this made me laugh but also made me cry

Did you ever have a genuine psychic/medium experience?

Although many readings can be attributed to cold readings or sheer coincidence sometimes it’s uncanny how accurate psychics/mediums can be. Here’s a collection of supposedly genuine experiences from threads. If you have an experience feel free to tag me @sixpenceee!

by reddit user Jinuxxx

I never believe in palm /card readings. I don’t actually believe in it nowadays. BUT when I was in 9th grade, my friend took me with her to a fortune teller so she can have her future read. Surprisingly she mentioned about her love dilemma, a blonde guy and dark haired guy. She was completely convinced about her reading powers while I was meh… We’re teenagers, it’s natural we’ll find ourselves in situations like this. And then she predicted the scores she’ll get at the exams when you finish high school (in our country there are some mandatory subjects for the exams, thus multiple numbers) she guessed that right. If I think really hard about probabilities and stuff I can find a logic explanation to that as well. 

by reddit user GoobyBear22

About 5 years ago I saw a psychic that a family friend had told me was the real deal. I went in skeptical and came out a believer.

She used tarot cards and knew things that could have been lucky guesses, like that I had just bought a house and was renovating it, but she also knew specific things that no one else could have known.

The most amazing part of the whole thing was that she knew that I had some complications with my hormones and had a surgery in the past that would make getting pregnant very difficult, but she told me Despite all this, I would have a baby later in life. Toward the end of the reading she hands me the tarot cards and tells me to shuffle them. Then tells me to ask three questions in my mind one at a time. I decided to really test her authenticity so the first question I decided to ask was am I going to have children, and halfway through laying the five cards down, she stops and looks at me and scolds me saying “I already told you that you were going to have one child!” hah this is when I knew.

by reddit user wobblerss

This was before I was born. My mom had a neighbor who was a grandpa who could see the future. He told my mom that my sister would be really sick when she became a preteen and not to worry because she’d be okay. When my sister was a preteen she was diagnosed with cancer and after a year and a half she was perfectly fine. My mom was pregnant with me when she met him again and he told her that I would be a c-section baby. My mom already knew this and said she had scheduled the c-section already since I was breach but he was adamant that she would have me on a certain day and that the c-section wouldn’t go on the planned day. I was born on the exact day he predicted.

Nothing too crazy but the fact that he knew that my sister would be sick and would be okay is crazy to me. He also didn’t want any money and approached my mom and asked if he could do a reading for her.

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Hi! Quick question, how can you single handedly be one of the funniest blogs while be one of the kindest muns on this website, combined with an amazing art style? Are we all secretly living in an anime? Are you the protagonist? When are you going to unlock your final form? Roughly how far away are we from the inevitable "beach party" arc?

thank you so much Q-Q 


This is my ~3yo bully mix, Lil Wiggle Butt the Second, but she answers to Lily.

I adopted her in September ‘15 and since then, she ate 2 couches, a bunch of my art supplies and drawings, couple of dog beds (and part of my mattress) and peed on every single surface in my old appartment. She has also made me laugh every single day, let me hold her tight when I have anxiety attacks, and made me cry with her soft and tender attention. Her infaillible love for new adventures, be it at the end of the street or just out of a room, has put a pep in my step since the day I got her. Now, we have to live with bsl, but it doesn’t matter because this is my heart dog, and she gets me as much as I get her.

