for using Sanji is… weird? Because he is not mine??? Unless you mean to refer at some of my events that made the Sanji /my/ Sanji. Omg ;w; I am so honored if you do tho’. Pls tag me too in there! I would like to seeee!!!! Thank you so much!!! ♡♡♡

To anyone who wished to write/draw anything related to this blog’s havocs… feel free to do it!! pls tag me in those because I’d really LOVE to see that!

Good luck to your entry!!! And for everyone: JOIN MA BRO’S CONTEST!!! @ask-the-vinsmokes

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really liked your writing (scenario?) about MC already having a child before RFA and I was wondering if you could also do one for Jaehee? She's my favorite and I would love to see how you would think she would react!

Ahh yes of course!! Now that I’ve done her route I would be happy to. :D Also thank you for saying you like my writing, you made my day!


  • After the initial “well that’s unexpected” she’s mostly just nervous because she hasn’t had much experience with kids before
    • unless u count seven lmao
  • She is rather excited to meet the child, though, and it’s suuuper cute when she does
    • “J-Jaehee… you don’t have to shake their hand. They’re two years old.”
    • “R-Right! Oh god. Sorry.”
    • “omg it’s okay…” You laugh because she’s adorable! But you hide it because you don’t want her to think you’re making fun of her.
    • After that your kid goes around trying to shake everyone’s hands a few days afterwards and you jUST ABOUT DIE IT’S TOO CUTE
  • As time goes on Jaehee becomes much more comfortable with the kid, to the point where no one would be able to tell she wasn’t their biological mom
    • She has a very calm and patient demeanor around them; she’s really good at keeping them from getting too riled up/rambunctious just by talking to them
    • She’s also so protective, in a wear-five-jackets-so-you-don’t-catch-a-cold way, and it’s the best
    • Sometimes she’ll watch Zen’s appropriate musicals with them and they’ll fall asleep in her lap and you’re just :’)
    • Just like Zen said, she’s good at nearly anything she puts effort into, and that apparently includes being a mom!

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*Sara.exe has stopped working. Please reboot*



(in all seriousness though like this made my day like I’m tired as shit and in a bad mood because of it and I really don’t want to deal with the bitchass coworkers at my second job cuz I’ll probably punch someone today but YOU JUST BRIGHTENED MY DAY! LIKE I THINK I CAN GET THROUGH IT WITH NO VIOLENCE NOW THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIEND)

Man why are you so freakin kind and awesome!?!?!? STAY AWESOME LOVE💜💜💜

~Tell me what you think of me~

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Hi!! You're blog actually does give me life and I love it so much! I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think I check out this blog like every day hahaha. But what could a fan wear to impress JHope Suga Junggook and V at like a fansign? If you could do all the members that's be amazing but if not the four members are okay too!!! Thank YOU!~

omg you’re so cute. thank you so much! we do this for you guys (: 

sure i can do all of the members!

ok so i’m basing this off of what they’ve said about their ideal types sense of style. i’ve post the images of outfits that i’ve made and summed up the translations of their interviews (with my own input as well)

Jin: obviously mama Seokjin likes the ‘cute’ type. he’s made it clear that he’s into feminine girls that can work simplicity. so long hair worn out in loose waves, over a loose knit sweater (or anything oversized) with simple skinny jeans. i think he likes the tops to be bigger because then she’ll look small and dainty. simple accessories and cute sneakers - he also really likes girls in glasses. an important note he said: “going overboard with cuteness and not dressing for your own age is not attractive.”

Suga: Yoongi would prefer a girl that can rock a variety of styles. he’s really into the urban ‘street style’ as well as the laid-back look. i can see him liking a girl that has medium length hair, with more of an edgy dye and cut. as for the outfit - a leather jacket with a white crop top and black leggings or skinny jeans is his ideal outfit. for shoes, he likes sneakers unless they’re converse apparently lol. he also thinks a girl in Jordans is super attractive. not sure how he would feel about jewelry but i don’t think he’d be into anything too flashy.

Namjoon: joonie is also into the street style. something laid back and casual, but that you make look sexy. for hair i can see him liking it long or short, and styled nicely.although i doubt he’d be impressed, because i’m sure many girls wear what he considers his ‘ideal outfit’ to the fan signs. we all know his ideal outfit do i even need to explain, he says it all the fricken time we can’t forget it

J-Hope: hobi loves the feminine look of long hair over a dress, but definitely not with high heels! he isn’t really into the flashy style scene, rather something with a tom-boyish feel. Nikes or Jordans with leggings is nice too!

Jimin: chimchim would like a style with a soft and pretty essence. for hairstyles he thinks loose buns and half up do’s are cute. he’s into colours and textures that match, along with oversized clothing. most of them seem to be into this style. he likes skinny jeans, but “shorts are okay, too.” he isn’t too picky with shoes, but he does like high or low heels! 

V: our little Taehyung has specifically said that since he’s really into women’s fashion, he likes a similar style to his own. something comfortable yet fashionable. he’s really into black and grey oversized clothing. so bigger tops and hoodies. matched with skinny jeans or skirts. Converse, Adidas or Vans for shoes. for some reason i feel like he has no preference for hair.

Jungkook: lmao the fetus has said that he doesn’t really understand fashion, but he’s into big tops over shorts. also the look of someone wearing an all black outfit. i think something with a bit of a ‘rocker’ look. he also likes beanies and sneakers like Vans or Converse.

