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gobletcharm74  asked:

Hi Steph. I could use some advice. I have a (fan made) Sherlock wallpaper skirt that I used to love, but ever since S4, I haven't been able to bring myself to wear it, which makes me sad, because it really is a great skirt and I miss the days when wearing it made me happy. I thought that maybe I would try wearing it for Pride, because I thought that wearing it in that context would remind me why I used to love it. Sherlock was, after all, the reason I figured out I was queer 1/3

in the first place, and as angry and hurt as I am, I never want to let S4 stop me from loving the first 3 seasons. But now the night before the Pride celebration, I’m having second thoughts. What if I find wearing it too painful and it takes away from my enjoyment of the celebration? What if other people see it and find it triggering? But I’m also worried that if I don’t wear it now, I’ll never be able to wear it again. 2/3

(I never stopped reading fic and looking at fanart, btw. I’m not sure why this is so different). This is really last minute and I know you’re busy so don’t feel at all bad if you don’t get a chance to answer in time, but if you can I’d really appreciate it! Thanks! 3/3

OH GOSH LOVELY I hope I’m not too late!!! I seriously missed the last part of this ask so I am sorry if I am.

Personally? WEAR IT. Sherlock helped you understand who you are! You made it yourself, so it’s not even an official thing! I’ll be honest with you: I have a lot of Anons tell me I should “just stop” liking Sherlock (I dunno, maybe they can’t stand seeing me so happy? What a sad and lonely life they must lead), and you think I’m gonna let them tell me what I can and cannot enjoy? Heck no! Listen, the first 3 seasons of Sherlock plus TAB were a MASTERPIECE and they helped me rediscover my love of writing and helped me become the person I am today. Seven months on, I can laugh about the absurdity of S4, and push it aside most days and pretend it never happened. I know the series is probably done, but a lot of shows have that “one episode / series we don’t talk about”. 

Anyway, I think you should wear it; be proud of it, do it, and be proud of who you are! And if people are bothered by it, they don’t have to look at you. If anything, I think you’ll get more compliments than not, and if they ask you what you thought of S4, tell them “yeah, no, I don’t know her” (I have actually had a few people in my real life ask me, and I told them that even the fandom had a lot of issues with it, so no I don’t really like it). 

Seriously, don’t let the piss-poor writing of Mofftiss take away your enjoyment of the series. Sherlock Holmes is public domain, which means it belongs to Us, the public, which means your Sherlock is gay and in love with John and that is A-OK :D

I do hope you wear the skirt! <3 If I’m not too late, I hope you also take pics of it! I’d love to see it and show everyone how beautiful it is! <3

Love you, and please have a fantastic day :D <3

EDIT: In response to the fics / art: It’s because the fandom writes and creates a better ending than Canon did <3

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #25

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Happy quarter life to this ridiculous feature. I need to stop procastinating on these.

The Lion at the End of the Tunnel by Outworld
Words: 3,488
Author’s Summary: Pidge bites off more than she can chew in an act of grand space piracy gone wrong. Aboard a dying starship with few options, she’s starting to think this might be her last mistake until she discovers a certain idiot has done something very stupid.
My Comments: Tagged Lance/Pidge but reads platonic. This is a great action fic with perfect character voices. I love these two together so very, very much.

Truce by kyanve
Words: 42,709 (WIP 7/?)
Author’s Summary: “EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IN EVERYONE ELSE’S HEADHOLES!” - because that feels like one of a few things that needs exploring.The new team can be a perfectly good one, but the odds of finding any five people who don’t know each other THAT well who’ll be thrilled with being mentally linked to giant sapient mechanical god-beasts and each other is basically nonexistent. It’s a recipe for whacking heads into it, avoiding it, trying to pretend it’s not there, and generally making an already awkward train wreck of a situation more awkward and confusing.Keith as main PoV because I would go insane doing this from more than one PoV and it would turn into more of a novel than it’s already looking like it’ll be, and who better to explore “sudden unasked for mental links to other beings” than someone with abandonment issues and trust issues everywhere *and* a few good big secrets?This starts around beginning of canon and I have parts to clean up and post going all the way through Season 2; it’s weaving through almost entirely off-camera things and side events. Spoilers bloody everywhere.
My Comments: REALLY fun missing scene-type fic with a great Keith perspective. It’s FUN and it does a great job of fleshing everyone out, and there are some truly fantastic ideas. I’m really enjoying this one.

