this made me tear up a lot tbh

i work in a specialty pastry shop and usually it isn’t bad but we do have a few customers whose teeth i would love to kick in.
a few days ago a man who is easily 50 years my senior comes in and as he’s waiting for his order he hollers down the counter to me “hey you’re not wearing a wedding ring anymore!”
(i am not married but i wear a ring to 1. declare my commitment to my boyfriend bc we don’t really believe in marriage but we are spending our lives together and 2. keep creeps off my back, however i sometimes take it off at work because i am often working with dough and icing and other things that are hard to clean out of it)
i just kind of smiled tightly and nodded and he just…..kept asking about it?? like asking why i’m not wearing it?? and it was really embarrassing and personal and what if i had just gotten divorced? what if my spouse had just passed away? i should have burst into tears and made up some bullshit story to make him feel awful but i was just uncomfortable and he was at this point just going on about how “i should get out of here, i’ll get into a lot of trouble if i’m alone with you *gross old dude wink*”

and the owner of the shop is just standing there watching this go down… the least of could do is tell me to go do something in the back to get me out of there without me having to be rude? but tbh it’s not surprising bc my boss has told me on more than one occasion that i need to not only get used to harassment, but i should play into it for repeat business. no??? y'all don’t pay me near enough for that???

tl;dr old men aren’t allowed to speak to me from now on. i will eviscerate them.

ok. but imagine competitive swimming AU.

Adrien is the son of one of the most decorated olympians, Gabriel Agreste. It’s expected of him to follow in his father’s footsteps and become just as successful in swimming. And, naturally, he does. Even as a high school freshman, he had already made a name for himself in Paris.

Marinette is a rising star among the swimmers and had admired Gabriel since she was a small child.

When she first learned that THE Adrien Agreste was transferring into her school AND joining her swim team, she nearly fainted, but to Alya’s (her loyal friend and timer) amusement. He was every bit as handsome as his father and instantly she was smitten with him. When she watched him swim the 200 free in 1:55:25, a feat that had yet to barely be achieved by both the JV and Varsity boys, she was completely head over heels.

Adrien had amazing sportsmanship, and was polite to everyone he met. He never gloated about his time or made snarky comments about the swimmers on Junior Varsity who were still learning the strokes. Marinette was especially please to find that he was damn near perfect both in and out of the water. But the poor thing couldn’t phrase a complete sentence in front of the boy, and missed many chances to befriend him and get to know him better. Even during practice, he was always placed in the fourth or fifth lane while she had long ago laid claim to the third lane. Even if she had the luck of sharing a lane with him, there’d be no chance to chat with the boy while he was focused on the practice set, quite honestly.

In front of Adrien, Marinette was a stuttering mess and he honestly thought it was cute. But when she was in the water, it was like she was a whole different person. The first time Adrien saw this, he had trouble remembering that the girl in the water was the same red-faced girl in pigtails who had lent him a towel on his first day of practice with the school’s team (he’d never admit it out loud but, now whenever he scented fresh cherry wood, he thought of Marinette).

Standing on the starting block, her face was concentrated and serious, but there was a sparkle in her eyes. Excitement mixed with anxious anticipation, Adrien would guess—he knew the feeling well. When the buzzer went off, she pushed off and flew into the water. Her best stroke was butterfly and Adrien could see why almost immediately. Her dolphin kicks appeared slow but were powerful enough to help her cut through the water with grace and ease. Even when it seemed that she would fall behind, she would keep a steady pace, never slowing down or speeding up, until the other racers had tired themselves out. Marinette would pull forward, finally increasing her speed in the last leg of the race and come out first. Her hands would touch the wall at the end of her race and she would burst into happy, nearly breathless laughter as she fought to catch her breath. When her timer, a bespectacled girl she seemed to be friends with, told her her time, Marinette whooped in glee and jumped out of the pool to hug her friend despite the loud, exaggerated protests. She had shaven off a whole second from her previous time, he later learned.

