this made me think of....................kawoshin....................

“I can pay your debt, my love, if you have been imprudent, and if I were a hero…I could even serve your term in prison or take your place on the scaffold. Greater love hath no man. But I cannot absolve you of your responsibilities. It would be immoral of me to offer, and immoral of you to accept.”  - C. Hitchens

Imagine your favourite character invites you over to a place that has a piano. They sit down, seeming very serious, making you wonder what they might play and guessing it’ll be a classical piece, when suddenly, they start playing a piano version of “Talk Dirty” instead.

Some random KawoShin headcanons

I just found a picture of Kaworu half streaking and it made me think of kawoshin stuff.

1. Kaworu is always the one to try out memes he finds out about. It can be owling, planking, streaking, the harlem shake, you name it he’s gonna try it, much to Shinji’s dismay xD

2. Shinji gave up on trying to stop Kaworu from doing memes pretty quickly. He just sucks it up and lets his boyfriend do it, even if its stupid and dangerous.