this made me miss season 1

It’s time to say good bye, everyone…

Today is the day when everything changes…

I still can’t believe Regular Show it’s over, after 7 years, 8 seasons, 1 movie and 264 episodes, I’m going to miss this show so MUCH, but every good show must end someday, I’m going to cry so much, the show made me become a better person, I’ve been drawing RS since 2013 and I really improved my art style a lot, I meet new friends and that’s not all, I made a family with you guys, you’re like a family to me and I love all of you so much, so many thanks to my RS friends, followers, the cast, the crew and JG Quintel for taking me all on such an amazing journey, I can’t wait to watch the final episode, I’m so excited!!! ;w;

September 6 2010 - January 16 2017

I hope you guys like this, I’m so proud! :3

From what I’ve seen, [they] are super invested in the idea of Parabatai and what that means,” Clare said. “They love the idea of this deep friendship being respected and honored in this way. There’s a really great line in the first episode [of season two] where Alec is talking to Magnus and he says ‘Jace is the other half of me and if he dies part of me dies, too.’ And I was like ‘I’m so glad to hear that articulated because I felt like unless you were a book fan it might have missed you in the first season.

BITCH WHAT? lol. Missed what? season 1 made it very clear that Jace and Alec were bonded together. They literally felt each other’s pain when Alec tried to track Jace. 

Anyone else stressing out about how Supergirl has changed in 2A? I don’t know if it’s because of the move to the CW but I feel like Kara’s not as badass now than in season 1. And even though I know Calista didn’t want to come back for season 2, I still miss Cat so much she made me laugh so hard with her interactions with Kara and the whole CatCo storyline. I loved Kara and James together as well I enjoyed the massive build up all through the first season and now it’s just not happened like it’s been erased and she’s already moved on to Mon-El. Where did Lucy go as well? All these characters that have left without a proper explanation makes me really sad. I hope being on the CW doesn’t mean the show will focus more on the romantic relationships between characters (including sanvers) because I freaking loved all of the fights and DEO scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love sanvers but I don’t want it to take over the show as I fear it could do (I can already feel myself getting so attached to them oops). I don’t know if it’s just me but I just think Supergirl isn’t the same as season 1 and I’m praying the show doesn’t go downhill because god I love this show.

Shameless 7x10

Gallavich-wow I am blown away. I was worried and I hadn’t expected how PERFECT all their scenes were. They recreated so many gallavich scenes from the previous seasons. From the phone call “Miss me?” to the way their eyes met at the bleachers from when Mickey said Ian got under his skin and caressed his face. 

That night scene however was so SO GOOD. “I knew you’d come. I knew you’d come. C’mere.” THAT KISS. 

Ian can’t deny his love for Mickey. They have a history and a connection. I forgot how affection Mickey was. And the hand holding while they had sex ah made me think of season 1. 



Beard is S2 was way better than this beard cuz clean shaved mick all the way though. 

NOW other things: 

-Lip really broke my heart tonight. Fi talking to him but especially when he woke up in the professors house and broke down crying outside. I was so happy when I saw him enter the AA meeting. 

-Kev yelling at Svet at the beginning was great. Finally sticking up for himself and at her. 

-V and Fi are friends again. That scene with them on the porch was perfect and I’m really happy. 

-I liked how Debbie had her shit together making rules for Frank and Monica and really helping Fi at the laundromat 

-Fi selling the place was really sad but the right decision, broke my heart when she danced with Etta was so sweet and a really bittersweet goodbye. 

-Way too much Monica and Frank. Seriously. 

-Fi is being weird about Mickey with her talk with Ian, like Mickey did SO MUCH for Ian. He took care of him and did his best. So i don’t know what her deal is. 

-Comparing Mickey to JimmySteve is a stupid comparison, 

OVERALL I am so happy and over the moon about gallavich tonight. Absorbing all of the feels and enjoying the rush. Thank you Noel and Cam. Thank you writers. Thank you higher powers of Shameless who allowed Noel to come back. Thank you Noel for loving Mickey and wanting to come back. 

