this made me laugh for minutes
WFH/5H @ PCAs Reaction vid

Idk why this made me laugh, but this guy, maybe a minute in during the performance, was like “wait, aren’t they supposed to be five? Huh… I’m pretty sure there are five girls in the group… FIFTH harmony, yeah they’re definitely five… Maybe the other girl is sick or something…” 😂😂😂

And that part when he saw normani and claimed she is his fave… But when it was Dinah’s part he was like “oh wait no, SHE’S my favorite!! That’s Beyoncé’s daughter!!”

I love people who aren’t aware of the fandom drama reacting to 5h vids 😛 it’s so pure and innocent lol.

Reasons to Watch Monster Factory
  • Just two brothers playing games and making such horrible monstrosities in the character creation
  • Said monstrosities are also given names such as The Final Pam, Truck Shepard, Christopher Christopher “The Pebble” Christopher Christopher and Daytrader Vader
  • “I’ll get the Rock pregnant.”
  • Their female creations aren’t treated differently and are made just as horrific as their male creations
  • Pure humor, nothing controversial, and actually funny unlike a lot of gaming channels (it took me like an hour to get through a vid that was 25 minutes long because i needed to pause to catch my breath from laughing so damn hard)
  • “Just like Bart.”
  • In their Second Life series Griffin was super uncomfortable with the amount of “in your face” porn content that would show up and even said that if he became mayor he would ban all of the sex servers
  • “Dr. Phil if you tell me something that stupid again you’re going to eels.”
  • Showed disgust at a young, over-sexualized neko girl and then proceeded to turn her into the most horrific Rat Baby and named her furry familiar Vape Life (after showing disgust towards the furry)
  • This compilation of almost evey time they say “boy” on the show

So I glanced through the Cyber Danganronpa VR DEMO playthrough and decided to gif some of my personal favorite moments.

So, I love how chaotic the trials look in this, but this particular moment made me laugh out loud for over three minutes.

Like, of all the things Byakuya could do, he opts to roundhouse kick the words. I can’t handle it. I love the added animation of Hiro and Touko crouching to not get hit.

Speaking of added animation:

Touko throwing books is adorable and ridiculous enough, but they aren’t just special effects. I love that Kyoko just smacks the book out of the air like nothing. They didn’t have to add this detail, but I’m glad they did.

Hiro takes a more… direct approach.

And Aoi curb stomps the words to death.

Aoi also backflips back into place to avoid Byakuya’s BS.

The sass is strong with this one.

More Byakuya being sassy AF.

┐(‘~`;)┌ Though, I enjoy anytime Togami is there, so I guess I’m biased.  I don’t have a problem. (╥﹏╥)

And finally, this:

This demo alone tempts me to get the PlayStation VR. (´ ᴗ`✿)  Probably won’t, but still.

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i saw that post abt them sharing secrets and all i could think of is *sherlock voice* "ive eaten sand like... once or twice"

this ask made me laugh for five minutes straight because he would

I’m sitting here staring at you
Feeling like I’m looking at a stranger
Were you not the guy that told me that I was the one?
Were you not the guy that I laughed uncontrollably with and had tears running down my face?
You were the person
I could tell anything to
You made me feel strong
You supported me through anything
But now looking back at me
Are empty eyes
A thin straight line has taken the place of your beautiful smile
How can someone you loved that much one minute
Be a cold and distant person the next
Like all those moments didn’t matter
And simply vanished
—  Chapters from my life

Here To Help - Spencer Reid

Part 1

Spencer x Reader

Summary: A case hits home for a member of the BAU team and none of the others know why or how to help.

Reaching out you took the coffee that the woman had made up for you. ‘Thank you’ You smiled at her and she nodded. Spencer groaned from beside you. ‘Why do they always have yours finished first’ You giggled and reached out patting his shoulder. ‘They like me better’ He just rolled his eyes at you but smiled after when you began to laugh. 

This was a morning routine for you and Spencer, you would both meet up at this little coffee shop which was about a five minute walk from your house to get your morning coffee and you and him would take the train to work together. The team of course knew something was up between you two, whatever it was it was something more than the friendship you two portrayed. You certainly felt something for the genius, but it was forbidden between co-workers.

You watched Spencer as his order was called out and he made his way to the counter to pick it up. A smile played on your lips as you watched him interact awkwardly with the woman who reached out and touched his arm with a smile. Spencer was smart enough to know she was flirting, just not as well versed with people to know how to say no, even though you had told him almost twenty times.

He turned hastily to you readjusting his bag a small blush on his cheeks. ‘What did she say today goodlooking?’ You chuckled using the woman’s nickname for the genius. That made him blush even harder. ‘Said she’d like to see me by here more often, perhaps when she wasn’t working’ You let out a stark laugh at that and reached out. you threaded your hand through Spencer’s bent one and gripped his elbow. ‘Oh, my genius. Forever the chick magnet’ You giggled when he gave you an unimpressed look before opening the door for you both.