My Jared photo op story!
This was my first ever convention. I am so so pleased with everything. Thank you Jared so much for this experience.
I was waiting in line, so super anxious and tearing up. It was like everything was hitting me at once. I was seeing Jared posing for all these cute pictures with fans and I was just so excited. I was about to meet my biggest inspiration and hope. I continued to repeat what I was going to say in my head to make sure I made this time worth while, because I was really scared it was going to be super rushed (but it actually wasn’t!). I’m also pretty sure Jared was looking at me through the line, probably because I looked like a wreck and wanted to make sure I was okay 😂. I was almost next and the staff took my ticket. She said “don’t cry yet! It’ll be great, you can cry after” so that made me laugh and feel a bit better. The girl in front of me got her picture taken and I was finally able to go up to him. I said hi and he goes “hi how are you!” He then realized me tearing up so he bent down gave me a hug and I was able to whisper in his ear. (Well I was more like screaming so he could hear me cause they had music playing so loud!). But I got to tell him some personal things, how much he has inspired me, and how I couldn’t do it without him. He immediately turns to me, face light up, gives me a high five, grabs my hand and says “wow! I’m so proud of you. So fucking proud.” I said thank you and started crying again. He gave me another really tight hug, looked at me with the most sincere eyes and said, “I know that’s not easy, I know. But that is so fucking awesome. I am so proud.” He would not let go of me, and we still haven’t even taken the picture yet! But he waited to make sure I was okay before rushing anything. I told him thank you and how much he has inspired me, he had the kindest smile the whole time and just kept repeating how proud he was. I handed him the flower crown and asked if he would wear it. He said of course and put it on. He looked at me for a little bit, raised his eyebrows and said, “look good?” And OH MY GOD HE LOOKED AMAZING. at this point I was finally able to stop the tears, and I had the biggest smile. He noticed, smiled back and asked what I would like for the pose. I asked if he could hug me from behind. He smiles, nods, and says, “of course!” He pulled me in closer and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled so big. I was so happy. After the picture was taken he gave me another tight hug, continued to say how proud he was, gave me another high five and held my hand to make sure I was okay. And he still had the flower crown on! I told him how thankful I was and also how proud I am of him. He gave me a very sincere smile. One of the staff members came and took the flower crown off his head, cause it was looking like he wasn’t going to! 😂 and she handed it back to me. As he gave me another hug goodbye, another staff member held my hand. As he let go and I walked off, she continued to talk with me and hold my hand. She said “I know it’s hard to let go of Jared’s hand and not have another hand to hold.” I told her how thankful I was and continued to tear up again. She told me the picture looks so cute and walked me out of the room to make sure I was okay and found my friend. As soon as I walked out I stopped and broke down. My friend ran to me and gave me a tight hug. I was able to tell her a little bit of what happened. A sweet couple behind me came over to me and told me how cute of picture it was and how Jared was smiling. That made me so happy! Another girl waiting in line saw me crying and said, “are you okay? It’s good, girl! You did it! You did it!” Everyone was so nice. It was an experience I will forever cherish and be thankful for, all because of Jared Padalecki.

I’ve been practicing portraits a lot in the past few months. Generally, I try to understand the structure of the face and the light by observing the reference and trying to paint what I see. That’s how we learn how to draw. Since I love painting characters, I try modeling their faces as I imagine them to be, not getting to attached to the features. The reference is useful to give me the right proportions and to make me understand how light works in the skin.

But lately I’ve been feeling quite worried by the fact I might get addicted to references. It’s not wrong, as many artist and teacher says, to use reference to learn and do research. But I need to focus on my imagination now. Draw things entirely from imagination has always been a struggle to me.

So, I’m starting to develop a process to improve that. Not only portraits, but other things too. Before going to bed, I made a study of this reference. Then I went to sleep, woke up today, looked at the reference for about one minute and then I tried to paint again, but this time only from memory.

It was so interesting! Not only has made me studied focusing on remember every brush stroke I made, but also made me see what I need to improve. From memory, the proportion is quite off, his hand is smaller, the overall picture is darker. I believe that if I haven’t spent so much time practicing with reference, I wouldn’t be able to come up with any results from memory, so now, despite of all mistakes, I understand how important it was to practice from references before. It’s also very fun to paint the same thing from memory and see the differences (I have to laugh, so I won’t cry xD)

What inspired me to do this was this stream from a cool artist named Proko: If you want to improve your drawings from imagination, he has great tips and exercises.

Dear John Green

Okay I know he’s on tumblr and I am doing this on whim, breaking my anxiety to TRY and get this to him because I just feel like I should do this. I just want to say this;

I’ve read TFIOS and you made me cry. I watch the movie and after both of that, I was storming through my home going, “THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! He can’t die!” I must thank you for writing such a wonderful but heartbreaking book. It was realistic at how even bad things will ruin the most best of things. But even then Good will find a way back.

