this made me laugh but also made me cry

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: tyler deleted all of his old tweets from before feb of 2015. all of them. all of the ones about purpose and the ones that made me cry and the ones that made me laugh. all of them. they are starting new but i also miss the blue in the logo.

round: flowers | prompt: pansies: remembrance; loving thoughts


Wow! So much happened at the Oklahoma City meet and greet, I had to share it.
At first, I was certain that I’d be fine and wouldn’t cry, but as soon as I walked into the building and saw them, I started crying.
Chris hugged me tightly and asked me how I was, and the only thing I could say was “I’m sorry I’m crying” and he laughed a bit.
I made them all pins like the ones you get at hot topic, and they all loved them. I also made Gaia, Jaime, and Kylie pins, which they all appreciated. Chris told me it was very thoughtful, and that Gaia would love them.
I made him a pin of Lisbeth Salander, which he told me he loved. We talked for a bit about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, then he noticed I was wearing a pin I made myself of him and Gaia from Halloween. He took a picture of it to send to her, and loved it a lot. I realized later that I should have gave it to him, but I’ll save that for next time.
When I gave Ghost his pins, I told him there was one of a ghost with the caption “I put the boo in booty” and he started smiling while Ricky started to laugh.
I talked to Ghost a little bit, and when I started to tear up again, he held onto me while I talked to him and gave me a hug.
They were all the sweetest people in have ever, ever met. I am so happy I traveled 6.5 hours to meet them, it was so absolutely worth it.
Then, during the show, when Kylie came on stage, she was focusing on me a lot. She would come over to me and grab my hands or give me a high five or threaten me with a knife 😂
During Abigail, she came off stage and put the noose around me neck, and I honestly felt like I was being crowed Miss America 😂
During the show, she gave me several pieces of candy, and Ghost threw a pic at me, which hit me in the face. He laughed and handed me another one.
After the show, Kylie jumped off the stage and grabbed onto my hand and I told her that I had a present for her and I gave it to Ghost, and she told me that she knew and she loved it. She gave me a hug and we got a selfie!
This was the best night ever. The bag that I had their presents in said “best day ever”, even though I’m not sure they noticed that. Nothing will ever top this night, and I am so, so happy that it happened. I met my favorite band, something that I’ve been waiting to happen for three years now.
I love them all so much, and I will support them forever 💖💞


Thank you Bones for never leaving my side in these last 5 years. I started watching Bones at only twelve years old, I was only in seventh grade back then and most of my friends had never heard of this show in their entire life. I never felt awkard or stupid for loving this show this much, actually I always felt loved, different, amazing and extraordinary for it. It’s so amazing how much I’ve grown up since 2011/2012. I never thought a show would change my life the way Bones did. It has made me laugh when I was sad and no one else could put a smile on my face, it has made me cry for hours after heartbreaking episodes, it has made me realise that maybe there’s actually more than one kind of family in this world. That family is not only blood relatives. It’s about love, friendship, loyalty and honesty. I’ve made the most amazing friends here on tumblr and also on twitter. Some I haven’t talked for such a long time but I know that even though we do not talk as much as before, I know they will always be there for me and I’ll always be here for them. Bones brought us together , and it will always keep us together even when it ends. Thank you Hart Hanson, Kathy Reichs, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, John F Daley, John Boyd and the whole cast/crew (writers and staff) of Bones, and also the most amazing guest stars for these amazing 12 years. Thank you for changing my life for the better and for doing the most amazing show in the world. I’ll always be grateful for Bones, it has made me who I am today and it will always have the most special place in my heart. ❤️

sophiabush: Sometimes you need a break from the constant breaking news dumpster fires. I took one on Sunday for the SAG Awards. And I got to spend the evening celebrating performances in film and television that made people think, laugh, cry, and ponder life. I also had the pleasure of playing dress up, wearing this insanely beautiful dress. Someone at work the next day said to me, “I love that your dress was the color of the Women’s March hats!” And it made me giggle. Yes it was. I hadn’t even realized it. There is resistance, even in finding out joy. There are social messages, that change hearts and open minds, in art. Found in both stories and in fashion. Sometimes a night off refuels you for your mission. And sometimes, even in borrowed couture, you keep the protest flame a-burnin’ 🔥✊🏼🔥

Thank you to @ecduzit@marchesafashion @jacobandco@patrickta @chadwoodhair for putting me together. Thank you to the @sagawards for having me as a guest and a presenter. And thank you to the artists who remind us to keep fighting, behind films like #Moonlight, #HiddenFigures, #LalaLand, #Lion, and #Jackie, and shows like #OITNB, #Westworld, #StrangerThings, #Blackish, #JaneTheVirgin, #ThisIsUs and so many more. Keep telling stories that unite us. Your art matters.