Adrien’s heart jumped and, for the rest of the meet, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

I was out all day so I didn’t get to listen to the newest taz until just now and I’m.. Really emotional, it was so good. This arc is making me like Merle a lot more tbh? His sermon actually made me tear up a bit, it was simple but nice. And just the fact that he stayed with those people in their time of need instead of ditching them, and the image of him ascending as threads of light while the whole town sang in harmony was just fucking cool. Plus it was really sweet of him to think of the legacy of the robot world(which btw the taz nights world cameo was sick as hell and that one robot who was pretty obviously Troth was 👌👌) and help Lucretia document as much as they could. And I love Lucretia so much?? And Lup oh my gosh Lup… Everything she says and does just makes me love her more. I really hope they do put out the next episode next week, I’m really enjoying the structure of this arc.

it’s a tag game!

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The last…

  • Drink: water 
  • Phone call: my aunt 
  • Text message: an old friend from kindergarten!
  • Song you listened to: the most by johnny orlando 
  • Time you cried: yesterday (out of pain and frustration rip)

Have you ever…

  • Dated someone twice: nope
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: does a kiss on the cheek when i was 5 count?
  • Been cheated on: well i’ve never dated to start with…
  • Lost someone special: yeah :(
  • Been depressed: nope
  • Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

Three favorite colors: army green, navy blue, khaki

In the last year have you…

  • Made new friends: YES LOTS!!!!
  • Laughed until you cried: teared up but never cried tbh??
  • Met someone who changed you: it was more of circumstances that changed me, not really anyone in particular
  • Found out who your friends are: oh yeah definitely
  • Kissed someone on your facebook list: does my mum count?
  • Do you have any pets: no but i really want a dog
  • Do you want to change your name: nope! but it does get frustrating when people spell it as “chole” gdi chloe is such a common name yet no one knows how to spell it right :( 
  • What did you do for your last birthday: my grandmother’s funeral
  • What time did you wake up: 11:17am lmao 
  • What were you doing last night at midnight: sleeping
  • Name something you can’t wait for: o level results tbh
  • When was the last time you saw your mom: about 2 hours ago before she left for work!
  • What are you listening to rn: my dad play wii
  • Have you ever talked to someone named Tom: no
  • Something that gets on your nerves: when people order food and not touch it at all.
  • Most visited website: youtube
  • Hair Color: black
  • Long or short hair: shoulder-length
  • Do you have a crush on someone: kind of ???? idk him personally (or at all) but i’ve literally been obsessing over him since april 2017 fml
  • What do you like about yourself: that in the past year i have become a friendly, more outgoing, and relatively happier person!!!!
  • Blood type: A+
  • Nickname: creep
  • Relationship status: relationshit single & ready 2 mingle
  • Zodiac: virgo 
  • Prounouns: she/her
  • Favorite tv shows: boy meets world, w (kdrama lmao), wowp (tbh nothing recent bc i haven’t been watching much???)
  • Tattoos: none
  • Right or left-handed: right
  • Surgery: never
  • Sport: table tennis, badminton, volleyball, cycling, swimming, idk i enjoy most sports
  • Vacation: i really want to travel to europe :(
  • Pair of shoes: well i’m not wearing any rn but my fav would be my nikes!!
  • Eating: ice cream….. even though i’m kind of super sick rn… oops!
  • Drinking: water
  • I’m about to: take a dump
  • Waiting for: o level results zzzzzz
  • Want: to get a raw score of 6 points for o’s and get into ri and be reunited w my fav senior ok but for real i want to be happier this year :)
  • Get married: unrealistic but tbh i hope to get married before i turn 26/27 ???
  • Career: up till now i still don’t know, but i want to enter a profession that would allow me to help people directly? idk i like helping others so that’s probably gonna be my top priority hehe

Which is better:

  • Hugs or kisses: hugs
  • Lips or eyes: eyes
  • Shorter or taller: taller
  • Older or younger: older
  • Nice arms or stomach: how about brains
  • Hook up or relationship: i’ve been in an all girls school since i was 7
  • Troublemaker or hesitant: both ?

