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I still can't believe we're getting Kabby being an actual couple. We've seen them most of that year getting closer to each other and now that they're in love and should be able to dream of a future together know they'll die in six months. I want to see every moment they have count as something to hold on to. I want them to be happy. Just once!

You and me both! Like, the fact that we’re going to get canon Kabby makes me want to scream, dance, laugh, cry and countless of other things. 

I still can’t believe it?! Even though we saw them getting closer, as you said, in S3 + we had the kiss in the trailer + confirmation from several sources that their bond will get deeper/they’ll get closer (let’s not forget Ian’s caliente not that I’m ever going to be able to forget something like that. such a dork ) I’m still in a state of disbelief?! 

We’ve seen them transform from people who butted heads and were barely able to stay in the same room without snapping at each other to overcoming their differences on the ground and trying to ensure their people’s safety to becoming each other’s support system and biggest stan and now we’re going to see them be in a relationship? 

We’re going to watch them be in love, and I don’t mean throwing heart eyes at each other but actually explicitly showing their love as in hand holding, placing small kisses on cheeks/hair, sitting next to each other during meals, sharing a bed, just being domestic af while helping Clarke/Bellamy and the rest with making sure that the world doesn’t end. 

Just the thought that these two are going to be in a loving relationship is honestly making me tear up a bit. I mean Marcus Kane, the man who tried so hard not to let his emotions interfere with his job and kept people at a distance, has not only adopted almost everybody in Arkadia & is BFFs with I don’t like people Indra but he also has Abby who just loves him so much??!! And Abby, strong but human Abby Griffin, has found someone who truly sees her? Like, Marcus knows her. He doesn’t just see her doctor or even chancellor persona but he also sees her, the parts of her she rarely shows but she does with him because she trusts him with her life. And Marcus will do anything to make sure that she’s safe? I mean he gave up his free will people. Because he’d rather die than live in a world without her? Because he loves her so much? I just can’t. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that those two have a special place in my heart. We are so blessed with them


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#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on

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i came back to check on my tumblr after a while and i was honestly very surprised to find that i have over a hundred asks – not to mention that i had also received emails on my gmail account. every single message was a message of encouragement and kindness, and i was very surprised by the fact that so many people stood by me and my art ♥ your support is overwhelming and i would like to say that i appreciate it all so much; i don’t know what i would do without it! ♥

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I honestly love the stay made of lightning theme louis has going on with the t-shirts - like Jay is the ultimate Girl Almighty for him. She inspired him and his younger song writer self probably didn't even realize...

ohhh I love this 

jay is the ultimate girl almighty for louis <3

“Every bit of his motivation came from things he saw on the internet. That’s it. He is simply regurgitating… bits and pieces of stuff he has downloaded directly from the internet into his brain from research done online. Everything he’s doing is just an imitation of something he saw somewhere else. ‘I had to do it’ that’s his explanation. But why he ‘had to do it’? And there’s never an answer…he doesn’t have an answer. There’s something wrong with his perceptions. There’s something with what he is perceiving about reality. He confessed to the most dreadful crime a person could ever confess to. You were looking for signs of remorse and you didn’t see very much of it. I’ll be the first one to admit it. Remorse isn’t a logical emotion when you feel it’s something you ‘had to do’. I ask you to look past the emotions that everyone has felt. Think about the isolation. These pictures…hundreds of them and in none of them are a friend. He was so alone. Except there are hundreds of pictures of his cat. Animals are much easier to interpret than humans. The cat is the only being Roof has mental capacity to socialize with.”

Bruck is the man.

Okay so I usually don’t bother much with follower count and such but I just wanted to give all of you a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I was actually considering letting this blog die once 2017 rolled in, but then Yuri on Ice happened and I gathered the courage I needed to try and blog about something else besides Tolkien and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with this blog. In the past month my posts have accumulated around 370 000 notes which is so INSANE I can’t believe it. December was definitely one of the best months ever for me, and I’ve been clinging to this damn website for more than 4 years now. I’m extremely flattered by this amazing response, and never thought it would happen again after The Hobbit was done with all its movies.

So THANK YOU to everyone who followed me recently and THANK YOU to everyone who followed me exclusively for Tolkien and who still sticks around. Everything I’ve done in the past month has been met with overwhelming positivity, be it gifsets, metas or silly memes, and I haven’t had this much fun in ages! 2016 was a very trying year for most of us, and I lost someone very dear to me that meant a lot as I grew up, and only a short while after my girlfriend broke up with me and I hit a wall where I thought I would never be happy again. That’s the reason my blog started dying, I just didn’t have the energy to do anything in that period and I was ready to give up.

But I’m so glad I stuck around and didn’t give in, because in the past 2 months everything started to turn around and I managed to get out of my depression and finally found a new passion in YoI, and at the same time I met a lovely new girl who I’m now proud to call my s/o. I want to thank everyone who stuck by me and sent me positive vibes during the period when I was the most down, it made a world of difference and for the first time in years I can actually say that I’ve been feeling genuinely happy lately. And you’re one of the reasons I can say that.

SO, ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THIS OVERWHELMING SUPPORT. It truly means a lot to me. Thank you. I hope you all have an incredible year!!  ♡

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Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes 2017 [FULL]