this made me squee so loud

so tons of people on twitter have been asking about the shirt rob wore to SNS in phoenix this past weekend:

(photo by the incredible meghan. source link)

well, I’m extra stoked for it because I gave him this shirt! I gave it to him at autographs at JIBCon this year. he said that he would wear it because (and I quote) “it’s totally a Rob shirt!” – but I didn’t actually think he’d wear it so publically? XD

anyway. the design is mine, from a Kings of Con scene that made me laugh out loud when I first heard it. it still makes me laugh to think of the way he says that line.

the shirt (and stickers, mugs, bags, phone covers - all sorts of stuff) is available here on my redbubble! while you’re there, please do have a browse through my other designs, too. there are a few in there I don’t mind saying I’m really proud of.

tl;dr: *squee*