You made me cry but you also made me laugh and cringe at the best things.

You’ve inspired me and you’ve probably inspired several others to write.

Thank you for writing the book and being you!

Stay Awesome. ^u^


-took interesting magic, culture, and world from previous books and expanded it to a whole new level

-referenced tgt for fans to notice but didn’t make them essential to understanding soc

-Fantastical setting but heavily influenced by real geographic and historical settings, making it grounded in reality and therefore more believable

-included CANON diverse and underrepresented characters to ya:
-an abuse victim and a sexual assault survivor
-a chubby female character (whose looks are in no way ever hinted at being diminished)
-two poc main characters, at least one other poc supporting character
-a character with ptsd
-physically disabled character
-a super smart character with learning disabilities
-three lgbt main characters (two of whom are bisexual), and an lgbt supporting character
-two interracial romantic relationships, one of which is a gay relationship

-no character is just there to be the ‘token minority’

-all characters are complex, morally gray, with thorough back stories that effect but don’t define their personalities and relationships

-no one treats the poc and lgbt characters differently, proving fantasy worlds with historical elements don’t have to be homophobic or racist to be realistic

-no minorities killed

-badass female characters with a strong friendship

-character development is so unbelievably good without ‘curing’ or ‘fixing’ anyone, instead more about accepting, and living with themselves

-the only straight white cis man’s story arc is about overcoming prejudice he was raised to believe. And it doesn’t happen all at once, it’s a slow journey for him to realize and struggle with how he was raised, the good and the bad, and how society conditioned him to think about the grisha

-main character is a completely morally gray, self serving criminal, yet you somehow still root for him. When have you ever read a ya protagonist like him?

-made everyone cry over the least popular main character

-easy to follow while still being incredibly intricate and surprising

-hinted at secrets and kept me in the edge of my seat

- finally knowing kaz’s backstory was immensely satisfying, but also made me almost wish I DIDN’T know

-no conclusion was a let down or at all anticlimactic or disappointing

-satisfying ending that also left room for continuation of some people’s stories (I want an Inej fighting for justice story, I want Nina returning to Ravka and traveling to Fjerdan, I want Kuwei adjusting to his new life)


-made me laugh and cry

-no plot holes

REASONS I LOVE @lbardugo :

-wrote soc

-reblogs and writes supportive comments on fanart and edits

-is better at 'sequels’ than jk rowling

“You just had to make everyone upset, didn’t ye!”


Came back to a lot of super sad reactions to my comic, heheh…. Success! and there’s plenty more where that came from …I mean— Boy, I shouldn’t have made such an upsetting storyboard~! *sweats*

I loved reading what people have had to say about it! I have some more ideas that I wanna board out eventually!

I promise happier things in the near future, my friends!!! 

My thoughts on PD101 last episode (I'm emo)

okay so first of all, hii! A little disclaimer before I start this: this is just my opinion, I’ll try to be as objective as possible and please just don’t mind my English.

let’s start with the final lineup: actually I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either

1st: Kang Daniel, I don’t know if he deserves this place, but I believe he deserves to debut tho; he’s talented, but there were also better trainees
2nd: Park Jihoon, to be honest I didn’t really like him, I believe he’s talented but he achieved this place mostly thanks to his looks (but we know how korea is)
3rd: Lee Daehwi, I’m so happy that he debuted oh my, I was a little bit suspicious at the beginning, but he’s definitely a “all round trainee”, he deserves it at 100%, he’s so precious
4th: Kim Jaehwan, the main vocalist we needed, I have no complain about him
5th: Ong Seongwoo, I believe that the group needs someone like him; apart from his talent (we could see it in the first evaluation), he has definitely the idol vibe, he’s a full package
6th: Park Woojin, I don’t know him that much so I cannot say a lot, but he definitely is a great rapper
7th: Lain Guanlin, he’s okay in the final lineup, I believe he’s someone who can improve a lot in a little time
8th: Yoon Jisung, along with seongwoo, I believe he is someone the group deserved, and also he’s someone who has worked a lot through this program
9th: Hwang Minhyun, I’m so happy that a member from nu'est made it, but looking at him in the last moments of the show made my heart break; he has to work for almost 2 years with this new group without his nu'est friends, he must be so sad right now; minhyun fighting!
10th: Bae Jinyoung, I’ve always thought he’s curious trainee, very quiet with a little and cute face, but his voice is so soulful, a voice that the group needs
11th: Ha Sungwoon, he’s talented, I know he deserves to be there, I got shivers when he sang Downpour