Dear ex-lover,

Thank you for all the times you made me smile and laugh. Also for all the times you made me mad and cry. Thank you for breaking my heart and teaching me I don’t need to be with someone to be happy. But it’s time for me to move on. I found someone makes me happy. So thank you for everything you have done that lead me straight to him.

Your friend

The Warlock likes to drop his pants

Context: One of our party member made an high elf warlock, which is also highly gay and he has the compulsory envy to drop his pants to impress/confuse/disgust as much people as possible. Also our GM made us role for pretty much any action. He’ve done it 3 times in that session:

First time:

Warlock(in a public place): Since no one listen to me, i’ll just drop my pants! (proceed to do so).

GM: Most people runs away in disgust, someone is crying, one kids laughing at you and… (made the warlock role 1d4) two guys like your dong.

Second time:

While me and another guy were trying to talk to an NPC

Warlock to DM: I drop my pants!

DM: *sigh* alright, role to drop your pants

*Roll really low* 

DM: You stumble while your pants are midway down and fall face first on the ground. You are very humiliated.

Third time:

While we are talking to a guard, he tried to “seduce” the second guard

DM: alright, your pants are down, but it doesn’t impress the guard, he just take his blowgun and shoot a dart in your neck. You fall asleep on the ground.

We proceed throughout the gate and he wakes up asking what happen. 

Paladin: You got shot by a guard. (roll d20, fails)

DM: He doesn’t believe you.

Rogue (Me): You tried to seduce a dude, but you were so bad he knock you on the ground (roll d20 +bluff, succeed).

DM to warlock: You believe really hard that you got knock out because you suck at seducing.

I was crying in the bathroom at school today and a girl I didn’t even know saw me and asked me if I needed some water and asked me why I was crying. After telling her that it was just something stupid, I guess she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it, so she completely changed the subject and asked me my name and she was joking around then, and she talked to me about herself as well. She made me feel so much better and I actually started laughing then and she made me forget everything I was worrying about, at least for that moment. Also it’s so ironic how the reason of me running straight to the bathroom and crying was some girls.

seriously why can’t all girls be like that one girl? Why do we always have to fight and make each other feel worthless? Why are we jealous of each other? Let’s all be nice please. Girl power is so strong and important. Let’s use it to make each other feel better not completely worthless.


we had a celebration evening at school today for my sixth form and i won a trophy for academic excellence and i didn’t cry once !!!!


Who cares about those kind of things?


                                               Sometimes, it’s important to prepare for the worst.

A belated happy birthday to my dear friend dorkshadows! I’m so sorry this took like 100000 years to make (also it’s a real shame there aren’t many decent pictures of Lau.) but I hope you like it :] thank you for being my friend ♥ have a smashing year ahead!

✰ .  side note: I am a photoshop noob, this is literally my first edit, I’m sorry for the how amateurish it is, don’t repost or steal plx

Image credits go to funtomscandy

First impression: Meme daddy dicc™

Truth is: still Meme daddy dicc™ but also a great friendo!! 

How old you look: 15-16????

Ever made me laugh?: ALL THE  FUCCIN™ TIME

Ever made me mad?: nope!!

Best feature: Always able to make me laugh! Even when I’m crying.

Ever had a crush on you?: For five days I did lmao then I realized it was just a friend boner™

You’re my: Thicc™ meme dicc™

i just saw inside out and oh my god

i cried so much it was such a good movie but what really got me was that whole metaphor for depression

if you’ve ever been friends with someone who has depression and you’ve gone through those stages of constantly trying to cheer up, distract, and get your friend to just stop being sad and that frustration that comes with that, they show that perfectly in this movie and more importantly they show that none of those methods are effective or helpful in anyway

it shows that the only way you can help is to just accept that person for who they are, and let them know that you still need them and you still love them

that is just such an important lesson to get out there, i’m so proud that this movie did so well and is actually popular

The Vampire Diaries has ended and I am crying.
It may be stupid, but I’ve grown up with this show.
There were moment in which I didn’t like some plots, or some character’’s choice, but there were also episodes that I loved, scene that made me cry and laugh and now I can’t stop the tears.
TVD made me feel epic.


I touch my chest. “Trust me, I know. I’m a sexpert.” I never thought I’d be able to say that without blushing or feeling ashamed. I bite my gums to keep from smiling. I’m proud of myself, and it’s a weird thing to be. I revel in this triumph. I’m nearing the last stretch of a long bumpy road, bruised from falling, but still running. It feels good.

( 08 / 01 ) - to this part-time superhero and part-time fairy who not only inspired me but also made me laugh with her goofiness and fangirl moments, made me cry as she fought her battles and won them, made me proud when she finally believed in herself and realized that she’s strong. lily calloway, you made me love you in ways i never expected. you really have superpowers and you’re truly magical. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY.