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Magic Works (aka STORY TIME)

Sit down, witches young and old.  I have a story to share.

So, in late Summer 2014, I was held at gunpoint and my car was stolen.  Without going into too much detail, I was out at night running errands and two masked men cornered me in the parking lot of my apartment complex.  (The Mister was not with me at the time; he was in the apartment.)  In the trunk of my car was my witchy box, which contained ALL of my most important craft materials including my book of shadows, my tarot, and my most beloved trinkets.  (I had taken it on a witchy retreat the weekend before.)

When they stole my car, they used it in a bank robbery and then ditched the vehicle after use.  I was DEVASTATED.  I couldn’t sleep or eat for days (trauma can be an absolute bitch); I was terrified to go out on my own, even on our porch.  I lost my job because I no longer had a means of transportation.  And to top it off, I ended up having a miscarriage around the same time.

Guys and gals, I went to a very dark place after this.  The police, as helpful as they were, told me that the likelihood of finding the vehicle was slim-to-none.  In fact, it is common in most places (and especially my state) that stolen vehicles are dumped in rivers or ravines, never to be found again.  What made matters worse was that I had JUST PAID THE CAR OFF and SWITCHED MY INSURANCE TO LIABILITY ONLY.  (For you bebes out there that don’t know, this means that your insurance company won’t replace the car if it is stolen.)

For months, I tried to dig myself out of this hole, but I felt like I couldn’t really connect with my craft because I was missing important elements to my spellwork.  Some of the things in that box were passed down for generations in my family.  They were absolutely priceless.  I felt so…lost.

The following May, I was visiting Tulum, Mexico.  A tropical storm was brewing off the shoreline and everyone else was drunk at one of the all-inclusive bar.  I watched from my balcony as surfers took to the turbulent waves and something came over me.  I felt a literal pull in my chest.  Something kept telling me to go to the water.

My family, friends, and the Mister all told me I was crazy when I went to the beach.  There was thunder, the waves were insanely high, and even the experienced surfers were having trouble.  On the lifeguard stands, black flags were posted (one of the signs that swimming is absolutely ill-advised) and for even an experienced competitive swimmer (that’s me!), it would be dangerous. But something told me to get into the water.

Nothing could have prepared me for the power of the ocean.  It pulled me when I resisted; it dragged against every limb and I became frightened.  But instead of thinking about the fact that I could possibly drown, I kept replaying those guys and their guns pointed at me, one shoved into my forehead.  I became angry; I kicked harder, pushed myself further until I felt the sand at my toes again.

I was crying and so angry.  I stood still in the water and called out into the wind.  I beat my fists against the surface of the sea (I probably looked insane, but no one was out there) and felt all of my pain seep away.  I begged the water for one thing: even if the car didn’t run, could my precious things be returned to me.  I bartered with the sea.

The sea giveth and the sea taketh away, as they say.  All of the hurt and terror and anguish I had felt over the previous year disappeared.  I was embraced by the water and somewhere so very deep inside me, I knew everything would be okay.  There was finally a sense of calm and clarity inside me, replacing the tumultuous emotions I had been feeling.

The morning we left, after the storms had passed, I went back to that secluded part of the beach and promised that I would dedicate my life to helping witches around me.  I had never made a promise like that in my life.

A month after that, the state police found my car.  It wasn’t in working condition at all, but everything remained intact in the trunk.  They brought it to my parents’ house and I rushed outside.  I sobbed when my dad opened the trunk and saw the box waiting, looking the exact same way it did the night the car was stolen.  Everything was in it, untouched by the elements.  (Eventually, I repaired the car enough for it to run another two-and-half-years, too!)

Magic is real.  Against impossible odds, there is power in every wish and desire.  I will never regret the promise I made that day.  I will never take for granted the gifts that have been given to me.  And when people scoff when I say that I am a witch, I inwardly smile and know that my magic is true and real.  I have all the proof I need.

Descriptive words for book reviews, essays and other things

“I liked it / it was nice”

  • lovely
  • delightful
  • pleasant
  • fair
  • pleasurable
  • approved
  • fine
  • satisfying
  • excellent
  • amazing
  • great
  • pleasing
  • sound
  • rad
  • worthy
  • superb

“It was complex in a good way/ it really grabbed my attention”

  • fascinating
  • intriguing
  • thought provoking
  • captivating
  • alluring
  • stimulating
  • intricate
  • sophisticated
  • labyrinthine
  • baroque

“It was complicated in a negative way / I didn’t quite understand it”

  • troublesome
  • inconvenient
  • difficult
  • vexing
  • tricky
  • puzzling
  • confusing
  • disorganised
  • obscure
  • far-fetched
  • strange

“It wasn’t very interesting / not very exciting”

  • boring
  • tedious
  • dull
  • unpleasant
  • mundane
  • stuffy
  • lifeless
  • repetitive
  • drudging
  • flat
  • tiresome
  • tame
  • depthless

“It made me a bit emotional/gave me the feels”

  • sentimental
  • emotional
  • moving
  • heartwarming
  • tear-jerking
  • affecting
  • heating
  • poignant
  • passionate
  • touching

“I’m not crazy about it / it was okay”

  • okay
  • passable
  • so-so
  • not bad
  • tolerable
  • adequate
  • middling
  • all-right
  • moderately pleasing

“Best thing ever”

  • fantastic
  • exceptional
  • marvelous
  • first-class
  • splendid
  • astounding
  • astonishing
  • extraordinary
  • phenomenal
  • wonderful

comparing things / “It was better than this other thing”

  • superior
  • favourable
  • preferable
  • more advanced
  • of higher rank
  • exceeding
  • distinguished
  • a cut above
  • more desirable
  • more valuable
  • improved
  • higher/better quality
  • more useful
  • surpassing
  • sharpened
  • more sophisticated

“It wasn’t good I didn’t like it”

  • bad
  • disagreeable
  • nasty
  • unrefined
  • horrible
  • unlikeable
  • coarse
  • imprecise
  • vexing
  • problematic
  • unimportant

“It was really bad”

  • terrible
  • repulsive
  • atrocious
  • disturbing
  • disastrous
  • revolting
  • rotten
  • loathsome
  • gruesome
  • appaling
  • abhorrent
  • dreadful
  • horrifying
  • poor
  • offensive
  • dire
  • awful
  • ghastly

Press X to give Nick a hug after Long Time Coming.

Honestly this part made me very emotional and I swear Bethesda needs to add HUGS to their dialogue options. Let me tell Nick everything’s gonna be okay and he has people who love HIM and not a ghost from the past.

This is not a repost. My old blog got deleted so I’m putting my art back up.