Little Lions by MidnightCreator
Words: 5,111 (WIP 3/6)
Author’s Summary: Lance has a very bad day and his only upside is the comfort from the Blue Lion. The Blue Lion knows her Pilot needs her so she takes steps to be as close as she can be to him. Her actions set off a chain reaction amongst the other Lions as they all step up to be there for their Pilots.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love lions-as-actual-lions, and this is especially good because the lions just want to make their pilots feel better. So it’s tiny lion shenanigans and oodles of H/C. MY FAVE COMBO.

Masks by TiedyedTrickster
Words: 9,588
Author’s Summary: Everyone has a mask, one that tells the world what character you’re destined to play in life, that tells people who you are. Except Lance’s mask doesn’t match him at all, and it’s driving Keith nuts.
My Comments: This is SUCH a creative and original concept. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s so, so cool. Starts out Lance-centric, but there’s lots of other stuff in there too, like fantastic Shiro and Keith and also REBEL MATT. Check it out!

An Unexpected Hero by nerdiekatie
Words: 2,102
Author’s Summary: “You tapped my knife to a Roomba? Where did you even get a Roomba?” Keith starts to peel his knife from the Roomba while Pidge is speaking. “She’s an old cleaning droid I found- Keith, no!” Pidge lunges forward to stop him. Keith just lifts the Roomba above his head, watching Pidge try to jump high enough to get her. “She needs to be able to defend herself!”
My Comments: This fandom has only the HIGHEST quality crack.

our native land draws all of us by SerenePanic
Words: 1,037
Author’s Summary: Coran is many things: advisor, mechanic, historian.Once, he was a father.
My Comments: My heart hurts. I love Coran so much.

De-Stressing by The_Sickfic_Sideblog for pinstripedJackalope
Words: 1,642
Author’s Summary: Keith is very stressed out. Pidge knows how to handle this. Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.
My Comments: This is really sweet, and I love how cool and competent Pidge is while Keith is falling apart. She really knows how to get past his defenses, and it’s lovely to see.

Qualifications by The_Sickfic_Sideblog
Words: 1,340
Author’s Summary: Pidge gets dehydrated, and the effects bring up sour memories.
My Comments: I would say “protect her,” but I think her team has that well in hand.

Ice Ice (Baby) by shishiswordsman
Words: 12,707 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: The Blue Pilot’s shoes become too big for Lance to fill. Literally. (Yes, it’s a kidfic. Sue me.)
My Comments: LOVE. De-aged Lance is quite realistic, and there’s beautiful, amazing art for every chapter, too! I am STOKED for more.

Skirt, Dirt, Worth by ardett
Words: 6,354
Author’s Summary: Lance wants to see Pidge wear skirts and makeup. (But really he doesn’t.)
My Comments: This made me ache, but there’s a lot of loveliness and courage in here, too. Lance needs love and acceptance so much, and it takes some work, but his team is able to give him that.

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia
Words: 18,010
Author’s Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
My Comments: Thace/Ulaz. I adore this characterization of the Blade, especially Ulaz as a scientist who is very smart and methodical, but also has almost too much heart and compassion. Baby Keith is perfect, and I was very satisfied with the ending, though I’m happy there are more stories in the series, too.