Anime Wishlist [Winter 2017]

Here’s my wishlist this season .. 

1. Masamune-kun no Revenge

This is number one pick of this season .. I read some episodes from manga. And it was worth to wait. Just only first episode made me watch it again.

2.  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (KonoSuba Season 2)

3.  Rewrite 2nd Season: Moon-hen / Terra-hen

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4. Akiba’s Trip The Animation

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After I watched 1st episode.. and Yes! I want it more !!

5.  Demi-chan wa Kataritai

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6.  Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

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Fluffy thoughts on “The French Revolution”

So it has been a while since I have done any of these. Time and energy has not really been working for me. But this time I really had to. 

This episode of Madam Secretary made me feel like I was back in season 1. It gave me a feeling of giddiness and excitement. Loved all the scenes with Henry and Elizabeth. I have missed those. Also loved the story with the French which brought me back to “The Operative” of season 1. But I would have liked the story to have been spread out a bit more. So despite the fact that I think this was rounded up way to easily here is my list off things that i loved the most. Enjoy!! (or disagree. Whatever works for you)

1. Love it when Elizabeth hair is up. 

2. Couldn’t help laughing at Russell going off the bend like a lunatic in front of Elizabeth. I know I shouldn’t laugh (which would probably make him explode if he knew - equal to me going off the rails if my husband tells me I look beautiful when I am angry!!) but  it was funny. I do recognize that Russell has his life hanging on this though. 

3. Henry and the toothpaste. It seems like if Henry is in the bathroom he is either brushing his teeth or getting ready to do so. Oh and the towel was really not necessary. And while I am swooning over that I have to say that he looks damn fine in a tux!  

4. Russell put into words what basically his job is in a nutshell “I get paid to say the stuff no one else will”. As @adii1201 told me about Russell: “I hate that guy but I love that guy”

5. Nadine being the ultimate Wing-(wo)man for Elizabeth. 

6. Throughout this episode the feelings portrait between Elizabeth and Henry are breathtaking. Henry is trying to stay strong and making sure that Elizabeth is calm. He is by her side as soon as he senses her distress, while he himself probably needs it just as much as she does. In the end when Julius is talking, disrespecting Elizabeth by calling her Mrs McCord and trying to get her fired, Henry is about to throttle him but Elizabeth is the one that with a simple gesture holds him back and keep him calm. Once again I can’t help to love how this marriage is being portrait. 

7. Lucy eyeing Henry and Elizabeth (and rightfully so!) when they approach Julius. 

8. Last one I promise! Henry trying to look all innocent and Elizabeth looking excited and mischievous as they sneak out of the party. Who hasn’t done that hoping no one will notice. 

RPDR all stars 2 - reunion thoughts *mini spoilers*

1. I missed doing this last week
2. Alyssa’s headpiece is EVERYTHING
3. Detox and Tati and Adore also look amazing
4. Rupaul being unable to say Phi Phi’s name like she’s you know who kills me
5. Ngl the beginning was kinda dead
6. It hadn’t crossed my mind that as2 was filmed so soon after season 7 yikes
7. And considering that, Katya did SO GOOD
8. Tatianna telling it as it is with Phi Phi, I’m SO glad she was on this season
9. How was Alaska the only one to mention Detox’s latex runway as top toot??? Literally it was so good
10. Watching Katya’s rucap tape was the best thing, I’m so proud of her and she did so well
11. I actually really loved this season and it genuinely goes down as one of my all time favourites

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I seriously just love all the timeless you've been posting everywhere. I started following because of CS and was disappointed to see you step back this season (though I completely understand cause it just been bad) and I really liked lucifer last year just haven't got back into it this season yet. So seeing you fan girl over timeless and Flynn the Garbage Man and Lucy and just everything has made me so happy. You're a fun person to fan girl with even from a far :)

Ahaha you’re welcome. I am certainly going to be posting plenty MORE Timeless/Garbagia Flynn/Lucy/Time Team in general, so I am happy you are enjoying it. I miss the CS days, but I’m pretty over the show, so… it is what it is.