Top 10 moments when ACOMAF shattered my heart in the best way possible

Okay, now that I’ve spent my whole week just living and breathing about ACOMAF… re-reading ACOMAF… and just thinking about it obsessively and telling ALL my friends about it… I feel like now it is a good time to post this. I’m going to post my top 10 moments in ACOMAF where MY HEART BROKE. And I hope you guys can agree–because this fandom is one soul, and we ride and die together.  

10. When Feyre comforts Rhysand after waking him up from his nightmare.

Like first of all, OW. It just breaks my heart over and over to think about what Amarantha did to Rhys, and what scars it left behind. 

But… what broke my heart more was this:

“But–but how many nights had I wanted someone to do the same for me?” 


Because some stupid High Lord of the Spring Court just pretended to be asleep whenever she vomited her guts out, and pretended everything was all fine and dandy. You claim to love her, and yet, you let this happen. tamlin u shit bag

9. Lucien and Feyre reunion after Feyre goes to the Night Court. 

You gave up on me.” 

Look, guys, I know Lucien is not a bad person. Deep down, he is a good, troubled person who has a lot of his own scars, and I know that he does consider Feyre to be his friend and he does care about her. But he also chooses to yield to Tamlin at the end of everything. He does fight for her, but he doesn’t fight enough against Tamlin. Now, this could be because Tamlin does instill a lot of fear in Lucien–which, if it’s true, it is not a healthy friendship, even if Tam is Lucien’s High Lord. But it makes me wonder, you know. Where is our fiery Lucien, who once spat at Tamlin’s feet? I really do hope that Elain will help him change for the better. Or that he comes to this realization from himself. Man, I love Lucien, but he’s going to have to do a lot more to redeem himself. 

Because, see, even Rhys thinks that Lucien would’ve stepped in.

And this breaks Feyre’s heart, that her friend wouldn’t do this for her. And she would’ve fought for Lucien until the end, no doubt about. 


8. The scars that remain with Rhys because of Amarantha. 

The next scene that broke my heart happens during the sexytimes between Feyre and Rhys.

Okay, just re-reading this scene is making me really emotional. So I don’t know if I’m going to be coherent enough to say this. But like, guys. I think this scene is important–and heartbreaking at the same time–because it’s a moment where Rhysand’s scars are acknowledged. Again, it is so rare in YA fiction to see a male character who has been sexually abused, and Sarah explores the scars that remain within Rhysand. And it’s also important because he’s also able to overcome these scars, and find happiness even after the darkest of times.

7. How Rhysand is treated in Velaris vs. Under the Mountain

Okay, so I like how 8 and 7 relate to each other. 

What struck me about this scene was: “no one whispered about him or spat on him or stroked him as they had Under the Mountain”

What really breaks my heart here is that it’s not just Amarantha that violated Rhys. Others did it too, because Amarantha did it, because Rhys was Amarantha’s whore, and therefore, her property. 

And this makes me really sick to my stomach. And it breaks my heart. fuck

6. Feyre realizing how sad she is at the Spring Court before her wedding. 


my poor baby Feyre 

I spent a good portion of time during the beginning of the novel wanting to wrap her in a warm blanket, hug her, and tell her it’s okay. 

And Tamlin, CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS, is able to laugh freely. I’m gonna fight him

Even Rhys in Chapter 11 goes: “Months and months, and you’re still a ghost. Does no one there ask what the hell is happening? Does your High Lord simply not care?” (Shall we count this as like an honourable mention moment for when my heart broke into a million pieces… again) 

ha ha ha ha let me DIE my heart can’t take this 

5. Rhysand asks Feyre about her birthday. 

This isn’t a sad scene, but it still moved me and broke my heart because you can obviously tell how much Rhys loves Feyre.





But also, like. Rhys seems genuinely sad that Feyre did not celebrate her birthday. Do I foresee belated birthday gift/party in ACOTAR 3? Because yes I will sell my soul for this 

4. Feyre walking away from Rhysand after learning about the mating bond

Okay, no, I totally understand why Feyre is angry enough that she wants some time alone away from Rhysand once she learns from the Suriel that they’re mates. I’ve seen people hating on her for it… but c’mon. Really? You don’t think you’d be angry? Angry enough to walk away? I mean I’d want my own space to think too

But yeah it still broke my heart because Rhysand just calls after her… injured and weakened… ahaha…..ha…. why…

Now we’re rolling into the final 3… and honestly, these broke my heart the most and made me cry. I still want to weep when I think about them. 

3. Rhysand noticing Feyre’s weight loss 

He cares so much about her. *UGLY WAILING* *falls to the floor*

And he makes sure she eats properly. And wants to have breakfast with her. 


cue ugly sobbing, with the snot and everything 

rhysand calling tam out on his shitty behaviour

2. Cassian and Feyre training 

This is still one of my favourite scenes, and I … just. The whole scene leading up to it is an emotional roller coaster–Cassian saying that he’s there for Feyre if she wants to talk about leaving the Spring Court, the whole “I’m fine” thing, and how Feyre just realizes she did everything for Tamlin… and he just…. left her to suffer alone.

He’s ready to take the blow. 




Rhys is precious, Cassian is precious….. the whole Night Court squad is precious. I just love them so muchhhhhhh. 

And now. .  . okay. 

The final scene had me in full blown tears. 

1. Amren x Feyre 








D E A D 


This post also made me very emotional again. Thanks for reading. And if you know want to discuss ACOMAF with me, and the scenes that broke your heart (because there are like 10 million more)… feel free to shoot me a message. 

I’m gonna go read ACOMAF some more and cry by e 

A Bad Day Turned Good

Tyler Scheid x Reader

Word Count : 1998


I was looking down at my phone messaging my date for the fifth time asking him where he was while pacing back and forth in front of the movie theater ticket booths. I turned around to walk back to the other side of the booths when I walked straight into the chest of a tall man. I dropped my phone in surprise and yelped slightly. How embarrassing, I thought. The tall guy, being less startled then I, bent down and picked my phone up and handed it back. I quickly glanced at his faced, curly dark hair in a beanie, brown eyes, and a slight beard. Then I stammered out an apology.

“It’s okay. I hope your phone’s okay,” he replied calmly. He flashed me a quick smile and then my phone dinged. It was my date, saying that he couldn’t make it and that he was sorry. My face fell and I glanced around trying to decide what to do now. My eyes caught on the guy who’d picked up my phone. He was looking back at me with a slight smile as he stood by the ticket booths. I tried to smile back, but I think it came out more as a grimace. The guy was with four other people, two other guys, one of which had blue hair, and two girls, the blonde was holding the hand of the other dark haired guy. I bet they’re going to have a fun evening, unlike me, I thought. I looked at the movies that were showing that evening; The Space Between Us, Rings, Youth in Oregon, etc. I was supposed to see Rings with my date. I normally hate horror movies, but if I’m with someone I’m okay. I didn’t know if I should still go see it. I’d heard people say that it’s really good and really creepy. Well I might as well still try and watch it, if I don’t like it I can just leave. I shouldn’t let my stupid date spoil my night out, I thought decisively.