But I cannot be sad to see Jung Sewoon #12: he was the one I supported the most, I believe he’s one of the nicest person on earth and his voice is just-
Hearing that he couldn’t make it for a few votes really makes me wanna cry (and I did it), but I know that this talent won’t be wasted by Starship, so I’m hoping to see him debuting (with gwanghyun) as soon as possible. Sewoon, fighting!

And speaking about Jonghyun, I really thought he would have been in the top11, I was so shocked. Apart from being an amazing rapper, he’s just an amazing person, but he is more than amazing; he supported and helped the other boys for these past few months that I cannot tear up thinking about how he worked hard.
And Samuel, woah national producers made a huuuge mistake; from the first episode I thought he would be in the final group: Samuel is such a talented boy, he was the first trainee to be in the A class! I cannot believe that such a great talent is not in the top11.
Dongho, Seonho, Younmin and the other trainees that couldn’t make it, I’m so sorry, some of them deserved better.

I just want to say that I’m so proud of these boys, they made me laugh, cry, have shivers and they made me surprised. I learnt a lot from them, to believe always in my dreams, to fight for them, that the best friendships can be created with a smile, that the power of a dream is the strongest. From the bottom of my heart, I’ll keep you in my memory and I’m hoping for a brighter future for you all.

BUT, we cannot come back in the past, the games are done, let’s support Wanna One boys in these months! They’ve also worked super hard during the show, they deserve it. Wanna One, fighting!

To the reader, thank you so much if you’ve come this far! I’d like to hear your thoughts too, so if you want reply to me and let me hear what you think. Bye and have a good day 🌸

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Okay. How about this? List all of these and why. Favorite WA kiss? Favorite WA angst? Favorite WA love declaration? Favorite funny WA scene? Favorite Barry moment? Favorite Iris moment? Favorite WA moment in general?

1) Favorite WA kiss: Other than the hot make-out in episode 4, I would have to say my favorite kiss between them happens in episode 9 of season 3, because Barry just gifted Iris with their amazing loft and he was so excited to show her. After that, Barry tells her that moving in together isn’t a big step for him (because really, it’s not – Barry has waxed poetic to Iris multiple times, and done things like get her a replica of her mother’s ring). He was ready to move forward with her, to take the next step in their future together. The moment was just so sweet, also because he basically proposed to her when he told her that she was the last thing he wanted to see when he went to bed, and the first thing he wanted to see when he woke up (before Iris cut him off with a kiss lol). I know they had two kisses in the scene, but I’m mainly talking about after Iris said she loved him (and SHE USED FULL NAME WHICH KILLED ME) and Barry told her he loved her too. That moment was so sweet and genuine, and that scene alone showcases how much they love each other. Both kisses had me shook, though!

2) Favorite WA angst: Hands down, and I think my favorite scene of all time in season one, was the scene from Grodd Lives 1x21, where Joe was kidnapped by Grodd and Iris questioned why the team couldn’t figure out how to save him. The angst aspect was when she walked out, and Barry followed her. I loved their argument in that scene in the hallway, mainly because Iris got to express how she felt about Barry lying, which we all needed to hear since she were kept in the dark for pretty much the whole season. It’s also my favorite because Iris was tearing up, because she was truly hurt that her dad and mainly Barry would lie to her, because “you were supposed to be my best friend, Barry!” That line.. shook! “I am your best friend!” I literally know the entire dialogue in that scene, lol. It was just heart breaking because Iris was truly hurt, because she gave Barry that much capacity to hurt her, because she loved him. Also, I will never not laugh (and roll my eyes) at Barry equating keeping the secret from Iris to her hidden feelings for him. Not only that, but the acting from both of the actors, specifically from Candice was A1. Definitely my favorite scene from season 1. 