~ admin ariel

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okay omg I've been a Green Day fan and lover for like 8 years or something and on tumblr since 2013/14 and I just don't understand why I did not follow you until now... your blog is awesome as fxxk!!!

AW THANK YOU you are so sweet!!! my tumblr is literally just me making dumb posts about green day so you really didn’t miss out on much ✨

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I noticed that you just helped someone out and I'm guessing you do that quite often, but what I want to ask is how are you feeling? Is there anything you're struggling with and need our help with?

you are so cute i’m!! omg thank you for asking aah :”)

I’m actually doing okay?? like I still have the whole “what even is the point of studying this hard when the economy is terrible anyway and people are getting laid off” crises, but I don’t think that’ll ever go away :”D 

but omg ty for asking fhsks you honestly made my day so thank you ahh <33

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okay so i was seriously having a really Bad Day™ but then i listened to your podcast (i don't know what else to call it and i really wish it was a podcast sjdnqhsj) and you made me so happy??? you're such a pure angel??? thank you!!

aww i’m sorry you had a bad day!!! i’m really glad i helped somehow! <3 

and hahaha omg i’ve always wanted to run a podcast!! i don’t have fancy equipment, and i had recorded that on my phone in one take, but maybe i could do audio posts more often or something 

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Top 5 harry potter moments

Can I do top 7???

omg but seriously like I said the other day when someone else answered this THIS QUESTION IS SO HARD TO ANSWER BUT THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME. Okay I’ll do my best to choose 5 that I think sum up my beautiful black haired boy perfectly!!! 

1. ‘Hagrid,’ he said quietly, 'I think you must have made a mistake. I don’t think I can be a wizard.’ This beautiful child just flat out can’t believe that there could be something special about him. When you look how Voldemort reacted when he found out he was magic ’I knew I was special. Always. I knew there was something’ and then at Harry, who thinks it must be some sort of joke, it’s so sad. Harry was raised to think he was inferior and hopeless. Even though strange things had often happened to him he couldn’t really let himself believe that he was special. Harry’s struggling with his doubts about his own ability right from the beginning, he was never arrogant and he was never full of himself, as one certain potions master liked to believe. 

2. When Harry uses sectumsempra on Draco. Harry’s a reckless person who often acts before he thinks (which is sometimes awesome sometimes not so awesome) and him using a spell that could be dangerous is a good example. Draco was in the middle of attempting to crucio Harry and he panics and shouts out this curse that he had no idea what would do in return. I love this part because the way Harry acts afterwards said everything about his character. He panics straight away, he is terrified at what he has done and what’s happening to Draco. He’s horrified by himself. Harry is not a bad person. He doesn’t want to see people suffer and he especially doesn’t want to be the one hurting them if he can help it. The fact that Harry was so surprised by what the spell actually did too said a lot as well, Harry so blindly trusted and loved that book, he even said the book had become a sort of guide and a friend to him. Like his father, Harry’s blind love and trust got him into trouble. 

And also, right after this, ‘ROONIL WAZLIB, THAT’S MY NICKNAME’ is the most hilarious and perfect thing ever o m g. 

3. Harry in Dumbledore’s office at the end of OOTP. ‘I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANY MORE-‘ This part is heart breaking. I can feel my heart breaking with Harry’s every time I read it. This is the first time we ever see Harry really, really lose control. This boy has gone through the absolute worst shit all his life. The whole year he’d been going through the trauma of dealing with Cedric’s murder and Voldemort being back and he wasn’t looked after properly. Don’t ever tell me Harry was a ‘whiny brat’ in OOTP. Ever. He went through hell and he had to deal with it by spending the summer locked up with no contact or information with his world. After everything he’d gone through that year he loses Sirius. Losing Sirius breaks Harry and the way Harry reacts in Dumbedore’s office is so gut wrenching. He fucking said he doesn’t want to be human or alive anymore oh my god. But then Harry gets it together, he deals with it as best as he can and he carries on. Because he’s a fighter and he’s amazing and he’s Harry James Potter. 

4. Harry forgiving Ron when he leaves. I love this part so so much because their friendship is the.most.important thing!! Harry and Ron mean more to each other than anyone. Harry loves Hermione but she isn’t Ron. Harry even said that hearing Ron’s voice gives him the strength to stand up after being in the icy water. The three of them have the most beautiful friendship and they all needed each other to function properly, Harry and Hermione could barely bring themselves to talk when Ron was gone. 'it was only now that Ron was here again that Harry fully realised how much his absence had cost them.' Ron comes back, fully aware and sorry for his mistakes and Harry forgives him almost instantly. He doesn’t hold Ron leaving against him and he loves him no less for it. It’s a mark of how strong their friendship is on both sides. This line is my favourite 'above all, Ron’s return, made Harry so happy that it was quite difficult to maintain a straight face.' 

5. Harry in Kings Cross. I just love everything about this whole part, it makes me so upset but so happy and I just love Harry. He’s got the choice, to move on, to join Dumbledore and his parents and Sirius and all the people he loved so much and lost. And he chooses to survive. He wants to keep living. Harry has more reason than anybody to choose not to keep going but he does it. He knows he’s got work to do and he fucking does it. What a god damn hero. Give me Harry James Potter or give me nothing. 

'Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.' 

HARRY LIVED WITH SO MUCH LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE. Harry represents EVERYTHING the whole series is about and I just love him so much H a r r y JAMES  POTTTERRRRRR.