I bought myself a ticket and some sour patch kids and walked into the theater. I walked down the left side row looking for a seat near the wall and away from anyone. I sat down and opened my candy, but waited to eat them until the movie actually started. As I was waiting, I looked around to see who had come to see the movie. Sitting in the middle and a bit behind me, was the guy I had run into and his friends. I quickly glanced away before he saw me looking at him. He’s not too bad looking now that I actually look at him, I thought with a smile. Then the movie started and I instantly regretted everything. I hate horror movies and this movie was so fricking creepy and scary. I kept jumping at the slightest thing. I was also extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable. Maybe I should just leave. This is sooo not worth it, I thought looking around. Just when I had mustered the courage to get up and leave, someone sat down next to me. I looked over stunned and realized that it was the guy I had walked into earlier. My face turned red and I looked down at my sour patch kids.

“I’m guessing you’re not a fan of scary movies,” the guy asked, sort of matter-of-factly.

“Uh no, not especially. I was supposed to be with someone, but they didn’t come,” I said, hoping that it was dark enough that the guy couldn’t see my red, embarrassed face. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me and I glanced at him quickly and then back to my candy. I decided to be nice and offered some to him, he took some and then introduced himself as Tyler.

“I’m (Y/N),” I said. He smiled and then focused his attention back to the movie. I glanced back at his friends that he had left for me and saw that they were all glancing between myself and Tyler and then to each other. They were all grinning for some reason. I focused back on the movie and continued to eat the sour patch kids. As soon as I did that, a jump scare happened. I wanted to run away and bury myself in a pile of blankets.

“God dammit,” I muttered while focusing on the candy.

“Hey (Y/N), you’re okay. Don’t worry – I’ll protect you from the scary monsters,” he said with a smirk. Is he making fun of me? I’m not some wimpy girl that needs protecting, I thought bitterly. First my date stood me up and now this guy I don’t know if making fun of me for not liking the movie. I stood up and walked out of the theater, probably with an angry look on my face. When I got out of the theater and into the fresh air, I leaned my head against the wall. God damn everything today, I thought dejectedly. Today had been such a bad day, all I wanted to do was go to bed.

“Hey,” a voice startled me out of my thoughts and I spun around looking for the source. It was the guy I had run into, Tyler.

“Yes? What? Need to make me jump some more so you can laugh?” I said harshly. He looked hurt, but I wasn’t in the mood to be nice.

“I wasn’t making fun of you in there. I was trying to help,” he said quickly. I sneered in response. “I don’t like horror movies either. I only went because my friends dragged me along. I saw you jumping during the movie and I thought that having someone next to you might be comforting and when I said the thing about protecting you from the monsters… well I don’t really know why I said that. I think I was just trying to sound cool or brave…”

“Oh. That’s actually a really nice thought,” I muttered slightly astounded. Here I was thinking he was a total jerk and actually he was trying to be nice to me. Damn, I thought looking him over more closely. He was tall and sturdily built. His hands were dancing around as he tried to decide what to do with them. Little curly bits of his hair poked out of his grey beanie and he had a slight beard forming along his jaw line. His eyes were a soft brown with real compassion shining through them.

“I’m sorry I was so rude to you,” I said remembering how I snapped at him. “I’ve had a really bad day, and then my date stood me up, and then I thought you were making fun of me and I was just not in the mood for that…”

“It’s okay. Totally understandable. Everyone has bad days, I just didn’t want to add to it,” he said, a smile coming back to his face. I realized how nice his lips looked and I couldn’t help but bite my own. Then I gave myself a quick mental slap and looked around.

“Um so uh, I don’t want to keep you from the movie. I’m sure your friends are wondering where you are,” I stuttered out.

“Eh, it’s fine. I wasn’t into the movie anyways. Would you mind if I kept you company? We could get a drink or some food… or we could just walk around,” he said glancing around.

“A walk would be good. Maybe that’ll calm me down.”

“Shall we then?” he said motioning down the street. I nodded and then started walking. I realized I still had the sour patch kids in my hand so I ate one and then offered some to Tyler. He took a few and looked at the street thoughtfully. I kept glancing at him from the corner of my eye as we shared the sour patch kids. We walked in silence until we came to a playground with a swing set. I immediately headed straight for it without waiting to see if Tyler would follow. Luckily he did follow and he laughed slightly as he saw where I was going. I smirked to myself and sat on one of the swings and started to rock myself back and forth. I kept my eyes trained on my feet, but I could feel Tyler watching me.

“You know, you’re really pretty. And I mean like gorgeous pretty,” he said slightly awkwardly. I glanced over at him smiling. He was blushing, but also smiling. I stood up and slowly walked in front of him. I had a half smirk, half smile on my face.

“You really think I’m pretty?” I said with a devious smile. He swallowed as he quickly glanced at me. Then he took a breath and steeled his face.

“Yes I do,” he said matter-of-factly. I slowly advanced on Tyler until he was standing up, but leaning backwards on the swing seat and I was directly in front of him. He kept glancing at my lips and I bit mine as I looked at his. I took another step forward and leaned forward until our lips were almost touching, but then I stopped. I looked at his eyes until he made eye contact with me, and then I turned around and walked away towards the jungle gym. I could only imagine the look on his face. I looked over my shoulder and he was still standing/leaning on the swing watching me. I climbed up the jungle gym until I was leaning against a pole on an upper platform. I looked back at Tyler and gave him a big mischievous grin. He shook his head and smiled back. Then he followed me up the jungle gym. He leaned against a pole opposite me, but didn’t approach. Boys are used to girls going to them, but I like to make the guy come to me.

“I’m not going over there if that’s what you’re waiting for,” I said with a smirk.

“What if I’m just admiring the view,” he said with his own smirk. After another moment he pushed off the pole and approached me. He put his hands on the jungle gym on either side of me, giving me nowhere to run to. He stared intently at my eyes and I refused to break contact with his or move a muscle. Surely enough, he broke contact and glanced at my lips. I licked them and smirked again. His eyes glowed like embers and he slowly moved his face closer to mine. He stopped right before our lips touched and he stayed there, refusing to move further. I looked into his eyes and then I closed the distance. His lips were soft and the kiss was slow at first. Then I broke the kiss off, but I didn’t move away. I waited – feeling the tension of the moment, and then he grabbed my neck and the back of my head and kissed me with all the passion and tension that was in his eyes. I kissed him back with all the pent up emotion I felt and the butterflies that Tyler made me feel in my stomach.