Have you…

  • Kissed a stranger: nope
  • Drunken hard liquor: idek what’s considered hard liquor
  • Lost glasses/contact lenses: nah
  • Turned someone down: my best friend all the time HAHAHA OOPS i’m sorry i love u
  • Sex on the first date: never been on one! 
  • Broke someone’s heart: a friend’s i think
  • Had a broken heart: no
  • Been arrested: no
  • Cried when someone died: yes
  • Fallen for a friend: she literally made me fall down so yes

Do you believe in:

  • Yourself: sometimes yeah
  • Miracles: used to? kind of still do but i wouldn’t count on miracles to happen? do i even make sense
  • Love at first sight: no
  • Santa claus: yes.
  • Kiss on the first date: tbh anything could happen so yeah sure

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Could you do a Fred x Reader one in which the reader is having a nightmare (re-living her family's death she saw 3 years ago), suddenly thrashing about in her sleep, causing Fred to awaken and worry, attempting to wake her up. Then the reader wakes up in a scream, with tears running down her cheeks. A little bit of comforting, cuddles and a few kisses until The Reader falls back asleep :3 (Btw I LOVE your imagines! They give me life tbh x)

Sorry this one is so short but I love the request and thank you hahah that means a lot!! xx Enjoy reading eeeek x

Nightmare cures // Fred x Reader

Heavy breathing was what made Fred open his eyes slowly. Normally, he wouldn’t care too much for most sounds, for he needed any hour of sleep he could get so badly, but as he saw that (Y/N) was panting in her sleep, something rushed through his veins that made him straighten up immediately. They had fallen asleep with their arms around each other, but now her body was slightly twitching along with her breathes, making her detach from Fred’s arms. “(Y/N)!” he gasped, putting his hand on her shoulder. “(Y/N), darling” he repeated once more, his voice steady and calm, but she did not react, but started mumbling words instead. “No” she repeated over and over again, sounding more desperate each time. Her head jerkily turned to the side, whereupon Fred could see her eyelids moving rapidly – he felt slightly scared at the sight of her obviously experiencing something terrible in her sleep, so he gently shook her and repeated her name. “(Y/N), wake up, come on” he said determinedly, but her dreams had caught her completely. “Don’t-“ she gasped. A moment later, sweat was pouring down her temples and she looked pale; her breathing got harder and she did a full turn to the side. “Leave them alone, please, I beg you” she panted, whereupon Fred slipped forward and put his hands on her waist, pulling her to him. “(Y/N), wake up!” he said loudly, but she was still twitching in his grip. “NO, NO- N-NO, PLEASE!” she said and a second later, she opened up her eyes and let out a scream of fright. “N-No” she gasped when tears started to roll down her face onto the sheets. “(Y/N), shh, (Y/N), look at me!” Fred said, trying to keep his voice steady. His hands cupped her face and he looked at her. “It’s okay, it was only a dream, do you understand?” he mumbled softly. (Y/N) couldn’t keep herself from sobbing; it was now that she realized how badly she had sweated and moved. “They t-took my f-family from me, what if they will take y-you-” she wept, but Fred put his hand on her forehead and gently brushed back her hair. “It was only a dream, (Y/N). Look, it’s still dark outside. It was only a dream. I’m here to watch over you, okay?” Fred said calmly, but he couldn’t conceal his worry for her. She was absolutely terrified, dreadfully confused, and Fred knew what she had dreamt about. “Sit up, darling” he mumbled and pulled her upper body so she would be sitting up straight. “You need a bit of water, I’d say. Always helps” he smiled carefully and made a cup zoom toward him, whereupon he grabbed his wand from the nightstand and muttered „Aguamenti“ and the cup filled with water. 