3)  Favorite WA love declaration: This is so hard to choose! I feel like moments that can’t be considered love declarations, are in my opinion. I’ll keep this one short, but I guess I will go with Barry’s first confession in 1x09. I think it was so sweet and raw from Barry, and it’s been the most open he’s been to everyone. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and he felt like how owed it to Iris to tel her then – although it was ill-timing. The part that made me choose this declaration was because of Barry’s “I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant.” That line did it for me because Barry defines love int he way he loves Iris. When you’re young, you don’t really know what love is. You know it’s characterized my some feeling, but Barry as a child knew whatever he felt for her, must be love. He essentially said, “that, that right there, whatever I feel for her, it has to be love.” And that makes me cry. Of course Iris’s silent tears added tot he scene, because you could tell she were mad and sad, because it’s like “Why now?” in her mind, everything has completely changed for them. She’s always seen Barry as her best friend, and probably couldn’t differentiate her romantic feelings for him vs her platonic ones, so she buried them – and characterized them as one. Now, that Barry told her he loved her this entire time, you have to imagine in her head she’s thinking about and questioning every single moment they have shared, because for her it’s always been one thing. Now that Barry told her this, she knows that in every moment they have shared, he’s been in love with her. I lied, that wasn’t short at all lol! 

4) Favorite Funny Scene: Have WA had many funny scenes? Lol. I don’t know if this scene be classified as funny, but the first scene that popped into my head was in episode 3x09, when Barry just showed Iris their soon-to-be lovely home together, and Iris said “I got you a wallet.” LOL. That line made me alight and cry, because Iris was so genuine and sweet and she’s in shock that he gave her that, while she gave him a wallet. And Barry’s “I’m sure I love it” made me CRY (but also laugh while crying) because HE WAS DEAD ASS SERIOUS. Barry is going to cherish that wallet for everything it’s worth, simply because Iris got it for him lol. I’m sure he tells everyone t work that Iris gave him that wallet, just to show it off. This scene also solidified that Barry is the better gift giver :) 

5) Favorite Barry moment: If this is speaking about them individually, this is tough, because there are so many Barry scenes to choose from, lol. I don’t know if this classifies as “favorite Barry moment” because it’s his tears and his conversation with Nora in Welcome to Earth 2 on the phone that made me cry. It was the first time Barry heard Nora’s voice since he were a child. Technically it’s not his mother, but Earth 2 Barry’s but it was still all the same for Barry. The moment he heard her voice on the phone, and had to play off as E2 Barry and started to cry (which makes it even more sad? Because E2 Barry still has his mother). It was just a heart breaking scene, and well-acted one all around. Kudos to Grant.

6) Favorite Iris Moment: This is difficult as well, but not as difficult because Iris has had so many wonderful scenes that made me cheer for her. I loved the scene where she’s talking to Joe in Grodd Lives in CCPN, because she was again, expressing her POV which was lacked in season 1 due to her being in the dark about Barry’s secret. My favorite moment so far though, is in 3x11 where she has the conversation with Wally in CCPD. She had so much agency in that episode, but in that scene alone because she wanted to mattered. She got to express her fear of dying, but also getting to do something about it because she got to be. She knew about her potential fate, so she took matters into her own hands and didn’t let her consume her (at that moment). She wanted to be more than just a daughter, or sister, or a girl friend. The dialogue in that scene was A1, and really shows what kind of person Iris is. She loves being all of those things, but it doesn’t always define her. Her compassion, her need for justice and truth is what’s also important, her job as a reporter! I cried and cheered for her so much in that scene and the entire episode (like I always do). 

7) All of my favorite WA moments are here, although they aren’t that updated. I want to add the scene from 3x10, where Barry tells Iris about her potential fate int he time vault. 1) the acting was so good? Grant and Candice play really well off of each other, but I felt like this particular scene had a much bigger impact because of the context and the emotions. 2) Poor Iris! Her whole life has been turned upside down, and she was so selfless to the point where her first thought was to tell Barry to stop letting criminals go to save her, and to protect Joe after. I loved Barry’s anger in that scene as well because he felt like Iris gave up a bit when she asked when it would happen. For him, it’s like Savitar already won. The entire scene just had me in shambles. 