After a few moments, a mixture of shouts and laughter erupted from the street. Tyler pulled back, but didn’t let go of my neck. He didn’t turn around, he just bent his head in what seemed to be embarrassment.

“Damn them,” he muttered. Then he looked back up and me and planted another kiss on my lips. “Those are my friends. They’re very nice people, but they’re also very loud and sort of nosy. Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I laughed. I peered around him and sure enough his friends from the movie theater were standing by the entrance to the park. Smiles were visible on all of their faces. Tyler sighed and then turned around.

“Hey guys… How was the movie?”

Yes, Your Bucky

Summary: This is a sequel to My James, Your Bucky. The reader and her plum dumpling come to terms with what happened to James.

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Angst central, people. You’ve been warned.

A/N: The response to My James, Your Bucky has been so awesome. I did say that if I write the next part it will be painful. You still wanted more. I hope you like it.

I went through all comments and asks to tag people so I hope I haven’t missed anyone out?

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It’s been good few hours since you discovered your flat in a complete mess. You’ve been practically dragged out of there by a man with the bow. Hawkeye, you think was his name. Frankly, quite a few people introduced themselves to you outside, but you couldn’t care less for who they were. Why would you? They all just barged into your life expecting you to be calm and understanding. Calm and understanding?!

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Analysis of Hak’s character and his relationship with Yona or something

I feel almost alone when saying this, but I find Hak a kinda fascinating character with the way he was written. I have no idea if Kusanagi did it on purpose, but he was written almost to resemble a deconstruction of your average wish-fullfilling love interest character. Before his character development, he started off embodying a lot of common love interest tropes; overprotective, seemingly untouchable by emotional trauma (and therefore, someone who will always serve as walking emotional support, meanwhile needing nothing of the same in return), prone to physical advances… but as the series went on, those traits became something of flaws and/or were revealed to have deeper influencers than originally thought. 

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imacrazedfangirl  asked:

heyyy how about,,,, nonbinary representation with a side of good old fashioned hurt/comfort for either dear evan hansen or be more chill??? preferably either boyf riends or kliensen (does this even count as a prompt idk I tried) (please write this)

(you’re in luck, as non-binary and/or genderfluid Jeremy is one of my Big Headcanons)
(internalized transphobia and a little weed lies ahead, be warned)


Jeremy’s heart sank. Of course, they should have known that wasn’t allowed-


Well, yeah, I um-


Jeremy felt a tingle in their brain.


To Jeremy, the world seemed to stop. The people in the store came to a glitching halt, and they felt unable to move. The Squip made a sound that was disconcertingly similar to the Windows XP startup sound.


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anonymous asked:

prompt idea: 1st year Isak meeting 3rd year Even before Isak came out, and Even kissed Mikael? Just to see how they would interact with each other?

oh my gosh this is adorable. I hope I do it justice <3 

“That was amazing, wasn’t that amazing? don’t even try to tell me that wasn’t amazing.” Jonas gushed as they walked out into the cinema lobby together after watching the new star wars movie. 

Isak smiled brightly at his best friend, his eyes twinkling as he watched the excitement make his face glow with sheer happiness. He nodded “Yeah it was amazing.” 

to be honest Isak couldn’t remember much of the movie, but he remembered giggling with Jonas during the funny parts, and hearing him gasp when the action blew up, he remembered what it felt like when the lights went down and he could imagine that it was just him and Jonas and no one else.

“Holy shit that was incredible!” Eva screeched wrapping her arm around Jonas and kissing him on the cheek. 

but more than anything Isak remembered Eva sitting between them, reminding him the reality that will always be there when the lights come back on. 

“actually I was gonna say amazing” Jonas smiled, pulling her in for a kiss. 

Isak’s chest tightened and he told himself, it didn’t mean anything. he didn’t care. 

but he did. 

he always did. 

“so guys…pizza?” he asked trying to get their attention. 

trying to get any attention. 

“actually I was having a craving for burgers, how about we-” Jonas’s voice was drowned out suddenly by a group of boys walking past them laughing at something one of them said. 

“I am serious though, where is the originality these days?” an extremely tall boy wearing a baseball cap talked so passionately Isak couldn’t help but notice and listen. “the entire thing felt like a rewind of everything we’ve seen: watch rinse repeat. What happened to something unique and real with a construct that isn’t-” 

“I swear to god Even if you try to ruin star wars-” a dark haired boy cut him off, as the group hummed in agreement. 

“I’m not ruining anything- i’m just saying can you imagine if they tried that technique we learnt last week where- 

Suddenly Isak felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up to see Jonas frowning and shaking his head. 

“ugh don’t you just hate pretentious film nerds?”

Isak looked off where he saw the boys walking away, and was surprised to notice the pretentious film nerd looking back. It was for a split second. But Isak was sure, that he saw him…or maybe he didn’t. 

Isak tried to shake the thought out of his head. He was a mess. What was wrong with him. Why could he not see a single attractive guy without- 

he looked up at Jonas and laughed lightly “yeah, so food?” 

They sat down in a booth, grateful for once that Eva was here and wanting of pizza so Isak could satisfy his pizza craving. 

Jonas and Eva cuddled together as they tried to decide what pizza they wanted, Isak tried hard to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach, while pushing away the movie boy. 

ugh the movie boy. 

Isak couldn’t believe how ridiculous he was being. Why was he like this? 

it seemed like a simple question. on the surface it seems like something not very harmful.

but the truth was that question kept Isak up at night so often he doesn’t even remember what a good nights sleep is anymore. he spends hours thinking, questioning, asking, why why why he couldn’t just be like everyone else. 

why he couldn’t just-

not feel what he is too afraid to admit he feels. 

Isak was a mess, but he tried to ignore it. He tried, because if he did, nothing is ruined and he can pretend that it’s not there. 

it doesn’t exist.

Isak nominates himself to order the pizza just to get a break from the third wheeling for two fucking minutes. Just two minutes of being able to breathe. of being able to forget about seeing his two best friends…together. 

when he got to the counter he noticed someone already being served, so he waited, letting his thoughts drift. 

and then a familiar song started to play, and he began singing involuntarily. A smile creeping on his face, as the world turned into a calm safe ocean around him. 

“ba bee da buh” he mumbled the first bit until words he remembered played and he sung louder, tapping his fingers on the counter. “I tried to be chill but you’re so hot I melted, I fell right through the cracks, And now I’m trying to get baaaaaack” 

suddenly he heard a soft laugh from behind him. Isak nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw movie boy staring at him with a warm smile on his face. 

“Halla” Isak smiled. He couldn’t help it. This boy was pretty…and smiling at him? 

