this made me lol although it was intense

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When did you go from I think they were together/but not anymore/i'm partly convinced to being solidly convinced? It's been rough since since 2013. There were good moments, but if I would have came in any later than I did I don't know how convinced I'd be that they were together. Although, there has been a few things that balanced things out a bit.

When I was looking through evidence I saw the love there. Those looks are intense! In 2013 what made me say “that’s it ‘no more proof needed'” hence the tag lol, were a couple different moments. 

March 16th 2013

WWA Tour Press Conference

Jimmy Kimmel Scavenger Hunt


This beautiful moment

Harry and Louis MIA in LA in August and then coming back to the This Is Us press conference looking so happy and content. (Harry in this is so out of it lol)

Serenading “Little Things” to each other…fml

The AMA’s 2013 (I saw this happen live on my tv and I almost died!)

And of course