He softly passed it to (Y/N) and watched her taking a sip. “Take a few more, (Y/N)” he advised. Fred smiled at her, his hand still brushing through her slightly tousled hair. “Better?” – (Y/N) nodded, but her eyes were still reddish from the tears and fright. “Do you want to talk about it?” Fred asked, whereupon she shook her head. “Good” – Fred gently put his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap, whereupon she buried her face in his neck, sobbing lightly. “I was s-standing right next to them, I watched th-them-” she started mumbling in despair, but Fred hushed her softly. “I though we had agreed not to talk about it now? It was only a dream. What you need now is sleep to recover a bit” - He placed a tender kiss on her forehead and waited for her to catch his glimpse. “But I don’t want to sleep, what if I dream the same dream again-” - “But you can’t stay awake either, (Y/N). You can snuggle up to me and I’ll watch out for you, okay? It’s alright” - Fred smiled when she gave him a nod and softly lifted her from his lap again before getting up and grabbing a towel from the desk in the bedroom. With another “Aguamenti” charm, he moistened it and very gently put in on her forehead. “You’re a bit hot up there” he commented. (Y/N) smiled at him, but he wasn’t done yet. “What about you change your shirt? A bit of freshness after a nightmare will guarantee a decent sleep” - Fred chuckled slightly and handed her a shirt of his that she absolutely adored on him. She slowly changed, Fred helping her here and there. “Looks and does good” he said when he saw (Y/N) in his shirt (which was obviously oversized to her). It was true, she felt somehow refreshed, especially when his scent filled her nostrils. “A bit better already?” - (Y/N) nodded and smiled shyly, whereupon Fred drew nearer, placed a soft kiss on her cheek and let her put her hands around his neck. With a light swing, he lifted her up; he could feel her legs wrapping around his waist for a moment before he softly turned her around to lay her down on the bed. As a matter of fact, she felt way more secure when he carefully put the sheets over her body and finally placed himself next to her. Fred’s hands slid down to her back; he caressed it softly before he leaned forward and pressed his lips on hers. There was something so comforting about the way he looked at her; and now, with the kisses, (Y/N) took his hand in response. He carefully pulled her closer to him while kissing her over and over again. “Always a good cure” he mumbled when he let go of her, a smirk tracing his lips. “I approve” (Y/N) replied softly. Fred began to run his fingers through her hair again while placing little, soft kisses on her cheeks and neck. When she sighed, he let her rest her head on his chest to calm her down so she would fall asleep again. His thumb traced the edge of her waist in soft movements; and after a few minutes, he felt delighted to see that she had peacefully fallen asleep again. His grip around her tightened and when he woke up the next morning to go to work, he found her laying in the same position she had been in when he had gently guided her to sleep.

PH retrace 104 thoughts and comments (SPOILERS)

IDKY the READ MORE link isn’t working so… Sorry. 

WOW after 10 minutes of hysterical sobbing, I finally put myself together. That was intense. So much to take in in just a few pages (well, since I only saw the posts from the KiraKira blog, I can say that).

1. THAT DREAM. Holy SHIT. At first, I thought that maybe they went back to the past or that maybe he was in heaven. But WOW, OZ. Please don’t cry. This page is so beautiful. Pain and happiness. I’m dead.

To see Elliot and Leo together one last time, even if it was only a dream, it made me really happy. And Echo, fuck. I guess the thing I liked the most about this dream is how his Father called him Oz. The feeling must’ve been out of this world.

2. Ok, I’m really happy about the Core. It’s so fucking beautful. I think this manga speaks a lot about loneliness and different ways to deal with it. It also gives out the message “with friends, you will be alright” but also, “its ok to be alone, you will sirvive” IDK, i love it.

Also, this scene with Chesire made me tear up so much!!! They are finally together…

4. Duke Barma is ALIVE. FUUUUCK. All this time I felt like with Lavi from D.Gray-Man. IS HE ALIVE, IS HE DEAD? HE CAN’T BEDEAD? WHERE IS HE?! I’m happy he’s alive becaue I loved his character. SIGH. HEY HE’S ALIVE BUT THEN, HE DIED. OK. THANKS. Also, don’t really care for the wedding, tbh! I liked it but the thought of them being together never crossed my mind. I guess a part of me always thought that Break would somehow make it. RIP Xerxes forever, and ever.

5. Jack’s madness finally came to an end. WELL, at the very last minute. Just like Oz said, he could’ve chosen a different path before it all came down to this. At least he learned not to fuck with the past and advises Oz to not think about that option. DAMN YOU, JACK. Like Leo said before, even if changing the past would save Elliot’s life, he still wouldn’t change it at risk of losing all the precious memories he had with him. Life is shit but lets all try to be brave about it.