“I love this song too” movie boy replied before singing the hook right in front of Isak “But I won’t hesitate No more, no more. It cannot wait, I’m yooours.” he raised his hand up and dramatically swung it around with the beat of the song. 

Isak could feel himself blushing a deep red and he was still grinning widely at this strange boy practically serenading his favourite song to him in a pizza parlour. 

movie boy raised his eyebrows “i’m Even by the way” 

“Isak” he looked at the ground shyly, his hand unconsciously resting on his neck as he giggled nervously at Even the movie boy. 

Even giggled back, there was something about his laugh that lit a fire within Isak. He could feel himself melting just from watching the way the boys eyes crinkled up, and the sun materialised out of thin air just from a random teenage boys smile. 

How could Isak even remember to breathe? 

“I have never seen you at bakka…you don’t go to bakka do you? I would have seen you” Even stated nodding proudly at his detective skills “see I know things” 

Isak rolled his eyes “oh yeah you are very clever bakka boy. hmm this actually explains a lot.” 

Even perked up in surprise, his eyebrows practically hitting his hairline. “oh does it now?” 

Isak laughed “mmhmm I heard you were all snobby arty wannabe types.” 

Even faked gasped like a drama queen “ugh excuse me…okay hmm lets see…test time.” 

“Test time?” Isak asked, laughter not dying down anytime soon. 

“yep, tell me, what did you think of the movie?” 

Even leant his head forward so the baseball cap created a shadow on his face that made his emotions ambiguous. it sent shivers up Isak’s spine. 

Isak straightened up smugly “I loved it” he said daringly with a twinkle in his eye. 

“you loved it? hmm”

Isak nodded “I liked the robot.” 

Even scoffed “the robot. THE ROBOT! oh wow” 

“what? what’s wrong with the robot?” 

“okay first of all, there is no way any star wars fan would call BB-8 a robot” 

“your being a snobby arty wannabe again” Isak pointed out. 

Even smiled shaking his head “you are something else Isak.” 

Isak tried really hard not to turn into a mess right then and there. he really really tried. his heart was beating against his chest, his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, and he could feel this warm fluffy feeling in his stomach that was causing all the smiling. 

how could he still stand? 

suddenly the waitress asked him what his order was and he reluctantly removed his attention away from Even the movie boy to order their pizzas. 

after writing it down the girl looked at him “Chilli?” 

Isak nodded and opened his mouth to say 

“always chilli”

he turned around shocked to hear the words taken from his mouth and smiled at Even “yeah always chilli” he said. the girl took his order and walked away. 

Isak and Even stood there for a moment just staring at each other in awe. Isak wasn’t sure what Even the movie boy was thinking, but all he could feel was this feeling, this notion of “who are you and where have you been” 

Even opened his mouth to say something, but before he could someone from his table called him over. 

Even looked back “i’m coming!” he shouted and then looked at Isak in slight disappointment. “I gotta go” 

Isak nodded and tried to hide the overwhelming sadness he felt at that simple phrase. he hated himself for feeling it because this guy was a mere stranger right? but somehow he didn’t want him to leave just yet. being around him set his heart on power speed, made his cheeks turn pink, and caused him to smile like an idiot; but still he wanted more. 

Even turned to leave but then stopped, he walked closer to Isak and gave him his phone. 

“here, can I have your number? I mean so I could somehow prove to you why i’m not a snobby arty wannabe” 

Isak smiled “you’re not?” he asked as he took his phone and put his number in. 

“Nah i’m not a wannabe, just an artsy snob.” he winked before taking his phone back and walking away, waving at Isak right before walking out the door with his friends. 

“what took you so long?” Jonas asked when he sat back down. 

“who was that guy?” Eva questioned, looking where Even just left. 

Isak smiled and waved her question off “oh you know, just some movie nerd.” 

He looked down at his phone that had one new message from an unknown number. 


even though your taste in films is questionable, your taste in music is not. - Even

Isak grinned before typing in the new contact name. 

“Even the movie boy” 

EXO: their child (3-4) asks if he's really their father

Xiumin:  he’d crouch down and place them in his lap, unsure of what to say bc he’s pretty sure his heart just shattered into a million pieces. So many questions and thoughts were swimming in his head, and he wasn’t sure if his child was joking or not, but they seemed to be tearing up as he looks at them and cradles their head in his chest. “Baby…of course I’m your father, who else would it be? I know I’m always gone, but it’s because daddy is always busy and needs to keep everyone happy…you know that, don’t you?”

Suho:  immediately drops everything and stares at your child. He’s so confused yet heartbroken, he never suspected your baby had any doubts about who he was to them. He really thought he was a great father figure, and now his hopes and dreams have been crushed by that simple question. He’d realize how frequently he was gone, and he’d figure out that if he didn’t do something to change that, he might eventually become estranged from his precious baby. “Daddy loves you and mommy more than the whole word, I’m sorry I’m not home some days, I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Lay:  he’s actually known this day would come, and he’s been dreading it. He’d nod his head to himself in understanding, and pull your baby to lay down with him as he plays with their little hands, and assures them he’s their father “You have no idea how sad it makes me to leave you and mommy, but sometimes I have to, love. Daddy doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, but he doesn’t want you to grow up without him. I’ll tell you what, we’ll all take this weekend off and go wherever you want, hm?”

Baekhyun:  first, he’d think of this as a joke and laugh. But seeing your child’s curious face, he’d freeze and mentally crumble. He’s freaking out and stumbling over his words as he tries to explain that there couldn’t possibly be anyone else, and he’s their one and only father. This would certainly haunt him for a while, and he’d think about this every time he needs to leave for a few weeks. He’d make sure to have more contact with them, despite his busy schedule, and cancel plans sometimes to attend every single important event in his child’s life.

Chen:  "of course I am, how do you think you look as good as you do? You inherited the good genes from me, don’t believe what mama tells you.“ Despite the joking and laughs, he can’t have his child see him cry and break down. He’s so upset by this, and makes sure to bring this up when you two are alone. He’d cry into your arms, wondering where he went wrong and what he could’ve done to make his baby think otherwise. He’d assert himself even more so into your child’s life, and tries as best as he can to drop them off and pick them up from school so everyone could see how good of a father he is.

Chanyeol:  he’d be the most bothered and hurt out of them all. His child was his life, and the fact that they’re wondering if he’s their true father would destroy him. He doesn’t care if they see him crying, he’d try his best to explain to them that even though he’s gone a lot, he’s still their father and that he loves them more than anything. “This breaks my heart that you say things like that, you know daddy loves you, right? No one else could have that role other than me, no one.”