Hope this sufficed! Gifs by @westallengifs and @valeriemperez


“this fucker is like a older brother to me. but I’m bigger so I pick on him like he’s younger” - kian about jc

guys okay so i watched ordinal scale and im literally dying. like i stepped out of the theatre and my hands were SHAKING!! that’s just how good the movie was!!! but i can’t express all my feelings towards the movie in such a small text post like this, so im gonna go full-on sao trash under the read more. feel free to click on it if you want my opinion on the movie!~ (will contain spoilers ofc lmao)

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Can you recommend some of you favorite Rucas fics? I love all of your stuff and want to read stories that you've enjoyed

Hi! Thank you soo much! I’m glad that you enjoy them :) 

I have many fics that I want to recommend you but right now the ones that come to mind are listed below. The ‘(x)’ links are to the other works of these writers since I just mentioned the ones that really have my heart. 

i am a fangirl of @iwantyoutochooseme‘s work. My favorite of hers are Boy Next Door, British Invasion and Downpour (she actually has sooo many more that are always a pleasure to read) (x)

@sand1128‘s Fall of Friar series makes me cry and feel good at the same time. Her oneshot, ‘Hands’, also made me feel so many things. (side note: her rucas 365 series is amazing) 

@yuniesan‘s Season 4 series made me go, “I really wish the show had touched on this,” and “I would do anything for a season 4″ so many times (x)

@friarlucasgravity on the open road (aka gotor) has made me laugh and cry. On point characterization for all characters and it made me reflect on my own life while I was reading it (x)

@maryeemeeh‘s Basketball oneshot was really touching and heartwarming (I’ve read it like five times) (x)

@imaginarybird‘s Perception of a Thing is an AU of GM Yearbook in which Lucas speaks up and it was everything I wished had been said during that whole mess (x)

@ouat2011‘s Serendipity series is the perfect example of good writing with emotion-inducing moments (also through sensitive and mature themes) and well-written character developments (x

So, I drew this ages ago in preparation for the closing of It’s Not Too Late. I drew this the day I realized how this story was going to end. So yeah, it’s not great but it does hold the feelings I had at that exact moment. 

I’m gonna give a shout out to a few people here though if I don’t mention you by name, you all still mean a lot to me!

@oh-dear-gracious gave me my very first piece of fanart EVER. You made me want to create a better story and never hesitated to help me when I felt down. Your drawings have made me laugh, cry and jump up and down. Thank you so much for being a wonderful person, an awesome artist and a fantastic friend!

@silverskye13 You absolutely blew me away the comic for A Fresh Glass of Hope!! I still go back and read that message you first sent me about my story and your thoughts on my writing. You helped me out of a really dark time in my life and I can’t express how grateful I am for that. (Also I’ve completely fallen in love with Grillby and Gaster thanks to Casting Rain A+++ story) 

@inuyasha9lover one of the first people to regularly comment on my posts and gave me art!! Thank you!

@throughtheriver23 the pieces of art you made for me still make me smile and laugh!

@curlywillow one of the first people to read my story and beta read for me! You gave fantastic feedback and really helped me to learn what I need to work on as a writer!

@sansytheskeleton-ao3 It was a joy to see you make your way through INTL. Thank you for the art as well!

@remixthemelon, @dawn-speed-the-insane, @sabrinastoughts Thank you so much for the art you’ve submitted! Each one made me smile and pushed me to continue writing!! Your styles are all absolutely wonderful! 

@aggressiveukuleles The drawings you’ve submitted are absolutely gorgeous! I love them all, but the comic about Reader needing to pee is probably my favorite :D

@fandom-royalty my DLA! I can’t tell you how much joy your daily messages brought me. I am still so touched that you would do that for me when I was struggling. The picture of Grillby you drew made me really happy too! Thank you for everyone you’ve done!

And finally! To each and every one of my readers: I love you all for taking the time to read my story. This is for you. 

Thank you!