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finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

Things to be happy about today

-Somewhere in the world, it has just gotten warm enough to have a pleasant afternoon walk. A girl calls for her dog and grabs the leash. Little puppy nails scramble against the tile, and the dog almost careens into the table, barely able to control the inertia of his own excitement.

-Somewhere in the world, a young man nudges his wife. “It’s time to wake up,” he murmurs. She mumbles something that may or may not be words and pulls the covers over her head. The boy can’t help the smile that softly spreads across his face. He nestles back into the covers and wraps his arm around her, deciding that, perhaps just this one time, they can spare a few more minutes in bed. The girl peeks out from her blanket cocoon, and the boy takes the chance to swoop in for a kiss on her nose. She squeaks and bats him away. “Don’t do that!” But she’s laughing. They both are. The boy takes a moment to wonder how he got so lucky. He loves her so, so much.

-Somewhere in the world, a person idly doodles in their notebook during class. When they examine their handiwork, they realize that the drawing is actually pretty good. They wear a small, goofy smile for the rest of the day.

-Somewhere in the world, an old woman slowly slips on her gardening gloves and hobbles outside to check on her plants. As she bends to grab the watering can, she sees that one of her tulips has bloomed, a brilliant red nestled in a sea of green. She claps her hands, once, and calls inside for her grandson to come look. 

-Somewhere in the world, two shy people are in love. They sit by a bonfire, watching the crackling of the flames and thinking about how they are going to tell their families. One of them tenses and relaxes their hand a few times, wondering what their mother will think, what their friends will think, what they will do if no one approves. Their anxiety builds until they feel a soft hand catch theirs. They look up, into the warm, inviting eyes of the person they adore, and their shoulders relax. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. They will make it through together, and it will be worth it. It will all be okay.

-Somewhere in the world, a young immigrant holds a letter from her dream college in her hands. Her whole body shakes as she runs her nail along the envelope, tearing it open. Her parents hover over her shoulder, filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement. They don’t understand much English, but they recognize the word that appears at the top of the page when it is unfolded: congratulations! Everyone starts cheering at once. This is the first time the girl has ever seen her father cry. They all throw themselves in a messy group hug, bouncing up and down in a rhythm that is not synced, but somehow still seems like a perfect harmony.

-Somewhere in the world, you woke up. It may be the easiest thing you had to do today, or the hardest thing you have to do every day. Either way, your eyes fluttered open and you took a deep breath, letting the sensation of consciousness wash over you. It may be a nice feeling. It may be a burden. But you have done it. You have risen to the challenge of a new day. You may accomplish one of your life’s dreams today. You may only accomplish the act of allowing your heart to beat. Both of these things are worth celebrating. 

-Somewhere in the world, a young woman with a very tiny ponytail types at a keyboard. She is tired, barely able to keep her eyes open, but she is grateful to be alive for another day. She knows that her words may reach no one, but that there’s a chance someone’s heart may be a little lighter if she sends her thoughts out into the world, and it’s a chance she’s willing to take. She settles on the last thing she wants to say before closing her laptop and dozing off for an afternoon nap:

The mistakes you made yesterday don’t matter anymore. Today is the perfect day to try again.


Finish with Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID) QwQ

I made these Mystic Messenger A6 Size Print and was really suprised that it quickly sold out (; 7 ;)
Thank you for those who purchased it >_<

For Jaehee and V image please check here :3

B.A.P Daehyun - Debut Story

“In my second year of high school, Someone saw me practicing and asked if I was interested in joining a youth club, so it was a time where we uploaded practice videos on the internet. At the time, I had friends who did bboying so I learned dancing too.”

With one of his friends seeing the amount of efforts he put in, he asked him if he’d like to go to an academy with him and that was then, at this time when Daehyun met his teacher who will become his life mentor, stacking his skills slowly, one by one.

“Our academy teacher poured everything of his for me, giving his all. It was my first time being anticipated by someone so to return that anticipation, I did my best.
With the mindset of working hard till death, I even cut off my cell phone plan to keep on practicing and stayed at the academy practicing till they closed. For about a year, I was crazy for singing and dancing.”

There’s the saying that even compliments make dolphins dance and thus the more compliments Daehyun heard from those around him, while receiving official music lessons, the more his singing skills improved day by day.

Soon enough, his efforts met its result as he successfully finished his first solo stage at the concert that his academy held.

“Our academy held a recital and that was the first time I performed in front of my parents.
With the thought of performing for my parents, I practiced to the point of having vocal nodules.
Fatefully I was able to have a solo stage and I saw my mother in the audience. I cried then and so did my mother. When I got off the stage, I cried again in seeing my teacher’s face. It was my first time being on such a big stage and the song I happened to sing then was “A Dream of a Goose. I couldn’t hold back the tears in thinking of the effort I put in all that time.”

With Daehyun stacking his skills to a higher level slowly, a fateful opportunity approached him and that was when he found out that his current company, TS Entertainment, was holding auditions in Busan.

“When I heard the news of TS Entertainment holding auditions in Busan, at the same time I had another opportunity to stand on a different stage to perform.
I gave up the auditions to stand on that stage in which I placed second. After the performance, I got a phone call from TS Entertainment to know if I was interested in the auditions still.”

Daehyun, who had wanted to try a diverse range of music, continued to reject the offers of auditioning but when he began to think about his future, he eventually came up to Seoul.