Lost in the Stars by WingedChickadee
Words: 3,440 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: They didn’t see him. They didn’t see the lion falling quickly towards the planet’s surface through the debris of broken Galra ships. They heard his shout of pain and shock, but not what happened. Six people all assumed he made it back to the castle, they didn’t notice the missing paladin. No one noticed. Not a batted eye or turn of a head.When the paladin wakes up, he is injured and alone. Now, he has to try and survive until he can find a way home.
My Comments: Oh no, LANCE. This is very well-written and scary, and I really need more.

lost & found by luoup (ravenic)
Words: 7,006
Author’s Summary: The wormhole has been rent apart by Haggar’s magic, and the Paladins are lost.
My Comments: Really lovely little fic. A well-done take on the post-season 1 scenario, with an excellent conclusion that made me happy-sigh.

Under Pressure, I Break by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 2,728
Author’s Summary: Lance was more hurt than he let on after their visit to the water planet where the wormhole spat them out. His injuries are aggravated further during their fight with Ulaz, and then the Robeast. When it finally becomes apparent just how injured he is, Hunk can only blame himself.
My Comments: Hance. I love love LOVE the focus on Hunk in this fic. Though Lance is the one physically hurt, Hunk is the one who needs to be loved and reassured. Lovely little fic.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by nerdiekatie
Words: 1,745
Author’s Summary: He’s glad the paladins only have a low-level telepathic connection. Shiro is one hundred percent sure that if he could everything Pidge is feeling, he would be on his ass. As it is, Shiro has the distinction impression that Pidge can see time and taste shapes right now.
My Comments: I take back what I said earlier. They really REALLY need to protect her. Mostly from herself.

You’re Our Sharpshooter by safety_dancer for spacekidwrites
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: My take on how Shiro reacts to hearing Lance call himself Voltron’s seventh wheel.
My Comments: Very sweet little fic. I want something like this to happen so bad.

Out of Phase by LittleWhiteTie
Words: 6,571 (WIP 2/4)
Author’s Summary: Shiro is lost, only able to contact the paladins during their dreams. He helps them through their nightmares when they need him the most, but it’s getting harder and harder to find them as he starts to lose track of what’s real and what’s imagined. He’s losing his grip on this reality, and his sense of self is beginning to fall apart. He’s going to need their help to get back before he disappears entirely.
My Comments: FANTASTIC Post-S2 concept, just amazing. GAH, it makes me hurt, but it’s so lovely. Really, really want some more.

Audio/Visual Quest by Dynared21
Words: 15,298
Author’s Summary: Pidge and Lance have journeyed to a mysterious planet in order to find the technical details to Zarkon’s fortress…as well as a TV that they can hook up their Gamestation to! But who owns the mysterious collection they run across, and will the pair be able to escape with their gains? Or will they end up the newest exhibits of this collector?
My Comments: Really fun, action-packed, episode-like fic. I’m super happy that S2 has seemed to encourage more fics with Pidge and Lance interacting. They’re such a fantastic combo.

Feeling Blue by spitfire00
Words: 2,962
Author’s Summary: Lance is feeling worthless. Pidge reminds him just how important he is.
My Comments: Have I mentioned lately how much I love Lance and Pidge? Anyway, I love the way she just shoves her way in there and refuses to leave. Lance needs a stubborn little sister to love him.

The Long Walk Home by nerdiekatie
Words: 5,488
Author’s Summary: What happens when you get your unexpected and unwanted period in space? What happens when your armor doesn’t have pockets for your inhaler? On a stealth mission, Pidge and Hunk are stranded and forced to walk to the Green Lion. They’re racing against time and their own bodies. Will they make it back?
My Comments: This fic is GRUELING, but I love seeing the two geniuses of Team Voltron being badass and strong despite their unique difficulties.

Weekend Guests by TheBeckster
Words: 6,906 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Voltron had been too late. They hadn’t been able to stop the Galra this time. As the Paladins pick their way through a leveled city, they come across a group of survivors and find themselves way out of their element. Everyone except Lance, that is.
My Comments: Fantastic start! I love Lance with kids, and he’s particularly competent and wise and adorable here. The kids all feel like kids with their own personalities, which can be tricky. Waiting patiently for more. (Not that patiently.)