Also, you should catch up on Lucifer. Season 1 was fun, but Season 2 is SO GOOD. Like, that’s when the character dynamics really get dug into and explored and developed, and Deckerstar really kicks in and there is angst but it’s GOOD ANGST and it’s just, yeah. Everything they have set up starts coming together and it’s going to be a hell of a ride, literally, when it comes back. So yes. I endorse it. Do the thing.

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am i the only one who kinda misses the bellamy from season 1? he was a little shit but he was funny?? he's so dead inside lately i kinda miss him when he was a sarcastic little shit

He’s like that sometimes like idk why it made me giggle when he was like “ur such a great tracker, go track.” To roan because he haaaates him so much lmfao also when he told echo he would have killed her I nutted

mini update!

hi everyone hope you are all doing well c: i haven’t made one of these posts in forever and I missed talking to you guys! 

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1. so I’m going to take a break from this gif making for a short while (days? weeks? idk) I’m on season 4 rn and for some reason it’s been SO much harder for me to find moments in the anime to gif??? is it me? is it the show? idk but I used to easily make 20+ posts from each episode before. 

now…the episode I watched earlier today literally only gave me one gif. 

2. omg sorry I’m terrible at answering asks I will go do that right now since I’m on a study break. thank you btw to everyone who sends me asks they’re always exciting and I promise to be better about answering them from now on

3. we’re almost at 100k followers!! ty everyone for all your support ilysm <3 

back to studying rip

Mr.Krabs on the phone: Hold on Squidward, there’s someone here to see ya. He says he’s from the Barnacle Bay Art Museum and he wants to honor you  as artist of the month!

Squidward: What? What’s so funny? Where’s the art dealer?

Mr.Krabs: *giggling* You just missed him!

Spongebob: Yeah, but he told us to tell you… *giggling*

Squidward: Tell me what?!

Spongebob: He told me to tell you…

Squidward: Thanks for everything Mr.Krabs! Just send my last check to the PO Box, Mr.Krabs!

Kindergarden kid impressions
  • Don’t tink we missed that Warner Bros reference.
  • Peridot is a lot like season 1 Steven: she discovered one power that seem to come and go and is very fleak overall; and while she’s mastering that single power, another one shows more effortlessly (bubbling), so i’m actually exicted to see her metalbending reach its peak.
  • the Lapidot feels are real (they weren’t even subtle)

  • I’m not the most qualified to say this, but I loved Steven’s explanation of a corrupted Gems mind. Corrupted gems get to me a lot since Steven made friends with Centi way back, and lately i think they’ve been putting more work into their sounds and expressions so we understand that a sentient, living individual is in there, trapped, but can- and wants- to communicate. Kind of like the gems of the cluster. I like that Steven refuted Peri’s claim by shifting the POV and stating they just think differently than the rest of the gems, and that is just as valid as the mainstream form of thinking and behaving. This is extremely positive, because it puts corrupted gems up in an equal stand to non corrupted gems, recognizing their dignity and their right to be trated with kindess and respect.
  • So this was a funny episode, but it was also a lesson in empathy, to all Peridots in the world that lack it on a first approach, and it showed that, by trying to understand the other, you get free, you understand yourself better, and you get shit done.

me after season 7: I am gone Matt Smith was the greatest I can never move on from him I fucking miss Amy I am not okay


Episode 313 of The 100 will be one of my fav episodes of season 3 not just because of the bellarke hug but because of the ark flashback tying it back to the first episode. It gave me goosebumps and chills. Also, mostly cause of Radioactive playing and it just made me cry and miss season 1 when everything was simple and innocent


oliver in every episode

1x02 “Honor Thy Father”

“The day I went missing…..was the day I died.
Five years in hell forged me into a weapon,
which I use to honor a vow I made to my father,
who sacrificed his life for mine.
In his final moments, he told me the truth….that our family’s wealth had been,
that he failed out city, and that it was up to me to save it
and right his wrongs.
But to do that without endangering the people closest to me,
I have to be someone else.