“I went to go audition and I didn’t even know how to take the subway. With much difficulty, I was finally able to arrive at the company and take my auditions.
However, the response was very cold and even I, thought I did horrible at the auditions. I thought, "If they smile, then that means you passed,” so I brushed it off when I was going back down to Busan.”

However, his luck didn’t end there as he received news of qualifying when he was on the train heading back to Busan.

“I boarded the train to go back to Busan and I got a phone call from my teacher. I doubted it, but it was none other than the phone call telling me that I passed.
My teacher was a parental figure to me and I cried in seeing him happier than anyone else would be. As soon as I went back home, I hugged my teacher and shared my happiness with him.”

“I was sad to part with someone I liked and in seeing my teacher’s face again, I cried. All I could tell him was to wait a little longer in that I’ll return the favor to him. It was heartbreaking in having to leave my peers behind, who had the same dreams as I did.”

And Daehyun trained for roughly six months before he made his debut with B.A.P. Although his trainee days were short, his skills were acknowledged and earned the title of the team’s powerful vocalist.


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Hey so you probably get a lot of these and I don't want to take up too much of your time but I just wanted to let you guys know that as a long time Cosplayer who has wanted to do the Marauders for a while, I'm finally working on a Mooney cosplay with my group, you are the cosplays I look to as an example when it comes to design, head canons, portrayals. I marathoned Moonshadows in 2 days because of you. You made me fall in love with the Marauders all over again, keep up the amazing work.

That’s awesome! We’re always super happy to hear we have inspired other people to make more cosplays and fan-works! Thank you for this lovely message <3

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Sorry I just found this gif and had to use it /Sara

I still could feel the strong happiness and affection in this drawing. Like I’ve never seen so soft and full of love in their faces, enjoying their time together as if there’s no problem and everything is alright.

I can’t believe at my own drawing…

A Fun Day With Papa

The brightly colored shapes danced across her ceiling and walls in waves. The low insistent hum of what papa Magnus had called a pump was lulling her back to sleep. Madzie smiled and pulled the warm covers closer to her chin. 

It had been a fun and exciting day. Papa had shown her his magic, he’d conjured a beautiful tank of water set into the far wall of her room. He’d filled it will so many colorful things, rocks, sand and something he’d told her was coral. Finally papa conjured a mass of brightly colored fish, taking the time to name them for her, pointing out their gills, explaining how it helped them breathe underwater. 

When papa had winked, Madzie giggled. He told her she was just as pretty and special as the colorful fish in her new tank. Her gills were perfect, and meant to be. They watched her fish swim and play in the coral, until Madzie yawned. 

She crawled into papa’s lap and he opened her new book about tropical fish. The soft tone of his voice and vibrations of his chest as he read to her made her feel warm and happy. Loved. Her eyes felt heavy and closed against her will she wanted to watch the fish some more, see papa smile some more, but her little body was far too tired.

Papa’s strong arms lifted her and soon Madzie felt snug and warm in her soft bed. It wasn’t until a few hours later she woke for a moment to see the dancing shapes. And now she was smiling again thinking about her fun day with papa.

Daddy, Alec wouldn’t be home for another day, but when he did return, he’d promised to take her to the pool for her swimming lessons. Learning to swim was something that made her very happy, and her fathers knew this. Excitement welled up inside her, Madzie felt like her smile couldn’t get any larger but somehow it did. 

Turning onto her side to get comfortable, Madzie let her memories of her amazing day with papa and thoughts of swimming with daddy fill her mind and soon she was fast asleep once more.

OKAY. Okay. This was wild. I mean, first of all we have quite a few little gems in this new chapter like a flashback of Oikawa, Tsukishima without glasses, Hinata imitating Kageyama and the colour pages of course. 

However, most importantly, everything turned out like I thought it would turn out and how I wanted it to be. Kageyama finally got over his past experiences and dealt with it in a healthy way and was supported like he should’ve been years ago. It seams like he finally found that middle way I’ve been talking about and now he can really and truly move on. 

It’s a great character development for him and an important step towards becoming a better player, a better setter and not only being obedient and giving the others the tosses they want but also tosses that bring out the best in them. I seriously couldn’t be happier for him and I look forward to all the amazing things that are going to happen from now on!

For the best person in the world @rniq


Ooohhh my God~ I is a happy punk today~

So heads up, the artwork is NOT mine. I commissioned a friend some time ago for a Cecil and Carlos drawing and I just love this sooo much <3 definitely made my day and this…this just amazing~!

The artist in question can be found right here~: / @obiri-art

Thanks so much again for this! I really love it and everyone should definitely check out her other artwork too! :) Give her some love~! NOOOW~!

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I just want to say Thank you,do you remember that ask for ko and tsu?It's me,when I see you reply me ask I feel very happy you made me my day! and you make me want to ship komahinanami again//But if you can draw out my icon I very thank you!

a happy family!

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Jongin in EXO’rDIUM in Japan for the most darling @kaizzzi


I really wanted to make you gif but I’m actually very technologically troubled and have no idea how and barely made it through photoshop on my roommate’s laptop to make these edits but I really hope you like them! I will always be grateful to Jelly for introducing us and I’m so lucky to have a friend like you! You are so sweet and enthusiastic and your love for Jongin is infectious! Even if there is an ocean between us, know that I am pouring my love across it today (and every other day) hoping you have a beautiful and happy day! LOVE YOUUU <3