Big Stick Diplomacy by windscryer
Words: 3,496
Author’s Summary: Keith is bad at diplomacy, but he is trying. Pidge… not so much.
My Comments: Protective Pidge! Savage on Keith’s behalf! Everyone is extremely protective, too, but Pidge takes the cake. She will take you down if you even THINK about looking at her family funny, and Keith is her boy.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Hold Up Half the Sky by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
This Is New by TheHomestuckWhovian
bombs and bullets by ashinan
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Altar of Storms by VelkynKarma  (now complete, and incredibly satisfying)
Prison Bonds by GriffinRose (complete)
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Burning by CranberryBat
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn (now complete)
Stronger Than They Know (The Caretaker) by unfortunatelynormal
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Chrono Story by Crowoxy (now complete)

NEW That ‘70s Show FanFiction!

Title: Going to Prom

Summary: After agreeing to take Jackie to prom in “Prom Night” Hyde has a talk with Red and Kitty that makes him realize going to prom with Jackie means a lot more than just ‘going to prom.’

Rating: K+

Pairings: Jackie and Hyde, Red and Kitty, Family Relationships: Red and Hyde, Kitty and Hyde, Red and Jackie

Links: and AO3

And a sneak peek inside:

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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned - A (mostly) coherent rant!

There’s a reason why that ancient adage still holds weight. Because it’s true.

There is not a creature more dangerous, more deadly or more destructive on earth than a woman who hungers for vengeance. When she thirsts for blood, she will do whatever it takes to make a river of red flow. When she wants justice, she will do whatever it takes to see it is meted out. And when she wants to protect her own, she will do whatever it takes to protect her own and god save anyone who even dares defy her.

She will make you bleed with a smile on her face and wine in her hand.

This entire episode, all of it, made me see that side of Felicity completely for the first time. Digg is her brother and friend, and someone messed with him. She ate them alive.

We’d been getting glimpses of her struggle with the darkness inside her, her moral dilemmas, her swinging decision, but for the first time, I saw her accept, embrace and glory in her darkness.

It was fucking beautiful.

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Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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“Hi, I’m Lavon Hayes, and I’m itch free where it counts” cue wade bursts out laughing. (1x05 Faith & Infidelity)

There are so many! My tastes run to sci-fi and true crime (sort of), so that’s what these are.


Eos 10: like if Star Trek and Firefly had a child with a good sense of humor

The Black Tapes: if The X-Files was a podcast and instead of aliens it’s demons

Life After: all our fears about sentient AI and what happens to our social media accounts if we die

The Bright Sessions: there are mutants, but not like X-Men. There is an adorable gay couple but I can’t tell you who bc it’s a huge spoiler

Wolf 359: an evil corporation, people trapped on a space station and a snarky communications officer. Also maybe aliens

True Crime (mostly):

In the Dark- about the case that started the sex offender registry

Missing Richard Simmons: not really true crime but an investigation and fascinating

S-town: starts out as true crime and becomes one of the best character studies I’ve ever heard . This one made me cry

Serial season 1: this one kind of started the true crime podcast revolution and it’s still one of the best

You Must Remember This: actually about Hollywood history but so much of that history is bizarre crime stories. They did a 10 part series on Charles Manson’s ties to Hollywood

Complete Torchwood Companion

So I am REEEEEALLY stoked about the Season 5 announcement. Like whoa. But I started to wonder 1) How much Torchwood media there is to consume and 2) what the timeline ends up being.

I have made a list, of all the books, audios, episodes, comics, etc, that I know about.  If I’m missing anything, PLEASE let me know.