You sat next to Spencer on the train as you read over a book he had recommended. It was interesting, sure, just not something you normally read. But Spencer had been so excited when he had brought it to work one day and handed it to you telling you that it was one of the best books he had read in a while and he thought you would like it. So you were reading it. But unfortunately for you this morning you couldn’t concentrate on it.

Snapping the book closed you turned in your seat. Your hand immediately found Spencer’s knee. ‘Speak’ You ordered softly and he looked up at you his eyebrows furrowed. He sighed. ‘She’s been trying to get a date with me for a month’ He muttered. ‘Why? I’m just another customer who comes into the café, I thought it was her personality but she doesn’t act that way with any other men’ You almost rolled your eyes at him. ‘Well, Spence, maybe she just has good taste in men. A genius who works for the FBI, carries a gun, and is super kind, sweet, loyal. Incredibly tall and very handsome’ you shrugged. ‘What’s not to like boy wonder?’ You chuckled

Even though you were actually the same age as Spencer, Garcia’s name for him had rubbed off on you. Spencer sat watching you his lips slightly parted and his eyes focused solely on you. ‘What?’ You raised an eyebrow with a soft smile. ‘Is that really how you see me?’ He asked softly blinking. You just shrugged. ‘Well, among other things, yeah, that’s just a few’ You tucked your bottom lip between your teeth as Spencer continued to look at you. 

Just as you were about to ask him why he was still looking at you like that the train began to slow down. ‘This is our stop’ You gathered your things and stood. ‘Come on genius’ You smiled down at him and he blinked coming out of whatever state he was in to smile, really widely, back up at you before handing you your coffee he ha been holding so you could read.

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During today TOUCH Talk via V Live, everybody including me could see that Kim Dong Wan was not really him today T^T
He didn’t talk.
He didn’t laugh.
He didn’t smile.
He didn’t pay attention.
He was not the Kim Dong Wan I know…

Suddenly the other 5 members accidentally found out the way to make Kim Dong Wan laugh and they knew it that it was his first smile since the broadcast started 45 minutes ago ^ ^ Andy’s weird ‘Tonight’ choreography made him bursted out laughing and everybody wanted Andy to do it one more time because they just wanted Kim Dong Wan to smile once again. Andy was willing to do it with more intense choreograph xD

Isn’t their friendship beautiful? They are Shinhwa everyone. They are Shinhwa, the longest-running idol group in Korea.

Honestly I really love it when my friend asks me questions about ADHD randomly whenever she thinks of them. 

Like we were listening to Sail by AWOLNATION while studying one time and at the line “Maybe it’s my ADD” she paused it just to ask what the difference between ADD and ADHD was and listened to me ramble on for like five minutes about the different classifications of ADHD and which classification I have (and actually laughed at my shitty joke that having Combined time is “the best of both worlds” oh my God what a champ) and then asked more questions about how each type would have an effect on someone’s life. 

And another time I made a joke about my medication being a Class 2 controlled substance in the Criminal Code of Canada (aka one of the Super Serious Drugs) so she asked me how my medication actually affects me and how it makes my life easier, and when I listed off how it helps control my impulsive decisions, evens out my moods and emotions, and generally helps to keep me more evened out as a person, she said she would try to help me however she can to make things easier and look out for me if ever I get too impulsive or get sensory overloaded or something. 

And every time she asks me a question, she always says “I’m sorry if this is rude or too invasive” and she’s just really nice and supportive about it and I love it??? Because it’s someone who cares about me trying to understand my disorder and how it affects me and makes me feel and how she can help??? And it’s such a nice change from the usual “just focus, just sit still, just be quiet, it’s not that hard!!!” kind of bullshit people usually give me as “”””advice”””” on how to handle my ADHD I just I don’t know I love it I love her she’s wonderful and it makes me so happy. 


“If I saw a person smile, that to me was payment in itself. If I could make them laugh when they were very sad, it was the greatest payment to me.”

-The Man of 1000 voices, Mel Blanc

“He devoted a lot of time to ailing children in hospitals. I think he really had a great affect in doing so, even if it just made them feel better for just a minute, he did. We had to try to get him to leave first of all, he would spend all day doing it. There would be times I would say, ‘Mel, we gotta go, it’s getting dark, we have to get back on the road.’ When there were children in that situation you couldn’t get him to walk away.”

-Assistant to Mel Blanc, Sophia Sprock

  • Sirius: PRONGS!! I was beginning to think I'd never see you again. I almost forgot what your face looked like!
  • James: [laughing] It's been twelve minutes Pads.
  • Sirius: [clinging to him in a bone crushing hug] just don't leave me alone again! I almost died!
  • James: Almost died? What are you talking about?
  • [Sirius death glares and points at Remus]
  • Remus: Oh Please! I made him look at a book for three minutes!