6. GIL, ALICE AND OZ. Damn IT. This is where all of our hearts shattered into a million pieces. Although it was EXTREMELY FUCKIG SAD, I liked what Oz said about being able to cry and express his emotions. He says that that is what they call “happiness”. Yeah, I agree. I think that Oz is trying to say is that he is able to FEEL like a human being, after spending all this time thinking he wasn’t real, that he didn’t exist… Crying, allowing himself to be happy or sad… That’s what existing is all about. You are REAL, Oz and we love you.This is such a beautiful scene, I fucking love it so much. I guess that that comment made me not want to kill myself right at that very moment.

AND FUCKING GILBERT, MAN. THIS IS WHAT WE CALL LOVE. This is SASUNARU LOVE OK. HE’S GONNA WAIT 100 YEARS IF THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES!! So this is not good-bye then, see you later, Gil! Also, the look in Oz’s and Alice’s face, man. Fucking Jun-sensei always sparing us the pain with some laughs.

7. Vincent. Damn it. I love Vincent’s and Gil’s relationship. I love how much Vince loves Gil. I love ow much Gil cares for Vincent. Damn it. Why him?? Why?!?!?! Thi is such a perfect scene because Vincent is finally “glad he was here (he was born)”. Such a powerful scene. To see Vincent happy, man. Wow. I see Gil repeating the lines he once said to his brother a few chapters behind. I’m moved. 

There’s something that Gil said that is fucking me up: “I won’t take long myself, so I’ll follow you soon enough”. WHAT?? NO. NO nONONONONONO. With that said, good-bye, Vincent. I will miss you terribly.


It’s good to see you again, Gilbert

Welcome back!

9. The final scene. FUCK. SO MUCH EMOTION. I couldn’t believe it. I thought we were gonna have a traumatic ending that I wouldn’t be able to get over like Zankyou no Terror. Jun-sensei delivered a final retrace with a mixture of sadness and happiness, just like the whole series. I’m not disappointed. I’m fucking PROUD of her. She’s an amazing artist. I will respect her always.
Great manga, 5 stars, would recommend.


The boys should be proud of themselves. They created some really amazing songs that sound like nothing they’ve created before.

- Hey Angel is sosososo wonderful. A perfect opener for the album.
- End of the Day is simple and lots of fun
- IF I COULD FLY IS LARRY AS FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they showed some old larry moments during it haHahaHhaha I’M FINE
- Don’t remember too much of Long Way Down but it was one of my favorites, I remember that lol
- Olivia is a lot of fun. I like the chorus a lot.
- What A Feeling has a Fleetwood Mac kinda feel. I L O V E it.
- I Want to Write You a Song is a really sweet, simple, genuine love song
- History is absolutely 100% a love song to the fans. Made me tear up. The boys are reassuring us it’s not over and they love us for what we’ve achieved together over the years. 😊
- Temporary Fix was one I didn’t find that memorable tbh
- Walking in the Wind has a great sound to it. I really REALLY love it. Can’t wait to hear it again.
- Wolves was another I can’t remember much about. It was a good pop song, but didn’t stick with me.
- A.M. MY FUCKING JAM!!!! It’s so simple but it’s so good!!!! The boys had fun with this one, you can tell. And they say ass hehe 🍑

There were lots of bts clips of the boys, mostly from the OTRA tour but also quite a bit from older music videos/tours/photoshoots. There was some zayn, which :( And you know what? They showed actual larry interaction! Like, bts from OTRA!!


Hopefully this won’t get my blog deleted lol

anonymous asked:

How do you get so many notes, when your artwork barely has at effort or any intricate details in it while I struggled trying to get notes on hard work that looks actually like something rather than just lines and random squiggly lines??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Effort and time does not equal good artwork, so you need to get past that idea. Every drawing, even the most detailed, is made up of lines and squiggles so w/e. Tbh my shit may be simple but I put a lot of effort into making a composed and balanced image, which takes a lot of thought and skill.