D.O.:  he’s dead serious as he tries to figure out what to say, and what would make sense to their ears. He doesn’t want to hurt them by saying his work comes as a priority sometimes, but he doesn’t want to lie and make promises that he knows he won’t be able to keep. “Sweetheart, of course I am. If you’re ever sad or angry at papa, you can just tell mommy and she’ll kick my butt, okay? You know, she’s such a strong person, for always taking care of you and loving you twice as much when I’m not here.”

Kai:  he’d break down as soon as the question leaves your child’s lips. He’d pick them up in his arms, and ask if they’re serious and not just joking with him. He’d nod his head and tries to make a comprehensible sentence, but struggling so hard bc this made him very emotional and regretful that he hasn’t been there when he needed to be. “You really think I’m not your father? That makes me really sad, you know…I hope you know I love you very very very much, and daddy is gonna try and stay home more often from now on, alright?”

Sehun:  "Baby, you know I wouldn’t let any other man get close to your mom. Who else would be your father?“ This makes him very upset, despite him smiling at your child and reassuring them for the millionth time. He knows how important his job is, but he can’t help but feel like he’s neglecting his family for something that seems so unimportant compared to them. He’d tell you about this if it happened again, and asks if you both could sit down and have a talk with your child, hopefully making them understand that he’s their father, despite being gone often.

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Pairing: Connor Murphy X Reader

Requested? yes! 

anon -“Heyo im in a Bad Place™ if requests are cool w you can I ask for smthn with Connor x reader where the readers depressed/anxious/suicidal?”

anon- “where Connor calms down the reader after she freaks out?”

Warnings: depressed reader, anxious reader, angst

The weather seemed to reflect your mood today; big storm clouds blocking out every ray of light. You’ve fallen into a slump again, and sometimes you just couldn’t stand up by yourself. That’s what Connor was there for, he would always pick you up. Well, Connor had been gone for a week, only sending you a quick text saying he ran away and that he’s crashing with Jared from physics on the other side of town. 

Despite Jared’s great ‘nerd-that-says-they’ll-kick-your-ass-but-definitely-will-run-away-screaming-if-you-step-too-close-to-him’; he had a decent reputation at school. You just hoped Connor would come to school with Jared at least once to check in. You really needed him right now. 

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Jared’a nasally chirp pulled your head out from your locker. He looked slightly disheveled, his glasses were crooked and his usually combed hair was untamed. He seemed to be a little less <i>Jared-y</i> than usual. 

“Yeah, it’s whatever,” you said turning back into your locker. “How’s Connor?” You mumbled. He left you to face the heinous world of high school alone. For a week. You knew in your head it wasn’t his intention to ditch you, but he also knew how hard getting through a day was with him. Now he was gone, and you didn’t have any motivation to get out of bed except for getting any news on how he was.

 “He’s fine he said- oh my god!” Jared said as you finally looked him in the eyes. 

You had showered his morning, it was the only enjoyable part of your days lately, so you didn’t reek. What was he yelling about then? 

“What?” You questioned after making sure you were wearing decent clothes, you fiddled with the hem of your shirt. 
It was a habit whenever you were anxious to fiddle with it, but by now with Connor gone, you were almost creating holes in all your shirts.

 “You uh- have you been sleeping? Like at all?” He asked slightly concerned. 

You raised an eyebrow and looked in the tiny mirror in your locker. He was right. You hadn’t had any sleep except for maybe 5 hours a day. You eyes showed it, with the skin under them sunken in, which caused an even more noticeable shadow. Your face seemed noticeably paler. Your hair was just thrown in a messy bun and you didn’t bother to wear the usual makeup, except for maybe a coat of mascara to try and perk yourself up.

 “Fuck off Klienman.” You mumbled as you threw the book you were looking for into your bag.

 You were about to walk off when Jared grasped your arm slightly and tugged you back toward him. He definitely looked worried now. 

“You- uh we have physics right? Let me walk you. I’m a bit scared for you y/n…” he trailed off. 

“Sorry i just- fuck Jared. Connor hasn’t been here and I’m not in a very good place right now. He usually helps with it but he’s gone so…Yeah. Fuck. I’m not okay.” You tried to sound casual, but your voice wavered slightly toward the end. stop it. Don’t look weak in front of everyone, idiot. you quickly made your face devoid of emotion, trying to think of something else

“Oh shit. I’m sorry… can I help? At all?” He said hesitantly. 

He was walking toward you like a lost dog he was trying to grab before it could run away again. You just rolled your eyes and wrapped your arms around your waist.

 “Just tell Connor I’m okay? I don’t need him worrying about me or whatever. He’s staying with you right?” 

Jared nodded slowly, still timid of your previous little outburst. As you walked to your class, Jared took out his phone. Like hell he was going to not tell Connor. Connor would probably kill him if he found out you, the one thing he cared about, wasn’t doing well; and he didn’t tell him. 

 To: Connor M.

yo, ur gf isn’t doing so good. U should come to school. 

From: Connor M.

what do you mean she isn’t doing well?

To: Connor M.

 she said she’s in a bad place.??

And that u usually help her with it but ur gone this week.

She basically wes just super off in the hallway when I asked if she was ok. Like zero emotion It was scary as shit

From: Connor M.


schools over soon right? I’ll go to her house. 

To: Connor M.

 whatever u say bro. 

When you got home to an empty house you almost started to breakdown. Your parents were gone on a little vacation this week, and they deserved it, but you just wanted someone to at least acknowledge your presence. 

You dropped your backpack by your shoes and went up to your room. When you entered the room, yawning slightly, Connor was sitting in your bed.

Your window was open a crack and it wasn’t a secret how he had gotten in. You were filled with rage at the sight of him, but you must not have shown it because he smiled slightly when he saw you. No emotion equals no pain Y/N.

 “Hi, babe. I’m -uh I’m back now. How are you?” He said softly, sheepishly scratching the back of his head. He knew he was kind of an ass to just leave you hanging, but he didn’t want to deal with his family and didn’t know how to tell you. He just hoped he didn’t screw everything up. He just hoped you were okay.

Your head was down and he couldn’t see your face while he walked over to you. What worried him though was the brief look he had gotten when you entered, surprised then confused then neutral. By just the matter of seconds he could see the dark circles under your eyes and the shortness of your nails (probably from biting them), and your slumped posture. You looked so…unresponsive. Your eyes were dull, unlike the usual brightness they held, they were…Numb. It was the only way to describe it.

 “I’m fucking great Connor. How about you? Oh wait- you ran off for a week without even saying a proper goodbye.” You smiled sweetly at him, sarcasm dripping from your words. You only called him Connor when you were mad, otherwise it was Con. 

“Y/n-” “No fuck it, Connor. My week has been hell! I could barely get out of bed and when I text you I didn’t get any reply? Not once? I didn’t even know if you were okay! but of course, running away from your family was more important than me. Like always.” You raised your voice now. 

