this made me emotional im not gonna lie ;;

ever since i got my puppy my cat doesnt want to be my homie anymore and like he never wanted to snuggle with me and im not gonna lie it was taking a huge emotional toll on me like, my cat has been my bro since day 1 and the fact that i hurt him that bad by getting a puppy like made me feel so shitty. BUT this week hes been slowly wanting to hang out again, like it started with hed stand in my doorway and make me get up to pet him, then he started sitting on the floor by my bed for me to pet him, then he’d get on my bed but he’d only stay for a minute or two before he got annoyed and ran away, but today hes been super snuggly and like he slept in my bed twice today and right now hes sleeping on my back and like !!! im so happy we’re friends again !!!

anonymous asked:

honestly the "Tyler sacrificing himself to BF" theory was the first thing i thought when I saw the tweet this morning and i was surprised the rest of the clique thought it's a defeat of BF? like the poem is kind of worded weirdly, but "u never wear blue, blue is a sign of defeat" could go either way... i figured since blue=defeat, ty wearing blue means HE was defeated. BUT! But, the thing is, maybe the fact that it’s not 100% clear is the whole point. (1/4)

Maybe - and i wish i could word this better - but maybe blue represents emotion? The entire BF era has seemed… almost polished, glossed over, to me at least. Like the guys have been hiding their true feelings from us, at least in mv’s and how they present themselves in the context of the album. Because tyler was representing BF as a character, which is his demons - red. Red represents… fighting? The battle… like blood. The fact that tyler wore blue means he’s showing his emotions, which he has hidden because of BF. and here’s where the ambiguity of whose defeat it is comes into play! - because BF is trying to get tyler to hide his emotions, he says that tyler revealing his emotions is tyler’s defeat. But we know the truth: emotions aren’t bad or weak! (the few, the proud, the emotional). So BF thinks he’s won… but in reality, we beat him at his own game. So that’s what the colors in the band logo mean. Red is the battle, blue is emotions. I’d wager a guess that the next album is going to represent blue/emotions. (and not gonna lie, i think a re-release of rab would meet that end… forest, anybody? i really hope that made sense because it all just clicked together for me just then and im literally shaking and my heart is racing right now)

ah, gotcha, a sign of defeat- for tyler or for blurryface. i think we see what we want. i agree with how you see feelings/blurry bc of the way blue left the logo. i like the way you relate it to blurryface, especially bc i felt like it’s so much less deep than the previous albums. it also reminds me of a quote by levi the poet, “speak, because silence is a noose. There are people wanting to help remove the rope from your neck before the chair wobbles out beneath you.” your blurryface wants you to remain silence, bc speaking is a battlecry, a formal declaration of war.

i love this. no really. i do. thank you for sharing your thoughts and your words with me. with us.