List under the cut

BF 1

  1. The Conspiracy
  2. Fall to Earth
  3. Forgotten Lives
  4. One Rule
  5. Uncanny Valley
  6. More Than This

BF 2:

  1. Victorian Age
  2. Zone 10
  3. Ghost Mission
  4. Moving Target
  5. Broken
  6. Made You Look

BF 3

  1. Visiting Hours
  2. The Dollhouse
  3. Corpse Day
  4. torchwood_cascade_CDRip.tor (June 2017)
  5. The Office of Never Was (July 2017)
  6. The Dying Room (August 2017)

BF Torchwood One: Before the Fall

  1. New Girl
  2. Through the Ruins
  3. Uprising

BF Outbreak

  1. Incubation: Know
  2. Prodromal: Love
  3. Invasion: Kill

BF Torchwood Archive

BF The Lives of Captain Jack

  1. The Year After I Died (June 2017)

BF Aliens Among Us (August 2017)

  1. Changes Everything
  2. Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
  3. Orr
  4. Superiority Complex

BF Aliens Among Us (October 2017)

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?

BF Aliens Among Us (February 2018)

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?

TW Novels

  1. Another Life
  2. Border Princes
  3. Slow Decay
  4. Something in the Water
  5. Trace Memory
  6. The Twilight Streets
  7. Pack Animals
  8. SkyPoint
  9. Almost Perfect
  10. Into the Silence
  11. Bay of the Dead
  12. The House that Jack Built
  13. Risk Assessment
  14. The Undertaker’s Gift
  15. Consequences
    1. The Baby Farmers
    2. Kaleidoscope
    3. The Wrong Hands
    4. Virus
    5. Consequences
  16. First Born
  17. Long Time Dead
  18. The Men Who Sold the World
  19. Exodus Code

TW Audio Exclusives

  1. HIdden
  2. Everyone Says Hello
  3. In the Shadows
  4. The Sin Eaters
  5. Department X
  6. Ghost Train
  7. Army of One
  8. Fallout
  9. Red Skies
  10. Mr Invincible

Radio Plays

  1. Lost Souls
  2. Asylum
  3. Golden Age
  4. The Dead Line
  5. The Lost Files
    1. The Devil and Miss Carew
    2. Submission
    3. House of the Dead

Comic Stories

  1. The Legacy of Torchwood One
  2. Broken
  3. Fated to Pretend
  4. Shrouded
  5. Somebody Else’s Problem: A Gwen Cooper Story
  6. Overture
  7. Hell House

Online Comics:

  1. Escape to Penhaxico (DW)
  2. Return to the Vostok (TW)

IDW Doctor Who Graphic Novels ft Jack et al

  1. Time Fraud (ties in to CoE)
  2. The Choice
  3. The End Game
  4. The Birthday Boy

Titan DW Graphic Novels ft Jack et all

Weapons of Past Destruction


  1. The Transformed
  2. Official Secrets
  3. Slaver’s Song
  4. Hacked
  5. Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook
  6. Arena of Fear
  7. Supremacy of the Cybermen

TW Graphic Novels:

  1. Rift War!*
  2. The Selkie
  3. Torchwood Vol 1 - A World Without End
  4. Torchwood Vol 2 - Station Zero (August 2017)
  5. Torchwood Archives Vol 1 (Torchwood Classics) (June 2017) **
  6. Torchwood Archives Vol 2 (Torchwood Classics)  (October 2017) **

*includes “Jetsam”

** I think these cover The Legacy of Torchwood One and Broken, etc, from Torchwood Magazine

Doctor Who: Appearances of Jack et al

  1. Aliens of London (Toshiko)
  2. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (Jack)
  3. Boom Town (Jack)
  4. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways (Jack)
  5. Utopia/The Sound of Drums (Jack)
  6. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (Jack, Gwen, Ianto)
  7. The End of Time (Jack)

Series 1

  1. Everything Changes
  2. Day One
  3. Ghost Machine
  4. Cyberwoman
  5. Small Worlds
  6. Countrycide
  7. Greeks Bearing Gifts
  8. They Keep Killing Suzie
  9. Random Shoes
  10. Out of Time
  11. Combat
  12. Captain Jack Harkness
  13. End of Days