 Unapologetically pissed at him leaving you. All the emotion that was lent up came rushing out now, like a broken dam of emotions in your brain. You felt your eyes begin to burn you didn’t care. You were on a roll now. 

“I mean Jesus,” you scoffed, “it’s not like I have NO friends that understand the numbness that I always feel! and don’t know what to do with myself all the time! Don’t worry about me! The sad little anxious girl who no one ever notices! It’s fine! Go smoke your problems away while I suffer, it’s better than having to deal with the mess that I am, right?” You lowered your tone toward the end, tears falling freely now. 

 “Fuck, no!” He tried to raised his voice a little so you would stop. “Y/N please, you know that’s not true.” 

He tried to walk closer toward you it took a step back.

 “And how am I supposed to know that, Huh?” You laughed out. “You left. You left me.”

 His face softened and grew red of guilt. He shifted his weight on his feet before closing the gap between you. 

When you felt his arms engulf you, your knees went weak and you became a wreck of emotions. Everything you were holding back was out on the table. 

“I’m so sorry. I love you so much. I’m so sorry.” He cooed into your ear as he rocked you gently on his lap, both of you on the floor. 

“I’m sorry. I love you t-too.” You monotoned, letting a few more stay tears fall. 

“Shhh, just come on, let’s get on your bed.” He whispered into your hair as he gently pulled you up. 

He held you so tight, if you weren’t gasping for air from trying to hold in tears, it might’ve been because of how tight he held you. He never wanted to let go. Not after what had happened. You’ve gotten in arguments, sure, but thy were usually about him missing classes or joke-complaining about weed. He had stopped smoking when he met you, but he would always joke about it because he knew you hated it. 

You lay there for a while, him whispering sweet nothings into your ear and kissing the top of your head every now and then. You let him engulf you in his arms, letting your guard down for the first time this week. 

Once you had calmed down, you almost fell asleep. He was so warm and he smelt like home. His sweatshirt was soft and the steady rise and fall of his chest could’ve lulled you to sleep easily, if it weren’t for your apology beginning to bubble out. 

“I- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to like, blame you for me feeling this way I just-” 

“I should be apologizing, not you. I was so scared I was gonna fuckin’ lose you back there. I was so scared I fucked up the one good thing I have going for me.” He cut you off, a deep chuckle consumed the end. He looked down at you. god, I’m an asshole.  

“I love you, y/n. I’ll never leave you like that again. I’m such an idiot holy shit,“ he scoffed to himself. He sighed, running his free hand through his hair. You were cuddled on his chest with one of his arms wrapped around you, the other places as a makeshift pillow behind his head. 

“Promise?” You’re voice muffled from his sweater.

 “Promise.” He said as he placed a kiss to your forehead, then your nose, then finally your lips.

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After finally kissing Cas and after realising that Cas isn't pulling away, Dean starts crying because now all his emotions/feelings are coming out and he can't stop them and he ends up rambling on and on with "I just- I ju- I lo-" "I know, Dean". This causes him to cry even more, to which Cas doesn't know what to do other than hug him very tightly and hold him through the night. (Okay that made me emotional ngl)

Cas holding Dean all night is my kink

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Dear parents

You gave birth to me but you’ve took
away my will to live, you have no right
to abuse me physically or mentally but
you did it anyway. You have no right to
make me feel worthless but you’ve won
and now looking in the mirror has become
painful. You use me as if I’m a toy without
feelings, you’ve managed to take away any
hope I had left. Any tear I shed is because
of you, you’re the reason behind all my pain.
“It’s for your own good” They say. Little do
they know by doing so they’ve crushed my
very soul. There’s a million things I could say
but nothing will make it okay. They’ve broke me.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #26
Jenseternity / instagram

Look, Both me and @limey-sama are getting hate for what happened with my friend Skrill, and listen for once and I’m ging to be very clear, We also have emotions okay? I understand Skrill’s situaton a bit better than anyone else here since I’ve personally talked to him when the drama outburst occured, And I deeply know that he’s in a constant state of depression and anxiety but that doesn’t mean we can’t have those outbursts as well? 

Just because we’re not as popular as Skrill doesnt mean we can’t feel depressed and saddened by what we’ve done. NOT EVERYONE IS PERFECT.

In my view of what happened I was scared okay? Seeing Skrill replying a bit more down than usual made me get nervous ‘’Why is he acting this way to me suddenly? Did I do something wrong?’’ I kept asking myself as an instinct since Im a very paranoid person, overthinking things too much before knowing what’s truly going on, and that’s one of my multiple errors… And I’m sorry for it… I truly am. Seeing him that way made me cry… And so I responded with my true feelings since I believe that it’s better to speak out instead of sugar coating the truth…I didnt know I would get so much hate for doing this… Being called a whiney bitch who shouldnt bring someone down just because I’m ‘’jealous’’ of his fame… No…I’m not jealous… Why would I be? I just want to be his friend… I don’t want fame… I don’t want ‘fans’’ … I just want a Friend… 

You know… Seeing him this way is as if  you enter in contact with your major inspiration or celebrity , you grow a bond and then suddenly they seem depressed with you or a bit down, I would think everyone would get sad or concerned of …why they’re like this ,and obviously you would get depresed or probably act like I did assuming that they’re mad with you or something… 

The worst part is that you suddenly get so much hate… so many attacks from people you don’t know… I don’t have many friends and none IRL and suddenly seeing this

Really makes me want to cry and truly kill myself… I was a self harmer so seeing this really does bring me down.

So with this I say…

I’m sorry I’ve harmed you @sleepy-kinq I hope you can forgive me and still consider being my friend, I love you bud… Keep going the way you’re going you’ll be a great person, keep improving and keep staying positive with your wonderful boyfriend.

And no…  I wont reply to whoever sent me asks…

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i love phil

idk if you sent this about something in particular that reminded you of how much you love phil?? but it made me want to ramble about the fact that a large part of my day was spent thinking about phil’s tweet about crying so much over the movie lion and i just,,, i’m emotional about it still? it’s been hours? and i can’t stop thinking about how he and dan talked about their plans to watch certain movies on the plane as though they were planning to watch them together?? so they probably both cried together and that is something to think about, and then phil deciding to share it with us is just a very lovely thing. i love that both of them are always so consistently okay with talking about crying as a way of expressing emotion, but it’s generally been dan that has talked about it more in the past and sometimes i think that phil is a bit afraid of expressing actual emotional vulnerability to a wide audience, and i recognize this was just about a movie lol but idekkk,,, this tweet made me feel vvvv v v soft and happy. i love him too :))

Patience Ch. 1

Also posted on ao3


Words: ~ 1,479

Rating: Mature


Every time Sombra tries to get more intimate with Hana, Hana gets nervous and backs out. She certaainly doesn’t want Hana to do anything she’s not comfortable with, but is getting more and more worried that her girlfriend’s hesitation might have something to do with herself.