Also I’m making artwork because it’s fun, why are you? For notes? For recognition? There’s no point in you trying to tear me down to lift yourself up bc 1) I don’t care about your opinion, who are you even 2) if you aren’t succeeding as an artist it’s because Your work probably isn’t interesting or good, not bc the public is too stupid to see You’re truly the skilled one, like get a grip. ✌️

6x09 thoughts/recap

I think i’m excited for next week and I kind of like how they did a part one and part two to this finale. I would have loved some answers in this episode though but what ever…

  • Nvm we did get an answer, we finally found out what that damn Hastings barn looks like! That was also probably the longest time Spencer spent in there.
  • I feel like the school not allowing the girls go to prom makes sense but to not allow them to go to graduation is just harsh. I feel like they are being made out to be the criminals. This could be what A wanted. I hope we find out why A was targeting the girls. 
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate Spencer and her loyalty and friendship with Ali. I think Spencer has had a lot of character development even though it has been subtle. 
  • I liked that Toby didn’t freak out at Spencer, it was nice to see him being more focused on her safety than himself.
  • Caleb I had a feeling he would surprise Hanna! And he made me tear up! Perfect boyfriend is an understatement <333
  • Sara just needs to go back to her home town and stay there. There is only so much water in Rosewood! I’m starting to get on that Sara is RC train but I don’t want to get on it. She was irrelevant then and tbh she’s still irrelevant! 
  • THE MOMS!! I love love love love them <3333 Like can we just have every episode with them drinking wine and talking trash about Mrs.D (RIP). 
  • Drunk Mrs.Hastings though…my love for her grew today! She had no chill when it came to Mrs.D. LMAO!
  • Aria that’s what you get for checking jumping to conclusions about the boy you have been friend zoning. HE’S A FREAKING COP! 
  • Ezra is finally doing something with his life that doesn’t involve Aria, i’m actually impressed!
  • So we finally heard the name Noel Jenna, Lucas, and my personal favourite Bridget! 
  • Lorenzo showing up looking all hot, and being all romantic and shit by surprising Ali who was obviously busy.  
  • Ali shows up to prom and photobombs a few people…oh and gets basically kidnapped by A. But other than that prom was pretty chill! 

That cliff hanger, and Ali saying “oh my god” just makes me that more excited for next week. I am a little bit hesitant to get as excited for this finale as I have in the past just because of all they plan to answer in 6x10. I hope they give us the answers I think they owe us, and in a mind blowing way. Good luck this week, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a long one now that we are only 7 days away from finding out who A is. 

Message me your thoughts, theories, and questions :)

Hello, loves! Here is the piece that anon requested, Bucky x reader, and I unfortunately did not have time to write the smut tonight. I do, however, promise you some smut in the fic that I am currently working on! (distant screeching) I sort of went through hell writing the first chapter because I couldn’t get anything right, it felt, but I will be editing it soon. I am both excited and slightly nauseas because damn, fics are hard. SHIT, I have to go write another chapter. Anyway, here’s wonderwall ‘You Matter.’ Warning: the reader in this piece is extremely insecure and beats herself up a lot. If you are uncomfortable reading this, let me know and Ill fix you up with some fluff so fluffy youll feel better. I love you, bye.

You fidgeted nervously under the gazes of your colleagues. You were a SHIELD agent, so you were trained to deal with hostile and dangerous people. You weren’t, however, trained to deal with the layers of insecurity and lack of self-esteem, making it difficult for you to be in a room with many people. Right now, you were in said predicament. 

You walked with your head down through the halls, your brain telling you over and over that you were going to make a mistake.  It was a strange and positively horrid feeling, half of you certain you’re a screw up and the other half continuously telling you that everything was fine. You often felt that you were, indeed, a screw up. Shaking your head, you walked a little faster and ended up colliding with someone.

“Oof, sorry.” A deep, gravelly voice said quietly above you. Bucky smiled apologetically down at you and you stepped back, suddenly realizing how close you two were.

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