Series 2

  1. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
  2. Sleeper
  3. To the Last Man
  4. Meat
  5. Adam
  6. Reset
  7. Dead Man Walking
  8. A Day in the Death
  9. Something Borrowed
  10. From Out of the Rain
  11. Adrift
  12. Fragments
  13. Exit Wounds

Children of Earth

  1. Day One
  2. Day Two
  3. Day Three
  4. Day Four
  5. Day Five

Miracle Day

  1. The New World
  2. Rendition
  3. Dead of Night
  4. Escape to LA
  5. The Categories of Life
  6. The Middle Men
  7. Immortal Sins
  8. End of the Road
  9. The Gathering
  10. The Blood Line

Webcast: Web of Lies

Doctor Who Novels feat. Jack

  1. The Deviant Strain
  2. Only Human
  3. The Stealers of Dreams
  4. Peacemaker
  5. The Story of Martha

Doctor Who Short Story

  1. Best Friends

Short Stories: Torchwood Yearbook

  1. Black Water
  2. Mrs. Acres
  3. The Beauty of Our Weapons
  4. Plant Life
  5. Monster

Short Stories: Torchwood Magazine

  1. Harm’s Way
  2. The Book of Jahi
  3. Who by Fire
  4. Gordian
  5. Unplugged
  6. Requiem
  7. We All Go Through
  8. Red-Handed
  9. The Mind’s Eye
  10. Cultural Firsts
  11. Mend Me
  12. Everything’s True
  13. The Secret of Crow Island
  14. The Package
  15. Ashes to Ashes
  16. Rift-Raff
  17. Lockdown
  18. Rare Earth
  19. Postcards from the Rift
  20. Reflections
  21. Happy New Year
  22. Photo Finish
  23. They Keep Killing Andy
  24. Flotsam and Jetsam
  25. I May Be Some Time
  26. The Last Voyage of Osiris
  27. The Man Who Dreamed of Stars
  28. Closing Time

I don’t know how it really happened, but last night I was just gonna check this one pose that I thought I’d seen in Ginger’s vlogs (my crazy brain remembers those things yes) but it immediately sucked me in again. It was really late so I couldn’t go through the entire thing again, instead I picked a few highlights (aka the most tragic bits of season 1) and damn…I actually teared up. I could not go without opening my game today to take a few pics of very young Venny.

So @inkwisteria if you see this please know that I’m still too fucking invested in this couple. I don’t think any sims story has ever made me feel like this one, like something actually stirred in my body when I reread. I remember using my data every morning after you posted on the bus to check how the episode ended after I had gone to bed…oh, good times. I miss the sad confused version of these two so much, almost more than the happy lovey version, and I just want you to know that they were simply the best thing to ever happen to simblr.

Yes I’m still your craziest fangirl shh don’t judge me

Sana as Jesus

Guys I’m not really good at doing meta -this is actually my first one ever- but I wanna try so bear with me okay?

In the last clip we saw a birthday card from the girl squad where they called Sana Jesus. Except for the fact that I immediately thought about baby Jesus (I miss Eskild okay) it made me think about religion too -obviously. What do I know about Christianity? Well, I grew up in a Catholic family, so quite a lot.

1. Jesus sacrificed himself to save the human race. Sana already took the fall to protect Isak. I just hope she won’t get expelled cause that would be mean. YES JULIE I’M TALKING TO YOU.

2. Jesus was betrayed by Judas, one of his apostle. This means that one of Sana’s closest friend (maybe Eva since she seems so mad? That’s stupid btw) will betray her, maybe by telling the school. I have no idea.

3. Jesus’ mother Mary stood by him till the very end. I already love Sana’s mother. She will stay by her daughter’s side no matter what. Parents goals!!!

4. Jesus closest friends never stopped believing him. I hope the girl squad will realise Sana isn’t the devil incarnated and come to their senses. Otherwise I’ll sue.