Hana is demisexual, Sombra is supportive and patient.

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Imagine being the Winchesters' friend and falling back into old habits after Zachariah told you Castiel no longer loved you.

“You are nothing but a maggot inside a worm’s ass. Do you really think someone as important as Castiel would ever love you?”

Zachariah’s words floated around your head for the millionth time today. The glowing blue necklace around your neck couldn’t even distract you from the angel’s words. Maybe he was right. Maybe Castiel didn’t love you.

Castiel is the only reason you’re alive, and even the Winchester’s know that. He came to you in your time of weakness and showed you where to find the light at the end of the tunnel again. He pulled you from the edge multiple times. You had him to thank for the beating of your heart. For a while, life was good up until now.

“Y/n?”  The familiar voice brought you back from the depths of your thoughts just in time before the tears came falling. Quickly, you jerked your sleeves down to hide the pain from the night before. If Castiel saw…it’d break him. “What are you doing? Are you okay?”

“What? Of course I’m okay,” you smiled, but your words didn’t add up with your appearance. Sitting on the edge of your bed dazing off while your eyes were in a dead stare at the ground didn’t seem too okay. Even an angel with no experience with human emotion could see that.

“Why didn’t you tell me you made it back home?” he asked.

You shrugged. “Figured you didn’t care.”

His ocean blue eyes faded to a dark stormy sea. “Y/n, what are you talking about? I thought we were in what you humans called a relationship?”

“We are,” you scoffed, “but-”

“But, what?”

“I don’t think you love me.” There. It was out. There was no taking it back.

The angel’s head cocked to the side in confusion and shock. For the first time in a very long time, he felt the true pain of sadness. The heartbreak of love. “Why do you think that? I thought I clarified that you are the only human that has ever made me feel this way.”

“But why? Why do you love me! I am nothing but a maggot inside a worm’s ass and you are actually someone…someone that is needed…You, Castiel, have a purpose. I do not. I am a poor excuse of a human being.” Hearing those words in the air once again caused the damns to break. Staring your lover in the eyes, tears fell onto the floor where the two of you danced on your anniversary night.

“Why say such terrible lies about yourself?”

“They aren’t lies-”

“Yes they are, Y/n,” Castiel insured. His tone was one not to be argued with. Hearing you say something so awful about yourself caused Cas’s blood to boil to the point of snapping. “I love you, and I am sure of that. You mean more to me than I could ever imagine. I thought all humans were horrible creatures until I met you. You showed me that there is still hope for this Earth!” He stepped forward only to wipe away a tear that was making its way down your streaked cheek. “You are important. You are needed. You are loved. Without you…I’m nothing. Don’t you understand that?”

“But, Zachariah said-”

“Forget what he said. Listen to what I’m saying. I fell for you. I burned in the fiery pits of hell for you…but I’d do it all again."  

Requested by @heirofthejedi

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Do you know how I can make it look like I haven't been crying? My eyes get always so red and swollen and I really don't want people to notice or ask me why I've cried. Because sometimes I break down in the toilet and I am anxious to go out but I need to and then I panic.

Hi friend. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time at the moment. But please remember it’s okay to cry! I can apprieciate not wanted anyone to know you’ve been crying though. I’m a very emotional person and sometimes a good cry can just help. But that doesn’t mean you want people asking questions!

Here’s a quick guide on how to made it look like you haven’t been crying:

  1. If you can feel yourself about to well up, get yourself to the bathroom immediately. Don’t fight back your tears - they’re going to happen anyway so you may as well be somewhere where you can cry in peace. Holding it in will just make your face go red and if you’re like me, you will end up making those weird gasping breathing sounds that you just can’t stop.
  2. Once you’re in the bathroom, let your tears fall. Don’t hold them back for the same reasons as above. You need to cry, so let it out. You’ll feel better for it. If needed, lock yourself in a cubicle for some privacy.
  3. Whilst you’re crying - and this is important - make sure you keep your breathing going. More often then not, when we cry we end up forgetting to breathe. Now your nose is going to be too stuffed up right now so just breathe evening through your mouth. This will also help with any redness that may appear.
  4. Once you’re done crying, take a few deep breaths. And then take a few more. You want to get your breathing under control and to get rid of any teary-voice that may be there still.
  5. Don’t forget to blow your nose. You’re going to be snotty. And that’s alright. But make sure you blow your nose until it’s nice and clear again.
  6. Now once the coast is clear, go out to the sink and get some paper towels to dry your eyes. No paper towels? Loo roll will do! If you are/were wearing make-up, you’re going to need to clean up a little. Important note: if wearing eye make-up, remember to blot under your eyes - don’t wipe. This will just smear your make-up more. If you’re not wearing make-up, just gently press the paper to your eyes. Make sure not to rub them or you will make your face red and it will make it more obvious that you’ve been crying.
  7. Now you’ll need to cool your face down. If you’re not wearing make-up, splash your face with some cold water. If you are wearing make-up, put your hands in the cold water and then dab your fingers under your eyes. It will help to take down any swelling. Splashing your wrists with cold water will help too!
  8. Take a few more deep breaths. You may still be a little red and blotchy but for the most part you’ll be looking fine. You will notice it a lot more than anyone else. Trust me, most people will be oblivious.
  9. If you have long hair, a good way to quickly freshen up a little more is to throw your head forward, ruffle your roots a little, and then flip your head back again. It’ll quickly refresh your hair like you’ve just brushed it.
  10. And finally, once you leave the bathroom and go back into the room with everyone, take another deep breath. If your nose is a little red still, pretend to sneeze or rub the end of your nose as you walk in as if you are about to sneeze and you’re trying to hold it back. It’ll put people off the scent (har-har I did a pun)

Don’t forget my friend, it’s okay to cry. But your friends and loved ones just want to make sure you’re okay. It can be frustrating having people question why you are crying, but they’re only asking because they care for you.

I wanna Dance with you.

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Reader decides to go with getting Cas to fix her hangover.  This is the second part of a pick your own story i’m try second part Cas version part one is here

Reader x Cas

Warnings: Smut

Deciding on the cheating when another rush of wanting to bark mixed with a splitting headache hit me.

Closing my eyes I sat back down on the bed so I didn’t puke.

‘Dear Cas….’ I think not really knowing how to start.

‘Dean Castiel if you can hear me I could-.’

“What is it you need Y/N?” His voice interrupted me.

Opening my eyes I find him standing only a foot away from me him between the two beds.

“Well that was fast.”

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