this made me emotional im not gonna lie ;;

Got7 (hyung line) Reaction To- You Finding Out And Telling Them You Have Cancer

Requested:    @darknesstothemax​ asked;  Got7 senior, when they find out you have a disease like cancer or something (Soon I’ll be tested for skin cancer and I’d like to read how you think my oppa would react, cause I never see seniors like this)


a/n: not gonna lie. this made me kind of emotional. i know how scary getting tested for things can be. and i wish all the best for you and anyone else going through this. Stay Strong! XoXo Gabby

Mark- I think Mark would be the most calm at the beginning, just taking in what you were telling him and he would wait to see how you reacted before saying anything. And based on how you were he would go a few ways. Either pulling you in close to hold you while you cried and saying sweet things in your ear and letting you know that you won’t have to go through this alone. Or if you were more calm he would reach out and hold your hand, gently running his thumb over the back of it and telling you that he would be there 100% for anything you needed. He would try and make you smile whenever possible but still be there when all you want to do is cry it out.

Jaebum- He would be really silent while you were telling him. But I feel like he would be the one who got angry. Not at you but at the fact that this is happening in general. He would think it wasn’t fair but he would 100% be your rock through everything. Always there to take care of you and be there when you just want to cry. He would make sure you were never alone for any of it because he knows how scary it can be not knowing what’s going to happen with your health because he’s been there before with his back. He would always be there to hold you and be strong for you when you couldn’t be. This kind of breaks my heart.

Jackson- He would cry. He would cry when you told him and he would be scared of losing you but he would also be the one to see the positive side of things. Telling you that it will be okay and that he will be there for you and that things will get better. He would make sure to keep you as happy as he possibly could even though he knows you are scared out of your mind. He would always come and visit you if you were going through treatment and would ALWAYS bring things like flowers and stuffed animals with him.

Jinyoung- He would be the one to want to know ALL THE FACTS. He would want to know everything about what you have so that he can be prepared for anything. He would support you through all of it like Jaebum and Mark. Making sure in his own little ways that you know you aren’t alone and don’t have to go through any of this by yourself. He would silently hold your hand during treatments and bring you things like your favorite books and movies to watch late at night. He would be (no pun or joke intended here) like a mom. Always there taking care of you even when you don’t notice it.