5. Jesus at first wasn’t believed. This might mean that maybe in the beginning when Sana explains the reasons why she did what she did she won’t be believed? Idk honestly.

6. Jesus resurrected after 3 days. So don’t  despair, guys, there’s hope!

7. Jesus made miracles. I just need Sana to smile again.

So that’s it for now, I can’t think  of anything else. Sorry if it’s messy and not very deep. If you think of something else, feel  free to add!

Everything was wrapped up pretty well in the finale. I especially loved how instead of Bay and Travis leaving together, it was Travis and Emmett. That was really really sweet and of course, Travis and Bay are still together except long distance and it’s healthy. I also didn’t mind the little tribute to Bemmett.

I’m so glad Regina broke it off with Luka. That shit never made any sense and I wished it never happened in the first place. Eric was kind of a blast from the past but if Regina’s going to be with anyone, it would be him. 

Thank goodness for Daphne and Mingo. Honestly I expected them to be endgame and I’m kind of glad they were.

I was crying at the end. Bay’s face when she found out Regina was moving out broke me. Vanessa Marano has always been such a great actress and I’m gonna miss her on the show. The ending was beautiful with Daphne and Bay recreating the season 1 cover. It gave me so many feels. 

I’m so glad everything worked out the way I wanted and it left me satisfied. The season itself wasn’t all that great but at least the ending was nice. I appreciated this show so much and it helped me through some tough times and I’m glad I stuck through until the end. 

From what I’ve seen, [they] are super invested in the idea of Parabatai and what that means,” Clare said. “They love the idea of this deep friendship being respected and honored in this way. There’s a really great line in the first episode [of season two] where Alec is talking to Magnus and he says ‘Jace is the other half of me and if he dies part of me dies, too.’ And I was like ‘I’m so glad to hear that articulated because I felt like unless you were a book fan it might have missed you in the first season.

BITCH WHAT? lol. Missed what? season 1 made it very clear that Jace and Alec were bonded together. They literally felt each other’s pain when Alec tried to track Jace. 

It’s time to say good bye, everyone…

Today is the day when everything changes…

I still can’t believe Regular Show it’s over, after 7 years, 8 seasons, 1 movie and 264 episodes, I’m going to miss this show so MUCH, but every good show must end someday, I’m going to cry so much, the show made me become a better person, I’ve been drawing RS since 2013 and I really improved my art style a lot, I meet new friends and that’s not all, I made a family with you guys, you’re like a family to me and I love all of you so much, so many thanks to my RS friends, followers, the cast, the crew and JG Quintel for taking me all on such an amazing journey, I can’t wait to watch the final episode, I’m so excited!!! ;w;

September 6 2010 - January 16 2017

I hope you guys like this, I’m so proud! :3

Prison Break Writers and Cast: the main question of this season is: Is Michael still a good guy or has everything he’s been through made him less of a hero and more of a villian?
Me: Um… but not once this season have I questioned if Michael is still good… am I missing something?
Prison Break Writers and Cast: We wanted the reveal of poseidon to shock the audience.
Me: but I suspected Jacob from day 1…

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I always feel like I missed something while watching the show? From episode 1 I shipped sheith and I found Lance annoying but I liked his character a little. Then when I finished both seasons I came over to tumblr to see the fandom and I saw so much Klance. I was genuinely so confused cause ppl made it out to be this beautiful pairing and I was like ?? Did I miss something or.. then all the langst made me not like Lance at all sadly. I started this show Feb and Ive only now started liking Lance

Honestly I feel like kl@nce appeared from the stereotypical thing of two characters who have beef automatically ‘must’ have some kind of 'sexual tension’ hence why they should be shipped together. It’s the red/blue lover trope it exists throughout a lot of fandoms idk why it happens but it happens a lot so kl@nce being arguably the most popular ship doesn’t really surprise me even if in canon it seems unrealistic